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If someone ever loves me romatically I don’t think I would get over the fact that they deserve someone better.
—  momamomami // I mean look at me, I’m a monster

Summary: Akaashi watched as Bokuto reached down, grabbed the hem of his shirt, and pulled it right over his head. Akaashi made it a point to stare at the wall behind Bokuto, that is, until Bokuto flexed his right arm and pointed to his bicep.

Akaashi flushed all over again but brought his attention to the arm, zeroing his attention onto the…word(?) present there, tilting his head.

“Ohohoho?” Akaashi muttered to himself, eyebrow raising in confusion.

Bokuto let out a hearty laugh, nodding his head enthusiastically.

“Yeah! Mine for Kuroo’s is on his left bicep and it says ‘Ohoho?’”

Pairing: Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou/Akaashi Keiji/Tsukishima Kei. Eventually.

Chapter: 1/?

A/N: Next chapter

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1. Favorite fic you read in 2016?
Satin & Sawdust

2. Your favorite fanfic writers?
@blissfulcastiel@winjennster@angvlicmish@ltleflrt​ (tbh theres too many to name)

3. Your top 5 Destiel fics?
The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through Chlamydia
- In my Time of Vinyl
- Imperfect Proposals
- Unsolicited
- Thank God For Sharpies
(tbh i have so many and had to make a fic rec page)

4. One thing you wish for 2017?
to see the world

5. You can press a button that will make one person explode. Who would you blow up?

6. Favorite song from 2016?
send my love- adele

7. Who is the little spoon: Cas or Dean?
dean for sure

8. Which character from Supernatural you relate to the most? Why?

cas.. just his isolation and stuff i dk why just…

9. What country do you live in?
northern ireland

10. Favorite fan fiction trope?
fake relationships !! friends to lovers!!!

11. Fuck/Marry/Kill: Sam, Dean, Castiel
fuck- dean
marry- castiel
kill- sam (im sorry bby but youll come back)

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Nicknames: Uhh Vicki I guess? I get called Shortcake or Pickle some times

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5′1

Time right now: 8:28 pm

Last thing I googled: gemstones

Fave music artist: oh god uhh Metallica, The Pretty Reckless and Evanescence are probably the main three but there’s so many and I feel bad for not including them

Song stuck in my head: Things we lost in the fire

Last movie I watched: Idiocracy

Last tv show I watched: Rick and Morty

What I’m wearing right now: An over sized t-shirt

When I created this blog: Uuh 2014 I think?

What I post: A mess of everything. Lots of memes and whatever I’m in to at the time and anything I feel strongly about. I’m sorry 

Do I get asks regularly: Nope

Why did I choose my url: Honestly I have no idea, it’s awful and I hate it but I can’t be bothered to think of a new one. I used to want to be a witch and vicki is my name so that’s probably why?

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: Don’t have one. Not really into Pokemon (I can feel so many people judging me)

Favorite colour: Black

Average hours of sleep: 4 or 5 during the week, like 10 or 11 at the weekend because all I do is sleep

Lucky number: 7

Favorite Characters: Oh so many. Raven, Harley Quinn, Luna Lovegood, Cerebella, Nora Valkyrie, the list goes on and on.

Dream job: I’d love to be a singer but that ain’t gonna happen so psychologist I guess.

Number of blankets I sleep with: Does a duvet count as a blanket? Fuck it, I’m counting it. 2

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!! i used to read warriors cats a lot too but now it’s gotten kinda awkward and confusing… i have no idea if there are any new books out tbh

oh god

In addition to the first four arcs (The original series, New Prophecy, Power of Three, and Omen of the Stars), we got Dawn of the Clans (Basically how the clans came to be, as the name suggests) and we got Visions of Shadows (Follows the story of Alderheart, Bramble’s and Squirrel’s kit.. oh yeah, there’s something with Skyclan too. Something about rogues taking over it and Shadowclan?). Visions of Shadows has two books to its name as of this moment and the 3rd book, Shattered Sky, will be published some time in April.

I don’t even want to go into the Super Editions that have come out,,

The series has gone downhill ever since the New Prophecy and i honestly don’t know why I’m still reading it

Who You Should Fight: AoS Edition
  • Phil Coulson: you're probably gonna win tbh but like ?? why you gotta fight him???
  • Melinda May: HAHAHA good fucking luck motherfucker, hope you're not attached to your life
  • Bobbi Morse: she'll fuck you up but it's almost worth it just to watch
  • Leo Fitz: what the fuck?? w at the fvck ? why would you fight a fucking cinnamon roll ?? but like, you'll win for sure
  • Jemma Simmons: you're gonna win, that's for sure but Skye will beat your ass for it so
  • Skye: she literally makes earthquakes wtf don't fight her
  • Grant Ward: fight him jfc. Win or die trying. Just fucking kill Grant Ward