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Saving People...

To the Cast of Supernatural:

I need to make June 16th a better day to remember.  And I think fans and the cast of Supernatural might be the people for the job.

4 years ago, my 17 year old sister Jules went on a run around the neighborhood.  She was a star track athlete and running was her life.

An hour after she left, we received a frantic call from the police; a man had lost control and hit her head on with his SUV.

She lived. Her brain lived. Half of her was broken.  We spent weeks in hospital.  Almost a year healing her.  She was lucky.

But she often doesn’t feel lucky. She remembers being alone, she remembers choking on blood, even if she could she doesn’t run on the street anymore.  Her comeback to running was short lived.  Of course she is blessed that she can walk, but before she could nearly fly.

June 16th, really the whole first half of June, is hard for her.  She doesn’t like to drive near the intersection it happened. Even the weather triggers nightmares and memories I wish she could forget.

Being trapped in bed, jaw wired shut, we sat 24/7.  A lot of those hours were filled with Supernatural reruns on TNT.  When she finally came home, DVD.  We healed her body and a year after her accident we both went and got the Supernatural tattoo for fun.  Band-aids on bullet wounds perhaps, but you need to find some light during the darkest times.

Today is June 12.  She texted me frantically this morning.  A particularly bad PTSD attack hit her while she was driving.  It was too upsetting and she is on her way home and we will likely stay in, re-watching Supernatural for the millionth time.

I was just wondering, if there was any way for you to do a quick shout out, anything really, that I can show her the morning of June 16th when she is too upset to get out of bed. When nightmares of screeching brakes have no doubt kept her awake through the night.  

If there is anything you or your friends can do to help save us, save our world, that day.  Please do it.

And to the fans if you could keep this going, that would be amazing. Keep fighting your own darkness.

Thank you,

Jessica (older sister of Jules)

Pittsburgh, PA