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Favorite Greek/Roman Deity → Artemis

Let me sing of Artemis, Theia most high, most fierce of the deathless Gods. As a little maid She tugged on Her Father’s beard and asked for Her freedom. To this day no one can catch Her no matter how hard they try. She is bejeweled in dewdrops and stars, the light of the moon Her spotlight, the stage every corner of the wild world. With the flick of Her wrist arrows fly and She runs as if dancing. She is the wild in the soul of every woman today. If you hear Her call for you, run to Her lest Her arrows strike you for your impudence.

A Little Announcement || Joe Sugg Imagine

“What you smiling at?” My best friend, Zoe, teases. My eyes flash down to the text from Joe and back up to her.

“Your brother,” I whisper softly, “He’s, um.”

“That’s cute,” She says snatching my phone out of my hands. Her eyes rake over the message. “I bet you look beautiful,” She reads aloud, “Awe, what the charmer.”

“Shut up Zo,” I say attempting to take my phone back off her, but she moves it before I have the chance.

“Uh uh uh,” She says typing something quickly onto my phone.

“Zoe,” I draw out, “Please can I have my phone back.”

After a few more taps on the screen and a satisfied looking Zoe, she hands me back my phone.

“What have you done?” I ask skeptically eyes moving over the message.

Hi its Zoe, This is cute, treat her right little bro.

I laugh out loud, “Zoe we’ve been dating for three years, We live together, were engaged. I think he treats me right.”

“Engaged?” She asks eyes shining with excitement.

I bite my lips softly and nod my head, “Yeah, engaged.” I lift my hand up to show her the simple silver band.

“Oh my god,” She squeals, “I have to be your Maid of Honour.”

I laugh and nod my head, “I wouldn’t have anyone else.”

After leaving Zoe’s and heading back home, I’m greeted with flowers on the doorstep. I pick up the bouquet and open the note attached to it.

I missed you x J

I smile goofily and open the door, “Baby, I’m home.” The smell of spaghetti reaches my nose making my mouth water.

“Babe,” Joe’s voice says excitedly, he bounces his way around the counter and to me. His arms wrap around my waist. I tuck my face into his neck breathing in his scent.

“Zoe was so excited today,” I say softly, I feel him grin.

“We’re getting married,” He says pressing his lips to my forehead.

“Yeah,” I say softly, “I thought we should wait before telling her that I’m pregnant, I didn’t want her to die of excitement.”

“You do know I didn’t propose because you’re pregnant right?” He asks pulling his eyes to meet mine.

“You proposed before you knew,” I say softly.

North Of 96th Street (Usnavi x Reader)

Summary: A girl, a modern New York princess more like, move to the Heights. She’s trying to keep her nannies legacy alive. It proves to be a lot more troublesome than first thought. With no help from the stupid little nerd across the street who runs the bodega.

Warnings: No Usnavi sorry I gotta set up the story, character death. Racist little shits, not everyone who lives in the Upper East Side is a dick it’s just a stereotype, probably also bad Spanish

A/N: I wrote this in a day oml

It was the day after her only son’s graduation that Isa started looking for a new job. She’d been let go a year before. Her son didn’t know. She’d been doing odd jobs all over the city trying to make ends meet. It was made worse since she was Latino, most white businessmen didn’t want Isa for more than a cleaning lady.

Nothing ever worked out. She was on call for a fancy hotel, it had penthouse at the very top for the owner. It’s where most of her money came from. Even though that wasn’t a lot either. The job search had been going poorly for a week when Isa got a call.

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Rickard is standing in front of the heart tree, and in between the squelchy sounds he makes when he blows his nose on a linen cloth, he asks the gods for the end of both the winter and his cold. He will be a man grown the next moon’s turn, a proper man. He can’t have a red and runny nose on that day.

Another sneeze interrupts his prayers. Rickard mops up his nose and almost fails to hear the approaching swish of a cloak.

“Cousin,” he hears Lyarra call out.

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/Look! It’s mine and Princess’s trollsonas! (I wanted to post it as a before and after. Look at that art improvement! Just a few months! Princess says it looks like our characters have grown too. Lol.)

donttouchmyprincessparts <3

Sansa’s relationship with religion is far more complex than ‘Old Gods or Faith Of The Seven?’

Before I write this, I’d like to say that the Old Gods isn’t better, or superior to the Faith Of The Seven. Comparing religions, even fictional… yeah, not a fan. These are my thoughts on Sansa’s role within them. I also don’t think you can expect someone who isn’t an adult to have a full blown complex attitude towards religion.

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The Mistress and Her Maid

Violet (Jason) x Pearl (Matt)

Explicit. BDSM elements.

Violet loved the slick feeling of latex against her body, and the way that the straps cut into her skin. Her waist was cinched tight, and she felt like she had total control. She cracked her whip in the mirror and narrowed her painted eyes. God, she looked fucking fierce.

“How come I get cast as a maid?,” Pearl asked from where she lay sprawled out on the bed. Her legs were lazily spread open, and, from where she was standing, Violet could see her black, lace panties. 

Their eyes meet as the room grew hazy with smoke.

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Dark; You can, but you might have some competition with Ti- oh god, what’s Ti gonna be, should she be flower girl, a bridesmaid, maid of honor, oh no.

Alternate Titles For the Royal Ranger

Ranger’s Apprentice: The Royal Brat

Ranger’s Apprentice: Your Favorite Character’s Probably Dead

Ranger’s Apprentice: Will Has a Beard

Ranger’s Apprentice: Everyone’s A Lot Meaner

Ranger’s Apprentice: She Brought Her Maid I Swear To God I’m Not Even Joking

Ranger’s Apprentice: Halt’s There For A Dozen Pages

Ranger’s Apprentice: Will Had Severe Depression For Over a Year and No One Cared Beyond the Fact That He Was Too Busy Grieving To Be Awesome

Ranger’s Apprentice: Seriously, Everyone’s a Dick

Wedding Day Blues -Open RP-

This was torture. Bella sat at the overly decorated table, in the way to long for her taste dress, sipping champagne out of a disgustingly beautiful glass. It’s not that she wasn’t happy for her little sister, she was, she just really really hated weddings, and their receptions. On top of that she also detested being a bridesmaid, and here she was the God damned maid of honour! She was all together pretty miserable and stuck in her own little world of bitchiness. That was… until a very nice looking stranger sat down beside her. Bella turned her head, her eyes meeting with theirs.

“May I help you?”

Your Wedding // 2/4 5SOS Preference (Lashton)

B/N = Boy Name

I didn’t want to write the usual about weddings so I did something different. I hope you don’t mind :)



Everything was planned to perfection. You thought that if you could plan any day in your life like this, it had to be your wedding day. Everything was going perfect. That was until the whole ordeal started.

“Okay Y/N so don’t freak out, but we can’t find your flowers.” Your bridesmaid said slowly.

Your eyes widened and you were about to freak. But you felt someone’s palm on your shoulder. Your mother smile softly at you. You breathed in deeply and acknowledged the mistake. It wasn’t the first of the day though.

“What do you mean the cake isn’t coming?!” You said to your maid of honour who was trying to calm you down.

“I didn’t say the cake wasn’t coming! I said that it was just arriving late.” She said.

You sat down and brush your hand through your hair. “All this seriously can’t be happening right now.”

This was probably the tenth incident that had occurred. You hadn’t even walked down the aisle. All these slipups was making you extremely nervous. You had even heard that Luke had forgotten his suit back at the hotel. You were supposed to be walking down in the aisle in a few minutes.

You blinked back a few frustrating tears. “Okay, you can figure it out right?” You tried to stay calm.

Your maid of honour nodded quickly and you gave her a small smile. She reassured you that she will do her very best to fix everything. At this point, you had stopped caring. As long as you go down that aisle and get married to the man you loved, nothing mattered too much.

You felt like a mess when you waited with your father. Everyone seemed to be trying to reassure you the whole day. But the only reassurance you had was when the music played and all eyes were on you. But there was only one set of those stares at you looked back at. Luke bounced ever so slightly on his awkward feet and his lips curved up. There was something in his eyes when he looked at you. Just Luke himself was reassurance to you. He reassured you that, after everything, it was going to be okay.

When you two were in front of everyone, saying your vows and staring at each other, you had never felt so nervous. ‘Till that day, Luke was still able to give you butterflies. And your first kiss to him as Mrs. Hemmings could never be described in justice.

After the whole night, even with a few mishaps here and there, you and Luke found yourself where you two had first met. It was a quiet area, just off from the side of a park. It was the perfect spot to go star gazing. It might’ve looked peculiar, you in your wedding dress and him in his tux. But you didn’t really care what others thought.

“I still can’t believe it.” Luke said once more. It was probably the hundredth time he had whispered that to you throughout the whole day. You slapped his arm playfully but he just laughed and wrapped his arm around your shoulders. “I don’t think I ever will though.”

You looked up at him and grinned. “I mean, today was a little crazy.”

He smiled back at you. “I think that was a bit of an understatement.” His kissed your temple. “But I think you handled it well.”

“You think so?” You laughed.

Luke shrugged and looked at you mischievously. “Well… you only screamed someone’s face off once.”

You buried your head in your hands to hide away your blushing face. “I can’t believe you heard about that.”

“Of course I did. And seeing as we’re married now, we shouldn’t be having secrets between us anyway.” He added.

Something clicked in you and you quickly went up to kiss him. “We’re married now.”

He smiled against your lips and you loved when he smiled enough to show off that little dimple of his. His simple smile could make you melt. And that’s why you felt that it was the best decision of your life to marry him.

“I did promise you that I’ll love you forever.” He said.

He kissed you sweetly after you said, “I love you too.”

It may have been a train wreck getting through the day. But to end the day in Luke’s arms, kissing him, you definitely wouldn’t have had it any other way.


You felt sick. It was a horrible feeling. This was supposed to be the best day of your life. You were getting married to someone who would love you forever. The reason you were feeling so sick was because, the groom may love you forever, but you weren’t too sure if you could promise the same to him. You feared going up there and saying ‘I Do’ because you didn’t want to lie on such a large scale. Your mother had told you that if you ever felt any doubts about the wedding, you should go with your gut feeling. But you were never one who just took in feelings, you used your mind. You were overthinking.

You had texted him beforehand because he had been pleading you to tell him the truth.

‘If you feel that way then show me. I’m scared and I don’t know if I can go through this. Come be my hero once again if you feel like you can love me forever.’

“Oh god you look so beautiful.” You Maid of Honour gushed when she fixed your dress and looked at you through the mirror.

“Thank you.” You said.

There was a knock at the door and you saw your father. “Are you ready?” He asked. You smiled softly and gave him a nod.

You felt all eyes on you while walking down the aisle. You wanted to avoid the look of the groom because you felt so terrible. But you had to look at him and give him a reassuring smile. You were trying to fool yourself.

You were waiting for that moment. The groom looked down at you with such adoration, that same adoration that you held for someone else.

“Y/N!” Your head snapped to the owner of the voice and you saw him.

Ashton stood by the door and his tie was loose around his neck. His hair was a mess and you could definitely notice the scruff around his chin and neck. You hope no one saw you smile and finally breathed a relieving sigh.

“Y/N.” Ash repeated again with a grin as he walked over to you. He was trying to catch his breath but you loved that he still smiled at you the same.

“YN… what is he doing here?” Your groom muttered.

You looked up apologetically at him. “B/N I…” You glanced at the people who stared shockingly at you but only cared about one. Your mother looked at you and you noticed a small smile play on her lips. She nodded and you were almost in tears. She understood you and she knew what you wanted.

“I’m so sorry.” You whispered.

Without another word you gathered up your dress and dropped the flowers on the ground. You took Ashton’s hand without hesitation and ran out without looking back. You knew they were going to whisper, to sit there in shock and gossip about you. But you didn’t care. The moment you were outside and saw the sun Ash immediately took you in his arms. You wrapped yours tightly around his neck and he spun you around. You adored that giggle of his that echoed in your ear.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” He said and kissed your forehead.

You glanced back and quickly nudged him to move faster. He took you into a car and you two drove away. He held your hand the whole drive to this one place. It was your special place with him. And it was perfect for you two.

You two stood in front of the car and watched the sunset. You turned to him, “Thank you so much Ash.”

He shook his head, “I’d like to thank you. I was always so lost about how you felt about me. But when you told me you wanted me to take you away, I didn’t hesitant. I don’t want you to marry anyone…” His hand cupped your cheek and right before his lips met yours he whispered, “but me.”

“I love you Ashton.” You told him and it felt right. Not when you said it to anyone else. That was meant just for Ash.

He looked so amazed by you and you couldn’t help but feel those butterflies you felt since the first day you two met. While he had his arm around you, you two sat in a comfortable silence, just to appreciate everything.

He kissed your temple and said, “I’ve always imagined seeing you in a big white dress. Not like this of course. But one day, I’ll be at the other end of that aisle saying my vows to you.”

You went up to kiss him. “That’s all I’d ever want.”

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Risks had let out a slight yelp as her body was pressed into dinning room table at Nobel Michaels. By none other than Claude of Phillips She wasn't sure why this was such a thrilling though. She had started to develop feeling for none other the head steward of Nobel Michael. " Master Claude! I'm still on duty." Gods she didn't care. She felt him lift up her skirt of her maid uniform revealing her lace panties. Her face couldn't help but turn a bright red. "Not here."

Zain was making his rounds throughout the castle when he happened to enter the dining room where he was met with a most scandalous and erotic sight. Ms. Rika was being bent over the table by Master Claude. Despite himself Zain grinned and crossed his arms as he looked at them.

“Oh my. Am I interrupting something?” He asked with a bit of a smirk.