god their interaction was so beautiful

A Lion’s Pride - Sebastian Stan x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - So i’m gonna be using the same family if you like from I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa. So the usual Reader, Seb and Izzy.

Sebastian is really not happy when he see’s Tom trying to make a play at his wife. Little does he know it’s not like that at all. Major smut fest ensures.

Jealous Seb x Reader

Warnings: Smutty smut smut.

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I. Am. A. Giant. Sap. For. Pure. And. Positive. Sibling. Interactions.

(aka: oh god there’s three of them now and vex and vax love her so much i can’t stand it she’s so important to them she’s important to me she’s beautiful.)

Gideon in a Nutshell

A Story of Silence

Hixus: “You look sad, boy.”

What Gideon is thinking: I could be because my father abandoned me before I was born. My mother died a few years after. I had to join a gang to survive. We stole from the rich and gave to the poor because my sense of justice didn’t feel comfortable simply stealing things. Then, I got arrested for trying to survive and for doing the right thing.

What Gideon says: “I didn’t sleep all too well last night. I’m fine.”

Later, when harpies and cyclopses attack the prison

Hixus: “Gideon, can I trust you to go grab your friends and help me fight off these attackers?”

What Gideon is thinking: About time I get to show the world my passion for justice! Of course I’ll come back. I never abandon the people who count on me.

What Gideon Says: “Sure.”

Later, on Bant

The Angels and Knights of Bant: “You seem disoriented. Are you unwell?”

What Gideon is thinking: My arrogance cost me the life of my closest friends. Immediately afterwards, I was thrown into an entirely new world. I’m lonely and afraid, mourning my friends, questioning my beliefs and ideals, adjusting to a new plane, and building a new life for myself. Of course I’m disoriented!

What Gideon Says: “Nah. Just a little lightheaded. It’ll pass.”

Later, on Diraden

Prince Velrav: “Are you afraid of what I have prepared for you, Planeswalker?”

What Gideon is thinking: I’ve fallen in love with a woman you’re forcing to marry you. I’m strapped to my death bed as you prepare to suck my blood in an attempt to take my Planeswalker spark. OF COURSE I’M AFRAID!

What Gideon Says: “I fear nothing.”

Later, on Regatha

Chandra: “Feeling guilty for handing me over to your stupid order of Heliud?”

What Gideon is thinking: My sense of duty and loyalty compelled me to quite possibly lead Chandra to her doom. Who am I? What do I really believe in?

What Gideon Says: “I hope you survive the Purifying Fire, Chandra.”

Later, on Zendikar

The Zendikari: “You look tired, Gideon. You okay?”

What Gideon is thinking: I’ve been taking on the Shatter Gang Brothers by myself AND the Eldrazi. I haven’t slept or had a full meal in days.

What Gideon Says: “I’m just a little tired.”

Later, after the Battle of Sea Gate

The Zendikari: “You look tense, Gideon. You alright?”

What Gideon is thinking: I’m in charge of an entire army fighting against the Eldrazi. Every single decision I make will be the difference between losing dozens of soldiers or hundreds of soldiers. No matter what choice I make, people will die. Try to understand the kind of pressure I’m under right now!

What Gideon Says: “I’m just excited for the upcoming battle.”

Later, on Innistrad

Jace: “You alright, Gideon? You look like you’ve got something on your mind.”

What Gideon is thinking: I let my arrogance cause the death of the last tight knit group of friends I was a part of. My self confidence and esteem are ground into dust. I have no one I can talk to about this without compromising the faith the members of the Gatewatch have in me.

What Gideon Says: “I’m getting myself mentally prepared for the fight.”

Later, on Ravnica

Nissa: “You look uncomfortable, Gideon.”

What Gideon is thinking: “I’m… not fighting? What am I supposed to do with my life without something to fight? I’m lost and confused. For once I have time to have some introspection and I’m terrified of what I’m seeing. There’s no battle to distract myself with! What. Is. Downtime!?!?

What Gideon Says: “I want to stretch out my muscles. Train with me?.”

Later, on Kaladesh

Ajani: “I sense that you are in distress, Gideon.”

What Gideon is thinking: I’m having trouble finding my purpose, the purpose of my team, right now. We’re fighting against the Consulate when we should be going after Tezzeret. I’m just questioning my ideals and life choices… again. I feel lost.

What Gideon Says: “I’m strategically analyzing our forces to optimize our movements.”


Chandra: “You look all sweaty, Gids.”

What Gideon is thinking: She’s talking to me! Oh gods! Okay. Okay. Just. Take it easy. Relax. Play it cool. Just be yourself. Oh, wow. She’s got beautiful eyes. She’s just so attractive. Stop it! Keep your mind clear. Just play it cool.

What Gideon Says: “Not used to this heat, is all.”

Later, on Amonkhet

Liliana: “What’s got you all bouncy and excited, beefslab?”

What Gideon is thinking: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! There. Are. Gods! Here! Gods that interact with the people even! I feel my existential crisis returning…

What Gideon Says: “Just admiring the architecture.”

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Hey J, Idk if you're doing prompts today, if you're not, do you have some headcanons about Alex and Maggie being the best queer mommas ever? Cause I love Adrian (#GiveAdrianHisOwnShow) and all your other OCs. Hope you're having a great day

So I have a few other prompts for Alex and Maggie being badass queer mommas, so rest assured I will be getting in another story about that at some point in the relatively near future, but I feel like finishing the night (and heading back to grading o.O) on a headcanon note, so… *drumroll*….

- Adrian always calls Maggie by her name, not Mom or Mama, because his bio mom is super supportive and he has a great relationship with her (and his dad). But whenever he introduces her to his friends, it’s always “my queer mama” or, sometimes, in front of Alex – just to watch them both squirm – he’ll be a complete little shit and introduce them collectively as “my newly-out queer mama Alex and my Certified Gay queer daddy Maggie.” They squirm and Alex blushes so hard and they give him a variety of retorts (”Adrian, that was that one time you walked in, come on, man”, “you say anything like that in front of Winn and I will never let you ride on the back of my bike again”, or “you are officially on dishes duty the next two hundred dinners we have together”), but they always have incredible sex that night.

- Adrian starts bringing people from his college – and sometimes, off the streets and from clubs and sometimes, from his old high school – to Alex/Maggie’s, and eventually it gets to be an almost weekly thing, where Adrian will bring young queer misfits to their place for dinner to see what a healthy queer relationship looks like; to get a decent home cooked meal; to crash on the couch for a night or five; to realize that they can, honestly, be loved.

- The kids that Adrian brings to meet them are usually at least in high school, but one time he brings a seven year old trans girl with her big brother, and Maggie absolutely melts as she watches Alex kneel in front of the girl and tell her how beautiful she looks, and offers her her hand and asks if she like potstickers and donuts, because look what they have in the kitchen just for her. Maggie’s never wanted kids, as much as she loves them, but watching Alex with that little girl? She thinks maybe one day, they’ll foster, or adopt. Adrian catches her look, and he sees the same one in Alex’s eyes when Maggie takes her turn entertaining the girl, zooming her around the living room on her back while she giggles herself into hiccups and her older brother laughs gratefully.

- Some nights, they order in for the queers Adrian brings in. But most nights, they’ll cook. More specifically, Maggie and Adrian will cook, and Alex will steal pieces of veggies and such from their chopping board and pots and pans. Adrian has his own little cabinet of cooking supplies, including is “Kiss the Cook, He’s Hot, Just Look at Him” apron that Maggie got him when he first came out, in Maggie’s apartment, and he gets one in Alex’s eventually, too. He gets two entire cabinets to himself when his queer mamas move in together. (He helps, of course.)

- Adrian plans a massive surprise to-do with Kara and with the kids that Alex, Maggie, and Supergirl work with at the queer youth shelter for Alex and Maggie’s third anniversary. Alex refuses to cry in front of all these kids, but Maggie loses it completely. Which in turn makes Alex cry. James snaps beautiful photos of Kara holding Alex and Adrian holding Maggie amidst all the balloons and signs the kids put together, surrounded by awwwwing and we love youing kids. Alex almost forces him to delete them, but he makes her look at them first, and they really are beautiful, and she demands he send them to her, and only her, immediately. She and Maggie treasure them forever.

- They come to speak at Adrian’s college in Star City about healthy queer communication, and the event is packed, and Maggie, in response to an enthusiastic series of questions, gives an impromptu, interactive lecture on safe, consensual wlw BDSM that has Alex blushing but nodding at her to go ahead, speak freely, because god her face is burning, but she’s also smiling so hard, because Maggie is perfect and god, these kids need to know all this.

- When Adrian and his first girlfriend break up, he spends a week at their apartment, eating potstickers with Kara and consuming vegan ice cream by the pint. His parents come over to have dinner with all of them, because their little boy is sad and he should be surrounded by all of his parents, not just some of them, and if he falls asleep in between Alex and Maggie in Alex’s massive bed some nights, none of them talk about it but none of them complain, because it feels like family, and it feels like he’s their child, and it feels, perfectly, like home.

- Alex asks Adrian’s permission before she proposes to Maggie, and Adrian goes into utter panic mode because Maggie had been talking to him about buying a ring for Alex for weeks now. They’ve talked about getting married, of course, but they’d both been deliberately vague with each other about the actual proposal, and Adrian calls Kara in a tizzy to try to figure out what to do. They wind up nudging Alex and Maggie both – separately – in the direction of the same proposal plan, so they both wind up in the same place at the same time with rings in their jacket pockets, and of course they bicker about who gets to propose, and it winds up being about whose jurisdiction they’re in, and Adrian and Kara just laugh in the background, begging them to just say yes to each other already.



unexpectedly charming

Before Season 2 of Voltron came out, I had read an article that had mentioned there would be several bonding moments between Keith and Allura, and as a pretty invested Klance and Shallura shipper, I was skeptical. I really was. I figured if it happened, it would happen, and I would just deal with it.

The last thing I expected was to like Kallura even a little bit, let alone be completely charmed by it.

(gif credit to the marvelous @flusteredkeith!)

Not only had Keith and Allura barely interacted, I didn’t really have a grasp on Keith (there were assumptions, of course, which I used to inform the way I wrote him in fic)- so going in, I had a lot of reservations. You could even call it a low-key notp, because I didn’t want them to get together just because they had been together in the original series. It didn’t make sense to me, given the interaction they had had up to that point.

But then some of my friends started watching season 2, and when I asked two of them about shipping moments, as I am wont to do, they both mentioned Kallura…and that it was actually kind of cute. And charming. And the all in all, they didn’t hate it.

I was intrigued. So I went into watching Season 2 with an open mind, and I discovered that it really was kind of cute. And the more I thought about it, the further I fell, and I really wanted to figure out why.

So I’ve decided to do the only thing I can do when I’m overwhelmed by feelings about something: write about it.

So here goes: a little meta essay (read: roughly 4,700 words with copious screenshots and gifs inserted for visual interest) on how I fell for Kallura, and why I’m interested in its potential, and why I think it’s worth giving a shot!

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Five minute ficlet

“You look like crap, kid,” Doctor McCoy commented as you walked in for alpha shift start, five minutes late. “You not sleeping again?”

“Nightmares started again,” you acknowledged with a short nod. He purses his lips and looked at you thoughtfully.

“What triggered that?” He pressed. You shrugged indifferently.

“We passed through a nebula that was blue on the colour spectrum?” You proposed. He furrowed his brow then arched an eyebrow. “The replicator gave me French onion soup instead of coffee? There’s nitrogen in the air? It’s a day that ends in y?”

“So what you’re saying is you don’t know.” His delivery betrayed the slight annoyance he’d taken with your attitude. You sighed.

“I’m sorry, Doc, really, I am,” you said. “But I have no idea what triggered it this time. It wasn’t even the same nightmare as before. But it was a nightmare. It wouldn’t stop. I would get up, walk around my quarters, have a drink, go back to bed. As soon as my eyes closed, boom, back to this horrifying image.”

“Maybe it would help if you told me about what the nightmare was about?” He asked. You swallowed.

“Uh, okay.” You bit your lip. “I’m in bed with someone. And then, something happens, and the person is struggling to breathe, and I can’t help. I try everything. Every single intervention in my scope. Even some that aren’t. And I can’t save -” Your voice broke and Doctor McCoy’s hand settled on your shoulder. It was a comforting weight.

“That’s a classic fear. Fear of losing someone you love,” he interpreted. Your own brow furrowed this time.

“Fear of what?” You asked. “I’m not in a relationship, Doc.”

“Who were you in bed with then, Y/N?” He asked. You felt your cheeks burning and his mouth set in a thin line. He gave a curt nod and crossed his arms across his chest.

“It’s not uncommon to develop a crush on your captain, Y/N, but I’m going to advise against you pursuing that interest. Jim is a good man, but he’s married to this ship,” McCoy advised. You felt your cheeks burn hotter and shook your head.

“Oh my god, I don’t have a crush on Captain Kirk!” The words rushed out of you in a flood, and you realized how dangerously close you were to admitting your crush was on the man standing in front of you. “I don’t feel terribly well, Doc, can I be excused?”

He quirked an eyebrow but acquiesced. You bolted from MedBay before he could ask any other follow up, and immediately dashed down to your quarters to lay down. Your nap was fitful, and you were unable to shake the images from your nightmares, this time intermingled with the awkward conversation with the Chief Medical Officer, and images of what he must look like when his hazel eyes were smoky with desire, or sultry with want.

There was a chime at the door and you dragged yourself over to answer it. When the door slid open, there was the CMO, looking chagrined and awkward.

“My god, kid, really?” He asked. “Me?”

You groaned and stood back, letting him walk in. “Doc, I’m only a couple years younger than you, could you stop calling me kid?” You asked, focussing on not answering the question.

“Y/N, why on earth would you be interested in me?” It was so direct, you felt your ears flaming instantly. And then a bubble of indignation and frustration.

“You’re a beautiful idiot, Doc,” you shook your head. “But let me enlighten you. You’re smart, but more than that you’re intelligent. You’re compassionate, caring, and genuinely interested in the people you interact with. And you’re super hot, if you haven’t looked in a mirror lately.”

“Call me a beautiful idiot again,” he demanded, stepping a little closer. “I like how soft your eyes look when you say it.”

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tbh i feel like Zen would be on his bike with a leather jacket n stuff, just generally lookin real cool, and would be like "babe aren't you glad you're with such a gorgeous bad boy" *sparkle sparkle* and MC just kisses him on the cheek like "of course I am bby " and he just MELTS and gets all blushy and cute and hugs MC so fast they almost fall (and can't breathe)

Oh my god that´s so adorable. I feel like 90% of MC and Zen´s interactions are like

Zen: How´s the most beautiful person in the world doing?

MC: I don´t know, how are you?

Zen: *voice cracking* I´m fine

I had a dream last night that I was Megamind

and it was E X C E L L E N T.

It was pre-movie; I was in the middle of an evil plot that was outside the Evil Lair and Roxanne was there (!!!) and tied up, only it was really windy out and she said she hadn’t gotten her hair cut in a while, so it was a little long. 

And it kept blowing in her face, so she finally got annoyed enough with it that she told me to get a pair of bobby pins out of her purse and pin it back for her.


aaaaaaahhhhhhh and I brushed her hair back from her face and I ALMOST DIED OF HAPPINESS, LET ME TELL YOU.

Also, it is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to pin someone’s hair for them when you have never had hair of your own, so I was S T R U G G L I N G, but Roxanne thought it was funny and she laughed (!!!)

And I finally got her hair pinned out of her face, and she jokingly asked if she looked funny and I was already pretty flustered so I was like “no no; you look really pretty!”

and she raised her eyebrows at me and said I must rate my skills as a hairdresser pretty high and I started babbling about how she always looked pretty and it was EXCRUCIATINGLY EMBARRASSING OH MY EVIL GODS.

But Roxanne seemed to think that was funny, too, which (!!!! ??? !!!!)

And then Metro Man showed up, only I’d been so busy with Roxanne that I hadn’t actually even set up the evil plot, so I decided to pretend that there…wasn’t an evil plot. And we were still technically on the Evil Lair grounds, and Metro Man isn’t supposed to attack there unless there’s an evil plot happening.

But Metro Man was all suspicious, so I was like “no, really, nothing happening here” only he insisted that Roxanne was there, and barged past me to look for her and I was like ‘shit’, but when we got to where she had been tied up, she wasn’t there.

(she must have escaped while I was gone)

So Metro Man left and I was like “well, this day is a bust, might as well take a nap,” so I went to my bedroom and took off my shirt and lay down on the bed and okay, maybe I wasn’t exactly intending on napping, per se, but luckily I didn’t do much more than think about…that…because 



And I screamed and launched myself off the bed.

When Roxanne finally stopped laughing at that, she told me she’d gotten lost looking for the exit after she escaped, and had hidden in the closet. 

She also added “now you know how it feels when people break into your house and jump out at you, Megamind.”


And she was leaning up against the doorframe of the closet and I was on the floor in front of her, trying to find my shirt so I could put it on, only it was all inside out and I was flustered because Roxanne (!!!) was in my bedroom (!!!) and she was looking at me with this–expression of amused fondness and it was really difficult to try to function with that happening–

She was teasing me about screaming, which she never does, when I woke up.

…and I just realized, typing this out, that she could have easily waited for me to fall asleep before sneaking out to find the exit, but she deliberately came out of the closet while I was still awake, so she must have wanted to–see me–talk to me–interact with me more–


Skype Can Be Quite Useful

Anon Imagine Request (Mildly NSFW)

Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Imagine: when Tom’s away filming you always have Skype sex! 

When he is away shooting, you and Tom, Skype regularly. Eventually getting around to having Skype sex.

It comes about casually at first with sexy complementary comments. “God, you’re so beautiful.” “I miss holding you.” “When you do things like that you make it very difficult to remain a gentleman.” That sort of thing.

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a headcanon where MC has a really popular vlog channel, like she have 6+ million subs and MC has had the channel for 5 years, like her channel is her main job, and the rfa+v+saeran are caught watching her old videos because they wanted to see what she did and how she was back when they didn't know her. In the end they probably become part of her vlogging? Thanks! :D

Thank you for the ask! It’s really specific tho … are you a vlogger yourself? I don’t exactly know what vlogs actually are?? I’m sorry but but college is REALLY stressful for me and I don’t have time for anything. I’m gonna assume that they are targeted towards a specific audience….

Yoosung and the prankster

- Your vlogs are what shitposts would look like in video

- Always making funny comments, jokes, meme references and pranks

-You do these small skits too

-Yoosung had already seen some of your videos

-So when he first met you, he had a nagging feeling he had seen you somewhere before

-When he knew that vlogging was your profession, he just had to check it out

-He always knew you were very smart and funny but those videos were just amazing. He couldn’t believe how you wrote and acted those things out yourself

- His girlfriend was amazing, beautiful, smart and…. cue shot of you with a pencil stuck up your nose SO DAMN RIDICULOUS

- He laughed so hard he had to clutch his sides and strain to just breathe

-That;s when you walked in

- “Yoosung…. WHAT THE HECK,” you shouted. Isn;t that the correct response when your boyfriend is just rolling on the floor, laughing maniacally with tears streaming down his face?

- “MC! MC!” he said struggling to hold his breath, “Why didn’t you show these to me before!! You’re so talented and funny.” He waked over to you and kissed you on the lips.

- “You bet… I didn;t get all those subscribers for nothing,” you grin

- So you two ended up getting drunk and watching your videos all night. 

- And ya’all had a deadly hangover the morning after    

- But you were determined to make him appear in one of your videos. 

- He did occasionally appear. Yoosung was adorable a nervous wreck  in those videos and so people started requesting videos with him

- Besides it was so much fun showing off your cute boyfriend

Zen and the reviewer   

- So you were the reviewer

- So smart, sophisticated and clever

- Always reviewing movies, books and sometimes even anime we are all only human, right? 

- You were really clever, detail oriented and organised. 

- You first did this as a hobby but since it really took off, you decided to make this your main job

- When you got home one day, you saw zen intently watching something on the laptop

- He was so engrossed in it that he didnt even seeing you coming

- “Sweetie, what are you doing ?” you asked

- “Gosh! Babe, you scared me!” he said as he clutched his chest. Drama Queen much?

 - You learnt that he was actually watching your videos the entire evening

- “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME BABE??” he asked, “You’re so good at this!! And you have so many subscribers!!”

- “I’m not as popular as you!!” you protested as you sat next to him. He kissed your cheek. 

- He whined a little and proceeded to click the next video

- “My boyfriend Zen;s new movie is amazing,” you proclaimed in the video, “You guys should check it out. He’s such talented actor….” 

- You proceeded to praise Zen in the video. Something you dare not do to his face. You;re a real tsundere… I’ll give you that

- “I mean…. you were pretty good in the movie Zen…” you gave him a little fake laugh. God… that was so embarrassing 

- “ Babe…” zen said as he flung the laptop. 

- Before you could protest, he cupped your face in his hands and kissed you wildly.

- His hands slid under your shirt. “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” you suggested. He smirked.  

- The beast was unleashed. 

- So the first video you did with zen was such a hit! Your subscriber count went up!! And you had so many requests!! A lot of people started watching Zen’s movies too. The two of you really had such a positive impact on each others career and life

Jaehee and the coplayer

- You were a cosplayer

- Not unlike Jaehee, you were such a big fangirl too

- You cosplayed everything from anime, manga, video games to comic books

- You’ve never ever missed a convention

- Jaehee being the loving and caring wife that she is, was always the first person to watch your videos and anonymously comment good things about it and anonymously take down the bullies too 

- She enjoyed watching you stitch, wear your perfect makeup and just transform yourself. 

- Sometimes, when you’re in cosplay, she can barely recognise you but she never admits it

- Jaehee helped you make the vidoes. But it never struck you to make her a part of it

- But one day you had this really good idea!

-There was this really big convention coming up and what better way to introduce her to your friends??? 

- “Sailor Uranus and Neptune!” you proclaimed, “That’s what we should go as!”

- “I’m sorry but WE??” Jaehee dropped the cup she was holding. 

- “Yes! Jaehee my darling” you did a dramatic twirl, “You must accompany me!”

- It took a lot of coaxing but she finally agreed

- And boy did you transform her 

- She couldn’t believe she looked like that.

- You always caught her catching glimpses at herself in the mirror

- By God, she was cute. 

- “Thank you, MC,” she smiled as she kissed you really softly on your lips.

- Your beast= unleashed.

- All throughout the convention, you took videos of your wife.  

- Jaehee never knew about this

–When you finally posted the video, it was such a hit!!!  People were going crazy over you and your wife! They requested a lot of videos with her. 

-When Jaehee came to know about this, she blushed beet red. 

- “Mc!! Stop embarrassing me like this,” she cried as she covered her face.

- Now you can finally unleash that beast in peace

Jumin and the musician  

- Jumin Han is a sophisticated man

- And you;re such a sophisticated girl

- You play the violin, the piano, the flute….. name any instrument and you could play it 

-You wanted to work for an orchestra but since your channel took off, you decided to make vlogging your main job

- Why not? YOu really enjoyed the freedom

- You would play anything you wanted. From complicated classical pieces to the openings of really cheesy tv shows

-You would always play something for jumin

- He preferred listen to you live than over the internet

- He really loved how your fingers moved and just how focused you were

- To him, just to see you and listen to your music was such a stress buster

- One day when Jumin found free time, he decided to check out your channel in his office

- He literally hit himself for not having seen your videos before.

- You were just as wonderful on the computer

- When you came over to give him his lunch, you were in for a shock

- Jumin was listening to an original piece by you while a drop of tear streamed down his face. He wiped it off immediately when he saw you

- “Are you one of those single tear people,” you laughed and walked over to him. Whiplash reference  which jumin did not understand T_T

- “Mc…” said as he literally pounced over you. He started to kiss your neck and tried to undo your zipper. 

- “Woah wait, Mr. Han! What is this about?”

- “I’m sorry Ive never seen your videos before,” he said, “You are so amazingly talented MC.”

- “If you want to make it up to me Jumin… then I know just the thing.”

- Needless to say, the great Jumin Han had to clear his schedule so that he could appear in one of your videos 

- And of course your comments section was filled with different variants of “ MC ARE YOU DATING THE JUMIN HAN?”

Seven and the makeup guru

- You are the Queen. bows down to you

- Your makeup is always on point. Please teach me how to do eyebrows Y_Y

- You started doing these makeup tutorials in college

- You got really popular and thought… heck why not get paid for this

- Seven is obsessed with your videos. BOI HAS SEEN ALL OF IT

- The both of you literally stay home most of the time

- Seven loves watching you do makeup

- He gives this really cute commentary when you do it

- “AND SHE SCORES” he’d scream when youre done

- He;s actually really fashionable himself

- “ MC I think you should go with ruby woo for this”

- “Shaddup seven”

- And whenever someone makes fun of you in the comments, he has no mercy.

- YOu never knew about this. But you were pretty suspicious cause the amount of hate went down? Boi never deleted all of it, he was clever like that

- You did the ‘entire face with kids makeup challenge’ on him… while he was asleep

- He never forgave you for that….. secretly he loved it

- He tries on your makeup when you’re not there

V and the food and culture blogger

- You love travelling

-And you have this really wholesome food and culture vlog

- After all that mint eye mess, he’s not dead I promise Y_Y you guys decided to travel the world

- Your vlog was restricted to your country and ever since the world tour the subscriber count went up

- You would do these vlogs where you’d describe the scenery to V

- It was so tastefully worded

- You guys visited usual places, interacted with the most interesting people and the food…. by God it was good

- And V, being the romantic that he is, would say something once in a while that absolutely floored you

- “GOD! V, The scenery is so beautiful”

- “Is it as beautiful as you?” he’d ask as he kissed your forehead

- All in all, it became fluff overload

- V became your permanent partner in this

- You guys had so much fun doing this that it did not really feel like a job

Saeran and the gamer

- You’d do gaming vlogs….. I’ve never seen one in my entire life… and Ive only heard of pewdiepie so no hate pls

- Saeran doesnt play games…… except in the bedroom of course

- He doesnt get why you’re so obsessed

- But he still obsessively watches all your videos…. he’s a complicated boi

- He always reads ALL the comments

- Let’s just say that he’s ruined some lives

- You’ve never gotten a negative comment after he came into your life??

- You asked Saeran to stop but he’s always feigned ignorance 

- You know Saeran watches your videos but he pretends he does not

- He always gives that tiny little cute smile when he watches your videos…. and you know this cause you’re a stalker like that 

- Always says stupid things like “MC, I wonder what those fingers can do??”

- Aaaand you smack him on the head for it 

Sweet Seacrest Blue

Word Count 1032

A/N @dancingalone21 I entered Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge, with the Quote, “It takes two to have, you know, hardcore sex.” From Dean. Quote will be in bold.

Warnings, suggested smut, very suggested, rude customer service, booze, virginity.

Reader POV

I stood behind the bar, looking at all of my waiters, letting out a sigh of relief, glad everything was finally running smoothly. I had just gotten my bar up and running, barely, when we had our grand opening, my waiters were still being trained, and I was having to bartend.

That’s when he showed up, his green eyes showing interest as they scanned my bar. I smirked slightly, pouring a shot of whiskey for the man right in front of me, he seemed old, with salt and pepper hair, and beard.

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Since my master post got a lot of attention i’m going to make one with fun facts on the members! here we go this is gonna be long.

Kim Youngbin (11/23/93)

-he likes to play korean chess
-strict when need be but also very cute and surprisingly funny
-mismatched eyes. Said they were his charm in one of the earlier neon lessons
-sucks at basketball but does that stop him? no
-he’s caring. he scolded hwiyoung in d.o.b once for doing the move not the way he pictured is and then went to comfort him when he cried, saying they’re gonna debut together since they’re all apart of the team.
-he’s an angel and loves his members a lot before they debuted he did everything to make sure they all debut together
-he dabs…a lot…i mean most of them do too but..
-another quote that made me cry was when he was like “I want to debut for the happiness of our 9 member’s families. Let’s succeed with debut since we’ve been struggling and trying hard”
-HE LOVES EVERYONE SO MUCH i love him he’s an angel
-he gets shy and flustered and its so cute??? thanks
-he’s the thrill junkie in the group imo he was always hyped to go on every ride in spectacle fantasy 9
-selfie king thanks 

Kim Inseong (7/12/93)

-eldest member
-VOCALS he has such a sweet voice wow
-He’s learning english with Jaeyoon and he’s very good at it tbh if he keeps it up he can be fluent in no time 
-he has great taste in movies he recommended three when they did their q&a thing in the fan cafe and i watched one that caught my eye (bc of him) and it was literally one of the best movies meaning wise thank u inseong please recommend more 
-HE CALLS HIMSELF A FENNEC FOX BC HE THINKS HE LOOKS LIKE ON can u say furry…im kidding i love him 
-also used the fox filter on snow when they did that video of all of them…using snow filters…self explanatory i guess but yeah
-usually adds cute drawings to his signatures
- really doesnt act like the eldest tbh but he is dont let that fool you 
-hes a happy little baby 
-he’s always next to Zuho and holds hands and HONESTLY they do that for me thanks 

Lee Jaeyoon (8/9/94)

-vocals!! during their hour long v-app he sang and I melted his voice is like honey just like he says 
-he’s so extra but in a good way
-he’s the best at girl group dances in my opinion along with Dawon 
-Learning english with Inseong, his english is also fairly well!!
-amazing body proportions 
-glowing angel
-can be a meme i guess
-he has amazing self confidence i wish i have
-He’s from busan and love to let people know that he’s from Busan
-manly busan man Jaeyoon
-he’s scared of big rides someone needs to protect him 
-he has cute squishy cheeks 
-we need to hear him sing more please

Lee Dawon (7/24/95)

-was in AOA creams MV as the main man there…the only man in the video but u know what i mean yeah ok 
-he said in one lesson that he strives to be the worlds best vocalist and he’s there ok he’ll get there i believe in him and you should too 
-happy virus and mood maker
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-in the one hour v-app thing they had at the very end of it he did a high pitched scream and honestly so relatable 
-always. screaming. 
-but a ball of sunshine even if u don’t stan him u stan him 
-he says he’s a fashion enthusiast i agree 
-the MOST extra member but thats what people love about him and i do too 
-and flirty tf he knows how to give fanservice y’all Dawon stans are lucky
-he loves eating and i support that 100% he should have his own eating show with inseong ok thanks i’ll petition for that are u guys in?
-he has a soft looking smooth face like tell me ur skin care routine 
-he tries to make everyone happy and comfy even if he’s not happy he’ll be the type to make sure the people around him are
- loves making people laugh stan this sunshine

Baek Juho (7/4/96)

-Stage name Zuho idk why they changed it it’s the same pronunciation but yeah if he’s happy with it so are we
-MY BABY MY WORLD MY ANGEL i love this dude…so much can u tell who i stan..
-visuals…for days
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-deep toned rapper 
-his voice is so beautiful like..imagine waking up to his raspy sleepy voice wow sorry
-literally a lyrical genius 
-he writes most of his own raps can you say TALENT? 
-sharp nose is his charming point and he likes to let people know he’s happy with his nose which i love like yes be confident baby 
-people (FNC and members) call him tsundere but i don’t like using that so pretend i didn’t just write that
-members say he’s the most boring dsflak
-he trained the longest..6 years along with rowoon
-both him and rowoon where in a FNC show way before NEOZ SCHOOL was born 
-cheekbones!! he has really sharp and strong features
-invented wearing headbands…
-he says he has the broadest shoulders of the group and that he’ll show them off once he’s more comfortable 
-a BTS fan !! i bet he’s excited for their comeback, and excited they get to promote together wow 
-meaningful lyrics 
-the members woke him up once in DOB by dragging him out the hotel room and fed him a piece of bread lfakf
-bc he’s the hardest to wake up that part was so cute 
-just a shy bun whom i’d lay down my life for if he tells me to 

Kim Rowoon (8/7/96)

-like i know i said everyone is the visual but thats bc they are ok but the title belongs to him if u understand what im trying to say
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-in CYH he played a baseball player and u can tell how good his proportions are in the uniform wow he can pull off the uniform better than anyone ok 
-he feeds the members and cleans the dorm
-basically the caretaker of the group
-so he’ll be a good husband to whoever he marries !!
-he’s so sweet a literal angel thank u 
-his hight intimidates me he’s a whole foot and inch taller than me he can LITERALLY step on me
-but he’s gentle so there’s no need to be intimidated he’s a gentle giant with a warm heart
-FT islands biggest stan, biggest minhwan stan 
-when he met him in dob he was so cute and flustered
-nice butt but u didn’t hear tht from me 
-he could literally be a model i’m WAITING
-trained the longest with zuho
-alone with cleaning the dorm he also nags the members to clean and put their clothes away. 
-during dob he and two members made a picnic for the group i support
-also accidentally hit chanhee’s nose and he has a nose bleed he felt so bad it’s like a father who was playing with his son i,- 

Yoo Taeyang (2/28/97)

-I have a mini playlist on YT with his predebut videos i might make a post abt them bc wow he did that
-his smile is the literal sun? No pun intended with his name his smile is just !!
-dancer !!
-he choreographs along with youngbin!
-big eyes and is proud of his eyebrows and honestly me too when will i ever
-went to that famous dance school that literally all the best idol dancers went to like zelo 
-usually sings the chorus, or the beginning, his voice is beautiful
-before wanting to sing he played guitar and i think he still does!
-calls himself sexy charisma like ur 6 please 
-loves chanhee
-prolly the biggest chanhee stan next to me bc im chanhee’s certified mother 
-cHANHEE SAID HE RARLEY GETS SLEEP BC HE WORKS THE HARDEST AND THAT MAKES ME SAD like you’re a hardworker you deserve some rest please :(
-his hard work pays off he’s an amazing dancer ?? and singer one of the best honestly he’s just full with passion 
-the selfie with him in the pink sweater is my favorite 
-i think he can beatbox or am i just making that up?
-lmfao like in January people gave him shit bc of his name since taeyang from Big bang has the name like? there’s thousands of taeyangs stfu let this sweet boy live.
-a little shy awkward baby 

Kim Hwiyoung (5/11/99)

-a baby
-a little awkward but not really but yes
-he knows he’s handsome y’all he prolly uses that to his advantage
-i already said this in youngbins thing but he cried when he got scolded by the leader bc he though youngbin was mad at him :(
-he’s sensitive pls handle with care
-doesn’t look or act like his age? he’s really mature for his age
-there’s a selfie of him sleeping with a kitty…my favorite
-he loves cats
-like so much he used to add a cat face at the end of his signature idk if he still does? 
- can u say Jumin Han
-^ im kidding please
-in an episode of DOB he volunteered to bungee jump first and the members called him courageous bc he is !! 
-he talked informally to the eldest members in a episode of DOB he really did that nice
-nice arms 
-beat chanhee in arm wrestling he was so proud 

Kang Chanhee (1/17/00)

-cutest nose and smile ever please
-played sunwoo in signal and was in other dramas as a chil mostly
-when he was little he was friends with moonbin of astro and chanwoo of ikon!!
-with those two they were in an epsiode of star king with DBSK and played mini DBSK
-he’s literally been in the business since childhood thank GOD he debuted he deserves this 
-his goal is to play in a movie!! let him do this please..
-forces the members to be cute. He did that with Youngbin in a DOB episode i love him 
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-other than signal he was also in hwajung and to the beautiful you
-has amazing facial expressions on stage 
-i already said this but his nose is so cute :(
-I need to protect him im his #1 mom 
-before the group name change like even before dob he had an interview with a magazine bc of him being in signal, and he said “the other members and myself will try our very best to debut together because that’s our dream” and i cried
- that was before dob so member changes were more speculated 
-every other member is a chanhee stan 
-if u don’t stan him u still stan him bc u gotta? 
-everyone’s son
-since he’s been exposed the most he’s one of the more popular members!!
-he loves chicken and ramen if u buy him chicken he’ll prolly ask u to marry him 
-when he sleeps he kicks off the blanket he’s a baby bean
- he loves to dance and is really good at it! he says he’s lacking but he’s training hard to meet everyone’s expectations please love him 

       i couldn’t resist waiting alright? i just HAD to make it 221, y’all know that i had. either way, i’m still so utterly surprised by the support and warmth i keep getting form all of my followers. never before, in my approx eight years of role-playing did i feel as welcome as i am in this community. and for that i want to thank all of you. you made my experience here the most incredible one and just thinking about it makes me feel a bit chocked up. and i simply can’t believe how many amazing friends i found here. i hope things remain like that for the entirety of time i am in this community. i love you all and i’m sorry if i forget to include you, i’m doing this by mind, so if i skip anyone it’s because my mind is crap. 

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Highlights of 10th:

Victor and Chris in the pool - also I don’t know what i expected from Chris, i mean of course he would want to go skinny dipping into a hotel pool

many POVs - i appreciated Victor’s point of view, it was soooo interesting

holy fuck, Yurio made katsudon pirozhki by himself <3 look at that apron


sleeping beauty Yuuri <3

Yurio and Otabek interactions are good and pure and I love them both

bickering Victor and Yuuri - because of nuts…

Victor watching Yuuri’s sparkly eyes *o*

that was a fucking engagement, i dont care about your “good luck charms”, Yuuri, fucking face it, Victor is your fiance - the way they did that scene, my godddd - blushing, and tender hand touching, and Victor’s lit up eyes

he is so in love god damn it

Phichit being so goddamn happy for Victor and Yuuri cured my depression - so pure

fucking drunk dance off - also Victor being in love with Yuuri for a year before meeting him again, every interaction since Victor came to be Yuuri’s couch has now a whole new meaning, IM SCREAMING

Victor’s and Yurio’s conversation, holy fuck

Georgi on a date <3

i mean of course The Chicken Nugget would lead a local cheerleading team for Yuuri, i dont know what i expected

the new ed!!!!! holy fuck!!!!!! fucking pole dancing au in the actual fucking show

Yurio’s and Yuuri’s dance off <3

anonymous asked:

2d with a s/o who has different colored eyes? I have one eyes that is a kind of chocolate-brown, and one that is a really dark, blackish-brown. Thanks! :3

ooh ooh coolio u should send me a pic because i love people’s eyes and yours probably be my aesthetic just sayin


  • Stu find it really cool that your eyes are two different colors. It’s like a science experiment! When he asks you how you got them to be like that, he would cock his head in befuddlement. 
  • “So, you mean to tell me that you weren’t concussed multiple times to get your eyes to be like that?”
  • If you ever showed any dislike towards your eyes, he would go bonkers. “Would you rather have pits of death for eyes, or beautiful, one-of-a-kind seeing orbs?” oh my god
  • He likes to get lost in your eyes whenever he can. They tell so much about you.
  • You’re the best thing since sliced bread, honestly. He’d thank your parents for making you oh my gOD.

So last night, I went to see a performance of Much Ado About Nothing in a pop-up replica of the globe theatre in Auckland and I swear to fuckin god, it was THE BEST VERSION OF THE PLAY I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE: 

- benedick was played by a big burly Samoan/Tokelauan bloke while beatrice was played by a tiny white american girl. the contrast was hilarious 

- during the scene where benedick overhears his mates claiming beatrice is in love with him, he is sitting on a swing suspended above the stage 

- at one point, the swing spun around the wrong direction and he frantically tried to bum shuffle it around so he could see what was happening 

- one of the characters spat out a sandwich in shock into the audience 

- when benedick said “The prince’s fool??? Ha, it may be I go under that title because i aM MERRY!!!!” he spills his drink into the audience. we laughed and he points to the open air theatre and jokes “It may rain” carries on with his lines and then suddenly…………..IT STARTS FUCKIN’ RAINING 

- dude then blew a kiss at the sky, bless him 

- dogberry was played as flaboyantly gay and had a TINY ADORABLE PUPPY onstage with him called Romeo 

- at one point he loses the puppy and he screams “WHEREFORE ART THOU ROMEO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” before sprinting off stage 

- during half time, he was frantically running through the audience asking, “Have you see a puppy? A tiny puppy??!? ROMEO, I”LL FIND U!” 

- the actor playing benedick also doubled as a member of the prince’s watch and they don’t even try and pretend that you don’t know who he is. Dogberry even goes “don’t i know you from somewhere???” but in this role he only ever speaks samoan 

- there was also a group of girl’s who clearly understood samoan in the crowd, because they would scream with laughter every time he said something 

- when beatrice was overhearing her mates talking about benedick, she literally ended up leaping over a railing and into the audience to avoid behind seen 

- she landed right on a man’s lap. random man wasn’t even phased, and LITERALLY HANDED HER HIS DRINK???? beatrice took a drink. we screamed. my soul transcended 

- beatrice’s antics trying not to be seen also included running through the audience, using people as a shield and holding up a girl’s hair to hide behind 

- at one point claudio impersonates benedick, and the claudio actor was also Pasifika, but like a skinny bean pole compared to the actor playing benedick. so he hastily stuffed a nearby pillow up his shirt 

- when dogberry and verges take down two of the villians, theres an overdramatic and hilarious action scene 

- during the prison scene with the sexton, at one point two sparklers go off for dramatic effect. however, they clearly were going on for too long, because dogberry started hilariously trash talking borachio and conrad to stall for time, dancing around and screaming things like “LOOK!! GOD SMITE’S YOU!! GOD IS SENDING YOU TO HELL! TO HEEEELLLLLLL!!!!!! SO MUCH SMITING IS HAPPENING!!!! ONLY FOR ANOTHER LIKE THIRTY SECONDS THOUGH, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELLLLLLL!!!!!!!” none of the other actors could keep a straight face AT ALL 

- at the very end of the play, he finds Romeo the puppy and the entire audience practically screamed 

- dogberry also got the audience to chime in with the “i am an ass” line and on the last time, there was one audience member who was a bit slow on the uptake, so we all yell “ass!” and then one lone person screams, “ASS!!!!” afterwards and dogberry looks at them like “dUDE, we already did this, keep up.” 

- at one point, thunder interupted one of the lines, and incredibly the next line that had to be said was something like “GOD WATCHES US” 

- literally throughout the entire play, none of the actors could keep a straight face. every time there was an audience interaction or something funny happened, they would crack up and not even try to hide it. poor claudio was practically crying at one point!! 

- the entire thing was set on a Pacific island, so there was a real Pasifika flare to it, which was beautiful and amazing to see 



Hey peeps! So while I was off celebrating my birthday and planning a wonderful day of kallura positivity to create sunshine and flowers and happiness for my beautiful kallura community, I hadn’t noticed that a lot of users (many of whom are mutuals, btw, and are absolutely all around lovely people) were getting upset about a certain concerning “list.” 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, @starryklance made this dope list of “problematic people” who are “gr0ss disgusting sha-la-aladdin shiperz” for all of the sweet little innocent baby antis to block so they can “avoid drama and hate”, and be cleansed of the rotten filth they’ve bestowed upon themselves for ever virtually interacting with a god-forsaken shaladin.  

Well guys, pop out the celebratory cake and bottles of champagne, because yours truly has made the list.  

I’m truly honored, and I’d like to thank the academy, my friends, family, dog, and deceased beta fish named Sparkles, for this huge accomplishment. I never knew that having morals and knowing that it’s okay to ship two fictional cartoon characters would end up landing me on a list of “problematic” users who need to be blocked and disassociated with. I also never knew I was popular enough or that well-known to be put on a list of specific tumblr users. 

This is wild and I’m blown away, and right now, all I can say is I can’t wait to continue shipping Shiro with other characters while having insecure, tiny-braincelled bullies not attack me for violating their little safe space.