god that was awkward

Sneak peek things:
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Either one of three things will happen by the end of the episode:

Happy will forgive him by the end of this episode and that scene we saw from Cliffhanger is deleted.

Happy forgives him but it’s something that she keeps bringing up just to remind him he’s an idiot.

This whole argument will go on for a few episodes, maybe even getting resolved in the finale.

So I went to Vons for a late night ice cream run, without makeup and my hair in the messiest ponytail ever, and of course the cashier is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen in my life. Like a younger Colin Egglesfield, but more ethnic looking with prettier eyes.

i was in my room and someone knocked on the door so i screamed “WHAT” very viciously because i was watching spn and this very handsome guy walks in with a vacuum and hes like “im ur cleaning lady im here to clean OOH IS THAT SUPERNATURAL” and he just drops the vacuum and sits on my bed and now we’re watching spn together what do i do

casual reminder that aang traveled to the ends of the earth searching for ancient masters to teach him bending, but ultimately those who taught him were the kids who became his best friends in the world


I think it would be super funny if Sollux were still blind at the time he got to meet his dancestor and not really understanding what was going on in the situation. Poor Terezi would be too distraught to explain things :0


a simple reminder that no matter how he tries to portray himself as this pretentious, larger than life person…gus is still just a seventeen year old boy


1.03 vs 1.08  

     ↳ "That doesn’t surprise me.”

Cartoons rn

Pilot episode: Lol that was adorable and funny. What a weird, cute idea for a show!

Everything after that: Jesus fucking christ how much thought and work and artistry went into this wonderful beautiful subversive snowflake of my dreams and how did it even get made and distributed on a major network???


I remember Chaerin’s first day in kindergarten. A totally nervous expression. Didn’t let go of my hand. Although the kindergarten wasn’t that far actually, it seemed really far from that day onwards. I worried as to how Chaerin’s kindergarten life would be as she isn’t good in Japanese, however we didn’t talk much about the kindergarten at home. While Chaerin always played brightly and excitedly at home as though nothing happened, my mind on the other hand was always filled with thoughts like “Is this kid doing well in kindergarten!?” This thought was always in my mind, weighing down my heart like a heavy stone. Continued going to kindergarten for a few days. That day too without fail, Chaerin took her bag. Before entering the kindergarten, Chaerin asked me.“Dad, what’s ‘play with me’ in Japanese?” - CL’s dad