god someone please hire me

themilantooner  asked:

So we just got the first commercial for the first of the new one-hour movie specials ("D.W. and the Beastly Birthday)! What's your thoughts?

to be honest, tbh, tb perfectly h, my first thought is “please god someone hire me to help out with the animation i’ll do all the gd inbetweens myself if it means getting away from these stiff-ass flash puppets

BUT. that said. it looks like an interesting concept! from the previews, the animation isn’t AS wooden as i’ve seen in some of the other episodes so that’s… something. but it looks like a fun concept, doing a spin off Where The Wild Things Are. could be good! :0 

Old woman:  Oh wow, you type so well! Is this your only job?

Me (Internally):  Why? Do you know someone whose hiring? Do you have a business card for a business that is hiring? Are you hiring?? Please, dear god, someone else hire me!

Me (externally):  Yes.

Old woman:  Oh well, you’re young still! You have time!


anonymous asked:

Do you think think Sterek will become canon?

I don’t know.  I don’t work on the show please god someone from MTV hire me.

But here’s the thing about canon Sterek.  The way things are being written at the moment, it’s being set up that we as the audience, who are only privy to information about the plot as the creators/writers/showrunner dole it out, are meant to view Stiles as something approaching bisexual.

In this episode is yet another instance of Stiles not denying the possibility that he’s not straight.  And that’s great.  It’s how Dylan appears to be playing the character as well.  But what I don’t want is for it to be hinted at and teased at and then pushed aside when it gets too real.  That’s just baiting the audience and it’s disrespectful.  And it’s harmful.  I think the show has reached the limit of being able to hint at Stiles being bisexual (or any other sexuality beyond strictly heterosexual) without actually going all the way with it, without the character firmly and obviously acknowledging it.  Because if they back off now, when they’ve purposefully brought it up a number of times across several seasons, it’s going to look bad.

Fans are drawn to canon and non-canon pairings for a reason.  It’s not just random.  In this instance, I think fans are drawn because the actors - O'Brien and Hoechlin - have batshit crazy bananas chemistry.  That’s undeniable.  And it shows on-screen.  And it also shows in the actors’ acknowledgement and encouragement of the pairing, which is more than a lot of fandoms get.

Does that mean they’re going to let Sterek develop into a romantic and sexual canon pairing?  I don’t know, I hope so though.

However, I don’t want canon Sterek to happen unless it happens well.  I want it if it’s going to be thoughtful and considered and well-written and understood by the show.  I don’t care if it’s tough and painful and maybe they break up and then get back together and all those things than create drama.  As long as it’s truthful. 

But I don’t want it just to just be fan service.  I don’t want it to be a joke or made cheap.  I don’t want a scene of Derek and Stiles, like, waking up in the same bed together if it’s only meant to make the fans squeal and then it’s immediately dismissed.

If it’s going to happen, it needs to happen as naturally as it already is.