god that was awkward

Man, I know that Shiro and Allura have kind of been adopted as the space parents of Voltron, but god I really want them to have an awkward, over the top, cheesy, young love, messy whirlwind romance kind of start to their relationship. 

I’m talking like, frantic and sorta sloppy makeout sessions in a closet that they hid in when they heard someone coming down the hall. Why did they hide? Everyone knows they’re together? They weren’t even doing anything more than walking down the hall holding hands? Who knows, but Allura drags him into the closet and she’s giggling like a maniac and Shiro joins in even though neither of them know what they’re laughing at. They laugh against each other’s lips when they start making out, and it’s a fucking mess. They end up on the floor in a tangle of limbs. It’s dark. They’re giggling at nothing. When they walk out of the closet ten minutes later, Allura’s hair is a mess and Shiro has hickeys on his neck and collarbone. 

I want the two of them going on a shitty first date. Like they take a day and go to some planet that she remembers being beautiful from her childhood, but they get there and it turns out it’s the rainy season! The rain is not rain, it smells horrible and stains their clothes. They don’t want to go back to the castle and cut the day short, so they peel their clothes off and spend the day in their underwear in their little ship. They sit in each other’s laps and tell each other embarrassing stories about their childhood, get each other off, nap, go home. It’s technically a horrible date but they have an amazing time. It was just fun.

The two of them secretly holding hands under the table and teasing each other by suggestively touching the inside of the other’s thigh, and then having to bite back a laugh at their reaction. I want them to have stupid, ridiculous and raucous arguments that are essentially about nothing, and for them to tearfully make up even though they can hardly remember why they were mad? Who cares, they’re making out again. The team is sick of walking in on them making out. The team has to make rules. They consider an intervention for a bit, but then they figure that they aren’t hurting anyone, and they’re just glad the two of them are happy.

Them teasing each other relentlessly! Snarking at each other! Remember in episode ten when Shiro sassed her for firing her weapon the wrong way? More of that please. Teasing and playfully giving each other a hard time, please and thank you. 

I mean, I want them to have a serious, well established relationship too, like I really do. I want to see them fall in love and have tender moments together, moments where they have to be responsible and it’s not always easy. However, I’ve seen so much content where their relationship is built on them looking after the rest of the team, which is cool, I’m not saying that’s bad at all… but I also really want to see them having fun together. I want to see them being young and carefree and in love, being stupid and making stupid choices but it all turning out okay in the end. I want them to be giddy with how hard and fast they’re falling for each other, to the point where they hardly feel like themselves, but they are themselves. They’re just happy. Maybe they almost forgot what that feels like, but they remind themselves by touching and kissing and drinking each other in. This is what it’s like to be happy.

They just have so much baggage and responsibility weighing down on them all the time… I’d love to see them be able to loosen up and find peace with each other. They really, really deserve it.

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Would you ever skype with like a fan? this is such a weird question but I thought it would be really nice to skype you someday or something? ?? I'm wording it weird but yeah (i love you so much and I want to talk to you god save me)

ehhh I think I’d probably get a little awkward ;; idk it really depends like I’d be fine if it was just friendly conversation but if there’s this kinda fan-talking-to-person-they-admire vibe I would deeeeeeefinitely get very uncomfy

PLEASE vote for hillary oh my god but. dont call her an “awkward mom” bc like .. shes not harmless ….. she has funded several campaigns that have killed a lot of people .. shes not uwu mom uwu shes a politician and she rigged the primaries but shes still leagues better than trump

  • Kidnapper:You better start talking now, Stark or things are gonna get pretty ugly. I have the thought of dropping you in the middle of a desert where you'll pretty much die of thirst. No one to hear you and help you.
  • Tony:Yeah, that wouldn't be the first time that happened.
  • Kidnapper:I...what, wait?
  • Tony:Yeah, I've been through a lot of shit, okay? So if you want to threatening me, you've gotta be REALLY original.
  • Kidnapper:I, er, I'll drown you in the bucket over there if you don't talk!
  • Tony:...Do you even know how to do your job?
  • Kidnapper:That's happened to you as well?
  • Tony:Yep.
  • Kidnapper:Holy shit, what the hell happened?
  • Tony:My life.
  • Henry:Mom!
  • Regina:Yes dear?
  • Emma:What's up Henry?
  • EQ:Hello Henry.
  • Henry:Should have been more specific I guess...
  • Regina:Which of us did you want?
  • Henry:Whoever will let me go to Violet's party on Friday?
  • Emma:If the kid goes on a date we can too.
  • EQ:Oh? Can we?
  • Emma:Not you, other you.
  • Regina:God this is awkward...why did we let the Queen move in here?
  • Emma:Peace.
  • EQ:Fun.
  • Henry:To make me spend all of my money on Mother's Day gifts?
  • Mom:So have you seen? Fanfictions start to get really popular and published!
  • Step dad:So you can keep writing fic until you got noticed
  • Me:Well okay... Wait the fics which get published were sex fics
  • Step dad:So write some as well!
  • Mom:Have you seen her she probably doesn't even read them
  • Me:.... Actually I do write it
  • Mom:... That's why you never wanted us to read them?
  • Me:Yeah...
  • Step dad:Then do more.
  • *in the lab*
  • Sherlock:*working*
  • Molly:*working*
  • John:*leaning on a bench; bored*
  • Sherlock:*glances at Molly; smirking* So, what did you get up to this weekend, Molly?
  • Molly:*shrugs* Nothing much. Just stayed in.
  • Sherlock:*gestures at her neck* Dracula pay a visit?
  • John:*hisses* Not good, mate.
  • Molly:*confused* What? *peers into her compact mirror and sees the large lovebite; gasps* Oh my God!
  • John:*awkward* You, um, didn't...notice?
  • Sherlock:*tutting* Really, Molly, that was quite careless of you.
  • Molly:*glaring at Sherlock* Yeah, what was I thinking?
  • Sherlock:*shrugs* At least the delivery driver won't flirt with you anymore.
  • Molly:*groans* That's what this is about? All he said was 'that's a lot of food for one person'.
  • Sherlock:Meaning, 'you're all alone with extra food. Maybe I should-'
  • John:*confused* Hang on! Why did you give Molly a lovebite?
  • Sherlock:*stares at him* Flirtatious takeaway drivers.
  • John:Why were you having takeaway?
  • Sherlock:*waves a hand* Molly gets hungry after a shag.
  • Molly:*blushes* Sherlock!
  • John:*grimases* So it's true? You two are... *gestures* and you did... *gestures towards Molly's neck*
  • Sherlock:*smirks* I gave as good as I got.
  • John:*looking at his neck* You don't have a lovebite.
  • Sherlock:Not on my neck, no.
  • John:...
  • John:*leaves*
i gave in and watched voltron

Don’t imagine Keith and Lance and how their arguments usually aren’t super serious and they end in fun. Now don’t imagine Keith and Lance having an honest-to-god argument and saying actual hurtful things that leaves everyone awkward and angry for a few days.

Don’t imagine them having to go out on some simple mission, but then getting separated and ambushed.

Don’t imagine Lance and Keith working together and they barely beat off the Galras, but they do and Lance is whooping triumphantly and he suddenly wonders why Keith is so quiet. He asks and can’t get a video feed up, the lions are damaged pretty badly so he scrambles out of his seat and outside, starting to panic.

Don’t imagine the red lion helping Lance by gently setting a heavily injured Keith on the ground. Lance panics again and grabs him, trying to get him to stay awake.

Don’t imagine Kieth not answering him and when Lance checks his vitals from his suit, they’re all flatlined.

Don’t imagine Lance starting to shake him and saying no over and over and yelling at him to wake up and apologizing.

Don’t imagine how he buries his head in Keith’s bloody chest and how there’s a whine in the back of his throat that builds and turns into a scream that he can’t control. He’s screaming, for Keith to come back and how sorry he is and then he’s just screaming.

Don’t imagine the comms getting back online and everyone’s panicking and talking and Lance just throwing his helmet off in grief and anger and he’s too overwhelmed. Everyone’s panicking.

Don’t imagine him yanking Keith’s helmet off too and pressing their foreheads together.

Don’t imagine Lance whispering ‘I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry’ over and over to him and finally placing the gentlest kiss to his bloodied and battered lips and he shudders in complete anguish because Keith doesn’t respond and keeps apologizing, but there’s new words mixed in, 'i love you’.

Don’t imagine the rest of the team finding them and Lance lashing out, refusing to let anyone carry Keith but him even though he’s injured as well. Hunk almost throws up and Shiro has to carry Pidge to their room because when they saw Keith they just froze and wouldn’t move. Shiro leaves Pidge there and goes to the training room and beats the shit out of everything he can find.

Don’t imagine Lance stay in silent for days on end, and when asked if he’s ok by Allura, he manages choke out that the last thing he said to Keith was how much he despised him and that’s how he died, thinking Lance hated him. His voice cracks and trails off and he starts sobbing.

Don’t imagine Allura hugging him while also crying and Lance, between sobs, manages to say “I never got to tell him I loved him.”

I told you not to imagine it, it sounds awfully sad.

bytor-and-the-snow-dog tagged me to do 10 random facts so here we go

1. I want to have long flowing hair or an afro.
2. Root beer is my favorite drink.
3. This fall, I’m going to college for accounting.
4. I want a Rickenbacker 4080 (Geddy Lee’s double neck) and would pay upwards of $10k for one.
5. I have brown eyes and hair but would honestly rather have green eyes and black hair. (Both, not one or the other)
6. Tonight was the first time in almost 10 years of being a musician that I was told I was playing too loud.
7. I actually enjoy working at McDonald’s but definitely wouldn’t want a career out of it.
8. I wish I had another talent beyond being a musician.
9. I have a 15 inch red Christmas tree on my dresser for some reason.
10. My favorite colors are green, dark blue, and black.

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Can you do #530 for Holtzmann/Reader please


A/n: I am sorry about this one, I have no clue how to write nsfw, I’ve never written it before so I just took this into a full comedic turn.

“You look so beautiful all spead out like this, just for me.”

“Holtzmann, for the hundredth time. Please stop talking sexual innuendos to a sandwich. It’s getting weird.”

She laughed and pointed a butter knife towards you. “You’re just jealous of our love!”

You smirked at her, rolling your eyes as welll. “No, it’s just incredibly weird.”

Holtzmann picked up the sandwich and took a bite out of it. “That’s what I’m known for.” She reminded you with a wink.

I'm coming home. LH.

Lacing his fingers with yours, Luke takes a deep breath.

“Do you remember when we first met?” He asks, a flicker of hope in his heart, “We were at the park, and I accidentally hit you in the face with a soccer ball and then tripped when I tried to help you up.”

He states, a small chuckle on his lips.

“God, you were so out of me league and I’m still not quite sure what you saw in me. I was just finally happy that when a girl my age saw me she didn’t automatically ask for a picture or know who I was.” He continues, “So, after I helped you up- for real that time, I asked you on a date. And only god knows what possessed you to say yes to the awkward blonde kid who nearly broke you in half- but you did. The more I got to know you Y/N, the harder I fell and the faster I fell. I never truly understood what my dad always meant by, ‘One day you’ll be as lucky to get a woman as beautiful as your mother- even though she’s the most beautiful woman in the world,’ but now I know what he meant. His love- the love that I feel for you- it bypasses ever little blemish, freckle, spot- every little anything and somehow makes them better in the best possible way. So as I sat in front of you the day I asked you to marry me, I was shaking and panicking because I knew I didn’t deserve someone like you and I still don’t- but I swear to god- baby- don’t leave me.” He states, softly, “I’m selfish and I love you and I cannot ever, let a diamond as beautiful as you go to waste. Sure, you may think that you’re just coal in the rough, but to me- you’re the world and more. My diamond girl.”

The door opens and your little girl runs over to Luke, jumping on his lap and gently pressing her head to his chest.

“I’m sorry.” Calum mutters, tugging at his hair, “I couldn’t get her to sleep.”

Luke smiles at Calum.

“Don’t worry about it, I can take her for the night. Go get some sleep Cal.”

Calum gently pats Luke’s shoulder before leaving the room as the little one shifts herself trying to find a comfortable position.

“Is mummy still asleep?” Your daughter asks quietly.

Luke takes a deep breath, kissing his daughters forehead before resting his chin on her head.

“Yeah- for now princess, it’s just you and me right now, okay?”


“Mummy got ouchies by accident when she was driving baby girl, and she’s really really sleepy.” He states, “Can you be strong for mummy, and a good girl for your uncles?”

“Okay daddy.” She states.

She reaches out and places her small hand on top of Luke and your hand.

“Hi mummy.” She says softly, “I really want you to wake up soon and make the pancakes that we always have on Saturdays when daddy is off work, and you can braid my hair before class. I miss you a lot, even though your right there.”

Luke feels a small twitch of your finger between husband he sits up straighter, watching as your eyes slowly blink open.

“Luke?” You mumble.

And once again, your family is reunited.