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Conversations you’ll most likely have with Wade Wilson

(A/N): I haven’t written one of these in forever but then I was thinking about it and Wade showed up in my mind so take this lil thing

“(Y/N), I was thinking, what if we made our own chimichangas?” 

“Do I trust you enough in my kitchen to do that?”


“If I figured out how to do an upside down Spiderman kiss would you willingly participate?” 

“Wade, the last time you tried you fell and broke your neck, we’re not starting this again,” 


“Wade Wilson a sub, huh?” 

“Don’t mock me, I can tell you’re mocking me,” 


“(Y/N), my skin hurts, it all hurts,” 

“I’m so sorry Wade, I don’t know- I don’t know what to do to help,” 


“I was once told I looked like an avocado had sex with another avocado,” 

“Well…that’s creative…” 


“Wade, we’ve been over this, you don’t have to hide behind a mask when you’re around me,” 

“I’m afraid one of these days you’re gonna wake up and realize how much I look like a monster,” 


“One of these days I want you to meet Eleanor, I think she’d really like you,” 


“I swear to god Wade if I wasn’t dating you you’d be dating Peter,” 

“I don’t think Tony approves of me so I’m going to have to say no to that statement,” 


“Aren’t they so beautiful?” 

“Wade, it’s 3 in the morning, who are you talking to?” 

“The readers,” 

“The who?”

“Nothin’, just go back to bed,” 


“God bless america!” 

“Wade, you’re canadian, stop with this nonsense,” 


“Why do you love me?”

“Because you’re beautiful inside and out, plus, who else is going to put up with my crazy,” 


“You’re insecure, don’t know what for-” 

“I look like a volcano exploded on the moon that’s why,” 


“Your ass is lookin’ fine today Wade,” 

“Trust me, I know,” 


“Wade we have spent almost a grand in mexican food this month,” 

“So I’m guessing that if I asked for tacos tonight you’re gonna say no?”


“Oh my god Wade! Don’t ever do that again!” 

“(Y/N), I’m fine, really, It’s just a little scratch,” 

“Wade your arm is actually missing shut the hell up,”


“If you ever so casually chop your fingers off again I swear I’m going to withhold sex from you for a week,”


“Did you know I love you?”


“The voices in my head love you too,” 

“…Wade what the hell,” 


“Wade this is so gross, I can’t do this,” 

“Come on (Y/N) just stitch me up and I’ll be good as new- If you throw up into the gaping hole in my chest I will never forgive you,” 


“Wade I feel sick and If you don’t stop trying to pet me with that broom I swear I’m going to rip your hands off,” 


“I can’t believe you tried to use a fucking tide pen-” 

“I was young and inexperienced god,” 


“I think I got the suit wet with my blood and now I can’t get it off of me and I need help,” 


“So I may be a little late tonight, I’m kinda in the middle of somethin’,” 

*Casual sounds of screaming and gunshots in the background*

“Fine but I’m not making your chimichangas so you’re going to have to pick them up,” 


“I like you better without the mask,” 

“Do you now?”

“Yeah, You got a pretty nice face,” 


“I’ll love you till the end of time,” 

“Well you keep up with all this vigilante shit your time is running out buddy,”

“So…do you love me back or what?”


“If I have to come pick you up from a disappointed Fury one more time I may never take you out for food again,” 


“We don’t deserve you,” 

“Yeah you do buddy,” 

Hickeys (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hi! :) I absolutely adore your blog and I was wondering if you could do a Jughead x Reader oneshot where the the reader has a hickey and Veronica points it out so everyone is teasing her all day to find out who it’s from and they eventually realize it was Juggie? Thank you <3

A/N: Sorry if it’s not as good as you thought it would be! (It’s literally 3am here and I feel like banging my head against the wall. I literally haven’t slept in so long dear god.)


Warnings: Swearing? Mentions of hickeys. Jug’s a little shit. 

Hickeys (Jughead x Reader)

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Shit. Juggie, Wake up!” You push yourself off your bed and glance at your sleeping boyfriend.

He just groans and rolls over.

“No. We have school today and you have to get up! We’re gonna be late.” You grab his arm and tug.

He tugs back, pulling you against his chest. “A few more minutes, (Y/n).” He leans down and kisses down your jaw.

You let out a whimper as he nibbles down your neck, leaving hickeys along the way.


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Sometimes I get on social media and become extremely depressed. I look at other people I went to school with, close friends, colleagues all living their lives and they appear to be really happy. I’m at that age now where everyone around me is having kids, getting married, buying homes, traveling the world. I begin comparing my life to others and it just becomes a downward spiral after that. It’s to the point where I have to log out and uninstall the apps for a few days/weeks just to get clear my head and relax. It’s just frustrating at times because my life isn’t all bad; currently enrolled in grad school, great job, own apt, and I travel when I can but damn I want MORE out of life. I start doubting myself and asking where I went wrong… how come I’m not getting engaged? Having a baby? Traveling with a s/o instead of by myself? I am grateful for my life and all God has given me but sometimes I cannot help but to feel like shit.
(it feels good to get that off my chest though ❤)

Guardian Angel

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff || 3436  || more fics

summary: Oliver finds a half asleep Felicity in an elevator with a newborn (anonymous prompt)
a/n: i’m not a fan of the ending, buuuut hopefully y’all like it just fine (: 

“C’mon, baby girl,” Felicity cooed, “You know you want to sleep.”

The tiny four month old in her arms continued to cry. It didn’t seem to matter what she did. All Danica wanted to do was cry and cry and cry. Felicity felt like she hadn’t slept in days. She could feel the exhaustion deep in her bones. Her hair was a mess and the bags under her eyes were becoming darker by the day.

She wished her mother was there. Never in her life had she even thought that, but she really meant it. Donna was working an extra shift as the restaurant instead of being home and helping put Danica to sleep. She could hardly complain. Her mother opened her home back up to her when Felicity was left single and seven months pregnant. She had a job in the IT department of a small computer company, but she was still on maternity leave. Donna insisted that she take the extra time to stay home with her daughter. She was more than grateful, but at this rate with the lack of sleep she was never going back to work.

Felicity’s lower lip trembled, “Please go to sleep,” she sniffled.

She wished she could blame the tears on hormones, but she knew that they were already straightening out. No, she was just so incredibly tired that she had zero control over her emotions.

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anonymous asked:

Hey rat puppet man tell tord about how you feel ❤ >:^)

RAT PUPPET MAN: Uhh.. Right.. Um, Tord. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a good decade now but.. I… I- I um… I want to-

RAT PUPPET MAN: Well, that anon explained it the better than I did…

TORD: Uhhhhh…

RAT PUPPET MAN: Look, mate…I totally understand if you don’t feel the same way… I just had to tell you is all. Get it off my chest…

TORD: I mean.. I really could care less if you swing.. ya know.. that way but.. I’m sorry man but I just don’t. I’m straight. And you’re 20 years older than me. That would be like… Dating my dad. Thanks for telling me but… I think I need a break. 

TORD: I’m gonna take a walk around the block..I’ll be back.

RAT PUPPET MAN: Yeah, I understand… 

Moments pass and dark clouds begin to form and loom over the neighborhood. 

RAT PUPPET MAN: Oh god, I don’t feel good, lads.

Tord walks off. Rat Puppet Man lies down and starts coughing up blood. 

200 followers special | for @itsnotsammy prompt - wincest + some nice comfort during season 8

Sometimes, there’s no coming back from the past. You can try to forget whatever it is you’re running from, hell, maybe you even succeed in doing so, for a while. Eventually, it’ll always come back, and it’s never pretty.

Dean Winchester has been to hell, and back, as well as purgatory. He’s seen things, done things, that no normal man has even thought about. Then again, he wasn’t a ‘normal’ man.

When he came back from Purgatory, he had a hard time realizing he didn’t need to constantly fight for survival. There were some mornings he would wake up, panicking as he searched for a blade, wondering if there would be another damned monster coming to kill him.

In the afternoons when he was doing research, his mind would throw him back into purgatory, like a hallucination. It would feel so real, a blade in his hand, sweat and blood covering his body, fear pumping blood through his veins.

At night, when he would try to sleep, his mind would bring him back to the countless times he stayed up in fear he would die, and he couldn’t do that without knowing if Sammy was okay.

Tonight was no different than the other nights since he had been back from purgatory, except from the fact that he was in Sam’s bed, an arm wrapped around his waist.

“What do you think about?” Sam asked, breaking the long silence since Dean had came into the room, asking to sleep with Sam for the night.

Sam could feel Dean get stiff at his question, and he mentally cursed himself for asking such a question. He knew that Dean wasn’t one to talk about his feelings or what he had experienced, but Sam wanted to know to see if he could help.

“A lot” Dean tried to make it sound like a joke, but it came out as if he was tired from even thinking about it.

Sam’s lips tightened as he pulled Dean in closer, his nose nudging at Dean’s earlobe, letting his big brother know he was there, and it would be alright.

“Dean” Dean shifted at how Sam said his name,”you know what I mean” Sam said, softly, not wanting for Dean to become agitated and brush the topic off.

Dean started to turn within the hold of Sam, turning until he was facing Sam, although the darkness of the room blurred his beautiful features.

“Sam, I don’t even know how to begin to explain what I went through” Dean whispered, his eyes trying to find Sam’s beautiful hazel ones, even if it was completely dark.

Sam squeezed Dean, letting him know he was there, that they were real, and it would be okay.

“You don’t have to tell me everything, I don’t expect you too” Sam pressed his forehead against Dean’s, with his nose resting between Dean’s eyes.

Sometimes you can’t hide from the past, and everything you experience. You can try to forget what happened, run away from whatever it is that causes you pain. Whether it be being hell, literally, or something purgatory, it always comes back.

There is a better way to deal with it, and that’s confronting it heads on with the person you love helping every step of the way.

“It hurt so much, Sammy, every damn second of every damn day. There was this constant fear of dying, of never seeing you again, and it only fueled my desire to return to you; I did everything I needed to do to make sure I came back” Dean’s voice was cracking, but god did it feel good to get a little piece of that off his chest.


Thank you for the personal well wishes on Sugar Tree pulling through. I don’t have good news, but I don’t have bad news either. I have been awake all night from yesterday morning and I find it hard to even talk about this. I’ve been crying off and on since 9pm last night. I wanted to give an update, however.

I spoke with the emergency vet about thirty minutes ago and she is in the same condition as when I left her. She does not seem to be responding to the anti-venom. I am very concerned it was not a Diamondback Rattlesnake but a Mojave Desert– which is neurotoxic.

I do not understand why they did not want to see the snake I had killed, which I brought with me and I am a bit angry. I asked many times to please check and the answer from two different techs and a doctor was, “We couldn’t really give you an answer on that for sure.”

From what I can tell, I believed it to be a Diamondback, but there is similarities.

I am very very worried. She is not actively dying, as far as I could tell. The phone call was confusing and I was asked to call back in a few hours.

They are going to run a blood panel on her and see if she is improving now or declining.

The first blood panel while I was there was not good.

Please keep thinking of her.

I am going to have to start a KickStarter. I am already lookign at $8,000 and this is after massive turmoil in my life– which I had meant to brush up on or maybe even dive into– but to put it briefly my support here was an abusive individual and… had enough after the recovering from PTSD from the final incident that I could no longer pretend was a healthy relationship.

I was driving 85 miles an hour and she grabbed the wheel of my sports car and took it off the road in an attempt to murder. I nearly died. I can’t talk about this anymore, but I didn’t want you to think that I do not work hard. I have just been about through every possible nightmare situation one could have in the last year. If you can help at all, it would be a miracle to me.

I don’t know what to do when they want to continue a treatment I can’t afford. Or if I quality for credit, I will never soon be able to pay it back in any sense. The reason I have not posted my videos is simply because I was isolated with someone who was physically harming me and made several attempts on my life. I couldn’t have the will to do anything.

It feels good to get that off my chest. I am though afraid of her and anyone else that supports that monster to see this. But that is the truth and there is a lot more….

Right now I need to make a group fundraiser for Sugar Tree because more than ever she needs help. Not just from those that watch this channel, like this channel, love this channel, but just from humanity.

She doesn’t deserve to die this way.

Oh my god I just feel so awful.

"Yes. I am Jealous." ( Charles Xavier Fluff/Smut)

Today was the party everyone was waiting for. After we defeated Apocalypse and rebuilt the mansion, Charles thought it would be a good idea to to throw a party to celebrate.
As I was getting ready I heard a voice in my head.
“Will you come to my office darling?”
You know the voice, it was your boyfriend Charles.
“Yes.” I said walking into Charles office.
“There will be some new students attending this party of ours.” He said turning around looking at me.
“Okay. What is their mutation?” I asked.
“Well Adam can control the elements, Stacey can manipulate time, and Grant can control plants.” He said.
“Oh okay. I have to finish getting ready.” I say pointing to the door.
“Alright love. I will see you soon.” He said.
I finish getting ready. I am are wearing a dark blue floor length dress.
I walk in the ballroom and Charles immediately looks at me and rolls over to me.
“You look amazing.” He says in aw.
“Thank you.” I reply
“Oh wow. Look at you. You look absolutely stunning” Raven says.
“Thank you so much. You look amazing too.” I say.
“So where are the new students?” I ask.
“Over there.” Raven points over to where they are standing.
“Thanks.” I say walking over there. I felt Charles eyes on me the entire time.
“Hi. I’m Y/N.” I say trying to start a conversation.
“Hi. I’m Stacey.” She said waving. She was wearing a purple dress that came right above her knee.
“I’m Grant.” He said.
“And that leaves me. I’m Adam.” The black haired boy says.
“So I heard what you guys can do. You all are very powerful.” I say.
“So what can you do?” Grant asks.
“I am a telepath.” I say.
“Oh that’s cool.” Stacey says.
“Well I hope you guys are enjoying the party. I’m gonna go mingle.” I say.
They all nod.
So they party went on and towards the end Adam started talking to me. I read his mind and his intentions were not good. It was very obvious he was flirting with me and Charles definitely noticed.
“Can I get you a drink?” Adam asks.
“No I’m fine. I actually am not feeling good so I’m gonna go now.” I say as I walk away.
I walk up to my room and Charles is there to greet me.
“Oh lord you scared me.” I say clutching my chest.
“You and Adam looked pretty comfortable. Why didn’t you let him get you a drink?” He asked.
“Oh God no. He was a certified creeper. I was talking to Alex and he came on to me.” I said.
“I don’t want to hear it.” He said.
“But..” I say.
“Take off your dress.” He said emotionless.
I obeyed and unzipped my dress. I didn’t have any underwear on, so I was left in only my bra.
“No underwear? Dirty girl” He said coming over to me.
He unhooked the bra I had on. That left him fully clothed and me naked.
“Get down on your knees.” He said unhooking his belt and I pulled them down along with his boxers. He erection sprig out at me.
“You know what to do.” He said.
I wrapped my mouth around the tip and lightly sucked. I continued bobbing my head until his cock was fully inside my mouth.
“Get up darling.” He said. His accent was especially sexy right now, he was making me wetter by the second.
I laid down and he took off his shirt.
There was no warning when he slammed into me. I moaned his name.
“Louder sweetie. I want that Adam to hear you.” He said moving faster.
Which made me scream in pleasure.
“You are beautiful.” He said kneading my breasts.
“I’m gonna come.” I said.
“Do it and let everyone know that you are mine.” He said.
He moved faster and faster which triggered me to come.
He pulled out and came all over my thighs.
“You are perfect. I don’t ever want to lose you. So I hate to see you with other guys.” He said.
“Charles Xavier is jealous.” I say.
“Yes. I am jealous.” He admitted.

Mine. Only Mine.

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Request: Your blog has been added to my list of guilty pleasures. Newt smut please? Newt getting jealous of the reader checking out the shirtless bulky gladers, so he shows her just how manly he is:P

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Rating: M (Mature)

Warning: Smut lots of smut

Being the only girl in the Glade had its perks. For one every single one of the guys were nice to me and two, I got to watch them walk around shirtless all day. I was a Med jack so I really didn’t have much to do since no one really got hurt around here and if they did it was usually something minor. I got a lot of attention from the guys here but I honestly only cared about attention from Newt. I know he likes me but he won’t say it. I’m pretty sure everyone knows we have a thing for each other and the guys thought it was hilarious to tease me about it.  I currently sat with Chuck, Newt and Frypan we decided to take a break and just relax a little we’ve been working all day. Newt and Frypan were in some deep conversation I couldn’t care to join and Chuck was rambling on about something I wasn’t paying attention to. I was lost in my own world. Being the only girl was great but it got lonely at times. I didn’t have anyone to talk to when I got my period and sometimes you just need another girl.

“Hey Guys.” I looked up to see a shirtless Thomas, Minho and Zart. Holy shuck. Thomas must’ve noticed me staring because he winked at me. I blushed and looked down, and I swear I saw Newt glaring at him. Thomas and the guys sat down with us and I couldn’t stop myself from staring. I knew Thomas was built but not hat built.

“So where did your shucking clothes disappear to” Newt asked glaring at Thomas more. I giggled internally because Newt was definitely overreacting. “It’s extra hot today Newt, you should try and strip once in a while” Minho joked. After that all I could think about was Newt shirtless. Please, God let him take Minho’s advice. But sadly he just shook his head, laughing. “I’ll pass shank”. Thomas, Zart and Minho were sat across from me. Newt and Frypan on either side of me. “You know (Y/N) ….” Thomas started, “Maybe you should try stripping for once” Zart finished for him. My eyes widened and my cheeks went red making them laugh “Slim it Slintheads” I muttered. I won’t lie, I have a thing for Newt but Thomas or Zart, hell even Minho could definitely get it. I didn’t even realize I was staring at them again until I felt a hand on my thigh? What?

I looked down to see Newts fingers slowly making circles on my inner thigh. Fuck. Everyone was engaged in their own conversation by now so I leaned over and whispered to him.

“What are you even doing?!”  He just chuckled and slowly moved his hands up and down. I didn’t understand where this came from but I wasn’t going to stop him. We always flirted with each other. He would playfully slap my ass or wink at me but nothing like this. Never like this.

“I saw you staring at Thomas…… and Zart…… and even Minho” I sucked in a breath when his hand pressed to my jean covered crotch. “Really (Y/N), Even my best friends. I thought we had something special” He whispered kissing my shoulder blade. I smirked slightly “Mhmmm, Was someone jealous?” He chuckled and shook his head, leaning in real close to me ear. “I have nothing to be jealous about, just look at how you’re reacting to me” He gently nibbled on my ear and I became aware that we were in fact still surrounded by people. I glanced around only to see everyone still engaged in conversation, this entire glade can be so oblivious sometimes. An idea popped into my head and I smirked getting up. I looked back to see a very confused Newt and a giggle made its way past my lips. I went and squeezed myself in-between Thomas and Zart. If this doesn’t get him jealous enough, then nothing will. Thomas looked over and smiled putting his arm around my shoulder. I leaned my head on his shoulder and listened to their conversation, laughing every time Minho said something stupid. I was probably there for five minutes before a very angry looking Newt stomped over and literally dragged me over to the Med-Jack hut. You could hear all of the guys cheering and hollering causing me to smirk to myself. Once we got to the hut he pulled my inside and locked the door. I huffed and opened my mouth to speak but he clamped his hand over it before I could. My eyes widened and he smirked. “Not feeling so brave now eh?” before I could respond I was pushed up against a wall. “You thought that was funny? Sitting there flirting with those shanks?” He removed his hand from over my mouth only to use it to pull off my top. “You don’t think I’m manly enough for you?” His lips found their way to my neck and he kneaded my breasts one at a time. A low moan emitted from my mouth and my eyes fluttered shut. Finally, I’ve been wanting this forever. His lips ghosted over my ear “I’m gonna show you who you belong to.” If I’m being honest those words were enough to drive me crazy. My bra was ripped off of my body and his hand was replaced with his mouth. I moaned and tangled my fingers into his hair. “Fuck…” I hissed. His hands moved down to knead my ass. I moaned louder this time and he smirked against me. Fuck, who knew he could be like this?

His face leveled up to mine “Your mine” He growled before crashing his lips onto mine. The kiss quickly escalated and he slapped my ass causing me to gasp. Of course he took this to his advantage and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I moaned and tugged on the ends of his shirt. He was wearing way too many clothes right now. He pulled back and tugged the shirt over his head. His lips wasted no time in finding mine again, I let my hands run up and down his chest. He had the best body by far. His lips made their way back to my neck and he sucked on any skin he could find. I was surely going to have some marks tomorrow. I softly tugged onto his hair and tilted my head so he could get better access.

I glanced down and his bulge was most definitely evident through his thin pants. He was huge, sucking in a breath I slowly slid my hand down and started palming him. His head shot up to look at me, his eyes now much darker than before. I bit my lip and applied more pressure as I palmed him.

A growl left his throat and it was literally the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. I felt myself get even more wet than I already was. He smirks and unbuttoned my jeans quickly sliding them down my legs. “Lace…? Remind me to thank the creators later” I blushed and he started rubbing me teasingly slow. “Newt…. I need you.” It was like words set something off in him “Beg.”

“God Newt I need you to fuck me right now” He smirked “As you wish kitten.” He pulled off his pants and I slipped off my underwear. Kitten? I could get used to that. Without any kind of warning he pushed into me. A loud moan left my mouth and I arched my back. He was thrusting in and out of me at a pace that I couldn’t handle. “Oh Fuck Newt.” I raked my nails up and down his back and he left some very visible hickeys across my chest.

“Mhmm, Who’s making you feel this good baby? I bet Thomas can’t fuck you like me.” More moans left my lips and He picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist. He kept thrusting into, reaching spots I didn’t think were possible. “Fuck Newt. You! Only you can make me feel like this.” He smirked and his mouth latched back onto my left breast. I tugged on his hair and he groaned. “Do that again.” His voice was raspy and deep. I tugged on his hair harder and soon his thrusts got sloppy. “Baby, I’m close” He growled and soon after he came undone inside of me.  Sweat glistened on his forehead and he looked up at me. “You didn’t finish” I blushed and shook my head “That’s okay.” I pressed a kiss to his forehead and he gently stood me up.

“Bloody Nonsense…. Let me take care of you baby girl” He picked me up and carried me over to the bed laying me down. “Spread your legs” He got down on his knees at the side of the bed and pulled me towards him. “Fuck you’re so pretty” I had a feeling he wasn’t talking about all of me this time. He wasted no time and licked straight up my slit. He used his forearm to hold my hips in place and started lapping away. It wasn’t long before I was a writhing mess under him. His nibbling, biting, and sucking was driving me crazy. I don’t know how he was so good at this but I wasn’t going to question it. He used his free hand to push two fingers into me and I bucked my hips viciously at the action. I could feel his smirk against me as he paid extra close attention to my bundle of nerves and he pumped his fingers at a fast pace. I felt that familiar feeling raising in my stomach and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he had me coming. “Oh Fuck Newt!!! Right there! Just like that!” He sucked on my clit harshly and I felt my orgasm wash over me. All I saw was white and I’m pretty sure the sound that left my throat wasn’t human but I didn’t care. Newt came and laid next to me, giving me time to calm down. After a few minutes I rolled onto my side and looked at him.

He smiled and leaned up kissing me softly “Mine. Only Mine.” And with that we fell asleep in the Med-Jack hut. I’d have to heard a lot of klunk about this tomorrow.

sleep (with me) zayn malik imagine

prompt: “Next, I’m going to sleep for a week. Wake me if there’s food.”

summation: You didn’t want to do anything, you just wanted to sleep, but it would seem as though Zayn had other ideas. One of his ideas being: he was going to fuck you back to sleep.

requested by: zane

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You hadn’t moved in almost eight hours. You had barely moved from the position you’d been in since Zayn had left for his photoshoot. The house was quiet, it was raining outside, you didn’t have to work today. This was paradise.

You’d always been the kind of person to want to stay in bed all day and nap. Sure, getting out of bed and being a productive member of society had its perks, but so did staying in bed all day. It’s a shame no one else could see it.

Grabbing the blankets in your hand you rolled over on to your side, pulling the blanket up to your chin, deciding you’d like to have another nap session before Zayn came home and actually wanted you to do stuff. Your (well to be fair, Zayn’s) bed was so warm and comfortable and the sheets always smelled like a mix of Zayn’s cologne and laundry detergent, an odd mix that smelled so, so good. Between the warmth of the bed and the sound of the fan, you could already feel your body preparing itself for sleep.

You were between the stages of awake and asleep, a practiced art form, within minutes. You didn’t even hear the door to the bedroom open and the sound of Zayn dropping his keys on the dresser. You felt the bed dip a bit as Zayn bent over the bed, hands planting on either side of your body as he leaned down to press a kiss to your lips.

You did your best to keep still and not kiss back, pretending to be asleep so maybe he’d leave you be and let you sleep.

“(Y/N) I know you’re awake.” Zayn said, lips brushing against yours as he smirked slightly, kissing your lips again gently.

“No I’m not, I’m sleeping.” You mumbled, keeping your eyes closed.

“Hm, that’s funny.. Normally when you sleep your nose is wrinkled a little and you do this really sort of cute thing where you rub your feet together, neither of which you’re doing now.” You just knew Zayn was smirking.

“Bite me.” You groaned, pulling the blankets up over your head, hoping he’d go away.

“Your wish is my command.” Zayn said, moving to lay on top of you, his hands still pinned to either side of your body, holding you in place.

Reaching a hand up from where it was planted he pulled the blankets down off of your face, beginning to press kisses along your cheek and down your jaw. You let out a soft noise of protest trying to get him to knock it off.

Zayn moved his kisses down along your neck, to the sweet spot at the nape of your neck, beginning to suck down on the sensitive skin, before biting the skin gently, making you let out a soft moan as you opened your eyes. You moved your hands to lightly push at his chest, making him pull away from your neck.

“Zayn that is not what I meant.” You said, narrowing your eyes as you looked up at him.

“Mm, you sure?” He asked, meeting your gaze as he let out a laugh.

“Yes I’m sure. I just want to sleep.”

“Thats too bad, I wanted to do things with you today.”

“And I wanted to do things with our bed today. Like sleep. I love that idea.” You said in response, fluttering your eyes closed in attempts at going to sleep again.

“Ah, well I was thinking more along the lines of we could spend some time making out, and next after that we could take a hot shower, and-”

“What if next I’m going to sleep for a week. And you just wake me if there’s food.” You said firmly, rolling over on to your side, facing away from Zayn as you pulled the blankets back up.

Zayn let out a soft snort, clicking his tongue in disapproval. You felt the mattress lift up as some of the weight was taken off of it, maybe he was finally going to leave you alone. You let out a soft happy sigh as you rolled back to lay flat on your back, snuggling down into the pillows.

You heard some shuffling going on in the room, and you wrongfully assumed it was Zayn giving up and leaving, but that was not the case. You felt the blankets being lifted from your body as Zayn too crawled up under them, now in nothing but a pair of boxers.

You were on the verge of falling asleep again when you felt Zayn grabbing your wrists in his hands, his body moving up on top of yours, pinning you down on to the bed. You tried to wiggle free of his grasp as he hushed you quietly, purposely pressing his hips down hard against yours. 

“Zayn- What are you-”

 Zayn cuts you off with his lips, one hand reaching to gently (yet firmly) hold your jaw, his voice coming out gruff as he whispered, “’M goin’ to fuck you back to sleep. You understand me? I’m going to give you a reason to sleep.” 

He continued to kiss at your lips, his hips pressing down harder against your, making you whine out softly, you felt Zayn smirking against your lips. Zayn began to rub himself against your legs, using one of his own to push your legs apart. 

You let out a soft moan at his actions, head tilting back slightly, your mind fogging as he slid a hand down between your legs, the hand that had been holding your jaw slipping down to press your hips on to the mattress as his lips kissed along your neck, his hair tickling underneath your chin.You wrapped yor arms around his torso, your hands sliding down his tanned and toned back, digging your nails into his inked skin.

Zayn lifted his head, forcing his lips hard onto yours again leaving several kisses. The hand between your legs slid up along your thigh and across your stomach, moving to toy with the hem of your underwear, his calloused fingertips slipping inside to rub along the skin, not going to the spot you want it most.

Zayn pulled back from your lips to kiss along your jaw bone, lowly whispering out, “You said to wake you when there’s food, but I have something a little better to eat instead.” 

You couldn’t help the moan that escaped from the back of your throat, you could almost feel him licking and sucking.

“You want that? You want me to eat you out princess?” Zayn all but growled, lightly snapping your underwear, making you whimper out as you nodded.

Zayn let out a deep and raspy chuckle as he nodded his head, pressing another kiss to your lips before beginning to move down your body.

You let out a soft breath as he gripped the shirt you were wearing in his hand, pushing it up high enough to leave your breasts exposed, mumbling, “Hold this up for me princess.” You nodded, holding up he instructed.

Zayn smiled at your obedience, pressing his lips down against your chest, hands slipping up to hold your waist, rubbing up and down along your skin as he kissed down your chest.

“So pretty, all laid out for me like this,” He murmured, one hand reaching up to cup one of your breasts, squeezing it in his calloused hand.

You let out a soft moan as his other hand mimicked the action with the other one, both of his thumbs pressing against each nipple, massaging your skin. You moaned loudly at the feeling, arching your chest up towards him reflexively.

Zayn let out a soft chuckle as he moves his thumbs away, pressing a kiss to each of your tits before continuing on down your body. He kissed a trail down your stomach, until he reached your underwear line. Your skin felt like it was on fire, goosebumps raising wherever his lips touched.

“You ready?” He asked and you barely were able to let out a whimper, nodding your head.

Zayn reached down, taking your underwear between his teeth, his black hair tickling at your stomach, you held your breath for a moment as his warm hands slid down to your thighs, giving them a squeeze. You shut your eyes tight as he began tugging down your underwear with his teeth, his hands massaging at your thighs making it hard not to moan, you bit your lip.

“Don’t hold it back, baby. I want you to moan my name. Moan it loud enough the entire city knows i’ve been here.” 

“Oh Zayn.” You mumbled under your breath.

“Just like that (Y/N), yeah baby, moan it just like that for me.” He mutters, finally managing to get your underwear off tossing them on to the floor.

Zayn moved to grip your legs in his hands, pulling them up to wrap around his shoulders, sinking down on to his chest as he pulled you up to him, beginning to press kisses up along your thighs, until finally reaching the lips.

 You whimper out softly as he licks up your slit, a finger rubbing at your clit as he does, “Oh my god Zayn, want more, this feels good.” You gasped out.

“Don’t speak.” He growls, teasing your hole with his finger, sliding one in all the way to the knuckle, lips sucking on the sensitive skin around it, “Don’t want to hear you talking unless you’re moaning my name, or if you’re calling me daddy.”

You nodded your head, eyes closing as you fist his hair, pulling his head closer to you. You bit your lip to hold back satisfied moans, as he stops sucking and pushes his tongue inside of you.

“Fuck daddy!” You couldn’t help but gasp out as his tongue pushed in thrusting it in and out as his other hand pressing down against your clit, moving in slow teasing circles. 

You could feel his lips girl into a smirk as he moved his tongue in and out of you at a quicker pace, your back arching. It hadn’t taken you long but at the way he was looking at you as he sucked and licked, you knew you weren’t going to last long at this rate.

“You taste so good baby girl. So fucking good.” Zayn said as he pulled his tongue out of you, replacing it with two of his fingers instead. Your back arched as he leaned down to take your clit into his mouth, sucking and licking it, you were beginning to see stars.

Zayn reached between the two of you to push his boxers down his thighs, taking out his dick and giving it a few tugs, making him moan out against your skin. He pulled his fingers out of you, not giving you much time to prepare for it as he took his tip and pressed it against your entrance, sitting up slightly to watch your face.

“How bad do you want me (Y/N)? Hm? You want me to pound in and out of you?” He growled, his free hand pressing down beside your head as you let out a soft whimper as he teasingly pressed his tip inside of you.

You nodded your head quickly, face scrunching up at the thought of such great pleasure.

“Say it. Beg for me.” He reached his other hand up to grip your jaw, his thumb sliding along your bottom lip.

“I want you, Zayn.” You whimpered, weak.

“Louder. Beg for me. Beg for me or I’ll pull out and leave you here like this.” 

You whimpered out loudly, shaking your head profusely as you tilted your head back slightly, eyes opening to lock gazes with you him as you spoke, “Oh god Zayn, daddy, I want you to fuck me, please fuck me, fuck me so hard.” 

Zayn let out a soft grunt at that, pushing himself all the way inside of you, making your eyes widen at the sudden action as Zayn began to pulsate thrusts deeply inside of you, making you grasp at the sheets as loud moans spilled from your mouth.

“You feel so good,” He grunted out, both hands planting beside your head as he pushed himself harder and deeper inside of you as you pushed back against him, “behaving so good for daddy.” 

You nodded your head, whimpering out quietly as he pulled out of you for a moment, moving to a kneeling position as he grabbed your waist and pull you up, his hand grabbing on of your legs and placing it over his shoulder. 

Slapping his dick against your slit teasingly, you let out a loud moan. Zayn let out a soft chuckle as he leaned down to whisper in your ear, “You look so pretty, so fuckable, so mine.” 

He pressed himself inside of you again, your head falling forward from the massive amounts of pleasure coursing through your veins. He began snapping his hips forward with each thrust, your vision was blurring from all of the pleasure, his thrusts aimed at your sweet spot.

When he finds it you almost scream out, your body weakening with all of the pleasure he was giving you, you could feel your climax approaching. Zayn picked up the pace, continuing to nail your sweet spot. You did your best to push back against him although it was hard from the angle you two were in, your body starting to go numb from all of the pleasure. 

You felt your body tensing and your walls tightening as you felt yourself nearing your climax.

“Are you close?” He growled into your ear, as you whimpered out in response, nodding your head.

“I’ll ask you again. Are. You. Close?” Zayn growled, his thrust slowing down.

“Yes daddy, please don’t- please don’t stop.” You whimpered out loudly, panting slightly.

Zayn stuttered his hips into you a few times before he pulled out of you, making you cry out softly as he removed himself, rolling you over on to your back as he gripped your thighs and pushed your legs up to your chest, holding them there with one arm, his other hand pumping his dick for a moment before slapping it against your clit to tease it.

“Going to fill you up, got it? You’re going to take it like the good little girl you are, understood?” His voice was dangerously low, you swallowed, nodding your head. Anything to get him back inside of you.

He nodded his head, mumbling out a soft “good girl” as he slid his tip into you once more before pushing all the way inside, immediately starting back up with his fast rhythm.

You felt your eyes starting to roll back, your hand reaching up to grab at his back, digging your nails into his skin as you scratched your way down

Pressing his body up against yours, you felt your body become completely numb with pleasure, vision dotting white as your walls tightened around him, hearing his grunt of pleasure as your toes curled. 

“Release for me baby girl. Release all over me.” He mumbled out, picking up the pace entirely as you barely nodded your head.

You felt your entire body numb as you released on to Zayn’s dick, hearing him moan out loudly as his hips pressed to yours a few times, thrusts slowing down as he grunted out before he filled you up.

He pulled out, licking his hand before rubbing it against your sensitive clit, your breathing still heavy as you bucked up into his hand slightly.

“You did so good baby girl. So good for daddy.” He said, leaning to press a kiss to your lips, you were already feeling sleep beginning to tug at you.

“Mm, I love you.” He mumbled as you weakly kissed him back.

“I love you too, may I sleep now?” You asked, voice soft and weak.

Zayn let out a soft laugh as he rolled off of you to lay down beside you, wrapping an arm around your waist to pull you back against him, kissing your lips one more time.

“Yes baby, you can go to sleep now.”


this was a fucking masterpiece, so worth the five hours it took to write.

anonymous asked:

okayyyy so, i'd be really happy if you write a blurb where harry and y/n is best friends since xfactor and y/n is a professional guitarist, and she becomes 1d's guitarist and then they realize their feelings for each other when theyre on tour together?? thank youu ❤️

Ok so I think this will be a two-parter (or maybe more?? idk yet). I think there’s more to this story than just a blurb. So here’s Part 1:

Heartstrings - Part 1

I need to talk to you

You must have stared at the text for ten minutes. Harry never said he needed to talk to you. He just talked. Whenever, wherever. The most he might do is ask if you were busy before immediately going into what he wanted to talk about. Even if you were busy, he knew you’d get back to him when you could.

But this…this wasn’t him. This wasn’t light-hearted, cheeky Harry Styles that you’d known since he was sixteen. The best friend, the confidant. The one person who could make you laugh even when you were at the lowest of the low. This? This was a serious text.

The truth was, you had started to develop feelings for Harry. Feelings that surpassed those of mere friendship. It had started out as a little flutter in your chest about a year ago when you’d gone to his house to hang out. You’d watched a movie that was one of his favorites but you’d never seen, and you were enthralled by his enthusiasm. You’d sat on the sofa next to him, your legs tucked underneath you as you watched his mouth while he spoke. Then your eyes travelled down the length of his body, his torso and long legs both clad in all black. You’d blinked and shook your head. This was your best friend. When you’d gotten home that night, lying in bed and thinking of Harry in a different light, you dismissed it as a crush. That was all it was. It would go away.

One year later, and it hadn’t gone away. In fact, the feelings were stronger. But you resolved never to let him know.

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Pussy Action (Shawn Mendes smut)

“Shawn! I’m home!” I yelled closing the door.

“Babe!” he kissed me softly, “How was your day?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Okay.”

No it really wasn’t. I had two test today, and my teachers still gave us a ton of homework. The food at school was worse than usually, my math teacher’s lesson was so confusing that after the 5th time explaining it, I was still confused. There was a red alert drill so I didn’t even have time to enjoy my study hall which is surprisingly my favorite class, and I almost got a detention for giving a senior the finger, luckily the new vice principal is friendly. So for once I didn’t really have a high light to my day, it was all a great blacks and whites with some grays in between.

“Ya sure? You looking pretty bummed.”

“You don’t have to say that twice,” I said under my breath.


“Nothing. I think I’m gonna do my 12 hours of homework.”

“I think I have a better idea,” a smile came to his face.

“Like what?”

“Come with me,” he grabbed my hand.

I was highly confused about what he was doing, almost as today’s math lesson. What is he gonna do with me? I don’t really have time to anything at this moment.

“Shawn, I don’t think this is the time-”

“Shush Priscilla.”

He took me up to his room, grabbed my face, and started kissing me. His tongue licked the bottom of my lip, and I open my mouth to let his tongue in. His tongue started to dance with mine as his hands slowly went down to my butt. He squeezed it gently as he guided me to his bed. He set me down softly then I felt his hands go under me shirt. Our lips parted for a second for Shawn to take off my shirt. I grabbed the hem of his black shirt, and lifted it above his head. He gave me a strange look.

“Don’t do that.”

“What? Why? Are we not having sex?” I just became as confused as I was during that math session.

“Not exactly,” he started kissing my neck.

“Well, but the shirt stays off,” we smirked at each other.

His hands went to my back, and unclasped my bra. He gave me a smirk then started attacking my breasts.

“Fuck Shawn,” my hands grabbed the tips of his dark brown hair.

While he was pleasuring me, he was trying to take off my jeans. He unbuckled them and lowered them down my legs as I kicked them off my feet. He left kisses down my stomach, and my hips until he got to my panties. I felt his teeth set off my panties then slowly pulled them off me. He stared at me for a second then placed his thumb on my clit, rubbing it in figure eights.

“I gotta get you warmed up,” he smirked.

“Warmed up for what?”

“You’ll see,” he kissed my lips.

“What about my homework?”

“I’ll do it for you,” he smiled lowering back down to my pussy. “Look how wet you are. Impressive.”

“Keep going. Oh my god,” I breathed out.

“Does it feel good babe?”

“Y-yes! Ahh! Uhh!” I started to squirt, “Fuck!”

“I forgot this makes you squirt. Do it again,” he began rubbing faster.

“Oh! OH my god,” I arched my back.

“Come on baby, squirt for me.”

“Shawn fuck!” I heard myself squirt again. I looked at Shawn to see that his chest was wet.

“Maybe it was a good thing that I kept my shirt off.” His body looked so hot, I rolled my eyes back to feel myself getting wetter. “I guess I should continue,” He placed his index and middle finger in my sore region. “Ready?” I nodded and he began.

His fingers are so large and strong and long it felt like he was actually in me, but the best part about fingers is that they can curve unlike a penis which can’t. He was pumping at a really fast and deep pace. His large thumb was flicking my clit every time it hit it. All I could do is moan and tilt my head back. I never felt this way in my life, I’ve never been fingered by Shawn before. He would just rub my clit then fuck me; this was way better than that. I can’t even describe the words I was feeling; either I didn’t know them or there are no words to describe it. There couldn’t a word to define it. It’s just speechless to encounter.

“Fuck Shawn,” I wiped the sweat off my forehead. Then he finally hit my g-spot and I became short breath. “There. Fuck! Right there!”

“Want me to do this?” He began flicking my g-spot with his fingers.

“Yes! Fuck fuck fuck!” a short squirt came out of me and hit Shawn.

“What about this?” he was flicking my g-spot faster and rubbing my clit a little bit more.

“Oh my god! Yes! I think I’m gonna cum! Do it a little faster. Fuck I’m so close!” I began screaming.

“Like this?” and he did what he was told. That sent me over the edge.

“Fuck Shawn! Shit! That’s it oohh,” I arched my back as I reached my orgasm.

He pulled his fingers out, licked them and laid next to me on the bed.

“Come here,” he pulled me into his arms as I was panting on his bare chest.

“How. Did. You. Do. That?” I said in between breaths.

“Guitar teaches you a few things about fingering,” he giggled.

“Do that more often. Really often.”

“Whenever you have a bad day, I’ll be here,” he kissed my forehead.

“You should go get started on my homework. Algebra is a bitch,” I giggled.

“Okay Priscilla,” he got up and started walking to the door.

“Wait,” I stopped him and he turned to me, “make sure you get my 2s down, and also my Es. I cant look like I cheated.” He smiled and nodded.

Now, I finally got the high light of my day.

Undertale - So Sorry - Addendum

Okay, this has been a long time coming. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of threading comments on twitter so mostly I’m just grabbing what I wrote there and stuffing it in a text post to get it in one place.

Okay, hoo, here goes. So, seven months since Undertale. As Toby predicted, I was found in under a week - then found out shortly after. Now people say shitty things to me and about me legit all the time. It stings but, y'know, water off a duck’s back. I’m autistic, I’m fat, I’m poly, I might be NB, I have anxiety disorder, I’m on medication. I’m used to getting things slung my way. And I knew that once the connection was made to me in Undertale, it’d be same old story. We both knew how it would go. Toby warned me, expressed his concerns and asked me if I wanted to back down. I said “its worth it to be part of something I love so much”.

The problem is, some stuff had happened preceding that and surrounding that that kind of hurt.

Firstly, he was cool with me, loved my character, said nice things about me, agreed to a unique room, an encounter, a battle and NPC. Then someone said “hey, Sam’s a freak by the way”. I never was told who, only that someone brought it up to him. Ever after, its been pain. Now, unique area, npc, boss fight, encounter - all that stuff went to another backer, who I’ve since been told is his friend?

I didn’t hear much for two years. I waited patiently, hopeful the bad stuff was over, super excited for Undertale. Then one day he messages me near the end of development and asks if he can just shitcan the whole thing, refund the money. All the fun ideas we talked about got scrapped. I stood up enough to say “no, thats real unfair” and that was about it. In the end, we didn’t even get to see the lovely sprite Tuyo did for So Sorry’s front - we only get the back in the game. I think its probably okay for me to share this now - if she says otherwise, I can take it down, of course.

I love the fight, I love the game, but its all tangled up in so much stress at this point. I don’t feel like a “cool secret” as I was told about. I feel like a skeleton buried under the floorboards of a closet. People keep comparing me to Muffet and its not hard to see why. She’s really cool, I love her design and the battle is amazing. But she’s also an external creation and you HAVE to fight her before you are even ABLE to trigger the So Sorry secret for some reason. That and not even getting my name in the credits with the other monster designers it feels like yeah, he didn’t want anything to do with me.

And I’m done, I’m done feeling hurt about it. I’m done with the naysayers being enabled nothin being countered. I’m done doubting myself for ever wanting to be out in the open. I’m a real person. My life has meaning no matter what.

And it would have been fine if Toby had actually ever directly addressed any of it. Instead, it was “don’t harass my backers, no good will come of it” and “all monsters are good”. No good came of it - for me, at least. It wasn’t all your backers being harassed and they weren’t being harassed for being your backers. It was one developmentally challenged guy who wound up with a weird job on the internet. I’ve tried talking to Toby about it, as has Khato, as have a couple of friends we talked to about it. Toby doesn’t want to make a scene. He’s worried about the backlash I think? But he has nothing to lose and I had everything to lose by being so involved. And I’m tired of losing. I’m tired of being indefensible for existing. I already got hit by the backlash. I’m just tired.

Also Toby isn’t bad, I just think how he’s dealt with me has been kind of, uh, a little dehumanizing. Just all this stuff is really contrary to the meaning and moral of his game since I guess I’m the wrong kind of monster. And I’ve spent seven months dealing with the stress. Its affected my health and my work both and there’s no end to it. It feels good to finally get all that off my chest. Its been a long time in coming but its been killing me, very slowly.

tldr: toby was more invested in me being a secret than me being a cool secret and not standing up for me made me feel isolated and hurt

I appreciate all the well wishing by the way. Its been exhausting and the support means a lot to me (by the time of posting it to tumblr, there’s been an outpouring of it on twitter and oh my god I was not ready for that).

I hope one day people like me and my audience get to just be ourselves in our own little corners of the world without being denied happiness.

I don’t think I’m a great person or anything. I try to avoid hurting people. Some times I do. I know I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. But I’d like to think I’m generally an okay person and I just want to be treated with the same amount of respect as all living things

going forward, I don’t know what to do now. I don’t think I can talk to Toby about it anymore than I already have. It hurts too much. I didn’t want a refund, I just wanted to be involved in something that made me feel powerful emotions and give what I could back.

when the game was being kickstarted, I fell in love with it instantly. I spread the word to every person I knew. I explicitly asked if he’d want to do the fantroll thing and he said sure. When it came out, I spread the game to everyone I knew, everyone I cared about and a bunch of people I look up to and respect because the game means so much to me as it is and I wanted to share that good with everyone who might want it. I worked and saved up as hard as I could to be involved - as best as a low rent commission artist CAN do - and I did it again when the game came out and I saw people itching to play it. It means a lot to me - I have a lot of stuff going on in my life but it made me feel like maybe things would be okay.

but the longer I go on dealing with the stress, the less I’m sure things will be.

some people have asked about what the original plan called for. I don’t have it to hand but it involved him stumbling around his art studio, trying to draw a butterfly that wouldn’t keep still. silly and toothless stuff, but thats all the plan was for. Just something light and fluffy. I commissioned some art from Tuyoki of it at the time since she was open and seemed to want to work with me. We didn’t have a whole lot of interaction, but she never did anything that made me feel intensely alienated or anything. Thats the piece at the top of the post - again if she isn’t cool with me sharing the work, I can take it down from the post.

Finally, someone’s told me it may be even more complex and possibly worse than I was aware of. I won’t say anything specifically until I can find out. I don’t know what the case is and I don’t want to say anything based on supposition, only what I’ve experienced or understand. I guess I’ll make an addendum to the addendum if I find out more.

Thanks for listening, folks, and thank you for the kind words on twitter.

23/04/2016 Edit:

Toby and me have talked about everything and you can find our responses to things here:



Thank you, everyone, for all the support. Please, be sure to show Toby support too - he is a good dog.

Surprises and Shopping Bags

this was supposed to be like 500 words. oops. tell me what you guys think :)

“Weeiiiss! We’re going to be late if you don’t get out of that bathroom right now!” Ruby cried out as she flopped down on Weiss’s bed. They’re meeting up with Weiss’s sister, Winter and her “boyfriend” (who is a mystery to both women) in Vale for lunch. Ruby isn’t really one to get nervous meeting people, she’s met Winter before, but only as Weiss’s leader, not as her..girlfriend?

“I am never late.” Weiss said as she stepped out of the bathroom. “Are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready! What were you even doing in there for that long?” Ruby asked.

“I was getting ready! I haven’t seen my sister in months, I have to make sure I look better than my usual perfect self.” Weiss said as she grabbed her bag. “Lets go.”

“You look the same as you did when you went into the bathroom.” Ruby muttered as she followed Weiss out the door, only to be stopped abruptly.

“What is that supposed to mean?! How can i possibly look the same??” Weiss asked,  pushing Ruby back into the room.

“It means,” Ruby began pushing Weiss back out of the room “I don’t know, it means that I still think you look really pretty either way.” Ruby said with a blush. She always thought Weiss was pretty, beautiful even, but saying it, even after months of dating, still makes her blush like a child. A cute child according to Weiss, who knows this. Finally pushing Weiss out of the door, she looked up and saw a stoic face on the other girls face.

“You think I look pretty either way?” Weiss asked innocently.

“O-of course! Now come on we’ve got to go.” Ruby said, blushing harder as she began to walk down the hallway. She was three steps in when she felt Weiss grab her wrist and pull her back with a force that left their faces just a couple inches apart.

“Well I think you’re pretty too.” Weiss said with a small smile as she kissed Ruby on the corner of her lips. Ruby relaxed into Weiss and closed her eyes for a moment. She loved it when Weiss was like this; soft, caring, sweet. She is always like that, but its nice to know that she drops her walls around Ruby. In the five months they’ve been dating, Ruby has gotten Weiss to open up more and lower her walls, only around her of course. Five months and she doesn’t know if Weiss is ok with her calling her her girlfriend. The thought didnt bother her until Yang brought it up a month ago asking whether or not they’re “official”. Ruby never really put much thought into it until then because she just figured they were.

Weiss pulled away but continued to stand there and hold Rubys hand. Ruby opened her eyes and smiled.

“You know,” Weiss began looking down at their hands. “We’re apparently meeting my sisters ‘boyfriend’ today.” Winter never specifically used the word “boyfriend” but Weiss can easily read between the lines. And besides, if Winter didnt want her to assume, she would’ve done a better job in being discrete in her letters.

“Yea. What kind of guy do you think he is?” Ruby asked, curious.

“A patient one, thats for sure. I think this is perfect actually.” Weiss said as she let go of Rubys hand and began slightly skipping down the hallway.

“Perfect for what?” Ruby asked following Weiss. Weiss looked back at Ruby and smiled.

“It’s the perfect time to introduce her to my girlfriend.” She said with a wink and resumed walking down the hallway. It was silent for a moment before Weiss heard running.

“ALRIGHT I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!” Ruby shouted out pumping her fist in the air as she jumped on Weiss, who just let out a loud laugh.

“You’re such a dork.” Weiss said playfully.

“Yes but I’m your dork.”

“Yes, you are.”


“You are literally the slowest changer on the face of this planet. And I’ve worked with Glynda for a good portion of my life.” Qrow groaned out.

“I’m ready, you fool.” Winter said as she put on her heels. Qrow lifted his head off the couch and raised his eyebrows.

“I can be whatever you want if you keep wearing that. Or wear nothing at all.” Qrow said with a smirk as he dodged an ice bullet.

“You’re perverseness has surprisingly increased since the return of your last mission.” Winter said with a smirk of her own. She decided to ditch the army uniform for something a bit more casual, tight black jeans, a loose army green t-shirt and black heels, considering the circumstances.

“A week being away from you does that.” Qrow said, getting up and speeding towards Winter, placing his hands on her hips.

“Oh I’m sure. Lets try and act somewhat normal? The last time my sister saw us, we were fighting to the death. This may come as a shock to her.” Winter said, leaving her apartment.

“It’s not that different now, we still exchange some pretty nasty blows, the only difference now is that its on a be-“ Winter shoved Qrow into the hallway wall before he could finish that sentence.

“Careful dear, can’t have you messing up that pretty face of yours before meeting my family.”

“Oh I’m pretty now aren’t I?”


Ruby was nervous. How can Weiss tell? Because she was visibly shaking. They arrived at the center faster than expected thanks to Ruby’s super speed.

“I swear Ruby if you drop me-“

“I wont drop you I promise!” Ruby said, cutting Weiss off. And before Weiss had a chance to say anything else, Ruby picked her up, bridal style, and sped off to the docks.

Weiss probably wont admit it out loud, but she had enjoyed being held that way. Tired of the shaking, Weiss placed her hands on her girlfriends shoulders.

“Ruby it’s okay. Just be yourself, Winter already respects you for being a leader, I’m sure she’ll have more respect for winning the heart of a Schnee. We all have hearts of ice, remember?”

“You don’t have a heart of ice..” Ruby said, still slightly fidgeting. Weiss thought for a moment. Is this too early to tell people? Especially family?

“Ruby, if you want, we don’t have to tell her.” Weiss said, trying hard to hide the disappointment in her voice. It took her a while to subdue her stubbornness and come to terms with her feelings towards Ruby and she wants to tell her friends, her sister, hell, even her father those feelings but she wants to make sure Ruby is okay with it first.

“No!” Ruby yelled out, causing passerby’s to turn. She took Weiss’s hands in hers and looked her straight into her eyes. “I would love nothing more than to tell your sister. I’m just worried that she’ll think I’m not good enough.” Ruby said with a small pout.

“I don’t care for her approval.”

“That is such a lie and we both know it. You’re a terrible liar and I wouldn’t want to-and OH MY GOD I SEE HER”  Ruby said pointing. Weiss quickly turned around saw her sister in casual clothing (what) and next to her, what she saw made her eyebrows rise past her hairline.

“UNCLE QROW!!” Ruby yelled out as she ran to hug him.


“We are never speeding anywhere again.” Winter said, fixing her hair.

“We are because you totally loved it.” Qrow said. “You look fine!”

“Fine?” Winter asked with a glare.

“Beautiful, gorgeous, hawt.” Qrow said with a wink. Winter playfully rolled her eyes at him and turned around, only to see her younger sister and her friend Ruby on the other side of the quad.

“I see them, lets go.” Winter said, grabbing Qrows hand. Ruby noticed them first and when Weiss noticed them, Winter could see the surprise on her face. Oh boy.

“Uncle Qrow!” She heard Ruby yell as she ran toward them. She quickly let go of Qrows hand so they can hug. She saw Weiss walk towards them.

“Uncle Qrow what are you doing here?” Ruby asked excitedly, not putting two and two together yet.

“Yes what exactly are you doing here? What is he doing here?” Weiss asked, somewhat nervous to put two and two together.

“Weiss,” Winter began as she stepped closer to Qrow. “I know i haven’t exactly been explicit in my letters, but for the last three months, I have began a courtship with Qrow here.”

“Courtship.” Both Ruby and Qrow repeated the word with a chuckle. The Schnee sisters though, weren’t amused. Weiss closed her eyes and let the information sink in. She opened them a moment later and stepped right up to Qrow, and gave her best glare.

“Break her heart and I break your head.” She said, poking his chest. He was about to say a witty retort but thought twice when he felt another glare burning into the side of his head.

“I understand.” He said with a clear of his throat.

“Good.” Weiss said, stepping back to Ruby.

“WAIT YOU TWO ARE TOGETHER?? OH MY GOD THATS SO odd BUT GOOD! I’m happy for you Uncle Qrow!” Ruby exclaimed when two and two finally came together.  

“Thanks kid. But what are you doing here?” Qrow asked.

“You’re taking this awfully well Weiss..” Winter is slightly surprised that Weiss didnt blow up with questions right off the bat.

“Yes well, I have some news of my own that I’ve been waiting to get off my chest.” Weiss said, pulling Ruby closer. “For the last five months, Ruby and I have been dating, and I feel it’s about time to tell you.”

“That’s what I’m doing here.” Ruby said with a bright smile.

“You like girls?”

“Good job, kid.”

Winter and Qrow said at the same time.

“I guess I do.” Weiss said with a small blush, taking Rubys hand.

“Well then, if thats the case,” Winter began as she walked towards Ruby. “I’ve said it once before but i’ll repeat myself. Ruby Rose, thank you for taking an interest in my sister. IF you hurt her, I’ll do worse than breaking your head.”

“Winter please..” Weiss groaned out.

“I’m just doing my duty as the older sister.” Winter said, smiling, as she stepped back.

“It’s okay Weiss, I wouldn’t hurt you either way.” Ruby said with a childlike smile.

“I know.” Weiss said, smiling herself.

“Well since we’re all here exchanging shovel talks and all,” Qrow said walking to Weiss. “If you hurt my niece, I’ll have Yang come for you.”

“Haha..lets not have that.” Ruby said, quickly standing in between her uncle and girlfriend. “We met up to eat! Lets eat!”

Qrow looked past Ruby and at Weiss, who just nodded in understanding. “Yep. Im hungry too, I know this great bar we ca-“

“No bars!” Both sisters said together. “Come I know this cafe that has the best chicken in Vale.” Weiss said as she started to lead the group, Winter following right after.

“Geez kid, what did we get ourselves into?” Qrow asked.

“Something exciting, that I can say for sure!” Ruby said as she chased after Weiss.


After spending half an hour deciding what to order on Qrows and Ruby’s part, and a food eating competition between the uncle and niece, the couples decided that some shopping was in order. And shopping as in Winter and Weiss heading into every name brand store in Vale and buying at least five articles of clothing from each store, leaving Ruby and Qrow with bag duty.

Winter had to admit, she was slightly surprised to see Rubys small frame hold so many bags, and then when she paid more attention she understood why and how.

“You okay there uncle Qrow? You’re shaking there.” Ruby said, mocking her uncles struggle with holding over a dozen bags.

“Please, get on my level you scrub.” Qrow said back, adjusting a bag on his arm.

“You’re weak in the bones Qrowy, go sit on a bench.” Ruby stuck out her tongue.

Winter turned back to Weiss who was calmly searching through the tops. “Should we do something about that?”

“Let them be idiots a while longer.” Weiss said, not looking up.

“I still can’t believe you like girls.” Winter said, looking at a shirt.

Weiss stopped looking at the clothing rack and turned to her sister. “Will..that be a problem?” She asked, gripping a hanger.

“As long as your skills don’t dull then I don’t see a problem.” Winter said, looking at the shirt once more before adding it to her already full basket. She was slightly thrown off balance when she felt two arms wrap around her in a tight hug.

“Thank you.” Weiss whispered.

“Of course.” Winter said. “Come, lets pay for these and head out. Qrow looks like he’s genuinely struggling.”

“I still can’t believe you’re dating him, of all people.”

“I don’t judge you, you don’t judge me.”

“Deal.” Weiss chuckled out.


“We can hold our own bags you know.” Winter said.

“Yes we’re not exactly damsels in distress.” Weiss added.

“It’s not about that.” Qrow said. He had at least fifteen bags on each arm.

“It’s about principle!” Ruby said, pumping a fist in the air which caused a short loss in balance as bags hit her face. She too is carrying over two dozen bags.

“Ah yes, the idiot principle you two live by.” Weiss rolled her eyes. “We’re here, you two can stop acting like you’re trudging in the desert.” They arrived at the docks where their ships are waiting. The soldiers from each ship came out to take the bags from both Qrow and and Ruby who both audibly sighed in relief, causing their girlfriends to just shake their heads.

“You’ve slacked since I last saw you, kid.” Qrow said.

“Uh huh. Wipe that sweat off your face and then come say something old man.”

“What did you ju-“

“Weiss, Ruby, it was lovely to see you once again, I had a lovely day. I hope we can do it again.” Winter said with a genuine smile as she took Qrows hand.

“I had a wonderful time as well, I look forward until our next outing.” Weiss said hugging her sister. She then looked at Qrow. “Qrow.” She nodded at him.

“Weiss.” He nodded back.

“I’ll see you another time then Uncle Qrow.” Ruby said, giving him a final hug. She extended her hand to Winter. “It was a pleasure to meet my girlfriends sister. I too hope we can meet again soon.”

Winter raised one eyebrow and shook Rubys hand, making sure to give it a tighter grip. Ruby merely smiled and went back to Weiss. With a final goodbye, they each went to their own ships, with future plans already in mind.


When Ruby and Weiss came back into their room, Ruby wasted no time in plopping down on Weiss’s bed.

“Um excuse you, but I believe thats my bed.” Weiss said with arms crossed and a flirty smile.

“My too up.” Ruby said, she was falling asleep. She nearly sworn off shopping after today but hearing and seeing how much fun Weiss had with her sister quickly made her switch her decision.

“Very well then.” Weiss said as she climbed into her bed to join her girlfriend. She stared for a moment. “Thank you, for today.”

Ruby turned her head to face her and gave a sleepy smile. “Anytime babe.”  And wit that she knocked out, just barely missing the breath being caught in Weiss’s throat.


“You did surprisingly well today.” Winter said as she joined Qrow on the couch. He wrapped an arm around her, allowing her to tuck herself more in. There’s a bottle of wine on the coffee table and two wine glasses already in hand.

“I had to, I was meeting your younger sister after all. If you think this is well then imagine how ill act when i meet your father.” Qrow said, causing Winter to choke on her drink. “When is that by the way?”

“When Weiss introduces Ruby I’ll introduce you.”

“Hm remind me to text her tomorrow will you?”

Winter turned to face him and gave him a small kiss. “Remind yourself.”


This is my first RWBY fanfic and just my first fanfic in general in a while. Any and all mistakes are mine. When i saw this post, idk what happened but i had to write some sort of story to it. it (kinda) got out of hand but i still had a wonderful time writing it. Thank you @moekumo for letting me write this based off your drawing :) 

“That’s right, college boy. Ride that cock.”

Sam whimpered as the older version of himself helped him moved back and forth. He never would of guessed that his cock would get bigger than it already was. But god did it feel good, opening him up like it was, hitting all the right spots.

“Please, let me touch myself.”

“Uh uh, I know you can get off just like this. Just with my cock, I know it all too well.”

“Fuck, need to come, so bad.”

“You can come, but it will be just like this.”

Sam whimpered, pressing his hands against his older selfs chest.

“Good boy, such a good boy for me.”

Drabble request #13 - Nonnie - Hi! Could you do a Fake Relationship AU with Steve x Reader? 17, 90, 92, 108, 136 :)
(These are getting longer and longer as I go on… oops)

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He was never gonna go for this. Ugh why didn’t you say Bucky was your boyfriend?! You guys get along great! But, no. Your stupid brain had to tell your stupid mouth to say that stupid Steve Rogers was your boyfriend. WHY?!

Your family was having a huge thanksgiving get together, and your sister had rubbed it in your face that you would be dateless. Again. You blurt out that you were going to bring someone – your boyfriend Steve. You facepalmed as you heard your sister’s suspicious tone.

Ugh. Stop thinking about it. What you need to focus on now, is asking Steve if he’ll go with you to this stupid family thing. Oh, God, it’s gonna cost you something pretty. You already know it.

One of the perks of living next door to your best friend and his annoying asshat of a friend was that you could step across the hall and beat on their door. “You guys home?” You call to the worn painted wood.

Bucky answers the door, happy as a clam to see you. “Hey, dollface, what’s up–?”

“Is Steve home?” you ask bluntly, pushing inside before Bucky has a chance to answer.

He stares at you. “You’re here to see Steve? Aw, fuck, what did he do now?”

“I didn’t do anything!” He calls, coming around the corner shirtless. Fuckin’ smug bastard. “To what do I owe the pleasure, Y/N?” He asks in mock courtesy. You place your hand on his pectoral and push him back into his room before shutting the door forcefully. “Oh I like where this is going–”

“Can it, dude. I need you to pose as my boyfriend this weekend at a family thing.” You rush the words out, taking a look at Steve’s room. Ugh, he’s such a frat boy. His clothes are scattered all over the room, sports memorabilia lines the walls, and he’s even got some kind of swimsuit model poster on one of his walls.

His brows shoot to his hairline and he laughs, more than amused. “You want me to be your boyfriend for a family thing?”

“Didn’t I just say that?” you snap.

He shrugs. “I just wanna make sure I heard you right,” HIs smile turned devious as he made his way towards you. “What do I get in return?”

I could just beat you up, you know that, right?” Steve is huge and beefy, but you’re confident you could take him. He simply quirks an eyebrow at you and you concede. “Name your price.” You knew what he wanted, and you deflated at the thought of having to give it up.

“I want your collector’s edition Deadpool comic.”

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh! Steve Rogers is the worst! But damn it, you got yourself into this.

“Deal.” You hold your hand out for him to shake, but pull it back before he can grasp it. “I want the whole nine yards, you hear me? Disgusting cute stories, hand holding, cuddling. All of it.” He smiles and you shake on it and instantly regret your decision.

Hold my hand, damn it, we gotta make this look convincing!” You hiss, toting your suitcase behind you with one hand and reaching for Steve’s with the other.

He grasps your hand firmly, shooting you a tight smile. “Can you breathe with your nose? Good, then shut up. I know what I’m doing, dear.”

You knocked on the door and were instantly greeted by more family than you expected. You introduced Steve to everyone; and despite how tense you felt, Steve played the part of your boyfriend perfectly. It was almost irritating to watch him be this wonderful charismatic man with your family. He was also wonderful with your nieces and nephews. He practically had your brothers and sister eating out of the palms of his hands. And your parents. Holy shit, he played them like fiddles. It was massively entertaining to watch. It was like you were seeing Steve in a whole new light.

Well, that is, until you’d both go back to your room. Your cute couple personas would melt away as soon as the door would shut, and you would be left bickering with Steve like you always were.

“One of these days, Steve, I swear to God, I’m gonna fight you.” You growl as he tosses his shirt at your face.

You know what? I’m a tough guy. C’mon, fight me!” He positions himself ready for a fight. You smirk and rush at him. His face falls into a fearful expression as he yells, “OHWAITNOIWASN’TREADY!

You lunge at him, trying to wrestle him down to the ground so that you’d have the upperhand. There was no way you’d beat him with sheer force, but gravity was definitely on your side. He fell, turning so that he would take the brunt of the fall. You try to land blows to his bare chest, but he’s batting your hands away as soon as they try to connect with his flesh.

You growl in frustration as you hear a knock at the door. “Y/N? Steve? You okay in there?”

Your eyes grow wide and Steve’s mirror yours. “Quick, kiss me!” he whispers, cupping your face and pulling you down to him.

The door opens at that moment, but you couldn’t care less that your brother just walked in on you straddling Steve’s lap with your hands braced on his bare chest. Steve’s hands are tangled in your hair, his tongue is swiping across your lips, seeking entrance into your mouth. The whole world falls away for a moment until your sibling clears his throat. You break away with a gasp and look wide eyed at your brother. “I heard a crash. I was just making sure you were okay. I definitely didn’t need to see any of that.” He’s disgusted, and you know you should be, too. Your brother exits, leaving you dumbfounded over what just happened. Steve’s smiling smugly below you, knowing that he just knocked the breath out of you.

“It was that good, huh?”

And just like that, you’re back. You scoff at him and smack his chest before getting off of him and making your way to the bathroom. You touch your lips as you look at yourself in the mirror. Ugh. Were you really developing feelings for him?

[Part 2]

Real talk and Real people.

I feel like I need to do some real talk. Get a few things off my chest.

Guys, we are not perfect. I am not perfect. I am so far from even being able to put myself together some days and get up and live out my day with some scrap of dignity than let alone be perfect.

There is an expectation for us to have it all together. For us as Christians, to be happy, positive, ‘it’s all good here’ people because if our God has it all together then of course we as his children should be able to take on the world.

I think it’s time we break this assumption and claim that being a Christian does not mean you have your life sorted out automatically and live a harmonious life once you meet Jesus. Sure we have an amazing God to guide us and carry us through tough times but the tough times are still tough and belonging to our perfect God does not make us perfect people.

He is perfect. We are not. He is good all the time. This world is not. We may be Christians but we are humans living in a broken world and are not exempt from hardship and struggle.

Something I’m slowly drilling into myself is that It is ok to have a bad day and feel like you can’t even tie up your shoes let alone ace your classes. Because although this world places expectation upon expectation on us… Our God does not.

He knows we are fragile beings living in a sinful world. He knows how easily our hearts are broken and how often our feet get caught in earthly traps.

The amazing thing is that HE LOVES YOU REGARDLESS. He accepts you and wants you wherever you’re at. Whether you haven’t got out of bed today, whether you only notice your flaws every time you look in the mirror, whether you have turned down another meal or whether you feel like nothing is going right for you.

He doesn’t expect perfection. He doesn’t want a brave face. He wants every inch of you so he can wipe away those tears, heal every bruise and hold your broken self in his hands and say ‘I don’t care about perfect, I care about you’.


Those thoughts that creep on in to your mind telling you that you’re falling short, rebuke them.

Those expectations the world has placed on you to have everything together, throw that off of you.

Those voices that tell you that you aren’t good enough, silence them.

For this world doesn’t need perfect people, it needs real people with real stories with a real God to bring the power of his light to overcome the darkness.

'For my grace is sufficient for you. For my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong’. - 2 Corinthians 12v9-11.

Take heart lovelies, for though we are weak and sometimes crumble… Our God turns our crumbled heap into a fortress.

-31women (Gabi)

Learn your place.

Imagine you’re Opie’s sister and he wants you away from the club; but Jax drives you to a club party while your brother was on a run; and the club gets shooted up. 

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You were Gemma Teller in a smaller, younger package. You were fierce and you loved your family and the club more than anything else in the whole wide world. It made sense; she raised you when Mary decided it was too much to handle, an original 9 and two kids growing up was too much for her, and she bailed on her family; coming back every few months, but it wasn’t the same. You grew surrounded by mans in kuttes and knowing that wherever the Reaper was, you were safe. 

Your brother was involved in the whole life of SAMCRO since he was born, of course, him being the boy. Opie was, no doubt, born to be a Son. Your father did his best raising you and him to believe that you could give up your life to be free; SAMCRO’S philosophy. You loved that club and the club loved you; that’s why you were so happy when Opie walked in, wearing the SAMCRO Prospect kutte, you felt like your life was finally going to be exactly what you wanted. 

Only it wasn’t. 

A few after weeks after Opie started prospecting, he became stricter with you. Piney never spent time on the house anyway, so for a really long time, it was you and Opie. But one day, he came home, serious expression on his face, sitting down in your bed, making you take off your headphones and pause the Elvis album you were playing. 

“Who got your panties in a bunch?” You asked, arching an eyebrow and looking at him. He caressed his short, still growing beard and took a deep breath; He was red with rage, you knew it, but you could take care of that. “Harry?” 

“Tig told me you were hanging around the TM yesterday.” You  nodded. “Well,don’t.” He said, as if it was obvious. 

“Excuse me?” you scoffed. 

“Cut the bullshit,(Y/N). I don’t want you in the clubhouse.” You got up, hands in a jar and looked at him, without believing what he was asking you. “You’re not a member.”

“You aren’t one either.”

“I’m on…my way.” He raised his voice a little. “I want you as far of club business as you can.” You crossed your arms on your chest and scanned  him. 

“I grew up with the Sons, Harry. They’re my family too, you can’t…expect me to cut them from my life.” You walked over to your make up table, sitting down. “Plus, i was seeing Gemma.”

“You can visit her at her place,but last night was the last time you were on TM.” He got up ready to leave. “Learn your place (Y/N), i mean it.” You got up, throwing him a brush, him, avoiding it without a flinch. 

“Bite me, Harry.” He shook his head and rolled his eyes, as he closed the door, leaving you alone in your room. Seconds later, you heard the bike riding away from your house. 

For a few months, Piney agreeing, you were locked down in your house. You weren’t studying at the moment, having just finished high school and you assembled a princess in a castle; You worked out at home, hanged out at the mall with your old school friends a.k.a the most boring place you’ve ever been, and you only talked, SAMCRO related with Piney, and Opie, when he wasn’t being a pain in the ass, and Gemma, when she came down to visit. 

That week, Opie was on the run, up to Oakland with some member, Piney said it will help him get a grip on what the club life would be. You were reading your book sitting on the front porch, wearing baggy jeans and a football t-shirt when you saw the one and only, Jax Teller park, in his beautiful motorbike right in front of your nose. You closed the book and got up, forgetting you had your reading glasses, took the few steps down and smiled when Jax hugged you.

You knew he was sensitive since that goody two shoes Tara left Charming a couple of months ago, but Jax was still like  a brother to you and one of your closest friends.

“Woah, (Y/N), you look like shit.” If not the closest. 

“Ha-Ha.” You mocked a laugh and sat down on his bike. “Opie’s not here, you knew that.” 

“Mom asked me to pick up some weed for your old man. She says Piney is smoking her personal,so…” You laughed and nodded, walking inside, Jax following close and closing the door. The first thing Jax noticed was that the whole was was clean and everything was in it’s place. “Place looks tidy..”

You nodded, sighing. “Well…” You grabbed one of your Dad’s special kush and handed it to Jax. “There’s no much to do; I’m not hanging out with the club anymore, i spend my days here…” Jax frowned. “I’m miserable.” You admited.

“Aww shit.” He said leaning on the arm of the couch. “You do look miserable, man.” You smiled down. “Doll up. There’s a party going on, something chill, just the club…”

“Piney will…” You started.

“Piney is high off his ass. Wouldn’t notice. Opie is on the run, and my mom will love having you.” You bit your lip, contemplating the idea. It didn’t seemed a bad one, though. You smiled and kissed Jax cheek, running up and dolling yourself up.

It felt good to be back at your tight jeans and your biker boots. Jax smiled, throwing his cigarette away and oferring you his helmet. You jumped on the back of his bike and your ride off to TM, for a night out, Cinderella, back at home at midnight. 

Everyone was so damn happy of seeing you. Tig picked you up and made you twirl in the air, even though you had laughed and slapped his shoulder, demanding to put you down. Juice, another Prospect,  kept offering you drink after drink, demanding it was your welcome home party and Jax was just so happy to see you enjoying yourself.

He was right, though. Piney was so high he didn’t even sticked around, he was already asleep in his dorm room by the time you got into the party. Gemma hugged you like there wasn’t a tomorrow and you had a long, lovely talk with her, at the heat of a few couple of beers. This night was everything you needed to get your spirit up, and you were enjoying yourself.

You watched Juice lift from his seat, in front of the computer and no time, running towards Jax but the ruffle outside was too damn loud to ignore; bullets, and you knew the sound quite well, started going off. 

“Everybody down!” Tig yelled, as Gemma grabbed your hand and pulled you to the ground, screaming for you to cover your ears. Jax and the rest of the prospects as well as the other members started back firing the assault, as you cried curled up next to Gemma and some crow eaters who were near. 

“Jax!” You heard Tig yell. “Take them out of here!” Jax nodded and grabbed his mothers hand who grabbed you, but you weren’t quick enough, fear paralyzing you. 

“Fuck!” You yelled falling to the ground as you felt a  shocking pain sting your right leg. You fell to the ground when you saw the red blood pouring out of you, your eyes going wide. “Oh my god…” you sucked in a breath just to start screaming, everyone alarmed.

“(Y/N)!” Jax asked, running towards you. 

“(Y/N)” Gemma yelled, kneeling next to you. Everything outside was quiet now, whatever that was going on coming to an end; The real drama would start right now, as Tig came running to you, am cloth on his hands to wrap it around your wound.

You fainted as you felt everyone’s hands around you.

The loud beeps of the hospital machine woke you up. Dazed and confused, you took a good look around, watching Gemma falling asleep on the near couch of the St. Thomas room and your father, next to you in a chair too small of him. You blinked and looked down; you seemed fine, but your leg was killing you. You tried to stand up straight, only causing you to grunt in pain, waking Piney up; Gemma following.

“God, Jesus.” She said, getting up and calling the doctor with the button assigned. “Honey, how are you feeling?” You blinked again and cleared your throat. 

“Everyone’s alright?” You asked. Gemma nodded as Piney caressed your cheek, making you smile at his warm touch. “Lucky one, huh?” You said looking at the cast on your leg. 

“Filthy few.” Piney joked. The door cracked open, showing a very upset Opie and Jax following. Pink roses on his hands. You became mute as you saw him, knowing damn well he wasn’t going to like this at all. 

“And where the hell were you?” Was the first thing Opie said when he saw Piney. Your old man looked at you with an apologetic look that made you smile and made your heart flutter. “High off your ass, i guess.” Opie looked at you and caressed your hair. “How are you feeling?”

“Good. My leg hurts a little…” Harry nodded.

“You got shot, (Y/N) It’s meant to hurt.” You smiled a little; but your eyes locked with Jax, face all bruised and dark eye.

“Oh my god. What happened to you?” Gemma puckered his lips when she heard your question but remained silent. Jax shrugged it off.

“They got me in the shooting, beat me up a little. I’m fine.” He said. You lifted your eyebrows, as Opie crossed his arms on top of his chest. 

“We’ll get you something to eat.” Opie said, motioning for Jax and him. “Anything special?”

“Donuts.” You said, smiling a little as Piney caressed your head. Opie nodded and both him and Jax walked out of the hospital room.

Outside, the sun was shinning down on the best friend’s bikes. Opie lighted up a cigarette handing it to Jax.

“If she ever finds out i beat the shit out of you, she’s gonna be mad…” Opie said, leaning against his bike. 

“Look, man, -” Jax started. “I’m so-”

“Don’t.” Opie said walking closer to Jax. “First thing i asked you was to take care of her while i was gone, i come back, she has a bullet hole on her leg, what the fuck?” Opie said. Jax denied.

“She looked miserable, Ope. She’s SAMCRO all the way., she’s part of us.”

“I don’t want her in any of this club business, okay?” Opie raised his voice. “Piney has been high since i was 2, drunk since i was 3, and Mary left, okay? Mary bailed.(Y/N) is all i got left pure and untouched. I don’t want her to be poisoned with this whole club shit.” He said stepping on his cigarette. “She gets hurt again because of you and more Mayans are coming after you in a shooting.” He motioned to the wounds on Jax’s face. The blonde man nodded; Understanding Opie’s point of view. “I love you man, and you’re my best friend…but she’s my little sister.” 

“Yeah, man, i get it.” Jax said. “I’m sorry.” 

Opie nodded. “Let’s go…” he said. “Let’s get her her donuts.” 

Idiot brother

Your dumb ass brother didn’t even send somebody to pick you up from the airport, just an address to your phone and some extra money wired to you through mom to your card. Being shipped off to Tokyo wasn’t bad at all but being shipped off to Tokyo to see your brother was horrid. Knowing Luke you wouldn’t get to do one thing you liked. He would treat you like a four year old and not like you were 17. It had been a dream of yours to visit Japan for years. The history alone was fascinating to you, the current culture was what really drew you in though. Yet you told your mom that you didn’t want to go if you were going to be with Luke, but apparently Luke was excited to see you so there was no backing out now.

Arriving at the hotel you thanked the driver in perfect Japanese and even gave him a tip for being so polite and talking to you on the way there. Outside of the enormous hotel one of Luke’s crew members was waiting for you.

“Hello Ms. Hemmings, I’m here to take you up to your room. You should have time to shower quickly and change if you’d like but in an hour we are meeting your brother and his band mates in the restaurant here in the hotel.” He explains as he takes you up in the lift. Thanking him as he drops at your door. He gives you a key before disappearing down the hall.

Of course the room is huge and excessive because ever since Luke got rich he has spent a lot of money treating his family to gifts and paying for things when he can. He has even sent you multiple gifts from around the world, you hadn’t actually opened any though. After Luke left he basically forgot you excited for two years, and if he did talk to you he was rude and mean because mom was forcing him to. So you’d forgotten about him. You lived your life like you only had Ben and jack as brothers and they were nicer then Luke ever treated you. Basically Luke was dead to you, something that makes this trip even harder.

Quickly showering, without getting your hair wet, and changing out of your gross flight clothes you put on your maroon skinny jeans and a warm sweater. You are lacing up your chucks just as a knock sounds through your room. Thankfully it is just the crew member from earlier and not your actual brother. A short thirty minute walk later you show up at a table with your brother and his friends sitting at it.

“Y/N!!” Luke leaps up and wraps you in a bone crushing hug, and you loosely wrap your arms around him.

“Hi, Luke.” You say unenthusiastically.

“You remember these idiots, right?” He sits down as you follow in an empty seat.

“Yeah I do.” You say and pick up the menu. You chuckle to yourself as you realize its all in Japanese and nobody else knows the language at your table.

“We already checked, and we don’t know what any of it means we were just going to point to something and hope it goes well, but if you’d like we can get our translator here. He went home but I’m sure-” Luke starts rambling but you cut him off.

“No its fine.” You say as a waiter comes up. They all order questionable things with their pointing out ‘game’. Once the waiter gets to you, you order your normal sushi dish with a side of soup, all the while seeking fluently. After he leaves the boys gape at you.

“You can speak Japanese?” The one you remember as Calum asks.

“I just made that clear, so yes.” You answer unamused.

“I never knew you learned to speak an other language.” Luke states.

“Well I haven’t exactly talked to you in a few years so any information you have on me is probably out dated.” You reply with a snarky tone. Luke looks down quickly avoiding your gaze, even looking a little guilty. After diner Luke offers to take you out but you quickly avoid going out with him by saying you are tired from your flight and make your way up to your room. You find out that the four rooms nearest you are each the one of the boys so you are basically trapped by them.

In the morning Luke tells you that him and his band mates have meetings for most of the day so you are supposed to stay put in your room. But ten minutes after they leave you sneak past security and hop on a shuttle for a few blocks before getting off and starting to window shop. After about 5 hours of peaceful wondering around the beautiful city your phone starts to blow up with calls. Finally you decide to answer one.

“WHERE IN HELL ARE YOU?” An angry Luke skreaches into the phone.

“Just looking around the city, why?” You answer calmly.

“I COME BACK TO TAKE YOU TO LUNCH AND YOU ARE GONE! WHAT THE HELL Y/N?” he is so angry, but honestly you don’t care.

“Yes I thought this was already made clear.” You answered annoyed.

“Well would you please come back. We are going to eat.”

After a boring lunch of blatantly not caring as Luke attempts to make conversation with you, you stay shoved up in your room for the rest of the day this time under tight security. But that night is when things get juicy. Luke says that he alone is going to take you to dinner, and before he takes you out Ashton pulls you aside.

“Y/n I know that Luke hasn’t been the best brother you could ask for but he is trying, at least give him chance please.” He whispers.

“No.” you answer simply.

Luke is still trying to make conversation with you in the taxi, and is still miserably failing. That continues through most of dinner before he says something.

“Y/n, you’re acting like you don’t want to be here.” He states.

“So you noticed.” You answer.

“But mom said you loved japan.” He says confused.

“Oh I absolutely do.”

“Then why don’t you want to be here?” He asks looking bewildered still.

“Because of you.” You state taking a drink of your tea.

“W-why don’t you want to be here with me?” This boy cannot take a hint.

“I don’t like you.” Well that feels good to get off your chest even if your brother looks pained by it.

“Why don’t you like me? Is it because I left?” He asks quietly.

“God Luke you are clueless. When you first left I was pissed that you left but I got that you were perusing your dream. You took mom and I was left with dad which was horrible, because I needed her too. But I think I could have gotten over those if you would have called once those two years, just once. Then you start sending me gifts, and trying to buy my love back. Honestly Luke that is pathetic. I would have rather saved all of my money and not had any fun for a year to buy my own ticket here instead of you paying for it.” Laying this all out on the table for him is probably the best idea, but see in him in tears was not something you were expecting.

Idiot Brother part two

anonymous asked:

Holly, why does it feel like nothing is good enough for this fandom? There's always someone complaining about something. Critique is amazing and needed but god you all find something to complain about in EVERYTHING. They give you representation and you're like "but they didn't include [insert diversity]" (but they DID include SOME diversity? which is more than most companies even CONSIDER, it's a step) Tumblr mentality does my head in sometimes... (sorry I just had to get it off my chest)

I understand, Anon. No worries.

I guess the upside is that once they voice out their POV, there is always a response that I hope will give them a fresh perspective too. Responses like @ladyashtonofcordonia in https://hollyashton.tumblr.com/post/163134608540/i-dont-like-the-idea-of-liam-and-leo-being-half make me hopeful that the fandom will be more accepting and open. It won’t happen overnight but it’s a start! 😊