god there is so much to say about him

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"No, I’m not. I’m trying to not give up on what we’ve built. Everyone is currently helping me get to Brad but he seems to be treating everyone the same atm" You do realize that you're making him look like the bad guy? You do realize that you ask for privacy but say this kind of shit? You do nothing but show me that you're the fucking problem. God, I wasn't gonna comment about this at all but all the hate towards Brad makes me sick. He's a good person, so are you I believe. Just act like it.

So the fact that I still defended Brad even though there were problems going on didn’t matter at all? Yes, I know I said one or two things too much when it came to the personal stuff but that’s because I was inexperienced and when you’re hurt you do stupid shit. I know my fault but this is why I made the video I did because people attacking Brad was my fault but it shows how fucking involved people can get (including you from your comment.) You completely ignore that people are even attacking me as well. You know how shitty it is to see people typing comments that say “oh man I’m so glad she’s fucking gone” and all that stuff?

I’m not gonna be rude to you like you’re being rude to me (somehow shows typical anon behaviour when they wanna say something so they go to the most aggressive extent). 

I’d like to say more but from what I think I really shouldn’t have responded to this in the first place. I still will because I’m not scared of defending myself and admitting when I fucked up. 

listen buddy i know who u r bc tumblr wont let me answer yours and specifically only your anons (god know why idk whats up with that) but im only going to say this once

John Stewart is one of the most interesting characters of DC ok?

First of all he has the tragic backstory right? Almost everyone does however what makes his even better is the fact that he isn’t brooding and blaming himself or making poor misguided decisions because of them, he lets them fester on the inside so they hurt him instead of the people around him. He has to live his life everyday with the guilt telling him that it was his fault his sister died, it’s not a personal choice to take the blame it’s something placed on him for the rest of his life. (If that doesn’t pierce your heart you have no soul)

John is a hard worker and very committed to what he believes in/ joins. He is a voice of reason but he’s not a dick about it *cough*. He also defends his friends and isn’t afraid to call out bullshit. 

Just..look at him! One of the fandom’s favorite tropes to give their favs is the whole “i cant find them in a crowd so im going to insult someone bc they will defend the shit out of them” and that is John!!! That’s what he does!!! 

He also has a fun personality despite what others think because they assume that because he’s the voice of reason that he doesn’t enjoy shit but that’s not true. He enjoys joining in on whatever fun things his friends are doing but if they get to doing stupid shit that will get everyone hurt he has hilarious reactions like “tf r u guys doing?!”. Like they aren’t buzzkill moments, they’re funny

He also has some super interesting runs too. As of recently he’s the fucking leader of the corp now and is uniting the glc and the ylc.

You want to know his personality? He is a “If my friends are there hell yeah I’m in!” friend who has “yeah no nvm you do your own thing and I will be over here because that is ridiculous :)” and “okay this- I let you guys do your own thing but now we are almost dead to I’m just going to take over now because what the fuck” moments. Kinda like how the fandom likes to incorrectly perceive batman. HMmmmm 🤔

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Oh my god Jeremy is so precious! I really wish you'd give him a female name though and that he could be ok with us calling him she! Like if your worried about changing the name from Jeremy don't worry we'd wouldn't give you hate for it! He's such a unique version of Fitzgerald and we all love him for that! At least I do anyways! So you got nothing to fear~!! Anyways just wanted to say that, anon out!

thank you so much for this. honestly I was a bit hesitant to move forward with her progress since it does deviate from the in game character, as well as the fact I was waiting to have time and make some sort of comic or something to give a story arch so it didn’t feel so abrupt. but I think your right about what you say and I do trust you guys will accept her for who she is, that and with future plans to start an actually story on this blog (you didn’t hear this from me, this is still in very early stages) then maybe I should go ahead and give you guys her name and the permission to address her as she from now on.   

I was saving this pic for some other time but I’m gonna use this here cause why not?

Her new name is Julie Fitzgerald. 

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So I keep wondering, what does Dark use people for? How does he take advantage of them? What tasks do you think he'd have them perform for him? I'd like to think it would be bizarre things, the meaning and use of which are known only to him, like an eldritch god or something. I absolutely love your thoughts on him btw, very fascinating!

Thanks! I think about him probably more than I should if we’re being honest, I got a lot of time to do so, and I also love sharing such thoughts.

I feel like in all honesty, it probably doesn’t benefit him nearly as much as some people might think it does. He is definitely powerful on his own, but I imagine it gives him a sense of accomplishment, since Mark did say that Dark admires what Mark’s done. Dark just wants to manipulate the masses for all the wrong reasons. Possibly to stoke his ego? Let’s be real, he RADIATES arrogance. It’s almost tangible.

His taking advantage comes in the form of… asking for more than people can give. If he’s dragged you in that far, you probably don’t even notice that it’s a near impossible task. Or maybe it’s something that a human can do, but for some reason he can not?

I definitely agree with you that his tasks would be very strange. Perhaps in his own dimension, if he even has a “home” dimension, it’s a show of power to be able to control people so easily, to have people perform tasks for you without questioning it. You have to be seriously charismatic to do something like that. Like who in their right mind would be like “yeah sure I’ll definitely agree to submit my freewill to you on your request and oh did you ask for me to bring you a sample of the blood of someone I trust? yeah no problem” but at that point, are you really in your right mind if you’re that far involved with him?

I appreciate the questions and your compliment!

the fact that upon having the tiny little responsibility of, you know, saving the entire world thrust into his lap, percy jackson absolutely just fuckin goes for it, he kills a minotaur, he goes to the underworld, he battles gods, he sails the four corners of the mythical world, he fucking does it all because he knows it’s the right thing to do just says so much about him

you know what really fucking grinds my gears? the fact that amazing organizations like You Can Play can spend so much time, money, and effort doing their best to make hockey inclusive - they can get players to use rainbow tape, they can have players and coaches release statements, they can encourage players to speak up against homophobia - but all of that means jack shit when a kid can still be watching his favorite team play and see some douchebag like andrew shaw using the f-slur. i know it was a while ago, and i know he apologized, but that doesn’t undo the fact that, no matter how hard YCP works, kids will still see shit like that and think “yeah, it still happens on the ice” or “yeah it probably happens in the locker room.” it’s fucking bullshit that so many people can work so hard just so that people aren’t scared to play hockey and be open about their sexuality, and some dumbass can fuck it all up in .2 seconds bc he didn’t agree with a fucking tripping call.

Overwatch HQ, after a mission late at night
  • McCree: So…how about a blowjob?
  • Hanzo: Are you crazy? The others might see.
  • McCree: Come on, who’s gonna see us at this hour? I’ll return the favor…
  • Hanzo: But what if we get caught?
  • McCree: But I love you so much.
  • [Tracer blinks in.]
  • Tracer: Winston says to go ahead and give him a blowjob. Or I can do it. Or if need be, he’ll come down and do it himself. But for God’s sake, get your hand off the intercom.
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Okay but how much you want to bet Bitty shows Tater’s text to Ransom when he’s feeling particularly Petty™ about something but it totally backfires because Ransom just keeps following him and begging for Tater’s number and now Ransom says “swaws” too because “OH MY GOD ALEXEI MASHKOV ABBREVIATED S’WAWESOME HE IS SO FUNNY AND BRILLIANT EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES TURNS TO GOLD” etc etc

YOI Season Two HC/Prediction/Wish

          Okay, so i have a long long theory/headcanon/prediction for season two of yuri on ice, which, we already know from Kubo is confirmed.
First, the obvious, that Kubo stated that a second season would come in the form of a sequel, not a “season two”. This makes it safe to say that Yuuri’s story ends at the end of this season and oh god what a beautiful story it is I pulled an allnighter cause im so shook.

       So i saw a cute fanart where the title was changed to Victor on Ice and i thought oh how cute but after seeing episode ten, it’s very clear to me what a second season would be about.

That’s right, Yuratchka Plisetsky. This would explain a few things and make the most sense. For one, we saw yurio not as much as id hope throughout this series, despite him being in the opening title and an established main character. 

But as Yuuri’s story is coming to a close, Yuratchka is getting more screentime and we’re learning a little bit more about him. But, there are still many questions to be asked about the little kitten and id like to believe that starting season two, the sequel, Yuratchka will be the main focus, not Yuuri(sorry people wishing for a victuuri couple skate season, though id still support that decision).

        To me, this would be the most interesting and appropriate approach to a sequel, and the show could keep the name “Yuri on Ice” but in reference to Yuri Plisetsky instead of Yuri Nikiforov Katsuki.
This would also explain why we don’t meet the beautiful Otabek until two episodes from the end of the show. Their meeting is similar to Victor and Yuuri’s; they met at a summer camp and Yuri caught the eye of Otabek and Otabek has now pursued him about a year later.

I know they’re like instant friends and dont even start with the whole Yurio is too young to possibly be in a romantic relationship with Otabek. I’ve considered that too, and they’re just friends now. The beauty in their meeting is that both have been alone for so long, and now they are finally gaining something they needed the whole show, a friend. Showing Otabek at the end of the show starting a friendship with Yurio is like the beginning of Yuri’s own story. And if Yurio was to be the main focus of a sequel season, showing his highest potential love interest at the end would be appropriate. They have tons of time to build a relationship as friends and eventually rivals and possibly lovers in the future.

This would lead to interesting concepts that Yuri on Ice could cover in season two. Kubo has already shown us that she can make history with her writing and the first season on love is fantastic. We cover things like anxiety, love in many many forms, and even heartbreak in the first season.

 Yurio would have so much to bring to the stage such as his own problems with Masculinity and gender which it has been evident throughout the show he is having a  serious gender identity crisis, always being told how beautiful and feminine he is despite wanting to be manly(go Otabek for that masculinity compliment, you get bf points), his beginning to have sexual interests, because i doubt he has any at the moment, and realizing that Victor gave him the agape routine a year ago for a reason. Yurio has an unconditional love that Victor saw in him that he’s been having trouble finding. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if Otabek was that agape he was always searching for in his skating?

Sorry for the very long post. I just really support the idea of Yuri Katsuki on Ice becoming Yuri Plisetsky on Ice.


The Katsukis his parents would be there supporting him off the ice maybe with a little one ahhhhh :3

hes just a nerd hes just a little fucking nerd who thinks saying “221bringit” is so #cool and intimidating to criminals oh my god he loves his house with john and hudders and his weird knick knacks so much he makes a hashtag about it and hes so open about being a nerd he doesnt care what anyone but john thinks about him i love him so much oh my god

whatever you do, don’t forget about how good raphael santiago was before he turned. don’t forget about how pure that boy was. don’t forget about how he wanted to get rid of vampires, probably thinking about his little brothers safety. don’t forget about how a fifteen-year-old boy wanted to fight against the beast, believing that god will help him because he was always a good catholic and he went to church every sunday so dios should be by his side, right?

whatever you do, don’t forget about how raphael was turned into this monster (or at least raphael thought so about himself). don’t forget about how he was left alone and killed his friends. don’t forget about how he wanted to kill himself because he hated what he became. he hated what he had done. 

whatever you do, don’t froget about how guadalupe santiago loved her son. don’t forget about how she was ready to do anything, just to get her rafa back. how she believed he’s out there, missing his home. missing his mamá. don’t forget about how she was ready to give magnus all she had (even though she didn’t have much and she was barely holding on as it was), just so he would find her little boy.

but most importantly, whatever you do, don’t froget about how raphael loved his mother. don’t forget about how he decided to live just for her. don’t forget about how he pushed his self-hate aside just for her. how he hurt himself and burned himself by holding the cross his mamá gave him or walking through the sacred land, just so one day he could come back to her and show her his love and respect. don’t forget about how he would sacrifice literally anything to make his mother happy because she raised him and he loved her more than anything. don’t forget about how he would swear that he won’t ever drink human blood because that’s not something guadalupe would approve of. 

whatever you do, don’t forget about how he craved blood, crying into magnus’s arms and saying that he can’t do this. that he’s not good enough, he’s not that strong. he’s doomed. don’t forget how magnus would hold him, stroking his back and whispering that raphael was even more than enough. “maybe you can’t see the sunlight anymore, rafa, but you have sunlight inside of you. you’re better than this. your mamá made you better than his, pequeño” magnus would say. 

whatever you do, don’t forget that raphael went through SO much just so casserole clare would have sebastian kill him. just because. without any reason at all. don’t forget that the sh writers decided that he would bite izzy not once, but twice, after he swore he won’t do this. again, without any reason at all. just because.

whatever you do, you can’t forget that even though raphael had his mother and magnus, he saved himself. 

raphael santiago saved himself. and he deserved so much better.

i’m so tired of saying I want more of God and being angry i can’t find Him when the truth is I haven’t even been seeking Him.

just gonna be honest with you guys for a bit & i hope that’s okay bc i truly don’t have any Christian friends to talk to about it.

for the past few months i haven’t been going to church. i have every intention to but then i wake up on a sunday morning and decide to just not go. i can’t bring myself to go. and honestly i just don’t want to.

i haven’t wanted God in so long but i WANT to want Him. i want my soul to crave Him more than the air that i breathe. but i just don’t.

i haven’t prayed. i haven’t opened my Bible. i skip every single worship song i come across. i feel stuck and empty and i worry so much it makes me sick.

i know the answer. i do. i know He is the answer. i know He’s there. but i just can’t seek Him. i can’t even find the words to talk to Him.

i’m just so exhausted.
please pray that i would find the will to seek Him. and to keep seeking Him. please pray that i would want to know Him more. please pray that i would learn to trust Him and to let Him in.

please pray that i don’t give up on Him.

Hidden Feelings

Request: Oh my god! I just started read your imagines and I loved so much! ❤❤❤ Could I request one where the reader is the new avenger and Bucky loves her, Wanda can’t wait to see them together and encourages him confess to her? Thanks! (Terrible English 🙄) - @mimisari234

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You joined the Avengers not too long ago after Nick Fury recruited you, saying he was in dire need of your abilities. You’ve been apart of the team for about 6 months now and you couldn’t be happier. Everyday to you felt so pointless, you needed something to fill the empty space in your heart, and the team did just that. You felt needed, wanted, appreciated, and loved.

There was a certain Avenger you had grown close to more than the others. Bucky was tough to open up to and you could tell he was holding back like you were. Time passed and you began to have feelings for Bucky, but you felt like he wasn’t ready for something so deep. So, you remained silent about your feelings.

You were currently in the common room, talking to Sam and Steve about the next mission. You were trying to be serious, but the other two childish members were making it difficult. “Guys, just pay attention! Ugh, Sam get your finger out of Steve’s ear!” You yelled frustratingly as you stomped your foot.

Meanwhile, Bucky was watching near the entrance, gazing at your beautiful face. “She’s cute, isn’t she?” Wanda asked Bucky as she walked up. Bucky’s smile only got wider at the words Wanda spoke. “Oh my god, she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Especially when she’s angry, it’s so-” Bucky stopped during his mini-rant about you to look down at Wanda.

She was wearing that smirk again, raising an eyebrow at Bucky. “Please, continue.” She said as Bucky’s face turned red from embarrassment. “Wanda, do not repeat that to anybody.” Bucky said, embarrassment bubbling in his stomach. There’s no way he’d ever be able to tell someone so innocent and beautiful, that he likes her. No, LOVES her.

Wanda sighed and shook her head. “Steve is going to take your chance.” Wanda stated as she watched Steve tickle you so hard, you were writhing around in his lap. Sam was in hysterics and denied your pleas for his help. Bucky turned his attention to you now and he frowned, his heart sinking in his chest.

Bucky knew he needed to tell you how he felt, he just didn’t know how. Would you even like him back? The answer is yes but he would never believe it.

Wanda sighed. “Bucky, I know you love her. She’s amazing and you can’t let her slip away because you’re scared. Who cares if you’re scared? Love is scary. You have to take risks and chances or you’ll never know.” She said, shaking her head as she thought of her own feelings for a certain someone.

A few minutes passed and you were able to go over the mission plans with your two teammates. Bucky thought about what Wanda said after she had left. He watched you put your guns in your holster and slide your knifes in your pockets with the cases over them.

You’d be gone for a week and if Bucky didn’t tell you how he felt now, he knows he’ll regret it later. Bucky walked into the room and felt his flesh hand start to get clammy. He was thankful Sam and Steve had left the room so he wouldn’t be embarrassed if you let him down.

You heard footsteps approach and you smiled when you saw Bucky walking over to you. Your heart started racing in your chest. “Hi, Bucky.” You said with a soft voice. Bucky smiled down at you and handed you your last handgun from the table. You gently took it from him and put it in your thigh holster.

You could tell something was bothering him. Bucky sighed heavily and looked down at you. “Y/N, I need to tell you something.” Bucky said nervously. Your eyebrows knitted together. “What is it?” You questioned, hoping he was finally going to make a move.

Bucky shifted his weight onto his other foot and he ran his hands through his hair. “Good luck out there.” Bucky said, his voice small and low. Your heart sank a tad at his words. “Thank you.” You said, noticing the sadness flash in Bucky’s eyes.

Steve and Sam came into the room all suited up now. “Y/N, we’re ready. Oh, hey Bucky!” Steve said with a wide smile. Bucky waved at the two men and you started to walk off to join them. “Y/N, wait!” Bucky yelled before you walked away.

You felt Bucky’s hand grab your arm and you turned around, only to be met with Bucky’s soft and plump lips. “Oh,” Steve said with a small gasp. “My,” Sam muttered with raised eyebrows. “God.” They both finished together.

You kissed Bucky and he pulled you closer by the small of your back. You smiled into the kiss and held his cheeks, his stubble tickling your palms. Bucky pulled away with a deep chuckle. “I’ve been meaning to do that. Y/N, I love you.” Bucky said, looking into your eyes.

You blushed and heard Sam and Steve cheering in the background. Bucky hid his face in the crook of your neck and you giggled. “I love you, too.” You said and you felt Bucky’s smile widen. “I’m sorry it took so long.” Bucky said with a sigh.

You pulled him away from you and gave him a tight hug. “When I get back, we can continue this. But the idiots behind us aren’t going to let this go easily. The torture begins the moment I leave the room.” You said, causing Bucky to laugh.

Bucky leaned down and kissed you again. “Be safe.” Bucky said, tucking your hair behind your ears as he held your cheeks. You felt as if you were dreaming, but you were so glad it was really happening. It was so sudden and you knew you looked as red as a tomato.

You kissed Bucky once more before joining Sam and Steve to go on your week long mission. You waved bye to Bucky and heard Bucky yell, “I love you!” to you.

Your heart skipped a beat and you smiled. “I love you too!” You, Sam, and Steve yelled. You rolled your eyes at the two and Steve pulled you into his side, chuckling.

“So, my best friend, huh?”

Note: I hope this doesn’t suck. feedback is ALWAYS welcome! thanks for the request! .c

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Voltron headcanon: Rick rolling
  • Lance has rick rolled Keith at least 8 times and Shiro about 3.
  • Keith is pretty gullible when it comes to the situations. Lance texts Keith saying “OMG THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!” or “OH MY GOD THERE IS A VIDEO WHERE YOU CAN SEE THAT PUTIN IS A LIZARD IN A MAN SUIT.” and Keith is like “WHAT SHOW ME AJSJKDJSDKSD.” and Lance rickrolls him
  • Shiro caught on to the fact that Lance was just sending him Never going to give you up and so he doesn’t trust Lance when he says he has a cool video. 
  • Pidge once hacked the castle of the lions to rickroll them for 8 whole hours
  • Lance started crying of laughter and got hiccups
  • Shiro and Keith cried real tears of pain.
  • Allura learns about rickrolls from Pidge and rickrolls the shit out of EVERYONE
  • Coran doesn’t get it
  • Coran likes the song
  • Keith rickrolled Lance once and Lance hugged him and was so proud
  • When Allura rickrolled Shiro he wouldn’t talk to her for a week
  • “Shiro please.”
  • “Allura you broke my trust.”
  • “I’ll never give you up or let you go, or run around and desert you.”
  • Sorry he didn’t talk to her for two weeks my bad.
  • Pidge and Allura are the master rickrollers
  • Hunk is rickrolled by Lance at 12am and it is not fucking funny Lance stfu.
  • One time Hunk got him back by setting it as Lance’s alarm clock at 11pm
  • Lance cried
  • his beauty sleep was interrupted

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You know what we don't talk about? How the only way that the mage could've possibly stopped hurting Simon was for him to die. When Penny did the whole Simon Says thing, all Simon asked for was for the mage to stop hurting him. Not for him to die, or leave, or anything. Just to stop hurting him. And what happened? The mage died. Because that was the only thing that could've happened to make him stop hurting Simon. That's so intense and no one ever talks about it?

oh my god??????? i’ve literally never thought about that but you’re so right???? and now i want to cry because simon deserved a much better father figure poor baby he deserved (deserves tbh) the world and i was already having simon feel today oh man q.q

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Ocean Drive

Don’t say a word while we dance with the devil. {x}

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word count: 5.5k

genre: smut/angst

Yoongi has always been forbidden fruit to you, but there’s something about him that makes it hard for you to stay away.

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I keep thinking about the snow scene, specifically Wolfgang’s face right after Kala says he does want to change. I could write essays about that face, and Max plays it so perfectly. It’s almost this haunted look, mixed with so much love for this woman in front him. My shitty screencap won’t do it justice but here

He’s staring straight at his soulmate here and god does he does want to change, he’s never wanted it more. He wants to change the violence that surrounds him, he wants to be free from the burdens of his criminal family and his past. And ofc, he wants to be with Kala more than anything (it’s CANON!!). 

That face also shows that he still thinks he’s a monster. He thinks he needs to change himself, but Kala knows he’s a good person. It’s more about making changes in his life and changing the way he sees himself. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but the face that he made there for a split second made me emotional.

  • Jungkook: I love Taehyung so much I just can't stop thinking about him oh god what should I do
  • Jin: Jungkook-
  • Jungkook: what if I blurt out my love to him without thinking. oh GOD
  • Jin: well-
  • Jungkook: what if I KISS HIM. WHAT IF. I'll have to change names and live overseas for ten years before I come back just to say sorr-
  • Jin: then do it
  • Jungkook: ...kiss taehyung? nOPE NOPE why would I-
  • Jin: DO IT. JUST DO IT.
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook: boy, didn't see you as a meme lover before
Predictive Text Prompts
  • The next bus is going to kill you.
  • Yesterday, I got pushed in the wrong direction. 
  • The final chapter is due to be the worst.
  • I don’t think so much of my father.
  • Nonetheless I think it’s time for the next life to come to me.
  • My god is so tired of being nice.
  • I wonder if you could have made it.
  • Young and old with a little too much cringe.
  • He has no idea what happened to him.
  • Remember when you were the first to unscramble the world.
  • You don’t think like you are the only reason why I am not doing anything right.
  • I am not going to sleep until I am in the cold.
  • Stop being so sad about the things that you do.
  • Once you’re in the same place as a friend you can always have a good time.
  • She is my friend and she says she wants me.
  • Because I’m not a good person, I am not going to try to be the best friend.
  • Only liars will ever have the willpower.
  • Even though it’s not funny I just can’t stop playing it. 
  • Can we go back to the old days when we were together?
  • Fight for me when you get the chance.
  • Zombie life is getting a little bit more difficult.
  • You can get me to the point of being the only person who can always be your own.

There is a cliche that gets trotted out endlessly when a less well-known player does something wonderful: if Messi had scored that we would be banging on about it for weeks. It’s not true; in fact, at times it feels like the opposite is true: Messi has made the remarkable so routine that it stops being so remarkable. It’s just him doing what he does. There’s not much new to say; all the good words ran out some time ago. Even swearing won’t do now.

They say you could get a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters and they would eventually come up with the complete works of Shakespeare. Maybe, but you could get a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters – God knows, the Spanish sports media have tried – and they still wouldn’t come up with much that was new to describe Messi. Pep Guardiola was right when he said: “Don’t write about him – watch him.” +