god the chills

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers Rehearsal

Kousuke and Shoutarou are tossing around a 4kg ball.  

Allen is filming, and going, “What is this?  WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?!?!”


That fanchant at the beginning oh my GOD I HAVE CHILLS

November 11, 2016 - Happy Birthday, Wally!

In which Wally reacts to his 22nd birthday exactly the same way I did.

(Also my 22nd birthday was just 6 days ago… we’re so close in age! Just another reason to love him.)

And because I know people are gonna call me out for being unrealistic, here’s an actual picture of how his 22nd birthday goes down, you sadists:


You don’t remember coming to Elsewhere University. You don’t remember a lot of things.

Apparently you had bet one year of your personal memories.

You don’t remember. The wager was counted as part of that year.

Your profs have sympathy, some of them, but they cut you no slack. You remember all the information from your lectures, even if you don’t remember attending them.

You don’t remember whether your roommate was always like this, or whether the figure who shares your dorm is actually your roommate. It could be either; you remember stories, only told in hushed voices, but you don’t remember hearing the stories.

You talk to your friends, or at least they say they were your friends. They seem like the kind of people you would have made friends with, but you don’t know. Maybe you can become friends again.

You remember the rules. You remember them with more clarity than anything else in your life, at least now.

Bet nothing you cannot afford to lose.

You don’t remember deciding to disregard it.

jikook @ isac last year: hey everyone *blushes* we’re gay


  • Vax'ildan: visits Kiki's hometown; awkwardly but respectfully interacts with her dad; reassures her that they'll return and that he'll continue to support her no matter what
  • Vex'ahlia: completely naked, greets Percy at her bedroom door; ignores his plan for drinking and talking; insists on having sex literally as soon as he stops wearing so much clothing
Prisoner of Azkaban
  • harry: so i've heard you went to school with my dad and sirius black?
  • remus: That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get– why would– I’ve never been to school with anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, Sirius is a criminal, technically. And he is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you didn't went to school him? Maybe you did. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmm check and mate.

im ending this discourse right now bc harry and louis have a farm w/dogs and cats and cows and pigs and goats and chickens and horses and sheep and u literally can’t prove otherwise so there u go they’re animal ppl </discourse>


“it would be so much fun.”[x]