god these two i dont


in which camie helps bakugo learn that sometimes, sacrifices just have to be made


cinnamon roll /ˈsɪnəmən rəʊl/ 
   1. Salim from American Gods

I have this new fixation and it’s called demon fairy Orion


Okay so I watched lilo and stitch yesterday and I couldn’t get this scene out of my head.

(I hope no one did this already)


mea maxima culpa

“i call upon the power of the pentagram. azazel, i summon thee. from within our realm, into this mystical confinement, i summon thee. you seek the mortal cup, we seek the return of our friend. for this exchange, i summon thee.”


cute bobbing, swaying baby with puffy cheeks!!! 😚💞


The 3 most important moments of the Malec kiss. First; Alec tugging and holding onto Magnus’ lapels as if he was holding on for dear life. Second; Magnus chasing after Alec’s lips once he pulled away because he needs more. And Lastly that one strand of saliva shared between these two that makes it all worth the while and so so real.

guess whos obsessed with these two these days hahahahahahaha

was almost asleep, but remembered magnus burnsides exists, so now i’m gonna stay up crying for a couple more hours

Maybe Jedi masters aren’t meant to be so much like older brothers, but you won’t find Ahsoka complaining

or, Obi Wan’s one and a half padawans

its 5 in the morning have a really low quality jpeg of some 20yo giogio