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We’ve all seen this lovely footage of Savitar shish-kebabing Iris in front of Barry. After her death, Barry is destroyed mentally, but eventually gets a little bit better in 3x19.

In the same episode, Barry travels to the future … 2024 to be exact.



In the comics, Barry stops Eobard Thawne from killing his new lover, Fiona, by snapping his neck.

Are you seeing where I’m going with this?

My theory is that future!Barry will go back in time on April 25, 2024 to save Iris’ life by killing Savitar.

Imagine Loki being forced to sit in on court as a result of his bad behaviour and hearing of a Lord asking Odin to allow him to send his daughter to court to try and get her off the path she is on. when Odin asks what sort of path has she chosen, the Lord glares at Loki, replying only that she seems to have a streak in her, one that needs curbing before it turns…worse. Again, he looks to Loki. Odin, understanding what is being implied, agrees to allow her to court under his wife. 

Loki found himself intrigued to meet his mother’s newest lady-in-waiting. 

Paradoxical Labour (Part 3)

Summary: Y/N wanted her husband back and she didn’t care if she had cross through a million parallel universes, she’d find him but she nor he had any idea just what would happen when she would. (I haven’t gotten up to season 3, but I couldn’t wait to write something about Savitar, considering I spoiled it for myself, so if Savitar seems OOC, then I’m sorry and this is more AU than anything else.)

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash (2014) or anything associated.

Warnings: Just a whole lot of baby fluff with Savi and the reader and some sweet times with Barry and Earth 1 reader ;D

Savitar x Reader (and slight Barry x Reader from Earth 1)

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“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Allen,” Y/N slowly straightened up until she was standing, a wriggling baby wrapped a white medical sheet cried loudly in her arms, “you have a healthy boy. Daddy, would you like to cut the umbilical cord?” She asked gently, identical E/C eyes flicking over to Savitar who nodded mutely, stumbling over as watery eyes never left his fussing son. Caitlin handed him a pair of surgical scissors and with shaky hands, welling hazel-green and pebble white eyes flicked down and he gently cut the umbilical cord before lifting his hands to take hold of his son, but Y/N gently shook her head, “we’re just going to clean him up and we’ll be right back, okay?” Y/N asked gently as her doppelganger nodded gently, her hand slipping easily against her husband’s as she panted softly.

“Don’t take too long, doc, I wanna see my baby boy.”

Grinning, Y/N gently tried to calm the fussing boy before taking him to Caitlin who cooed gently at the newborn Allen and set off to clean him while Y/N went back to clean up Void Y/N.

Savitar wiped at his tears as he looked to his equally ecstatic wife as she smiled brilliantly, tears glittering in her E/C eyes and they shined in the fluorescent lights. She was sweaty, tired and in a bit of pain from not being able to have an epidural due to the Speed Force in her system, courtesy of their child. “A boy, we have a boy, Barry.” Her voice was soft, tired but the happiness in her eyes was not to be denied and all Savitar could do was nod, too overcome with emotions to talk.

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Ivar x Reader

Warnings: Ivar spying on reader bathing, young!reader is injured, young!Ivar is bitten

Ivar smiled to himself as he stopped round the back of your house and pulled himself up to the hole by in the wall by your bed that he had made over the years and was now hidden by a thin cloth.

“(Y/N)?” He whispered. It was out of habit so he could lure you out of your house after dark without your parents knowing however they were away on Bjorn’s raid so he wasn’t sure why he still whispered.

When the cloth wasn’t immediately yanked back and the sight of your doting smile appearing before him he frowned, sticking his hand through the hole as much as the space would allow, to yank back the cloth himself.

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How would the companions use snapchat?

This is a request from a friends of my who doesn’t have tumblr.


Ada & Codsworth: Robots can’t really use snapchat.

Cait: NuDeS.

Curie: She is legit so amazed with the filters! Legit every snap story or not is her with a filter. She also loves the bitmojis. Too pure for the wastelands.

Danse: He either leaves them on un-open or replies with just messages instead of actually trying to start a streak. God dammit Danse people just at least want one reply that isn’t text.

Deacon: “Send nudes,” and other various memes.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat obviously doesn’t have one, but sole sends a lot of pic of dogmeat.

Gage: StReAkS aNd NuDeS.

Hancock: Everything, but the most common are videos of him getting high.

Longfellow: He has a general idea of it, but her rarely uses it. Occasional pictures of liquor.

Maccready: Low key fuck boy shit. He doesn’t do it on purpose though.

Nick: He doesn’t really use it, but he sometimes take the occasional aesthetic black and white photo.

Piper: Bomb ass stories. She always posts stories of her crazy reporter adventures. A lot of them are near death experiences.

Preston: Now Preston is a rather busy guy, so he doesn’t have much time for sending snaps. The most he send is written in the marker thing and it say “gm,” “s/r,” or “gn.”

Strong: Wtf is a “snapchat?”

X6-88: Sole made him one but he never uses it.

Paradoxical Labour (Part 2)

Summary: Y/N wanted her husband back and she didn’t care if she had cross through a million parallel universes, she’d find him but she nor he had any idea just what would happen when she would. (I haven’t gotten up to season 3, but I couldn’t wait to write something about Savitar, considering I spoiled it for myself, so if Savitar seems OOC, then I’m sorry and this is more AU than anything else.)

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash (2014) or anything associated.

Warnings: Swearing, sweet times between Savitar and Y/N as well as some moments with Barry and Earth 1 Y/N. First time parent fears and giving birth to a speedster.

Author’s Note: Side note, the duration of labour can actually last up to 20 hours but given as this is Savitar’s baby and the baby is obviously a speedster. I’ve incorporated that into the labour so the reader has actually burned through the Latent Phase quicker and is currently in the Active Phase which occurs when the cervix has dilated from 4 to 8 inches. It’s not at all true for the ACTUAL amount of time a normal human would be in the Latent Phase of labour. The Transition Phase is when the cervix has dilated from 8 to 10 inches, that means that the reader will be ready to give birth and that her cervix has softened and opened enough that she can start pushing. Thank you, WebMD.

Savitar x Reader (and slight Barry x Reader from Earth 1)

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“Barry~!” Y/N strangled a groan as she started vibrating so quickly she was nothing more than a blur and she gripped both Savitar and Barry’s hands, crushing them in her titanium grip as they led her to the bed in the med bay and Savitar ripped the cardigan off of her and took her hand as Barry stepped away.

“Baby, baby, Y/N!” Savitar called, his free hand sliding to her blurred clammy cheek and as terrified eyes opened to look into his and he helped her settle on the bed as Iris, Joe, Cisco and Wally stood just outside, also worried about Y/N’s doppelganger. “You’re going to be okay, sweetheart. I promise, you’ll be fine.”

“B-Barry, I’m scared,” Y/N sobbed, her voice in different pitches like Barry’s as Savitar’s eyes closed as he sighed, jaw clenching in worry.

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I know this is not really my best work :/ I just had the desire to write an imagine like this but it turned out to be more different than I had expected. Hope you still like it! GIF is not mine!

Her eyes swam in tears. No matter how much she tried to fight back her warm and salty tears she just couldn’t manage it. Desperate and heavy sobs escaped her throat, making it impossible to form proper sentences. She struggled with breathing. Her head spun around so terribly, she felt like she was going to collapse any minute. She firmly clung onto his legs so he had no chance to unwind himself and leave her. He was not allowed to go. Not when she wasn’t okay with that. She would never let him go. He was all she had in life and she couldn’t take the risk of losing him too.

“D-don’t g-go!” She sobbed, her heart felt like being ripped in two pieces. She was hurting. She was dying inside. Even though she promised him not to make a scene at the train station, she just couldn’t handle her emotions as soon as they’ve reached the place where she had to say goodbye to her husband. When finally the groups of soldiers were called to enter the train, (Y/N) just fell on her knees and started to cry.

“Y-you c-can’t j-just leave me a-alone! I d-don’t know w-what to d-do without y-you!”

The young man she was holding on to bent down to her small frame to engulf his wife into a tight embrace. His heart ached to the sight, he had never seen her so broken and her eyes showed a visible trace of despair and sadness.

“Please, my love, relax.” He whispered to her softly, his own eyes were filled with tears. His right hand ran through her hair while his other hand drew circles on her back. He didn’t really know how to soothe her. He was worried about her state. If she wouldn’t calm down, she would have a panic attack. And this was the last thing he wanted experience before he left.

“Don’t go, Harry, please don’t go! I don’t know what to do without you! I don’t know how to live without you! I don’t know what to do when you’d die! Harry when you die, I will die! Please, please I’m begging you! Stay here! Stay with me! Please Harry!”

By now, her outburst had attracted everyone’s attention. Some people looked at the young pair with pity in their eyes, some people showed their deep compassion. Such a young pair in love shouldn’t be separated because of war. This young couple should be able to be together.

“(Y/N), beautiful, calm down. I need you to relax for me, okay. Relax, darling.” Harry took her tear stained face between his hands, wiping away every falling liquid away with his thumps. He noticed her breathing becoming more ragged. “Take a deep breath, love. Do you hear me, breathe in deeply, (Y/N).”

He showed her how to do and (Y/N) slowly copied his actions and together they were breathing in unison. Her cries decreased until tiny hiccups escaped her lips. The elder woman who stood a few meters away from the young couple only looked at them, totally powerless over the situation. Letting her son leave also hurt her as much it hurt (Y/N) and the whole time she was wondering if there was no other option for him instead of serving the military.

Anne closed her eyes, inhaling the air. She needed to stay strong for the sake of (Y/N). When Harry wouldn’t be around them anymore, she would be the rock and support that her daughter-in-law needed.

“Harry.” The young woman whined, her fingertips running along his cheek. Harry kissed each of them as they made contact with his lips.

“Don’t cry, beautiful.” He croaked. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me right now. I thought we talked about this before we came.”

“You don’t know what you’re doing to me!” She exclaimed angrily. “You’re going off to war without even having a talk about it with me. You made the choice on your own without asking for my opinion. Nobody can guarantee that you’ll come back to me. And still you’re so determined to go! Why are you doing this to me?”

“(Y/N), I need to go! Our country needs me. I do this for the sake of our people. I do this for you. I do this for your own safety. For a better future.” He caught his lips with hers to a gentle kiss. “Please try to understand.” Slightly, he leaned his forehead against hers. “I always came back to you, haven’t I? No matter what happened, I always came back to you, love. This time will not be any different. I’ll be back, I promise. As soon as this war ends, I’ll come back to you, safe and sound. It’s a promise.”

He pulled her against his body, savoring the last minutes that he had with her. His nose brushed her hair and a scent of vanilla overwhelmed his senses. He would miss her a lot. He would miss waking up next to her, holding her, kissing her, spending time with her.

A last announcement was to be heard. Everyone was just waiting for him to climb into the train.

“I’ll write to you, (Y/N)! Every week you’ll receive a letter from me, okay? Don’t worry, my love.”

Anne interfered in the moment, taking the young woman by her hand. “C’mon, (Y/N), Harry needs to go.” With a last and long hug between the two lovers, Harry entered the train which drove him away from his love.


“NO!” With a loud scream, (Y/N) was awakened from her sleep. Again, she had a terrible nightmare, where she saw Harry lying in his own pool of blood, dying on her. Since he left, she kept having those dreams. It was nerve-wrecking. (Y/N) she couldn’t sleep properly anymore, out of fear that she would have those dreams again. A long time had passed by since received the last letter from Harry. At the beginning, he managed to write to her regularly however after a time, his writing became more rarely.

(Y/N) had read his letters over a million times, with tear-streaked cheeks. God knows how much she missed him, how much she wanted to have him with her right now. He was fine back then, but who knows how he was now. Her worst fear was that her husband may be dead but she would be told if that was the case.

The door to her bedroom was opened and Anne peeked her head through the door gap.

“Are you alright, love?” She asked, coming closer to her.

(Y/N)’s whole body was covered with sweat and she shivered terribly.

“Did you have those dreams again?” Her mother-in-law asked her.

She responded by shaking her head. Anne took a seat right next to her, stretching her head to caress her hair. “My poor (Y/N). I miss him too, you know. So much. Even though it pains me I still have hope that he’s somewhere out there fighting for us. He loves you so much and he’ll do everything to protect the ones he loves.” Anne gave her a motherly kiss on her forehead. “Have a little faith in him, yes?” The young woman shook her head.

“Can you sleep with me, please?” She asked Anne. “I-I don’t think I can sleep on my own now.”

Anne offered her a loving smile. “Of course.” She walked to the other side of the bed, lifting up the covers and lied down next to her daughter-in-law. (Y/N) wrapped her arms around Anne’s body, trying to find the comfort that she was missing for a long time. Sleep rushed over her body again and she hoped deeply that she wouldn’t have a nightmare again.


It was finally over. The enemy had been defeated and today Harry should be coming back home. Of course (Y/N) had been waiting for him all day long. She had been on her feet the entire night, and sleep was no needed because she was so excited to see her husband again. She had been waiting for this reunion.

She constantly looked at the clock, checking the time. He should be arriving in the shortest possible time. In any case, that’s what she was thinking. However, hours and hours passed and still there was no trace of Harry. Where the hell was he and why did it take him so long?

She started to become anxious. What if something had happened to him during his return?

After midnight, she gave up waiting and was about go to bed with a broken heart as she suddenly heard someone knocking on the front door. With her heart pumping against her chest, she went to there to open the door. He kinda felt uneasy and she couldn’t tell why.

All her worries vanished as she looked into those green eyes she had been missing for ages. There he stood, right in front of her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Safe and sound. She covered her mouth with her hand, trying to muffle her cries.

“Hi there, love!” Harry greeted her. (Y/N) instantly slung her arms around his neck, pushing herself against his chest. Burying her face in the crook of his neck, she took in his beautiful scent. He was finally there. Finally home.

She pulled away slightly, just have a glance at his handsome face. She discovered some bruises and marks on his face, tracing over them.

“You’re here. I can’t believe it.”

“I told you I would come back to you, haven’t I?”

And their lips crashed to a heated kiss.

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when you know you are on a roll and know you killed it in your game and are so proud of yourself and can’t wait to get your xp and see your medals 

and then the server crashes

geardirector  asked:

How do you adress the "DNA contains specified information" aspect of intelligent design?

I can elaborate, of course, but this is a nonsense argument. When I hear this, I say: sure, I’ll grant this. Then I add that DNA preceded humans. I don’t shy away from reminding ID advocates that they’re also the same people who believe that humans were specially created and are responsible for a Fall. This Fall, to them, explains harmful mutations, genetic predispositions, viruses, and diseases. Yet, DNA, which contains specified information, contained harmful information before the advent of modern humans. In other words, detrimental viruses, diseases, mutations, and predispositions existed in organisms long before humans. In fact, one of the hallmark evidences of evolution are the retroviruses in our DNA, retroviruses that detail a long and elaborate evolutionary history. 

The argument, to anyone who has more than a perfunctory grasp of genetics, is a shot in the foot. I’m certain that the only reason ID advocates use the argument is because genetics isn’t a household topic; lots of people don’t know much about it, so it’s easy to exploit their gullibility. For science enthusiasts and avid readers, however, this argument has absolutely no sway. 

There’s a logical handcuff to be had here; the ID advocates who are also Christians can draw only two conclusions if they accept that DNA contains specified information: a) DNA contains harmful information that predates humans and thus, the Fall, whether allegorical or literal, simply never happened; so the Biblical narrative of our history is wrong; or b) god coded all information, including harmful information, into the DNA of humans and in fact, every organism to ever live. Both (a) and (b) have some crippling implications for their beliefs; the former contradicting their religious myth of human history and the latter implying that their omnibenevolent god has a malevolent streak. Like I said, it’s a nonsense argument because despite them thinking it’s a strong argument for ID and their religion, it actually entails devastating implications, indeed ones that threaten their beliefs.


Juleka felt a smile stretch across her face as she turned away from the scene.

Another year.

Juleka couldn’t wait to see what it would bring.

Listen if you haven’t read Powers of Invisibility I recommend doing so like right now, ‘cause this is one of the best Juleka fics I’ve seen and it’s only three chapters in!!

A quick update: I’m still alive! Which I think is important to note bc idk about you guys but I worry when people vanish. So yeah. Still alive and doing pretty good, I guess? But social media is just. Still not quite my jam, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be back any time soon. Hiatus has been pretty good for me tbh and with NaNo right around the corner, I’d only really be back for one weekend anyway.

The odds of me finishing NaNo early this year are slim bc people are visiting and I’m traveling and I also have a job so. I’ll see you all in December. Happy Halloween and Thanksgiving and adios for now!

ya know, the most terrible thing in the entire world might be realising at some point that you have A Type™ of fave character, and hence forth wherever you turn every single one of your faves DOES turn out to be that kinda character and all you can do is a big fucking nothing as your reality as a whole unravels