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Children of the Greek Gods pt. 2


As the sun dips below the horizon, the children of Asteria stir. Pinpricks of light decorate their skin, constellations of beauty across their bodies. With a sweep of their hands they may rearrange heaven’s dark canvas, setting the stars alight and listening to the whispers of the future spoken as the rest of the world slumbers.

Golden hues extend across the sky, setting the horizon aflame with the first rays of the day. Light crowns their head, while rosy fingers let the sun’s warmth slip through. Their saffron-robbed mother stirs the heavens for the new day, while her children add to the splendour of dawn’s palette. They are as bright as the rising sun; ethereal creatures of the dawn.  

Born from sorcery, magic flows through their veins and sets the tips of their fingers aflame with power. Their mother holds many aspects, and her children share her mysterious ways. They stand at crossroads with confidence, raise the dead with the subtle casting of a master, and count legends among their siblings.

The realm of sleep is where these demigods hold the greatest sway. With soft brushes of their fingers and soothing, soporific whispers the children of Hypnos offer slumber and peace. Look for them as your eyelids grow heavy, or as dusk settles upon the land like a comforting blanket. Their persuasive lips weave hypnotic thoughts, while a harsh snap of the fingers may just as easily bar sleep from any who have misjudged them.

The beautiful snow goddess whose realm belongs to winter. Her children carry snowflakes on their lashes and leave frost in their wake. They weave intricate tapestries of ice and snow, and breathe a chill into the air at autumn’s dismissal. They are winter’s helpers; as breathtaking as the first snow fall, as dangerous as a coming storm.

With a sense for justice and insight into the delicate balance of good and bad, Nemesis’ children seek to punish any who upset this equilibrium. They seek revenge for an ill deed, and possess a desire to make things even at any cost. They are undeniably dangerous should one get on their bad side, so tread with care around these demi-gods.  

It pays never to bet against a child of Nike. Victory runs through their veins, wings sprout from their backs to glide them over battlefields. With their limbs empowered with strength and speed, Nike’s children are more often than not standing among the victorious, taking places of honour on the podiums of any and all competitions. Relentless, determined, and stubborn, these demigods will fight to the end, to victory.  

Born to the personification of night, to a goddess who even Zeus feared, Nyx’s children hold the same possibility of power. With clothes of silken darkness, they glide by with the whisper of a sigh; ghosts in the night, engulfed in the realm of their mother. Creatures of the night call to them, and their fingers trail ribbons of black, influencing others from the shadows.  

Born to the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone’s children hold sway over the dark after-life, and the bright budding of spring. With new growth blooming as they trail their fingers through the grain, and fresh-faced flowers unfurling petals in their wake, they are spring’s heralds. Yet, like their mother they stand tall, formidable in their knowledge of the underworld.

(part one - the Olympians/ part two)

Only You

Jimin x Reader {Panther Hybrid Au!} (s)(f)(p) 

Warnings: Humping, cum play (sorta?), implied masterbation, riding, multiple orgasms, oral 

anonymous asked:

55 - Kyungsoo / 57 - Jimin / 30 - Chanyeol i’m shellfish sCREAMS ily take ur time pls bye ♥

Wordcount: 3.3k+

A/n: This is one out of the three she requested (all will be hybrid per request.) I enjoyed making this, and I hope you enjoyed reading.) 

(Nsfw Prompt #57: “I won’t stop until you pass out.”)

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How long you had been going like this was beyond you. Sweat covered your body like the blankets you were on top of. Tears were already streaming down your face, more forming with every movement against your walls.

Jimin had slowed down for now, allowing you a small break but still not completely stopping. The feeling from your legs were gone, the numerous positions you had use them in causing for them to go numb. They had served you well, being there for you when you first started riding him, your limbs pushing you up and down until you fell from your first cliff only to climb up and fall over and over again.

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champagne || t.h

Relationship: Tom Holland x reader

Summary: Tom’s wild side comes out when you two are at a club opening. 

Warnings: S M U T (18+)

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: i think i have a problem because i am really far up toms ass rn

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Cheap Thrills (bucky smut)

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Summary: you lose your phone in your apartment.

A/N: okay, for the record, this is the shittiest smut fics I have ever written. I hate it, but maybe someone on here will enjoy it’s shittiness?

Warnings: fwb, slight choking, dom/sub undertones I guess?, fingering, oral (Fr), I think that’s it??

Word Count: 2.6K

You’ve been neighbors with him for a pretty long time. Maybe a year or so.  So when you had lost your cell phone and needed an extra set of hands or eyes to help find it, you walked out of your apartment and went next door to Bucky’s place.

You knocked on the door, not expecting the site in front of you once the door had unlocked and swung open. He must’ve just gotten out of bed, despite it being near two in the afternoon. He answered the door, hair tousled about, wearing a thin white beater and matching boxers.

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Piercing (NSFW)

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Bucky Barnes x pierced!Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Based of THIS post by @papi-chulo-bucky! Thanks for giving me permission to use this idea Del!

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Something Great

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a/n: sorry for the absence but here is a cute one shot :-) smut warning gif credit to the owner 

His curl adorned head glanced over his shoulder and switched lanes with ease. Music was softly gracing the speakers with a light melody. The sky outside was grey and dull, rain littering the pavement and windows. With the rain and Harry surrounding my senses, I was calm.

The music flowing the truck was serene and I couldn’t help but sing along to the tune. “I don’t want to be your friend, I want to kiss your neck.” I took note of the grin that swept across Harry’s face when I started to sing. “What are you at?” I conjured. The grin that flashed his teeth and dimples grew wider, “You have a lovely voice s'all.”

I blushed at his compliment and kept my head turned to the window so he could fail to see my embarrassment ridden face.

I think I’m falling I’m falling for you

The lyrics resonated in my mind. What if my heart was really falling for this green eyed boy? My mind and heart were at conflict as I asked myself this significant question. Before I could ponder this question more than I already have, my mind swirled to the hand placed gently on my thigh. Even through my clothed material I could feel the hit that was immersed from his hand.

My heart swelled at the small, yet significant gesture that Harry had completed. Before I could revel in the sweetness of Harry anymore, he pulled his truck up at the curb in front of my house. The AUX cord connected to my phone was pulled out as I swiftly tucked it in my pocket. The door I was about to open, was pulled from my grasp. Harry smiled sweetly when I thanked him. See, chivalry isn’t dead.

His arm looped with mine as we walk to my doorstep. “I had a really nice time today.” His voice rang out, the British accent never failing to hook me into his voice deeper. “I did too.” An involuntary smile swept across my face, “We should do it aga-” My sentence was cut off by a loud crackle through the sky. “Yeah we should. But I should get going. Bye Y/N.” He gave me a swift hug, not nearly as long as I wanted. I hollered bye as he rushed through the yard to his truck.

When my door popped open, quietness surrounded me. Mom and Dad were still work. My room welcomed me with the scent of mahogany teakwood and I felt even calmer in that moment. The clothes I had on were stripped off me and replaced with sweats and an old t-shirt, my hair was pulled up into a bun. I had just sunk into my bed when a knock at my door startled me. I heaved a sigh and shuffled to my door. “So. My truck isn’t working.” A soaked Harry stood on my porch. “Alright, you can hang out until the rain stops.” I laughed and grabbed his arm and pulled him inside. “Stay here, I’ll grab you a towel and clothes.” I disappeared in my room, while I sent a swift text to my mom and explained the situation. My phone was placed back into my pocket, a towel in one hand and my ex boyfriends clothes in the other.

“Here’s a towel. And here are some clothes.” Harry’s eyes traveled down the clothes. “Are those your ex boyfriends clothes?” My cheeks heat up, “Yes…look, do you want clothes or not?” He chuckled, “Fine.”

Harry emerged from the bathroom just as I started to watch Supernatural. His appearance caused my to burst out into budding laughter. Around his legs he had tight boxer briefs that were way too short on his long legs, and his torso adorned a shirt that was too tight. “I look fucking ridiculous.” Tears spilled from my eyes, my stomach already gathering an ache. “You look amazing.” Harry’s green eyes rolls at my comment. “Shut it.”

He took a seat on the couch opposite of the one I was lounging on. “What are we watching?” He asked, slightly annoyed. “Supernatural.” Harry scoffed, “Really?”

“Hey it’s a good show!” He chuckled a little bit, “Yeah okay.”

“Hey I can kick you out if I need too.” My maneuvered to look at Harry and my eyes narrowed as I challenged him. “Okay, okay.” He raised his hands up in defense as he decided to climb onto my couch, my heart smiled, I got to be closer to him. I smiled at the green eyed boy who took my feet in his lap as I pressed play on the remote at his request.

About twenty minutes passed by of me being engrossed in the work of Sam and Dean Winchester when Harry started to become bored. His legs that held my feet started to bounce up and down. “You bored?” I asked, “No, I’m okay.” I took the time to admire Harry’s gorgeous face. He had sporadic freckles under his eyes and along his nose, something I’ve noticed before, just never studied them. His green eyes had yellow located around the edge of his pupil. Surrounding his eyes, long eyelashes fanned across. If there was ever a time to seize the day, now was that time. The body resting before me came closer as my body propelled itself towards him. And before I could think about anything else, my lips crashed to his.

Harry held me to him once I tried to pull back. I didn’t object anymore. Our lips melted together with heat intertwined. Harry’s hands grabbed my body and pulled me on to him. Each of my knees were at the side of his legs. My hands found his hair, slowly running my digits through his dark hair. A low moan leaked out of his lips and, sending a sensation through me. What was I doing? Harry and I were just friends. “Harry…were just friends…” The connection of our lips was lost, Harry’s lips were swollen and pink, they looked irresistible. “Y/n. You and I both know that isn’t true. We’ve been wanting each other for awhile now. Ever since I moved here I’ve wanted you.” The words he said to me affected my heart to swell. I can’t deny the fact that I did like him ever since he moved here from England. “Just…let us have this…” Harry practically whimpered out, his hand flew up to my hair as he brushed a stray strand behind my ear. “You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting.” How could I deny this beautiful boy? My body reacted over my mind once more as our lips reestablished. Our hips slowly collided, breathy moans released from both of us. Harry’s lips pulled from mine as he connected to my neck. My head rolled back as a loud moaned ripped through me. “I have wanted to do this for so long,” Harry moaned out, “Let’s take this to your room.” His large hands gripped my butt as he lifted us up, my lips were attacking his neck with my teeth, leaving red marks in the wake of it.

Harry shut my door behind him; swiftly he pulled his shirt of his lanky body. My eyes takes down his naked torso. He had toned abs, suddenly I felt insecure. The body of Harry was much prettier than mine. He was slender and tan. As I had fat rolls and was pale. “Harry…I don’t know.” He sighed, and my heart broke. I wanted to make love with Harry more than anything. But, that was my first time, and I didn’t know if I was ready to give him myself completely. Wasn’t I supposed to be in love with the person I lose it to?

“Y/N, if you’re worried about us not being in love, don’t. I’m incredibly in love with you, and I know you feel the same way. The way you’re body reacts to me when I touch you tells it all.” His hand lingered to my lip, touching it gently. His thumb rubbed over my bottom lip then slowly trailed to my chest, “Just a simple touch to your lip has already got it your heart racing…” He whispered then placed his hand over my heart. Sure enough, he was proved right. “But that’s not the case. I know you too well. It’s you’re body…you’re afraid I won’t find it beautiful.” My breath hitched with his words. His head lowered down, and kissed my clothed belly.

“Baby girl, that isn’t the case. You’re body….it gets my heart racing. Your hips curve in just the right way, your chest is big in all the right places, and your thighs, oh god, your thighs.” He moaned the last part out, I couldn’t help the slight whimper that I emitted from me when he squeezed my thighs.

“If you don’t believe me, feel this.” His hand took mine and placed it on the bulge in the boxers I gave him. Harry climbed on the bed and was faced on top of me. His arms supported him on either side of my head. Harry’s pink and slightly swollen lips came to mine. It wasn’t rushed this time, it was slow, sensual and intimate. “You’re beautiful,” he mumbled against my lips, “let me prove it to you.”

The shirt I had separating our bare chest was removed. My breasts were exposed to the first person other than myself who has seen them. This was my most vulnerable moment. I dearly hoped Harry would not mess this up. “I trust you.” I finally murmured out. Harry sweetly smiled. The smile made my heart swell. Lips kissed in the valley between my breasts. A hand gently kneaded one of them while Harry’s lips slowly made his way to the other. His tongue flicked my nipple, igniting a fire in my stomach. With a sudden gasp from myself, he did it once more, yet harder. He alternated between each breast. If that is how it felt to be pleasured that way, I couldn’t wait for Harry to work further down my body.

As if Harry read my mind, he kissed each of my breast one last time and then inched down my stomach. Leaving raised bumps on my skin and kisses. My breathing was heavy and uncontrolled. I wasn’t lying when I said I trusted Harry. I’ve never felt more ready to give someone myself as I was in that moment.

Harry arrived finally at my lower half. The sweats that adorned my legs and waist were removed. My cheeks reddened as Harry moaned. I forgot to put on underwear. “Do you always go commando?” He lightly chuckled. “Uh, only sometimes.” I mumbled out. “Christ.”

Harry’s curly haired head descended between my thighs. His dark hair tickled my skin. A finger swiped across my core sending a foreign sensation of pleasure through me. My thighs unconsciously tried to squeeze each other together. Harry’s hands took a hold of them, and gripped them tightly. He looked up at me, his eyes were a shade darker and I could almost feel myself dripping.

I entangled my hands in his hair once he touched his tongue to my swollen bundle of nerves. My body jerked as Harry continued to run his tongue vigorously worked on my clit. The moans slipping from my mouth, the tugging of his hair only seemed to fuel Harry more. Harry between my legs, eating me out was such an intense experience. I was sent wondering why I have never done this sooner.

“You taste so good, holy fuck.” He groaned against me, a finger started to inch in and out of me. It was an odd feeling at first, but once I got use to the alienated feeling after a few pumps. The feeling sunk into my bones. I could feel that I was going to untie soon. My first orgasm was soon going to rip through my overwhelmed body and I have never been so ready for it.

I convulsed from Harry’s mouth and fingers. I could feel myself tighten around Harry’s digits, my fingers gripped my sheets, and my toes curled with the pleasure coursing through my entire body.

Harry hauled up from my legs. Moisture surrounded his mouth. My moisture. “Are you on the pill?” I shook my head, “Okay. I have a condom.” I wasn’t sure why he carried a condom around. The feeling that sunk into me sent me into a panic. What if I wasn’t Harry’s first time? What if he was just using me? I wanted to curl up into a ball in that moment. I think Harry sensed my panic, “Relax. This is my first time having sex. I carry it around with me to look cool.” The side of his hand was brushed against my face, “I am just as nervous as you.” He definitely didn’t show it. He did himself of the borrowed boxers, then fetched his wallet. The foil wrapper was torn open then soon the latex was rolled on to Harry’s hard shaft. Harry’s penis was the first one I have seen, but it was beautiful. I silently laughed at my thoughts, “Whatcha laughing at over there? Something funny?”

“No, you’re just beautiful.”

He climbed back onto the bed and kissed my nose, “and so are you.” Harry positioned himself between my legs. “Are you ready?” I nodded, I have never been more ready. “Okay.”

Harry pushed himself inside of me, a vehement moan elicited from his throat. “Holy fuck, this is better than I could imagine.” The unfamiliar feeling a male being inside of me was unpleasant to say the least. As Harry drew his hips back slowly and would push back against me, a pain would set in. It wasn’t very painful, but it was annoying. “Are you okay? Do I need to stop?” My head shook, “No, keep going.”

“With pleasure.”

After a few thrusts, the sensation set in and I started to experience the pleasure everyone thrived about. Before too long, my hips were meeting Harry’s furiously. Sweat began to bead at my forehead and in the valley of my breasts. Our moaning became louder and our breaths became rampant.

Pleasure cascaded through me with each propelling of our clashing hips. “Hold on, let me do something.” And with that, Harry moved his hips in such a way that he hit a certain spot inside of me. I cried out in what I could only explain of irrevocable bliss. “Oh fuck.” Harry accelerated his hips as his tongue met my breasts, I don’t know how much longer I could last with all of this overwhelming me. “Harry…I won’t last long..” Harry mumbled something onto me.

A thumb flicked my clit, and Harry kept hitting that spot that only kept making me moan louder each time. Soon I started to throb around Harry. My vision blacker out and I felt myself release onto Harry with a deafening moan. “Fuck Harry!” My nails raked down his back, an action I soon loved to peruse.

Harry growled out then soon twitched inside of me, spilling himself into the condom. Harry sweaty body collapsed on me, our chests heaving. “Y/N, that was amazing.” He said into my ear. “Oh my god, it was.” My hand was playing with Harry’s curls when he rolled off of me and pulled me onto his chest. “I see why everyone makes a big deal out of it now.” I chuckled out, Harry’s chest bounced up and down with a laugh rattling through him. “Yeah, so do I.”

Before we could continue our cuddling session, my phone buzzed with a text. “On my way home.” It read, from my mom. Panic rose in me, I jumped from Harry’s chest throwing clothes around to get dressed. “My mom is on her way.” Harry jumped up as well and got dressed. I pulled my hair into a bun and checked myself in the mirror. I truly looked like a different girl. There was a certain glow to my skin that I couldn’t place. My eyes looked brighter and my cheeks held red. “How doI look?” I asked Harry, “Freshly fucked.” He grinned with a dimple popping into his cheek. I rolled my eyes at him. We walked into the living room and I continued to play supernatural.

Eventually my mom stumbled through the door. “Hi Harry.” She smiled. “Hey Mrs. Y/L/N. How are you?” “I’m great, thank you for asking. You’re such a sweet boy. Why don’t you come over more often?” She passed him with a quick ruffle to his hair. Harry looked at me, “Maybe I will.” Then added a wink.

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Imagine how Black Hat would react to losing his powers. "FLUG! I CANT SHAPESHIFT!!!" "FLUG! I CANT TELEPORT AND I'M STUCK IN A TREE!" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S NOT READY?! FIX THE INVENTION! I WANT MY POWERS BACK!" Not only that, he reverts back to how he looked in the 2012 Villainous shorts. Imagine everyone trying to comfort him (Flug, Dem, 505, and the mom squad). I imagine his fri- employees getting super protective when they see a hero in the area.

asdgfhgjhkl god the 2012 shorts give me life ngl–

  • It’s like eldritch puberty all over again. he suddenly cant control anything anymore and it’s awful and god these clothes are tacky what the FUCK was he thinking
  • BH keeps taking off his question-marked hat but there’s an identical hat underneath it and he’s flipping out
  • He’s so used to teleporting places he becomes fucking lazy with walking. 5.0.5 just carries him from place to place; it’s kinda nice ngl. Not like he’d ever say that haha–
  • “Flug I’m going to turn you inside out if you don’t fix this!” “W-well, sir, on the plus side, at least we know that the device works?” “And the device to FIX it better work as well, Flug.” “Y-yes sir!!”
  • Dr. Flug acts scared of him just so BH feels better, even though he knows he can’t carry out any of his threats. On the other hand, Dementia makes it worse. She keeps annoying BH because she knows he can’t retaliate and it’s hilarious.
  • BH was screaming at her for the first half hour but eventually tired himself out and resigned to his fate. Meh, at least 505′s comfy.
  • He refuses to go outside like this. Not because of any heroes, but because he looks and feels fucking awful at the moment. Flug gives the mom squad some excuse as to why he’s not at yoga; they bake BH a “get-well-soon quiche.” BH refuses to eat it until he’s back to normal and can fucking absorb it into his body.
  • “eating?? with a mouth?? fucking disgusting, what do i look like, a heathen?” “Black Hat you literally dissolved into a pile of flesh and teeth” “yeah, it’s called manners.”

Summary: Harry searches for his missing hoodie that was taken by [Y/N]. When confronted, [Y/N] playfully denies ever having it, but Harry’s got paparazzi photo proof. **FLUFF**

~ Requested ~ | Requests are open

“The Missing Hoodie”

You were woken up by the weight of a heavy arm rested over your stomach and loud snoring. You turned over and saw Harry peaceful and in deep sleep. Your eyes shifted over to your clock. 7:00 AM, it read. “Shit,” you whispered to yourself. You slowly moved Harry’s arm off of you, careful not to wake him, and placed a kiss on his temple. It was Harry’s day off after seven continuous days of working. You wanted Harry to sleep in and replenish his strength and energy. You had a laundry lists of things to do before you headed to work. You had your morning run, then grocery shopping to restock the refrigerator and pantry for Harry, as well as cook breakfast. You needed to move quickly if you wanted to get everything done before he woke.

Your footsteps were light and quiet as you scrambled around the house to get ready. You were careful not to make too much noise. You grabbed the nearest items of clothing you could find— black leggings you found in a hamper, a hoodie that laid on the sofa, a cap hung up by the door. You tip-toed back into the bedroom and kiss Harry softly on his forehead. “Good morning baby, I’ll be back,” you whispered, “I love you.”

You threw on your Nikes, grabbed your sunglasses and keys that were on the table by the door, and were on your way.

It was a peaceful run around the neighborhood. You and Harry bought a home just on the outskirts of the city away from the madness but still within reach of everything necessary. There weren’t too many paparazzi in your area but occasionally some would show up. A few fans knew where you and Harry resided but respectfully kept their distance and honored your privacy.

After your run, you headed straight to the grocery store. You went through your grocery list on your phone and bought everything  you thought Harry might need. Harry had mentioned how, as much as possible, he wanted to stay home on his day off. As grateful as he was, he needed a break from the chaos that surrounded him and wanted to remain within the calm, safe, private perimeters of his home.

You returned home with just enough time to whip up Harry’s favorite breakfast. Once everything was cooked, you hopped into the shower, and got ready for work. You were applying your everyday makeup in your bathroom when Harry sleepily walked in, wrapping his arms around your waist and snuggling his face into the crook of your neck.

“Good mornin’, baby,” he said groggily.

“Hey, sleepy head,” you giggled, “What are you doing up? It’s still early.”

“I didn’t feel you next to me. Come back to bed,” he whined, tugging slightly on your arm.

“I’ve got work, babe,” you told him. A pout formed on his lips. You turned to face Harry and draped an arm around his neck while your other hand wiped the sleep from his eyes. You got on your toes and placed a kiss on his lips. “Guess what?”

“What?” he asked.

“I made you your breakfast,” you smiled.

“You did?” he asked excitedly, a grin forming on his lips.

“Mhmm,” you nodded, “It’s downstairs waiting for you.”

“I love you,” he whispered before kissing you once more, pulling you towards him, closing all gaps, and savoring every second of this sweet, innocent intimacy.

“I’ll meet you downstairs,” you told him.

Harry nodded and made his way downstairs into the kitchen. Once you finished getting ready, you followed. Harry was sat at the dining table with his breakfast nearly finished as he scrolled through his phone. “You woke up hungry,” you teased, eyeing his almost empty plate.

Harry smiled back sheepishly. “It’s delicious,” he told you, “I’ve been craving a decent breakfast. The muffin’s Jeff’s been buyin’s shit.” For the past seven days, Jeff had been buying the same bland muffins every for the team. He claimed it to be “a quick, healthy meal”. Everyone hated it.

“Well, I stocked our fridge and pantry,” you said, “If you need anything else, just let me know and I’ll get it on my way home.”

“You di’n’t have to do that,” he said appreciatively.

You shrugged, “I wanted to. You work really hard— for the both of us. It’s the least I could do. I want you to have a nice day off.”

Harry opened his arms, an invitation to sit on his lap. You accepted and kissed his pink lips. “What are your plans today?” you asked him.

“Dunno,” he answered shrugging, “Maybe have a run. Stay home, mostly. Wait for you to come home.”

“I’ll be back before you know it,” you assured him. “Get some rest today.”

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How would a threesome with Kang Daniel and Ong Seongwoo would be like:

  • well now, you are Seongwoo’s best friend ever since you were in diapers
  • and he loves you so much that he obviously he introduced you to Daniel when they became friends
  • and both you and Daniel also just clicked from the first moment, like him and Seongwoo did  
  • as you were celebrating their upcoming debut one night, the alcohol kept pouring until you were all tipsy enough to just laugh at anything and blurt out every random thought passing through your mind
  • “i’m kind of bored. ideas, kids?” 
  • Seongwoo scoffed at your use of thw word kids since you were the same age and Daniel let out a chuckle 
  • “truth or dare? i know Seongwoo hyung likes this kind of things” 
  • so you decided to do it and the game started innocently with questions about crushes and awkward experiences 
  • but then Seongwoo just decided to make things a little more interesting and he dared you to kiss him 
  • you laughed and hit his arm 
  • “it’s not like we didn’t do it before, Y/N” 
  • Daniel looked at both of you surprised and his mouth open wide when your lips touched Seongwoo’s 
  • kisses between the two of you weren’t special and you often did it when you were alone; it was more like a whim, whenever Seongwoo felt like sharing some affection (or when he was aroused) he would just place his lips on yours 
  • Seongwoo’s lips were soft and he placed a hand on the back of your head, deepening the kiss 
  • he bite your lower lip a little too hard and you moaned lightly as he pulled away 
  • “how much did you guys do? I mean, did you just kiss before or…?” Daniel asked 
  • “we had sex before too, if that’s what you want to know” 
  • Daniel’s cheeks turned a pale shade of pink and both you and Seongwoo laughed 
  • “you know what we never tried? a threesome” 
  • without even being aware, Seongwoo pulled you into another french kiss as he motioned Daniel to come closer 
  • after Seongwoo broke the kiss, you gave a wide smile to Daniel before sitting on his lap and straddling him with your thighs; your lips found his in the next minute 
  • his kisses were softer than Seongwoo’s, but they felt just as good, if not even better; during this time, Seongwoo positioned himself behind you and had one hand on your chest, as the other one lifted your skirt up and was massaging the area between your thighs 
  • you moaned as Seongwoo’s movements fastened and Daniel took the opportunity to take both of your shirts down 
  • his fangs crashed on the side of your neck leaving a trail of red marks to your breasts; he started fiddling with your nipples while placing rough kisses all over your chest 
  • you weren’t even sure how or when, but all of your clothes were scattered around the room and now Seongwoo was in front of you with Daniel behind you; his fingers moving swiftly in circles on your core 
  • you were sitted on all fours and Seongwoo smirked down at you, lifting your chin with one finger 
  • “you look so pretty like that, babe” 
  • “God, you’re so wet for us, Y/N. Should we give her what she wants, Seongwoo?” 
  • you nodded your head at Daniel’s words, but they didn’t seem to mind you
  • “what do you want, Y/N?” 
  • “i want you…” your voice was merely a whisper, but enough for them to hear you; however, you would need more than that to convince them
  • “you want us to do what?” 
  • “i… i want you to fuck me” 
  • “and how do we ask?” 
  • “please fuck me…” 
  • you purred out biting your lower lip as the two of them exchanged glances 
  • “good girl” 
  • Daniel’s hand movements stopped and he just stared at your for a minute 
  • “you look so pretty all worn out” 
  • “yeah… well, your face would look even prettier between my thighs” 
  • he smirked and did as you asked; he started by kissing your inner thighs and slowly marking his way up to your sensitive spot by a series of wet kisses 
  • his lips were moving in circles and deep licks, with occasional butterfly kisses he placed only to hear you moan and beg for more
  • “I absolutely love the sounds you make when I’m between your legs”
  • after a few minutes, without any notice he entered your tight heat; you let out a whimper trying to adjust yourself to his size and he grunted, his nails digging into the flesh on your hips 
  • Seongwoo took his time to admire you getting fucked by his best friend before positioning himself in front of you; you teased his erection by swirling your tongue around the tip and he groaned 
  • “do you enjoy teasing me, Y/N?” 
  • you only bite your lip in response as you made eye contact with Seongwoo; you knew from your previous experiences that he wanted to be in control and didn’t like it when you teased or played games with him 
  • so he bucked his hips forward, forcing you to take him in your mouth; as you started moving your mouth back and forth, Seongwoo grabbed a handful of your hair to guide your motions 
  • few minutes later and the two of them switched their positions, your fingers were wrapped around Daniel’s length and your lips giving messy kisses to each other 
  • you red lipstick was now smudged and it sticked to Daniel’s lips; one of his fingers caressed your lips and you kissed it as he let out a moan 
  • Seongwoo’s hands roamed around your body and as he started thrusting into you, his index fingers started drawing circles on your core 
  • afterwards his hand was wrapped around your neck and he squeezed it gently at first; followed by a nice hard squeeze which was meant to show you he was in control 
  • “you look pretty all choked up. now purr for me, kitten”
  • moans and low grunts filled the air and soon all three of you were close 
  • your climax came in a rush of moans and whimpers, while Seongwoo and Daniel’s in a mix of grunts and sloppy curses 
Angels are Impatient

Request: Could I have an imagine where Cas is tired of waiting for you to wake up so he decides to wake you up a special way btw I love your writing so much
-Requested by @maddyevans16

A/N: Most of this is just smut..but I think you’ll enjoy it!! <3

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (male and female receiving)

Word Count: 2.2k

Originally posted by castielimaginesboi

You woke up from your nap –sooner than what you would have liked– to Castiel pressing his lips to yours. He kissed you slowly, and you bit his bottom lip as you desperately tried to squeeze your legs together for friction. You weren’t sure why you’d woken up so horny, but you did.

But of course, the more desperate you seemed, the longer he would hold out on you.

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05. Awkwardly Perfect - Park Jimin Fanfic

AN*  So I ran across this “Bed Sharing AU” prompt list with 8 prompts and thought it’d be a great exercise to explore writing fanfics again. This is the 5th in a series of oneshots(links to others listed below). I’m using all 8 prompts with different members.  8 prompts, 7 members… the 8th will be a surprise.

A special thanks to BTS… for giving me inspiration and re-igniting my passion to write again. (Gif credit to original poster.)

01. Kim NamJoon - Must Have Energy

02. Kim SeokJin - Mama Mo’s,  

03. Min Yoongi - You’re Mine

04. Jung HoSeok - My Hope

06. Kim TaeHyung - The BPP

07. Jeon JungKook - Call Me Kookie

08. BTS - Hawaiian Thunderstorm

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Awkwardly Perfect

Prompt: I have constant nightmares and I’ve always had someone to cuddle with. Now, I realize we’re not on that level but you’re the only one here and I’m really scared to go to sleep.

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, minimal angst, smut-lite

Word Count: 6.5K

“Come on… please!? Comeovercomeovercomeover!!!”  You laughed at Tae’s voice on the phone, wondering what had gotten into him.

“Why!?” You were completely confused as to why he was calling you like this.  He was never this pushy… well… not usually.  You’d known TaeHyung forever, and he was a great friend, but his manner was making you a bit apprehensive.

“Because I’m boooored…” he whined.  “Ow!” You heard a voice that sounded like Yoongi’s grumble in the background.

“You deserved that! You’re being rude!” you laughed.

“Are you coming or not?” You hesitated.  You’d hung out with Tae and his friends before… It was always a great time, you loved Yoongi and JungKook… but you’d only just met Jimin about a month ago.  And there was something about his shy sweet smile that had you melting.  He was a new friend of Tae’s, and they all seemed to get along well, but…

“I don’t know,” you finally answered.  “I feel weird… I hardly know Jimin.”

“Jimin!” you heard Tae yell, and your heart stopped.

“Tae, stop it!” you ordered. He didn’t listen of course.

“Jimin!  Can Y/N come over too!?”  You held your breath.  “Jimin says to come on over!  The more the merrier!”  Funny… considering you hadn’t heard any answer in the background.  “We’re AT your apartment complex… well, Jimin’s apartment complex too… so it’s stupid if you don’t come hang out with us.”  You blushed and thanked the heavens Tae couldn’t see you.

Of COURSE you knew Jimin lived in your apartment complex.  When you’d first noticed him walking through the courtyard you hid… you actually hid behind your curtains and watched him. He was so cute, and impossibly perfect, and how could you even attempt to talk to him!  He’d said hello once when you both stopped to get your mail. You’d responded, and then you both had kind of just stood there… awkwardly.  It was horrible… and you felt like an idiot.  Then he got a text and you’d excused yourself quickly to avoid embarrassing yourself even further.

That was a couple days ago… and now Tae was inviting you over to Jimin’s apartment.  Just a couple buildings over… a three minute walk at most. You couldn’t…

“Get over here now, or we’re all going to come hang out over your place!” Tae said loudly with a ring in his voice.  You groaned in resignation.

“Fine… give me a few minutes and I’ll head over,” you said dejectedly.

“That’s right… make yourself pretty for us sweetie!” Tae laughed and you wanted to smack him.

“More like putting on something other than old paint clothes… let me get dressed and I’ll head over.”

“You have to get dressed?!” he teased.  He knew what you’d said, but Yoongi and Jimin hadn’t heard.  Your face flamed.

“Tae, I swear to god, I’m going to kill you…” you growled into the phone.

“You don’t necessarily HAVE to put clothes on to come over… we’d be fine with it!”

“KIM TAEHYUNG!”  All you could hear was his laughter and you hung up on him.  You’d be over there in a little bit anyway… and he would pay.

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Bozo - Alex Summers Drabble

Request: can you do an older brother Hank McCoy walking in on you making out with Alex Summers.

Warning: making out, name-calling

Word Count: 726

Pairing: Alex Summers x Reader 

A/N: I know that isn’t actually Alex, but I mean look at that little shit he is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you like it : )


You never imagined that you Y/N L/N would be given the opportunity to show what you can do. You see you and your older brother Hank were mutants. Being a mutant wasn’t easy, especially when you couldn’t tell anyone. Not even your parents knew. But everything changed after you met Charles Xavier (a.k.a Professor X). Charles and the rest of the first X-men came up with the brilliant idea to make the mansion into a school, a school for mutants.

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“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 2

Part 1



You could see Charlie’s large sun hat before you saw her face once you landed in the airport. Though Harry had attempted to roll both yours and his suitcase in a chivalrous way, you had given him a look as if to say, “Really?” before lugging your own behind you as Harry led you and Savie through the airport.

“Charlie!” you called, waving your arm frantically as you attempted to catch her attention. She turned, her long, luxurious and silky hair swishing around her as a large smile overcame her face and she waved back, jogging to meet up with you. 

“Y/N!” she cried and nearly sprinted into your arms. “Oh it’s been so long! When Harry called I nearly thought he was joking saying you’d be visiting! It’s so good to see you!”

You and Savie had known Charlie since university. She’d been the Armenian girl down the hall whose grandmother always sent her nice treats. You’d gone with her on her first trip to her home country when her parents had asked if she wanted to spend the summer there. Her answer was yes, and that she wanted to bring friends. 

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Recap of how this all connects*

Huntokar (“The Destroyer”) is the god worshipped by the secret underground city beneath the Desert Flower Bowling Alley

A Vague, Yet Menacing Government Agency has been stealing buildings from this city for over a century

The plot to remove Huntokar’s buildings has had a number of casualties, at least three of whom saw the Dark Planet as they died

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One of us, the lucky ones

divinity is virulent


The first time you met the god, you were twelve and she was ageless. You met her after your seventh grade soccer game, when you had kicked the ball through the goal and screamed victory. You were holding the grass-stained soccer ball in your scabbed arms. She had been watching from the opposite side of the parents, and when she came onto the field, the other kids grew hushed.

She walked toward you and you were frozen.

Well won, she said, in a voice like old stone grinding.

You smiled at her, bright as starlight.


She did not have a name; none of the gods did, but she told you to call her Linda, because that was the name of her first dedicate and she would do her that honor.


Linda was an old god and none of them really had concrete identities. But, if you had to describe her, you’d say she was a god of the bloodred crunch when you sink your teeth into a heart and the deathless feeling before skydiving, the cool feeling of gold as it slips through fingers and the shouting charge of riders as they clatter down the hill. She was god of the shark-smile and the hangman’s noose and lightning-struck oak and blood in the mouth.

If you had to describe her, you’d call her a god of adrenaline and vengeance.


Your mother didn’t want you to associate with Linda.

Nothing good ever comes of getting too close to gods, she said. They’re not like the rest of us.

But it just makes you more determined to see her, and Linda encourages you. She comes to your soccer games, and you talk about old books and new movies and your life. She’s got an oilslick shimmer to her, the barest hint of inhumanity that never ceases to enchant you.

It is no surprise then, when you wake up one day and are full grown and fully in love.


Adore comes from the Latin word adoro, which comes from the two words ad and oro. Ad meaning towards, oro meaning beg. Adoro, to plead, to love, to worship. Adore, to love, to worship.

You can’t not adore her but here are the reasons that you do: her smile, her laugh like breaking ice, the way she says your name, her hands on your wrists softer than expected, her imperious stride, the way her kisses hold the hint of the taste of iron. Love, it seems, is unexplainable.


Even though you adore Linda, you fuck men and women and everyone in between. Linda is indulgent. It doesn’t matter who you screw, she says, so long as you love no one but me. And the pretty girls and pretty boys are all eager to get a touch of the god-blessed. As if divinity will rub off your skin.


Here are all the ways that being around Linda has changed you:

You don’t look both ways before crossing the street; nothing can touch you

The lights flicker when you grow angry. People walk carefully around you.

You never grow tired but when you sleep your dreams are excellent and bloodied.

These are what you’ve noticed, you suspect that there have been other changes. You’ve known Linda for a very long time, after all.


Why me? you ask Linda on a hot summer day. She was wearing a white dress and red circular sunglasses and you are sharing an ice cream cone in the park as the sun sets. It’s all ridiculously saccharine, but Linda always makes sure that your dates are Perfect, capital P. You never have a bad moment with her, it’s all snowfall wonderlands, golden afternoons, sunrises over the aquamarine ocean. The two of your never have to wait in line, you’re never cold or hungry or wanting for anything. Nothing can touch you.

Potential energy, she says. I would see you fall. Then she kisses you and her lips are sticky sweet.

You smile into the kiss. You think she is joking.


When you do fall, it is like being kicked off of the empire state building. You’re walking home from work, it’s late, and the streets are dark when it happens.

The escalation of the conflict is buried under the red-haze of your anger, but what you will remember is that this was deserved, a hundred percent truly deserved, that it began with an insult and when you looked closer you could see all the hurt that the man had dealt and would deal, and how it would be so easy to rend judgment.

So you kill the man because he deserves it and thrumming with power and hyped up on sex you think you are judge and jury, he has gone against Linda, your Linda.

It’s easy to bash his head in with your fist.


The well-known dedication comes by rote, the words tearing their way up your throat and marching their way across your mouth and falling out your lips. You’ve said it when you’ve knelt in worship. You’ve never meant it before.

By my blood and bone and sword, I pledge my kill to thee and in thy name. May there be no forgiveness and may my reckoning be balanced favorably. Thus I have spoke and thus you judge.


You go home and Linda is there and she grins at you all sorts of radiant, pulling you into a crushing embrace. She’s wearing a black scrap of lace that passes for a nightgown, a gift from you. Her breasts are distracting but all you feel is sick.

Oh, that was beautiful, darling, simply lovely. You said the dedication and everything, and oh, it was wonderful.

You let her hold you and your forearms are splattered with blood and your hands do not shake and for some reason that sickens you.


The next morning, before Linda wakes up, you leave. The bedroom, the house, your neighborhood where the two of you play house and eat breakfast together and pretend that she isn’t causing war off in eastern Europe, or inciting rebels in the middle east, starting gang wars. Who did you think you were? Who did you think she was?


You avoided temples, churches, the high holy places. You went from work to school to your apartment and crossed the street without offering blessing. You wore bright clothing and smiled at all the passing people and said “How can I help you, hon?” You changed your name and did your damnable best to move unnoticed through the world. Nobody calls you out for what you’ve done, the police walk past you and their eyes slide over your face.


But no being can avoid the gods if the gods want for you to be found.


You’re sweeping up before closing the shop when a god comes in and you stiffen. He is wearing a faded jean jacket and a patient smile and he asks for a glass of water. You can do nothing but give it to him; one does not refuse their betters. He takes it from you and says thank you in a voice like clarion sunlight.

He takes a seat at the counter. She’s not the worst one of us to be with, he says knowingly. She only wants the best for you. Kinder than she could be, that girl.

Why me? You ask, bitterly, not expecting an answer. She’ll turn me into a monster wearing human skin.

Don’t be melodramatic, he says. She saw in you a kernel of the same as her, a light that could be coaxed into a roaring bonfire. There’s no shame in being who you are.

So I am destined to be a killer, a reaper of men.

(So you’re being melodramatic. You think it’s deserved.)

Mortal morals, he says dismissively. If you play your cards right you won’t be much of either, in time.

I don’t want that, you say.

He shrugs and says, not unempathetically, Tough, kid. We all are what we are, regardless of who we want to be. You’d be happier with her, anyway.

Please, you say, get out.


The next night, Linda crept into your bed at moonset and curled up on her side next to you and you, half asleep, let her, humming contentedly. She was cool and familiar against you and she held her head in your hands and carded her fingers through your hair. When you woke up you should have been enraged but all you could feel is a sense of resignation like mist dissipating on an early spring day.


You made coffee. Two cups. Measuring grinds into the filter and watching it burble as the dark liquid dripped down. Linda walked through the door, wearing the same flimsy nightgown that she had been wearing the last time you saw her. She sat down at your small card table and you handed her a cup of coffee. She drained it in a long and serpentine swallow and looked straight at you.


I am not sorry, she said in voice that was smoke-sanded and raven-crow harsh. I would not give you up.

Even if it would destroy my life? If loving you was to destroy me? I would kill the world in fire for you, you said, standing away from her, and your voice was rich with resignation.

I will not give you up, she said, and it was final and clear as a bell. Has my love been so repugnant to you? I will make you an empire among men.


When you were young, when you were eight and the light was dimming and your mother was tucking you into bed she told you that you could be anything you wanted. Astronaut, cowboy, president of the united states of america. Firefighter, jedi knight, savior of a thousand worlds.

All you can see now is what you are, Linda’s right hand holding a bloodied knife. Her favored puppet-toy lover; her happy, obedient knight.


Cursed are the favored by the gods, you thought, and you moved forward to let her kiss you deep and bitter and true.

liner notes: the gender of “you” is never specified. please feel free to imagine gender/appearance as you wish.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OTABEK and happy Halloween!! <3 <3

I wanted to draw so much more for my best boy’s birthday but alas, life had other plans for me this week! At least I managed to draw just this, combining @yoi-halloween-week day 6: Costumes (kudos if you get the references for Otabek and Leo’s ones!) and @otabek-altin-week last day: Birthday! <3 

And THERE IS MORE!! This scene comes from a fanfic that I’m writing with my dear @yakoucchu! <3 you can read it under the cut! <3 we’re planning to dig more into Otabek’s past, back in the days when he was training with JJ and Leo in the US and we want to explore his relationship with them, especially with JJ…*wink* let us know what you think! <3

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a snowman and a snow angel

my masterlist :)

summary: peter parker asks you, his very own snow angel, to meet him on the roof of your shared apartment building complex. but what does your dork of a boyfriend have in store for you?

warnings: wintertime fluff to make u hate cuffing season even more bc u have no one to do this with

word count: 1k

author’s note: in honor of it snowing where i live today, here’s a cute fluffy fic of what i want in a bf exactly during wintertime. someone best cuff me soon. u hear me universe? mhm u sweetie! (ALSO, ASK ME TO BE ADDED TO MY TAGLIST!)

You tugged on your knee-high boots, peering out over the open window leading to your fire escape. Snow almost covered the black metal entirely. You shivered, a gust of wind blowing into your tiny bedroom, prompting you to put on a warm winter coat, rub your cold hands together, and maneuver yourself onto the fire escape as swiftly as possible.

You smiled to yourself when your two feet planted firmly onto the white powder, the thought of him waiting for you tugging at every string in your heart.

“Y/n! You forgot your hat,” your mother called. You turned around, stunned, your lips parted and eyes wide.

“Mom, you weren’t supposed to s-“

She tossed the black beanie at your chest, turning around on her heel and grasping your room’s doorknob. She whipped her head around, grinning playfully. “Say ‘hi’ to Peter for me.”

“Wha-“ the door closed while you stood there, still dumbstruck. “How did sh-“ You’re stopped midst your slight internal crisis as you feel your phone buzzing in your back pocket. You dug into the back of your jeans, pulling out the device to see a text from Peter.

Hurry up, loser. Your lips curved upwards at the grey bubble lighting up your screen, staring at it long enough for it to go black, your phone turning off by itself. You shove it back into your pocket, not caring to reply as you’d see the boy in a few seconds anyway.

You pulled on the hat that your mother had given you, trekking up the fire escape carefully as to not fall down the ten flights to the concrete ground.

You were almost at the top, your foot stepping up the last stair when your right heel slipped, jolting you backwards. You screamed, your hands fumbling to catch onto the rail, but proven hopeless as your fingers slip as well.

Quick hands gripped your forearms before any real damage could ensue, a flash of red and blue before you were tugged into a chest. Frantic breaths left Peter’s lips as his hand shakily cradled the back of your head.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…” was all that he could manage to utter, stroking your hair as you clutched the grey fabric of the sweatshirt that he’d thrown lazily over his suit.

“Are you okay, beautiful?” Peter asked, shuffling backwards to get a good look at your face. He placed his hand against your cheek, then his eyes moved, taking a full body inspection of you, as if he’d be able to see any injuries through your heavy layers of clothing. He watched you intently while you stared at him blankly, the words swarming in your brain failing to leave your lips.

After a few minutes of Peter’s caring eyes not wavering, you gathered your thoughts, coherently saying them aloud. “Peter, I’m perfectly fine. I promise, just a little shaken up. Glad I had my very own superhero to save me is all.”

Peter nodded in response, rubbing a circle along your cheek bone with his thumb. You both simultaneously went in for a kiss, your lips melding into an odd warmth despite the frigid cold surrounding the two of you. He then remembered the surprise he had for you and pulled back gently. He thought that it would surely cheer you up, the previous worried grimace plastered on his face being replaced with a charming smile.

Just the sight of his coffee eyes turning into a bright caramel uplifted your mood, his expression changing yours as well. “So, what is it you wanted me up here for?” You asked, pulling down on the right string of Peter’s hoodie, trying to even out the length of the two pieces of dangling fabric.

Peter watched your fingers, grinning. Simple things like that, fixing the strings of his hoodie, was a constant reminder of his utter head-over-heals love for you. They were simple, minor things that reminded him of how lucky he was to have such an extraordinary (and sometimes very clumsy) girl be such a big part of his life. Hell, he’d even say his whole life. The thought of you being his and doing things like fixing his hoodie made him so damn grateful.

“Earth to Peter,” you chuckled, a blush rising to Peter’s cheeks as the realization hits him that he’d just been staring at you, beaming subconsciously, completely zoning out. How could he help himself? He was in love. The every-thought-consuming kind of love that made him lose track of the world around him when he got the chance to look into your gorgeous eyes.

“Right,” Peter said, intertwining his fingers with yours as he guided you across the snow-covered roof carefully. You had already slipped once tonight, and Peter was doing everything in his possibility to make sure you wouldn’t again, his steal-tight grip on your hand an indicator of this.

You saw a large packed-down ball of snow on the ground and you immediately knew the exact reason Peter was so desperate for you to meet him as soon as possible. The dork wanted to build a snowman together.

“Y/n, meet Bob. Bob, meet Y/n.” You shoved Peter’s shoulder playfully, before he grabbed your hand, bringing it up to his lips to kiss the freezing skin. Soon, he was packing more snow onto the slowly growing pile, excitement coursing through him like a child playing in snow for the first time.

“You’re such a dork, Peter Benjamin Parker, you know that?”

“A dork who has an unhelpful girlfriend! We have a snowman to build, beautiful! Hurry up!”

“Okay, okay.”

After a day full of snowmen, snow angels, falling in the snow on top of one another, a snowball fight, snow being shoved down each other’s backs, and a whole lot more of snow, the two of you ended up on the couch in Peter’s living room, snuggled up together with cups of hot chocolate made by the one and only May Parker.

Your teeth were chattering slightly still and Peter saw this, wrapping his arms around your waist and tugging you to sit in between his legs, allowing you to lie down on his chest as he kissed the snowflakes melting in your hair. His hands soon found their way in the strands, lolling you to sleep, but before you were completely out cold you heard Peter whisper, “snow angel,” and you swore you could feel the two of your hearts beating the same rhythm.

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some remus lupin headcanons bc i haven’t done that in a while
  • he has a sort of sandy brown hair that gets progressively curlier the longer it gets, and because he tends to forget he inhabits a physical form, he always puts off cutting his hair for way too long, so by the time he does, he has all these loose, sandy brown curls sticking out around his ears and hanging in front of his eyes, and tbh it’s a #look
  • in fact, he’s actually super attractive, but a lot of it comes from him just not paying any attention to his appearance. like, he just throws on whatever’s closest, so he’s got this sort of “big sweater, lazy day” look going on that works for him for whatever reason, and he doesn’t really brush his hair so much as wash it and then comb his fingers through it, and he forgets to eat a lot but is also musclely and kind of scarred bc of the werewolf thing, so he’s got this mysterious-and-lean-yet-ripped thing going on, which is always a surprise on the rare occasions he dons tight/revealing clothing, and everyone kind of is like “is it just me, or is that lupin kid kind of bangin’?” but he is completely oblivious to it
  • (him wearing a t-shirt is basically the equivalent of him going around in his knickers. people (sirius) long for the days they get to have a peek at those freckly, faintly scarred forearms, and surprisingly cut biceps, as if they are in the victorian age waiting to see a glimpse of ankle beneath a woman’s dress)
  • he is left-handed, and also has the worst handwriting in the world, and the professors both look forward to and dread reading his essays, bc like, they’re super good and engaging, but also it’s like translating an unknown ancient script 
  • you’d think he was organized by the way he’s always on top of things, but he’s actually the type of person to throw things on the ground instead of walking the five steps to the bin, and his laundry is just a giant a pile of clean and dirty clothes at the foot of his bed, so he always has to do a sniff test, and he leaves “filthy socks all over the place! moony, dear god, how many times do we have to tell you!”
  • can and will drink anyone under the table
  • sometimes, when he’s anxious or feeling depressed/melancholy, he’ll wait for the others to fall asleep, and will steal the invisibility cloak and go up on the astronomy tower and chain smoke cigarettes while trying to make out different constellations
  • (sirius knows he does this, and sometimes joins him, but they never speak, and never mention it afterwards)
  • the day he found out his patronus was a wolf, the marauders had to physically restrain him from chucking a textbook at a suit of armor in the corridor 
  • he can roll a blunt better than anybody in the school
  • he’s everyone’s favorite prefect, because he lets almost everyone off with a warning instead of taking points, bc honestly, it’d be hypocritical for him not to
  • (the only time he really ever takes points is when his friends are annoying him)
  • (”five points from gryffindor” “that’s betrayal, moony” “you lit my bed sheets on fire. again”)
  • he’s best in his year, but has never voluntarily spoken in class ever in his life
  • he rolls out of bed with the exact amount of time left for him to get dressed, brush his teeth, and cram a piece of toast in his mouth, and not a second beforehand
  • if he hasn’t had coffee, do not speak to him before noon
  • in fact, probably just don’t speak to him before noon regardless
  • he’s got insomnia and he’s got it bad. he sleeps when the sun rises, which means on any given day he’s functioning on about three hours of sleep
  • he makes up for it by sleeping until 2p on weekends
  • he’s sarcastic, pessimistic, and cynical, and also has the biggest heart you’ve ever seen, and loves so deeply it literally pains him
Jealous Part 2

 Series Masterlist

Remember! Request are always open!

Notes: This one’s a bit longer I think

Tags: @thefandomplague @amylillian22 @wheres-mccall

“Come on, Y/n! Get up!” Theo shouts as he injects a needle into your neck. You gasp for air. You get up and look around. Hayden, Corey, Josh and Tracy. 

“I’m your Alpha now.” Theo says before walking away. The other four slowly follow him. You take a look around. The Nemeton, surrounded by dead bodies. 

“Y/n, if you don’t come quick, you’re gonna get lost.” You shiver at the sound of Theo’s voice. You remembered how you died, and Theo came in last minute. He knew the Dread Doctors all along.

You ran behind Corey. 

“Hey Y/n.”

“Hey Corey.” 

“Are you…”

“No, I’m not a chimera. I just died by the Dread Doctors.” Corey nods.

The six of you continue walking, but then Theo allows you to go home. Which you did.

When you got home, you sneaked up to your room, before lying on your bed.

“Oh bed, how I have missed you!” You say.

“Y/n? sweetie? Is that you?” You perk up at voice of your mom. Melissa pokes her head and grins.

“Oh my god! Y/n! You’re home!” You get up to hug her. 

“Mom, I missed you.”

“I missed you too, sweetheart. Oh you must be tired, go get some rest.” She kisses your forehead before leaving. You snuggle up with your pillows, falling to sleep. 

You walk into school after a few days of rest and everyone stops to star at you. You look for your friends, and see Stiles at his locker. You were about to call him, but he looks at you, and walk the other way. Confused, you head to class. But you bump into Scott.

“Scott.” You say

“What? You’re back? Now? Great.” He says sarcastically before leaving. You stand in shock at what your own brother just said to you. You spot Liam down the corridor.

“Liam! Wait!” You say. He turns to you but continues walking. You catch up to him and grab his arm, making him pull away.

“What’s going on? Why is everyone looking at me like that? Why are you looking at me like that?” He gives you a cold look.

“Go ask Theo.” He says before storming off. You tear up a bit before heading in the same direction.

You take a seat next to Corey, who senses that you are sad.

“Are you okay?” You shake your head.

“Everyone has been looking at me weirdly.” You put your head on the table.

“What did I do wrong?” Corey puts a hand on your head.

“Maybe you should ask Mason.” He suggests. After class, you walk with Corey to the next class. Theo walks up to you.

“Hey Y/n, hey Corey.” He says. Corey gives him a small nod. 

“how are you guys feeling?” 

“A bit overwhelmed and sad.” You say.

“Babe, why are you so sad?” Theo smiles.

“Everyone is ignoring me. Only Corey talks to me.”  Theo’s expression changes. 

“Princess, maybe they are just stressed about the new danger in town.” He states before the bell rings. Theo kisses you before heading to a different direction.

Down the hallway, Liam narrows his eyes, watching you as you talked with Theo and Corey. When Theo kisses you on the cheek, Liam hands balls up into fists. Mason notices.

“Dude, calm down. It’s just a kiss.” Mason says, pushing Liam to their next class. Which was with you.

You sit down at your usual spot and Corey sits beside you. Mason walks in and sits with you guys.

“Mason, Do you know why everyone is looking at me like that?” Masons looks at you with confusion.

“You don’t know why? I mean, I would get that Corey would ask because he was dead, But why you?” 

“She was dead too. What are you talking about?” Corey tells him. Mason widen his eyes.

“What? You died?! Theo told Scott you left them for him and that you never want to see them again. They all got angry that you abandoned them.”

“I didn’t, I got kidnapped by the doctors and they injected me with something. I’m not even a chimera! Why would they even think that I would betray him?”

“Wait so you don’t know that Liam and Scott had a huge fight during the Super moon and almost killed Scott?” 

“What? Scott died?”

“He almost died. He lost his heartbeat for like 15 minutes but then your mom got him to wake up. It was sad, I watched Liam clawing at Scott for a few seconds and I was shook.”

“Liam killed Scott?”

“Technically it was Theo. He manipulated Liam into killing Scott, and then he’ll kill Liam who would have alpha status so he can be the alpha.” Hearing those words, you can’t help but grow a bit dizzy.

“Y/n, are you okay?” The dizziness stops. You nod. Liam and Hayden walk in together, sitting beside you guys.

“Hey Hayden.” You say. She nods and smiles at you. The dizziness comes back again. 

“Sir, can I take Y/n to the office, she looks a bit pale.” The teacher nods at Corey. You and Corey stand up, heading out the door. 

“Are you sure you can go home on your own?” Corey asks once you sign out. You nod.

“It’s a bit better now. Thanks for taking care of me Cor.” You smile faintly, before hugging him. The two of you part ways. You head outside, where Theo stood.

“Princess? You look sick, are you sick? You want a ride home?” You shake your head and take a step forward. The dizziness grows. 

“Actually fine.” You step into Theo’s truck. You lean on the window with an emotionless expression as Theo drives you home.

“Princess are you okay? Why aren’t you talking?”  

“I know the things you did Theo. I didn’t want to believe it but I have to.” You mumble out. Theo sighs, but doesn’t speak again. The rest of the drive was slient.

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