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Vacation Pt. 1 - Car Rides

This will be a three-part story all based off of the following prompt and I’m so excited to write the rest of it!

Prompt:  Vacation with the batboys. Long car rides or airplane, hotel shannanagins, beaches, pools, you know. Add a reader batsis or batmom if ya like or it could be a non imagine.

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 1214

Tagging: @memento-scribet @batboysimagine @solis200213 @angstytodd @tim-help @king-wolfie  @maruthor @kamuithedragonlord @avengerdragoness @cait-writes-stuff @uncpanda


Worst. Car ride. Ever.

The airport the family was flying out of was four hours away from Gotham, so it looked like a long car ride was the way to go. God, did Bruce regret that decision. So fucking much.

The car was a mess, and Alfred swears to god if he wasn’t driving he would kill everyone. Bruce sat next to Alfred, not even looking backward to the mess that was unfolding behind him. They were in a limo because that way there was wifi for the kids and a way for Bruce to put a soundproof barrier between him and Alfred, and the kids. While Alfred and Bruce were enjoying light conversation, all hell was breaking loose in the back of the car.

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Hey! I’d love to get to know you~

So..I was tagged by @justapapercut @endless-vall @andromeda117 @aleister-rourke-is-a-tsundere @tcntfsquad @jakesmckenzies @kingraydan @cheesepots

Thank you so much for tagging me. Love you guys!

Name: Shaza (yes, it’s short and simple)

Nicknames: Shaz, Shazy, Harry’s wife (ok jk), Charger (my old artist nickname).

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff! I wanna join Griffindor..but the Sorting Hat had put me in Hufflepuff.. *pout* But..that’s ok, Cedric is a Hufflepuff too! So I’m ok with it. XD

Height: 158 cm (I know Imma shortie..typical asian height)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: Malaysian

Fave Fruit: Watermelon, Grape, Orange, Kiwi, Honey Dew, Rock Watermelon, Strawberry, errr…god, there’s so many but I can’t remember all of it.

Fave Book Series: Harry Potter (but I still stuck in book 4), does manga count as a book, Idc, just gonna put it anyway, One Piece, Fairy Tail, One Punch Man, Nisekoi, Bleach (most fav ones).

Fave Fictional Character: In Choices: Zig, Liam, Kenji, Caleb, Raydan. In LoveStruck: Oooo..all of it are my fav! In TV series: Jeff Atkins (13RW), Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries) In Manga/Anime: Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach), Genos (One-Punch Man), Usui Takumi (Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama)..Err..I think the list will go on and on..so imma stop here.

Fave Flower: Errmm..I dunno.. Any flowers that have a nice smell..?

Fave Scents: Smell of books when you flipped the pages, when someone cook something delicious in the kitchen, my perfume..

Fave animal: Cats.

Fave Bands: ONE DIRECTION!!! 5SOS, Panic! At the Disco, One Republic, Maroon 5, Clean Bandit, Coldplay.

Average Hours of Sleep: Urrmmm… 8 hours I think.

Number of Blankets: Only one.

Dream Trip: A trip to Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island, Gangnam, New York, Paris, London, Australia, uurrghh..there’s soo many!

Last Thing I Googled: How to insert emojis in Tumblr (LOL)

How Many Blogs I’m Following: 160

Number of Followers: 266..?! Wow! Thank you guys!!!

What Do I Post: Fan Arts, some Choices screenshots, reblogs

Do I get Ask Regularly: Hmmm…I don’t think I got ask regularly.. but feel free to ask me anything XD

So, whoever is up for this challenge, feel free to tag me. I’d love to read more about you guys! :)

lethargic-and-sad replied to your photo “Oh god the d.dlg community found Perry. :(”

Y'all need to chill. They’re not fucking the lizard lmao People with links like memes just as much as vanillas

No, we don’t need to chill. People with kinks can like memes, but they need to keep their kinks out of the various pet tags. 

Those things show up *in* the pet tags, and people in the pet tags don’t necessarily WANT to see kink material. Kink has its place- the leopard gecko tag absolutely is not it. Especially with a kink that’s so triggering to a lot of CSA survivors!


I’ve seen these all day (shoutout 2 all my main scoops who’ve tagged my ass in shit I literally love u all) so here is my lil rendition of it (tbh its mostly me having a seizure over y'all) ilysm

@scuteedolans where do I even begin. twisted literally destroyed my life and soul I don’t think I will ever recover from it honest to god lmao

@dolan-twin-trash fuck u miranda I deadass read ur shit (especially ur smut) 24/7. piercing theories still gets to me to this day and daddy e…gtg.

@vincentvangrayson fucking Blaine I can’t even express how much ur writing has royally fucked me over. I drown in feels each time and I just ugh bye

@peacelovedolan my lil baby I love u so much and I’m patiently waiting for part 3 so I can cry into my textbooks. I love u hella u my bff

@lane-switch-dolan dude dead fucking ass how to love like us effected me so hard it moved me to fucking tears I honestly read it all the time its prob my fave thing you’ve ever written tbh read it at my funeral

@pinksnapbackbullshit one time u gave me a ship and it was all I thought about for 3 days. its honestly prolly the reason I started to swerve my fucking lane thANKS ALYSSA. I’m in love w ur writing tbh ur an angel sent 2 this fandom n ily

@dolandreaming I can’t even w u u literally fuck me up emotionally

@prettybabyhazza omg ur edits save my life n soul every time I see ur shit on my dash I feel reborn

@twininspiredwriting deadasss u leave me speechless all the time I can’t even w u either

@dolans-making-me-crazy sher ur a lil shit w ur writing I srsly still am not over new man

@tateanaau I’m still recovering from say u won’t let go pay 4 my therapy bill

@dolanfics split this bill with @tateanaau bc cabin fever ruined my life

theres honestly so many more that I know I’m forgetting but these are just to name a few. I love u all and hope y'all write a book filled w daddy dolan smut and dedicate it to me bc ill read that shit at my wedding, the birth of my children, at my funeral u name it keep up the good work bitches ily

anonymous asked:

People need to really stop spreading so much hate. Just because they dislike a character doesn't mean that they plague that character's tag and fan pages with hate. Also there is absolutely no need to target the actor who portrays the said character as has nothing to do with him/her. We really need to educate our fellow Tumblr users to be mature and let everyone enjoy whatever they like without all the hate. It's a free world from god's sake!

It is a free world and like I said, they are entitled to their opinion, but bringing Aidan into it just isn’t right. I’m seeing more and more Petyr hate posts in the Aidan Gillen tag and that’s just not cool. If I wanted to rant about how much I hate The Hound(and I’m just using this as an example, I neither hate nor love The Hound) , I wouldn’t tag the post with Rory McCann’s name. It’s just stupid. It’s not the actors fault a character is despicable.

anonymous asked:

tfw u masturbated too much and used up literally all the videos you can and every online novel and god awful fanfic for every obscure kink you dont even like and there's nothing else that can get you off so you awkwardly have to message your friend to get on the phone to ask if they can give you literally anything. and its awful and u feel guilty every time and it's even worse when you start to have feelings for them too and cant tell if its real or youre just glad you can finally get off again


tagged by @himiko-toga ahh thanks so much ra!! [sweats nervously] i hope i don’t mess this up

1.) Relationship status

owned by toga himiko available. very, very available. now taking applications for a girlfriend. beating heart optional. listen i am very lonely,

2.) Lipstick or Chapstick?

i mean the last time i wore chapstick was like that one time i was hoping to get laid (i did not get laid). incidentally i thought that said chopstick at first.

3.) Last song listened to

ambiguous by garnidelia apparently (from kill la kill). god that anime was badass. ambiguous makes me feel like i could kill a man with my bare hands.

4.) Top 3 shows

shit just three?? kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon is the most recent anime that made me fucking bawl my eyes out. god it’s so good. it’s so underrated. it’s the kind of anime you pick up casually and then it makes you realise. you need to marry this entire anime. like just. the entire anime. and this is cheating a little since the season’s not over yet but princess principal is just fucking kickass so far, all the characters have stolen my heart and the story my soul. angel beats is just like, a fucking key classic man i cried so hard. god. it made me so emomotional. 

5.) Top 3 characters

- that i want to eviscerate me with their bare hands? sure. toga himiko, krul teppes, mikasa ackerman. god theyre all just so badass (and pretty) and take no prisoners. forget dying for them i’d murder a man for them. several men. 

6.) Top 3 ships

[multishipper sweating nervously] kobayashi and tooru because they are so in love and are fucking married. mika and yuu because they are soulmates always ready to die for each other. dekubowl (shhh it’s not cheating) because i love deku and i love deku getting the love he deserves.

i’m tagging @ice-kachang-hotpot-todoroki, @todorokishto, @acetsukkis, @a-chuuya, @cloudmask whoooo

Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day Meme

I was tagged by @zmediaoutlet to do a fic rec meme, created by @frozen-delight, in honor of Fic Writer Appreciation Day. Thanks so much!

Tagging: @audaciousdean @justanothersaltandburn @deansleather @rosemoonweaver @intotheruins @ruined-by-destiel @dreamsfromthebunkerand everyone who wants to do this one!

Under the cut, because it’s really long.

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hunk: i consider myself to be a pretty laid-back, easy-going, nice guy! i prefer making friends, not enemies, y’know? i don’t like stepping on people’s toes. i feel like everything would be better if everyone learned to chill out.

rolo: (does anything)





hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))



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