god that would be awful


underfell sans is the type of guy who’d laugh at his own terrible jokes i think.

bonus: (based on some text post i saw a while ago)

  • Lizzie: Come on, compliment me. Tell me my hair looks beautiful.
  • Ciel: But your hair looks disgusting. Did you even shower?
  • Jace: Gideon, what's Theros like?
  • Gideon: Well, some would say it's <i>God</I> awful. Hahahaha, my memories still haunt me to this day...
  • Jace: .... What's it like to have memories?
I’ll Cheer You Up Forever (Steve Rogers x reader)

requested by @pandarosita : Can I request some fluffy af Steve???? I’m desperate with today smdh [~1100 words]

warings: language (as always, it feels like), mentions of blood, fluff

A/N: after the amazing (notice the sarcasm) results of the election, I feel like everyone needs some fluffy Steve to comfort them. also, I have never written Steve and I hope it turned out alright. fun fact: the thing with the bleeding knee was inspired by one of my shitty mornigs.

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Today was definitely not your day.

Immediately after waking up, you had known that something (or rather everything, as it turned out) would go wrong.

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Road Trips With Eastern Europe

Russia: either complaining about e v e r y t h i n g or passed out drunk in the back seat

Belarus: 600% done with everyone’s shit

Ukraine: tries to stop fights and gets punched in the face

Lithuania: the midnight driver with some serious road rage issues

Latvia: where is the kid??? they probably left him at CBA

Estonia: on a desperate search for wifi so he can read his yaoi RusAme doujinshis

Poland: gives up trying to calm Lithuania down and goes to the back to drink with Russia

Czech Republic: somehow breaks the GPS and then loses the map

Slovakia: runs into the liquor store at 3 am with like, two euros and an open package of sunflower seeds

Hungary: plays death metal at 6 am just to be sure everyone’s awake

Romania: channeling his inner mom and screams at everyone for anything and threatens to turn the car around

Bulgaria: chain smoking and questioning his will to live

Moldova: buckled in a carseat by at least fourteen restraints because that little shit will disappear if he’s not held down

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magic-and-moonlit-wings  asked:

The fringe of spurs (mane?) around Strickler's neck and shoulders looks sort of like the feathery collar on Marianne's wedding dress.

They’e knives, actually. And you’re right, they do! Y’know, although Marianne’s wedding dress was a (in my opinion) a God awful dress, she would undoubtedly ADORE a dress where the collar was composed of knives for her to throw if danger reared its head… 

  • GREEKS: Okay. Whatever else happens, we must make absolutely sure that in no way do the Trojans take this sweet horse inside their city. That would be the worst possible outcome for us. God, I hope they don’t do that. That would be just awful.
  • TROJANS: wait fuck


This post really sounds like you hate those women rather than the existence of these men, or these women’s love for them. It seems to be saying that god shouldn’t have created these women”

RE: If God exists and has a plan, why does he create women who love monsters? In the hopes that our love will save them? You can see why people think God is a Him - women aren’t allowed to demand such blood sacrifices in order to be redeemed. They’d be witches. 

Well, assuming I believed in an all knowing, all powerful god then yes, I would completely critique any god who did that as awful. Why would you ever create someone to deliberately be hurt if you have the power to save them the pain? I’m critiquing the God not the women. 

I don’t hate the women. Not at all! For example, take the ‘women aren’t allowed to demand such blood sacrifices in order to be redeemed. They’d be witches’ line. It is precisely to do with the fact that there is a discrepancy between what women are expected to offer those who hurt them and what men are expected to offer. There is a cultural history of expecting the love of women to change horrible men that is simply not true in the reverse, which is what inspired the post. Monstrous men are redeemed and monstrous women aren’t. So, again, I’m critiquing that, not the women who love monsters.

It’s also also worth noting that the original post was a writing prompt for fiction not a complete essay in and of itself.