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So, I'm going to high school next year and and can't decide if I should join marching band or not. I don't want to join it because it combines the two of my most hated things in the world: moving around a lot and carrying heavy stuff. However, I want to join marching band because they say it's fun, I LOVE to play music, and my band director was guilt-tripping me into joining it XP. I don't know what I should do! What do you think I should do? I don't have enough space to type all my questions!

Do it for sure. I say this to everyone but 100% join marching band. I’ve never met someone who entirely regretted joining marching band. The heavy stuff and walking is unavoidable and really shitty. Like oh my god. No matter what instrument you play its painful as fuck to be in set for an hour. But its all worth it. The gratification and reward that comes with pyshical and mental discipline will be something you’ve never experienced before and you will get stronger and it will get easier. Just give it a try this season. I promise you, you will fall in love with the sport.

Title: Real Magic
Fandom: Ace Attorney
AU: Harry Potter AU

Summary: Based off mustachossom​‘s Harry Potter AU, which is a collaborative effort between her and her followers!!
As soon as Phoenix’s Wrights wand had been snapped in half, he knew he didn’t belong in the wizarding world anymore. He had magical daughter, so he didn’t belong in the muggle world either.
He was alone.
Trucy was going to fix it.

Notes: I’m calling wine WINE because how much of a cop out is ‘grape-juice’, honestly. You can kill someone with their own damn fingernail but you can’t mention alcohol. God.
Also, this was written really quickly and its kinda unedited so I’m really sorry if it’s bad.
Thank you for reading!

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…Guys. Guys, think about this. A Haikyuu!! and Soul Eater world fusion. I suddenly need this fic like I need air??? I mean, just think about it, guys. Think about Kageyama never being able to find a weapon in middle school because no one could - or would - resonate with him


WHO’S JUST A LITERAL RAY OF SUNSHINE AND LUCK WOULD HAVE THAT HE’S A WEAPON (i imagine him being a scythe like soul because a scythe wielding kags, you guys)




and Daichi and Suga would be partners, and Tsukki and Yamaguchi aND ASAHI AND NOYA oh my god they would be so tragic 

because Asahi would be the meister and they get sent out on this one mission that’s supposed to be simple and easy but it’s not, because Noya gets hurt protecting Asahi and Asahi

just kind of crumples and he cant even look Noya in the eyes and Noya bounces back, of course he does, but

Asahi just isnt strong enough to take his partner’s hand again

and Noya is not pleased

…..did i just write an au