god these two have so much chemistry and so much potential i love it

episode two :: Yuri realizes, suddenly and terribly, he might be a little bit in love.  

Victor doesn’t even try to go to sleep.  He just lays in bed with his laptop, watching the thirty-seven takes of Yuuri trying to get “hi, I’m Yuuri Katsuki, and I’m the Bachelor” out of his mouth.

Don’t they know who I am?” Yuuri slurs on screen.  

Yuuri, you have to put the champagne bottle down, you have to pretend to be sober,” Phichit says off camera, all authority gone from his voice.  He’s trying not to laugh.

Phichit,” Yuuri says, and he takes a big swig from the bottle, bubbles pouring down both sides of his lips. “You can’t tell me what to do.  I’m Yuuri Katsuki, and I’m the motherfucking Bachelor.

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Fire and Kindling

Request: “modern au where reader and ben are always bickering whenever they see each other and then one day a fire breaks out in chemistry class and when ben notices reader isn’t in the field he runs back in for her bc he’s a fucking softie who fell for her but didn’t want to admit it to himself so he’d just fight with her omg”

Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader

Word Count: 3k

A smile plastered itself onto your lips, the 100 jumping off your laptop screen and straight to your ego. You had worked hard for that mark, and now that you knew what your final score was for Chemistry, you were filled with relief and a sense of triumph that had been trailing you all throughout the year. The skies automatically seemed clearer, the bell chiming sounding like heavenly choirs singing. Your results for all your classes had been progressively released during the day, this week being one of concluding and saying your final goodbyes to your AP subjects. The last week of your last year, and nothing could bring down your elated mood.

Well, everything apart from the nightmare dressed in a black leather jacket and a crooked smile, waltzing down the hallway with his bag lazily strung over his shoulder. Ben Solo had been hit with a major growth spurt last year, and ever since, he was a block of solid mass. You thanked whatever gods out there that he didn’t like picking on you in any way other than verbal. You promptly twirled on your heel, eager to escape his looming presence until your eventual meeting in Chemistry. But of course he had to step in front of you, his arm now resting against your locker, cornering you.

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Audio Drama Podcast Recs

Because I’ve gotten a few questions over time about podcast recs, both from people who are curious about audio drama, and fellow denizens of Podcast Hell™ who need something new, I wanted to put together this list so I could go a bit more into detail about why I love and recommend each of these amazing audio dramas.

Rather than trying to rank them, I tried to organize this list roughly based on popularity, at least based on my dash! More well-known shows are listed first, and then my faves that I don’t see getting nearly the love that they deserve. Especially with the volume of new innovative audio drama being created, there’s some really good stuff out there not getting nearly enough attention. Which is not to say that, if you’re a new podcast fan, you have to start with the most popular – but those shows are more likely to have an active fandom. (Of course, there are a ton of great podcasts out there, and plenty (both popular and obscure) that I don’t listen to yet.)

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Lovelorn || pt. 2

Member: Jung Hoseok
Genre: some fluff and a whole lotta angst
Summary: It’s been a year since you and Hoseok called things off to avoid hurting your brother, Yoongi. Moving on’s been harder than you thought. 
Word Count: 3.6k 
Other parts: pt. 1 || pt. 2 || pt. 3 || pt. 4 || pt. 5 || pt. 6 || pt. 7 || pt. 8 || pt. 9 || pt.10 || pt. 11
Edited: 6/30

You weren’t exactly successful in love.

You’d dated a few people here and there, trying to find some semblance of a meaningful relationship. It never really worked out. You were always amicable about it, and you seemed to only choose boys with a penchant for being understanding, but you couldn’t help but feel frustrated. You told yourself sometimes that it was okay; that it was just because you were teenagers, and you didn’t know who you were yet, so trying to start a deep relationship wasn’t always going to work. But you also knew that a large part of it was because of Hoseok.

Other people just didn’t seem to compare. It wasn’t an active judgement on your part; it just seemed to stick in the back of your mind, hovering like an unwanted guest who’d overstayed their welcome. And your feelings had overstayed their welcome. You should have been over him last year. You should have been over him when he stopped talking to you. But you just didn’t seem to budge. You despised yourself for that.

You’d stayed away from your brother’s friends after what happened with Hoseok. It wasn’t that you thought you were going to fall in love with another one of them (Hoseok had set too high a standard among Yoongi’s circle), but you’d preferred to separate yourself from his private life as much as possible. You thought it was paranoia at first, but it didn’t consume your thoughts enough to be considered a real problem. If you stayed away from his friends, nothing would ever become messy like that. Your private lives were separate; over the course of one year, you’d managed to establish a social life of your own. You looked for people in your own grade, or people outside of school. Anyone but Hoseok. Not that anything lasted more than a month.

There was one boy you were seeing who’d managed to stick around for long enough. Park Jimin. You were convinced that he was an actual angel. Jimin had been wonderful from the beginning, and two months on, he was still as lovely and as kind. He was shy, but you saw in him a capacity for love that you didn’t see in many other people. You weren’t confident in your relationship with Jimin, and you didn’t want to give anyone the idea that you knew exactly what was going on, but you thought it would be a shame for Yoongi to not meet him before moving away.

The news that Yoongi would officially be moving away to go to university hadn’t been surprising, but it had been upsetting. He was ambitious, and you were proud of him for that, but the idea of him being so far away was something that you had to get accustomed to. You were used to having him right there, a constant presence in your life. You relied on him a lot, maybe even more than your realised. Just being around him was enough to make you feel better. And, now life was about to change drastically. Hoseok was going with him, too. They were going to different universities, but they were both going at the same time. As such, your families had decided to throw a joint going-away party. Your mother had said you could invite a friend, and you’d chosen to invite Jimin. For better or worse.

You hated to admit it, but in some ways, Jimin reminded you of Hoseok. That fact alone filled you with guilt. Was it fair to date Jimin when the thought of someone else seemed to hang on your peripheral? It wasn’t. But then again, was it fair to date him when you weren’t even sure if it was going to last in the long term? Yes, you liked him; but you often found that your interest in him could be interpreted as completely platonic. Yes, he was handsome, and he was sweet, and he was all the things that you could wish for. But, you just didn’t feel like there was anything there. You’d thought once, lying in bed late at night, that the only reason you kept trying with Jimin was because he was a genuinely nice person. All the other boys you’d tried to date had been bonafide assholes. You had no qualms about leaving them in the dust.

“So, where did you meet him?” Yoongi asked you, tapping his chin.
“He’s in my grade,” you explained. “Yerim introduced me to him.”
“Park Jimin…” Yoongi creased his brow, deep in thought. “The name doesn’t ring any bells.”
“He’s really shy,” you shrugged.
“So who is he?” Yoongi quizzed, tilting a head at you. “What does he like to do? Who does he spend time with?”

Yoongi had always been protective of you. He always managed to make it in such a way that it wasn’t obvious or overbearing, but you knew him well. He didn’t trust boys. He was always quite suspicious of them around you; even his friends got sharp glares if he thought their intentions were less than friendly. You didn’t mind, though; you didn’t really trust boys either, not at this age. You’d met enough assholes to know that his concerns were justified.

“Well, do you know Jeon Jeongguk?”
Yoongi snorted. “Who doesn’t?”
“Well, those two are best friends. Oh, and they hang out with Kim Taehyung.”
“Didn’t you date him for a week?”
Well,” you bit your lip, “it wasn’t really dating.”
Yoongi raised an eyebrow at you.
“Oh! No! Nothing like that! I mean like… people said we were, so we both got confused about it, so we didn’t know if it was actually a thing, or if we were even interested in each other, and…”
“I don’t understand teenagers,” Yoongi sighed, shaking his head. “So much drama.”
“Yoongi, you are a teenager.”
“I disagree with that. I think I’m more of a grandpa.”
You grinned. “Actually, I can see that. You’ve already got the temper for it.”
He rolled his eyes at you, but he was smiling. “Anyway… does he spend time with anyone else?”
“He’s well-liked, but those two are the only people he makes a proper effort with. He hangs out with Yerim and her friends sometimes, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much there.”
“Ah, so he’s a tough nut to crack.”
“I guess,” you shrugged, “he’s really nice though. Everyone loves him.”
“Is he hot?”
“I’m just asking.”
You sighed. “Yes, he’s hot.”
Ah, so not only is he nice, he’s attractive! You’re doing well.”
“I hate you.”
“I know,” Yoongi grinned, leaning forward to ruffle your hair. “So, what does he do?”
“He’s a dancer,” you said, “he’s really good, actually. But because he’s shy, he doesn’t really bring attention to it, you know?”
“Ah, okay,” Yoongi nodded, “I wonder if Hobi knows him.”

You flinched at his name, and you hoped to God that Yoongi didn’t notice. Hoseok wasn’t a common conversational topic among the two of you – mainly because you avoided it – but most of all, you didn’t like the fact that you had another reason to compare Jimin to Hoseok.

“Maybe,” you sighed. “You’ll like him, I think.”
“I don’t know, Y/N, you’ve had pretty terrible taste in men up to this point…”
“You know, I’d appreciate if you’d have at least a little faith in me.”
“I’m just saying… Do you remember-”
Hey, I’ll have you know that as soon as I realise someone’s an ass, I drop them immediately.”
“Yeah, but you still agree to go out with them.”
Yoongi grinned, shaking his head. “I’m sure I’ll get along with him just fine.”

Much to both your chagrin and your delight, Jimin hit it off immediately with Yoongi and Hoseok. He got along with them so well that he seemed to forget about you entirely. You weren’t that upset about it; if Jimin was going to be a potential long-term romantic prospect, then it was imperative that he got along with Yoongi. And, if Hoseok thought he was a good guy, then he had to be, right? There was nothing inherently wrong with Jimin getting along with them; if anything, it was for the best. When you watched the three of them talk, it felt like Jimin was the missing piece. It seemed like they’d known each other for years. You thought for a second that maybe the reason you and Jimin were dating was so that he could meet these two. You wouldn’t have minded.

Or rather, you wouldn’t have minded if your express purpose in inviting Jimin over was to distract you. He seemed to have completely forgotten about you. Yoongi seemed to have more chemistry with Jimin than you’d ever had. All three of them were so absorbed with each other, excited to get to know each other and make a new friend. You had dejectedly resigned to the corner, scrolling on your phone. There weren’t many people your age at the party. Hoseok had a sister, but you kept yourself away from anything to do with him. You often felt bad, since she seemed like a nice person, but you couldn’t risk having yet another link to him.

You sighed heavily. All of the feeds on your phone were boring. There was nothing to do, except hijack the conversation the boys were having. You looked up at them, trying to gauge whether or not you could get Jimin’s attention.

You caught Hoseok’s gaze. Your eyes widened, surprised that he was paying some degree of attention to you. He kept eye contact with you for a moment, his expression completely indecipherable. You looked down at your phone again, beginning to feel uncomfortable. Was he angry? Annoyed? Disdainful? Whatever it was, you didn’t want anything to do with it. Wikipedia could probably provide you with something entertaining.


You flinched, whipping your head around to look at the person suddenly sitting next to you.

Hoseok offered you a warm smile. That was something you hadn’t seen in a while. “Sorry for scaring you,” he chuckled, lowering his head.
“No… No, it’s fine,” you cleared your throat, closing your phone.
“So…” he said, lifting his head to look at you again. “How’ve you been?”
“Uh,” you said dumbly, racking your brain for any sort of answer. “Busy… I guess. It’s my last year of high school.”
“Ah, yeah,” Hoseok nodded, obviously remembering his experience, “that was hellish.”
You smiled. “I’d say… how about you?”
He shrugged. “I’ve just been working out what to do next, I guess.”
“It seems like you have.”
“Yeah,” he sighed, “I mean, it’s a good university… and it’s one I’ve always wanted to go to, so… I have high hopes?”
“You don’t sound too convinced.”
“Ah,” Hoseok chuckled, shaking his head, “that’s a shame. I’m at least supposed to sound confident.”
“Well, you probably have the parents convinced, at least.”
He smiled at you, more genuinely this time. A particularly intense feeling of remorse hit you, a powerful pang in your stomach as you thought about what you’d lost with him. You did everything you could to not think about what the two of you could’ve been.

“Y/N!” Jimin’s angelic voice came from your other side, and you felt a hand take yours. You watched as Hoseok’s gaze flew to your interlinked hands, lingering on them for a moment too long before looking up at Jimin.
“U-uh, yeah, Chim Chim?” You responded instinctively, cringing at your own use of the nickname.
“Yoongi says that they’re going to be showing a series of classic films at the local film theatre,” his voice was brimming with excitement, “and apparently the premiere film’s going to be The Red Shoes!”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah! Do you wanna go?” His cheeks were flushed with pink, and you couldn’t tell whether it was out of excitement or bashfulness.
“Sure,” you smiled at him, hoping that it didn’t look like a grimace. You were uncomfortably aware of Hoseok’s presence.
“Great,” Jimin breathed, an obvious sense of relief washing over him.

The three of you were silent for a moment. Painfully so. Jimin was so blissfully unaware. You almost envied him for that. If you could, you’d remove yourself from this narrative entirely. You looked at Hoseok out of the corner of your eye. Once again, you couldn’t get a read on him. It was strange; you used to be able to tell exactly how he was feeling at any given time. It’d only been a year.

“I, ah,” you cleared your throat, searching for any excuse to leave, “I’ve gotta go to the toilet.”

Jimin had left at about ten. As you’d expected, he’d gotten on with Yoongi wonderfully. They’d even traded contact information. You’d been surprised at that, specifically, but you weren’t unhappy. In your mind, both Yoongi and Jimin could do with more trustworthy friends, and they could find that in each other. You were mildly annoyed that Jimin had spent most of the evening ignoring you, but you weren’t going to dwell on it. There was no point.

Besides, it wasn’t exactly like you’d been the best company. Your conversation with Hoseok had sent you into some sort of introspective loop. It was like all your feelings had come back in full force, taunting you for your inability to just get over it. And, you hated yourself. A part of you had let your mind interpret Hoseok’s reaction to Jimin as jealousy. Once that idea had taken root, you couldn’t shake it. It was haunting you.

Worst of all, you couldn’t sleep because of it. You couldn’t cleanse your mind. Your thoughts just kept turning over, alongside the guilt. Why were you spending the last night with your brother like this? Listening to music didn’t help, taking deep breaths didn’t help, and pacing didn’t help. Calming down just wasn’t an option.

Walking around the house probably wasn’t the best thing to be doing at one in the morning, but you had to do something. You’d considered going for a jog, before you’d remembered what a bad idea it was to go out at night. So this was, by some stretch of the imagination, the next best thing. You’d walked around your kitchen, your living room, the entertainment room, and even the garage. There was something unsettling about your house at night, and you didn’t feel all that great about walking around so much of it at such a late hour, but you know what? It gave you something else to think about. And that was great.

You managed to get up the stairs near silently, only the whisper of a creak sounding underneath your feet. You looked down, completely relieved. You didn’t look up until you’d bumped into someone.

It was Hoseok.

“What are you doing?” You hissed, feeling your heartbeat hammering from the surprise.
“I was going to the toilet,” he whispered back, bewildered.
“Why are you even here?”
“Yoongi and I are having a sleepover.”

The two of you fell silent, wrapped in confusion.
“Sorry,” you mumbled, rubbing the back of your neck, “I just didn’t expect anyone to be up.”
You shouldn’t be up,” he chuckled. “What are you even doing?”
“I… couldn’t sleep,” you admitted, too tired to think of any good excuse.
You shrugged. “I don’t know. Just… not feeling it.”
“Not feeling sleep?”
He snorted, shaking his head. “You know, I don’t think that’s a thing.”
“I’m making it a thing.”
“Of course.”
You cursed yourself mentally, wishing that you could’ve been anything other than awkward. But no. Here you were. A failure. “So,” you swallowed, desperate to change the conversation, “did you enjoy tonight?”
“Yes and no,” he shrugged. “I mean, I love my family, but it was just such… such a…”
“You could tell it was organized by the middle aged.”
“Yeah, exactly,” he laughed, and you realised how much you missed that sound. “Nice, but not exactly fun.”
“Oh, I don’t know,” you smiled, “Yoongi seemed to have a lot of fun.”
“I think that’s mainly thanks to your…” Hoseok trailed off, and you looked up at him, properly this time.

You realized where you were standing. The same spot in the hallway. In front of the stairs, just to the right of the hallway. You felt sick to the stomach.

“Jimin’s a good guy,” Hoseok sighed, nodding to you. “You don’t meet many people like him.”
“Yeah,” you agreed. It was the truth.
“So…” Hoseok said, his voice restrained as he ran a hand through his hair. “Are you two… serious?”
“Not really,” you admitted. “It’s only been two months.”
“Oh… okay.” He cleared his throat. “Do you… see it, getting serious?”
“Not really.”
“What about you?” You asked, your eyes glued to the ground. “Any girlfriends? Boyfriends?”
“No,” he admitted, maybe a little too quickly. “No… I tried… There were a few people I thought maybe it’d work out with, but every time, it was like there was something stopping me.” He was looking straight at you.
You looked up to meet his gaze. “Me too.”

Had he felt the same as you, all this time? You’d thought he’d just moved on; he seemed to have adjusted to the change easily, and that had broken your heart earlier on. But what he was saying now… Was he just as lost as you?

He was looking at you with a familiar softness that had become a stranger to you.

You thought for a moment that he was going to kiss you again. You knew that you would let him.

“Good night, Y/N,” he murmured, taking a step back. “I missed you.”

He smiled at you. For the first time in a year, he smiled at you. You remembered why you thought he was the sun incarnate.

With that, he was gone. As he walked away, you realized that it would be the last moment you got alone with him.  

“I’m not letting you go,” you croaked, your arms wrapped firmly around Yoongi’s neck. You knew this day was coming, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.
“I’ll be coming back, Y/N,” Yoongi smiled, “this isn’t the last time you’ll see me.”
“I know,” you swallowed, an immovable lump in your throat, “but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss you.”
He chuckled, rubbing your back gently. “Ah, Y/N… you’re making this so dramatic.”
“You better call,” you sniffed, loosening your grip slightly. “At least once a week, okay?”
Yoongi sighed theatrically, throwing his head back.
“At least once a week, Yoongi.”
“Fine, fine,” he grinned, wrapping his arms around you tightly for a moment. “Now, you be good, okay?”
“I should be saying the same thing about you,” you snorted, letting him go. You stood back and took a good look at him. Your brother, Min Yoongi, was all grown up. You remembered when he was just a kid, teasing you about being shorter than him. You remembered when he was so small that he struggled to play the piano, his arms just a little too short.
“Take this,” you sniffed, fishing in your pocket and puling out a letter that you’d written for him. 
He took it, looking at you with his gummy smile. Without saying anything, he leant forward and kissed you on the forehead. That was all you needed. 

“Goodbye, Hoseok,” you nodded your head at him in a small bow, feeling your heart beating fiercely in your chest.
“Goodbye, Y/N,” he nodded in response, his eyes lingering on you for a moment more. He opened his arms to you. You jumped into them against your better judgement, wrapping your arms around his neck as you felt the tears welling up in your eyes again.
“Hey, hey,” Yoongi threatened, humour in his tone, “that’s my sister.”
You let go of him, maybe a little too quickly. That would be the last time you’d ever be that close to him. You looked him in the eye, offering him a weak smile. “Have fun, okay?”
“I’ll try,” he smiled, nodding at you. His eyes were sad. You knew he wanted to say something to you; but now wasn’t the time.

You watched the two of them fade into the distance, a very ugly feeling settling into your stomach. You didn’t know what you were going to do without Yoongi. You were so used to having him nearby, and now? Now it was going to be a struggle to keep in contact. You didn’t feel good about that at all. He’d been one of your best friends, and to watch him go was more painful than anything else you’d experienced. You wished you’d gone with him. But you knew that he had to go and have his own experiences. Yoongi deserved to start his own life, and you supported him in that.

But fucking hell, you were going to miss him.

It had been two days since your brother had left.

“Hey, Jimin?”
“Yes, Y/N?”
You felt a lump in your throat. You’d had a few relationships, some longer than this, but breaking up was never an easy thing to do.
“I’ve been thinking,” you sighed, running a hand down your face, “and I just… I just don’t think we’re… romantically compatible.” You winced at your own words. I sound like a fucking dork.
“Ah,” Jimin nodded slowly. “I see…”
“I’m sorry,” you gulped, turning to look at him. “I just…”
“Hey, hey, it’s okay,” he turned to you with that eye smile that you were so fond of. “Sometimes these things don’t work out.”
“I know,” you mumbled, closing your eyes. You knew all too well.
“Y/N, we’ll still be friends. I still enjoy your company, even if we’re not going to be dating. If anything, it’ll make our time together less stressful for me,” he chuckled, reaching forward to ruffle your hair.
“Thank you,” you sighed, opening your eyes to look at him. You didn’t deserve him. You felt like you’d screwed him over; and maybe you had. But you’d thought about it a lot. It was fairer to break up with him if Hoseok occupied so many of your thoughts. “Thank you for understanding.”
“Of course,” he smiled at you, wrapping one arm around you and giving you a friendly squeeze. “Thank you for being honest with me.”

Once Jimin left, you threw yourself onto your bed, staring up at your ceiling. You were going to get over Hoseok. You had to. Harbouring feelings for him was useless. You didn’t know how long it would take you, but you were going to get over him.


300+ followers to celebrate! I never have been one to care for keeping track but there are just too many of you that I appreciate for any of you to go unnoticed. I thank you all so much for sticking with me and my muse for Tamaki as we venture through Tumblr together. Now let us celebrate with a few notable shoutouts to my baes! 

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anonymous asked:

What is it about RebelCaptain that appeals to you?

You might have wanted a simple answer to this question but I can’t come up with one.

- The raw chemistry between Diego Luna and Felicity Jones is reason enough. They are drawn together in every scene and they draw me in just through facial expressions and body language. They worked together seamlessly.

- The parallels. My God the parallels. Both with horrible childhoods. Both child soldiers. Both lost everything and had to keep on living. Both would do anything to survive. Both did things that they wish that they could forget. Both wanted to find a way to redeem themselves but didn’t know how until they came together with their team and quite literally saved the entire galaxy.

- They see so much of themselves in the other. I think that’s why they clash at the beginning and come together at the end. They understand one another even if they don’t always agree with one another.

- That scene after Eadu. I live for angst. I can’t really ship a couple until they’ve had an argument because then I get to see how they react, who stays calmer and who is more passionate and angry. Most importantly how they react afterwards. And the fact that they’re both wet and arguing makes it even better.

- Speaking of what happens after fights, Not only did Cassian probably believe Jyn from the second she told him about her father’s message, he knew right away that no one on the council would believe her. That’s why he was worried. He knew that her word alone wouldn’t be enough. So even after they clashed, he went out and found people who would believe her. He put together a team for her who could get shit done.

- THE “WELCOME HOME” SCENE. Jyn’s words mean so much. “I’m not used to people sticking around when things get bad.” So many people have left her. She is so used to being abandoned. So the fact that Cassian didn’t give up on her clearly means so much to her. And when he says, “welcome home” it means everything because it doesn’t mean the base or the rebellion. It means that he’s not going anywhere, no matter how bad it gets, so she might as well get used to it. I haven’t even mentioned how close they get in this scene I mean fuck.

- They trust each other so much by the time that they get to Scarif. They know that they’re going into the belly of the beast and know that they have to have each other’s backs. They trust each other (and K2) to do that. For two people who have a lot of trust issues, that means so much.

- Jyn can’t stop thinking about Cassian after he falls. She thinks that he’s dead and has to keep telling herself that.

- Cassian climbs up a tower to get to her even after he’s been shot and falls. What. The. Actual. Fuck.




I’m sorry I yelled. I got excited. So much draws me to rebelcaptain. There was so much potential with them. They are truly two sides of the same coin. I love them.

So Much Potential In The Night

Description: You can’t sleep, so you decide to hit the hotel gym and run into Roman, who’s needed to talk to you.

A/n: Was working on this and started looking up pictures of Roman and next thing you knew what I had written wasn’t what I planned on… It was even better. Part of a series of oneshots I’m doing- “I Can’t Sleep”, following the theme that the reader can’t sleep.

…Now please excuse me while I try and find my regular thoughts where they are currently cuddling with my fangirling ones.

Warnings: Language, some (light) dirty thoughts.

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anonymous asked:

So this is where I am so conflicted about the future. I love Robron together. I love them. I think the chemistry is gorgeous and when they get good writing they're the stuff of supercouple legend. But I also love the individual characters. And I want a better life for Aaron than I know he will get with Rob (due to rinse/repeat writing). Rob is a loverat in TPTB's eyes. And Aaron deserves, not even happiness, but just better after the life he's had. Also watching Rob destroy a man like that 1/2

slowly. Not because he doesn’t love him but because he is being written terribly and can’t stop himself. It just does not make me feel good about Rob’s character. He deserves better too. If they are a couple they are sometimes going to work as opposing forces. And contrasted with Aaron, Rob will always lose out. Be the antihero. Take the fall. I’m not here for that. 2/2            

I can completely understand where you’re coming from anon, particularly the idea that in this relationship, Robert’s villain status will always be the antithesis to Aaron’s heroism. That will never change, I’m no longer under any illusions on that front - the writers will continue to beat Aaron with a stick and Robert will usually be the one holding it. There’s always been an unhealthy element to their relationship but it was at least balanced effectively with an enduring love and a strength, a determination really, to persevere and fight for what they had.

I daresay they’ll be portrayed that way at some point in the future, but first this storyline needs to run its course and for that to happen, Aaron needs to suffer more and Robert needs to either spiral further into manipulation and threatening behaviour, or fall to his knees and grovel for the next few months until Aaron forgives him.

If I was viewing this relationship from a non-fictitious perspective, I’d have told Aaron to cut and run a long time ago, probably once Robert killed Katie in all honesty. But the fact is, you cannot apply the same real-life logic to soaps as you would to any other drama, because as much as soaps claim to focus on the ‘real’ lives of ‘real’ people, it is a very particular brand of realism that has an equal amount of insanity as it does humanity. So as much as I would love to demand of these characters (and the writing lbr) the same high standards I demand of all the shows I watch, it’s just not possible.

That being said, soaps do still have a responsibility to their characters, a responsibility they often ignore for the sake of the dreaded Plot (and the potential for awards if they get Danny to squeeze out a few more tears than Lacey Turner has managed 👀) And when it comes to Plot, two things are guaranteed with regards to robron: 1) Aaron will be stripped of agency and made to suffer, and 2) Robert will always, always be reduced to a 2D caricature villain, his growth abandoned and his heart and brain along with it most of the time.

In terms of wanting Aaron to have a better life, I won’t argue that he could likely have a much easier time of it if he was still with Ed or even Jackson (though my God did they have their own issues which were severely damaging to Aaron and that was long before Jackson wanted to die). But the thing is, when Robert is good - and by good I mean his normal, attentive self around Aaron - there’s really nobody better as far as Aaron is concerned. He’s never felt a love like it - given or received - and now that he’s had it, not just a taste but consumed it entirely - I can’t imagine him finding that level of intensity with anyone else. Yes, he could be with someone more stable, someone with less baggage, someone who hadn’t tied him to a radiator… but the thing is, Aaron and Robert shared all of that - the mess, the pain, the anger, the heartache - with each other. Aaron will never go through it with anyone else, he certainly won’t be able to discuss a lot of it with anyone else, and it’s the same for Robert. They’ve experienced the extreme highs and severe lows together, grown and changed because of it, become closer as a result, and even if Aaron spent a lifetime with someone else, he’d never find that same connection again. It’s not something that can be replicated and I’m not even sure Aaron would want to.

The fact is, he chose Robert. Chose him in the lay-by when he had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and kept choosing him despite all the warning signs, all the mistakes, all the hurt. Were we living in an ideal, fanfic-inspired world where the characters we love get everything they deserve, Robert and Aaron would be sunning themselves in Barcelona for the next seventy years sipping cocktails. Or at the very least, they wouldn’t be reduced to versions of themselves which don’t operate on any version of reality other than the one the writers/producers are making up as they go along.

I want better for them. Everyone does, I doubt anyone would argue with that. But I think we have to accept that Robert and Aaron are shackled to a particular genre of drama which relies too heavily on shock value and not enough on subtle, emotional substance. There’s nothing we can do to change that, much as we’d like to, but we can continue to contribute with opinions, meta, fics, gifs, videos, anything that allows us to express ourselves, and we can absolutely demand better for the characters and show who have inspired us all.


#here we have one of the most unique female dynamics #on tv at the moment #two females and one of which is latina #who are both mothers of the same son #and yet people still complain about the ship #expressing that it’s ‘not right’ #or lacks the right chemistry #and I’m always at a loss for words #how someone could look at these scenes and still tell me #me a young bisexual #that thinking this ship is valid and important #is delusional and embarrassing #and that there’s nothing there at all #THE CHEMISTRY IS GOD DAMN THERE #these scenes have so much sexual chemistry I’m pretty sure my bi soul is on fire #and that’s not just me #other thousands think the exact same #and what makes the ship even better is that #ITS SO FUCKING UNIQUE #and instead the show is going with the whitest and most hetero route #even though they could literally do SO much with this relationship #the cards are laid out #the audience is there #and even the media is talking about it #you can stick with your boring and hollywood normative ship #but don’t tell me #a strong relationship that was explored right from the beginning #that could potentially be #a true love relationship between two women #and a son they both love who brought them together ON A SHOW ABOUT FAIRYTALES #is any less valid than the white straight hetero hollywood ‘girl loves bad boy who turned ‘soft’’ relationship #dont you dare

capricornhunter  asked:

Hello Zoe, my darling friend =3 I'm in a Neal appreciation mood right now and I was wondering if you headcanon Neal as straight or queer and who you ship with him :D

I like this ask. 

I like this ask a lot.

Okay, so–I can’t think of a single character I’ve ever headcanoned as just “straight”, but let me tell you how much I don’t head canon Neal as “straight.” 

I pretty much ship him with everybody, he’s one of those characters who I just…I honestly feel like he is such a beautiful, beautiful person, inside and out, and he’s got so many layers and nuances that he could have a viable relationship with anybody. But when I consider my actual ships for him, I also have to consider who would be good FOR Neal, not just whose life he could brighten with that brilliant smile.

1. Swanfire (Neal/ Emma)

We all know how much I ship Swanfire, how cute they are together….the dry sass, the “best-friends-in-love” vibe they give; the instinctual looking out for each other. the fact that they have a son, who has managed to encompass his mother’s rashness/ nerve, and his father’s compassion, and BOTH of their snarky-ass sarcasm…How Swanfire is the city-slicker, coffee-stained, dry-witted fairy tale romance we all wanted. the Lost Boy and Lost Girl, constantly breaking my heart with their angst, and managing emotional maturity by facing their flaws as a couple and still making an effort to work past them because they love each other….and still managing to be immature in their banter, getting all snarky with each other and loving that they are in fact the coolest motherfuckers in town (even when they’re the biggest dorks in town, too). Ah, Swanfire…

2. MadFire (Neal/ Jefferson)


Okay, listen, kids: sooooooo…..They’re both dads. Which seems like a basic similarity, when you say it like that, but it lends so much insight into their characters. As dads, they’re both already in that midnight of “I will do anything for this kid, I am willing to sacrifice everything.” That it the purest form of unselfishness there is, and they both have it: to me, unselfishness is the cornerstone of love. you have to be willing to put your self aside to do right by someone. Since they’re both already equipped with that mindset, I think there would be a security in that relationship….they can trust the other, and both of them need that. Jefferson being brutally betrayed by evil!Regina, and Neal being betrayed by…well….fucking everybody. They both deserve that kind of trust.

And good God, think of the sass…..Jefferson is so extra and theatrical, and Neal is this smirky, sarcastic little bastard. Whether they are working together against a common enemy, or it’s Jeff vs. Neal, the chemistry of their sass would be epic. 

3. FireQueen (Neal/ Regina)

Honestly, this ship snuck up on me, but I think it kind of totally works. Regina is a villain, but she’s probably the best example of a reformed villain this show has to offer (before they rushed the rest of the process in 3B and fucked it up royally). Henry is her entire reason for trying so hard, and I think Neal could respect that for two reasons: 1) it’s his kid, too, and obviously, he would do anything for that boy, also, so he completely understands 2) Because he’s been on the receiving end of that, seeing Rumple trying so hard to turn around and not depend on Dark Magic (however much the writers decided he was willing to, as it varies from episode to episode, not that I’m salty). So he can respect how much of an effort she’s making, how hard it is, and I think that would mean a lot to him. Regina is capable of being a good person, and I think Neal would be more than willing to support her.

We can just assume that trying to absorb the simultaneous beauty of Neal and Regina would be like staring into the sun, and our eyes would be set on fire, so let’s just move on to the Sass Factor. Again, Regina has a similar sass to Jefferson, with all the diva-ness and theatricality–but she’s also got this dry, wry wit that comes out (usually around Emma). I think they could finish each other’s sentences, have a fucking running commentary on the entire town, sipping coffee, without skipping a beat on the sarcastic remarks. And they would be so fucking classy, oh, my God…..They would discuss things like literature and cinematography over wine-taring and I love it.

4. HunterFire (Neal/ Graham)

So….Graham is a sweetheart. A teddy bear. The cutest, doe-eyed little Sheriff Skinnyjeans who could probably roundhouse kick Chuck Norris without blinking, and then offer to make everyone tea. Graham is deadly because of his hunter identity, but Graham Humber the man is an adorable sweetheart. 

Neal Cassidy. Sweet. Broken. Sarcastic. Actually a badass, because he knows how to use a crossbow, and damn, if he doesn’t look mad sexy doing it. Also, a fucking hero, without question. He is the guy who makes all the sarcastic remarks, rolls his eyes and mutters under his breath, smirks at everyone’s foolishness…but when push comes to shove, he’s the one you can depend on.

They would be the warmest, cutest, secretly badass couple ever. 

Just picture sweet adorable Graham trying to offer broken-feeling Neal tea, while simultaneously swearing to kick the offender’s ass into the next dimension….Graham not having a problem with being affectionate in public, Neal being all like, “Dude, come on!” (but secretly loving it).

Graham loves Henry, already. Picture this family: Henry between his two dads, the amount of love and warmth and support in this household…I’m getting tears, just thinking about it.

5. FrozenFire (Neal/ Elsa)

Sooooooo….here’s some establishing-ness we need to get out of the way: “Magic is emotion” (quote from Rumple, 2x16). Elsa is afraid of magic. Has to reign in her emotions because that’s what prompts her magic. Neal is also wary of magic, because he’s see what it does, and also, if you don’t think that dude is majorly repressing 200 years’ worth of emotion, you’re smoking something.

Obligatory mention that this would be a beautiful couple. 

Here we go: Elsa is fully ensconced in the world of magic: she knows how to use it, she doesn’t know how to control it. So she understands where Neal is coming from, and she doesn’t judge. But she still needs support. She still needs someone to rely on when she feels that power threatening to overtake her, when she can’t reign in her own abilities. Enter Neal Cassidy.

He’s seen how powerful magic can be, he’s seen it take over a person. He knows she’s scared, he understands how terrified she is….He gets it. But he’s also trying to accept magic, because it’s such a huge part of Elsa, it almost defines her. The growing acceptance makes it easier for him to support her, and her him, and God…this would be such a loving supporting couple, helping each other through their emotional crises. I mean, perfect example of how much work a relationship is, regardless of how well you get along.

Elsa doesn’t have an abundance of sass, but Neal has enough for both. Imagine him snarking someone, without mercy, just tossing out all these sarcastic remarks, and Elsa’s like, gently admonishing him, but trying so hard not to laugh. And that’s the other thing–I think Neal would be really good at making Elsa laugh. She doesn’t laugh a lot, but he can do it every time. He would make her happy, and for the first time, she might feel that heavy burden on her shoulders lifting. 

6. Honorary mention to Tinkerbae (Neal/ Tink) because while I ship it, there is an expert in our midst who can actually do it a lot more justice than me and I’m a little intimidated by the prospect of explaining. See @maddiebonanafana for a brilliant meta on the potential of Tinkerbae.

Instant Chemistry

A/N: This is part of the 100 AUs list! Rules and AUs here!

Summary:  12. “I called you hot and randomly made out with you in the street for a YouTube video, but you kissed me back so now I don’t know what to do” AU

Words: 1,570

Sam x Reader

Warnings: none?

Other AU authors: sincerelysaraahh, beautiful-hellfire, ruby-loves-supernatural, hiddenwritingsintheworld, charmaineevangeline, just-some-spn-imagines, well-frick, sam-dean-cas-in-the-impala, andmisswinchesterworld. Track the tag ‘100AUlist’ to see all of the fics!

Your name: submit What is this?

“And you’re sure the camera is on?” you asked, and Tyler nodded for the third time.

“I’m absolutely certain.”

“I don’t want to do this and find out that it hasn’t been filmed.”

“Y/N,” Tyler laughed, “I’m your best friend, and I’m a professional. I wouldn’t let that happen. Hannah is over there with another camera,” he pointed and she waved from across the street, “There’s no way we’re going to let this go undocumented.”

You nodded and grinned at him, “I can’t believe they challenged me to this.”

You were referring to the open and very public challenge that Dan and Phil had set you in a video last week.

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Ron Anderson TWD - The Meta

okay, let’s do this. i want to get this out of my system. i rewatched 6x09 just to reopen the wound so this should be good. :)

The wasted character - Ron Anderson

the majority of the fandom hated Ron (scratch that - the whole Anderson family). which was deliberately supposed to happen i think (oops). like i’ve mentioned in my 6x09 meta post they created the kid for one purpose only and that was shooting Carl’s eye out but of course he couldn’t just do that randomly right…? they had to give Ron reasons thus giving the character depth. they had to make him three-dimensional. they had to create a path which led to him pointing the gun at the Grimes’. and i gotta admit they did a pretty fucking awesome job because Ron was as three-dimensional as a character can get under this short period of time. that’s the reason why i love him so much. the eyerony of this shit is - pun intended - they created this amazing build up just to have Ron shoot Carl ACCIDENTALLY. WHAT? IF YOU’RE GOING THERE WHY NOT MAKE HIM DO IT ON PURPOSE? BECAUSE IT WOULD’VE ACTUALLY MADE SENSE THAT WAY? BECAUSE THAT WAY YOU WOULD’VE ACTUALLY GIVE THIS CHARACTER SOME RESPECT? WHAT’S LOGIC? WHAT’S LIFE? and that is what i think makes Ron such a wasted potential. they created such a raw and honest and flawed character JUST to do the “dirty” work. the growth this kid could’ve had and wasting a redemption arc like this are both fucking unbelieveable.

what is also fucking unbelieveable is the amount of hatred this character’s got from the fandom. of course the show is operating with characters who have been on TWD since s1. it’s not surprising that fans tend to not be open at first when new characters are introduced. which is fine. it’s a normal reaction. i didn’t really like Ron at first either. but i do find that ridiculous when someone loves and understands a character like Daryl Dixon - and we all know what he’s been through - but they just CAN’T understand and/or sympathize with Ron’s situation…are you aware that Daryl and Ron are basically two sides of the same coin? you call a grown ass man with a past like his ‘precious misunderstood baby’ for example but a teenager is ‘a trash asshole’. congratulations hypocrite. (note: i love Daryl please leave my head on.)

and now let’s have a closer look on Ron’s life shall we because apparently there are people in the fandom who think he didn’t have any reason to hate Rick. or to be troubled. [coughs] [pulls out long ass list out of thin air jESUS GIRL CALM DOWN] where do i start: domestic abuse (both done to you and your family) + people turning their heads in the other way in your community and basically ignoring the domestic violence because they need the abuser for medical reasons + father killed by the new guy who thinks he’s God (abusive asshole or not it’s still traumatic) + mom is romantically interested in the same guy who killed dad + girfriend is romantically interested in mini-God (Carl) + probably having no one to talk to + having to adapt to the end of the world under little to no time + mom and brother eaten alive in front of you (bonus: *chop chop*) = damaged goods…[Rebel Wilson voice] whoop there it is. call THIS an easy life.

and for the people who say he was an asshole to begin with please stop talking and watch the very first interaction between Ron and Carl. he’s just the most gentle and kindest baby.

The wasted talent: Austin Abrams

Austin killed it. his portrayal of Ron’s inner turmoil was insanely good. what i particularly like about Austin is that he’s acting and talking with hands, eyes, face, voice, body at the same time and it’s in “harmony”. that’s a hard fucking thing to do. and he nailed this “harmony” in every fucking scene he had. I could smyphatize with Ron because the portrayal felt real and that’s why I wanted more and more and more of this character. and I did. I still do but 6x09’s happened…

The wasted relationship: Ron x Carl

The love triangle: so I don’t know what’s the reason but it seems like writers are obsessed with the 'OMG LET’S MAKE A LOVE TRIANGLE’ idea. to quote @gr8writingtips “writing tip #1374: instead of a love triangle try doing literally anything else”. it’s boring, it’s superficial and it’s the most cliche of all the cliches. this show is on its 6th season. it can’t just disrespect its audience with a love triangle. i mean come on. character development, interaction between the characters, backstories of the characters, bonding between the characters. these are what most of the fans are interested in at this point.

Ron x Carl - The friendship: let me ask you a question TWD writers? why the fuck do you hate one of your main characters so much? when was the last time Carl had a friend around his age? or had a decent interaction or bonding experience with the people on the show (except Judith)? do you realize what kind of friendship could have been between these two? with Carl teaching Ron how to live and survive in this world? supporting each other and protecting each other on runs? i wanted to see Ron learn how this life works. i wanted to see them interact. would have watched the shit out of these two becoming best friends.

Ron x Carl - The relationship: so here’s the thing. these kids had INSANE chemistry. AND THE SHOW HAS DECIDED TO DO NOTHING WITH IT! YOU HAVE DECIDED TO GO WITH SOMETHING AS CLICHE AS A LOVE TRIANGLE! YOU COULD HAVE MADE CARL GRIMES BISEXUAL (and of course Ron too). DO YOU REALIZE HOW AMAZING THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN? HAVING ONE OF YOUR MAIN MALE CHARACTERS BISEXUAL? THERE’S YOUR ORIGINAL IDEA AMC! reasons: representation in this fucking show is very rare. if you would have gone through with this idea the love triangle could have actually create a great base for the relationship (frenemies-friends-lovers and who’s not a sucker for that trope). you don’t ignore the obvious chemistry. insane character development for both Ron and Carl (if you still go through with Ron’s family dying and Carl’s getting shot but with not Ron shooting Carl’s eye out and not making Ron watch how Rick chops his mom’s hand off). cute scenes between these two i mEAN HAVE YOU SEEN THE HANDHOLDING (dat post got me famous what up)?!?!!? Enid just being her own badass self and teasing and supporting the boys and being grossed out by all the love and have them as her best friends without being a love interest…i mean COME ON.

to quote @indie-arrow “bitter little espresso deserved better”.

Bonus: Jessie and Sam

like i said they HAD to make Ron three-dimensional. they didn’t have a choice. in Jessie and Sam’s case though they had and they chose to go with the easier path which was making both of them this weird 2D/3D mix of a characters. and it seems like they made these two more two-dimensional than three-dimensional. i think that’s why they seemed kinda simple. like in Sam’s case his fearfulness was enhanced thus introducing him as a coward which was totally not the case if you look closer and think but you know. it’s whatever. and in Jessie they enhanced this semi-shallowness which sounds weird but that was really the case. like i said we were supposed to hate them (again: oops). but they still had potential.

i mean i don’t know man i just found the Anderson family really interesting and i just wanted to see them develop and grow. fuck my life. *mic drop*

anonymous asked:

Hiii, how are you? I wanted to request a top ten destiel moments until 11×3, please!! Sorry, it is too much to ask, but i'd love to know your opinion about Destiel! Thank you for your time! Your blog is amazing, btw ❤


Oh gosh, this is such a hard question. But hey, I’m always willing to talk about Destiel, so I’ll give it a go…


This is something that I will always cherish. 

The fact that Dean-no-chick-flick-moments-Winchester wants to talk emotions with Cas… Really, Dean initiating this talk was so important and such a fresh breath of air at the same time. 


The ‘watching another person sleep’ trope will always be somewhat romantic to me. What stands out to me about this moment, is that Cas just patiently waits for Dean to wake up, and is curious as to what Dean is feeling. 

“What were you dreaming about?”

A scene like this was rather intimate for two characters that have only just met, thus one of those Destiel scenes that got me thinking in the early seasons. 



That wasn’t just Dean’s buddy that died. This meant a lot more, and that trench coat that he kept and even returned to Cas in S7… Yeah, all of that was oddly romantic. 

“Part of me always believed you’d come back”. That line might not have made it into the original episode, but it was written, and even shot as actual footage proves. Let us never forget.


We can all agree that all of purgatory was a huge win for Destiel, but this…

To me it felt like this was the first time where we truly saw that Dean picked Cas first. He could’ve gone home, to Sam, to safety. For getting out of Purgatory, Cas was a liability, not an asset. Yet Dean stayed, and ran around chopping of demon heads, desperate to find his angel. He didn’t need Cas for his powers, or to get out. He needed Cas for Cas. 


This, oh god. this. 

“I did it, all of it, for you.”

I pick this moment because it was one of the early moments where I went; ‘WHOA, this can’t possibly be platonic. He’s a celestial being who killed his own siblings, turned his back on his entire existence for this ordinary human he just met.’

It made me doubt their entire ‘platonic’ relationship, so kudos to that.


This scene… It’s so simple but means so much, because in hindsight, it points out exactly why Cas did what he did; working with Crowley, opening purgatory. Metatron confirmed it seasons later, but even then we could see exactly why he did what he did; it wasn’t for Heaven, or for humanity. He wanted to fix the problem but at the same time ensure that Dean Winchester had a happy human life.

“I was there, where were you?”

Cas was there, he made a wrong decision, but it was for you.


This one is important to me, because even though I saw their potential and chemistry before, this is the point where I actually suspected that Dean/Cas was in fact meant to be a romantic thing on the show.

In ‘the Man Who Would Be King’, we are practically witnessing a breakup, five seasons later confirmed by a heterosexual pairing on the very same show (David/Violet) for which the same dialogue is used in the exact same situation. 

“I was there, where were you?”


Without a doubt: when they first met in 4x01.

What really puts this in the top three for me; Ships usually have to grow on me. It’s not often that two characters meet and I’m like ‘HOLY SHIT, OTP RIGHT THERE!’ But this scene did that for me, whether it was the actors or the characters; the chemistry was hard to deny. When Cas said “you don’t think you deserve to be saved”, I knew that Castiel might become the one person on this show to understand Dean’s feelings, accept them, and get through to him despite it all. 


I think the entire Endverse episode was one huge pile of Destiel, but this will always stick with me:

“Don’t ever change.” 

That line is something that I will forever hold dear, and combined with the way they look at each other here… It’s like you can literally see them falling in love, one of my all time favorites.


“We need you, I need you.”

And then Cas drops the blade. 

I think what really gets me about this scene is that we never got an explanation afterwards. It was even confirmed by the actors that an ‘I love you’ was planned, but what did it for me was that in canon we got this ‘What broke the connection’, and even though all of us simultaneously screamed the word “YOU!” the show never elaborated. The show never proved us wrong, and I will forever take this as canon. The power of their love for each other breaking through the mind control. 

So that’s my top 10 choice, not sure if fellow shippers agree but it was fun to do. :p 

Boarding school roleplays and Private school roleplays have long been a staple genre in this community. As roleplaying is a means to escape, escaping to the glittering world of characters well off enough to go to such prestigious schools has a certain appeal, with Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl being such beloved shows with such enviable wealth seen onscreen. I thought it’d be nice to bring the knowledge and experience I have on this subject into something that can help anyone hoping to start up a roleplay like this while maintaining a touch of reality, in the hopes to dispel often made mistakes and over-glamorizations. I hope this is useful, and if anyone has any questions or things they’d like to share I’m more than willing to help! A like or reblog if this is found useful would be wonderful. 

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Ichabod was going to tell Abbie he loved her and here’s why.

I’ve watched this scene about 50 times now. I’m very tired, but I just had to get this out of my system.

I am a total sucker for slow burn relationships. To me, it makes the relationship all the more worthwhile if we get to watch that chemistry grow and develop and become something beautiful over time. Strangers to friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes, and it’s even better when the two people involved are so thickheaded and can’t see what’s right in front of them, even when everyone around them can. 

The moment when Abbie and Ichabod come back from Purgatory was more intimate than I could have every imagined. It was all I really needed to know that this relationship is anything but platonic. (I mean we all kind of knew that already, but ya know.) But I theorize that that was the moment when it hit them both. I think they knew that they loved each other, but I’m not so sure they knew in what way. Abbie and Ichabod have this bond, right? Which automatically makes them incredibly close to one another. Ever since they met, they have learned to know the other better than they know themselves. With something like that, especially in a story with all these fantastical elements, it’s not too far of a stretch to wonder if they both mistook any budding romantic feelings and disregarded them as their strong bond. I mean think about it for a second; Abbie is so incredibly guarded. She’s spent years building up these walls that she’s not so sure she wants to let come down quite yet. I want to say that Jenny and Ichabod are the only two people who have really seen her truly vulnerable, which automatically increases the level of intimacy. Ichabod was married for the first two seasons (which I’m not gonna rant about Katrina’s wasted potential because she could have been such an amazing character and wasn’t given the proper character development she deserved). I don’t think he could even entertain the thought of being with someone else while still married to Katrina. Even during all of this, their relationship grew into this unbreakable bond, which neither of them could have ever expected. I think that after Katrina’s death and during all that time Abbie and Ichabod spent away from each other, they felt the other’s absence more strongly than anything. The cliché, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is actually pretty valid in this circumstance. The more they’re forcibly taken away from each other, the harder they fight to get back to one another. 

Ichabod was going to tell Abbie he loved her during that last scene in 3x10. There was so much emotion between the two of them throughout the entire episode, but that last scene… Oh my God, it was so raw and so beautiful. I feel like we were witnessing their realization. For the first half Abbie could barely look at him because she was trying so hard to control herself. She had a death grip on his hand while she just stared at nothing. In Purgatory she couldn’t hug him, she couldn’t touch him, nothing. In Purgatory she thought her brain was playing tricks on her when she heard his voice. So she held on while he talked so she knew this was real. HE was real and she was home. When she looks at him again she can’t look away. And the whole time Ichabod is just staring at her like he can’t believe she’s here in front of him, like he can’t believe she’s really here and she’s really, truly safe. He looks at her like she’s his entire world (as he has several times this season).. And then there’s a moment after Abbie whispers, “We made it,” when his eyes grow wider and he looks at her like, “…oh…” and then he shifts a little, like something has just made itself known to him. For the first time he breaks eye contact for the first time and ducks his head to look down before getting to his feet.  I think this was the moment when Ichabod especially realized, “if I lose her, I lose part of my soul. I lose my other half. I lose the person I love.” Both their actions alone just screamed, “I love this person more than I initially realized.” And when they get to their feet Ichabod doesn’t let go of Abbie’s hand. He’s still holding on when Abbie turns to kiss Joe’s cheek. When she turns back around, he’s looking at her before his eyes drop to their hands. 

Looking at Abbie, her hand looks like she’s about to let go. Abbie has her moments for intimacy, but she normally can only take so much. Abbie is a very, let’s get down to business to defeat the huns, and kick some ass, person. She knows when to set all other things aside and step into her role as a Witness. But she also has that side of her that’s emotional and cares so much, which is what makes her such a fantastic and well-rounded character. They’re having this moment and Ichabod senses that he’s about to lose it. So he holds on. He brings his other hand up and just holds on to her before he has to let go. He runs his fingers over her hand like it’s the most precious thing he’s ever seen. His eyes move from their hands to Abbie’s face. And then he looks at Joe and we finally get a sense of how nervous Ichabod is. His mouth is partly open but he can’t find the words. When he looks at Joe, you know he’s thinking about that conversation they had in episode 7. You remember the one:

Ichabod: “There is nothing more frustrating than the feeling of helplessness in the face of an unknown foe, which is why we must seize control whilst we can.”

Joe: “Hm?”

Ichabod: “Talk to her.”

Joe: “…Right… What about you? I get the feeling it’s not just rage monsters that make you feel helpless.”

Ichabod: “Well… I have become well acquainted with the vicissitudes of life.”

Joe: *Chuckles*

Ichabod: “But yes, I have become keenly aware of late that I may be fighting a losing battle. On many fronts, against bureaucrats, against developers, against-” *He breaks off suddenly as his eyes find Abbie across the room. His eyes dart away as soon as they see her and his hands, which he’s been using to indicate his list of struggles, drop to the desk. But not before he’s indicated towards Abbie. He’s suddenly very interested in this book.* *Whispered* “Against many fronts…”

Joe: *Understanding dawns on him as he looks at Abbie.* “Well maybe you should take your own advice. Talk to her.”

Yeah. That one. 

When Ichabod now looks at Joe, you know that conversation is going through his head. Talk to her. So he’s going to. He takes a deep breath and pulls Abbie’s hand to his chest. He’s going to confess that he loves her right there.

So why does he stop?

Well, I think there’s two options here. One is that he chokes at the last second and just can’t confess yet. But personally I think that’s unlikely. 

I think that Ichabod realizes it’s just not the right time. 

For one, Abbie desperately needs time to rest. Being completely alone like that for so long does things to a person’s head. Abbie was playing chess against herself to try and keep herself remotely sane. She was alone for 10 months and while she might not have had to eat, sleep, or drink, she’s got to be exhausted not only physically but emotionally. She needs time to recoup and Ichabod respects that. He wants her to know, but only when she’s ready. So he makes another call, cracks a joke, and makes everyone laugh. He’ll save the romantic gestures for another day.

Like Father, Like Daughter

@thestarlightdreamer said: I wish you would write a fan fiction where Sherlock uses his deduction skills to absolutely terrify the boys that his eldest daughter (one of the twins; boy and girl-just a head canon of mine), who is just as brilliant and snarky as her father (also inherited his gorgeous black locks), yet she knows how to bide her time, like her mom, and she uses this skill to come up with the perfect way to get back at Sherlock because this time around, the guy she is dating is way perfect; he needs to stay.

Me: I took some liberties with the prompt, hope you still enjoy it! Most of the story below the cut due to length (it’s rated T, tops). On AO3 here and ff.net here.

“Mum, I swear to God and John Hamish Watson, if he does it again, I’m going to kill him. You just watch me.” 

Molly Hooper continued to calmly slice up vegetables, paying no mind to either her daughter’s agitated pacing or her homicidal – patricidal, in this particular case – threats. “From what you’ve told me about Tony, luv, there won’t be anything for your father to deduce. Nothing detrimental, anyway.” She gave Lucy a warm smile. “Didn’t you say you’d already deduced everything worth knowing about him?”

“Doesn’t mean Dad won’t try to find something,” her daughter said darkly, reaching out to snag a freshly-sliced carrot from the cutting board. She popped it in her mouth and crunched it loudly, still brooding on her father’s potentially embarrassing deductions of her newest boyfriend. “He goes out of his way to do it, you know he does,” she continued once the carrot had been fully ingested. “He does it to Sam, too, at least he used to before she married Ricky.”

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In defense of Fosterson/Jane and Thor

’Boring’: Well, if you think loving, caring, gentle and mutual are ‘boring’ then fine. That’s your bag, but in my opinion- it’s so rare to see such a cautious approach to a relationship, especially when there is SO much at stake for both of them. How often to you see a hero like Thor- the quintessential warrior- get to be portrayed as a starry-eyed romantic, who gently touches and strokes and smiles? Very rarely. I am SO glad they didn’t go down the Conan the Barbarian route, this portrayal is so much better and part of the reason I love Thor as a character so much.

No chemistry: Subjective much? Both actors (Hemsworth and Portman) are talented actors- we know this and they have a great rapport in interviews. No, they aren’t all over each other, but since when has that stopped people shipping two people together? LOTS of people ship Hawkeye and Coulson, despite the fact they converse ONCE and they aren’t even on screen together! Steve and Tony are in two movies (counting AoU) and they constantly bicker and fight- doesn’t stop Stony being popular. Some people like that sort of thing. Me personally? I don’t think anger and disagreement is a good basis for a relationship (angry sex yes, but a long term loving twosome? Nah mate), but I’m boring. So there you go. Jane and Thor’s chemistry is that of two people who are thrown together and are sure there’s something there, but neither wants to rush in- if their story called for lots of snogging, then it would. Again, they are cautious and well aware of what they stand to lose, but the end of the TDW they are free to pursue the relationship and share a super passionate kiss (they’ve clocked up the most kisses so far BTW).
Now I know what you’re about to say- that post-credit scene wasn’t Natalie Portman, that was Elsa Pataky (Chris Hemsworth’s wife) as Jane Foster, so yes the kiss was more passionate because they are being played by a married couple. Different actress, but it’s still the same character. If the problem is with Natalie Portman, I could understand, but I would bet a million dollars that no matter WHO played Jane, fandom would have a problem with it. Proof? THEY DID SHARE A PASSIONATE KISS IN THE TRAILER FOR TDW THAT WAS CUT FROM THE FINAL MOVIE. For reasons that remain a mystery (due to a rather suspicious rumour about them breaking up in an ‘original ending’- a rumour so stupid that even Latino Review won’t touch it. Funny that.). I doubt people would start magically start shipping them if they recast her.

Happens way too fast/haven’t known each other long enough: You’re willing to buy magical space Vikings, hammers made in the heart of a sun, a metal suit powered by an arc reactor and Steve Rogers becoming super strong after being baked in a science microwave but… your suspension of disbelief stops at an astrophysicist falling for a god-like alien with access to technology thousands of years beyond Earth (and an interstellar bridge) after a few days? THAT’S where you draw the line? Okay. Right-o. Why does Thor fall so fast? Perhaps he loves Jane’s passion, kindness, brilliance, beauty and fascination with his world in a way he never stopped to appreciate? Again, my opinion. Kenneth Brannagh, in the director’s commentary for Thor said they aren’t in love, but they develop a mutual crush that they both want to explore but can’t. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Gets in the way of Thorki: Hate to break it to you- Thorki will never. Ever. Ever. Happen. Except in fandom- so why throw Jane under a bus to make it happen? Is the studio (owned by DISNEY) who run a multi-million dollar franchise likely to turn round and go ‘You know what’ll make this franchise really popular? Two men raised as brothers dicking each other. Genius.’

Thor is better off with Sif: Depends how you define ‘Better off’. Yeah, they’ll have longer together, have shared experience- but… Thor doesn’t feel that way about her. At least not yet. He has no obligation to reciprocate her feelings. It might happen one day, who knows, but for now he clearly loves Jane and wants to give them a chance. But what about Norse mythology?! I hear you cry- well, what about it? Since when has the MCU cared about being true to the the Poetic Edda? I’ve read it (I would recommend it!) and Thor has three children- only one of them is by Sif. Two are by a Jotun and an unknown woman. Also, Sif has a son (Ullr) by another man who is also not known. Loki is not Thor’s adopted brother- nor has there been any horse-related shenanigans. If Sif is the ‘endgame’ for the MCU, fine, but give Thor and Jane a chance to have a healthy end to their relationship and not treat Sif as a potential rebound. Gross.

But in the comics…: Which ones? 616? Currently, he’s not with Sif any more, he’s (SPOILERS) probably with a human SHIELD agent (and environmental scientist) named Roz Solomon. I’ve seen him in relationships with random tavern wenches, a dark elf, Amora, Lorelei and… Jane Foster. And that’s just 616- what about Lord of Asgard when he’s with Amora and has a son with her? Or the Ultimates when his one night stand with Hela results in Modi (it’s a spoiler, but I’ve just saved you having to read that piece of shit so consider yourself lucky). And at one point he’s with Jane Foster in The Ultimates to. And in Thor the Mighty Avenger he’s also with Jane Foster. She’s a different Jane Foster in the various continuities- a nurse, a doctor, a historian- so why can’t you accept her as an astrophysicist?
Could it be you don’t buy Jane as a scientist because a conventionally attractive female scientist is ‘unrealistic? Despite the fact that Natalie Portman herself has a science degree and has researched several chemistry papers- yet magic hammers are still more credible? If you can buy space-vikings, but you can’t buy pretty female scientists- you’re probably as sexist as hell. Sorry.

Jane’s too whiney/not badass enough/etc: Whiney? Are you HIGH? It’s a super problematic term anyway. She only ‘whines’ when her stuff is stolen by SHIELD. When she is possessed by an Infinity Stone, she is so brave- she faints to the ground and when Thor calls for her she tells him she’s okay- weakly, but bravely. It’s implied she is broken hearted by Thor’s disappearance, but wouldn’t you be? In the span of two movies she drives into a tornado (laughing like a maniac), rescues Thor from a SHIELD facility, helps evacuate a town, builds her own equipment from scratch, in a lab set up in an old garage, bodily defends Thor, holds an Infinity Stone in her body without dying (even Loki seems impressed with how well she’s surviving) slaps two gods in the face, sasses Odin and defeats Malakeith armed with stuff she has put together with duct tape. Nope. No bad-assery there. No sir.
To quote Thor: ‘She is strong in ways you can’t imagine.’ She’s no warrior- she’s a scientist. Why is that good enough for Leo Fitz and not Jane Foster? Why is it okay for Tony Stark to be a credible hero using his technological know how and not Jane? Why is Loki given SO much sympathy for being being a magic user instead of a warrior, yet Jane is dismissed for the same thing? Hint- probably sexism.

Lifespan difference/Mayfly December: Depressing thing- we will all be separated from our loved ones one day- by death or circumstance. For some it’s sooner than others. Jane and Thor may not have long together, but they clearly want to try. Both of them. It’s implied that Thor would have made Jane his Queen if he wanted to take the throne- but he wanted the chance at a normal life. She would have been part of his life regardless. Will it break his heart to see her die so soon? Absolutely- but he’s doing it anyway. Jane studies stars- she’s used to being a mayfly compared to the rest of the universe, why would her romantic entanglements be any different?

On the glory that is “Killjoys”

It takes a lot for me to catch up on a TV show once I’ve slipped behind on it. The era of Peak TV offers challenges but also immense freedoms: There is simply so much to watch that the idea of watching everything is simply impossible. There’s no moral failing for either a casual viewer or a hardcore critic to admit certain shows simply fall by the wayside. It’s the ultimate “it’s not you, it’s me,” leaving a show’s actual quality blameless when it comes to someone actually putting their eyeballs on it.

All of that’s a way of contextualizing how I fell severely behind on the second season of SyFy’s “Killjoys” and yet managed to catch up ahead of this Friday’s finale. I watched seven episodes over the course of a week, which for me amounts to the bingiest of bingewatches. (I rarely watch anything in bulk, because I’m very “Get Off My Lawn” about that even though I’m only forty years old. It just feels wrong on a molecular level.) So why did I spend a lot of time I probably didn’t truly have to spend a lot of time with a show most people don’t even know exist 

Let me break it down:

“Killjoys” gets that a season is only as good as its individual episodes. There’s nothing groundbreaking about the show’s structure, except it’s so sturdy that it’s almost uncool in 2016. And yet, it’s a structure that sustains even when the movement is towards the season as the new episode in terms of narrative placement. Each episode of “Killjoys” tells a distinct story that fits into a larger structure. So at the end of a single installment, it feels like you went somewhere interesting and saw something start as well as end. That makes getting through a lot of episodes easier, because you’re not catching up on seven hours worth of story because rather individual arcs that are easily digestible.

Both the show and the characters know when to take things seriously and when to let loose. There’s little precious about “Killjoys,” which will always go for the good joke or the insanely cool stunt instead of weighing things down with intergalactic politics. When the characters goes to a school for the gifted in which everything seems to have gone horrible wrong, one characters wonders aloud if he’s about to be confronted by a zombie horde, and he’s straight up pissed about it. This isn’t “Community”-esque meta-dialogue: These are just the natural way characters put into consistently difficult situations mine gallows humor from their surroundings.

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The heroes are competent but never bulletproof. The underrate action movie “Sahara” comes to mind while watching this film. In both cases, the heroes do a lot of things that surprise even them, and their shock/joy/disappointment at outcomes feels both earned and refreshingly honest. There’s nothing worse than rooting for a hero that acts invincible all the time. I love the “Fast And Furious” franchise, but that crew is more indestructible than The Avengers at this point. Even with the “powers” that two of the three main characters have at this point, these are still people who barely escape most scenarios, and rely on past experience to ameliorate as much potential future damage as possible.

The show is casually diverse in ways that all sci-fi should strive to be. Having a futuristic world with wild technology, new planets, and various species opens up possibilities for all sorts of diverse casting. And yet, not every sci-fi show takes advantage. “Killjoys” isn’t a good show because it’s diverse, but it’s diverse approach opens up possibilities of storytelling that wouldn’t be present if only main protagonist Dutch were the sole non-male Caucasian in the cast. Name any combination of race and sexuality, and you will find at least a few supporting cast members that fit the bill. “Killjoys” doesn’t make a big deal about this approach inside its fictional narrative, but the overall effect shows people of both high and low standard in a way that normalizes such a mix.

It has one of the Ashmore brothers! I swear to God, I’ll eventually figure out which one it is without looking at Wikipedia. But he’s really good. I know, I know. I deserve dirty looks for that.

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It understands that bending rather than breaking the rules often works best. You can find plenty of antecedents to almost every part of this show. Rather than try to hide it, “Killjoys” owns it. This is comfort food that works because it takes archetypes of both character and plot and makes them fresh thank to distinctive character choices. The three main characters, coupled with a few that periodically reach top-tier status, all have a wonderfully developed chemistry in which actions define intention. That makes an episode like “I Love Lucy,” which is almost a direct rip-off of the “Doctor Who” ep “The Doctor’s Wife,” still work. It doesn’t matter if many of the beats are the same, because originality isn’t the sole marker of quality. Archetypes exist because they are really powerful, and even if the basic moves are the same, “Killjoys” is light on its feet and more often than not makes a familiar journey feel fresh.

It’s been a blast taking the journey this season, as compressed as my particular path has been. If you haven’t taken a step down the “Killjoys” path, I suggest you do: It’s been one of the best shows on any network this summer, and demonstrates how more things change on TV, it’s often best to know what has always worked about the medium.