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arin “egoraptor” hanson is a very talented artist and voice actor. his “bad gaming skills” do not discredit the his amazing talents in other areas. he should not be hated for his opinions on gaming topics, unpopular or otherwise. he is a very funny, very kind, very talented individual. he built the game grumps company from the ground up and, without him, we would not have the beloved channel and all of the youtube shows that we love so much. please recognize how wonderful and talented he is. please be thankful for all he has done and brought to us. 

please appreciate arin “egoraptor” hanson. thank you. that is all. 


Scorbus is cute af, Rose is single and bitter
(Cursed Child what? Never heard of it)

quit pretending.

➵ characters: simon d x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 2823
➵ summary: ‘we can keep playing these little games, but at the end of the day, we both know that i’m yours, and you’re mine.’
➵ author’s note: the amount of times i wrote simon instead of kiseok, i gave up halfway and just used the replace tool in the end. technically, the document i wrote this in was ‘simon’. hella long (but what else is new) and hella smutty. enjoy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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List of Best Post 1x04 Fix-it Fics for Homeless Jughead / Abused Archie

• tasting future time on the tip of your tongue by jehoney  

(3375 words) Chapters: 3/3
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Fred Andrews
Additional Tags: Running Away, jughead has a crisis at the train station,should I stay or should I go, introspective, Strained Friendships, Angst, jug is an Emo but he has every right to be, Homeless Jughead,Pancakes, 
Summary: Train stations are the best place to watch, permanent fixtures in a world of transience - caught in a stream of movement and travel but always forever stationary.
Jughead would leave, he swears, if there wasn’t so much to stay for.

• small as a world and large as alone by jugheadjones

(3558 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Fred Andrews
Additional Tags: csa mention, jughead calls fred “dad”, Homeless Jughead, its jarchie but its not like romantic jarchie, the imperfect family of archie fred and jughead rly means a lot to me and thats why this is so bad
Summary: a series of drabbles about jughead, archie, and fred andrews post episode 4.

• Get It Right  by xLoveMx

(2304 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews & Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, the boys making up, and a god damn apology because jug deserves it
Summary: And if this is the universe´s way of making up for whatever the hell went wrong last summer, then that´s fine with Jughead.

• pull me through (got so much to lose) by wayonwayout

(2472 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones
Additional Tags: Angst, Sharing a Bed, Fix-It
Summary: After, Archie calls Jughead. This was both a good and a terrible decision. Jughead has always known the absolute worst thing to say, and he’s never shied away from saying it.
(Or: a necessary conversation finally happens, and Jughead gets a full night’s sleep for once.)

• refuse to look back thinking days were better by mohritz

(2035 words)  Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones
Additional Tags: Strained Friendships, this is kinda sad idk, ends happy though??, homeless jug, Developing Relationship, Fluff and Angst, mention of grundy, Childhood Friends, where is jellybean? who knows, Asexual Jughead
Summary: (just because they’re younger days)
Jughead likes Riverdale High at seven in the morning. It’s quiet, calm. The halls are peaceful, and he can hear the steps he makes echo around the corridor as he walks. He doesn’t have to weave his way around people who don’t even know his name or attempt to avoid certain people in the lunch hall.
Certain people being Archie.

• Scattered Pieces by Val_Creative

(944 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews & Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews
Additional Tags: Friendship/Love, Psychological Trauma, Canon Era, Past Sexual Assault, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Archie’s been missing from Riverdale High for nearly a week.
These are my faves from this week at least. Hope you like them too. Remember to leave kudos, comment and bookmark! See you on AO3! (I’m moonandreacre)

Oingo Boingo At Dick Clark’s American Bandstand 1983


I went to the doctors and they told me I’m NOT transgender and in fact I was born a hermaphrodite, which means I was actually female but with a penis and certain female organs, which would explain why I naturally look very feminine including my body, Obviously i know i’m female but I’m even more excited to start hormones to enhance my face and body a lot more! God bless the angels <3


Anonymous said: Burnerhugpil e please

sunshine over Motorcity

tinytoffeebean  asked:

TELL ME! I always love your thoughts!


  • so the all the kids love their moms a Whole Heck of a Lot right and obviously kara and lena love their kiddos more than words can describe and its not that there’s any favoritism??  at all, like none, its just that stella is sort of naturally closer to lena??  in the same way that finn and maia are sort of naturally closer to kara, like there’s a certain sort of distance created when you’re a kid and you physically can’t Be a certain way around one of your parents
    • so there’s not distance per se but just….things that kara can do with finn and maia that she cant do with stella and things that lena can do with stella that she cant do with finn and maia 
      • and its not a Thing but then it sort of becomes a Thing ??  not so much for finn and maia bc lena and kara have gotten creative in making sure that lena’s always been able to be as involved in their lives as kara 
    • but heres the deal: maia and finn have kara’s powers and kara trains them.  that’s cool, thats fine, stella gets why she does; kara takes them to the deo with her a lot and they punch cars together (especially maia, she’s got a Lot of Rage to work through) and they go flying and kara helps them practice control over their powers and stella can’t help but feel a little left out??  bc for the most part, because her siblings are in control of their powers, they have the option to do everything she can with lena but stella doesnt have the same option with kara
    • and she hides it rlly well!  she does!  bc its not kara’s fault and its not finn and maia’s fault, its just how they are, and stella decides it has to be her fault which in turn feeds into the dark thoughts she already has bc, you know, empath that acts as an emotional sponge for the world
      • kara and lena both notice little stella withdrawing, kara notices its more around her than lena and is like..heartbroken.  just fucking devastated bc holy shit what did she do how did this happen she fucked up she fucked up and lena tries to comfort her but she’s p worried too like fuck whats going on 
      • and it doesnt help that stella can literally feel everything that they feel???  so she just shoves her feelings down even more and bounces back and then it boils over and this one in her class says her brother said that her brother is a word that makes stella shake with anger and she just hauls off and punches the girl
      • lena’s usually the parent the school calls first but she’s in opal city for a conference so lena calls kara, then the school calls kara and she’s in the middle of an interview and she let lena go to voicemail bc if its urgent she’ll call back but then she’s like “crap, it’s my daughter’s school” and her subject (idk wonder woman or smth) is like “omg no don’t worry, family first” and is super understanding when kara bolts
      • and like…….she would have expected this from maia, maybe (maia, who still takes the supplement that suppresses her powers bc she doesnt trust herself not to, maia, who gets so numb she just sometimes hits stuff just to feel something) but not stella??  not tiny little stella that used to sob when she accidentally pulled lena’s hair as a toddler or completely forgot kara had superstrength and would apply bandaid after bandaid when she bumped her elbow on the table
        • so she gets to the school and stella’s just Not Talking, in full shut down like she gets when she gets fried from the world (its sort of sensory overload??  thats the best way to describe it) and she shies away when kara reaches for her, tries to tip her face up to get a better look at the black eye she’s got forming
        • pls note that stella’s maybe eleven and still Small and she looks even tinier to kara now, looks more like the baby she pulled out of an abandoned car on the pier, and kara’s heart twists and twists at the way stella wont look at her
        • so she lays her phone on the chair next to stella and marches into the principals office and, while she agrees that stella shouldnt have resorted to violence, she also fully trusts and believes that her daughter wouldnt do anything without reason and she just verbally eviscerates the other mom, who tries to make it out like her daughter hasnt been harassing stella for years or anything (bc kara fucking commits every name to memory, every person that has ever hurt her kids, remembers their names what they said or did and she seethes bc she cant ??  fix all their problems for them???)
        • and when she marches back out, stella’s playing candy crush and has managed to escape with only suspension for the rest of the day and she still wont look at kara but she grabs onto kara’s hand with surprising force and kara’s like Okay, everything is going to be Okay
      • eventually stella says it, not to kara, but to alex bc she cant face her mom, either of her moms, with this, not when she’ll feel everything kara feels and she cant handle how it’ll hurt her to know that stella feels so angry and so useless, feels like she cant keep up with kara so she doesnt feel like she should even try, like she doesnt deserve to be kara zor-el’s daughter 
        • so alex asks if she cant tell this to kara and stella sort of sobs out a please and alex is a lot better at compartmentalizing, which is a skill stella appreciates bc it means all she can feel is alex’s love for her, kindness, warmth, not the way alex’s heart is breaking for her youngest niece
        • so alex tells kara and kara is fucking devastated like holy shit how did she not see this and alex and lena both are like hey its okay, she buries her feelings, thats part of her powers and lena’s like i didnt see it either but none of it helps bc kara’s like i failed her, i failed my kid
      • stella usually carpools w/ her best friend home or to lena’s office after school but kara all but demands an afternoon off, storming into snapper’s office and throwing him for like…..several loops with the way she basically tells him she’s taking this thursday and every thursday hereafter off.  and she calls ari’s mom to tell her that she’s picking up stella and she’s the first car at pick up and she picked up stella’s favorite drink from starbucks on her way over and her heart sort of twists a little at the obvious surprise on stella’s face to see her but she works extra hard to box that up and it must be working because stella’s stormy expression has already cleared a bit by the time she makes it to the car
        • when they pull up to the deo, stella figures that it must be time for her like biannual brain scans, to see how she’s matching up with other telepathic aliens bc they still dont know that much abt her species, but then kara’s guiding her down a different hallway, still just chatting with her abt her day and stuff like that
        • they walk into one of the Many training rooms and stella’s like ?????  and kara tosses her a gym bag from a locker that stella notices has her name on it and is like i know it’s really hard to not be able to do what your brother and sister can and i am so sorry that i never saw how much you’re struggling.  and i know its not fair that you dont get to punch cars with us, but you can punch this punching bag and talk to me and stella’s sort of overwhelmed??  but in a good way for once
        • so thats how they start spending thursday afternoons.  kara has alex teach stella proper form after that first day and then they figure out a routine—kara greets stella with a snack afterschool and they head to the deo and dont talk about the heavy stuff until after stella’s changed, after kara’s wrapped stella’s hands, until stella’s gotten a few good punches in, kara steadying the bag.  then it all starts coming out, all the terrible thoughts stella has, all the horrible things she feels that arent even her feelings to begin with, all these awful orphaned emotions that she takes on without meaning to
          • the system works rlly well bc stellas too wrapped up in her own head, in her words and in making sure she’s in the proper stance, throwing her weight the right way to notice anything kara’s thinking or feeling which is good bc she’s a kid and she shouldnt be worried about her mom’s stuff, she should just feel safe enough to let kara carry some of the burden


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Tiny assassins on the loose(along with 2 sneaky templars).
Which one would you take home? :)


phew, finally done!! it’s like 9 am here and i havent gone to sleep yet but—

happy holidays everybody!!!

here’s a redraw of last years piece to celebrate christmas and stuff!! 

(blease click for better quality)

hope you all stay warm & safe and have a good time! <3

*Edit: added a version w/ lineart!

musicforthosewholisten ,Pirate gang united!

First time in years I attempt to paint a background so…nevermind that xD

Writers and Readers:

Okay so I noticed that a few (a lot tbh) writers and readers have this issue with trying to tag someone, but their url not popping up OR it doesn’t link and notify them. As a writer and reader, this is annoying and frustrating. So here’s what you (reader) can do!

  1. Go into settings and click on your main or side blog
  2. Scroll down until you find “Privacy
  3. Make sure you have the first two switched on, like so:

But why?

  • I’ve always had the first switch on, so I truthfully can’t tell you that it will affect the tagging system. If you’re really adamant about keeping it off, then turn it off. But if you’re still not getting tagged/not showing up, then turn it on.
  • This one is a MUST. Having this turned off is basically making you nonexistent. Your url/blog will not show up in any kind of search, either from tumblr or google or whatever engine you use. If you keep it off, your url will not show up at all in the search/tagging system. Keep it on.
  • I had my blog flagged for NSFW because I would have the occasional nsfw post. For some reason (I haven’t figured out why yet) if you have this switched on, you won’t pop up in the search/tagging system. If you’re a hardcore adult-orientated blog, then it’s your choice if you want to keep your blog flagged, or be tagged in a fic.

If you (writer) still can’t tag the reader, then it might be because of:

  1. Main or side blog is protected by a password
  2. Blog is blocked (Person A cannot tag Person B because Person B blocked Person A)
  3. Tumblr is being a sack of burning shit more likely than the two above

spread to let readers know?
@after-avenging-hours (girl i saw those asks, i gotchu) @bovaria @just-call-me-mrs-captain @sebastiansin-221b @fvckingavengers @assembletheimagines @mattymattymerduck @matthewmurrdock @winchester-with-wings @mangosoldier @pleasecallmecaptain @capsbuchanan @catwomvn @stories-from-stark-tower @punkpeqqy @waitingfortherightpartner @avengersandchill @she-who-nailed-it @demonsebastian @sebbytrash @marvel-ash @bionic-buckyb @marveliskindacool @avengerofyourheart
sorry if I forgot anyone, its 4.12am ok

gavrielsaporta  asked:

So I got home late last night and fell into bed dead tired and when I woke up I had a note on my phone that says "if peter and juno ever get married it's only because peter is picking a surname for an alias and juno mumbles 'what about steel'" and then I apparently typed a bunch of emojis but I thought it would make a good fic prompt

That idea made me giggle and blush, it was so fluffy. I don’t think you understand how hard it can be to do that, so major kudos to you, madam.

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psst.. click the photos!!

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