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Show Me Love 13

Bucky Barnes x Read, Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Plot: You really needed to stop asking Nat for romantic advice.  Didn’t you learn your lesson the first time?

Warnings: Angst, breakup feels, Pietro x reader DON’T HATE ME, also a bit of fluff thrown in, 

A/N: GIFS AREN’T MINE. God bless Y'all for stickin with my melodramatic ass.  We’ve got two parts left.  Think it’ll all fall back into place?

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It hadn’t been easy the first few days.

Moving out was comparable to ripping your heart out of your god damn chest.

Not only did you have to pack up your clothes and such, but you also had to take your ornaments off the tree. By the time you were done, the sight was pathetic. A half dressed tree that threatened to fall over at any moment from lack of balance.

Nat and Wanda had helped you, the three of you getting done with enough time to do a second thorough sweep. You didn’t want to forget anything. Didn’t want to have to face him again.

Maybe it was cowardly, but you had fucking earned that cowardliness.

You gave your heart to the man, and he had thrown it in the dust.

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Ugly Duckling 

Imagine: Gladys “Juniper” Jones is the twin sister of Jughead. The two are pretty similar; they dress alike, act alike, and overall are definitely twins. One day Juniper decides to dress a little more outside of her comfort zone, and faces the harsh repercussions. 

A/N: Om my god, I love Riverdale so much. Jughead is my smol bean that I will protect at all costs! Honestly, though all the characters are so great (looking  😏) and I can’t get enough. I have already fallen head over heels for this fandom and have decided to write an imagine. This is going to a multi-part fic, with some Reggie action because honestly, Reggie is just precious. This part doesn’t give him some good light, but just wait and it will get good.

Veronica places a small piece of cloth on my lap. I hold the shirt at arm’s length and examine it. It is very small. Holding it against my chest it doesn’t even reach my belly button. “I’m not going to take no for an answer,”

I scrunch my nose looking at my reflection. “It’s kinda small,”

“That’s the point,” Veronica rests her chin on my shoulder. I lock gazes with her reflection. A sigh escapes her lips. “Okay, here,”

She pulls a denim jacket from her closet to pair with the shirt. Betty chimes in from her spot on Veronica’s bed. “Now we definitely aren’t taking a no,”

“Fine,” Betty and Veronica squeal simultaneously.

~ ~ ~

The next morning I stare at the front of the school apprehensively. Should I even go in? I pull at the hem of the crop top that barely grazes my belly button. I release one last breath and walk into school. Heads turn as I walk past and I receive many incredulous stares.

“DAMN!” Veronica and Betty are at the end of the hall walking over. Veronica scans my outfit. “Juni, you’re so hot!”

I can feel the heat creeping up my neck. Betty takes me by the shoulders giving me her signature warm smile. “She’s right, Juni! You look amazing,”

“Juni is that you? You look so hot!” Kevin walks up and pushes Betty aside to get a good look at my outfit. “If I wasn’t gay you’d definitely be on my list,”

“Thanks, guys,” I adjust the strap on my shoulder and head down the hall. The other fall in step behind me. “I’m just worried what Jughead will think,”

“You didn’t see him?”

“Not exactly, I’ve kinda been avoiding him,” Veronica slaps my shoulder. Just then the first bell rings and I back away from the group. “I’ll see you guys later!”

For the remainder of the day, I get other compliments along the lines of ‘you look great’ and ‘nice outfit’. Some guys were a little more outright and said ‘you look hot’ but I appreciated the compliments nonetheless. It’s weird to see the reaction after changing from my normal attire of jeans and a t-shirt.

Since Jughead is working on the Blue and Gold with Betty and will be out late, I have to catch a ride with our friend Archie. My gaze is on the floor as I amble down the hallway towards the locker room.

“Hey, Wednesday Addams!” My body tenses when I hear the familiar nickname. I quicken my pace trying to flee the situation. My hands clench into tight fists.  “Guys, I don’t think twisted twin here heard us,”

Chuck and his Goons quickly surround me and corner me against a locker. Chuck’s gaze travels across my body sending chills down my spine. “Nice outfit,”

No words come out of my mouth. Unlike my brother who has a way with words, my brain short circuits in situations like these leaving me mute. “Too bad you’re just an ugly duckling thinking she can be a swan,”

The laughter from the group of guys surrounding me sounds like hammers against my skull. My heart pounds against my chest and my breathing quickens. “You know what, though?”

Chuck leans on the locker beside me so that his face is only millimeters from mine. “Do you like maple syrup?”

“You would really get with trailer trash like that?” Moose furrows his brows staring at me like I am just dirt under his feet. I swallow the lump in my throat. Please, just go away.

“Here’s the thing about trash. You use it once and then throw it away,” The guys erupt in laughter patting Chuck on his back for his clever word-play. I use this moment as a chance to break away.

I run to the boys’ locker room only a few doors away, hoping that Archie is still here. The locker room is oddly quiet when I walk in. “A-archie?”

When there is no response I realize that I’m alone. I lean my head back against a locker and sink to the ground. Tears roll down my cheeks. I bury my head in my arms rested on my knees. Why was I stupid enough to dress like this?

“Juniper?” I jump to my feet as Reggie emerges from behind a locker. He looks at the tears on my cheeks which I wipe away with the sleeve of my jacket.

“What? Are you here to finish off the job? Tell me I am delusional for thinking I could ever dress nice, could be anything other than trash you will throw away? I think your goons got that covered,”

I storm out of the locker room. My body hits something hard. Jughead takes my face in his hands holding it up for inspection. “What happened?”

“J-juggie. I-I just couldn’t d-do anything,” I choke out between sobs. Jughead buries my face in his chest rubbing my back. I soak his shirt with tears.

“It’s okay, Junie. I’ll fix it,”

Home to Me (2)

Here’s part 2! It’s a set a little bit after part one. I cannot wait to share part three. Which is again set very far after part 2. Thanks for reading. I have two more fics to edit and post!!!

part one

“My gods Cassian stop leaving your shit in the middle of the hallway!” Nesta had had enough of tripping over weapons and books. His clothing was always laying around their room. He never picked up after himself. It was like living with a toddler. An overgrown toddler.

Three months, they had been living together for all of three months. Everything had been going great. At least Cassian thought so. Sure they had stupid little fights, but he could usually make her laugh with a kiss, pull her in and make her stop yelling as easily as she had started. The cottage was their safe place. The one place where Nesta was finally starting to let down her guard.

And Cassian had never been as happy as he was living in that tiny town. Sure Velaris had been his home for years, almost as long as he could remember one. But this town, with Nesta at its center, it was where he belonged. Because he would follow her to the ends of the earth, if only she would let him.

It wasn’t raining. The sky was bright and blue. The wind picked up slightly as Nesta yelled once more at his gear he had left lying around. Cassian walked towards the living room, her glare cut through him. He knew he was in trouble, but he didn’t realize how bad it was until he got to her.

“Yes sweetheart?” usually he could use his charm and get out of trouble. But today Nesta had been pushed to the edge. She had hit her foot on the hilt of his sword. She swore, bouncing on her uninjured foot, as he came into the room and threw a book at his head.

“Why must you be a child? Why can’t you clean up after yourself?”

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?” He stepped towards her and she growled.

“Just go,” she waved her hand, “this isn’t working. Just. Go Cassian.”

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kawaiihana  asked:

I been meaning to ask. Does fox hux leave little red hairs all over the house? Kylo wears all black so he must have to spend a good amount of time with a lint brush or roller. He must get upset if the hair gets into his mouth or kylo doesn't really care because it reminds him of his fox? Maybe he has a little roomba to help with the fur. It must get worst with the kits and techie family coming daily for dinner.

hahahaha oh my god that’s such a cute image though!

Kylo putting on his favourite black sweater and cuddling on the couch with Hux, who’s wafting his tail all over the place because he’s happy, and it’s only when Kylo gets up to fetch them drinks that he realises he’s covered in orange hairs. They’re itchy too! But he doesn’t mind when they’re on his clothes. He wouldn’t trade Hux’s bushy tail for the world 💕

This was requested by @theererifairy. I hope you like it!

Levi massaged his temples gently. Erwin had given him extra paperwork, and so he’d worked extra late completing it. As Levi stood up from his desk to head into bed, his door was thrown open.

Eren was standing there in his night clothes holding a feather duster.

“Brat, it’s late and I’m tired so someone better have died.” Levi said grumpily.

Eren said nothing. He only walked into the office and proceeded to dust the top of Levi’s head.

“Brat, what-”

“Got…to keep….it clean…for Heichou.” Eren mumbled out sleepily. Levi smirked as he threw Eren over his shoulder and carried him back to bed.

Day two.

“What the hell shitty glasses?” Levi said under his breath as he finished cleaning his office. She’d tracked mud all through it and left God only knew what on his desk. He placed his cloth neatly back into the drawer and he got changed into his night clothes. Just as he’d relaxed into his bed, he felt something wrap around his torso.


“Brat, wha-”

“I’ll…I’ll defend you…from the titans…. I’ll be your personal Wall Sina….Heichou.” Levi smirked again as he picked Eren up and carried him back to his room.

Day three.

Levi awoke in the middle of the night. He’d found it hard to sleep recently, and tea was the only thing that seemed to help. Shuffling to the kitchen, he was a little shocked at the sight before him.

Eren was pouring tea very sloppily. He was a also mumbling to himself.

“Black…..Heichou likes black tea…..Black like his hair…..Black like his soul……If I added sugar…..Would he be sweeter?…….He’s very sweet inside……..especially his ass………and his skills…..” Levi gently shook Eren awake.

“Eren? Are you ok?”

“H-Heichou? What am I doing in here?”

“I think you sleepwalk Eren.”

Eren froze. “Sleepwalk? What have I done?”

“Well, the first night you came to my office and rubbed a feather duster on my head, saying you needed to "Clean it for Heichou.” Last night you climbed into bed next to me saying you’d be my “personal Wall SIna.” And now you’ve made tea.“ Levi said bluntly.

Eren had buried his face in his hands. "I am so sorry Heichou." he said, his voice muffled slightly by his hands.

Levi pulled him into a hug. "It’s alright Eren. It was quite cute, and you clean better asleep than Shitty Glasses does awake.”

Eren buried his face in the Captain’s shirt from embarrassment. “Please tell me no one else knows about this.”

“Only me brat. Only me.”

“I have waited since SPRING’s deep, long slumber for her to return! Now that the cold days of winter have passed, I shall greet SPRING with celebration! But not with just any celebration… a CELEBRATION worthy of a STAR!”

Karamatsu poses, rushes out of the room, and in a few seconds, he—

Oh no.

He looks like a walking flower, but WORSE. He’s wearing, black skin-tight clothes with giant feathers that explode at all the worse joints—his hips, ankles, wrists, and the worst of it was around his neck. His head was buried in bright pink, giant feathers that were shedding all over the place—and where those LIGHTS in that god-awful feather collar—?!

WELCOME BACK, oh my 𝒷𝑒𝒶𝓊𝓉𝒾𝒻𝓊𝓁 𝓈𝓅𝓇𝒾𝓃𝑔!”

What Book Do You Need?

Just a quick smutty Dean x reader drabble. Thanks to @mysaintsasinner​ for looking over this for me. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. 😄

Shifter hunts were awful. You always ended up covered in slime, desperate for a hot shower, and your muscles tense and sore from the fight. The moment Dean pulled the impala into a park at the motel he darted into the room, taking possession of the only shower. You stood awkwardly on the tiles of the kitchenette waiting for Dean to finish up, trying not to get the filth from your clothes all over the place. Thank god he was always quick in the shower. After five minutes Dean emerged, wrapped in a big, fluffy robe.
“All yours, Sweetheart.” He winked as he made himself comfortable on the bed.

Once locked in the bathroom, you peeled off layer after layer of sloppy clothing and stepped under the showers hot stream. The pressure was absolutely perfect on your aching muscles. You were silently thankful that the only motel with vacancies was a high-class place. After ten minutes, the bathroom was filled with steam and you were relaxed, clean and sleepy. You reached for a clean robe to nestle yourself into, only to find an empty hook. Shit. You didn’t check for one before your shower and you didn’t bring any clean clothes in with you. Looking around the bathroom you finally see one of Dean’s clean shirts. That’d have to do for now. More appropriate than waltzing out in only a towel, for sure.
As you pulled it over your shoulders, you caught your reflection in the mirror. The shirt flowed down to your upper thighs, covering your ass by a few inches. Ehh, good enough.

You walked back into the room and Dean’s jaw dropped.
“You’re on my bed, Dean.”
“Oh… uh, sorry… I just needed a… a book from your bag. T-the one about… uhh… fuck… is… is that my shirt?”
“Oh, yeah, sorry. I left my clothes out here, I thought there was another robe. This was the only clean thing that wasn’t a towel. Do you need it back?” You flashed him an embarrassed smile.
“Well, as much as suits you, it’s kinda my last clean shirt.”
You rummaged through your bag, quickly finding your jeans and tugged them on under the plaid shirt. After turning away from Dean and quickly unbuttoned the shirt and pulled your tank top over your head.
You threw Dean’s shirt at him as his teeth released the lip he was biting. He was looking at you in awe, but with your sleepiness, you didn’t notice.
“So, what book were you after?” You sit on the edge of the bed, looking through your bag for your books.

“Fuck the book, Y/n.” Dean grabbed you by the hips, pulling you over his legs to straddle him. His teeth gently nibbled at your lower lip, and a small moan slipped out. As he began peppering kisses and nibbles down your throat, Dean’s hands wandered up your sides and cup your tits through your thin tank top. Your body responded unconsciously, arching your back as more moans spilled from your lips. You started bucking and rubbing against him to feel relief from the wound up feeling in your gut. His rough hands slid into the back of your jeans and cupped your ass, pulling you closer. He ground himself against you. Slowly. Passionately. Teasingly.

He pulled your tank over your head and flung it across the room as you worked your jeans down past your feet. You tugged his robe off and straddled him again, but in a split second he had rolled you over and captured your lips in a fiery, passionate kiss. Dean’s hands ran down your belly, and so lightly over your core.

“Do you want this, Y/n?” It wasn’t dirty talk. He was asking your permission.
“For a long time, Dean.” You nodded. In an instant his fingers slid through your folds, rubbing up and down before a single finger entered. His mouth found your nipple as he added a second digit, crooking his fingers just right, sending pleasure throughout your body.

“Just fuck me already.” You whined, the neediness of your words drawing a moan from Dean.
He moved your legs to his shoulders, and while sitting straight up, he slowly buried himself within you. The angle was like nothing you’d ever experienced. With every thrust, Dean’s cock perfectly stroked your g-spot. His hands explored your body as he pounded harder into you. He ran his fingers up your thighs, over your hips and up to your breasts, where he toyed with your nipples. Rubbing, pulling, twisting, teasing. One hand remained there while the other edged down, his thumb gently massaged your clit.

“Yes… Dean… oh yes… harder!” With that, Dean gave it everything he had. He was pinching your nipple, harshly kneading your clit and faultlessly bucking his hips hard into yours, and your orgasm slammed into you like a freight train.
“Oh god yes! Dean! Oh Dean!”

“Dean? Earth to Dean?”
He looked up to meet your eyes.
“What book do you need?”
“Uh… something that covers curses.”
You handed him an old leather-bound book and he moved to his bed, grateful that the robe was fluffy enough to hide his shame.

He really hoped it was a witches curse that was doing this.

This daydreaming was getting out of hand.


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request: bedrooms

Marius: basically the canon one. we think it’s perfect (crimson surrounding, neat, lots of books, a bit like a study room and a canvas ofc)

Louis: blinds are always down, a bit dim, gloomy, faint cigarette smell mixed with pine incense, loads of books EVERYWHERE, a single tight coffin so lestat couldn’t creep into it, but he somehow always manages it, armored door (for the said “lestat” problem), the room is in dark colours (black, gray, dark green)
(overall aesthetic):

Lestat: oh god, where do we even begin?! it’s tacky, it’s over the top, it’s baroque, it’s modern IT’S EVERYTHING. has clothes all over the place, but also has the chair for clothes, nothing is in order, millions of worthless trinkets. has his own portrait above the bed and giant mirrors on the door and on the ceiling, his posters and autograms take up the whole wall, has a king size bed for him (and louis ofc)

Armand: mostly black with golden details, interesting mix of modern and classic, sublime blend of historical periods with 80s vaporwave aesthetic, on one wall there’s a renaissance painting and next to it a neon sign, statues with splattered blood on it


thedosian-cockatrice  asked:

'allo just here to say that your boys are beautiful and I LOOOOOOVE the clothing you draw them in oh my god. 12/10 GOALS. I hope Tae gets a kinder life than what Ancient Egg had inflicted on him :(

YOU ARE SO NICE! ;AAAA; Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m so happy rn! <3333 *gently screams into the void*

Heh and yeah, I hope so too XD I honestly don’t know yet, I have one potential ending for Tae’s story in my head but it’s not a happy one. I’m terribly, horribly mean to him T_T I’m sorry Tae honey ilu I swear.

THANK YOU FOR THIS SUPER NICE MESSAGE you wonderful person you <3333

property pt.3 (l.h)

oh and if you’re gonna be rude about my opinion or my way of seeing arzaylea in this story, please leave the premises thank you:)

I push Luke off, wiping my mouth and staring at him with disbelief.

“Princess, you don’t want to go to Cell 23, do you?” He smiles at me. He had to be fucking kidding me.

“To be honest, I’d rather go.” I scoff and turn around, going to god knows where. I can hear Luke call my name and I just ran, ran to any place to get away from him. As I turn around the corner, I bump into someone, making them spill their liquid they were holding and it got all over my clothes.

“Hey, why don’t you fucking watch where you’re going, hm?” A woman’s voice says, getting up and wiping off her apron. “Great, now I have tea all over my shirt.” I look up as her long nails scratch her apron as she dusts off her apron. She sees me staring and rolls her eyes. “Don’t you have to go and polish some silverware, slave?” She spits.

“Excuse me,” I stand up, “but last time i heard, this was Luke Hemming’s house, not someone who was carrying tea for him.” She walks towards me, her eyes glaring until we both hear Luke clear his throat.

“Sir,” the girl says, turning around, her hands now together.

“Arzaylea, I see you’ve met my new servant.”

“Well, your new servant just spilled your favorite herbal tea all over the carpet.” I was about to say something, but Luke he put up his hand, probably knowing I was gonna cuss her ass out.

“Well, make some more then. She’s not used to the house.” He says, giving her his handkerchief.

“Sir, that took me 45 minutes to perfect for you.”

“Then waste another 45 minutes,” he says, growling at her, “and make it two.” He says, looking at me. She looks back at me and gives me some sort of death look.

“Sir, may I talk to you?” She grabs his arm and takes him around the corner. Okay, I knew I stood up to Luke, but she could grab him like that? Even I was afraid to do that. Even Ashton.

Luke’s POV

“What the fuck is your problem?” Arzaylea growls at me, handing me back my handkerchief. “‘She’s here for two seconds and you already found yourself a new sex toy?” I laugh at her gesture. I could see her cheeks flare up red and I watch as she take her apron off, exposing her cleavage popping through her black low cut shirt.

“May I remind you, you work for me?” I mention.

“Don’t give me that shit, you know I’m much more than that,” she creeps her hand up my shoulder and rubs it, her face getting closer to mine. “Remember when I was the only one that wanted to stay here? Remember when you picked me off the dirty ass streets and saved me? Remember us?” She says, then she places a long kiss on my lips, her lipstick probably getting all over my face. Then she pulls away, her eyes glaring at me. “But now that bitch shows up, you’re not gonna give me any attention?”

“She’s special.” That was all I could say. I didn’t want to talk to Arzaylea. I just needed to leave.

She clicks her tongue and takes her hand off my shoulder. “Well, have fun but when you’re in the mood to fuck and SHE’S not around, don’t come crying to me.” And with a whip of her hair, she turns around, walking towards the elevators. I turn back around the corner and Y/N was gone, the big tea stain still on the ground. God damn it, I was probably gonna have to get used to this.


“So, she blamed you for spilling her tea?” Ashton says, wiping off the tea on my shirt. He gets off my bed and walks over to my bag to grab another shirt.

“Yup. Who is she anyway?” I get up and slip off my herbal scented shirt and threw over to the chair. Ashton turns around and his eyes widen and his mouth drops open. I laugh at his gesture. “Can I have my shirt?” He snaps out of it and throws me the navy blue sweater, and then sits back down.

“Uh, Luke saved her from getting raped from some dudes and they’ve been fucking nonstop since they were like 16.”

“Yeah, I have a question about that,” I say, sitting back on the bed, joining Ashton, “if Luke is 19, and I’m 18, and he’s been doing this for like 4 years…” Ashton laughs and runs his fingers through his fluffy hair. Well it looked fluffy.

“His parents started this, he just carried on their legacy when he turned 17.”

“What happened to his parents?”

“They moved to Europe for retirement.”

“But they can’t be that old.”

“Oh, they’re not. But they’re rich, so they can retire at whatever age they want. Hell, they could’ve retired at age 20 if they wanted.” We both laugh.

“I don’t know how I’m gonna get through a year of this fucker constantly trying to make me his little sex toy.” I said, burying my head in the pillow.

Ashton laughs. “Well, that’s what I meant when girls don’t even last the year.” Then, we both hear this beeping and I looked around, wondering where it was coming from. Ashton bursts into laughter at my reaction and sighs. “That’s your arm,” he laughs.

“Oh,” I laugh along with him. I look down at my arm and watch as the notification start to form in my arm.

“It’s 8:30. Time for dinner.” Ashton says, jumping off the bed and walks toward the door, with me following behind.

“Why so late?”

“We had to show the servants around and stuff, it’s stressful. But once the schedule is fixed, we usually eat at 7.” Ashton says, closing my door, leading me towards the elevator.

We enter the dining hall and the table was fucking long. There was even at least 5o left over seats that no one took. On the table, there was a long line of different foods, from rotisserie chicken, to salads, to pastas. It was like the last supper times 50. Ashton chuckles at my amazement about how I’ve never seen this much food and places his hand on my back, leading me to two empty seats that happened to be right across from Ashley.

“Y/N, oh my god, it feels like fucking forever.” She says with a full mouth of pasta. I laugh and nod my head in agreement.

“This is Ashton, one of Luke’s assistants,” I say, taking my seat. Ashley looks at me with wide eyes and winks one of them at me. I mouth her no, and also thanking god that Ashton didn’t see that. We continued to eat for about 10 minutes until we all hear a glass clinking and the clearing of a throat. Damn it. I look up from my food and look at Luke, who was staring right back at me and Ashton. He realizes that he was staring and turned his attention back to the girls.

“Welcome to the first dinner as a part of the Hemmings team, unfortunately, the rest of our dinners will not be like this, unless for a special occasion. But, usually, we eat in different lunches. It’s in your rules, follow them well.” He tips his glass, “To a new life.” He glances over at me and takes a sip, along with the rest of us. He sits back down, not taking his eyes off me and Ashton. I would throw him a couple of glances now and then but I tried really hard not to look at him and hope he wouldn’t acknowledge me.

“Is he usually this nice?” asks Ashley.

“No, not at all. I mean, he could be if he was in a good mood but he will make you do the stupidest things in the world. From brushing his dogs teeth to getting up at 4 in the morning to go jogging with him.” Ashton says, taking a sip of the wine in front of us. “But he makes me do that, and everyone’s tasks are different.”

“I really want to see his stage room. I heard he has all of these guitars and instruments there and I really want to try them out.” Ashley exclaims, putting her napkin down. Suddenly there was a hand on my shoulder and I thought it was Ashton, but looking over at him, we both looked up to the very intimidating Luke standing above us, his tie changed and his teeth taking in his lip ring.

“May I see you Y/N?” he says, with everyone else staring at us. I hesitated a bit and looked over at Ashton, who gave me the it’s okay look. I took a long sigh and placed my napkin on the table, standing up and following Luke outside of the dining hall. Once the door was shut, he grabs my wrists and pins me up against a small table right outside the hall.

“I said you were to stay away from Ashton.” He growls at me, his grip tightening on my wrists.

“Ashton and I are friends, something I’m gonna need if I’m staying in this hellhole for another year.”

“Hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but there aren’t any friends in hell.”

“Why do you target me? Or is this something you just enjoy?” I say, whimpering at the pain he tightens around my wrist.

“You’re just different and I like that,” he says.

“Just because I don’t want to be your little sex toy or I am the only one that doesn’t fall her knees, doesn’t make me different.”

“It’s not that, you’re just different. I see it in your eyes.” He says, staring down his face getting closer to mine.

“Listen here dickwad, I’m only here to work for you, not to be your sex toy, so if you want that, you might as—“

And suddenly he laughs at me, interrupting me. “You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” My eyes widen as I watch him take his lip ring in between in teeth.

“Why the hell would you think that?”

“Because you find me resistible when obviously, I’m not.” I couldn’t believe him. I pushed him and he stumbles back on his feet.

“One, just because I don’t want to get in your pants doesn’t mean I’m a virgin. Two, if you want my respect, drop the whole fuck boy act and start acting like an adult. You might be 19, but you have the hormones of a 15 year old.” And like that, I left him, entering back into the dining hall, rubbing my now bruised wrists, grabbing a seat besides Ashton.

okay im super sorry this took long and its really short

heres why

im updating angels vs demons pt. 2, nice to see you again pt. 2, ceo luke pt. 5, and i have like three other fanfics im doing ANDDDD i have a lot of homework and three tests to study this weekend and i have to do volunteer hours and stuff sooooo im sorry if im not on in a long time and i promise i will get my shit together

request pt. 4

‘Call the Midwife’ Is the Most Feminist & Socially Conscious Show You’re Not Watching

Call the Midwife stays true to its time period, while still tackling issues that remain relevant today. The nuns and midwives live and work in London’s impoverished East End. Over the course of four seasons they have encountered neglected children (who did not get a happy ending), women who were ostracized for working, elderly people forced out of their already decrepit homes, abortion, a nun giving up the cloth to marry, a young midwife deciding to devote her life to God, and much, much more.

What I find most remarkable is Call the Midwife is a show about women of faith and young women who have chosen work over marriage (and in some cases in addition to marriage) living together. While it seems these two groups should be from different worlds, they compliment each other by offering differing viewpoints. Nonnatus House is a safe place where all the women’s voices are heard and encouraged. 

Fandom: Batman
Character(s): Joker, [pregnant] reader, batman
Warning(s): Possibility of swearing
Requested by:Anon-Can I request a Joker reader insert? One where the reader is pregnant, due any day and goes into labor during one of his fights with Batman? Heath Ledger Joker please.
A/N: Sorry it’s taken me a while to get to, also sorry if it’s too short.

It was the middle of the night, Joker was out doing god knows what and you were in your apartment rubbing circles over your swollen stomach lazily as you sip on a glass of water, flicking through all of the channels on TV but there was nothing interesting on so you just turned the TV off.

With a deep sigh you flung the remote to the other end of the couch and slowly stood up, waddling over to the kitchen you were expecting a baby boy which you were excited about, you had gotten all of the things you needed and you were still shopping for clothes and blankets. 

You placed the glass in the sink and hunched over gripping the edges of the surface as you felt a sharp pain, clenching your teeth you let out a shaky breath, you pulled your phone out of your pocket trying your best to keep your breathing steady, you fumbled about with your phone until you managed to unlock it a wave of pain washed over you and you make a noise of distress as you dialed joker’s number.

“[Y/N]?” Joker answered you grunted from the pain “please tell me you’re not busy and that you’re somewhere close by” you said through clenched teeth “I’m just with the bat and we’re fairly close by” he replied, you sighed and slowly made your way yo the front door grabbing your apartments keys “can you just….leave whatever you’re doing?” you asked pressing a hand to the wall beside you squeezing your eyes shut.

“Why?” Joker asked through the phone, you could hear his follower’s as you liked to call them shooting their guns and screaming a frown now set it’s self on your face “because our fucking baby is coming and you’re the one with the car” you hissed slamming your fist against the button to the elevator, the door slid open and you stepped in, leaning against the nice cool metal railing on the side of the wall.

You heard a laugh from the other end “I’ll be seeing you bats, I’ve got something more important to do” and then him saying something muffled to his followers “I’ll be there as soon as possible honey” you groaned down the phone “get to the hospital quickly” you nearly yelled out and walked out of the elevator the best you could and keeping your hand on the wall as you ended the call and dialed the hospitals number.

It didn’t take long for the ambulance to get to where you were and then back to the hospital, you had been asked the same questions that you were asked when you called for an ambulance and you were getting rather irritated so you asked them stop talking.

Right now you were lead in the hospital bed covers over you, your eyes were shut and you were trying your best to ignore any pain that flooded through you, the door was pushed open and Joker swept into the room “did I miss anything?” he asked “well I’m still pregnant so no, not really” you groaned out, reaching a hand out for him, which he instantly took and you squeezed his hand tightly in yours.

“Well how are you feeling?” an overly cheerful woman asked as she breezed through the door “well I’m in a lot of pain” you grumbled lifting your head to look at her “that’s good” she mumbled “can you just get the doctor in here, I feel like the baby is on it’s way” you said to her through gritted teeth placing your other hand on your stomach, giving jokers hand another squeeze.

“I think it would be a good idea to get the nurse” Joker started giving you a once over “now!” he yelled, the nurse jumped and nodded her head so hard that it looked as if she was going to lose it and scrambled lout of the room calling for a nurse.

Two hours and a string of swear words aimed at Joker later the baby boy was born and you were feeling exhausted, you and Joker had decided to call your baby boy Eric and you didn’t exactly trust Joke fill out the paper work for you, so you done it yourself. 

Joker on the other hand couldn’t let go of his son which brought a smile to your face as you looked over to him, pacing around the room with the bundle of joy in his arms, all of Joker’s attention was given to Eric, which was perfect because you really wanted to sleep.

✨Squad Goals Episode 13: Oh Canada✨


I love being woken up by the smell of my dad’s pancakes and the sound of my two siblings running, fighting, and breaking random shit. I also love waking up beside Rhiannon. It was rare that we sleep apart so these last two days had been torture, and maybe she felt the same because she clung to me all night and when I moved she tried her hardest to follow suit. One of her toned, tanned arms is draped across my chest and an equally toned, tanned leg is thrown across my legs beneath the covers. I reach over to play with her hair, but while doing so the door to my bedroom at my dad’s place flies open and a blonde tornado launches at me.

“Good morning Justin” Jaxon says from his new spot on my lap and I silently thank god because Rhiannon and I are actually clothes beneath these sheets. Her in a nightie and me in some boxers.

“Good morning Jax, are you happy that I’m home?” My brother nods enthusiastically and glances at Rhiannon who lets out the cutest little snore.

“Why is Nonnie so sleepy?” He wonders before reaching to comb through her hair with his little fingers she smiles a bit in her sleep and another snore escapes.

“We left on the jet pretty early bud, and Nonnie doesn’t like to sleep on planes” I explain to him and he nods his blonde head and continues to play with her wavy hair.

“Daddy made pancakes he told me to wake up you and Nonnie” he says in an exaggerated whisper when Rhiannon starts to move around on her side of the bed I laugh and push a few strands of his hair out of his face and give him a mischievous grin.

“Want to help me wake up Nonnie?” He nods and I pick up his little body and place him on her back she groans tiredly

And Jaxon pats her on the head.

“Nonnie, it’s me Jaxie” he says into her ear and her eyes flutter a few times before landing on me. I take Jaxon off of her back and place him on the pillow in front of her and he squeals with delight.

“You are not Jaxie” she says quizzically and my brother gives a confused frown

“I am Jaxie! Justin tell her!” I let out a laugh and nod to agree with my brother.

“ He really is Jaxie Nonnie” I relent and she sits up with a yawn and a stretch before shaking her head playfully

“my Jaxie is not such a big guy! You look like you ate my Jaxie!” Jaxon loses it and launches at her in a fit of giggles

“I am Jaxie I just ate all my vegetables like you and Justin said to do!” Rhiannon holds him to her and her hands ruffle up his hair

“ well okay vegetable eating part does sound like something my Jaxie would do so I guess you’re him” Jaxon hugs her tighter before pulling back and placing a loud kiss on her cheek.

“Hey little man! Stop getting fresh with my girlfriend!” I scold playfully and then a scream distracts all of us and yet another blonde figure is in our bed.

“Nonnie!Jussy!” Jazmyn yells pushing Jaxon off of Rhiannon’s lap so she can take her place there. Rhiannon hugs Jazmyn who also gives her a sound kiss on the cheek.

“Morning baby girl how did you sleep?” I ask her and she crawls to sit on my lap with the jilted Jaxon who’s pouting because the attention is no longer on him.

“ I slept really good. Daddy said he had a surprise and to check your room and so I did and you and Nonnie are my surprise!” She recalls clapping her hands and bouncing around. We talk about random little kid things for a few moments before my dad is knocking on the door frame.

“Breakfast is ready you four, hurry before the syrup gets cold” Jazzy and Jaxon hop off the bed and race down the stairs leaving my dad in their wake.

“It’s good to have you kids back home, we missed you” I pull Rhiannon to me and we both give my dad a smile before speaking at the same time

“ missed you too dad”

“missed you too Jer” he smiles and leaves the room, closing the door behind him.


Justin gets out of the bed first and I lay back under the covers enjoying the view of his backside.

“Work it babe,” I say as he pulls down his boxers, exposing his bare ass. He covers his junk when he faces me and points a playful finger

“I am not a piece of meat” he says sassily before pulling on some new underwear. I feel the tugs of jet lag and sink further into the comforter my eyes starting to droop on their own accord. The bed dips and I know that Justin has taken a seat on it and then I feel his hands on my face.

“You’re sort of warm baby, you feeling okay?” The worry in his voice makes my heart swell and I give a confident nod,

“yeah you know how much I hate flying, I just need some recovery time is all” he pats my cheek and stands up.

“Why don’t you rest for a little longer and I’ll bring you up some food later” I nod sleepily and call out to him,

“tell your dad I’m sorry,” Justin scoffs and leans to kiss my lips

“he’ll understand. Have you ever seen that guy after a flight?” We both laugh and Justin leaves the room and I fall back asleep.


“ I wanted to go to Canada” Kendall pouts from her place atop Harry’s lap, the boy bander nods in agreement and Cara shouts her vote from the pool. Gigi and Zayn pay no attention to any of us as Zayn tries to teach her how to grill the ‘perfect’ burger. She’s burnt five so far.

“I been there a few times its lit. Linked up with my man Drake in Toronto that was classic” Rakim says beside me where we both lay on a huge beach blanket soaking in the sun.

“I think Rhiannon and Justin really needed this trip guys. Besides, now that she isn’t here we can plan her birthday party” at the word party Cara comes flopping out of the pool pushing Kendall a bit so she can sit on one of Harry’s knees.

“We need to think of a theme! What was it last year?” Gigi wonders tossing yet another burnt patty into the grass where my puppy Norman sniffs at it before running away.

“Hawaiian luau and then Justin actually took her to Hawaii” Kendall says and Gigi stroked her chin.

“What does Rhiannon love?” I question aloud and I’m met with the universal response of ‘Justin Bieber’.

“ She’s bloody obsessed with mermaids” Cara says and Kendall snaps her fingers and nods her head

“ yeah she totally is, she has those little figurines her mom got her”

“And her room has shells!”

“She has a pet seahorse!” Harry shouts and we all nod and seem to come to an agreement.

“So an under the sea theme?” A few of us with glasses raise them and Rakim sits up and pulls his sunglasses onto the bridge of his nose,

“Rhi has a seahorse up in there?” He asks pointing to her bedroom window I nod and take a sip of my daquiri before patting his chest.

“Even I forget sometimes” I tell him and then we go back to tanning.

queen in the north

Summary: Sansa, a sword, and a smile.

a/n: Because the idea of Oathkeeper being made from Ned’s sword and now belonging to Brienne who is going to be a true ally to Sansa makes me cry, I wanted to write something Sansa-centric. Also this is dedicated to @aliceofalonso, for obvious Sansa-related reasons.

Fitting, that snow should start falling right as Harald Karstark knelt on the frigid ground. When he stiffly placed his neck over the execution block, Sansa lifted her chin a little higher. The eyes of Winterfell, of the North, of the gods and the ghosts were all on her.

While she had looked like a she-wolf, decked out in silver-grey fur and cloth, ever since taking up the helm of her home, this was the first time she felt like she had teeth, had claws, at least since the war had concluded. As snowflakes melted on her nose, she thought briefly of Jon in King’s Landing (well, Queen’s Landing now, she supposed) and Arya traveling abroad. She thought of Bran at the wildling settlement and Rickon training with their bannermen only a few hours’ ride away.

They had their place; this was hers. She had paid for it in blood and soul, in pride and sorrow. Winterfell was hers, and she was going to make those who had helped take it from her pay.

With a twitch of her hand, she called for Brienne. The fierce woman stepped to her side, as they had discussed. She held out the hilt of the sword and Sansa reached for it, no hesitation. The metal was chilly even against her gloved hands, but she was used to it by now. Warmth pooled in her chest as she pulled it from its sheath without pause, without a tremble in her muscles.

For months she had been practicing with Brienne because who better than a lady to teach her how to fight. Early mornings, sore nights, bleeding callouses and aching limbs–she never liked it, never enjoyed it, but she was good at it now at least (she knew far better than to assume she’d never need to fight for her life, for her loved one’s lives, in the future). All of that was worth it to stand here in the gray morning light, flurries swirling around her, with this sword made from her father’s sword gripped in her capable hands.

With the training came changes to her body. She had burst open the sleeve seams on more than a few of her gowns as her arms got stronger, bigger. It didn’t matter, not like it would’ve before; it didn’t shame her, like it would have before. Instead, she just sewed new sleeves, new dresses, ones she could move easier in and would allow her to change as she became better. After all, she had been sewing her own dresses long before she had needed a blade sharper and more deadly than a needle.

Sansa wanted both to laugh and cry at that thought–Needle. She remembered the glint of that thin blade, the glint in her sister’s eye whenever she wielded it. If only Arya could see her now.

The tree branches rustled in the breeze as she bowed her head and began to speak. “In the name of Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons, I, Sansa, of the House Stark, Lady of Winterfell and Wardeness of the North, sentence you to die. Will you speak a final word?”

Lord Karstark sneered, snow in his hair, hate (and a little bit of fear) in his eyes. “Not for you, Lady Bitch.”

Sansa breathed–she had been called worse–then hefted the sword, letting it fall in one swift motion.

Slice, crack, thud, drip.

His blood pooled on the ground, but she did not stare at it. She did not stare at his head, nor his now stump of a neck. She didn’t stare at the solemn bannermen around her, not at Brienne shifting tensely, proudly at her side. No, Sansa didn’t look at any of them. She looked instead at the sword, the weapon coated in her enemy’s blood, the blade made from the one her father had wielded so honorably.

The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.

The winds brought his words to her across the hills and through the years she could never get back, from the ghostly beyond where half her family–half her heart–resided. She thought of her family who was far away but still alive, and she thought of what her sister said (valar morghulis) and what their new queen said (but we are not men).

As the sun broke through the clouds, the sword gleamed and Sansa smiled.