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you asked for a fic prompt so here's my best shot! Cinderella!au where steve is the king who doesn't want to marry for anything but love, though his advisors are trying to force him to marry his princess peggy and he is almost resigned to that fate and he does love her, just not like that. And tony is the unappreciated son of a borderline abusive father that makes him work and then takes credit or something along those lines.... Tony sneaks into the engagement ball and bam bam fluff and dancing

That, wonderful wonderful anon, is a great prompt and I really REALLY want to write that - soon! It’s so fluffy and perfect and oh God I can already see Steve as the most awkward Prince Charming ever and Tony would be all snark and make fun of Steve’s white tights.

Thank you!


Sherri and Chroto as wedding guests. His smile in the second picture is supposed to look awkward. God Sherri looks terrible in makeup and curled hair. Her face looks like 10x more hideous. But I think that’s also somewhat fitting. There’s plenty of people who just go over the top with that kind of stuff for formal events like weddings despite not really suiting them. Just doing it because it’s what they consider as standard “formal.” I feel like Sherri would have been raised like that, too.

And that’s the end of June and bare-faced Chrroto. *erases June 30th*

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oh my god so I was sleeping in Scott’s living room and i rolled over and accidentally turned on the tv to some sweaty sex scene from a movie and i couldn’t find the remote under all the blankets and then Scott’s mom came down to leave for work and she saw what was on the TV and and

she put an age restriction on all the TV’s in the house now. I’m so sorry Scott.

  • Mom:So have you seen? Fanfictions start to get really popular and published!
  • Step dad:So you can keep writing fic until you got noticed
  • Me:Well okay... Wait the fics which get published were sex fics
  • Step dad:So write some as well!
  • Mom:Have you seen her she probably doesn't even read them
  • Me:.... Actually I do write it
  • Mom:... That's why you never wanted us to read them?
  • Me:Yeah...
  • Step dad:Then do more.

No more dreaming of the dead 

As if death itself 

Was undone


It’s been an awkward journey growing up…. But thank God for great goals (I want to be a teacher) and melanin! 👏🏾 Happy Blackout Queens and Kings! ✊🏾


Yeah so here’s my 1k q&a video! Thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions! My hair was being dumb so it looks awful but oh well, also I have a split lip atm but who cares.

I’m super awkward which you can so tell in this video but hey now you know how lame i am in irl so there we go