god their interaction was so beautiful

Louis reacting to my “Love you no matter what” poster during Don’t Forget Where you Belong :’) Ottawa, 9.8.2015

Some things I need to talk about @ the first three chapters of The Ship of the Dead

 First of all can I say iT’S ALL SO PERFECT??? OMG??? LIKE

- Percy and Magnus’s lowkey like rivalry (kind of)??? Their interactions are just so G O L D E N you know?? Like Percy getting annoyed w/ Magnus and vice versa ahh I love it already <3 aLSO CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT PERCY IN GENERAL


- Percy trying to be serious when teaching Magnus how to like dive

- wait magnus got chomped by a shark

- ….poor mango baby already needs a break smh

- aLEX FREAKING FIERRO THO. SUPPORTING MAGNUS. AND THEY’RE TOTALLY BROS LIKE?? Omg I’m going to be honest,, even though I shipped fierrochase I wasn’t like freaking out about it becoming canon (even though I knew that would be super cute) bUT NOW GUYS,, OMGGG THEY NEED TO HAVE MORE MOMENTS KJDFNDJSKFBSDJFBSDFKLJSIL also Alex’s Latino //sobs// #LatinoPride yES BUT WHY ARE WE JUST NOW FIGURING THIS OUT RICK LIKE ALEX CAN SPEAK SPANISH jhsdbjhsdbfjsdbhjVHGJ THANK YOU JESUS


- also I was SHOOKETH SM WHENEVER THEY BROUGHT UP PERCY’S SISTER I WAS LIKE JKBDJHBSDJFS OMG REALLY???? AHHHH (idk if it was mentioned in toa,, if so,, i wouldnt have know because i haven’t read it ;-;)

- I still believe in the Bianca-got-reincarnated-as-Percy’s-sister headcanon wholeheartedly like i need more Estelle ish in future Riordan books (but pls Rick don’t frick up her life too)

- Annabeth calling Magnus “cuz” saved my life tbh



- guess jacktide is canon now lmao gods why this became kind of canon but not blitzstone yet,, smh you’re letting me down ricky boi no blitzstone is basically cnaon fight me

- Alex called Percy Seaweed Brain. Hell yes, I need more

- Magnus freaking thinking about Annabeth’s future with Percy and knowing he’d be guilty for it ending due to Ragnarok is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL AND SAD OMG??

- so many unexpected feels from these small chapters, my gods


- jack you can’t flirt just stop


- Alex is happy,, repeat, , Alex seems so happy and chill <3 we are blessed

- speaking of which my poor sunshine child mango is like angsty af

- Percy mentioned Magnus should train w/ his team in order to prepare for all the hell they’re about to go to and we see no team bonding exercises like,, how much does a girl have to pay to see the Empty Cup Fam together learning about fighting/teamwork ish with Percy our lord and savior??? i just want to see Voltron level team bonding ok

- “want to come with me to a creepy mansion and look through a dead guy’s stuff?”

“i thought you’d never ask”

guys fierrochase is canon and you can fight me,, also nice pickup line mango you’re worse than Jack

- “fabulously unique” yOU SLAY ALEX!!!! (also Alex’s outfit in this was just yEAS)

- I’m scared to se Randolph tbh,, if he even shows up (which ik he will screw Helheim)

- aw alex and magnus being such adorable book nerds i CANT

- dsjhdfshsdhsdfbuhsdfuhsdhsdhuBHJSDFBJHSDFBJHSDFBHSDFFDF WHY WOLVES????????? smfh brUHH

- also what WAS with that rune/dead wolf in the beginning?? im shook,, hearth save ur son get your rune magic ish in this 

- where the hell are blitz and hearth because they weren’t even in the preview tf rick they better be somewhere peaceful away from all this shit

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Hi! I've seen you mention a few yoi fics on twitter and in conversations and I was wondering if you could make a recommendation post here on tumblr? I've loved all the ones I've seen you talk about so far!!

Thank you so much for asking me this anon. I read SO much yoi fanfic its probably unhealthy, but i would LOVE to share some of my favs with you all! Please make sure to check the tags in all these fics before you start reading though, because alot of what I read is nsfw ;;;

Masquerade by Ashida: In progess (NSFW)

This fic only has two chapters but it literally owns my soul? Its a ganster AU, with victor and yuuri as the main focus ofc, but since there’s only two chapters I dont want to give much away about to plot. Please trust me when I say this is a GOOD fic…

Like your french girls by Ebenroot: Complete

THIS IS THE FIC!! Ya’ll, my thirst for lovesick, sappy, dopey victor can be 100% contributed to this story. It’s an AU where Victor works as an artist and finds his muse in yuuri’s figureskating. They then proceed to fall stupidly in love with each other. This is the epitome of sweet slow burn fluff, I love this fic with all my heart!

Winter song by proantagonist: In progress (NSFW)


Just, please trust when I say that this is GOOD. It explores the growth of yuuri and victors relationship after the kiss at the cup of china and im so lost in this story, the characterization is so on point and the sex is written so well…! I’m in love.

Immaculate Dream, Made Breath and Skin by MC_ McLachlan: Oneshot (VERY NSFW)

This is just straight up porn. Absolutely glorious filth, I had to scape my jaw off the floor when I was done reading it like, SHIT. Yuuri is thristy.

Pretty for Me by blushunder: Oneshot (NSFW)

Sex with feelings. Yuuri is trying on more of Victors old costumes which eventally ends up with victor literally ripping him out of them, and it is HOT. It’s a one hit KO. You literally lose yourself when you read this fic it just completely sucks you in.

Buoyancy by jellyfishfics: Oneshot

Ok I live for yuuri and phichit’s friendship and this fic is like a beautiful lagoon in the middle of a hot dry desert. Its set around ep 10 but its from phichits POV. Phichit is so supportive and good in this, I read this fic at least once and month because I AM DYING………..this interaction is what I live for where are the yuuri and phichit friendship fics I AM CRYING. This fic is a companion piece for another great fic called drowning, but it can be read alone.

Can’t Sleep Love by philatos: Oneshot (NSFW)

More porn, this time featuring some saucy victor like GOD, MY HEART…the dialouge in this is so good, so quintessentially victor and yuuri that its just *clenches fist* so satisfying to read.

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya: In progress (NSFW)

When I started reading this at 2 AM on a monday morning I had no idea I would get as invested as I did. It’s a rival AU where Yuuri and Victor go head to head to try and win gold, and I love every second of it. The way the author writes about yuuri’s determination to WIN has me all kinds of pumped up!

If I put every fic up here that I like this list would be 1000 miles long, so these are just ones that are close to my heart. I hope ya’ll like them as much as I do! <3

A Lion’s Pride - Sebastian Stan x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - So i’m gonna be using the same family if you like from I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa. So the usual Reader, Seb and Izzy.

Sebastian is really not happy when he see’s Tom trying to make a play at his wife. Little does he know it’s not like that at all. Major smut fest ensures.

Jealous Seb x Reader

Warnings: Smutty smut smut.

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things we now know about matthew holt (s4 spoilers)

-he can fucking s e e

-his relationship with shiro was more formal on the kerberos mission than we thought


-the entire alias of “pidge gunderson” is based off of matt (hair, glasses, name, actual intent for the alias, etc.)

-instead of being super protectice of pidge, he was really proud of everything she’s done with team voltron and was really happy for her

-he’s smitten for allura

-super cool and suave big brother

-he has a close relationship with his dad (who even has a secret code language with their dad c’mon)

-know his way around a pole ;))) (i’m sORrY)

-getting into the garrison was the best thing to ever happen to him (other than pidge being born probably)

-he’s the one who originally called katie “pidge”

-he was respectful enough to stop calling her that when she asked him to

-lance lowkey wants him dead now

-he’s a devout and badass rebel officer that was willing to drop everything to help the coalition

-he is currently the only one who knows about keith almost sacrificing himself

-him, hunk, and pidge are the biggest team of nerds ever

-would probably die for pidge (same honestly)

-such a fucking dork oh my god

-beautiful pre and post kerberos mission

-loved and respected by all

in conclusion matt holt is the best thing to happen to this season (lowkey this show too) and i have so much excitement stowed away to see his future character development and how he interacts with the team and aaAAAA

hope-film submitted: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAB!!! You’re really an amazing person who deserves nothing but love and appreciation for everything you do. I first followed you because I wanted more bts content but I really wasn’t expecting you to be as wonderful as you are. Even though i mostly talk to you on anon you’re the absolute best when it comes to interacting with your followers. Never short of the advise, attitude and memes. So really thanks for being you; talented, honest, helpful, sassy, hilarious, inspirational, beautiful and so much more!!

couldn’t get you a cake but hope you enjoy this SAB-wish instead ; ) ♡♡♡♡♡

(sab-wich drawn by @puzzlepeace ^^ )




Cersei and Jaimie told Jon and Sansa the truth + Season 8 Speculation!

I’ve literally been so obsessed in reading all these Jaimie, Cersei, Sansa and Jon metas gifs etc that I wanted to quickly point out something I noticed.

At the beginning of the series Cersei and Jaimie were the only people who told Jon and Sansa the truth about the situations they were in or about to enter into. Unlike Ned and Cat who guarded them and fed into their idealism of this “fantasy adventure” they were about to live, Cersei and Jaimie were honest!

If you think about it both Cersei and Jaimie are the only two characters who would understand completely the positions that Jon and Sansa are in. They also would recognize their naivety. Both Cersei and Jaimie started out just as naive as Jon and Sansa. Cersei married Robert Baratheon thinking she was the luckiest girl in the world to be betrothed to the king. Jaimie took vows to join the Kingsguard thinking it was the greatest honor. Like Jon and Sansa both of their fantasies turn into absolute nightmares. Cersei is stuck in a loveless marriage with a man who continuously cheats on her and sleeps with her with the sole purpose of producing heirs. Jaimie is left with the awful responsibility of guarding a mad and cruel king. When he breaks his vows and kills him for the sake of the kingdom, his reputation is known as the Kingslayer, a man with no honor.

For Sansa, Cersei is the first person in her life that didn’t beat around the bush when it came to explaining Sansa’s role as a women in Westeros. She made it clear that being shipped off to marry for the sake of an alliance is not what it’s cracked up to be. That in most cases it’s done based on duty/expectation not out of love.

For Jon, Jaimie had one scene with him but Jaimie is the first person that asked him if he’s ever killed a man. He also mocked the eliteness of the Night’s Watch and basically says that if Jon doesn’t like it “it’s only for life.” The reason why Jaimie is mocking the Night’s Watch is because everyone knew that the Night’s Watch was no longer held in high regard by society. That was the place where you would send criminals too. So in hindsight, Jaimie was pretty much telling Jon that you should reconsider taking lifelong vows because the Night’s Watch isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I don’t think this is a coincidence and now all four of them ended up learning the hard way.

I find the dynamic between these four characters fascinating and I do think that Jon/Sansa and Cersei/Jaimie parallel each other on completely different ends of the spectrum with different endings. Sansa will be one of the rare women in Westeros who overcomes the cards that’s been handed to her, rises to leadership without evil schemes, and actually gets love. Jon also overcomes the cards that’s been handed to him, gets honor despite breaking his vows, leads the fight against the White Walkers and ends up as king.

Jon and Sansa are the endgame that Cersei and Jamie tragically could never be because of the morals that’ve been instilled in them as Starks and also because of destiny! (Thank God for R+L=J!) I feel that season 8 there are so many potential interactions that can take place between the four of them and I think these relationships matter for the final conclusion of the show.

For Cersei and Sansa it would be a final showdown. The Queen vs the younger more beautiful queen or the student that outsmarted the master for the better. With Jon and Jaimie, they definitely will both be fighting against WW. After reading some really good Jaimie metas with damn good evidence to back it up, I’m pretty convinced that he is the Prince that was Promised and will have the ultimate role of defeating the WW. His story is a story of redemption and I think it would be poetic justice for Jaimie to go from Kingslayer to the Night King slayer, a true hero of Westeros and a man of honor.

I also think that Jon and Jaimie will realize that they have more in common than meets the eye and actually have a mutual respect for each other. Something Ned and Jaimie never had. I think Jaimie might also try and fulfill his vow of protecting Rhaegar’s kids (AKA Aegon TARGARYEN) and might play a role in getting Jon and Sansa together. But again all of this is just speculation.

What do you guys think? Also if anyone can link me to awesome Cersei+Sansa metas or Jamie+ Jon metas I would appreciate it! I seriously can’t get enough.


I. Am. A. Giant. Sap. For. Pure. And. Positive. Sibling. Interactions.

(aka: oh god there’s three of them now and vex and vax love her so much i can’t stand it she’s so important to them she’s important to me she’s beautiful.)

"Shut up and kiss me" (Jason Todd X Reader)

Request: Hi love i was wondering if you can do a jason x reader imagine where the batfam tries to get them both together by coming up with plan to make jason confess his feeling for the reader. So dick ask the reader to be his date to the gala and is extra flirty with the reader with a touch of handsy making jay jealous and pulling the reader aside to talk 😌 im not sure if its good enough i enjoyed your first to works they were amazing 👌👌👌

A/N: Thank you very much!

Dick Grayson was sick and tired of this bullshit. For almost the entire duration of you and Jason’s friendship, ever since he’d introduced Jason to you, the two of you have obviously been in love with the other. It was so obvious even Damian noticed it, and he normally never gave a shit about other people’s relationships.

About an hour ago, Bruce had announced to the family about an upcoming gala in two days and how everyone had to be there blah blah. Dick instantly noticed how Jason was trying to work up the courage to ask you to be his date; but for some reason, Jason, who was possibly one of the bravest people Dick ever knew, was struggling to do what he wanted to. Dick, Tim and Damian watched, with expressions of nonchalance, as Jason paced around the living room, mumbling words to himself. You’d went upstairs for a shower just five minutes ago and Jason had already begun panicking.

“Jason,” Dick said, his voice seriously calm, “if you don’t ask her out after she comes out of the shower, I swear I will…” he stopped, realising that he hadn’t even thought of his threat yet.

“Do what?” Jason asked with a tinge of frustration, his hair messy from running his fingers through it so much.


“He’ll ask (Y/N) out as his date!” Tim blurted out before covering his mouth with his hands.

Jason turned to look at Dick menacingly, “you wouldn’t dare.” His voice was venomous and, to be honest, Dick was on the verge of shitting his pants.

The first Boy Wonder took in a deep breath before looking his successor in the eye and and smirking. “I totally would… and then we’ll start dating and get married and have three kids, “ Dick was just spewing bullshit but he hoped that Jason’s characteristic protection over you would overcome his fear of asking you out.

“Hey guys what’s going on?” Your voice came piped up as you walked down the stairs while drying your hair off with a towel. You eventually made it over to the couch where all the brothers were at. You glanced at each of them, wondering why no one was speaking.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Dick suddenly asked, plastering a charming smile on his face, “would you like to go to the next gala with me?”

You blinked at him, then instinctively glanced over at Jason; his face held no expression but his jaw was clenched with an unnatural tightness. He avoided your gaze. You came to the realisation that, unlike what you hoped, perhaps Jason wasn’t interested in asking you.

“Sure!” You replied to Dick, smiling widely, trying to think on the bright side - at least someone was interested in asking you.

The night before the gala you were in your room, looking through all your dresses, when you heard some noises coming from the room adjacent to yours.

It was coming from Jason’s room.

You stepped out and pressed your ear to the door, holding your breath. From what you could tell, there was only Jason inside and no one else but he was talking to someone? Talking to… himself?

“Cmon… ask (Y/N)… Dick fucking Grayson… fuck…” you struggled to catch a coherent sentence. You were too preoccupied, however, to notice that the voice was getting louder.

The door swung open and you stumbled, losing your footing, and landed against Jason’s chest. Your hands had wrapped themselves around his neck. “Good evening?” You said meekly.

As he simply stared at you with an unreadable expression, your face slowly became flushed when you realised his arms were holding you against him firmly. Your heart was racing and your breathing became uneven. This was nerve wrecking.

“What were you doing eavesdropping?”

“I wasn’t.”

“Then explain why you were leaning against my door.”

“I like the way your door… feels.” You mentally face palmed at your horrible excuse. Jason raised an eyebrow inquisitively before pushing you away from him. Your heart dropped from the sudden lack of contact.

“You should go to bed. Dick’ll probably wake you up extra early to prep for the gala.”

“Oh,” you looked down at your feet, “okay. Well, good ni-” your salutation was rudely interrupted by Jason slamming the door shut.

You wanted to be angry at his sudden cold behaviour towards you but you realised that you were far more sad than pissed. Feeling defeated, you decided to shuffle over to Dick’s room, maybe he could cheer you up.

While you didn’t have any romantic feelings for him, you did love him in some platonic form and you knew he loved you the same way, too. That was the reason why you were surprised at him asking you out for the gala; perhaps he pitied you or he just couldn’t get a date? You scowled at yourself, there was definitely NO way Dick Grayson couldn’t find a date. But then why would-

Your thoughts were cut off when you walked headfirst into Dick’s bedroom door. A second later, the door opened slowly.

“Hey, (Y/N)! What’re you doing here? Couldn’t sleep?” Dick asked, his face was tired but your sudden arrival made sleeping the least of his priorities. You nodded sadly. He let out a sigh before pulling you in for a hug. “Boy trouble?” He whispered jokingly, taken by surprise when you actually nodded yes. He chuckled, his chest vibrating comfortingly against your cheek.

Unbeknownst to the two of you, Jason Todd’s room door was ajar, with him watching your interactions. He felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. Maybe not asking you out was the right choice.

You weren’t fond of galas; too many fake rich folk who had far too much free time on their hands. You sipped on some champagne as you stood in the corner of the ballroom, waiting for Dick to return from getting some snacks.

You were unknowingly being watched by Jason as he stood a few feet away from you. He didn’t mean to stare but, god, you looked so beautiful. Your hair was in a ponytail, your dress was plain and simple and your face was almost makeup-less but you still stood out more than the others; at least to him you did.

The man watched as his older adoptive brother returned to you, his hands instantly reaching for your waist, pulling you closer to him. Jason swore he saw you blush a little.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look this evening?” Dick said charmingly. You could spot several women giving you death glares of pure jealousy from behind him. You were really lucky to have him as your date but, still, you wished it was someone else.

“Many times, yes,” you replied, laughing. He smiled in return before placing a hand on your cheek.

“I know you want Jason to be here with you, not me,” he said, his voice suddenly going low. Before you could protest, he continued. “It’s alright, I totally get it. I asked you out for a reason anyways, give it some time and you’ll see what I mean. By the way, may I kiss you?”

You raised an eyebrow at him.

“In a platonic way, I swear. Trust me, (Y/N).”

He shot you a puppy dog look and you sighed in defeat. One kiss wouldn’t kill, right? So, you nodded.

Dick smirked and glanced to his side for a split second before reaching in slowly. He still had one hand holding your cheek, the other was around your waist, rubbing your back a little.

You closed your eyes and leaned forward before you felt him being pulled away violently from you. Gasps could be heard from all around the ballroom and the violinists stopped playing their music abruptly. Your eyes snapped open as you saw Jason holding Dick up by his collar; his face was enraged while Dick’s was playful and knowing.

“Jason!” You cried, pulling him away from your date. “What’s the matter with you?”

He turned to you, still glaring, before grabbing you by your hand firmly but carefully. He pulled you out of the ballroom and far away from the main crowd.

“Jason, please explain what the hell just hap-” He cut you off with his lips. He pulled you against him, just like the night before outside his bedroom, and deepened the kiss.

He pulled away; his lips a little swollen, his hair in a mess and his cheeks all red. You guessed you looked pretty much the same.

“(Y/N),” he started, a little out of breath, “I love you. I wanted to ask you out for the gala because I’ve been in love with you for so fucking long but for some reason I just couldn’t ask. I-”

You grabbed him by the collar and pulled his face dangerously close to yours. “Shut up and kiss me, Jason Todd.”

“It’ll be my pleasure.”



Gideon in a Nutshell

A Story of Silence

Hixus: “You look sad, boy.”

What Gideon is thinking: I could be because my father abandoned me before I was born. My mother died a few years after. I had to join a gang to survive. We stole from the rich and gave to the poor because my sense of justice didn’t feel comfortable simply stealing things. Then, I got arrested for trying to survive and for doing the right thing.

What Gideon says: “I didn’t sleep all too well last night. I’m fine.”

Later, when harpies and cyclopses attack the prison

Hixus: “Gideon, can I trust you to go grab your friends and help me fight off these attackers?”

What Gideon is thinking: About time I get to show the world my passion for justice! Of course I’ll come back. I never abandon the people who count on me.

What Gideon Says: “Sure.”

Later, on Bant

The Angels and Knights of Bant: “You seem disoriented. Are you unwell?”

What Gideon is thinking: My arrogance cost me the life of my closest friends. Immediately afterwards, I was thrown into an entirely new world. I’m lonely and afraid, mourning my friends, questioning my beliefs and ideals, adjusting to a new plane, and building a new life for myself. Of course I’m disoriented!

What Gideon Says: “Nah. Just a little lightheaded. It’ll pass.”

Later, on Diraden

Prince Velrav: “Are you afraid of what I have prepared for you, Planeswalker?”

What Gideon is thinking: I’ve fallen in love with a woman you’re forcing to marry you. I’m strapped to my death bed as you prepare to suck my blood in an attempt to take my Planeswalker spark. OF COURSE I’M AFRAID!

What Gideon Says: “I fear nothing.”

Later, on Regatha

Chandra: “Feeling guilty for handing me over to your stupid order of Heliud?”

What Gideon is thinking: My sense of duty and loyalty compelled me to quite possibly lead Chandra to her doom. Who am I? What do I really believe in?

What Gideon Says: “I hope you survive the Purifying Fire, Chandra.”

Later, on Zendikar

The Zendikari: “You look tired, Gideon. You okay?”

What Gideon is thinking: I’ve been taking on the Shatter Gang Brothers by myself AND the Eldrazi. I haven’t slept or had a full meal in days.

What Gideon Says: “I’m just a little tired.”

Later, after the Battle of Sea Gate

The Zendikari: “You look tense, Gideon. You alright?”

What Gideon is thinking: I’m in charge of an entire army fighting against the Eldrazi. Every single decision I make will be the difference between losing dozens of soldiers or hundreds of soldiers. No matter what choice I make, people will die. Try to understand the kind of pressure I’m under right now!

What Gideon Says: “I’m just excited for the upcoming battle.”

Later, on Innistrad

Jace: “You alright, Gideon? You look like you’ve got something on your mind.”

What Gideon is thinking: I let my arrogance cause the death of the last tight knit group of friends I was a part of. My self confidence and esteem are ground into dust. I have no one I can talk to about this without compromising the faith the members of the Gatewatch have in me.

What Gideon Says: “I’m getting myself mentally prepared for the fight.”

Later, on Ravnica

Nissa: “You look uncomfortable, Gideon.”

What Gideon is thinking: “I’m… not fighting? What am I supposed to do with my life without something to fight? I’m lost and confused. For once I have time to have some introspection and I’m terrified of what I’m seeing. There’s no battle to distract myself with! What. Is. Downtime!?!?

What Gideon Says: “I want to stretch out my muscles. Train with me?.”

Later, on Kaladesh

Ajani: “I sense that you are in distress, Gideon.”

What Gideon is thinking: I’m having trouble finding my purpose, the purpose of my team, right now. We’re fighting against the Consulate when we should be going after Tezzeret. I’m just questioning my ideals and life choices… again. I feel lost.

What Gideon Says: “I’m strategically analyzing our forces to optimize our movements.”


Chandra: “You look all sweaty, Gids.”

What Gideon is thinking: She’s talking to me! Oh gods! Okay. Okay. Just. Take it easy. Relax. Play it cool. Just be yourself. Oh, wow. She’s got beautiful eyes. She’s just so attractive. Stop it! Keep your mind clear. Just play it cool.

What Gideon Says: “Not used to this heat, is all.”

Later, on Amonkhet

Liliana: “What’s got you all bouncy and excited, beefslab?”

What Gideon is thinking: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! There. Are. Gods! Here! Gods that interact with the people even! I feel my existential crisis returning…

What Gideon Says: “Just admiring the architecture.”

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Hey J, Idk if you're doing prompts today, if you're not, do you have some headcanons about Alex and Maggie being the best queer mommas ever? Cause I love Adrian (#GiveAdrianHisOwnShow) and all your other OCs. Hope you're having a great day

So I have a few other prompts for Alex and Maggie being badass queer mommas, so rest assured I will be getting in another story about that at some point in the relatively near future, but I feel like finishing the night (and heading back to grading o.O) on a headcanon note, so… *drumroll*….

- Adrian always calls Maggie by her name, not Mom or Mama, because his bio mom is super supportive and he has a great relationship with her (and his dad). But whenever he introduces her to his friends, it’s always “my queer mama” or, sometimes, in front of Alex – just to watch them both squirm – he’ll be a complete little shit and introduce them collectively as “my newly-out queer mama Alex and my Certified Gay queer daddy Maggie.” They squirm and Alex blushes so hard and they give him a variety of retorts (”Adrian, that was that one time you walked in, come on, man”, “you say anything like that in front of Winn and I will never let you ride on the back of my bike again”, or “you are officially on dishes duty the next two hundred dinners we have together”), but they always have incredible sex that night.

- Adrian starts bringing people from his college – and sometimes, off the streets and from clubs and sometimes, from his old high school – to Alex/Maggie’s, and eventually it gets to be an almost weekly thing, where Adrian will bring young queer misfits to their place for dinner to see what a healthy queer relationship looks like; to get a decent home cooked meal; to crash on the couch for a night or five; to realize that they can, honestly, be loved.

- The kids that Adrian brings to meet them are usually at least in high school, but one time he brings a seven year old trans girl with her big brother, and Maggie absolutely melts as she watches Alex kneel in front of the girl and tell her how beautiful she looks, and offers her her hand and asks if she like potstickers and donuts, because look what they have in the kitchen just for her. Maggie’s never wanted kids, as much as she loves them, but watching Alex with that little girl? She thinks maybe one day, they’ll foster, or adopt. Adrian catches her look, and he sees the same one in Alex’s eyes when Maggie takes her turn entertaining the girl, zooming her around the living room on her back while she giggles herself into hiccups and her older brother laughs gratefully.

- Some nights, they order in for the queers Adrian brings in. But most nights, they’ll cook. More specifically, Maggie and Adrian will cook, and Alex will steal pieces of veggies and such from their chopping board and pots and pans. Adrian has his own little cabinet of cooking supplies, including is “Kiss the Cook, He’s Hot, Just Look at Him” apron that Maggie got him when he first came out, in Maggie’s apartment, and he gets one in Alex’s eventually, too. He gets two entire cabinets to himself when his queer mamas move in together. (He helps, of course.)

- Adrian plans a massive surprise to-do with Kara and with the kids that Alex, Maggie, and Supergirl work with at the queer youth shelter for Alex and Maggie’s third anniversary. Alex refuses to cry in front of all these kids, but Maggie loses it completely. Which in turn makes Alex cry. James snaps beautiful photos of Kara holding Alex and Adrian holding Maggie amidst all the balloons and signs the kids put together, surrounded by awwwwing and we love youing kids. Alex almost forces him to delete them, but he makes her look at them first, and they really are beautiful, and she demands he send them to her, and only her, immediately. She and Maggie treasure them forever.

- They come to speak at Adrian’s college in Star City about healthy queer communication, and the event is packed, and Maggie, in response to an enthusiastic series of questions, gives an impromptu, interactive lecture on safe, consensual wlw BDSM that has Alex blushing but nodding at her to go ahead, speak freely, because god her face is burning, but she’s also smiling so hard, because Maggie is perfect and god, these kids need to know all this.

- When Adrian and his first girlfriend break up, he spends a week at their apartment, eating potstickers with Kara and consuming vegan ice cream by the pint. His parents come over to have dinner with all of them, because their little boy is sad and he should be surrounded by all of his parents, not just some of them, and if he falls asleep in between Alex and Maggie in Alex’s massive bed some nights, none of them talk about it but none of them complain, because it feels like family, and it feels like he’s their child, and it feels, perfectly, like home.

- Alex asks Adrian’s permission before she proposes to Maggie, and Adrian goes into utter panic mode because Maggie had been talking to him about buying a ring for Alex for weeks now. They’ve talked about getting married, of course, but they’d both been deliberately vague with each other about the actual proposal, and Adrian calls Kara in a tizzy to try to figure out what to do. They wind up nudging Alex and Maggie both – separately – in the direction of the same proposal plan, so they both wind up in the same place at the same time with rings in their jacket pockets, and of course they bicker about who gets to propose, and it winds up being about whose jurisdiction they’re in, and Adrian and Kara just laugh in the background, begging them to just say yes to each other already.

Mirror of the Soul: Part 9 (Loki x Reader)

Note: Clint is a babe. That’s all I have to say. Let me know what you think or if you want to be tagged! I love hearing from you - I really do want to know what you liked or disliked about this!

Words: 1890

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist

One of the best parts of the week was definitely take out night. Tony would order in the most incredible food and he’d always order so much that there would be enough food in the fridge to feed the entire group for a days. Tonight, you’d been blessed with pizza but you just weren’t in the mood to sit around and chat to everyone.

You showed your face long enough to grab a few slices then, much to the disappointment of the others, made a hasty retreat. However, you didn’t head to your room. Instead, you made your way up one of the service staircases. Tony knew you used these back routes so had started extending JARVIS’s scanners to cover the space but you kept finding new spots to hide in.

You’d also started learning how to disable the existing scanners to make new hiding holes too, although you definitely weren’t going to tell your uncle that. Whilst he’d be impressed that you were hacking his systems, Tony wouldn’t be happy that you were putting yourself into a situation where, should something bad happen, you’d have no way to call for help.

Still, the thought of your uncle’s disapproving glare hadn’t stopped you yet.

Carefully carrying your plate of pizza up the stairs, you soon reached a little hidden balcony that overlooked the common room. From here you could look down on the Avengers and enjoy the conversation without feeling bad about saying nothing.

The evening progressed pretty uneventfully. Steve and Tony argued over the last slice of pizza like usual. Thor and Loki sat in the corner chatting away about old times while Natasha and Clint threw knives at the wall in an attempt to determine who had the best aim (it turned out neither, since Loki managed to beat them both without even turning to face the target). Bruce simply sat back to watch the madness like an amused parent keeping an eye on their kids.

Somewhat curiously, Clint was the first to get up and leave. Usually he stuck around well into the night so you wondered what was important enough to get him to go first. No one else in the group thought it strange behaviour, though, and they just waved him off with a few good night calls.

By this point, your eyes were starting to get tired so you took off your glasses and leant back against the concrete wall. The scene below you suddenly changed as the shimmers of your friends’ souls began to appear around them. You couldn’t explain the emotion but it was like welcoming back an old friend.

You’d forgotten how much you’d relied on these manifestations before. The way the lights interacted with each other told you so much more about how close people could be; there was such love in the group for one another, it was stunning. Watching the colours mix, swirling around and following the pace of the conversation, you realised how much you were missing.

               "I’m surprised you managed to find this place,“ a voice said, pulling your mind away from the abstract beauty below. "Can I join you?”

You swung your head around and saw Clint poking his head around the corner. Your initial reaction was to send him away but, seeing as he’d climbed through a few rather tight spaces to find you here, you decided to let him stay.

He crawled in to the small balcony, handing over two large cushions and a blanket. “Figured you’d be getting uncomfortable cooped up here, so I came bearing gifts.”

               "Thanks, Clint,“ you muttered, opening the tub of ice cream that he’d also managed to carry up to you. You almost looked over to him before remembering that you’d taken your glasses off, and you weren’t quite ready to put them back on yet.

Instead you just watched the light of his soul out of the corner of your eye. It was an unusual combination of orange and indigo, each vying for dominance. Of course, both represented admirable traits and you let them fill the small space, providing a gentle, content hum to the air.

               "You could have joined us for dinner, you know. We all love having you around. It’s so great to see you up and about. Nat says it’s like you’ve had a new lease of life since Tony perfected those glasses.”

               "I want to spend time with you all, honestly, but I’m much more of an observer. It’s easier for me to sit back and let conversation flow over me.“ You let out a sigh, knowing that you weren’t articulating your point as well as you’d hoped. "I’m just not used to being a part of a group. I feel rude sitting in silence and just listening.”

Clint shook his head, resting a hand on your knee. “If you ever feel uncomfortable, you should let us know, Y/N. We just want you to feel part of the family. It’s okay to sit in silence. Banner does it all the time and we’ve not thrown him out yet.”

               "I know. And I do feel like part of the family.“ The orange swirls around Clint lit up at your admission and practically danced around you in joy. It made you smile until you remembered that this was the beauty that you were sacrificing in order to live a normal life.

               "Do you want to talk about it?” Clint asked, pretending to be fully focused on his own pot of ice cream as he actually watched your face drop.

You realised he had no idea why you were up here but wanted to help in whatever way he could. In all honesty, he already had, just by turning up with these small comforts. Even though you didn’t want to trouble him with your inner thoughts, you found yourself doing just that. “I never thought I would but I miss seeing the souls.”

               "That’s a pretty reasonable response, Y/N. You’ve spent most of your life with this extra sense and now you’re living without. It isn’t easy to lose something you rely on. I understand how you’re feeling.“

               "It’s easier for you. Your hearing aids give you back what you lost. You got that sense back. These glasses save my life but take my gift away. My powers feel like they are just out of my reach, but I know they’re still there. It’s like having something waved in front of you just to be ripped away.”

Cilnt let out a sigh and you realised just how quickly you’d dismissed the hardships he must have been through. You immediately apologised; after all, he’d been nothing but kind to you since you’d arrived at the Tower. “I’m sorry. I know it must have been hard for you.”

               "It still can be, at times,“ Clint divulged, taking another spoonful of ice cream. "Yes, they gave me back my hearing but it’s not the same. The world feels distorted. And sometimes, my brain can’t cope with it. All the extra information that it’s no longer hardwired to process hurts.”

               "What do you do when it gets too much?“

               "I take out my hearing aids and embrace the silence.” Noticing that you’d stopped eating your ice cream, Clint reached over and swapped your tubs over. “Here, try this one. It’s much nicer.”

You smiled at the gesture, wondering why you’d never really hung out with Clint before. He was exceptionally perceptive - a trait you admired, being able to inexplicably understand things about you people yourself.

               "That’s better,“ he said, kicking your foot when he saw your smile. "I can’t pretend to know anything about your powers, Y/N, but I can say that sometimes you just need to accept the hand you’ve been dealt.”

               "What are you trying to say, Clint?“

               "You need to use the powers you’ve been given. I don’t mean running around without your glasses on and wantonly putting yourself into dangerous situations but, occasionally, sit back and enjoy the view. Just don’t tell Tony that it was my suggestion if he catches you in the act.”

You nodded, both promising not to put the blame on him but also to take his advice. “How did you know I was up here, Clint? I know for a fact that this spot isn’t covered by JARVIS’s sensors.”

               "It’s one of my own hiding places. I saw a shadow up here when I was downstairs eating and figured it had to be you. You’ve managed to get quite a reputation for sneaking around these back staircases.“

You shrugged, trying to hold back the smirk on your face. "Tony always said I had a talent of ending up in places I shouldn’t be.”

               "Nothing wrong with that,“ Clint pointed out, swapping the ice cream tubs back again. Stretching out as far as he could in the tight space, pulling the blanket over his own legs, he said, "Can I ask you a question?”

               "Sure,“ you replied, not really paying attention. You were watching Thor and Loki joking around in the common room. It was amazing to watch the way their souls interacted. With every taunt, their souls would battle for supremacy around them in the way that you only ever saw in families. For two such damaged souls, there was a lot of love there.

Following your gaze, Clint smiled to himself and muttered, "I think I already have my answer.”

Before the logical part of your brain could stop you, you whipped your head around to face him. Thankfully, Clint was far more alert than you and he shoved a pillow in your face just in time to stop you from making eye contact with him.

Pushing his arm away, you turned back towards the common room and rolled your eyes. “Next time, cover yourself rather than trying to smother me.”

               "And hide this beautiful face from the world?“ he chuckled. "So, are you and Loki… You know?”

               "God, you’re such a child.“

               "I knew it! Tell me everything!”

Your only response was to kick him. Hard. So hard in fact that you were pretty sure everyone in downstairs in the common room heard Clint swear at you. They swung their heads in your direction but no-one other than Natasha realised what they were looking at. You couldn’t see for certain but, judging by the way the crimson ribbons around her rippled with amusement, she just rolled her eyes and continued her conversation with Steve.

Giving Clint a death stare without actually making eye contact - a difficult feat but one you’d perfected after many long years of practise - you hissed, “Secret hiding place, Clint. As in, don’t give away its position by shouting.”

               "You’re so vicious,“ he said almost proudly.

               "Yeah, I’ve heard. Tony tells me that every time I hit him.” You reached down and grabbed your glasses, slipping them back on and turning to Clint. With a tinge of sadness, you watched as the bright colours around him faded away.

Leaning across the small space, you pulled him into a gingerly hug. “Thanks for the ice cream. And for the advice. I really appreciate it.”

               "Any time, Y/N. Whatever you need from us, we’ll always be there for you. You’re part of the family now. You couldn’t get rid of us if you tried.“

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Genre: fluff, domestic fluff

Words: 8.7k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: swearing 

Summary: YouTube Notification: danisnotinteresting is now LIVE! / A.k.a. A Dan and Phil joint live-show that no one was expecting

A/N: This is an experiment and more of a character study than a fic :D

I wrote this as a Dan and Phil character study, but it ended up turning out much longer and much cuter than originally intended, so I felt compelled to post it for you guys :3 But, yeah, do keep in mind that this was written as a character study :3

And it’s also written in the same style as “SURPRISING AMAZINGPHIL!”, so it’s in a script-format. 

It’s also written in conjunction with “A Mutual Agreement”, “See You Smile Again”, and “I’ll Never Let You Go”, so if you want to read those first, you can, but I’m pretty sure you all can read it as a stand-alone. 

That was a long explanation lol but I hope you all enjoy :D

(And I’ll go back to posting requests tomorrow)

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unexpectedly charming

Before Season 2 of Voltron came out, I had read an article that had mentioned there would be several bonding moments between Keith and Allura, and as a pretty invested Klance and Shallura shipper, I was skeptical. I really was. I figured if it happened, it would happen, and I would just deal with it.

The last thing I expected was to like Kallura even a little bit, let alone be completely charmed by it.

(gif credit to the marvelous @flusteredkeith!)

Not only had Keith and Allura barely interacted, I didn’t really have a grasp on Keith (there were assumptions, of course, which I used to inform the way I wrote him in fic)- so going in, I had a lot of reservations. You could even call it a low-key notp, because I didn’t want them to get together just because they had been together in the original series. It didn’t make sense to me, given the interaction they had had up to that point.

But then some of my friends started watching season 2, and when I asked two of them about shipping moments, as I am wont to do, they both mentioned Kallura…and that it was actually kind of cute. And charming. And the all in all, they didn’t hate it.

I was intrigued. So I went into watching Season 2 with an open mind, and I discovered that it really was kind of cute. And the more I thought about it, the further I fell, and I really wanted to figure out why.

So I’ve decided to do the only thing I can do when I’m overwhelmed by feelings about something: write about it.

So here goes: a little meta essay (read: roughly 4,700 words with copious screenshots and gifs inserted for visual interest) on how I fell for Kallura, and why I’m interested in its potential, and why I think it’s worth giving a shot!

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My one request for season 8.

I want something that confirms this ship is sailing forwards. 

Not that I don’t appreciate the fleeting moments, stolen glances, hugs, forehead kisses, etc. It’s just…it’s been 7 seasons and I’m getting blue balls here.

Like, come one writers, level with me here, I’m not even asking for Carol and Daryl to kiss, I just want an almost kiss y’know? 

I don’t mind a convenient cock block (be it walkers, Rick, uproar, what-the-fuck-ever) but I just want that moment. That moment where no one can argue whether or not these beautiful turtledoves are canon because they were so god damn close to initiating it, just a fucking whisper away from a kiss that it’s painted black and white.

I feel like as shippers, we don’t ask for much, nor do we expect it. Take the season 8 promo photo for example, people were internally screaming that they were even pictured in the same shot. We analysis and cherish every interaction they’ve ever had and we thank you for it.

But seriously…I need more now

I mean a kiss would make me flatline, an almost kiss is all I’m wanting to get me through these long nights. 

Once that has been finally initiated, everything else has to fall into place. A conversation has to be had about what is happening between them and where things are going (then things can actually get going thank you very much).

I need an awkward Daryl and blushing Carol.

Anyway that’s my request for season 8. I feel like we deserve this. 

Caryl on, the best is yet to come.