god shes so pretty im gonna cry

  • me when i think about the concept of someday marrying a man: marriage is an evil construct based on ownership of your spouse as property and i hate it and weddings are disgusting and i would rather just uhhhh shoot myself right now
  • me when i think about the concept of someday marrying a woman: ohhhhh my godddd i cant wait for me and my love to design our matching engagement rings made from cool rocks we find bc diamonds are bullshit and then to pick out our wedding dresses and god she'll look so pretty and oh all of those hours of doing calligraphy together for the invitations it'll all be so perfect and everything will be the absolute best at our gay ass forest witchcraft wedding and OH MY GOD im crying she's gonna look so pretty and GOD i love her so much already and i cannot wait... to marry her.... the love of my life... and spend every day with her and help her through every bad thing in her life and know that we fully support each other and every moment is so happy and fun and all of the small details of stuff that's unimportant in the grand scheme of things like the public appearance of the wedding will be so fun and important to me because it will be based on decisions we will make together...... god i can't wait to get married someday

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basically my mum read a suicide note that i'd make just incase i wanted to, it had some pretty intense stuff in there, she was crying yesterday and she's gonna tell my dad, whos gonna get angry, god im so embarrased/sad i hate this

no, this was good! now she knows how you feel, and your dad needs to respect that. you need to tell him that, he’s not in charge of your emotions, so he needs to respect them!