god she sounds like an idiot

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I'LL ASK THE DRAGON AIGHT. ILL ASK THE DRAGON WHY SHES SUCH AN IDIOT. What happened in your childhood to make you think your something that doesn't exist lol just wondering

-gasp- Oh, you got me. You cut me to the quick! I’ve never been subjected to such an elegant excoriation of my beliefs! -writhes in agony-

That was sarcasm, if anyone was uncertain.

Ye gods. First of all if you’re gonna start shit with someone like me, try to sound a little intelligent. Spellcheck is your friend. Typos are one thing, I have aphasia, so I’m used to that, but proofread a little. Have some self respect.

A quick glance at your blog reveals you’re a shitty person all around, so kin hate is no big shocker. That being the case, I don’t really expect to reach you, but I can amuse my followers with you if you wish to continue this nonsense.

Being dragonkin is an aspect of my spirituality and my religious practices. It requires no proof. The APA says I’m fine. I can provide references from the DSM-V if you insist.

So… verify your assertions. Please provide proof that dragons do not exist. I’ll wait.


“Remember the part where I said I’m not allowed to have men in the apartment?!” she refreshed his memory at the sound of the land lady’s footsteps, “we need to hide, she’ll hear you apparate so that won’t work.”

Tina frantically looked around for a closet to shove him into or a window to push him out of when she spotted his suitcase and instantly felt like an idiot for not thinking of it first. She popped open the latches and grabbed his hand before jumping down in just as a key turned in the lock of the front door.

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i never witnessed a suicide/murder but i remember being told at school when my sister attempted, that my dad had found her unconscious outside and like. going home early and seeing the ambulance by our door was enough to make me feel queasy. that girl in ur group rly like. she says 'interesting' but that just sounds creepy and vaguely like romanticising

like no lie she’s fucking gross. I’ve seen suicide and I’ve been there while people are dying and it screws with you completely heavy. She has these stickers of the columbine idiots on her textbook sleeves and little keychains of Ted Bundy and I’m sooo fucking disgusted. My friends eventually told her that’s a “touchy” subject for me and her eyes LIT UP she started asking “oh my god what did you see? Who was it? What happened?” And it’s just disgusting fuck that whole community. I’m so sorry that you had to go through that man. Much love 💜

My Mom Thinks Im A Lesbian For Listening To Halsey

So, it started whenever she was telling me a story about a conversation she had at work with a customer. The customer and another person were talking about Halsey, and my mom said “Oh yeah, my daughter likes her.” and they go “Is she a lesbian?” and my mom answers back, “Not that I know of”. And what they say next, is infuriating. They said “Thats lesbian msuic.” NUMBER ONE YOU IDIOT, A TYPE OF MUSIC CANT BELONG TO ANYONE, AND TWO, SHES NOT A LESBIAN, AND YOU SOUND LIKE A MAJOR HOMOPHOBE. 

Then today, I was showing my mom peoples merch, and I showed her Halseys and she goes “Yep, that looks like lesbian clothes.” NUMBER ONE, LIKE I SAID, CLOTHES CANNOT BELONG TO ANYONE. I got really defensive, and she says “Oh my god, I dont even care anyways.” Like she was implying that she didnt care if I was a lesbian, and Im going to be completely honest; I may be half gay, but you cant just assume someones sexuality by who they listen to.

I dont know, I was mad and I just wanted to get that out there. Just because it is soooooooo frustrating.

"That One Bar She Loves" One Shot

Author: the-game-of-fandoms

Original imagine: Imagine Dean looking at you dancing with another guy in a bar, after a bad fight

Word count: 1795

Warnings: cursing, drinking


“Where are you going?” she asked when he stood up from the table. He pointed to the empty bottle of ‘hunter’s helper,’ as he called it.

“Dean, come on, that was almost half-full, how are you still walking straight?”

“That’s just a warm-up, sweetheart” he said, trying to make another one of his jokes that usually made her laugh. She didn’t know what it was about that sentence though, maybe it was the tone he used, maybe it was the use of the word sweetheart, but he sounded just like any other drunken idiot in a bar that was about to hit on her and try to slip his hand under her skirt. God knows she had enough of those. Suddenly, she found herself really bothered and she slapped the book shut.

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God, i was so in love with her, she was so perfect i found it hard to believe she even existed. I filed through my memories wandering if she was real or if it was just my mind making her up, but then i remembered i don't have it in me to make art as beautiful as her. The things she said made Shakespeare sound like an idiot, and the way she looked made people believe in angels. Her heart was made of gold, but she didn’t give up on me, every second we were together she tried to make my heart whole. She was the cure, for my invisible disease, filling a bit of me that i never new was missing.  I was so in love with her that here i am months after we split up, staring at the sky dreaming up plans of us.
—  falling in love with the word perfection