god their ship name is the best

Things I’ll Never Get Over When It Comes to Percabeth:

When Percy meets Annabeth for the first time, he legit thought that she was a princess. 

They were both blushing up a storm when Percy realizes that she was watching him all morning. Which includes him getting dressed and looking at her picture in The Sea of Monsters

Percy was high key jealous of Luke every time Annabeth brought him up even though he didn’t realize at the time he liked her throughout Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Annabeth kissed him good luck in The Battle of the Labyrinth which left him wondering what the fuck his name was until he remembered he was being hunted down. 


Annabeth took a poisoned blade to save Percy from dying in The Last Olympian

Percy was scared of the possibility of Annabeth choosing to become a hunter of Artemis in The Titan’s Curse. He was scared she was going to leave him

He gave up being a GOD so he could have a relationship with her. 

To celebrate their canonization, Camp Half-Blood threw them in the fuckin lake. Which lead to “The Best Underwater Kiss of All Time” in The Last Olympian

The only name Percy remembered after getting his memory wiped in The Son of Neptune was Annabeth. He remembered he had a Girlfriend and he continued to shut down romantic advancements on him throughout the novel. Which shows how dedicated he is to her. 

When Percy and Annabeth were reunited in The Mark of Athena, They have a romantic kiss which ended in Annabeth judo throwing him out of anger. Which made him laugh. 

Honestly throughout The Mark of Athena all the way up till The Blood of Olympus they’re already married. They’re married and nobody can convince me otherwise of this. 

Percy’s hot as fuck kiss to Annabeth at the birthplace of Athena and Poseidon’s rivalry turned me the fuck on honestly in The Blood of Olympus

Percy thinks about having a future with Annabeth constantly to the point where he always includes CHILDREN. He wants Annabeth as his Wife and to be the mother of his children and that makes me tear up a bit. 

Also Annabeth is the only one who gets away with calling him “Seaweed brain” playfully while he got pissed the fuck off when Thalia called him that in The Titan’s Curse

There are too many Percabeth moments to list off in The Heroes of Olympus series honestly that it would take a while to list them all but as you can imagine they are the team’s already married couple that’s ready to have a steamy makeout in front of everybody without being the least bit embarrassed. 

When shows want to tell like...say a lesson on evolution.

They always make the people who oppose evolution out to be narrow minded assholes who’re adamant about their beliefs and attack the morality and spirituality of those who disagree?

I mean yes those people can be like that.

But I want to commend Star Trek for handling that better. Deep space nine, of course, the best Star Trek.

So it’s the finale of season one and the ship’s schoolteacher is teaching about the wormhole, which is believed to be inhabited by the “gods” of a planet called Bajor.

One of the leaders is named Vedek Winn.

She comes and says “you’re teaching blasphemy.”

And it starts an ugly thing where the Bajoran kids are pulled out of school by their parents.

So here’s the great thing.

Vedek Winn is a bitch. She’s a political idealist who’s stirring trouble by appealing to religion. She calls the protagonist of the show “soulless.”

At one point she makes a grandiose statement like:

“The Federation lives in darkness! They seek to pull us into the darkness with them!”

And you just get so mad because the federation is this interplanetary organization dedicated only to cooperation and peace?

So Vedek Winn is actually only stirring shit up because she’s trying to lure Vedek Bareil, another spiritual leader who’s likely to become leader of their planet, to come to the station so she can kill him.

But here’s the thing, she’s not just an anti evolution caricature.

Because Vedek Bareil is religious too…but he’s the kind of religious that wants to help people.

He’s political yes, but he’s honest. He’s well liked because he’s understanding and he genuinely wants to help people.

His religion believes in loving all people and cooperating with one another.

Vedek Winn wants power and awe. She wants people to love and respect her.

The previous leader of their planet was warm and motherly and genuinely just wanted you to find your place.

But Bareil is like her, if more political.

Winn is not.

The whole show she’s like…so fake?

“Ah, you’re angry with me…I forgive you for that.”

“You are misguided…but this is not your ignorant fault…not all are as blessed as I, nor can all see what I see…”

And you just wanna sock her in the mouth.

She’s holier than thou.

But it’s not like…super anti “evolution” exactly.

Because the captain of the station makes a point of saying:

“The moment we refuse to see their side of things…we become exactly like them.”

Because his son expresses disbelief over how people could “stupidly” believe in this religion.

But he says no…we have to respect others’ beliefs.

And we have to understand that they believe just as firmly in their beliefs as we believe in ours.

And that’s just such a star fleet thing you know?

You accept all philosophies and ways of life.

And I appreciate that they didn’t decide to demonize religion.

They demonized people who USE religion.

But not religion.

So god bless deep space nine.

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First of all, welcome to our little family/fandom

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I don’t necessarily have a specific master post but I will create one right now. Since I don’t want this to cover up people’s dash, just click read more because I’ll try to go through everything as simply as I can :’) (Edit: REALLY sorry y’all for some reason this doesn’t work on mobile app so I’m removing the ‘read more’ thing)

First of all, the basics: there are 5 members. Although they may look cool in their music videos, they’re just a bunch of dorks.. Don’t be fooled.

Let’s briefly start with Kim Youjin: ‘93 liner, the eldest member, basically the dad (and the mum) of the group, looks like a dinosaur when he sings, hates skin ship (he literally cringes), had the cutest red nose after removing his mask when he was on king of masked singer (idk why I think this is important to know), nothing scares this guy, usually quiet but he is just as weird as the rest of the members once he gets comfortable.

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Park Seungjun: also a ‘93, the tallest member, a big softie, gave us the name tinkerbell (how cute), calls cartoon and game characters his ‘sunbaenim’, likes talking about Jihun’s butt (I always mention this but oh gOD), loves skin ship and will find any excuse to have skin ship, his laugh..is special, self-proclaimed as ‘best in english’ in knk, drinks a lot of pumpkin juice.

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Next is Jeong Inseong: ‘94 liner, basically a bunny, has the cutest laugh, usually the loudest (screams when something shocks him but it is cute), also loves skin ship (well they all do minus Youjin), hits them high notes so smoothly and makes it look easy, he watched his own performance 50 times because who wouldn’t, likes to show tinkerbells love.

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Then we have Kim Jihun: ‘95 liner, a.k.a Kimchi or Kimchihun, the leader, funniest laugh, he turned blonde and ruined half of tinkerbells’ lives (because he looked so good), assumed to be Seungjun’s boyfriend (those two..), he choreographed two of KNK’s dances and ruined everyone’s life with his performance of Troublemaker with Hani from EXID.

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Lastly, Oh Heejun: ‘96 liner, maknae, in 95% of their broadcasts you will find him on the floor, his reactions are so extra, easily the one who gets scared the most, is Youjin’s weakness, he is everyone’s weakness tbh, I believe he is the funniest member (idk how many people have him as their bias wrecker or bias but you can’t not love him!), smol bean.

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As for other things I could recommend, I recommend going through their vlive broadcasts and their My KNK TV episodes (you can find these on youtube-I’ll link my favourites with the rest of the videos down there). 

Here is a list of things you could watch (not sure if all their content has English subs though, turn on CC) :

My KNK TV (only posting some, you can find more on that youtube channel with english subs (bless them), or you can find them on their vapp channel)

ep. 33 (a personal favourite-warning: jumpscares)

ep. 42  (part 1) 43 (part 2)

ep. 51 (part 1) 52 (part 2) -Halloween special

KNK on KSTYLE TV: kcon immigration

KNK on Weekly Idol: 1  2  3  4

KNK (Seungjun & Inseong) on Doni’s hitmaker

KNK on ASC 1 | 2 (honestly don’t remember if I watched the second time they were on there but I heard a lot of mixed reviews)

KNK doing ASMR live version of U

KNK on Men Who Top The Charts (also go on this youtube channel they post KNK videos with subs)

There are so many things but for now this is what I thought off from the top of my head :’) Enjoy!


I get it, “Lancaster” is cool ship name, but, seriously, how is this ship not called “Dorks”.  Just “Dorks”. I mean, look at them…





Idk, I think I’m too invested in Arkos to actually truly ship this pair, I just needed to do some super dork appreciation. They are the best. KEEP BEING YOU YOU AMAZING LOVABLE PAIR OF DORKS!

ok but juniper and calypso.,, so Soft

  • long walks through the woods where juniper names all the plants and introduces calypso to the dryads
  • footraces…oh my god just imagine these two girls sprinting down the beach or through the trees laughing their heads off and maybe calypso always loses but it’s great because she finally gets to have all this space 
  • they have a little thing when calypso stays at camp when she first gets back from ogygia and it’s w o n derful like the best summer ever
  • but calypso wants to leave to travel and juniper has to stay near her bush so she can’t come with but it’s okay because they had their time it’s okay it’s fine (it’s not fine) 
  • but they’re both immortal…and forever is a long time oh god what if they get back together like a hundred years later and calypso has s o many stories and pictures to share
  • and she comes back home and she sees juniper and they kiss and it’s the best kiss ever and they just sit together and live in the woods and from then on camp half blood has lessons from calypso and juniper…they meet in the woods and sometimes calypso sings and it’s wonderful
Imagine Peter Keeps Trying To Flirt With You

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There She Is

Requested By httpstarlords

Summary: You’re shy and used to minding your own business- and then Peter Quill starts to take an interest in you, and you feel pressured to break free of your very tight shell. 

Warnings: none– there may be some language.

A/N: This one took me a little while to complete, considering that I’ve been at my sisters apartment. Also, this was really funny to listen to when I accidentally did that thing on Pages where you can have the robot read it to you. Just thought you should know. Just cuz.

Peter Quill was the type of man to get what he wanted, so you ignoring and scurrying away from his little comments seemed to only draw him in. You weren’t sure if it was because he was just curious as to why you had turned him down, or if he had just wanted to bother you. Either way, you were very uncomfortable.
It’s not like he makes you feel that way- you just always have, around people in general. You were shy and anxious, used to keeping to the shadows and watching beautiful people like him score with other beautiful people like that Gamora girl.
You sat on a messy old chair in Knowhere, frantically bouncing your knee and biting your lip. There were a lot of people around- and your friend had left you to go off and make some deal with someone who may or may not want to kill her.
It was then when you saw Peter staring at you from a distance- you had visited Knowhere many times before, and he always seemed to know where to find you. You curled up on yourself, trying to become as small as possible. But it was too late, the damage was done. He was approaching you- you, all alone, with no one but yourself to help you through this. Your heart was already racing.
“Funny running into you here, again,” he said, pulling up a chair besides you. You looked down, glancing up at him momentarily as he grew silent. You really just wanted to go home. “You know I’m not gonna stop.”
You jumped at his suddenly serious tone, looking up at him. “Stop what?”
He smirked, leaning against the back of the chair and folding his hands together on his stomach, “trying to get you to go out with me. Come on, one date?”
You squirmed, completely sure that his definition of date was different than yours. You looked down again, sighing. You wished you had the guts to tell him to go away, or, at the very least, that you didn’t want just a fling. You wanted something- something- you wanted something. You weren’t entirely sure what that was, but really, who ever does?
“Alright, fine, have it your way,” he said, biting on his lower lip, “just wondering, is there a reason you’re always so quiet?”
You clamped your lips shut, using your hair to create a curtain between the both of you. You hoped your friend wouldn’t end up dead, because, god, you really needed her.
Peter reached over gently, pushing the curtain of hair behind your ear, leaving his hand on your head for longer than what you deemed sociably acceptable. You shifted in your seat, clenching your jaw and sitting on your hands.
“Are you scared of something?” he asked, scooting closer to you, “scared of me?
You rolled your eyes, glancing up at him again. The smirk on his face made you surprisingly angry, and you huffed, turning away quickly. You would stand up and walk away had your friend been very clear that if you weren’t there when she got back, she’d be leaving without you.
“Come on, tell me something.” Peter begged, sticking out his lower lip, “your name? Where you’re from?”
You weighed your options in your head: ignore him until he goes away, or maybe just humor him. You picked the latter, hoping that your voice didn’t shake as you spoke. “I’m Y/n-“ you said, but stopped once you realized how unstable you sounded. You squeezed your eyes shut tight, holding your breath, nearly devastated.
He chuckled, tilting his head and staring at you with tired eyes, “I’ll take it you’re not from around here, then. But I see you’re here a lot. There a reason for that?”
You pressed your lips into a straight line, focusing your attention on your feet. A wave of insecurity washed over you, making you bite you’re lip a little too hard. You tasted the sweet blood in your mouth, wincing as the embarrassment overcame you.
His smile faded, and watched you curiously, leaning in as you shuddered. “Hey, Y/n? You alright-“
You caught a glimpse of your friend walking towards you in the corner of your eye and stood, hurrying over to her, nearly tripping over yourself the entire time. By the time you reached her, your eyes were bathed in tears, and your breathing was rapid and unsteady.
“What’s going on?” she asked, looking around.
You shook your head, “I don’t know what to say- he just came up-“
“Who did?” she asked, calmly reaching her hand behind her coat, to the gun she had concealed.
“That Peter guy!” you whisper-yelled, calming down only slightly.
She stared at you for a long moment, and then bursted out laughing, her hands falling to her knees. You cringed, shrinking in on yourself. “Him? Why don’t you just say yes already! I’ll bet there are girls and guys lined up to be with him!”
You looked to the floor as if you were getting scolded by a parent, slowly moving your foot back and forth, “I was trying to talk, really I was. But I couldn’t. I’m too-“
She sighed, reaching an arm out and draping it over your shoulder, “it’s okay. You’ll be able to say something eventually. We’ll be back, anyway- stupid guy wasn’t even here.”
You groaned, “great.”


The next day you tried your best to hide, but that doesn’t really work when the person you’re hiding from is Starlord.
You bit your lip anxiously as he parted from his pet raccoon and made his way over to you, a determined set to his eyes, and a smirk on his lips.
No, no, no, no, no, please…” you whispered, turning away and hurrying in the other direction. Maybe he’d take the hint. Maybe he’d walk a different way.
You made your way out to a little balcony like thing, standing with your back towards the archway, watching the stars. The twinkling lights sprinkled amongst the backdrop of black always calmed you; perhaps someday you’d shine as much as they do.
“So close,” said a voice from behind you, rapidly approaching, “but you can’t escape a legendary outlaw.”
You sighed, turning slowly towards him, trying to hide the dark blush that spread across your cheeks. “H- hi-“ you struggled.
He smiled, stopping in front of you and leaning down slightly, tilting his head. “Now tell me, what’s a pretty girl like you so afraid of?”
You paled, taking in deep breaths and staring down. You felt his fingers fold around your chin, forcing your gaze upwards and into his eyes. You forgot about your breathing, about your shaking, about control. You gave up these things for the well-known but always agonizing panic that claimed ownership of your mind.
He seemed to notice, his flirty stature dying away, his hands falling, “really, Y/n. God, I hope thats your name. It’d be pretty bad if it isn’t.”
You felt yourself smile a little bit, glancing up at him. You nodded, “it is…”
He smiled a little, “so how about it? How about I show you my ship- it’s pretty sweet.”
You shuddered, unsure of how that situation would really go, because while you were very conservative, you didn’t have the best sense of self-control. And you’d hate to live through the embarrassment of that. And you had a valid excuse- you were probably about to be called to go save your friends ass.
“I-“ he began, just as the little phone in your pocket started buzzing. You clicked it off, looking up and sighing at him.
“Gotta run,” you whispered, your voice cracking, and took off in the direction of your friend. You heard him following you, to see where you were off to, and decided to let him. Maybe he’d get shot- and then you really would never need to worry about him again.
You saw your friend holding her hands up in surrender, three big guys coming in on her. You sighed, Quill coming up behind you and whistling. You pulled out the guns you had hidden on both sides of your belt, moving quickly to your friends side.
“Alright,” she said, “I suggest you let me go, or get your heads blown off by the best shot in the galaxy!”
You paled at the exaggeration, but held your strong stance as they continued advancing. You charged up the lasers, clenching your jaw and listening for Peter behind you. You could feel his eyes boring holes into your back, but you kept staring forward, avoiding eye contact with the giants.
“Fine, then! Have it your way!” she shouted, drawing a crowd. “Fire!
You finished charging up the lasers with a satisfying buzz, shooting one guy as the others began to scramble. You avoided a shot with a roll in one direction, landing on one knee and firing towards the source of the laser. You found the other guy standing firm with a giant gun trained on you, and took a deep breath as you charged up your phasers one final time.
And then something happened- Peter jumped in front of you, a strange mask covering his face, guns blazing. The man fell down within a few hits, his gun hitting the floor with a very loud bang. It was almost comical.
“Ah,” your friend said, squeezing your shoulder, “those weren’t event the guys I needed.”
You sighed, tucking your weapons away and glancing at her, “nice.” You turned to walk away, your fists clenching and unclenching. You heard Peter following you again.
“Hey!” he said, hurrying to your side, “that was amazing- what are you, some kind of ninja or assassin or something?”
You bit your lip, turning to look at him, “no.”
He stared down at you, raising his eyebrows and nodding. “Oh- okay- so, about coming along with me-“
You shook your head, hurrying up onto your friends ship, closing the door behind you and sinking to the ground. You wanted to say yes. But you were too afraid.
Sure, take a few lives, no problem. Save your best friend, no problem. Say yes to a date with the guy who was easily the hottest in the universe- don’t even try.


You stayed on the ship for longer than you had to the next day. Your friend had dragged you out of bed, saying that today was probably the last day you’d be stuck here, getting chased around by Peter.
“I wanna say yes, but-”
She groaned, pulling you up and out of bed angrily, “then just say yes! So you’re a little quiet when he takes you out, but you’ll get used to him eventually!”
You shifted uncomfortably, sighing, “I wish it were that easy, but every time I look at him, I can’t breathe, and I get so nervous I start to shake and sweat and run and-“
She laughed, shaking you by the shoulders, “because you like him, you idiot! So go out there today, and when he finds you, because he will find you, just go with him to the ship!”
You bit your lip, nodding shamefully, “okay, I guess…”
So you sat in wait for two hours, watching people pass by, losing your confidence by the second. Then finally, in the corner of your eye, you saw that red jacket, and jumped up. You didn’t want to approach him, but you weren’t sure he noticed you there. You decided you’d walk past; maybe he’d try and get your attention. You stuffed your hands in your pockets, putting your head down, and trying your best to blend in with the crowd while still being visible to him.
Come on, Star-idiot.” you whispered, furrowing your eyebrows. You weren’t entirely sure where you were going, just that you were going to keep walking straight until you ran into something or got beat up by a gang of intergalactic thugs.
“Hey! Y/n!” he yelled, and you sighed, stopping short just as you neared a suspicious looking group of men and women.
You turned on your heel, trying to smile. “Yes?” you asked lightly, almost inaudibly.
“I’ve been looking for you- about yesterday- wow.” he said, shaking his head and laughing, “I wouldn’t’ve pegged you as that kind of girl.”
You shrugged, someone bumping into you and pushing you forward. You struggled to get your hands out of your pockets, landing hard against Peter’s chest. You winced, hurrying to back away, “sorry, sorry, I-“
He smiled, reaching out and holding onto you as you tried to steady yourself, “I think thats the most I’ve ever heard your voice before. Do it again.”
You sighed, wishing he would just ask you out already. You were dreading saying yes and following him back to his ship. “I don’t… know what to say?”
He smiled wider, winking at you, “there she is.”
You bit your lip, turning your eyes away from his face.
“Come on,” he said, and you sighed in relief, “let me show you my ship. Please.”
You nodded, reaching a hand out to grab his arm so you wouldn’t get separated in the sudden rush around you. Halfway there, a man resembling one of the ones from the previous day came out of nowhere, hurrying towards you and pushing you away from Peter.
“Hey!” he shouted, hurrying after you.
The mans hands were wrapped firmly around your neck, pushing you back further still, until you were out of the crowd of people. “Let- me- go-” you choked, pulling down on his thumbs, struggling to keep your feet under you.
He growled, tightening his grip. And then, all of a sudden, a hand appeared on his beefy shoulder, spinning him around and punching him.
“Peter!” you shrieked, backing away to catch your breath. You reached under your jacket to get your gun, but quickly stopped as the man stalked away, grumbling about something in a different language.
Peter smiled, offering you his arm again, “now we have a real reason to get back to my ship. Let’s clean you up a little, yeah?”
You blushed, wrapping one hand around his bicep while the other wiped at the blood gathered by your lips. “Okay.”


The ship was a decent size- had a little ladder for different levels, a nice control pannel, decent sitting, though it was kind of a mess.
“This baby has been with me through thick and thin,” he said happily, patting the wall. You smiled, looking around with wide eyes.
“It’s kind of messy…” you said gently, trailing your fingers along different drawers.
He smiled, “yeah, and if I had a-“
“Well look who Peter finally brought home.” someone said, and when you turned to look around you were surprised to see no one there. “Down here, kid.”
You blushed, looking down at the small raccoon.
“Rocket- man- come on-“ Peter tried, sighing and rolling his eyes.
Rocket held up a hand- or… paw- and winked at you, “I thought you’d never do it, Quill. Congratulations.”
You clenched your jaw, trying to steady your breathing. “Wh.. what?
Rocket nodded to you, “looks like Groot won that pool.”
Peter’s expression sunk, and he shook his head, “Rocket, go.”
You shook your head angrily, tears welling up in your eyes. So it was a game. You pushed past Peter and Rocket, making your way outside and back into the crowds. Hurt spread through you, even though you knew you had hardly any reason to be upset at all. You barely knew him- so why did get yourself so worked up about it?
You hadn’t realized that you stopped walking once you reached the outside of the ship, just standing there and staring into the crowd mindlessly.
Peter followed after you, turning you towards him and staring into your eyes angrily, “nothing he said was true, and if it was, I had no part in it. Any of it.”
Your lips fell agape, and you wanted so desperately to turn and run away. You looked at him, feeling as though there was steam coming from your ears. “This is what I was afraid of!” you yelled, overcome with anger.
He raised his eyebrows, taken aback by your sudden unexpected outburst. “Hey- hey-“ he reached out to you, raising one hand in surrender.
“Don’t touch me!” you cried, slapping his hand away, “you should’ve just left me alone!” You turned to move away, your eyes stinging. You were beginning to make a scene.
He sighed, following after you, “come on, give me one more chance. One more.”
You turned back to him, wiping your cheeks with the backs of your hands, “for what? I barely gave you a first chance and you messed it up!”
“I didn’t mess it up! It was them- them!
You let out a quiet sob, looking back down to the ground. “Yeah,” you said in a whisper.
He frowned, placing his fingers under your chin and lifting your head up, locking his eyes with yours, “what they did- that’s not me. Well, not in situations like these… Listen, I like you, Y/n, I really do. And seeing you sitting there, alone, I don’t know, something came over me, and I just… It was like I-“
You laughed a little, seeing as he tried to come up with a corny way to explain himself. “Okay,” you said, staring up at him, placing one hand on his chest, “I guess I could… give you another chance…”
He smiled, “re- really?”
You nodded, and stood on your toes, placing a gentle kiss to his lips before turning back to his ship, “well, come on, then. Show me around?” Your voice was still low, but you were getting better at forcing the words out now.
“Yeah-“ he said, “yeah! Come on.” He locked his hand with yours- warm, calloused, him. You smiled.
Peter Quill was the type of man to get what he wanted, but apparently, he didn’t get everything handed to him on a silver platter.
At least, that’s not how he got you.
Lady Midnight


my thoughts:

  • kit+ty (which i’m totally calling kitty) is my abSOLUTE FAVE EVER OMG
  • mark+kieran is my second fave (thornprince would be the best ship name 4 them tbh)
  • straight ships what straight ships
  • i mean i ship julian+emma but tbh c’mon i’ve literally never hardcore shipped a main pairing
  • JESUS ok
  • where the hell was helen this whole time??? did the blackthorns forget to call her
  • also @ diana i got my eye on u wyd fam???
  • do the herondales realize that there are other names than jonathan and christopher??? like there’s even other variations of it please god don’t ever let ppl call kit anything other than kit this is ridiculous
  • i love emma so much she is my queen
  • also i really like gwyn?? is that weird
  • oh and while i’m thinking about it @ dru WHAT were you thinking drinking that???? wyd
  • ty is my fave
  • possibly also kieran??? i love his character
  • i feel like i relate more to kit tho or maybe mark?? idk mark kinda fell off the ball at the end there
  • i feel like i handle babysitting the exact same way mark does tbqh
  • wow kit was the lost herondale i sure didn’t see that coming!!1!! nope!!1!!!1 not obvious at all!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • ayyyy poe ftw
  • i totally called julian+emma’s parabatai power thing six months ago

Mass Effect 2 is really good but honestly the plot is so RIDICULOUS like

you died but it’s ok you’re better now

your ship was completely destroyed but its cool they just GIVE you a new one pretty much the same one same name and everything

‘how did you get the plans to remake this crazy unique state of the art ship??’ ‘don’t worry about it’

‘liara you’re my best friend and/or lover and you went on this crazy adventure with me please help me save the world’ ‘nah’

okay there’s a mass relay but it’s evil. its evil okay. you know it’s evil because it’s RED

“we’ve murdered billions of alien races and have existed for millions of years but we have never encountered anything like humans before!!?? oh my god. incredible.” - reapers apparently

human reaper HUMAN REAPER H U M A N  R E A P E R

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hi darling i was wondering if you have any gender bending hdc for robron xx

oh. my. GOD

anon…. anon this is amazing…. this is everything i could have ever asked for and more ?????

all right so i genuinely had never considered a genderbent!robron before but now it’s all i can think about and i’ll give it my best shot in terms of hdcs! (i’ll apologise for how long it is… i got carried away)

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a widowtracer related story
  • my brother: what do you want for christmas
  • me: idk
  • brother: why don't i get you widowmaker and tracer pop figures so you can make them kiss or something
  • me: omg.......i do love widowtracer tho
  • brother: what
  • me: that's their ship name
  • brother: why widowtracer?
  • me: idk
  • brother: why not tracermaker?
  • me: omg
  • brother: bc like yknow... then they can get together and make another tracer
  • me:
  • me: OH MY GOD

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Wow I haven’t written here in literally forever…anywho this is a Miraculous Ladybug au that I thought of today with my friend where after the Evillustrator episode Adrien and Nathanael became friends. (I just want my tiny artist child to be happy and have friends okay.) Also this will mostly be through texts.

Adrien: ok but fr I think Ladybug would be the best girlfriend ever

Nathanael: dude no Marinette all the way are you even kidding me rn

Ad: yeah but Ladybug could literally save your life I doubt Marinette would even be able to lift you for two seconds, no offense to her

Na: but Marinette is so nice and kind and sweet and pretty and I just love her a lot okay you can’t change my mind

Ad: hold up let’s ask Nino I’m gonna add him real quick *adds Nino* hey Nino who would be a better girlfriend: Marinette or Ladybug?

Nino: I personally think Alya would be the best girlfriend

Na: but that’s just because you’re dating her you gotta pick

Ni: doesn’t matter you asked me what I thought so that’s what I did (also she might kill me if she found out I picked one of them)

Ad: fine let’s ask Alya who she thinks *adds Alya* hey Alya who would make a better girlfriend: Marinette of Ladybug?

Alya: *can’t pick because she wants to talk Marinette up to Adrien but she also doesn’t want to hurt Nathanael’s feelings by saying Ladybug and so takes several minutes to respond* I think Nino would be the best girlfriend *is also unaware that Nino is in the group chat*

Ni: Alya come on why do you have to do this to me in front of the guys


Al:  Marinette oh my god you will not believe what just happened, girl *adds screenshots of the group chat above*

Marinette: *shakes head at their stupidity and think to herself: if only they knew…if only they knew*

REAL TALK THO tododeku can potentially be such a beautiful relationship??? like deku flipped todo’s world upside down and i can totally imagine him being smitten with deku and he’d try to flirt but at first he’d be sO AWKWARD because he doesn’t have any social skills and it’s not like deku is that social either so they would awkwardly tiptoe round each other 

and deku would have the cutest little crush on him but he doesn’t let himself dwell on it because he honestly doesn’t think todo would ever reciprocate it and he’d be so hAPPY!!!!!! when he finds out that todo likes him back

and tbh i can only see them being in those long term relationships where they are each other’s first and one and only and they’d keep supporting each other to be the best and they’d bring out the good in each other like MUTUALLY BENEFITICAL PARTNERS HECK YA and just being the old married couple of the class where they just smile at each other and blush and say ‘hi’ and the whole class groans my god this ship will end me

Nightmare x Cross 11

Cross pov.

I was in the middle of the forest and I looked around,I saw my home only it looked dusty and old like it was abandoned,”Hello?” I called, I then saw Killer’s phone, it was dusty, I picked it up to see what time it was, it was 9:30 July/3/2019.’WHAT?!’ I looked again, it was right, I ran outside and I looked at the daily paper, Dec/24/2016.It’s been 4 months since I was gone I guess,’Stupid phone, I nearly thought it was three years since I’ve been gone.’ I then began to think about Nightmare, he’s handsome face, his eye, and his warm touch.”Nightmare, I’ll find you don’t worry, I’ll be with you again my love.” I then set out to find my lover.

Nightmare pov.

I’ve been living with the star sanses for 4 months already and I just can’t stop thinking of my beloved Cross, my brother keeps telling me it wasn’t my fault, but I feel like it is.”Brother, are you hungry for christmas dinner?” My brother peered in my room, I was staring at the ground, my eye looked up at him.”Sure, I guess.” I said with a broken voice, Dream flinched, I don’t blame him, now I feel what Cross felt when he lost Ginger, Emptiness and lonely and numb, I didn’t feel like I was a living-being anymore, I was broken inside.”Come on, brother, let’s have some food.” My brother leads me downstairs, everyone was eating Shai’s cooking, I took a bite out of my food, but I couldn’t help but stare at Ink and Error, Error kept smiling as Ink smiled back at him,lovingly as Error kiss his cheek.’WHY COULDN’T ME AND CROSS HAVE A HAPPY LIFE WITH EACH OTHER?! WHY IS LIFE TAKING EVERYTHING I LOVE AWAY FROM ME?!’ I was clenching my hand so hard, the fork that was made of pure silver broke in half, Dream noticed my negative feeling and started to rub my back, I began to relax a bit, I looked at my brother, he smiled at me, I blinked my eye and stood up and left to my room.”Sorry, I just can’t anymore…” I mumbled quietly.

A day later…

Normal pov.

It was christmas and everyone went downstairs, they were talking and giving presents to each other, Nightmare was staring outside, at the river…? (Where is he?*looks around* “Nightmare?”)









(Barrier was broken to the author)


(Greetings author, I’m Nightmare and I’m taking control.)

(You can’t do that, I’m the writer!And did you just break the fourth wall?!)

(And I’m a Nightmare with a free will, how do I summon TimeSpace!Sans?)

(How do you know about him?! I didn’t even introduce him to the internet yet, he’s going to be in my other story, you can’t just summon him without my say so you and I won’t summon him!)

(I don’t care show me how to summon him!)

(Prototype!Sans help me!)

(Nightmare was blasted out and back into the story)

(Take that wall-breaker!)

(Thanks Prototype, go back to TimeSpace!Sans and tell him to fix the fourth wall now.)

(*In the most amazing Markiplier voice he can do*TimySpacy!)

Back in the story…

Nightmare woke up and this time he did look at the river,

(Don’t you dare man)

He then decided he couldn’t live anymore, he stood up and walked towards the door.”Brother, where are you going?” Dream looked at his brother who left the house,”I hope he’s okay.” “Me too…” Ice Sans hands Dream a present with a cute polar bear in it. Nightmare couldn’t take it anymore, he was broken and he couldn’t move on without Cross, he went on a bridge and pulled out a knife as he whispered,”I’m so sorry Cross.” he was ready.

Cross pov.

I went to the river to go over the river and through the woods to Star Sansy’s house we gooo~. I continued to walk my way to their house,”I’m certain that’s where he will be…” I whispered to myself, I then saw a person on the bridge, I was about to call out, but then I realized it was my beloved Nightmare. But he had a knife in his hand, my eyes widen and I walked behind him.”N-Nightmare?” He turns around and his eyes widen, he was trying to kill himself, but thankfully, I made it in time, he dropped the knife.”C-Cross?” He slowly walks towards me,his hands cupped my face, his hands running along my ‘lips’, I smiled up at him,”Hello Nightm-” I was cut off as Nightmare kissed me with so much passion and love I thought it was going to melt me, he placed his hands on my waist and brought me closer to him. I blushed, but I slowly closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck, then the kiss got a little intense, He licked my teeth asking for entrance, I granted him access, me and him began to fight for dominance, sadly, I lost, he explored every inch of my mouth, I shivered. Soon we parted, a string of saliva connecting our mouths, Nightmare’s eyes showed love,”I thought I lost you forever…” He whispered, I kissed his forehead.”Nothing can separate us, not even death itself.” I smiled up at him as we kissed again.

Killer pov.

Everyone was worried, Nightmare hasn’t came back and it’s been hours,”You don’t think he killed himself!?” Error blurted out, everyone began to wonder if he really did,”Poor guy…”I whispered, we all were about to all assume he was dead, but then the door opened to reveal Nightmare.”Brother thank god you’re alright, we thought you killed yourself.” “Well I was going to, but then an angel came to me.” He glanced behind him, I squealed when I saw the fallen angel, it was Cross and he stood there, smiling and he then pressed his head against Nightmare’s chest, I began squealing and screaming Crightmoss around the room,”Cross? It’s so good to see you!” Ink ran over and hugged him, Error looked jelly, so did Nightmare as well.”Inky, I love you!” Error runs over and kisses Ink, Ink just blushed. I kept making random ship names, Best Christmas Ever!

princesslicho  asked:

daddy issues (Marceline)

My favorite person from my canon: Princess bubblegum!!

My least favorite person from my canon: Vampire king 

How tall I was: /shrug

Some of my physical traits: i, was the same as cannon marcy ig idk

Some of my personality traits: ^^^^^

The phrase/word/sound I said the most: “(name) i swear to fucking god"

My crush/partner (if I had one): pb!!

My best friend (if I had one): fin / pb

The most attractive person/people from my canon: Me asdfghjkl 

The cutest possible ship from my canon: bubbline !

The worst possible ship from my canon: simon x marceline 

Who I’ve found so far: /shrug

Who I really want to find: ^^^

Who I really don’t want to find: ^^^

Who I wish died: noone tbh lmao

Who I wish hadn’t died: mom