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Iwaizumi hasn’t changed his phone password (Oikawa’s birthday) in forever, until they get into a little fight about something stupid and Iwaizumi changes it.

Oikawa feels miserable cause he thinks Iwaizumi hates him now, even after Iwa told him the new password.
So one night where it gets worse he’s eating a jar of ice cream while looking through pictures, until he finds one of the day he met Iwaizumi and sees that Iwa’s new password is the date they first met.
So now he’s crying for a whole different reason.

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cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

If baby goats make you smile, here’s me making a dumb baby face at this baby goat. We are one.

Period Pains

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Reader gets a visit from mother nature and Peter is there to save the day.ย 

Word Count: 1,251

Warnings: Language (as always), period pain (?).

A/N: I apologize for my lack of posts. School has been weighing me down for the past few weeks. Iโ€™ll try and upload something new this week if I have time. Please let me know what you guys think! I decided to try someone other than Bucky, lol. Feedback really helps me understand what you guys like.ย 

You know the day right before you get your period or a few days before and you totally veg out with unnecessary junk? Thatโ€™s what you were currently doing. Sitting on the couch with a mini Ben and Jerryโ€™s ice cream, oreoโ€™s, candy, you name it. You tried working on some school work that was supposed to be due tomorrow, but for the life of you, you couldnโ€™t keep a damn focus on anything.ย 

Plopping down in your bed full of fluffy, warm blankets, you doze off into a food coma. However, the next morning, you would regret it all.


Your period.ย 

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The Arrangement (Part 6)

Summary: Jess informs you about Deanโ€™s past, and Sam teases Dean. After dinner, Dean brings you home to find someone unexpected waiting for you, and helps you deal with it.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,800

Warnings: language, sexual tension/references, a mild panic attack, mentions of breakups

A/N: Part 6 because I have homework I donโ€™t want to do. Hope you guys like it!

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BTS reacting to their S/O having braces

Requested by; anon

Hey! Can you do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend using braces? Love your blog! ❤️


“You look too cute! I don’t even remember how your teeth looked before you got your braces. Yes, yes, I won’t bully you! I’m not Jungkook!”


“Oh, really? Doesn’t it hurt? Aren’t you in pain? If you are, then just tell me, okay?”


“Wait, show me again! You look adorable with and without, tell me your ways. Don’t they hurt? They must hurt, right?”


“How long do you have to wear them? Two years? That’s so long! Well, as long as you can kiss me I’m happy! Joking! Joking!”


“People with braces are so cute, you’re sure they don’t hurt, right? Don’t they feel weird? They’re like a second layer of teeth.”


“Smile for me! No, don’t be embarrassed. You look extremely cute, why don’t you understand? I’m going to make you smile for me!”


“Oh my god! They’re adorable. Let me touch them real quick, they feel so weird. Doesn’t it bother you because they’re so different than teeth?”