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There’s really no easy way to lose fat in a few weeks. You could lose body weight in a few weeks, you could lose water or maybe burn through some muscle. But if you wanna lose fat it will take you about four or five months. And that’s just cutting out the crap. No alcohol, no sugar, no salt. (x)

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Cherik and no. 12?

12. things you said when you thought i was asleep

Charles was a wreck. Buried under blankets and fast asleep, his bed was covered in used up tissues. The top of his forehead peeked out from under the covers and his nose looked red. He was wearing that ratty old Oxford t shirt of his and sprawled on his chest was a copy of Utopia. Charles’ abysmal taste in literature shouldn’t have been so endearing. It absolutely was.

Erik sat down in the chair next to Charles’ bed and reached for his hand. It felt warm and feverish. His pulse was unsteady, worryingly so. Erik traced the lines of his hand and reassured himself that nothing was going to take Charles away from him. Not after everything. He held his hand and pressed a kiss to the center of his palm.

“I won’t lose you, not like this. Get up, you stubborn old fool.”

Some one knocked hesitantly and Erik turned around. Beast was standing in the doorway and he looked very uncomfortable. His eyes shifted to their hands. 

“Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt… whatever this is.”

He didn’t sound sorry at all and Erik didn’t give a damn. He glared at him.

“You should have called me sooner.”

“I wouldn’t have called you at all if it were up to me. Charles asked for you.”

Erik smirked.

“That’s because I’m wanted here. Unlike you.”

Beast scowled.

“He’s been like this for a week, if you’re not going to help then get out.”

Erik laid one last kiss on Charles’ hand knowing full well how uncomfortable it made Beast. Good.

“I’ll be back in a moment, dear. Don’t get into any more trouble while I’m gone.”

When Charles woke up his room was filled with daisies. Metal daisies. The ones to his left looked suspiciously like his staircase bannisters. They were beautiful and delicate. They seemed to burst with life and joy. Hope.

Charles smiled. After all these years, Erik never ceased to surprise him.  

The door to his room opened and Erik entered carrying a metal tray filled with food. He froze when he realized that Charles was awake. He had been caught doing something thoughtful and now he’d never live it down.

As if to undermine the sweetness of the gesture, he closed the door behind him forcefully to shut out any impertinent people disturbing Charles’ rest. The fact that he was disturbing Charles’ rest didn’t seem to bother him at all.

“Here. Eat.” he placed the metal tray down on the bed and upon closer observation it was a bit of everything. Pumpernickel bread and warm butter. Apple slices. Earl grey tea. Best of all, was the soup. Good lord, it was heavenly. Hearty, warmth and soothing. It seeped into all the crevices of his soul. Charles was going to marry Erik and then divorce him for the soup.

His throat was swollen and he could barely speak but luckily he had other ways of communicating.

where did you get this?

Erik looked anywhere but at Charles.

“It’s my mother’s recipe actually. Rosoe. She used to make it for me.”

Just when he thought he couldn’t adore him any more he’d go and do something like this.

Charles sent him a wave of gratitude and understanding mixed with the ever present fondness that belonged solely to Erik.  

Erik smiled in that uncertain way of his. He still didn’t trust happiness, not even after all this time.

Well that just wouldn’t do at all.  

come here

He put on his best come hither face. It may have been more effective if he hadn’t sneezed.

Erik laughed, which is all he really wanted in the first place. The man had such a dear laugh.

“Insatiable as ever.” 

sit with me

Erik eventually gave in. Charles looked unbearably smug about it. It was a good look on him. No one had the right to look that good when they were ill, it was unbelievable. Unbearable and unbelievable. Just like everything else about him. He couldn’t wait to kiss the smugness off him. A hundred times. A thousand.

Erik cleared a path for himself amidst the pile of tissues, cough drops and scattered books. Took his rightful place on the left side of the bed. He belonged here.

The irritating smile had turned into something gentle and content. Charles knew it too.

If Erik held onto his hand more tightly than usual neither of them mentioned it.

The thing is he could really lay claim to anything. Not to Charles or his bed. Not to any part of him. Not so long as he was Magneto. Charles welcomed him into his home but he could never stay. Never tell him the words that had been burning up in his chest since 1964. 

So they lived like this. No man’s land.

“We can’t keep doing this you know. Sneaking around.”

Charles hummed thoughtfully and sipped his tea.

“I can’t climb up your balcony anymore, I have arthritis. Someone is bound to notice one of these days.”

darling, you have many fine qualities but subtlety is not among them.

Erik sat up abruptly.

“They kn-”


“All of them?”

every last one. especially after this morning.  

Erik glared in a valiant attempt to conceal his anxiety.

“You were supposed to be asleep.”

taking advantage of me in my weakened state? how thrilling

“You are hardly an invalid and it was merely a kiss. On your hand, need I remind you.”

yes, very gallant and very chaste. very disappointing. next time you should kiss me on my-


Charles smiled at him and it was the sun coming up in the morning. It was beautiful. It was the most obnoxious thing he had ever seen in his life. Erik kissed him.

you’ll get sick 

“Kiss me back this instant or I swear to god I’ll steal all your cough syrup.”

Charles obliged. Quickly and with enthusiasm.

For the sake of the cough syrup.

Having thoroughly conquered that smug smile, Erik pulled back with a smug smile of his own. Charles looked dazed and delighted. His best look yet. There was another look Erik was partial to but he’d wait until the fever had passed.

He held Charles tightly against his chest. In sickness and in health and all that. Erik really wouldn’t know he had never bothered with that sort of thing. Perhaps he should.

“I think I like you like this.” 

don’t be disgusting, i’m a mess

“You.” He punctuated the word with a kiss.“are the most beautiful goddamn person I have ever seen. You are the best person I have ever met. I don’t give a damn about your cold, you absolute idiot.”


“Yes, oh.”

that was -

Erik shifted uncomfortably. There was a reason he prefered not to express himself. Ever.

“That was something.”

Charles beamed.

Yes. Yes, you certainly are something.

The intimacy of the moment was almost intolerable. He had to act quickly before he did something foolish. Run. Move to Barcelona. Propose.

“Right well. Is there anything else you need?”

Charles held onto him tighter as if he knew what he was thinking. 

He probably did.


Like he could do anything else.


We Were Gods Once, a fanmix based on the fanfic “In the End, We’re All Stories… But Some of Us Are No Longer Told”, by WalkingCatastrophe // Listen

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What questionable fashion choices have the boys made?

2p France: He, for some odd reason, wore chokers a lot. Like all the time. It was weird and then he eventually didn’t like them anymore and stopped.

2p England: Bruh, he went through a punk rock phase. Complete with black leather bracelets with spikes and all that good shit.

2p America: He really liked wearing sweat pants all the time. Like he tried to go to a fancy dinner in sweats but Mathieu was like “Oh no. No no no no no.” And pushed him back into the room.

2p Canada: For a period of time he had his hair cut short. Looked god awful Hot too! But he didn’t like all the attention he was getting for looking hot and grew his hair back out.(Pfffff he still gets attention.)

2p China: Wearing black fingerless gloves with any and all clothing.

2p Russia: He put black eyeliner under his eyes. Like, just enough to make it noticeable but also question if he really wearing eyeliner.

2p Italy: High heel boots.

2p Germany: Since he doesn’t keep his hair slicked back he used to have it tied up in a little tail on top of his head and a hair band. It was cute but also kinda weird.

2p Japan: He cosplays all the time. So his clothing is always questionable. But most questionable would have to be when he dresses as a female anime character with wig, skirt, make up in all.

2p Romano: Believe it or not he did wear crocks often once.

2p Prussia: Too.many. big.sweaters.

2p Spain:He had a real bad habit of wearing shirt with the sleeves cut off or even ripped off.

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Is it just me or did the live action movie give Jotaro an actor that was too old like he's only 28 and the actor is 41 like ???

Yup. I’ve said this since the casting was released, haha. I don’t really care all that much though, since the movie looks god-awful from what I’ve seen so far and I won’t be watching anytime soon.

How To // Luke x Reader

can you do a Luke skywalker imagine where the reader is generally in a bad mood and Luke likes her a lot but is too afraid/intimidated to talk to her? he goes to Han for advice because Han is her best friend but Han gives him terrible advice that could get his balls cut off lmao. so he goes to leia next and she actually gives him good advice! the reader is fixing the falcon and Luke goes up to her & makes a fool of himself but she finds it cute, though she won’t admit it infront of han! tysm!!!

Some called you passive aggressive and some called you pissy assed. But honestly, you were just kept to yourself. However, when someone pissed you off, that’s when you became what the people thought you were.

And that’s why Luke was so intimidated to talk to you. He was afraid that you would lash out on him and that wasn’t the exact reaction he wanted from his crush.

Today, you were in one of those moods where you weren’t in a bad mood, but you didn’t want anyone to bother you. Luke, of course, was afraid of talking to you. Seeking help, we went inside the Falcon trying to find Han, your best friend.

“Hey, Han. I need some advice,” Luke starts, sitting down next to Han at the front of the ship as he works the control panel.

Han stops what he is doing and looks at Luke. “Oh, yeah okay. What’s the deal?”

Breathing in, Luke says, “As you know, I like (Y/N) and you are her best friend so…”

Han nods his head, knowing what the boy is going to ask. “You need help asking her out. I got you,” he smiles, patting his back. “Well, first thins first-”

“Hold up. I don’t want to ask her out just yet. I want to talk to her more, you know? Get to know her better?” Luke reasons as Han nods. “I just get very intimidated by her because she always seems like she doesn’t want to be bothered.”

The smuggler understands his predicament. “Okay, well first thing you need to know is that you don’t flirt with her ever. She will just get more pissed off than see actually is,” he says as Luke makes mental notes.

“But how do I get my point across that I like her?” Luke asks confused. This wasn’t the advice he was expecting to receive.

Han rolls his eyes, “Kid, I’m getting there. Calm your hormonal ass.” Luke shrinks back into his chair. “That being said, don’t really talk to her at all. Only if she speaks to you. But if you are so inclined to talk to her, then be gentle. If she reacts irrationally, go at her. She loves it. Girls love it when you give them a hard time.”

“Isn’t that the other way around. Guys like it when girls give them a hard time?” Luke interrogates the man in front of him. None of the information he was getting was relevant to his case.

Groaning, Han says, “Did I come to you for advice? Now, shut up and listen. All of this sounds wrong because (Y/N) isn’t your typical girl. So, just follow those steps and before you know it, she’ll be begging for you.”

Luke reluctantly nods his head. “Alright. Thanks, Han.” I guess.

He knew that this wasn’t how you would wanted to be treated or any girl for that matter. Looking for his sister, he finds Leia sitting down fussing with some wires and controls in the back of the ship. “Leia. I need help,” he speaks.

She sits up immediately. “Sure. What’s going on?” she asks, rubbing his shoulder as he sits on the floor next to her.

“Well, I have had feelings for (Y/N) for a while now and I am too afraid to talk to her because I feel like she’ll just reject me. So, for advice, I went to Han an-”

“Oh, no,” Leia groans. “What did he say?”

Luke clears his throat. “He said to not flirt and don’t talk to her that much. But if I feel so inclined be gentle. But if she is snappish, be snappish back.”

Leia runs fingers through her hair in distress. “You can see how I fell in love with him…” she teases earning a faint laugh from her brother. “Forget all that crap. If you want advice on how to talk to a lady, ask another lady. Trust me, the results will be more in your favor.”

Nodding his head, Luke says, “So, you will help me?”

She laughs at her brother. “Of course. First thing you want to do is kind of ease your way into a conversation. Don’t come out with a straight compliment. That makes us girls feel uncomfortable. Just open up casually. Next, just talk to her like a normal human being. You know, because she is one,” Leia goes on for another few minutes on giving some solid advice.

Thanking his sister, Luke stands up and exits the Falcon, looking for you. Outside, you are checking some fuel valves, grease stained. Butterflies erupt in Luke’s stomach as he approaches you.

Closing the valve hatch, you notice that Luke is walking towards you.

Oh, God did he have to come now of all times? I must look awful.

“Hi,” he greets with a smile, internally hoping that was sufficient enough to spark conversation. “So, uh, what are you doing?”

“Checked the fuel valves. Fine as usual,” you respond, grabbing a towel from the toolbox, wiping the grease off your hands. “So, how are you?”

Finally! Conversation! Luke thinks.

For the next half hour, Luke and you are chatting and laughing. You being the one laughing because he was obviously trying to act smooth around you, failing miserably in the process. One time in the process, he tripped and almost fell over.

You had to admit, after today, your feelings for him have become more solidified and predominant. Walking onto the Falcon, you have a small smile on your face as you encounter Han.

“So, how was lover boy?” Han teases as you punch his arm.

“Shut up!” you laugh, walking to the front of the ship as he follows you.

“C'mon, tell me how my boy was!” he begs, you refusing him laughing the entire time.

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Would you care to talk more about Cas giving cold shoulders to God? I just thought plot was moving too fast for any Cas&Chuck interaction and wasn't sure if Cas was deliberately avoiding Chuck.

Sure. My initial reading was much like yours – in fact, there was so much going on I didn’t really think about Castiel and God at all, except when Castiel said God looked awful, and then I thought, “Burn!” And then when Cas went and sat by himself, “Oh, it looks like God and Castiel aren’t going to talk. Huh.”

However, after the ep was over and I started to think about it, I realised it was likely this fell into the storytelling-by-absence motif that Supernatural uses, and it was worth looking at it a bit more. Absence in Supernatural has increasingly been used as a deliberate storytelling choice. It’s often how the text constructs its polysemy – the space required for multiple readings of the same scene. In particular, this is how a lot of the queer subtext is created, but it is used for other things as well, like commentary on John.

For instance, in LARP and the Real Girl, both Sam and Charlie have flirty scenes with women which are contrasted with each other. At first watch it seems like Dean doesn’t have a similar scene, but then you think about it and realise that you could read one scene that way, it’s just that it’s with a dude and Dean strikes out. You wouldn’t necessarily read that scene as Dean trying to flirt with a dude without the two contrasting scenes with Sam and Charlie. But as we do get those contrasting scenes, and one of them is explicitly queer, it naturally leads to the question of what’s going on with Dean, and suddenly there you are with a queer reading of the text.

The thing is, though, that the pattern of absence, and a contrast calling attention to it, is used over and over and over, to the point it is a storytelling motif in its own right now. Once you’re aware of it, you can’t help but see absence in the text, and then look for the thing its being contrasted to.

The interesting part of this type of textual reading is that it’s very open. What I see in that absence may not be what someone else sees there, and some people won’t even notice the missing scene, and so not read anything into it at all. The nature of the technique being used means all of these reading positions are equally valid.

So back to Castiel and Chuck. We’re expecting a scene between them, right? Lucifer got one, after all. And Rowena even talks to Chuck about their (terrible, terrible) parenting, so we’re reminded that they are both parents. This is while Crowley drinks the supposedly absent alcohol Dean used as an excuse to get Castiel on his own to make that brotherly declaration of love… an episode after Crowley announced their bromance was over and “that ship has sailed”. Ship. Get it.

Sigh. I will never get over Drowley being pretty much canon. O_o

Anyway, we don’t get a scene between Castiel and Chuck, and sure the episode is packed, and we had that scene with Lucifer last ep, so how would you do it differently this time around so Cas gets a different type of closure? Would Castiel really be appeased with Chuck saying, “You were always my favourite, Castiel,” when Cas just saw him use that line last ep?

Yeah, no. So, sure, one reason there’s no Castiel and Chuck scene is that there’s no time for it. But time could have been made if it was important enough. Someone made a choice not to put that scene in.

Why might that be? Well, Chuck is a stand-in for John, and as such, part of his role is to comment on Sam and Dean’s relationship with John. Sam and Dean are very obviously not reconciled with the legacy John has left behind, although with a Men of Letters arc coming up, and their other parent arriving on the scene, maybe they finally will be. My point is, you can’t reconcile one of the most enduring contrasting father-son plotlines, such as Castiel and his search for God, at least a season before a similar resolution for the Winchesters. And you certainly can’t do it justice in one episode, especially after Castiel’s whole season-long arc has been about low self-esteem; and definitely not when he was just witness to God calling a different son his favourite.

Mapping this back to John, he obviously played his sons against each other to some extent – that stuff he “confided” in Dean about watching out for Sam and possibly putting him down, just for a start. Once a child is aware their parent is doing that kind of stuff it really poisons the relationship, and that’s basically where Castiel is in relation to God right now.

So there are a lot of reasons that Castiel cannot yet be reconciled with God, although obviously they could have had a fight scene in 11x23 rather than a reconciliation. Except… God just basically put his own shit on Dean’s shoulders and sent him off to die. Given Castiel has already demonstrated he’ll always choose Dean over Heaven, what’s he even going to say to God under these circumstances? That’s fit for public broadcast television?

Open that can of worms, and you can’t really stop at a few harsh words. Honestly, it’s amazing Chuck didn’t get shanked while he had no power to fight back.

So instead, we got Castiel using the Dean Winchester approved method of showing displeasure with a family member – he made a snide comment, and then turned his back and very obviously went and sat somewhere else.

That relationship is in no way resolved. But it’s going to be, is the thing. As I said, it’s one of the most important parallels to John and Sam and Dean. Even if God never comes back into the text, Castiel’s relationship with God will be addressed again, just as Sam and Dean will come to their own peace with John, the always absent father.

Anyway, I’ve chosen to read this particular moment of absence/polysemy in 11x23 as Castiel deliberately giving his father the cold shoulder, because it fits thematically, and as something Castiel would do in these circumstances. There are other reasonable ways to read it, though, if you see something else instead.


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Is hekate the queen of elphame or is she a deity on her own?

When asking a question like this, it is important to think about who the Queen of Elphame is and what she is. 

She, in contract to the Devil, is the very essence of otherness. The thing we strive to chase forever, but can never truly obtain. The desires we dream and hunger for, but the desires that can never manifest. For the moment they do, they lose that otherness to them, the divinity. 

The Queen of Elphame is completely foreign. And often, we must go through the Devil to seek to understand. Though, there are some that go through other means, though it often leads to a lot of pain. As I and a friend discussed, you must hold onto hot iron to reserve the right to commune. This is mostly metaphorically, but sometimes literally. 

Above all else, she is the queen of witches. Hekate is certainly a queen of witches in her own right and domain. Medea sought her aid in her sorcery, and all the gods looked at Hekate in awe. 

There are many figures that we see as the Queen of Elphame. Which one is the truth? That lies the mystery. For the moment that they become her, they all become visardists.