god these tags are so obnoxious

I really, really don’t want to see anyone complaining about Sapphire and Ruby’s flirting in Hit the Diamond. I don’t want to see a damn post talking about how their romance was sickening, or that it was cheesy and unrealistic, or that it was embarrassing of them since they had a job to do.

Why? Because while these sorts of things can be obnoxious with het romances, this is not a het romance. We almost NEVER get to see non-het couples act this way on television. We don’t GET cheesy, over the top romance. We never get to see two happy gays flirting for laughs. 

Naw, we just get dramas where every character that’s mildly progressive gets killed off. 

So, yeah. I don’t want to see it. And if the show annoyed you so much that you want to speak out about it, don’t put it in the god damn tag.

About DOS

Stalking the tag, I see a lot of people complaining that Day of Silence shouldn’t be a thing, because we’ve been silent for so long.

The point of the day is to SHOW the silence. Go out of your way to dress as obnoxiously as possible, or make it perfectly clear that you’re not speaking tomorrow. Show the world how the silence affects you and how you have to hide your real self because of the lack of support at your school.

And I swear to fucking god, if one more person complains about straight people coming up with DOS…..