god that line is so great tho

its such garbage rn but im done with the base and i will work on it at a later date bc im frustrated up my ass rn im gonna go finish that soma Bible you linked for me bc it is such beauty and i had to set my phone down on several occasions to cry and gawk and laugh its so perfect there is nothing more perfect on this earth than that fic

hope you enjoy a sneak peek of the piece of trassh (lol puns) that is my attempt at animation, go ahead and laugh at the proportions of souls face, his nose especially. i was more concerned about getting the body lines right and the faces (mostly maka’s) later

when you said you were making gifs I didn’t know you were animating your own??? holy shit this is so cool even though it’s just a WIP

I can’t wait to see it finished it’s gonna be so adorable oh god

yes yes enjoy the holy soma bible it’s so great. I think I actually have a chapter or two to finish 00ps

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yes like at first u put the line on ur eyelid (eye closed but not closed if u know what I mean) & then when you're gonna make the wing you open them really wide so the skin next to it eyes is even & smooth & great to apply a nice line, and when you've done one eye you can match the other more easily. Oh!! And do your bad eye first bc you can adjust the good one to the bad one!! ❤

mY FRIEND!!! IN A VERY WEIRD WAY, IT DOES HELP?? OH MY GOD?? lol i just removed eye makeup to test this tips out but omg?!?!?!!! where have you been all my life? ok it doesn’t really wing perfectly tho i still need so so so much more practise but!!! it does help me to balance the wing? thank you so much anon friend!! bless you!!! <33

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Which skin should I get from sentai, oasis and cruiser????? I can't choose!!!


I’d first narrow it down to who of the three you play the most

with those choices, I’d pick Symm bc holy fuck that’s honestly my new fave skin in the entire game; she’s gorgeous

Sentai Genji is super tempting tho bc he’s so god damn extra and it’s great

Cruiser has a bunch of lovely skin exclusive lines as well