god someone take me back to italy

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Oh, I'd love to hear your story!

Ow, you cutiepie (whoever you are, of course). It’s a long post, I’m so sorry (and I also apologise for my bad English grammar).

Anyway… well, the first time (May 23rd, 2014 ) I met him I was heading to Finsbury Park to see Arctic Monkeys performing. In order to avoid chaos on the tube because it was a really huge event, we decided to take a bus from Camden to Finsbury Park so we were roaming in there waiting for the right time to left. Some friends and I were taking a coffee at a Starbucks nearby Camden Lock, while other friends were eating something at the Pret a Manger close to Camden Town’s tube station. I texted one of my friend at PAM saying “we’re almost done here, what about you?” and she texted me back “we’re done too, we’re coming where you are”. Excited for the gig to come I answered it was okay and we left the cafè waiting for them on the street. Then came THE message. I took my phone to see the time and suddenly I read “OMG T A KE YOUR ASS HERE THE RE IS THEO WAI TNG FR SOMEONE AT THE TUBE STATION”. Literally a freaking out message. Then I don’t remember clearly, I just remember I’ve never ran so fast in my WHOLE life. I reached the station and he was there, literally leaning on a trash can, hands in the pockets of his jacket. I was like the most obscene being hanging in there but hey, who cares! My friends almost pulled me under a bus while I was crossing the street towards him. A friend of mine came with me. And then nothing, I don’t know how I was able to speak in English (I’m Italian) but the dialogue almost was:

Me: “He… hello?”
Theo: “Oh, hi. Hello!”
Me: “Aehm…”
Theo: “How are you?”
Me: “I’m fine. You?”
Theo: “Good, thanks. What’s your name?”
Me: “Carmen..”
Theo: “Nice to meet you, Carmen, I’m Theo!” (U DON’T SAY MATE)
*Theo shakes my hand*
Theo: “Where are you from?”
Me: “Italy”
Theo: “Really? Where?”
Me: “South. Near Bari!”
Theo: “Really? I once went there when I was younger.” (I don’t know if he was kidding me or not so lol)
Me: “No way!”
Theo: “And what you’re doing here?”
Me: “We’re going to Finsbury, Arctic Monkeys are going to play today and tomorrow. Will you be there too?”
Theo: “No, I won’t, I have things to do but I’m sure it will be amazing!”

And then we took the photo. In that moment I noticed he was with other two people: a blonde girl and… Emil Nava! Theo introduced us to Emil and then asked him if could take the photo.Theo has this wonderful habit: he MUST hug people while taking a photo so I had his hand over my shoulder (I was shaking and I’m not even “team Theo”). Then I remembered I brought Exile with me and I came out with:

Me: “Aehm… may I ask you if you could sign my Exile copy?”
Theo: “Wait… did you bring the album with you?!”
Me: “Well, yes… I know it’s really creepy but it’s my first time in London and I didn’t know if I’d be able to meet someone or not so… I’m sorry…”
Theo: “Oh my God, no! That’s the cutest thing ever! Of course I’ll sign it!”

I gave him the album and the marker and while he was doing the thing I asked him things about the album, he promised me they’d be back to Italy for a gig, what direction their work was taking and blablabla. After adding some hearts (!) to his dedication on the album, the friend who was with me asked him if she could hug him and he was “yes, of course you can” and they hugged. About me… I was staring at the album, speechless, and then I hear “come here!” AND HE HUGGED ME TO. THEO WHAT THE HELL’S GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND. I was like… I don’t know, I wasn’t expecting a contact like that so I hugged him back, touched his (really soft) belly (and I also smell his white t-shirt and he smells of 2-months-old baby). Aaaand that’s all about our first meeting. We went to see AM and everything was amazing.

Few days later (on May 25th, 2014), we knew WACO (Theo’s brother’s Jak band) would have shot a video for one of their song – named Agitation – at Hampsted Heath. On that day, so, we had nothing to do and decided to go for a walk casually looking around. Once there we were literally approached by Jak saying “you look so cool, we’re shooting a video here, would you like to the this with us?” and we were dying of laugh so we said yes. The video is on Youtube. It was an amazing day, then Theo showed up. Literally sitting on my bag and guess who was looking for the bag to put her phone in? Yes, ME. I  staggered toward him and he saw me:

Me: “Jesus Christ please I’m drunk as fuck don’t talk to me I don’t know what can I say please please please
Theo: “Oh hi!”
Me: “F… hello!”
Theo: “How are you?”
Me: “Good, we’re really having fun!”
Theo: “How was the gig at Finsbury then?”
Me: “Really amazing, tons of people, really good music…”
Theo: “Good. They’re starting to film again!”
Me: “Yes, I just have to take my bag!”
Theo: “Oh sorry!”

I put the phone in my bag and went back to the shooting. The rest of the day went amazingly good: we drank, we had fun and blablabla. At the end of the shooting, about at 6pm maybe, someone asked Theo to take a picture. I can assure I don’t remember a lot but I have a photo with him really drunk as fuck. A friend of mine says I was dancing and bouncing in the nearby and suddenly Theo took me by elbow and said to take a photo. And apparently I did. Then he left. 

The third time I wasn’t expecting the thing at all, because I was in London again – this time on holidays with two friends – and we want to see WACO performing in Camden because one of my londoner friend and I had to interview them for our webzine. We were easily enjoying the gig when Theo showed up himself with Matt Whitehouse (from The Heartbreaks). He took something to drink and enjoyed the gig too: he danced and laughed on that awesome punk music. Bonus 1: while he doing this, almost the entire drink came out of the glass directly on his shoes. When the gig ended, he hung around for a while. Bonus 2: he was always standing in front of me and I had to go outside so I decided to gently move him on one side… and, given that he’s really tall, I put a hand on his butt. (I did it for the world, man, sorry). Then nothgin: he just said “hello” while I was talking with Jak for the interview and went outside. I finished chatting with Jak and decided to look for my friends who were smoking outside. On the door of the local… I bumped into Theo coming in the pub again (I supposed he was leaving so he wanted to say goodbye to his brother/friends). We crossed the door – A REALLY SMALL DOOR – at the same time. Two genius, I have to say. 

And that, kids, is how I accidentally got a injunction order from Theo Hutchcraft because we were always in the same place at the same time.