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About the ship wars on this fandom (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Seriously guys, why don’t you just use your energy and love to create content to your OWN ship(s) and characters you like instead of using it to HATE and talk shit about the others??!!! Please??!! Thank you!!!??

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RELATIONSHIP STATUS: in a weird queerplatonic polyamorous relationship with 3 people that i honestly dont know how to describe but im aro af so no romantic relations for me thanks 
FAVOURITE COLOUR(S): blue? or pink? or purple? or yellow? but red is so nice? basically i love a lot of colours and fuck you for making me choose between my children
LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK?: chapstick all the way im all about that moisturizing (is that even what chapstick does im a fake fan im sorry) 
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: satisfied from hamilton, played over the speaker in a lecture hall that my friend commandeered, ten minutes before my last exam of the semester. iconic. 
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: mamma mia, about 20 minutes ago 
TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS (NOT IN ORDER): adam parrish, adam parrish, and adam parrish. fight me. 
TOP 3 SHIPS: pynch, wolfstar, and enjolras/grantaire (im new idk their ship name) are the things i most frequently read fic about, so. 
BOOK I’M CURRENTLY READING: blue lily lily blue! im doing a re read before i finish the series for good (as in i started and did not finish the raven king and still have not done that) also im re reading cut & run bc i have nothing better to do with my time, obviously

I tag: @laurlaurrdraws @lieutenantriza @zin-pie @calliopoop @i-have-zero-idea @unsureprincess and anyone else who wants to do it! <3 dont hate me if i keep tagging u in things im just really excited leave me alone 

fight someone who makes you go !!!! inside. or was it date?


You mind if I continue invading Germany?

dan and phil’s relationship is a constant cycle of “i can do this to him but the moment anyone else does the same thing….they’re gonna catch these hands”

What I like: People coming all together to support a gay ship.

What I dont like: When people dislike the ship and dont see the romantic comnection, they are immediately called “straights” as if heterosexuals always hate fucking gay ships.

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▲ on literally anything?? i love salt.

okay so, I totally get that I’m the outlier in this situation, and it doesn’t happen a lot but when it does it always gets to me – vague ‘positivity’ posts that get passed around with the single most lame attempt of trying to encourage the dash really suck? like I don’t at all mean if theyre made by people I follow - I mean the ones that consist of mainly “you matter, you are enough, and I love you”, and they’re written by some random personal blog three years ago. Literally the only reason I can attribute to these bugging me so much is the fact that when a friend, or really anyone I know, is upset, I /always/ go out of my way to be encouraging and uplifting, but in a way specifically tailored to them? I ALWAYS put in the effort to listen and to give like Actually Helpful advice – so these posts (or anything irl that does this too, these kinds of grey, non-helpful buzzwords are everywhere) pop up I’m like that’s??? your intentions were probably golden but who are yOU LMFAO LIKE??


dead son, the sacrifice,
the impenetrable fur soft as a blade,
the arrow inside the animal’s open
mouth, a clever sort of trick

alternatively: the dark cave,
how stunning you were, this strange
dance with death, how i worried you
were hurt

i couldn’t enter the city where i
loved you, but i made many offers
outside its gates


how you hissed at me, spoke in many
tongues, the flowering of your many

cutting each other down, cauterizing
our wounds & then

your likeness - placed high above me
in the sky so even in your death you
are looking down on me


in a dream you ran & i tried to
catch you; in a field, while you slept,
bathing at a river. i broke your leg so
you couldn’t leave me & then was
too afraid to touch you. in this dream
i chased you for a year & when i
woke remembered i hadn’t seen you
in just as long. in my dream the gods
forgave me for everything, for all the
things i can’t atone for awake.  


drunk & violent animals, drunk &
violent friends

poisoned arrows, a pain so great
you would give up


—  12 LABOURS OF HERCULES pt 1 | agooduniverse

Jon was not afraid of death, but he did not want to die like that, trussed and bound and beheaded like a common brigand. If he must perish, let it be with a sword in his hand, fighting his father’s killers.

any houseguest: *breathes*

austin: this may not be the best move for austin, but for judas, this is perfect. by letting this person breathe, not only does it take the target off of austin’s back, but now judas is in the clear as well.

i wanted to just chime in with my thoughts about @thephandomtea and any blogs like it (i have @ mentioned you specifically because i wanted to give you a chance to defend yourselves or respond to this post at all in any way).

i cannot honestly say that i’m surprised a blog like this has popped up, as i’ve seen it before in countless other fandoms. while there are both positive and negative “confessions”, i think we can all agree that the content on these types of blogs are mostly negative in nature, and i definitely think this is reflected on thephandomtea. we shouldn’t dismiss the good things that have come out of it, though, as i have seen many compliments and i know that a poc phandom meetup has gotten put together because of this blog, so it’s not fair to say that it’s all horrible! the problem is that the majority of it is, and blogs like this are ones that this community does not need.

i’m not making this post because something mean was said about me or one of my friends and i’m pissed off, i’m making this post because this kind of negativity isn’t acceptable. i completely understand not liking someone in the phandom, i completely understand being a “smaller blog” and feeling isolated from the “bigger blogs”, and i completely understand that there are a lot of things in this community that piss people off, but this is not the way to go about venting your frustrations. if someone annoys you, unfollow them, block them, blacklist them. with all the features that this website and its third-party extensions provide you, it’s really easy to completely eliminate someone from your tumblr experience. i get it - “throwing shade” is fun, but there is a huge difference between throwing shade and bullying, and many, many people submitting to thephandomtea and some of the mods themselves have crossed this line.

the people you are bitching about are people on the internet who you do not know personally, who give you a glimpse of their personalities on their blogs and, more often than not, are teenagers. i know that when you’re in your teens you feel all grown up, but the fact of the matter is you’re still a kid (and that’s not meant as an insult - being young is great, please milk it until it’s dry). the person receiving the most hate on this blog is sixteen. SIXTEEN! i know that doesn’t seem so young, but really, it is! sixteen year olds make mistakes. sixteen year olds can be annoying and insufferable and have big heads. sixteen year olds can be the shittiest people you’ll ever meet. but they are young and they are learning, and that is not an excuse but bullying them because they’re not really grown up yet is not solving anything. if they’re being problematic or annoying or mean call them out and do it nicely. people respond to kind words so much better than they do to hateful ones. they may listen to you, they may not, they may ignore you completely, and if that happens, move on. it is not your job to teach a kid on the internet to grow up. there’s only so much you can do before it’s out of your hands. bullying someone into acting correctly is not and never will be okay. (p.s. not saying only sixteen year olds and/or teenagers do this, because trust me, older people in the phandom are guilty of the same things. just using the age sixteen as an example bc that’s who most of the blog is targeting)

i know that this is such a tired and worn out card to play, and i know it’s been turned into somewhat of a joke, but let’s really take a page out of dan’s book and practice #nicerinternet, okay? it’s so, so easy to be hateful sometimes (i am too!! no one is perfect!!!), but it’s also really easy to be nice and spread positivity! if you don’t like someone, do what i suggested earlier and completely alienate them from your experience in this community. so many people turn to the phandom and tumblr to get away from everything that’s going on in their life, so instead of being hateful, let’s all do the best we can to make this a happy, positive experience for everyone involved. i fully encourage calling out problematic behavior and bringing attention to issues that need to be resolved, but that can be done in a civil manner that doesn’t involve personally attacking anyone. in the words of the beautiful and wise cinderella, have courage and be kind! 

i cannot stress this enough: think before you post, think before you hit anon, and think about the impact your words will have on both the community and the individuals they are directed towards. there is already so much negativity in this community - please don’t let yourself be a part of it.