god seriously why am i still blogging


in honor of reaching 300 followers, i decided to make my follow forever list! all the following blogs are lovely lovely blogs that are well worth a follow if you don’t already! i didn’t include many people i just followed because i don’t know you/your blog that well yet, but i’m sure i’ll be doing another of these somewhere down the road.   mutuals are italicized! 


diethardried, leah you effectively ruined my life by introducing me to anime and who caused me to become anime trash but tbh i still love you because you are fab and look you’re on the top of this list ayy

akitotheexiled / ezrakoenig​ ya greedy fool with two blogs golly okay tho alicia i love you so much like seriously you are perf and hey at least we’re not in eighth grade falling over starkid anymore so thats a plus #TsukiyamaProtectSquad2k14

little-honeybeee katie ily even tho you are mean to me and even tho u r a weeb eww gross and im so glad you did not stop being my friend after i showed u hitler x jesus that is a true friendship right there im so excited for college with you tbh

aryanightshade SHAYNE BB i am so excited to get to room with you and hang out and watch attack on titan and youtube videos and all that fun stuff i can’t wait to finally get to meet you it’s gonna be hella ily

fuckingbono tbh dorothy you are fab and i can’t believe you are still following me even though im a dumb lame anime blog and you are a cool awesome blog what are you doing 

kanyeception amanda same to you seriously why are you still here i love you tho you rock your blog is so classy and lovely ily wow 

oalexandra GURL REBECCA we have not talked in so long but obvi ur still on this list because i love u because i am remembering gregsalsop and gregsaslop and im laughin so hard rn 

kingdoughty ROBIN we also haven’t talked in like 10 years but thats okay because i still love you and you helped me with lots of hockey facts god bless hockey and also yes i am remembering serialkillergraham :o

kelseycantimewarp KELSEY ILY SO MUCH okay you are fab and i have always loved your url and i honestly am not sure if i’ve told you that ever but its true and why are you still following me all i do is post anime ily :**

foxesdontplaysynth kaelan jfc im not even going to lie im still laughing about that music video you best like it i mean it took me like a year to make but ily you are so cool what

tween-dweeb STEPH where do i even begin im thinking about this and we’ve been friends for like at least 2 years probably more which is crazy what also remember creepingregalsop oh man and skyping and stik and wow so much ilysm

kevinklines SARAH my beautiful sister wife i love you so much we’re such nerds wow i mean fight club as a potluck wowie and girl dang we go way back you were like my first tumblr friend ever ilysm :*

TUMBLR CRUSHES (because you all deserve special shout-outs since my blog is mostly your blog too)

  1. fearlessaim
  2. actualalphonseelric
  3. mordredandco
  4. queen-touka-kirishima
  5. greenotakuninja
  6. jeansasha
  7. allyphabet
  8. gebbeh
  9. teshimasjunta


☆ a-heart-of-fullmetal  a-simple-human-without-alchemy ackergay ☆ agendermikasa ☆ alphonseselric ☆ alkaahestry ☆ arcticmonksy ☆ armins-bubble-butt ☆ arzevark ☆ askedwinvas ☆ attack-on-lexi ☆ bands-and-anime ☆ bisexualpancake ☆ bobawaffles ☆ breadstiicks ☆ cadetmikasa ☆ canalberona ☆ captain-fucking-levi ☆ captainslevi ☆ celestial-keyblade-meister ☆ chazstity ☆ chewytriforce ☆ chocolatehipsterninja compelling-illusion cornbustion 


db-drawings ☆ deegemonster ☆ dumbfricks ☆ durararas ☆ eburninesonatina elricity ☆ erenjaegrrr ☆ feelmetal-alchemist ☆ feintone ☆ fullmetalalchemist ☆ fullmetalalchemistofficial harmonicbreak ☆ heartofrockbellalchemy ☆ higherthanheroes ☆ hikuiciel hipolymer  illogicalfallacy ☆ introverted-potatos ☆ killingthedeathnote ☆ k0zume  kurikara-r 


loserdelreyy lovelyyato ☆ lt-rizahawkeye ☆ m-i-k-a-s-a-a ☆ maggiesrevenge ☆ malfoysshrivelfig matssuok minor-league-fangirl ☆ moistbooks ☆ mvrkwoods ☆ naruh0e neverland-maid notanotheranimeblogg ☆ nuclearwhimwiththefuseofamile ☆ oliviermarmstrong27 ☆


pamsterbear paninya paperthinpencils punkrockcrybaby phanimee ☆ queenriza ☆ queen-winryelric rabbitghoul ☆ rizascupcakes ☆ roy-musdang ☆ roymustanges ☆ royymustang ☆ royymustangs sailor-ganymede shellacrossmytongue  stars-keep-on-calling-my-name studentofrhetoric  sugoi-er-than-you superhighschoollevelgaylord ☆ swagablanca 

T-Z / #

the30thattempt thelegendofacloudbender  toinfinitysandbeyondd touk-a trinforthewin ☆ trisdawn turningintoblackandwhite ☆ twilight-neko  vespertine-vagabond volunteer-fire-fighter ☆ whoaheytheresatan ☆ yamazakisousukei you-are-beatiful-dammit yukiohh  yungharrystyles zombiepromsong ☆ 1800blergh ☆

thank you very much to everyone who follows me!  and please don’t feel bad if you’re not on here, this is by no means all-inclusive!