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Halsey x Endometriosis

FUCK YOU if you are saying Ashley is lying about her miscarriage. Fuck you if you’re saying that “that’s not possible because you most likely can’t get pregnant with endometriosis”. Fuck you if you’re saying that she is trying to get attention. Fuck you if you are hating on her in any way, shape, or form for this. Endometriosis is HELL and I would never wish it upon anyone. Ashley has spread so much awareness about this God awful illness and she is the reason why I found out that I have endometriosis as well. If she hadn’t spoke up about it, I would still be in agonizing pain every month with no answers and no surgery. Fuck you if you don’t have endo, yet you are trying to reach so far as to say that she’s lying about something so traumatizing. Yes, endometriosis comes along with fertility problems if it’s not addressed. Some women don’t even know that they have endometriosis until they try to get pregnant, and have a miscarriage and find out they are unable to have children because of the diagnosis of endometriosis. If you have anything to say about Ashley and this situation that is hateful, literally fuck off and never speak again. You disgust me. You have no idea what she has gone through and what women/girls with endo have to go through.

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I'm going to high school in Germany for a year and a lot of students become fluent in like 7 months even if they came with no experience but I'm really nervous because a LOT of people have nailed me for "not having any respect for the language" because I don't speak it yet and my accent is god awful. I'm sorry I can't help it?? I'm trying?? I honestly kind of want to back out of this entire opportunity sometimes

wait, who is saying those things about you? other american students or the german ones? either way, it is a dick thing to say. it takes way more than 7 months to become fluent in a language. just ignore the haters and keep up your best!

im so done i legit just want to close my eyes and sleep until high school and college years are done and wake up to find that even though i slept i still rocked all finals and passed all classes and i have a steady dream job with a dream income and a nice apartment with a dog…like i just want to fall asleep in my bed tonight and wake up in the bed i’d be sleeping in years from now, finally happy. everything worked itself out

alright, you know what? go ahead and misunderstand Mason Verger all you want. Call him stupid, underestimate his intelligence. Whatever, he doesn’t actually deserve respect but, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING, do not add Margot Verger to that equation EVER. Do not victim blame and do not try to tell people that she didn’t do everything she could to try to get away from her brother, especially considering she HAS tried to kill him many times before. While I will agree that the show’s depiction of her revenge made me slightly disappointed due to the fact Alana joined her in the murder of her brother, Margot still freed herself. She is an intelligent, highly badass character who used her god-awful life to make herself better. She survived Mason. She didn’t let herself wallow in depression or in fear. She used every day, every minute, every hour in an intelligent manner, to get her one step closer to defeating Mason. So go ahead, tell me Mason is all of these things you wish he was. The truth is, if Mason was as idiotic, stupid, and unintelligent as people think, Margot would have been able to get away the first time she tried. She wouldn’t have had to be so sneaky about it, so secretive. She wouldn’t have had to sleep with someone she had no romantic interest in whatsoever, just to try to get an heir (Will didn’t have the right parts to be considered and both of them knew it. She literally only slept with him to try to escape her brother). She wouldn’t have styled her hair in a way that seemed dollish so that she had a childlike quality in Mason’s eyes. She wouldn’t have acted like she was content with Mason and ready to take care of him. She wouldn’t have had to wait until all of Mason’s normal defenses were down, until he was completely vulnerable in order to give him his just desserts.

You can misunderstand Mason to try to further your strange belief that Margot didn’t do everything in her power to get away from him her entire life but, your misunderstanding of Mason is exactly why you don’t understand Margot and the incredible character she really is.

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The CW is kinda known for shitty photoshopping. The DCTV poster for this year looks terrible. Every Supernatural promo since season one is god awful. Don't worry too much about this promo, the show can't photoshop his face in the footage and he'll look like his regular beautiful self!

Really? I had no idea! Why can’t they hire a better editor lol

I’m not too worried about it and I’ve mentioned how this won’t happen on the actual show, of course. I was just frustrated because a lot of people were using the poster to hate on him and it was making me both sad and angry.

Who can hate Hoechlin? It’s madness. I can’t wait to see him in action. He’ll be excellent and I will cry :’)

Welcome to the Party, Pal

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by Elle_gy

The last thing Lance McClain, NYPD, wants to do this Christmas Eve is to spend it at some fancy-schmancy corporate party. But when his little sister asks him for something in that god-awful sweet voice she’s known how to use since she could just barely speak, he can’t exactly say no.

Besides, Lance reasons, there are worse places to be than at some upscale little get-together, getting drunk off somebody else’s liquor. He could be getting drunk off his own cheap as fuck alcohol, and although his own tiny New York apartment is much more comfortable than a hotel in LA, there is much less of a chance he might bring home someone pretty to – ahem – make more holiday cheer with.

Words: 1131, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Mun: And im back after my god-awful holiday! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see that I have signal on my phone…4 days away from Internet was torture lmao xP
Also now that my holiday is over and my mental and emotional state is somewhat revived, I’ll be online much more often! ヽ( ´▽`)ノ
Okay, gonna sort out my blog, reply to messages, check notifications and get to writing the next chapter of Kris and Carla’s story!!

Thank you for bearing with me, Minna-san! ^v^)/


this just in: i outgrew my god awful fashion sense but not my love for all things pokemon

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9 & 28!!!

9. a song that makes you happy

hey soul sister by train that song is such a HAPPY song i love it!!!

28. a song by an artist with a voice you love

MISS JACKSON BY PANIC! ok if u have seen that video of brendon singing it live with his guitar it is SO GOOD oh my GOd i am in AWE of how he did it he barely breathed it’s so good?? 


keep talking

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by InkCaviness

It’s 7am sharp when Jean’s phone’s alarm starts blaring some god awful song that he cannot for the life of him remember setting as his alarm and he bolts upright, a sheet of paper sticking to his left cheek.

Words: 1365, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ahdXCM
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It’s 7am sharp when Jean’s phone’s alarm starts blaring some god awful song that he cannot for the life of him remember setting as his alarm and he bolts upright, a sheet of paper sticking to his left cheek.