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Osomatsu-San Extra Stories Translation ‘Karamatsu of Dreams” Part Two

Ichimatsu, who had been in a bad mood the whole time, lazily muttered, “But anyway… there’s no way you’re going to sell. Tickets…”

“If you use common sense, you’ll see that’s it’s exactly as Ichimatsu-niisan says. Really, you’re the one with common sense here, Ichimatsu-niisan, or should I say… the normal one?”

“….hah? What are you saying, Totty?”

“Nothing in particular.”

“… Are you looking for a fight… are you?”

“I’m not looking for a fight, Ichimatsu-niisan. More importantly, there’s nothing that can really be done about the tickets not selling, is there?”

Shockwaves ran through Karamatsu. My first concert. Surely the Karamatsu Girls would rush to buy them. They’d end up becoming premium items, and be sold for high prices at auction sites.

He could think of a number of reasons why they’d sell, but it didn’t have any idea at all why they wouldn’t.

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So! I was experiencing one of the best moments in my life on Nov 5th-
The CHIRAL Night 10th Anniversary Live!!!!
Can’t believe I’ve gone so far with N+CHIRAL QAQb
They did an amazing mash up story with almost all the characters from their games- Lamento, Togainu no chi, Sweet pool(my personal bias!) and of course DmmD!
The story and pacing of the live was so well crafted, tears were shed (yesh, its CHIRAL lvl of writing, very awesum ) I’m crey
So thankful to be alive rn guys
Itou Kanako, the goddess QAQb was just too epic OAQ!!!!!
tl;dr of the plot
A magical hour causes the worlds from all 4 games to collide.
In Toshima, Akira (TnC) meets Konoe (Lamento) and proceeds to be suspicious cos of Konoe’s ears ,hahaha essentially whenever characters from other games meet Lamento characters, they are just wow~ at their ears and tails. Aoba (Dmmd) then falls from the sky and Akira gets very angry cos he doesn’t know what’s going on and there are suspicious people appearing. They found Bby Youji (Sweet Pool) looking at them from behind a tree and after the four of them are assembled, 4 very cute oval shaped creatures appeared in front of them.
Konoe, who can understand their language, let the rest know that they are stuck in this situation unless they find music representing each of their worlds, collect a seal from it and combine them together.
Things went well, various characters met in different worlds (very funny sometimes, Keisuke and Makoto appeared tgt and I was like ermahgerd the best friends turn 病 type duo) and soon all the seals were collected but! Akira, Konoe, Youji and Aoba found themselves reshuffled back to each other’s presence and the situation has not been reversed….because 2 characters from 2 different worlds have strong emotions for each other…..turns out Shiki and Rai who met in Midorijima were fighting (think: hey my sword skills is the best. Haha you think Dis be my full strength? Think again. Hey, The next attack will be the last..) and they drew blood from ea other…. thus summoning out the final bosses = =|||| Leaks, Usui, Nero and the Meat God Monster which spawns a zombie army.
From here, the worlds were ruined by the final bosses, reality shattered and all was lost.
I sht you not, N+C had a screen that says - The end.
The entire theatre was in shock, so we began clapping in unison and chanting CHIRAL, CHIRAL, CHIRAL!
Thennnnnnn the part that made us all sob was….. beautiful music from a stringed instrument…. it was Shui!!! And N!!! And Erika Neechan (I swear I teared when she apppeared), and Seiiiiiii!!!!
They encouraged our 4 main characters, who now found out they have to send the 4 oval creatures to somewhere near the enemy!!
My bby Youji said he’ll see this deed done-you brave boy! Konoe sang! Akira and Aoba were like, we can be your shields and started whacking the zombies!
Aaaaand it turns out the 4 oval creatures were N, Erika Neechan, Shui and Sei!
So they sent the final bosses back and our main characters heard some nice music and decided to listen to the final live before being separated ; v;
Aaaaaand that’s the True End!!!
Alsoooo as you guys already know, we were treated to a rough pv of Slow Damage, everyone just watched it in shocked silence trying to remember every tiny little detail then exploded after!!!!
Maji Yabaiiiiiiii OMG OMG
The environments!!! The characters!!!
I am so looking forward to it!!QAQbbb
I love you Chiral! Here’s to another 10 years of awesome BL games!

It was Her. Bechloe Fluff.

Pairing: Bechloe

Word Count: 2140 words

Rating: T

Summary: Beca finally gives in to what scared her most about Chloe. Love.

Can also read on ff.net if you wish.


The day began like any ordinary day for Beca. Get up, brush teeth, eat food and make a new mix. But of late Beca couldn’t stop thinking about that one night with Chloe. She wasn’t entirely sure how everything happened. As any over thinker, this moment had been playing over and over again inside her head for the past month. The sweet taste of Chloe’s lips mixed with the overpowering vodka aroma. Her lips were softer than Beca could have ever imagined… Not that she had imagined it before but if she had, it was softer than expected.

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Two-pounds-sugar solution

When Sam acts as bait on a case, Y/N resorts to baking to keep her mind off things: there’s nothing that works better as a distraction than a little action in the kitchen.

Word count: 3749

This was fun to write, even though I spent so much time trying to finish it. It’s been a crazy few weeks. Anyway: let me know what you think, and also, let me know if you want me to tag you in my stories, or if you want off the list.

“So get this; it’s a man-eater.” Sam tapped the screen on his laptop and turned it around so that Y/N and Dean could see the drawing too. It was a woodcut of a woman with long, dark hair, pressing her hand to a limp man’s chest.

“A what?” Dean snickered, earning an annoyed glare from his brother.

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Reine des Fleurs - slight summary + CGs (ch2, interlude, Leon’s route)

Ah ha ha ha I am so sorry for the delay. Except not really. I wanted to hold off on making these posts until I beat the game…and then it took me 1.5 months longer to beat the game than I thought it would since…well. Let’s just say that pretty art, music, and character design aren’t enough to save a game from the perils of writing.

Anyhow! Here’s all the CGs from Leon’s route and the common route parts of Ch2 + the interlude. There’s…not going to be as much summary from me as normal because it’s been a while, cough…though this got longer than I planned, so oops.

As it is, though, I think that Leon’s is the best route writing-wise of all five. Before I got the game I seriously thought that Leon would be this…mix of yandere + oresama, but nope. He was actually a really sweet and loyal puppydog of sorts. As for his incredible attachment to Violette…well, there’s a story behind that.

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anonymous asked:

More Davy Jones!Elsa in the pirate au pls? :3


Note: Takes place before she gets The Arendelle. She’s done mostly mercenary work and some piracy (with one job in particular that caught Anna’s eye), but she’s not a full-fledged pirate yet. So this is years before the events of the AU. 

( @hogwarts-is-frozen, does this count as your smuff request? xD Also, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! :D)

What use would picking out a gift be if your lover could, quite literally, have anything her heart desired? 

“Just let me know if you see anything you like, dear,” the elderly woman running the stall reminded her, offering a smile before turning to deal with another customer. 

I see several things I like–the only problem is that none of them would be suitable for a goddess. Elsa sighed, running a hand through her blonde hair as she frowned even more at the items before her. Jewels, lockets, bands, flowers, sweets…Anna could have them all with a mere snap of her fingers, bending Reality to her whim. 

And yet…despite having anyone she could want–both mortal and divine–Anna still chose her. 


“You know what? To hell with that–if she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t like it,” she muttered, blue eyes darting back and forth between each of the items that had already caught her fancy, deliberating over the worth of each one. Valentine’s Day was tomorrow, and no doubt prices for everything would raise for the occasion… 

They had money, yes. But not that much. 

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“Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran

a/n: So I was scrolling through old requests and saw one for “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran (aka one of the many Ed songs that makes me cry my eyes out) I changed things up and wrote it from Luke’s POV. Sorry it’s so long lol. The dress Y/N is wearing was inspired by Taylor Swift’s 2013 AMA dress, which I added a link for. I hope you guys like this as much as I enjoyed writing it! xx, Maggie (check out my personal blog here)

 Requested by anon

Luke’s POV:

Tonight was our last night in LA before the boys and I were leaving for the second leg of the ROWYSO tour. Feldy was throwing us a party at some club downtown for one last hoorah before we were on the road again for the next 6 months. I told Y/N we could skip the party and spend our last night alone together at home, but she insisted that I see all my friends and have a wild last night in LA.

It was 8 o’clock and Y/N still wasn’t finished getting dressed, even though the party was starting at 8:30. The lads and I were sitting in the living room, having a couple of drinks and listening to music, while we waited for our car to arrive and for Y/N to finish getting ready. Minutes later, our car pulled up, and I hopped the stairs to knock on Y/N’s door and tell her it was time to go. I could hear Green Day blasting on the other side of her door.

 “Y/N, we gotta get going! The car is here!”

A few seconds later, Y/N peeked her head out the door. She had a messy bun on top of her head, and I could tell she was wearing nothing but a bra and underwear.

 “Shit, Luke, I’m not nearly done getting ready. Mind sending a car for me in 30 minutes? I’ll meet you guys there,” she said, clearly flustered.  

 “Of course,” I responded, laughing at her attire, or lack, thereof.

“Thanks, baby. See you soon!” She pecked my cheek and disappeared with a smile behind her closed door. The boys and I filed into the car and sped off to the party venue. I couldn’t wait to see what Y/N was going to be wearing.


It was about an hour into the party, and Y/N still wasn’t there. I was having a lot of fun catching up with people, tossing back a few beers, and dancing, not even really remembering that she wasn’t there. That was until I briefly glanced at the club entrance, just in time to catch the most beautiful girl in the world stepping into the room.

She was wearing a gold, belted dress that fell mid-thigh and gracefully fit every curve. Her dress was paired with gold, strappy heels that elongated her legs. Her shiny hair was in loose waves that fell on the side of her neck, down her shoulders and back. Her lips were the lightest shade of pink. She looked like a goddess – my goddess.

 I immediately excused myself from a conversation and walked directly towards her. Once she saw me approaching her, she smiled that beautiful smile and met me halfway. I instantly grabbed her hips and leaned my forehead down to hers.

 “You look so beautiful in your dress, Y/N. I love your hair like that,” I said softly in awe.

 “You don’t look so bad yourself, Hemmings,” she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the bar.


 After getting our drinks, Y/N left to go dance with some of her girl friends. I was leaning against the bar, talking to Jack and Alex from ATL, when I heard a couple of girls whispering behind me.

 “Did you hear that Luke has been cheating on Y/N for months? I heard he’s been sleeping with groupies all over Europe,” one girl said.

 “Yeah, and apparently one of the girls is going to go public with it!” another one responded.

 They went on to say that I have a rumored love-child with a girl in Japan and said that they heard someone sharing all of this news with Y/N a few minutes ago. I was outraged at the rumors. I had to find Y/N and assure her that none of it was true.


 I found Y/N sitting on a couch in between Cal and Ash, throwing her head back laughing at something they said. God was she cute when she laughed. I walked straight towards her and extended my hand for her to take it.

 “Can we talk?” I said timidly. She flashed a smile and took my hand.

 “Of course, Lukey.”

 I walked her outside of the club so we could talk somewhere that was a little quieter. Frankly, I was terrified how Y/N was going to react to the rumors that were flooding her ears, but I had to address them and shut them down for good.

 “Listen, Y/N, I know there are people in there spreading a lot of lies about me sleeping with girls all around the world, but I want you to know that none of it is true. I love being with you, and I know the distance is really hard, but I would never –“

 I was cut off with her cold hands on either side of my cheeks and her soft lips on mine. She tasted like Bacardi and peppermint.

 “Luke. I know that none of it is true. Cal, Ash and I were just laughing about how absurd the rumors are. I trust you too much to ever believe any of the lies people spread about us. It’s us against the world, Luke.”

 Y/N smirked and removed her hands from my cheeks. I could see how truthful she was being. She really did trust me. She knew that the only ones who know the truth are the two of us.

 “Thank goodness,” I sighed. “I was scared you were going to leave me.”

 Y/N wrapped her small arms around my torso, and I rested my chin on her head.

 “Never in a million years,” she said. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me in the opposite direction of the club.

 “Where are we going? The club is this way, Y/N,” I said, confused.

 “Yeah, I know,” she laughed, “I was just thinking we could have some of that alone time you promised me.” I smiled widely and followed her lead.


 Once we got back to the house, we both kicked off our shoes and agreed to change into something more comfortable. I instinctively tossed Y/N one of my oversized band tees, and she threw it over her head with ease.

 “Meet me downstairs when you’re done getting changed,” she yelled to me as she walked out the bedroom door.


 I was taking my time getting changed, removing the gel from my hair and brushing my teeth, when I heard my favorite Ed Sheeran song playing from downstairs. I let out a laugh, threw a tank over my head, and made my way downstairs, knowing Y/N had put that song on just for me.

 When I entered the living room, I noticed that the lights were dimmed, and an array of lit candles decorated the room. The fireplace was lit, and in the middle of the room, there was an elaborate pillow fort made with tons of blankets and cushions. Y/N and I used to do this all the time when I was home.

 “Surprise,” said a small voice behind me. I turned to see Y/N holding more blankets and a glass of wine.

 “You’re the absolute best, Y/N,” I said as I fell right under the pillow fort. She crawled into the fort with me, and the two of lied together, listening to music and sipping wine, surrounded by the light of the candles. I faced her and smiled as her silhouette danced across the covers.

 “Your eyes look so blue in this light, Y/N. They remind me of the Tenerife Sea,” I whispered.

 She turned to face me and responded, “Right back at ya,” and the two of us laughed.

“Now I hope you can understand why I wanted you to leave for the party before me so I could set all of this up,” she said, taking another sip of wine, “I also got the boys to stay at Feldy’s tonight, so we’ve got the whole place to ourselves.” She looked so proud of herself, and I couldn’t do anything but smile and shift by body closer to hers. I tipped her chin up to kiss her lips.

 “There is no other way I would rather spend my last night here, Y/N. Thank you for everything,” I whispered.


 About a million funny stories and glasses of wine later, we both started drifting off to sleep. I made sure to blow out all the candles wrapped the two of us in a warm blanket. Y/N tucked her head on my chest, and I stroked her hair. I thought about the whole night altogether and decided that this one of the best nights of my life. I wasn’t thinking about saying goodbye the next day and leaving Y/N behind, and she wasn’t reminding me either. We were just living in the moment. And under that fort, with Y/N’s head on my chest, I realized that I was so in love with the woman lying next to me, and I couldn’t wait another minute without her knowing. 

“I love you, Y/N,” I whispered into her ear. I started to freak out when she didn’t say anything back, but then I heard tiny snores coming from her mouth. I laughed and closed my eyes, falling asleep to the sound of her snores and crackling fireplace. 

I woke up to Y/N peppering small kisses on my collarbone and sunlight peering in through the cracks of the fort. 

“Wakey wakey, sleepyhead. It’s time to get dressed for the airport,” she said, leaving a kiss on my lips. I grunted in response and threw the covers over my head. I stayed like that until I smelled bacon coming from the kitchen.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eye and yawned, making my way over to Y/N leaning over the stovetop. 

“Morning, princess,” I said, leaning to kiss her cheek, but she dodged my kiss.

“No more kisses until you get dressed and finish packing!” Y/N said, pointing her spatula at me.

I rolled my eyes and started making my way to the staircase as Y/N continued yelling out things I had to do before we left. I was halfway up the stairs when I heard her voice once more.

“Hey Luke? One more thing. I love you too.” 

Teorus: he screams
“aAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” After hearing the loudest, most high pitched scream you have ever heard in your lifetime, you quickly dashed into the living room filled with worry. Inside, your gaze met a laughing scorpion, a concerned Vega, and a flustered bull.
“What happened, are you okay? Who screamed?! Was it Vega?” Interrogating the three, your expression was filled with worry.
“No! It was mE” Teorus yelled, his voice slightly hoarse from over usage.
“So…Wait…That loud, high pitched, feminine scream was you…? And not Vega…?” Surprised, your eyes widened slightly. You looked over to Scorpio, and he was practically dying from laughter.
“yES !! i HAVE A GOOD REASON TO SCREEcH!!!!!” He was still yelling. You then heard a slight buzzing. Something small flashed by your eyes.
“ A mosquito..?” You questioned. You couldn’t help but giggle. A powerful god was afraid of a mosquito?

Huedhaut: He wouldn’t care.
Glancing over to the mosquito, you couldn’t help but feel slightly annoyed. It’s been flying around for the past hour, and you couldn’t help but distracted.
“Haah..___, I would prefer it if you payed attention to me, rather than the insect.”
Hue sighed, pausing from his reading session. You puffed your cheeks out and frowned.
“How can I? The buzzing is so irritating, and I really don’t want it biting me..” You pointed out.
“Oh? So it’s completely attracted to a gorgeous, absolutely divine women. I guess I wouldn’t be too far off from it then.” Hue chuckled.
“U-ugh! Geez…You’re so embarrassing Huedhaut…I just want it out!” You flustered, slightly red from Hue’s teasing.
“Haha. I know, I know. You’re just too attractive.”
“H-Hueeeeee….” You pouted. Hue laughed once again, and snapped his fingers, getting the mosquito out.
“You know, I really shouldn’t be using my powers for this.”
“it wa s a thre at mr. mystic mystery it is a perfectly acceptable reason to”

Scorpio: he attempts to fight
“Hey, ____. What the fuck is that thing?” Scorpio asked. You looked up to where he was looking, and you saw a mosquito.
“Oh, the insect? It’s just a mosquito, Scorpio.” You explained to him. Had he forgotten what mosquitos were? You were quite confused as to why he was still glaring.
“Why? Is it annoying you? We can bring it out you know.”
“No. I can sense it. He wants you.” He stated. You knew he could sense human emotions, but…Mosquitos?
“…My blood? Scorpio, mosquitos feed off of-”
“i’m gonna fight it”
“Scorpio, no…”
“hey, i’m gonna fucking mosquitoward you to death bitch stop moving so i can beat u up”
“Scorpio, it can’t understand you..”
“it can’t? aight then. buzz buzz motherfucker stop buzzing on my girl”
Scorpio then got up, and started following the insect around. He was trash talking it for quite a while.
“fuk you fuck you stay the hell away from my girl? u know that mosquito repellent thing? im gonna spray it all over u so u better mosquit tryna get my goddess’ blood or im gonna cut u up insect-ions u little blood thirsty bitch”
“suck on someone elses blood u bloodick sucker like lionloser or redbull just not my babe’s that’s my job”

Dui: He safely let’s it out of the house.
“Ah, Dui…There’s a mosquito in the house…” You mentioned.
“Huh? A mosquito? What’s that?”
“Umm..Well, it’s an insect! And it sucks blood and stuff. It also buzzes, which can get kind of annoying.” You pouted. You never were a big fan of insects.
“Blood? Does it wants yours?” He asked.
Dui suddenly pouted, and his eyes were filled with concerned.
“Oh nooo! We can’t have that! C'mon, we have to let it out of the house immediately! Where is it?”
“I think it’s in the living room, but it may have mov-” Before you could finish your sentence, Dui had ran into the living room. By the time you had got there, the mosquito seemed to be gone.
“Don’t worry! I snapped it out of the house! Now no bad blood insect can harm you, _____!”
You giggled.
“My hero!“

Ichthys: uses them for pranks
"Woooahhh, I’ve read about these! Aren’t these things blood thirsty monsters who enjoy buzzing?” Fascinated with the concept, he stared at the bug excitedly.
“Well, you’re not…wrong.” His definition wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t exactly right either.
“Coooool! Oh! Oh! I know, I know! What if I record the buzzing sounds? And play it back constantly! The guys would hate that!”
“ikky no”
“ikky yes” Ikky snapped up a recorder in his hands, and recorded the buzzing.
“Oh, guess we gotta get the little guy out first, huh? Then we can do our master plan.”
“Our..? Oh, fine, I’ll help. I’m still rather salty at Scorpio, so I guess I can help.”
“Sweet!” Ikky then snapped the bug outside.
“Ooh, ooh! How about we remix the buzzing with Mm Whatcha Say? Or we can do it with John Cena’s theme music!” Ikky grinned, playing around with the recording.
“Hmm, you did John Cena last time, so I think we should go with Mm Whatcha Say! Oh, but maybe we can go with a classic Rick Roll?” You suggested.

Leon: Like Huedhaut, he doesn’t really care, but he will get annoyed after a while.
“..How long has that thing been screaming?” Leon asked out of nowhere.
“Hehe, screaming? Well, that thing is called a mosquito, and it’s been BUZZING for around 30 minutes. I’m surprised it hasn’t bitten one of us yet.” You explained to the lion, still laughing at his word choice.
“it bites?” Leon repeated. You nodded, and mumbled a, “Mhm.” Leon grit his teeth, and got up.
“i am destroying that death threat ____”
“Leon, just send it back outside.”
“it’s for our own good ____”
“Leonn…..” You looked at him with your best puppy dog eyes.
“…Fine. But I’m destroying it if it comes back.” He mumbled, snapping his fingers to put it back outside.
“You better not. And thank you.” You smiled.

Bad Day?

Loki closed the door, it was quiet in the house, it usually wasn’t. He saw her shoes on the floor by the couch and bag thrown down onto the couch. ‘Hm..interesting.’ She wasn’t in the kitchen where she usually was, singing or dancing along while making supper. He trotted upstairs, thinking that she might be there.


He saw the bedroom door, opened ajar. He walked silently towards it, all he can hear from the room was light, soft music. ‘She must be in a weird mood if she’s listening to soft music.’  Loki opened the door and saw a sight that somehow shocked him.


There she was, her blouse halfway unbuttoned, her skirt or pants were thrown across the room, wine bottle in her hand. He called out her name. She gave a groan in response.


“Bad day?” He asked toneless, he stalked over to her ready to pry her hands off the bottle.


“Guess you can say that.” She took a huge gulp of the wine and made a scrunching face. He waited for her to finish before he took it off her, “HEY! I wasn’t finished with that! Give it back!” She tried to reach for the bottle but Loki lifted it into the air, she tried but she failed…miserably. As she fell onto the floor she started laughing hysterically.


He gave her a puzzled look as he watched her writhe across the floor like a lunatic. ‘What is she doing now? Is she drunk?’ “Get up off the floor before you hurt yourself,” not gently he lifted her up to floor and placed her on the bed, “now, tell me why you’re in this state.”


She stopped laughing and gave a cough, “Fucking professors! Who do they think they are? Being high and mighty! I hate them!” She took the pillow that was on the bed and started punching it.


“What did they do to make you act like this?”


She gave a loud over exaggerated groan, “You never pay attention in class! You never answer any questions! BLAH! FUCKING BLAH!” Again she started punching the pillow, harder this time. Loki thought she might actually break the pillow. “You know what else? They’re not even looking at my assignments or anything like that! They just care about class participation! Well you know what fuck them! They threatened my apprenticeship in the legal area! How dare they!”


Loki felt proud of her as she vented out, ‘She looks like a powerful vengeful goddess right now!’  As he thought of that he felt blood rush down to his lower half. Loki also felt angry, he knew how much she had worked for that apprenticeship, and to be threatened. Nobody threatens the girlfriend of a vengeful god.


“Do you want me to kill them? Perhaps torture them? Or send them off into another realm?” She looked at him, puzzled then laughed her heart out. He didn’t know why she was laughing, he was being serious.


“I’m being serious here.” His firm tone escalated her laughter. “Stop laughing! Why are you laughing! Isn’t this what you call chivalry?”


She stopped laughing, she wiped a tear off her eye, “Loki, I appreciate it. I really do,” she patted his hand, “but that’s not how it works here. I get a lot of bad days and you can’t keep threatening people over that. You have to learn how to cope with me without killing, shipping or torturing anyone. While I appreciate your definition of chivalry, I’d like it better if you perhaps did something that would cheer me up.


“Such as cooking me food, hugging me or cuddling me or even dancing for me!” She smiled at him and caressed his cheek. “Thank you for caring enough for me to actually kill someone just because they made me sad and mad. But for future use, you can’t kill anyone unless you want to go to jail, and I don’t fancy you being far away from me.”


She straddled his lap and laced her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Now see, this is making me feel better. A whole lot better.” She winked at him and ground her pelvis against him. They kissed again, tongues joining while their pelvises made contact with each other.


He broke apart from her and whispered into her ear, “I can make you feel a whole lot better.” She smirked against his neck, stopping her kissing there.

Both of them laid under the covers panting, “I should have more bad days.” She laughed as he traced patterns on her stomach.


He rolled on top of her, “You know what? This is better than killing anyone.” He kissed her on the lips, making his way down.


“Benevolent god.”


“Little minx.”

A/N: This was originally posted on my ao3. I hope the people in tumblr will enjoy this! :)