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One year ago today, @anexcessofeverything and I had decided to go to a Sherlock tea held by the Baker Street Babes so that we could meet more London Sherlockians.  We definitely had no idea that in making this random decision we would end up becoming friends with @cupidford and @hotsmugstache and start off our setlock plans.  Forever grateful for y’all and this emotional adventure it put us all on together.

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Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

“I know how to play a few on a guitar,” Keith offered. “I don’t own one, though.”

Shiro could see it. Keith, sitting in a corner or a bench somewhere, the roughened pads of his fingers on the taut strings. Maybe he didn’t sing, but did he hum?

“…Something on my hands?”

“Hm? I was just thinking you can see the callouses–” he reached for Keith’s hand, cupping it in his palm so he could see them better. “Your fingers are hard, right at the places where they’d meet the strings.”

The motion had been so easy that it took the soft hush for him to realize what he’d done. Keith’s hand was warm in his own, fitting so easily like it was only natural to be there.

I recently read this lovely pre-Kerberos fic by @pepperpaprika and felt compelled to draw this scene ♥

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda, sitting on a giant pile of cash, safe in the knowledge that his show is sold out for a year, a person who has always been able to access theatre shows: Stop The Bootlegs I Don't Like Them
  • Poor People: [stare into the camera like they're in the office]

there’s no denying that Hearth is a cutie🌸


Kyungsoo is always in fight mode

“trump won because people who aren’t racists were tired of being called ‘racist’“

…yeah, because they are. if someone calls me a racist i either laugh it off or i analyze my behaviour to see what it might’ve been perceived as racist. what i don’t do is throw a hissy fit and vote with a guy endorsed by the KKK

Goodnight! just a reminder NOT to vote for a third party this coming November because 99.9999999999999999999% it’s either Clinton or Trump! As a Bernie Sanders supporter, if you’re Bernie or busting you are wasting your vote! If you don’t want Trump to win you HAVE to vote for Clinton! He WILL WIN if you don’t!!! just a PSA!!!