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Children of the Greek Gods pt. 2


As the sun dips below the horizon, the children of Asteria stir. Pinpricks of light decorate their skin, constellations of beauty across their bodies. With a sweep of their hands they may rearrange heaven’s dark canvas, setting the stars alight and listening to the whispers of the future spoken as the rest of the world slumbers.

Golden hues extend across the sky, setting the horizon aflame with the first rays of the day. Light crowns their head, while rosy fingers let the sun’s warmth slip through. Their saffron-robbed mother stirs the heavens for the new day, while her children add to the splendour of dawn’s palette. They are as bright as the rising sun; ethereal creatures of the dawn.  

Born from sorcery, magic flows through their veins and sets the tips of their fingers aflame with power. Their mother holds many aspects, and her children share her mysterious ways. They stand at crossroads with confidence, raise the dead with the subtle casting of a master, and count legends among their siblings.

The realm of sleep is where these demigods hold the greatest sway. With soft brushes of their fingers and soothing, soporific whispers the children of Hypnos offer slumber and peace. Look for them as your eyelids grow heavy, or as dusk settles upon the land like a comforting blanket. Their persuasive lips weave hypnotic thoughts, while a harsh snap of the fingers may just as easily bar sleep from any who have misjudged them.

The beautiful snow goddess whose realm belongs to winter. Her children carry snowflakes on their lashes and leave frost in their wake. They weave intricate tapestries of ice and snow, and breathe a chill into the air at autumn’s dismissal. They are winter’s helpers; as breathtaking as the first snow fall, as dangerous as a coming storm.

With a sense for justice and insight into the delicate balance of good and bad, Nemesis’ children seek to punish any who upset this equilibrium. They seek revenge for an ill deed, and possess a desire to make things even at any cost. They are undeniably dangerous should one get on their bad side, so tread with care around these demi-gods.  

It pays never to bet against a child of Nike. Victory runs through their veins, wings sprout from their backs to glide them over battlefields. With their limbs empowered with strength and speed, Nike’s children are more often than not standing among the victorious, taking places of honour on the podiums of any and all competitions. Relentless, determined, and stubborn, these demigods will fight to the end, to victory.  

Born to the personification of night, to a goddess who even Zeus feared, Nyx’s children hold the same possibility of power. With clothes of silken darkness, they glide by with the whisper of a sigh; ghosts in the night, engulfed in the realm of their mother. Creatures of the night call to them, and their fingers trail ribbons of black, influencing others from the shadows.  

Born to the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone’s children hold sway over the dark after-life, and the bright budding of spring. With new growth blooming as they trail their fingers through the grain, and fresh-faced flowers unfurling petals in their wake, they are spring’s heralds. Yet, like their mother they stand tall, formidable in their knowledge of the underworld.

(part one - the Olympians/ part two)

Something Great

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a/n: sorry for the absence but here is a cute one shot :-) smut warning gif credit to the owner 

His curl adorned head glanced over his shoulder and switched lanes with ease. Music was softly gracing the speakers with a light melody. The sky outside was grey and dull, rain littering the pavement and windows. With the rain and Harry surrounding my senses, I was calm.

The music flowing the truck was serene and I couldn’t help but sing along to the tune. “I don’t want to be your friend, I want to kiss your neck.” I took note of the grin that swept across Harry’s face when I started to sing. “What are you at?” I conjured. The grin that flashed his teeth and dimples grew wider, “You have a lovely voice s'all.”

I blushed at his compliment and kept my head turned to the window so he could fail to see my embarrassment ridden face.

I think I’m falling I’m falling for you

The lyrics resonated in my mind. What if my heart was really falling for this green eyed boy? My mind and heart were at conflict as I asked myself this significant question. Before I could ponder this question more than I already have, my mind swirled to the hand placed gently on my thigh. Even through my clothed material I could feel the hit that was immersed from his hand.

My heart swelled at the small, yet significant gesture that Harry had completed. Before I could revel in the sweetness of Harry anymore, he pulled his truck up at the curb in front of my house. The AUX cord connected to my phone was pulled out as I swiftly tucked it in my pocket. The door I was about to open, was pulled from my grasp. Harry smiled sweetly when I thanked him. See, chivalry isn’t dead.

His arm looped with mine as we walk to my doorstep. “I had a really nice time today.” His voice rang out, the British accent never failing to hook me into his voice deeper. “I did too.” An involuntary smile swept across my face, “We should do it aga-” My sentence was cut off by a loud crackle through the sky. “Yeah we should. But I should get going. Bye Y/N.” He gave me a swift hug, not nearly as long as I wanted. I hollered bye as he rushed through the yard to his truck.

When my door popped open, quietness surrounded me. Mom and Dad were still work. My room welcomed me with the scent of mahogany teakwood and I felt even calmer in that moment. The clothes I had on were stripped off me and replaced with sweats and an old t-shirt, my hair was pulled up into a bun. I had just sunk into my bed when a knock at my door startled me. I heaved a sigh and shuffled to my door. “So. My truck isn’t working.” A soaked Harry stood on my porch. “Alright, you can hang out until the rain stops.” I laughed and grabbed his arm and pulled him inside. “Stay here, I’ll grab you a towel and clothes.” I disappeared in my room, while I sent a swift text to my mom and explained the situation. My phone was placed back into my pocket, a towel in one hand and my ex boyfriends clothes in the other.

“Here’s a towel. And here are some clothes.” Harry’s eyes traveled down the clothes. “Are those your ex boyfriends clothes?” My cheeks heat up, “Yes…look, do you want clothes or not?” He chuckled, “Fine.”

Harry emerged from the bathroom just as I started to watch Supernatural. His appearance caused my to burst out into budding laughter. Around his legs he had tight boxer briefs that were way too short on his long legs, and his torso adorned a shirt that was too tight. “I look fucking ridiculous.” Tears spilled from my eyes, my stomach already gathering an ache. “You look amazing.” Harry’s green eyes rolls at my comment. “Shut it.”

He took a seat on the couch opposite of the one I was lounging on. “What are we watching?” He asked, slightly annoyed. “Supernatural.” Harry scoffed, “Really?”

“Hey it’s a good show!” He chuckled a little bit, “Yeah okay.”

“Hey I can kick you out if I need too.” My maneuvered to look at Harry and my eyes narrowed as I challenged him. “Okay, okay.” He raised his hands up in defense as he decided to climb onto my couch, my heart smiled, I got to be closer to him. I smiled at the green eyed boy who took my feet in his lap as I pressed play on the remote at his request.

About twenty minutes passed by of me being engrossed in the work of Sam and Dean Winchester when Harry started to become bored. His legs that held my feet started to bounce up and down. “You bored?” I asked, “No, I’m okay.” I took the time to admire Harry’s gorgeous face. He had sporadic freckles under his eyes and along his nose, something I’ve noticed before, just never studied them. His green eyes had yellow located around the edge of his pupil. Surrounding his eyes, long eyelashes fanned across. If there was ever a time to seize the day, now was that time. The body resting before me came closer as my body propelled itself towards him. And before I could think about anything else, my lips crashed to his.

Harry held me to him once I tried to pull back. I didn’t object anymore. Our lips melted together with heat intertwined. Harry’s hands grabbed my body and pulled me on to him. Each of my knees were at the side of his legs. My hands found his hair, slowly running my digits through his dark hair. A low moan leaked out of his lips and, sending a sensation through me. What was I doing? Harry and I were just friends. “Harry…were just friends…” The connection of our lips was lost, Harry’s lips were swollen and pink, they looked irresistible. “Y/n. You and I both know that isn’t true. We’ve been wanting each other for awhile now. Ever since I moved here I’ve wanted you.” The words he said to me affected my heart to swell. I can’t deny the fact that I did like him ever since he moved here from England. “Just…let us have this…” Harry practically whimpered out, his hand flew up to my hair as he brushed a stray strand behind my ear. “You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting.” How could I deny this beautiful boy? My body reacted over my mind once more as our lips reestablished. Our hips slowly collided, breathy moans released from both of us. Harry’s lips pulled from mine as he connected to my neck. My head rolled back as a loud moaned ripped through me. “I have wanted to do this for so long,” Harry moaned out, “Let’s take this to your room.” His large hands gripped my butt as he lifted us up, my lips were attacking his neck with my teeth, leaving red marks in the wake of it.

Harry shut my door behind him; swiftly he pulled his shirt of his lanky body. My eyes takes down his naked torso. He had toned abs, suddenly I felt insecure. The body of Harry was much prettier than mine. He was slender and tan. As I had fat rolls and was pale. “Harry…I don’t know.” He sighed, and my heart broke. I wanted to make love with Harry more than anything. But, that was my first time, and I didn’t know if I was ready to give him myself completely. Wasn’t I supposed to be in love with the person I lose it to?

“Y/N, if you’re worried about us not being in love, don’t. I’m incredibly in love with you, and I know you feel the same way. The way you’re body reacts to me when I touch you tells it all.” His hand lingered to my lip, touching it gently. His thumb rubbed over my bottom lip then slowly trailed to my chest, “Just a simple touch to your lip has already got it your heart racing…” He whispered then placed his hand over my heart. Sure enough, he was proved right. “But that’s not the case. I know you too well. It’s you’re body…you’re afraid I won’t find it beautiful.” My breath hitched with his words. His head lowered down, and kissed my clothed belly.

“Baby girl, that isn’t the case. You’re body….it gets my heart racing. Your hips curve in just the right way, your chest is big in all the right places, and your thighs, oh god, your thighs.” He moaned the last part out, I couldn’t help the slight whimper that I emitted from me when he squeezed my thighs.

“If you don’t believe me, feel this.” His hand took mine and placed it on the bulge in the boxers I gave him. Harry climbed on the bed and was faced on top of me. His arms supported him on either side of my head. Harry’s pink and slightly swollen lips came to mine. It wasn’t rushed this time, it was slow, sensual and intimate. “You’re beautiful,” he mumbled against my lips, “let me prove it to you.”

The shirt I had separating our bare chest was removed. My breasts were exposed to the first person other than myself who has seen them. This was my most vulnerable moment. I dearly hoped Harry would not mess this up. “I trust you.” I finally murmured out. Harry sweetly smiled. The smile made my heart swell. Lips kissed in the valley between my breasts. A hand gently kneaded one of them while Harry’s lips slowly made his way to the other. His tongue flicked my nipple, igniting a fire in my stomach. With a sudden gasp from myself, he did it once more, yet harder. He alternated between each breast. If that is how it felt to be pleasured that way, I couldn’t wait for Harry to work further down my body.

As if Harry read my mind, he kissed each of my breast one last time and then inched down my stomach. Leaving raised bumps on my skin and kisses. My breathing was heavy and uncontrolled. I wasn’t lying when I said I trusted Harry. I’ve never felt more ready to give someone myself as I was in that moment.

Harry arrived finally at my lower half. The sweats that adorned my legs and waist were removed. My cheeks reddened as Harry moaned. I forgot to put on underwear. “Do you always go commando?” He lightly chuckled. “Uh, only sometimes.” I mumbled out. “Christ.”

Harry’s curly haired head descended between my thighs. His dark hair tickled my skin. A finger swiped across my core sending a foreign sensation of pleasure through me. My thighs unconsciously tried to squeeze each other together. Harry’s hands took a hold of them, and gripped them tightly. He looked up at me, his eyes were a shade darker and I could almost feel myself dripping.

I entangled my hands in his hair once he touched his tongue to my swollen bundle of nerves. My body jerked as Harry continued to run his tongue vigorously worked on my clit. The moans slipping from my mouth, the tugging of his hair only seemed to fuel Harry more. Harry between my legs, eating me out was such an intense experience. I was sent wondering why I have never done this sooner.

“You taste so good, holy fuck.” He groaned against me, a finger started to inch in and out of me. It was an odd feeling at first, but once I got use to the alienated feeling after a few pumps. The feeling sunk into my bones. I could feel that I was going to untie soon. My first orgasm was soon going to rip through my overwhelmed body and I have never been so ready for it.

I convulsed from Harry’s mouth and fingers. I could feel myself tighten around Harry’s digits, my fingers gripped my sheets, and my toes curled with the pleasure coursing through my entire body.

Harry hauled up from my legs. Moisture surrounded his mouth. My moisture. “Are you on the pill?” I shook my head, “Okay. I have a condom.” I wasn’t sure why he carried a condom around. The feeling that sunk into me sent me into a panic. What if I wasn’t Harry’s first time? What if he was just using me? I wanted to curl up into a ball in that moment. I think Harry sensed my panic, “Relax. This is my first time having sex. I carry it around with me to look cool.” The side of his hand was brushed against my face, “I am just as nervous as you.” He definitely didn’t show it. He did himself of the borrowed boxers, then fetched his wallet. The foil wrapper was torn open then soon the latex was rolled on to Harry’s hard shaft. Harry’s penis was the first one I have seen, but it was beautiful. I silently laughed at my thoughts, “Whatcha laughing at over there? Something funny?”

“No, you’re just beautiful.”

He climbed back onto the bed and kissed my nose, “and so are you.” Harry positioned himself between my legs. “Are you ready?” I nodded, I have never been more ready. “Okay.”

Harry pushed himself inside of me, a vehement moan elicited from his throat. “Holy fuck, this is better than I could imagine.” The unfamiliar feeling a male being inside of me was unpleasant to say the least. As Harry drew his hips back slowly and would push back against me, a pain would set in. It wasn’t very painful, but it was annoying. “Are you okay? Do I need to stop?” My head shook, “No, keep going.”

“With pleasure.”

After a few thrusts, the sensation set in and I started to experience the pleasure everyone thrived about. Before too long, my hips were meeting Harry’s furiously. Sweat began to bead at my forehead and in the valley of my breasts. Our moaning became louder and our breaths became rampant.

Pleasure cascaded through me with each propelling of our clashing hips. “Hold on, let me do something.” And with that, Harry moved his hips in such a way that he hit a certain spot inside of me. I cried out in what I could only explain of irrevocable bliss. “Oh fuck.” Harry accelerated his hips as his tongue met my breasts, I don’t know how much longer I could last with all of this overwhelming me. “Harry…I won’t last long..” Harry mumbled something onto me.

A thumb flicked my clit, and Harry kept hitting that spot that only kept making me moan louder each time. Soon I started to throb around Harry. My vision blacker out and I felt myself release onto Harry with a deafening moan. “Fuck Harry!” My nails raked down his back, an action I soon loved to peruse.

Harry growled out then soon twitched inside of me, spilling himself into the condom. Harry sweaty body collapsed on me, our chests heaving. “Y/N, that was amazing.” He said into my ear. “Oh my god, it was.” My hand was playing with Harry’s curls when he rolled off of me and pulled me onto his chest. “I see why everyone makes a big deal out of it now.” I chuckled out, Harry’s chest bounced up and down with a laugh rattling through him. “Yeah, so do I.”

Before we could continue our cuddling session, my phone buzzed with a text. “On my way home.” It read, from my mom. Panic rose in me, I jumped from Harry’s chest throwing clothes around to get dressed. “My mom is on her way.” Harry jumped up as well and got dressed. I pulled my hair into a bun and checked myself in the mirror. I truly looked like a different girl. There was a certain glow to my skin that I couldn’t place. My eyes looked brighter and my cheeks held red. “How doI look?” I asked Harry, “Freshly fucked.” He grinned with a dimple popping into his cheek. I rolled my eyes at him. We walked into the living room and I continued to play supernatural.

Eventually my mom stumbled through the door. “Hi Harry.” She smiled. “Hey Mrs. Y/L/N. How are you?” “I’m great, thank you for asking. You’re such a sweet boy. Why don’t you come over more often?” She passed him with a quick ruffle to his hair. Harry looked at me, “Maybe I will.” Then added a wink.

“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 2

Part 1



You could see Charlie’s large sun hat before you saw her face once you landed in the airport. Though Harry had attempted to roll both yours and his suitcase in a chivalrous way, you had given him a look as if to say, “Really?” before lugging your own behind you as Harry led you and Savie through the airport.

“Charlie!” you called, waving your arm frantically as you attempted to catch her attention. She turned, her long, luxurious and silky hair swishing around her as a large smile overcame her face and she waved back, jogging to meet up with you. 

“Y/N!” she cried and nearly sprinted into your arms. “Oh it’s been so long! When Harry called I nearly thought he was joking saying you’d be visiting! It’s so good to see you!”

You and Savie had known Charlie since university. She’d been the Armenian girl down the hall whose grandmother always sent her nice treats. You’d gone with her on her first trip to her home country when her parents had asked if she wanted to spend the summer there. Her answer was yes, and that she wanted to bring friends. 

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Piercing (NSFW)

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Bucky Barnes x pierced!Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Based of THIS post by @papi-chulo-bucky! Thanks for giving me permission to use this idea Del!

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Recap of how this all connects*

Huntokar (“The Destroyer”) is the god worshipped by the secret underground city beneath the Desert Flower Bowling Alley

A Vague, Yet Menacing Government Agency has been stealing buildings from this city for over a century

The plot to remove Huntokar’s buildings has had a number of casualties, at least three of whom saw the Dark Planet as they died

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ive always had this sequence in my head where team family are hosting a party after the war is over, and jesus and michonne walk in, dressed in fancy clothes both looking stunning, and rick and daryl are sitting together and look up and kinda just,, freeze because oh my god look at them, when maggie and tara slowly place pillows over their crotches, making them all burst out laughing and snap rick and daryl out of their trance all flustered and embarrassed as rick rolls his eyes at maggie while daryl shoots tara death glares

Home Sweet Home

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Request: Hey there, I was wondering if you could do a Dean x reader where Dean finds the reader after she’s kidnapped by demons and fights all of the demons off just for her. Can this be really fluffy?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,600ish

Warnings: mentions of torture

A/N: Fluffy, fluffy Dean…

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Ugly Duckling 

Imagine: Gladys “Juniper” Jones is the twin sister of Jughead. The two are pretty similar; they dress alike, act alike, and overall are definitely twins. One day Juniper decides to dress a little more outside of her comfort zone, and faces the harsh repercussions. 

A/N: Om my god, I love Riverdale so much. Jughead is my smol bean that I will protect at all costs! Honestly, though all the characters are so great (looking  😏) and I can’t get enough. I have already fallen head over heels for this fandom and have decided to write an imagine. This is going to a multi-part fic, with some Reggie action because honestly, Reggie is just precious. This part doesn’t give him some good light, but just wait and it will get good.

Veronica places a small piece of cloth on my lap. I hold the shirt at arm’s length and examine it. It is very small. Holding it against my chest it doesn’t even reach my belly button. “I’m not going to take no for an answer,”

I scrunch my nose looking at my reflection. “It’s kinda small,”

“That’s the point,” Veronica rests her chin on my shoulder. I lock gazes with her reflection. A sigh escapes her lips. “Okay, here,”

She pulls a denim jacket from her closet to pair with the shirt. Betty chimes in from her spot on Veronica’s bed. “Now we definitely aren’t taking a no,”

“Fine,” Betty and Veronica squeal simultaneously.

~ ~ ~

The next morning I stare at the front of the school apprehensively. Should I even go in? I pull at the hem of the crop top that barely grazes my belly button. I release one last breath and walk into school. Heads turn as I walk past and I receive many incredulous stares.

“DAMN!” Veronica and Betty are at the end of the hall walking over. Veronica scans my outfit. “Juni, you’re so hot!”

I can feel the heat creeping up my neck. Betty takes me by the shoulders giving me her signature warm smile. “She’s right, Juni! You look amazing,”

“Juni is that you? You look so hot!” Kevin walks up and pushes Betty aside to get a good look at my outfit. “If I wasn’t gay you’d definitely be on my list,”

“Thanks, guys,” I adjust the strap on my shoulder and head down the hall. The other fall in step behind me. “I’m just worried what Jughead will think,”

“You didn’t see him?”

“Not exactly, I’ve kinda been avoiding him,” Veronica slaps my shoulder. Just then the first bell rings and I back away from the group. “I’ll see you guys later!”

For the remainder of the day, I get other compliments along the lines of ‘you look great’ and ‘nice outfit’. Some guys were a little more outright and said ‘you look hot’ but I appreciated the compliments nonetheless. It’s weird to see the reaction after changing from my normal attire of jeans and a t-shirt.

Since Jughead is working on the Blue and Gold with Betty and will be out late, I have to catch a ride with our friend Archie. My gaze is on the floor as I amble down the hallway towards the locker room.

“Hey, Wednesday Addams!” My body tenses when I hear the familiar nickname. I quicken my pace trying to flee the situation. My hands clench into tight fists.  “Guys, I don’t think twisted twin here heard us,”

Chuck and his Goons quickly surround me and corner me against a locker. Chuck’s gaze travels across my body sending chills down my spine. “Nice outfit,”

No words come out of my mouth. Unlike my brother who has a way with words, my brain short circuits in situations like these leaving me mute. “Too bad you’re just an ugly duckling thinking she can be a swan,”

The laughter from the group of guys surrounding me sounds like hammers against my skull. My heart pounds against my chest and my breathing quickens. “You know what, though?”

Chuck leans on the locker beside me so that his face is only millimeters from mine. “Do you like maple syrup?”

“You would really get with trailer trash like that?” Moose furrows his brows staring at me like I am just dirt under his feet. I swallow the lump in my throat. Please, just go away.

“Here’s the thing about trash. You use it once and then throw it away,” The guys erupt in laughter patting Chuck on his back for his clever word-play. I use this moment as a chance to break away.

I run to the boys’ locker room only a few doors away, hoping that Archie is still here. The locker room is oddly quiet when I walk in. “A-archie?”

When there is no response I realize that I’m alone. I lean my head back against a locker and sink to the ground. Tears roll down my cheeks. I bury my head in my arms rested on my knees. Why was I stupid enough to dress like this?

“Juniper?” I jump to my feet as Reggie emerges from behind a locker. He looks at the tears on my cheeks which I wipe away with the sleeve of my jacket.

“What? Are you here to finish off the job? Tell me I am delusional for thinking I could ever dress nice, could be anything other than trash you will throw away? I think your goons got that covered,”

I storm out of the locker room. My body hits something hard. Jughead takes my face in his hands holding it up for inspection. “What happened?”

“J-juggie. I-I just couldn’t d-do anything,” I choke out between sobs. Jughead buries my face in his chest rubbing my back. I soak his shirt with tears.

“It’s okay, Junie. I’ll fix it,”

Your Bringing That Back? - Alex Summers Imagine

*So I got this request, but I answered the request privately by accident so I didn’t get a good look at the blogger who requested this : (. I was going to put your blog next to the request down below. Oh my god that sounded like Stiles saying something confusing lol (Gifs not mine)

Request: can you do an older brother Hank McCoy walking in on you making out with Alex Summers

Warning: making out, name-calling

Pairing: Alex Summers x Reader 

Word Count:694

A/N: I know that isn’t actually Alex, but I mean look at that little shit he is absolutely gorgeous 

You never imagined that you Y/N L/N would be given the opportunity to show what you can do. You see you and your older brother Hank were mutants. Being a mutant wasn’t easy, especially when you couldn’t tell anyone. Not even your parents knew. But everything changed after you met Charles Xavier (a.k.a Professor X now). Charles and the rest of the first X-men came up with the brilliant idea to make the mansion into a school, a school for mutants.

None of you ever thought “Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters” would turn out to be a success, let alone have so many kids attending. It was so incredible to see so many kids and their mutations, everyone could be themselves without anyone being judgmental or rude.

As for the rest of you guys, some of you became mentors or teachers or just left in general. You loved being around kids so you decided to be a teacher. All the kids gave you their undivided attention, they enjoyed learning new things from you. If there was anything you loved doing, it was helping them control their gifts.

Today was like any other day, You woke up early, got ready for your class, taught lessons, then went back to your room for some needed sleep. You loved your job, but it was exhausting at times.

Your class ended early today because of it being Friday, which usually gave you time to rest. You opened the door to your room and took your heels off. You plopped down on your bed ready to have the nap of your life. Just as you were about to close your eyes there was a knock at the door

“Come in” You looked up to see your boyfriend Alex.

“Hey Y/n” He walked up to you and gave you a tender kiss

“hmm…Hi” You gave him a soft smile

“How was your day?” He placed a hand on your waist, slightly leaning over you.

“It was tiring, but overall my days been good…great now actually” You ran a hand through his blonde locks.

“oh yeah?” He smirked


“How much more great can your day get if I did this…” Alex leaned down and started leaving wet kisses on your neck

“A-Alex” You felt absolute bliss. Alex always knew how to get your heart pumping even with the slightest touch.

“Want me to stop?”

“No, god no I’ve missed you too much”.

“I’ve missed you too Y/N, we never have any time together”

“Tell me about it”

“I mean with all the classes, work, and all the students to mentor there just isn’t enough tim-” You placed your lips roughly against his.

“You talk to much” You over rolled and straddled his lap. Alex responded immediately, running his hands up and down your sides.

You proceeded taking off your blazer and blouse, Alex’s eyes darkening by the second. He rolled you over him now being on top.

“You’re wearing to much clothing” you breath out as he attacks your neck again.

“lets fix that shall we” He pulls his shirt over his head, his abs now in your view. You raked your eyes up and down his body.

“Like what you see”

“mhmm” You grab him by the neck and pull him down towards you.

You guys were in a full heated make-out session that you didn’t hear someone enter the room.

“Hey Y/N do you think you can look over these revie-” He stops mid sentence.

“Oh my gaw–Hank, don’t you knock!” You scurried to put on your blouse.

“Oh god my eyes…” Hank averted his eyes from you and glanced at Alex.

“Alex” Hank salutes and gives an embarrassed smile.

“Bozo” He smiles amused.

“And I’m Y/N, Hank get out! You exclaimed while ushering him out the door.

“Right sorry, I’ll be going now”. He hurriedly walked out.

You shut the door and actually lock it this time. Your back facing Alex.

“Well–that was something” Alex shook his head. You turned around and faced him

“Bozo, really? Your bringing that back?” You queried.

“He’s still a bozo” He shrugged.

Hope you liked it :)

Winter Blues

This is my contribution for @outside-the-government‘s Winter Blues challenge. 

Word Count: 1508
Author’s Note: My prompts were “I thought only kids got chicken pox.” and Jim. Enjoy!

It had been weeks since you’d had a full day off. The Enterprise had happened across six uncharted planets in a row, and each away team had somehow managed to come back with casualties. Even Bones, who normally came out of missions miraculously unscathed, had been injured on the last exploratory mission. Which left you temporarily in charge of MedBay. And left him ridiculously grouchy, and trying to micromanage you from his bed in the ICU.

“Y/N! You need to check on -”

“I already did, Bones!” You called, forcing an annoying sing-song tone into your voice. You knew it made him crazy.

“Well, what about the -”

“Supplies have been stocked and reordered, Bones,” you sang, tipping your head in the door. “Don’t make me come in there with a sedative to make you sleep.”

“Just let me double-check the -”

“I’m not kidding about sedating you.” Your tone was suddenly serious, and he met your gaze. “I’ve got everything under control. Instead of worrying that everything is going to fall to pieces without you in charge, why not sit back and relax in the knowledge that you trained me well?” He had the decency to look a little chagrined.

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Blame it on the Night (Star-Lord x Reader NSFW)

As requested by anon: Can you make a smutty fanfic of Peter x reader in which the reader takes advantage of Peter after he flirted another girl at the bar? And when I mean advantage I do not mean to slice him in half. B3

IMPORTANT: I feel that the term “taking advantage” implies a date rape setting, which I am not okay with by any means. Please know that in this fic, everything is consensual and positive. 

The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.

The words echoed through your mind as you nursed a rather large drink. You weren’t sure what was in it, as you’d just sat down and pointed to a random cocktail on the menu when the bartender approached you, but it was strong, and it was working. All the thoughts were slowly seeping out of your head. The memories of being abandoned that morning were fading. The stress of work was going away. Everything was leaving, except for those words.

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Good For You pt. 2

a/n: no shitty ass smut for now, just kinda moving forward

Summary: He needed you as some sort of stability, you needed him as some form of rebellion.
Word Count: 1k+
Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader
Warning(s):language, blasphemy i guess ??

You peeked under the table when you felt your phone vibrate on your lap.

Wanna go to the party at Jake’s tonight?

You fought the urge to furrow your brows. Was he really inviting you to a party? And who the hell’s Jake?

“Y/N. Put your phone away, respect the bounty that was given to you in this table,” your father sternly said.

“Sorry, dad.” You put your phone face down before continuing to eat in silence.

Their tense conversation became white noise as your mind flies back to the text. Why would he invite you to come? No one ever had before, what changed now?

Ah, yes. Business.

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Pairing: Jungkook X Reader ft. Jimin

Genre: Smutty Goodness

Word Count: 3000-ish

Originally posted by jengkook

Originally posted by suga-com

“Jungkook not here, ah-” You exclaimed as your breaths become more shallow and your heart beating faster than it ever had before.

“Why not princess, you’re dripping wet.” He whispers into your ear as he takes his fingers out from between your thighs, soaked in your juices he puts them in his mouth with any hesitation and sucks them clean.

“Because we’re on a fucking train you pabo” You scold finally gaining come composure as you catch your breath.

‘Oh how did I end up here especially like this?’ You thought to yourself recalling everything that had happened.

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BMC headcanon

Jeremy Heere will steal sweatshirts. He’s at Rich’s house and gets cold: there goes one of Rich’s sweatshirts. Never getting that back. If Michael actually ends up taking his off and he can’t find it, Jeremy probably put it on.

He’s taken ones from Christine, Brooke, Chloe, and Jenna as well. If you search his closet, one section is just stolen sweatshirts. The only person he hasn’t taken one from is Jake. He wouldn’t dare.

One day Jeremy just wears all of them at once. It’s been one year since the SQUIP incident, and he wanted to do this to mark the occasion that they were now all friends and that everything was okay. He doesn’t know how he hasn’t passed out yet, and then Jake casually walks by, places his sweatshirt over Jer’s shoulders and he just..falls. He’s perfectly fine. The clothing cushions his fall, but he’s so h o t, my god how is this boy not sweating to death.

The gang goes to him and laugh while they help him up. Perfect revenge for stealing, right?

Jeremy still does it, that won’t ever change. He just loves having reminders that he has people who care about him as much as he cares about them.

anonymous asked:

My dude if u ever have the time, I would appreciate Delsin Rowe Dating headcanons


Originally posted by delsin-r0we

  • This mf is fly as fuck with you and it’s awful because he knows it. Every time he manages to impress you with anything he does, he gets this like smug grin on his face that’s really cute, but also really infuriating. You just want to punch him in the face or kiss him for it. It’s usually the latter.
  • If its cold he’ll let you wear his beanie. I hope you feel special because he never lets anyone touch his beanie. It’s like… sacred.
  • Expect him to show up randomly sometimes at your window in a burst of smoke or sometime, knocking on the glass with a big dumb grin. If you tell him to stop it and use the door like a normal person, expect Delsin to show up at the window a lot more.
  • He still defaces public property like mad and now you’ll see a lot of like graffiti that relates to you in areas you frequent. Like there might be some suspicious graffiti on a wall you pass of a silhouette of two people holding hands and they really very suspiciously look like the two of you. God, what a D O R K.
  • Speaking of, expect lots of random late night trips with Delsin to set up crazy displays of his art. You learn a few things about how your boyfriend does his thing and when you first start you totally make a mess (paint all over your hands and clothes, oh god). The best part of those evenings is the end though, when Delsin takes you to high up places to look over the city. It’s really nice. Lots of smooching may be involved.
  • Expect lots of calls and messages from Betty and Reggie. Look, Delsin gets into a lot of trouble and while being with you has calmed him down a bit, they’re still worried. They’re family after all. It’s fun to visit Betty on the reservation and she’s so much fun to talk to because she’s got loads of anecdotes about both Delsin and Reggie. The woman is a total riot. Reggie likes to look after you and is constantly reminding you that if you ever need help or if you’re in trouble you can call him and he’ll come running. You suppose it’s good to have a police officer as a friend!
  • There are moments when Delsin’s self esteem slips and he feels like some dumb punk with no future which totally isn’t true. During these times, he’ll seek you out, usually in your home and he’ll just curl up in your arms and want some silent support. He’ll bounce back, just give him some time. Don’t worry too much that he doesn’t want to talk to you, the fact that he’s gone to you and staying quietly in one spot instead of wrecking face somewhere is a good thing.
  • Awful jokes.
    “Guess what?”
    “You want the D.”
    Ohhhhh my god.” you do.


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Bully (Negan x reader )

Originally posted by kendaspntwd

Bully (Negan x reader) (part 1 of 3 )

Summary: you are a wife who is bullying another wife, but Negan founds out and punishes you in the best way possible.

Warning: cursing.mild violence, smut will be in the part 3 ;)

You are one of Negan’s favorite wives, he seems to always do extra for you because let’s face it, you give him great head when he wanted it and you have great pussy to match,so for that you would always be treated like a queen, He would give almost  everything you desired and rarely would say no to you

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Lena Luthor/you fic part 15

Originally posted by carthonasi

After what had transpired earlier that morning, you had expected to wake up feeling somewhat relaxed.  Instead, the peak of your withdrawal hit you like a ton of bricks. The sickness that had plagued you earlier was nothing compared to the way your stomach lurched and your skin itched upon coming into consciousness.  The light from the window practically seemed to sear your retinas and pain shot from behind your eyes to every inch of your skull.

“Fuck,” you groaned and rolled out of bed, having temporarily forgot about the healing fracture in your leg.  Right before you put weight on it, you managed to remember and used the nightstand to brace yourself.  Bile rose in the back of your throat and you clasped a hand over your mouth.  In a series of wild, desperate hops, you made your way to the bathroom just in time to collapse in front of the toilet and heave up a disturbing amount of bile.  

You had known this was coming.  You had seen people go through this before.  Whatever you had felt on the first day was likely just the result of whatever damage using on an empty stomach had occurred.  This was the real deal.  The drugs had finally left your system.  This was withdrawal.

Gripping the toilet seat so hard your knuckles turned white, you vomited again into the porcelain bowl and fumbled for the handle to flush away the foul smelling liquid.  You hobbled to the sink and washed your mouth out as your breathing shifted from a pant to something calmer.  A new wave of chills caused your teeth to chatter momentarily.  For a brief moment, you thought you’d be sick again.

Lena flashed through your mind as you met your reflection’s gaze.  You wouldn’t be able to hide this from her.  You couldn’t even force yourself to ignore this.  The neurons in your skin continued firing at random rates; eliciting the feeling of prickling bugs crawling all over you.  You shuddered at the visual.

After you were sure you weren’t going to vomit again any time soon, you hopped gingerly back into the bedroom and collapsed back into bed.  A fresh coat of sweat had coated your flesh during your excursion to the bathroom and it caused the sheets to cling to your skin as you slipped back under them.  The feeling made you claustrophobic and you hurried to throw them off again.  It was then that you realized how sore you were; not from the remaining injuries but instead in your joints and muscles.  It was a deep ache that seemed to pulse in slow waves.

You laid there for nearly 20 minutes; shaking and rolling over and over to try to find a position that didn’t make you feel absolutely miserable.  All you could think about was how stupid you had been to hand over that pill bottle so quickly.  You could have handled this on your own.  It wouldn’t have been impossible for you to wean yourself off without Lena knowing.  God, you had been so cowardly in dragging her into it.  

Though you knew it was hopeless, you got onto your crutches any way and began rooting around the room.  Every drawer you searched through held nothing but clothes or jewelry; nothing that would quell the relentless need for medication.  Your hands trembled as they dug through any place that had the potential to be a hiding spot.  Desperation grew as you continued to find nothing.  Lena was too smart to simply put them somewhere secret; they were probably long gone in National City’s sewage system.

Ignoring the pain ricocheting from your ribs, you slipped on your boot and a sneaker.  You knew if you tried to drink this away you’d only end up with your head in the toilet, but cigarettes were a necessity.  Better yet, pot if you could find it.  

It took everything you had to not dry heave in the elevator ride down to the lobby.  The woman who had gotten on one floor below Lena’s reeked of flowery perfume that absolutely churned your stomach.  She gave you an indignant look when you brushed past her in a desperate attempt to get out of the building and into the fresh air.  

The muscles in your arms began to burn as you carelessly crossed the street towards the corner store at the intersection.  A cab honked its horn at you after screeching to a halt several feet away, but your eyes didn’t so much as waiver from the store entrance until you were inside.

“Can I get a pack of Marlboro reds?” you panted out as you approached the counter.  The man working glanced up from the ancient iPhone in his hands and after studying you for a second, he turned around and grabbed your request.

“Anything else?” he grunted and wiped his nose on the sleeve of his faded flannel shirt.

“Uh,” you lowered your voice and leaned across the counter, “you got any bud back there?”

“You ain’t a cop, are you?”

“Pretty far from it.”

“Hmm,” he nodded and after a moment of hesitation, reached beneath the counter and extended his hand.  You produced your wallet and smoothly transitioned the folded Ziploc in between the folds of the cash you had.  

“Let me get some papers too then,” you pulled out a 50 and set it down in place of the cigarettes you picked up.  You pocketed them along with a lighter you pulled off of the rack near the register and added the stack of rolling papers once the store clerk handed them over.  “Keep the change, man.”

“Thanks,” he called after you.  The register clicked and then chimed as you made your way back out onto the street.  You were too occupied in pulling out a cigarette and lighting it to notice the figure standing several meters away that occasionally murmured into a hidden communication device in the cuff of his sleeve.  After a few puffs, the nicotine quelled the way your nerves screamed enough for you to limp back onto the sunlit pavement and retreat back up to Lena’s apartment building like an injured animal returning to its den.  


“Ms. Luthor?”

Lena looked away from the spreadsheets in front of her at the entrance of her assistant.

“A package just arrived for you.”

“Thank you, Jess,” she nodded as the secretary set down a plane cardboard box on her desk.  Her office door shut quietly behind Jess as she let herself out and Lena pulled a letter opener from one of her drawers to cut the packaging tape.  She frowned in confusion as a small tablet slid out of the box and onto her keyboard.  The CEO hesitantly picked up the slim device and as she did, the screen came to life.  The pixels lit up into a horrifying image; you with a knife pressed to your throat by a gloved hand.

Say it.”

The voice was familiar enough to twist Lena’s stomach; she had heard it come from her own laptop in the apartment.  

Say it!” the man on the video barked again.  The footage was shaky and shot from a downward angle; it was evident from the positioning that you had been pinned to the floor under him.


The sooner you say it, the less this will hurt.”

“Please,” your voice cracked with terrified desperation and Lena let the tablet clatter onto her desk.  A small bead of blood appeared from under the blade and your bruising face contorted with pain.  “I can’t.”

I’m gonna give you one more chance.  Tell your bitch you don’t love her.”

“Let me go!”

The camera temporarily lost view of you as a struggle occurred and seconds later, it clattered to the floor.  It landed upside-down, giving the lens a reversed view of you being thrown across the room and struck with a gloved fist.  Cries of pain fed through the speakers and seemed to fill Lena’s office with deafening sound.

Lena tapped the screen in front of her with shaking fingers, but the torture video continued to play.  Unable to stomach the sounds of your suffering any longer, she rose from her chair with the tablet in hand and fled to the balcony.  Wind blasted her hair away from her face as she flung the tablet over the railing and watched it fall to the streets below.

It took nearly a minute for Lena to unfreeze and head back inside.  Her mouth was dry and she still felt sick.  Her hands still trembled as she pulled up your name in her phone and called you.  Two rings passed and Lena’s heart began to pound again before you finally picked up.


“Y/N?  Are you alright?  Where are you?”

I’m at the apartment,” you sounded confused and it slowed Lena’s pacing in front of her desk.  “What’s wrong?

“Someone sent something to my office.”


“It a tablet or something, with a video from when they hurt you.  You haven’t seen anyth-“

Lena, slow down.  I’m fine.”

There was something off in your voice and Lena’s heightened paranoia allowed her to pick up on it.  

“You don’t sound fine.  I’m coming home.”

She rose to collect her things and notify Jess that she was leaving.”

Lena, don’t.  I’m okay; just a little sick.  You can’t afford to miss anymore work and this is just Lillian trying to get in your head.  Everything’s going to be okay,” you assured her.

“What do you mean you’re sick?”

It’s nothing.  I’m just getting everything out of my system.  Don’t worry about it.”

“You didn’t take anything, did you?”

Jesus, Lena, no.”

“I’m sorry,” Lena apologized quickly.  She had heard the indignation in your voice and immediately regretted the accusation.  “I’m sorry.  I just…are you sure you’re alright by yourself.”

I’m fine,” you replied in a short tone and Lena clenched her eyes shut.  “See you in a few hours.”


After a shitty joint, you were finally able to lay down without getting overcome with nausea and chills.  You drifted in and out of a restless sleep after hiding your cigarettes and other paraphernalia; overcome with dreams of pills, flashbacks, and Lena.  The suspicion in her voice during her panicked phone call had left you on edge and irritated with both her and yourself.  

If you had wanted to go out and get painkillers, you could have.  Lord knows you had enough connects to do so.  Even without your work phone, you knew where to go and where the right people hung out.  But, that didn’t mean that you would.  You were trying, but that obviously didn’t seem to be enough for her.


Lena slipped through her front door at half past 5 o’clock, still shaken from the delivery to her office several hours earlier.  Her apartment was dark and she glanced around anxiously as she slipped off her coat and shoes and set down her bag.  After wandering around for a bit, she found you curled up in the bedroom with a trashcan beside your half of the bed.

“Y/N?” she murmured quietly.  You didn’t stir as she sat down next to you and put a hand on your shoulder.  “Y/N?” Lena repeated.


“Are you okay?”


“Please don’t be angry with me.  I was just so worried and I—“ Lena’s voice hitched, effectively drawing you out of your attempt to ignore her and go back to sleep.  

“It’s alright,” your voice was hoarse and you rolled over to look up at her.  “I’m sorry.  Come here and sleep for a bit.  It’ll make you feel better.”

“Okay,” Lena stood and you watched as she stripped out of her work clothes.  The dark haired woman slid under the comforter next to you in her underwear and her body heat quickly spread to your cold skin and warmed you.

“I’m sorry about today,” you said quietly.  She settled against you after you wrapped an arm around your waist.  “I’m here, alright?”


Sorry this took so long!  Lillian Luthor involvement coming soon!

Sleepwalking to you, it’s out of my control. ( Jhope fic)

Chapter 5

I watched Seokjin as he gripped Hobi under his arms, steadying him as he tried to take the last few stepts to the couch, fingers gripping the crutches in a white knuckled grip. He struggled a bit but that stubborn determination of his came in handy, keeping him up till he managed to walk the whole length of the apartment before collapsing on the couch again.

“This is amazing. Your husband is amazing.” Seokjin whispered sounding awed.

I fought to keep the tears in.

A month ago, this moment had seemed like some sort of a distant impossibility. Yet, here he was, actually walking.

“There’s been phenomenal improvement in how his nerves are healing, i’m a bit stunned actually.” Seokjin shook his head in amazement and gave me a bright smile.

“It’s all thanks to you, Jiah. Hoseok is very lucky to have you.” He said softly and I froze.

Awkward silence as I chuckled nervously.

“It’s not like that seok-”

“You’re right hyung. i  am  lucky.” Hoseok said softly, staring unnerving at me and i swallowed nervously. there was something different in the way he looked at me these days and i felt it like a physical touch. The way his gaze dropped to my lips , too often and too obvious to be a coincidence. The way his fingers fluttered over my waist seemingly casual as he laughed and followed me around the kitchen or as we watched movies on our worn out couch. He touched me often, meaningless little brushes of his hands on my body and I felt like i coming unraveled. At first, I was sure I was reading too much into it but last night , i had tried to move away , out of reach and he had subtly followed , when he thought I wasn’t looking. Moving closer to me on the couch and sneaking glances in a way that made breathing difficult.

And now he was looking at me again, bold and brazen, like he could see things he wasn’t really meant to. … It had me feeling some kind of way and I gripped the kitchen towel harder as I looked down at his feet. I had the sudden crazy urge to touch my hair, like some flirty teenager and I quelled the urge with a shudder, toes curling into the carpet as I bit my lips nervously.

“I’m just glad you’re getting better.” I said awkwardly , trying to smile a bit and he grinned.

“I know. So you can get me out of your hair.” He teased before turning back to Jin . “ Hyung, let’s just let my pretty wife have the day off. Jiah, You and I  should  go to that park and try walking some more…” He said eagerly. I nodded, smiling a bit at how enthusiastic he sounded.

Seokjin chuckled and nodded and I bit my lips, trying to keep my giddiness in check.

Pretty wife. He called me his Pretty wife.

Dusk was setting in by the time Hoseok agreed to head back home from the park. We were both sitting on the groomed lawn, him leaning back on on his elbows while I pulled at a few clumps of grass. He looked tired but content, his face a little paler but the features soft in the fading light. I stared at his angular jawline, the curve of his neck, A solitary drop of sweat made it’s way from the edge of his hairline, disappearing into his shirt. I swallowed nervously.

I was so attracted to him that it was beginning to hurt. A gust of wind hit the small patch of mud next to us and i as I watched, some of the dust flew right into his eye and he flinched, blinking in shock and rubbing at his eyes furiously.

I reacted instinctively, crawling over quickly and grabbing his wrist.

“Don’t rub , you’ll make it worse! Here.. let me…” I used my thumb and forefinger to gently keep his gaze on me, leaning closer to blow softly into his eye. My palm pressed against the grainy expanse of his cheek, a five'o'clock shadow already feeling like heaven beneath my skin. I stared down at him, suddenly aware that he was staring back with a very heavy look in his eyes.

“ Can I ask you something? ” He whispered.

I pulled away slowly and returned back to my place, feeling suddenly nervous.

“Anything…” I said softly.

“Do you think, if you never married me, you would be in love with Yoongi?” He said suddenly and I jumped a little.

“why sould you say that?” I said confused.

Hoseok hesitated before taking a deep breath. He turned to me and there was a world of uncertainty in those eyes.

“He told me that you guys… that you and him … you once… you know….” He looked away.

I clenched my fists , embarassed apology slipping out before I could stop it. I had never meant to hide it from Hobi but it had been just one of those mistakes that I had never meant to make.

“when ?” I said softly.

“Last week. I was talking to him about stuff and then he said that it had been bothering him for a long time and he just wanted to get it off his chest. ”

“It was three years ago.” I said softly.

“why didn’t you tell me?”

“I should’ve told you, I guess but … It was early in our marriage. I’d just found out about… Hyeri and I was drunk. We both were. It was only the one time. Yoongi never forgave himself for it, I think. But we got over it. I love him but he’s more like a brother than anything else. It was a one time thing.  I don’t usually get drunk and sleep with people .” i laughed nervously .

Like hell you don’t,  a voice snickered in the back of my head.

Hobi didn’t reply, continuing to stare out into the setting sun.

“Hyeri and I…” He stopped , taking a deep breath. “ We’re the same kind of people. She understands me in ways that … no one else could. ” He finished.

I waited, sure that there was a reason he was saying this.

“I just want you to know that it wasn’t you.” He said softly, reaching out and taking my hand in his. I fought tears as he traced a thumb over the top of my wrist. “ It wasn’t because you weren’t good enough or because I wasn’t attracted to you or anything like that. I just… I had been with Hyeri for years. I grew up with her after all. I didn’t want to give up that familiarity. ”

I nodded, understanding.

“I’m over it.” I said softly.

“ARe you? Sometimes I feel like i ruined your life in a way that I can never make up for.” He whispered.

I exhaled deeply.

“No. No, Hobi. You didn’t. I ruined my own life. ” I stood up quickly. “ Can we go back now?”


“You should try getting some sleep during the day. You don’t sleep that well at night too. i swear to God, you’re always tossing and turning on the bed.” Hoseok complained, while I finished wiping down the glass plates, neatly putting them into the cupboard in the dining room. I still had to finish typing up some reports for Yoongi and I glanced at  the watch, groaning when I saw that it read 11.00 PM already.

“I’m fine.” I protested, although it wasn’t entirely true. It was now five weeks since we had returned back to Seoul and there was a definite dip in my energy. Maybe it was just my body catching up with all the exhaustion of the past five months. It certainly had taken a toll on me. I’d lost weight and the blue-tinged veins underneath my eyes were probably going to be around for a long time.

“I’m going to go warm some milk. You’re drinking a glass and coming to bed.” He said firmly, moving to the kitchen and I took an instinctive step forward to stop him, forgetting the cleaning rag , I’d placed on the floor. I stepped on it, the cloth slipping out from beneath me and my ankle turning painfully as i crashed headlong into the wooden cupboard.

It jarred me so badly that for a few seconds, i sat there, stunned while Hoseok yelled something and came out of the kitchen, panic written all over his face.

“Oh my God!! Are you alright…??” He brought the wheelchair closer, reaching for me awkwardly and I nodded, gripping the cupboard and standing only to wince at the painful twinge around my ankle. Biting my lips, I tried to smile.

“I’m okay…i’m fine..”

“No, you’re not. I’ve seen enough twisted ankles to know.. look it’s swelling already. Here, come on. Get on…”

I stared at him in confusion.


“Come here.” He patted his lap and I couldn’t stop the flush that invaded my face, heating me up.

“Hoseok… you’re crazy. You’re not a bike that I can just ride…”

The minute the words left my mouth , I froze.

of all possible ways to phrase that sentence, holy shit…

Hoseok looked stunned as well and then he laughed out loud.

“You don’t have to ride  me.  ” He winked and I died a little .“ You can join me on this chair and I’ll drop you off in your bed.”

I shook my head and stood up quickly, gripping the table as I slowly took some weight onto my leg. It wasn’t excruciatingly painful so I managed to limp my way to the chair near the table, lowering myself down softly.

Hoseok stared at me for a second and then slowly made his way over, looking hesitant.

“ There’s something i wanted to talk to you about.” He said softly.

I smiled, not even a little suspicious.

“I think we should get that divorce.”

I sat perfectly still, smile still firmly in place. I tried to process what I had just heard, understand the significance but my mind and heart had shut down temporarily.

“I… What?” I said finally.

“Seokjin told me there’s a rehabilitation center that I’m now eligible for. It will be for six months and it’s in Macau. I was on the waiting list but today, Seokjin told me I made it and well, I want to do this for you before I go.”

Do this for me.

“I don’t… You don’t have to…” I didn’t even know what the argument was or why it was a bad idea. I didn’t know because I couldn’t find the words to tell him that it was probably not the right thing to do. And God, why did i even have to find the words? Why didn’t he know that it was a bad idea.

Because he is in love with another woman, you empty headed fool.

I swallowed.

“Oh. Okay. I… I’m happy for you.”

I gripped the edge of the table trying to get my head on straight.

“I care for you, so much. I can’t keep you with me anymore. I can’t be a selfish prick.” He said softly and I couldn’t understand the words. They made no sense to me. Did he honestly think that i was here because  he had made me?? Did he not see that I had literally spent every second of the past six months  loving  him in every way I knew how.

“Are you going to marry Hyeri?” I said, my voice oddly steady all things considered.

He hesitated but gave me a shrug.

“I haven’;t talked to her but… hopefully . When I’m fully better that is.” He said calmly and with that phrase the entirety of the six months got wiped away.

I was back to being the unwanted wife, the unfortunate mistake that he had made. The only barrier standing between him and happiness.

I felt sick. My stomach was churning and I dug my nails into my forearm , willing myself to not puke.

We had sex,  i wanted to suddenly say. I had sex with you.  

and it stuck me that it was just another nail in my coffin, the fact that he didn’t even remember it. It had been something physical. Purely physical. The love of his life had called him impotent and he had wanted to prove to himself that he could still have sex with a woman. His mind hadn’t been involved in the act at all. So, of course he didn’t remember even a second of it. Thought it was a stupid  dream.

But me… I had done it for a wholly different reason.

I had done it because I cared for him. Because I really hadn’t wanted him to think, even for a second that he was undesirable.  

I shut my eyes, the hurt too strong to be dealt with right now.

“Okay. That’s … If that’s what you want.”

“You don’t have to move out immediately of course. I won’t be here for at least six months anyway. You can decide what you want to do and let me know.” Hoseok shrugs, moving slowly to pick up the dustpan before carefully sweeping the remains of the shattered glass into it.

He was smiling.

Not even an ounce of regret in his features.

And that was honestly what hurt the most.


“He  what?”

Yoongi looked like he was going to implode and i grimaced.

“It’s not a big deal, oppa… I…”

“I’m going to flay him alive. After everything you did… You know what. fuck him. He doesn’t deserve you, Jiah. You shouldn’t go back to him if he changed his mind and begged you on his knees.” Yoongi snarled.

I grimaced again.

“ I just want to move out of Seoul.” I said softly. “ Can’t you speak to Namjoon. You told me he was looking for someone to work for him. ” I said desperately.

Yoongi frowned.

“That was in some remote corner of Ilsan. It’s a hill station and it’s the middle of autumn. it will be so fucking cold out there right now, why would you want to go there?!”

I gave him a glare.

“I don’t want to sit here and watch him get married . Why won’t you help me? I need the money. It’s not like I have anything from my savings left.” I muttered , shaking my ehad.

“Did you at least tell that fucker that you spent so much money on him. The least he can do is pay you back for-”

“I’ll never forgive you if you mention it to him.” I said firmly and yoongi glared but nodded softly.

“fine. Be the idiot. ” He moved to fumble with his phone and slowly scribbled out an address on a post-it.

“I need to leave early today , by the way. Hoseok’s leaving to rehab at the end of the week and I want to start packing his stuff for him.” I said softly, turning back to finish typing up the document.

Yoongi didn’t reply, just stared at me like I’d lost my senses and I looked up again.

“Are you honestly that stupid?” He said.

I hesitated.

“Hyung, the only thing Hoseok has been throughout these five months is honest. He never told me he was in love with me. Never promised that he would give us a chance. And it isn’t even like I told him I loved him and he rejected me or something. He’s in love with another woman. Has been in love with her for so long . He’s faithful to her and honestly, I’m proud of him. Besides, it’s not like I took care of him because I wanted to earn his love or something. ” I said firmly.

“Then why did you?”


“then why did you help him. You fucking put your life on hold for six months! why did you do it?”

I shrugged.

“Because i wanted to repay him for everything he’s done . Whether he wanted to or not, Hobi gave me a home for the past four years. He let me finish college, fed me clothed me and took care of me like i was his wife. He may not have loved him but he never ill treated me. I’ve repaid him now. We can both move on with our lives.”

“Are you telling me you’re not in love with him? Because that has got to be the biggest fucking lie I’ve ever heard.” He glared at me and i flinched.

“I’m telling you that hoseok doesn’t have anything to do with whether I’m in love with him or not. That’s my problem and I’ll deal it my way. i won’t punish him for something that doesn’t involve him.”

Yoongi groaned.

“This is what makes me so pissed off. This kind of self sacrificing shit…. This is exactly the kind of thing Hoseok would do. You are both so fucking similar, you’re literally made for each other… I can’t…”

I swallowed the lump in my throat.

Being made for someone and actually being wanted by someone were two very different things.


“Well, that’s the last of it. ” Seokjin said, locking up the boot space and giving me a wide smile while Hoseok whooped from the back seat of the car. I smiled at his enthusiasm. He really did seem eager to go to this rehab center. according to Seokjin it was one of the best in the country and specially catered to athletes who wanted to start competing again. it also had a very high success rate.

“So you’ll be dancing in six months?” I said with a grin and Hoseok smiled again , elusive dimples peeking out eyes sparkling.

“I hope so. Maybe sooner, even. ”

I nodded.

“Just don’t give up. We’ve come a long way!” Seokjin called out and Hoseok’s gaze softened as he stared at me.

“Yeah. We have come a long way…” He held his hand out and without thinking I let him take mine in his. And then felt my heart drop to my knees when he pressed a kiss to my knuckles.

“I’ll call you everyday.” He said without warning and I knew he meant it.

“Anytime you like.” I said automatically.

“You’re a great girl.”

Oh, God. Just Stop.

I gritted my teeth and tried not to cry.

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

“I’ve asked Yoongi hyung to keep an eye on you.” He smiled and I could just imagine how furious that must’ve made my grumpy boss.

“That’s sweet of you. But I’m planning on taking up another job in Ilsan.” I said casually.

Hoseok frowned.

“Ilsan? Why there?”

I shrugged.

“No reason. Namjoon run’s a production company there and he wants an assistant. ” I said with a smile.

Hoseok went very still.


“Kim Namjoon, he’s…”

“I know who Kim Namjoon is. You’re moving to Ilsan for him? What the hell?” He said sounding affronted.

“For him? Are you crazy? I’m moving for me!! i got a job there!”

“Are there no jobs left in Seoul?!”

“ARe we seriously having this conversation??!”

“Yes we are!! I don’t trust that guy even a little bit!! I’m calling Yoongi hyung and asking him to pull the plug on this.”

“Who the hell do you think you are!!” I screamed before i could stop myself and Seokjin froze in place.

So did Hoseok.

“You signed the divorce papers!! i’m not your wife anymore and you know what?!! If I decide to be a stripper in Busan or a hooker Gwangju, you still do not get to tell me no!!” I snarled.

Hoseok glared at me.

“Great. Pretty lofty aspirations you’ve got there!! You should be proud!!” He sneered and I went still.

“Wow. Wow. Just. Wow. You know what? I thought that there was at least an ounce of decency left in you but clearly you’re exactly what you called yourself. A selfish bastard!! You get to do whatever the hell you want and act like you’re doing me a favor by giving me a divorce and letting me live my life. But apparently I’m only allowed to live it the way you  decide I should?!!”

“That’s not what I meant! i-”

“Oh stop it. Just… I don’t want to fight when you’re leaving. Go and don’t worry about me.” i said , exhausted.

He hesitated.

“I’m still talking to Yoongi hyung.” He said finally after a long pause.

“You’re welcome too. Though I doubt he’ll say anything because he’s the one who got me the job in the first place!”

“Umm…. Can we leave then?” Seokjin said awkwardly and Hobi nodded, turning away from me and refusing to look at me.

How childish, God.

“I hope you get better, soon.” i said anyway .

He didn’t reply and Seokjin gave an apologetic smile before slowly pulling out from the parking lot. I stared after the car, feeling oddly bereft. My stomach churned and I really wanted to puke.

Why was life such a bitch to good people?

anonymous asked:

Hey,could you please write a HC about what the RFA+V+Saeran would do for MC'S birthday? I looooove your writing,thanks a lot :)

sorry i took so long!! hope u enjoy!!!! AND TO ANYONE WHO’S BIRTHDAY IT IS (or even isn’t) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


-he makes a Day of it
-three bouquets throughout the day
-one is straight up just red roses
-the other two are a lovely bouquet of seasonal flowers depending on MC’s birth date and a bouquet of MC’s favorite flower(s)
-each bouquet has the same amount of flowers, all depending on how old MC is turning!! (though he caps it at 30….. bc he knows what’s good for his health and his wallet haha)
-tbh Zen has thought A LOT about this (and all the holidays etc, he’s wanted to do this kind of thing for his SO since before even meeting MC that first time in the chatroom……. like….. remember the Christmas DLC? yeah.. he wants this to be a very special occasion. he literally has fantasized about this)
-he takes MC out for breakfast at a local family diner and the staff sings “Happy Birthday”/variant birthday song and it emBARRASSES MC to no end
-y this hyun
-and they go out for a movie after breakfast, whatever one MC wants to see
-the movie theatre is mostly empty and it’s.. really nice…….
-Zen and MC wander around town, window shopping (maybe actually shopping), and do food cart foods for lunch!!
-he knows where all the best ones are and he’s so excited to show them to MC
-it’s so cute he’s so cute!!
-next up!!
-motorcycle ride!!!!
-he rly gets a kick out of MC clinging to him while they ride haha
-Zen takes MC to a place with a great view, possibly his spot in the mountains if there’s time
-they manage to stop on the way home to watch the sunset
-it’s beautiful
-selfies r taken and subsequently posted to the chatroom
-Zen gets out some light snacks when they finally get home, and sets about making dinner (it’s curry, that’s his best dish)
-he planned this whole day out
-for MC
-and has just…… been v affectionate all day, physically and vocally
-he loves them
-so, so much
-more than he can truly express
-and he’s so glad that he gets to spend their birthday with them
-even if the day hadn’t gone to plan… he would have been happy just being near MC


-yo listen……. Yoosung throws a party. he invites the RFA..
-but like. okay.
-it’s not just like….. a party at home
-Yoosung springs for a party at a bowling alley with an arcade and open bar
-things get drinky
-Yoosung gets drinky
-he’s been so nervous about this all day he just wants to impress and please MC omg so precious fuck
-this boy can’t do shots though
-so he’s had like two cocktails in the last 20 minutes he is tipsy
-like….. cocktails have a p high alcohol content, my children……. but u can hardly taste it
-Yoosung wants to down these like juice, ‘cause that’s what it tastes like “MC just lemme have one more please i promise im not even drunk MC”
-“yoosung pls.”
-he’s so clingy…. just wants to hold MC forever, even just their hand!!
-and if MC isn’t in his immediate vicinity he is hanging off of one of the others (usually Zen)
-there is definitely. 4 sure.
-drunk bowling
-Jumin Han, not nearly as tipsy as anyone else, requires gutter shields
-Zen will neeeever let him live that down
-Jaehee wins every round she plays
-she brought her own bowling ball
-after a couple games the group splits up and Yoosung, MC, and Seven go to the arcade, which is on its own floor of the building
-there are plans to regroup back downstairs for junk food and cake later
-but first.. arcade!!!
-Seven heads straight for the racing games
-while Yoosung and MC take their time wandering around trying different things while Yoosung is sobering back up
-they play giant Connect Four
-and a couple crane games
-there’s a giant Fruit Ninja (Yoosung gets the new high score)
-they get into one of the two player booth games and it’s a horror/suspense game
-Yoosung is terrified.. and clingy
-MC is maybe not……. as scared.. haha
-Seven takes video
-there’s a lot of screaming (some of it is Seven actually….)
-all three go play skeeball together
-they’ve been racking up tickets this whole time
-maybe not enough for anything rly fancy like the PS4?????? that’s on display???
-but….. Yoosung and MC pool their tickets and manage to get a dragon plushie (it’s beautiful, like opal colors and ice blue horns and shit)
-they use the leftover tickets on candy
-they name the dragon
-it’s their child now
-they introduce the dragon plush to everybody back downstairs as such
-“This is our child, Iseul, and we love them dearly.”
-“they’re scaly and breathe fire, but they’re beautiful and we love them. Our lovely Iseul~”
-“I thought we agreed on ice powers??”
-“fire is classic, tho!!”
-“…….u have a point..”
-“oh!! oh!!! both???”


-they take a couple days off and go to the beach together
-the hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub
-so there can be swimming and chilling in the water no matter the time of year MC’s birthday is!!
-they go out early in the morning at low tide to comb the beach for shells
-so many sand dollars!!!
-they saw some rly big starfish in the tide pools it was awesome!!!!
-since they’re staying in a lil touristy beach town they have breakfast in a local café
-one that’s got like lace curtains and all the tables are only big enough for two people
-a cutesy cozy place!!
-after breakfast MC gets a FaceTime call from Zen and he sings them Happy Birthday what a dork
-MC and Jaehee are crying wth y is he so sweet???
-Zen is flustered at the crying and promises to do this same thing for Jaehee for her birthday too!!
-more crying
-Zen is freaking out whY ARE U CRYING PLS DONT IM SORRY IM SOR—
-aaaaand he accidentally hung up
-cue both MC and Jaehee receiving frantic apology texts from Zen
-they don’t reply fast enough??
-Zen has already promised VIP tickets to his next show to apologize for making his two biggest fans cry
-omg zen calm down they were happy tears
-aaanyway MC and Jaehee do a bunch of wandering around the kitschy tourist shops and spots
-holding hands and occasionally smooching
-they take a bunch of photos and selfies to document the trip
-they go to the local seafood restaurant for dinner and take a slice of cake each back to the hotel for dessert
-Jaehee and MC enjoy some quiet time in the hotel together, snuggled up on the bed reading separate books
-and then they start getting handsy
-it’s kind of become a competition
-how high up the thigh before u react type of chicken
-except they both win bc…… it leads to sexy fun times??
-anyway it is a good time!!! at the beach!!!!


-he promises that they’ll do whatever MC wants to do for their birthday (within reason)
-they choose an amusement park date
-Jumin does some research and ends up flying the two of them to Disneyland
-in France
-I mean……. they def discussed this trip before it happened but like..
-jumin is kind of extra i love him
-he wears a suit the first day in Didneylan
-MC is not surprised, but also…… “Jumin we’re getting u comfy clothes for this”
-he gets
-and a couple Disney shirts bc they’re everywhere
-he and MC get matching shirts
-it’s too cute
-Jumin tries to take selfies but they are all blurry af
-he keeps them and posts them to the chatroom anyway
-MC thinks it’s rly precious and takes much better selfies (but only posts the shitty ones, partly for solidarity but also bc Jumin thinks it’s funny too)
-also Jumin calls Yoosung every day bc he is pet- and penthouse-sitting for them
-FaceTime with Elizabeth the 3rd
-she cries over the phone
-she recognizes her humans omg
-oh my god Jumin takes MC to a fancy restaurant while they’re both still wearing their Disneyland clothes
-they almost get turned away from their own reservation because the place has a dress code
-but MC’s partner is Jumin Han
-they get in
-surrounded by other people all in their fanciest dinner clothes, Jumin Han is wearing a Mickey Mouse ears hat(“a classic! a tradition, even!!” MC had insisted), a shirt with the Aristocats on it, jeans, and sneakers, and MC is dressed p similarly as they eat
-it’s beautiful
-MC takes photos and videos for the chatroom this is the best goddamn thing Happy Birthday to Me
-Jumin is glad that MC is enjoying their birthday trip so much


-it starts at midnight
-“MC!! MC!!! It’s ur birthday!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!”
-Seven is shoved onto the floor
-no mercy
-he’s laughing tho
-and pouting and whining playfully
-“but it’s your birfday and i luv u”
-MC leans over the side of the bed to squint at him
-“love me in the morning when im a human again”
-MC bundles back up in the blankets, they become a blankety burrito
-dramatic GASP from Seven
-“my SO is an alien” v soft tone, full of wonder
-he crawls back into the bed and flops onto and embraces the burrito MC (“ugh, be gentle, Saeyoung omg” “aaaaa sorry sorry I’ll be gentle I promise! im the gentlest boy!!”)
-“the love of my life lived among the stars….. in a SPACESHIP!!”
-“pls sleep Saeyoung…….”
-but he just keeps going and it’s less MC Is An Alien, and more….
-“MC did u know? that statistically you r a miracle?”
-MC turns their head “…..yeah?”
-Seven’s eyes are wide and earnest and his tone has gone from jokingly in awe to genuinely so
-“yeah!!” he snuggles up nice n close “like,, even just genetically ,, , you exist because certain events led your parents to each other and if any one little thing had gone differently….. you wouldn’t be here.. and it’s the same for them! Their parents and their parents’ parents!!
-“the chances of you being here in this moment are so astronomically low!! but ur here!!! u exist here and now and I–”
-he stops for a moment, just.. overwhelmed with his feelings
-“and im so glad that you exist, MC”
-he sounds out of breath like the thought knocked it out of him
-“im so so glad you’re here.. i love you”
-he presses his forehead to the space between MC’s neck and shoulder, nose pressed against their skin
-his nose might be a lil cold
-but his breath is warm
-“happy birthday, MC”


-he does not want to go out
-he’d rather stay in to celebrate
-okay. three words
-ice cream cake
-the goal here for Saeran is to get one
-to just… experience it
-but also for MC’s birthday
-there’s a conversation that goes something like:
-“MC, can we just stay in? nothin fancy?”
-and MC shrugs “sure. that actually sounds p nice……. although…….”
-Saeran is suspicious “although what?”
-“I kind of want…… ice cream cake?”
-and just. he stops
-he stops???
-“that’s a thing?????”
-MC goes for a dramatic look and answer
-“that is a thing
-“y didn’t I know about this what the hell yOURE GETTING ICE CREAM CAKE FOR UR BIRTHDAY MC”
-and he is on his way OUT THE DOOR
-MC shouting after him “U CANT FOOL ME SAERAN!!!! I KNOW U WANT THE CAKE FOR YOU!!!!”
-and i mean
-he’s not gonna deny it
-he is gone for three hours
-comes back home with two ice cream cakes bc he couldn’t decide between the funfetti one or the chocolate one
-MC is a lil exasperated, but indulgent bc hey ice cream cake for days!!
-as long as they moderate themselves
-they otherwise stay in and Saeran surprises MC with a lil necklace with a skull charm and a heart charm
-Saeran with a shrug about the charms: “the skull is me and heart is you”
-“r u sure tho”
-“shut up MC”
-a blushing Saeran……… what nice gift


-they start with a lazy morning in bed
-sloppy kisses
-soft touches and messy hair
-intermittently falling back to sleep
-eventually they get out of bed and get ready for the rest of the day
-breakfast at noon
-pancakes and eggs and bacon and sausage and warm flaky biscuits and coffee
-after breakfast V presents MC with what appears to be a scrapbook
-he kisses the side of their head with a happy little “happy birthday, sweetheart” while handing the gift over
-it IS a scrapbook
-it’s full of photos starting from MC’s first time working with the RFA on the party, and over the next few years up until this point
-it’s……. a journey through their life together
-their friendship, their love, their relationships with their friends
-there are notes scrawled all over every page in every free space between photos
-notes from their friends
-little stories giving context to the photos
-a few little doodles and well-wishes
-it honestly makes MC tear up
-it just….. feels so warm