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Do you believe homosexuals who give themselves to Christ will go to heaven? I️ know it’s a big topic but I️ don’t see homosexuality as being a bigger sin than any other. All sins are equal in my eyes and we all sin everyday knowingly. So what does this mean for homosexuals?

There is no sin that disqualifies someone from the grace of God. If someone confesses with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believes in their heart that God raised him from the dead… they will be saved. Being gay doesn’t change that… however, the Christian life is one of perpetual repentance where you constantly turn from away from yourself and your sinful desires and constantly turn to Jesus. Being gay doesn’t change that either.

I think some of the best advice I’ve learned to give myself spiritually is no matter how much I sin or fall, no matter how many times, no matter how guilty or ashamed I feel, never stop coming to Jesus. Never let it hold you back or keep you away from drawing close to Him and trying to grow. Never tire of repenting, even if it feels like you repeatedly repent for many of the same things. Sin is inward and it takes more than a one time conviction for the behaviors to fully follow and get out of habits or the depths of our depravity. Accept the truth you’re forgiven and free when you come to Christ and genuinely want Him to continue to change your heart to be more like His, and move forward. If I stop moving toward Him because I am letting my sin become greater than his grace and mercy, I am doubting the power of His redeeming work to the power of my flesh. Paul reassures us in Romans nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. If that is our reality, then we shouldn’t let anything, no matter how bad, how frequent, how difficult it is to overcome, how long it takes to get past- none of that should ever stop us from still coming to Him and seeking to become more like Him. Don’t give up because of your sin or fallings. Look to Christ. The whole point of the cross was not only that Christ paid the price to remove our condemnation, but He triumphed victoriously over all sin and death. The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us, and we can overcome. Believe that. Don’t let discouragement drag you down or get stuck at “I obviously can’t be holy.” Of course you can’t, we’re sinful by nature, which is why we desperately need Jesus- but there is bright hope in knowing we have Him, and He is able.

Reasons Why I hate the Mage more than anyone:

  • Murdered an entire nursery full of babies
  • Murdered a woman because he wanted her job
  • Killed his wife’s pet chickens
  • Tried to sacrifice (I think?) His son and when he couldn’t find him tried to sacrifice Agatha
  • Had no real reason to put Simon in a care home but did it anyways and let him believe he was an orphan
  • He had 18 years he could’ve told Simon he wasn’t an orphan and that he was his dad but never did
  • Was a total dick to Lucy who has never done anything wrong in her life
  • Let all magical creatures except vampires attend Watford (and the fucking vampire attack was his fault I’m gonna scream)
  • Killed Ebb who has never done anything wrong in her life
  • It’s treasonous to call him a weirdo???
  • He tried to take Simon away from Watford
  • “Who better than us to raise our savior?” BUT YOU DIDN’T RAISE HIM YOU DOUCHE YOU ABANDONED HIM
  • I fucking hate him so much
  • I hat e him
  • I’m so glad he’s dead

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Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 2880

Warnings: Mentions of fight. THOR RAGNAROK SPOILER

Feedback is always appreciated!
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All the people of Asgard know the legend of this unique and catastrophic event. It’s the destruction of Asgard, and of his people.
No one, though, had ever really thought about it, until Asgard lost the King of the Gods.
Odin is dead.
In the last two years, while we thought that Odin sat on the throne, actually Loki was: he had made everyone believe that he was dead, and had taken his father’s place.
I cried Loki’s death. He and I are friends since childhood; along with Thor, we were inseparable. Although they were two princes, and I.. a normal person, they were very kind to me. The friendship between me and Loki is much stronger than that between me and Thor.
In fact, as in a children’s fairy tale, I fell in love with Loki. Too bad he doesn’t know; I decided not to say anything to him. His rejection would be too embarrassing, and my heart would break.
When Thor found out what Loki did, they started off in search of Odin; but now it was all over. The King of the Gods is dead, and this led to the release of Hela, the Goddess of Death. Thor and Loki’s sister.
The two Gods tried to stop her, but it was useless.
Thus, while Thor and Loki are dispersed, to Asgard chaos reigns. After completely destroying the army, Hela sat on the throne, ready to conquer the other kingdoms; but, coming to the Bifrost, she discovered that the Sword -the weapon to activate the Bifrost- had been stolen.
I know exactly who took the Sword: Heimdall, who was hiding in the mountains of Asgard. He, after he was able to find me, asked me to help him. In fact, we are trying to save more Asgardians as possible from Hela.
For now we are hidden, but time is running out, and soon the Goddess of Death will find us.
I’m sitting next to some kids, and I try to reassure them, telling them that everything will be fine, and that soon the God of Thunder will save us. Will it really happen? Thor can’t be dead, and even Loki.. I know that both are alive, and they will come back to help us.
I raise my eyes, and I see Heimdall quickly walking toward me; something is going to happen, I understand from his eyes.
His eyes are beautiful; every time I look at them, they always have a strange light, and their color, a shining gold, makes me feel like it’s all going to be fine in one way or the other. Behind  Heidmall, there’s the splendid Brifost Sword, which he protects with his own life.
“Heimdall, what happens?”
I know it’s a stupid question; only one thing can disturb Heimdall. The arrival of Hela. In fact, he warns me in a low voice that we must bring all the people away from where we are now, before the Goddess arrives. All of us, we head to Brifost; maybe, if Hela is distracted, Heimdall can use the Sword, and we can run away. But when we get to the Bridge, waiting for us is a huge monster with the appearance of a wolf: it’s Fenrir, Hela’s personal animal.
I scream to people to go back, but on the other side of the Bridge are coming Hela soldiers. We are trapped.
I look at Heimdall, and nodding toward him, I pull my daggers -Loki has given them to me so many years ago- and I prepare for the battle. Fenrir roars, and starts running toward us. I try to use my body as a shield, but the more he approaches, and the more I feel smaller than he is.
Suddenly, we hear noises in the distance; I look up, and I see a small ship coming towards us. From inside it falls something: a huge green creature, which immediately launches on Fenrir.
The ship from where the strange creature falls stops on the Bridge, and I see two people coming out from the inside. A woman, and Thor. I smile, and I run fast to him.
Thor embraces me, while he tells me he’s happy to see that I’m fine. My smile soon disappears, noticing the absence of someone. Loki is not together with his brother.
“Loki is alive, Y/n. But I don’t think we’ll see him.”
A huge hole is formed in my stomach; Loki is alive. But he preferred to be saved, to save his people. I nod, accepting the reality. Perhaps Thor has always been right: Loki only cares about himself.
Thor moves away from me, headed toward Hela, intending to fight her. Meanwhile, I help people walk to the entrance of the Bifrost, but again, we are trapped. Outside, there are other soldiers who run toward us.
I begin to attack them, together with the other Asgardians who want to defend their lives and that of others, even if they aren’t soldiers. I’ve got the cable to fight –in fact, Loki and Thor taught me many fighting techniques when we were little- but I’m just me against hundreds of warriors. When it seems that everything is lost, from the fog, a strange creature appears, which seems to be entirely made of stone. At first, he seems to rise, but then I realize he’s standing on a huge spaceship, which it is approached to the bridge.
Other creatures come out of the ship, flinging on the soldiers of Hela; finally, their leader comes out of the ship: Loki. I widened my eyes when I see him get off the ship’s ramp with a smile on his face.
“Please, feel free to come down.”
People start running to the spaceship to get safe, while some of them continue to fight. I keep staring at Loki, who finally notices my presence in the midst of all this chaos; I thought I would never see him again.
Suddenly, someone makes me back to reality: one of Hela’s soldiers strikes me behind, clenching his hands around my throat. I give him an elbow right in the stomach, and turning around, I stab him with my dagger. The soldier falls to the ground, lifeless.
“I note with pleasure that you’ve become stronger.”
I turn around, and I see Loki approaching me; the first thing I would do is hug him and squeeze strong to me, but I refrain. Not to let him understand the feelings that I feel, I’ve always tried to make him believe that jokingly I hate him.
“Glad to see you, Loki. I thought you were dead. Again.”
Loki smiles, but we don’t have much time to chat; many other soldiers are threatening us.
Meanwhile, the battle of Thor against Hela moves to the bridge; Thor seems to have become stronger, though, Hela is very powerful, and seems to have the best on his brother.
So, Thor comes up with an idea, a weird and crazy idea: to make the Ragnarok happen.
His plan is to awaken Surtur, and let him fight with Hela, until the complete destruction of Asgard.
However, Surtur’s crown is in the castle, where Odin preserved the most important and powerful relics.
It’ll be Loki to go to the castle, and take the crown, while Thor distracts Hela.
“I’m going with Loki.” I tell the two brothers, who they immediately beg me to get on the ship and save me, along with the other Asgardians.
“I can’t escape, Thor. I want to fight. And then someone has to check that Loki doesn’t do stupid things. Again.”
Me and Thor look at the God of Mischief, who pretending to be offended by my words, he rolls his eyes.
In recent years, Loki has done horrible things –he tried to conquer a world that it didn’t belong to him, and then he faked his death, and left Odin alone on Earth- but in spite of everything, I can’t hate him. He’s still Loki, my friend.
Thor tells me to be careful, and after hugging him, I follow Loki in the castle.

This is the craziest plan I ever heard, I think to myself as I walk silently through the corridors of the castle along with Loki.
We should try to save our home, and instead we are about to resurrect Surtur, who will destroy it. And if we can’t even stop Hela with him? We will all die.
“Are you all right?”
I turn to Loki, who looks at me worried. Even if it doesn’t seem, I can feel that he is also afraid of what might happen.
Before I didn’t have time to observe him well; his hair grew a little. Seeing Thor with short hair, I thought how Loki would be without his long hair. It would emphasize his face and pale skin. He’s wearing different clothes from those he always wears; this uniform is perfect for him. But I believe that whatever he wore, I would love it. Now that I think, if Loki and I die, he will never know that I’m in love with him.
“We’re about to destroy Asgard. Our people might die. Yeah, never been better.” I say sarcastically. Should I tell him? I’m so afraid..
Finally, I and Loki arrive in the relics room, and we walk quickly toward the crown of Surtur; suddenly, however, Loki stops. I turn to look at what has attracted his attention: the Tesseract.
“Loki.. don’t even think about it.”
Loki looks at me, and sighing, he begins to walk again
“I don’t want to steal the Tesseract. Again.”
A sad smile comes to my face; because of Tesseract, Loki killed innocent people, but eventually Thor managed to stop him.
“You don’t want to steal it again, I know. I feel it.”
“Really? And what do you feel? I betrayed my brother, more than once.”
As Loki says these words, he approaches the Surtur crown, and after taking it from his hands, I and he go away, ready to resurrect the creature.
“You betrayed Thor, but you’ve always come back to him to help him. When Thor came back, he told me I would never see you again. Yet you are here, to try to save your people. Our people.”
Loki looks at me while still holding Surtur’s crown. I approach to him, and as I recover the crown, our hands touch.
“Actually Loki, God of Mischief, you’re a good man.”
I try to say more; maybe this is the exact time I should tell Loki that I love him. Like in a fairy tale..
Instead, I lower my gaze, remaining in silence. Then, I approach the Fire of Life, and I put the Surtur crown inside. As soon as I walk away, everything around me and Loki begins to shake. Me and the God of Mischief exchange a look, and immediately we run as fast as possible towards the castle doors, to go out and reach safety. Surtur is about to arrive, and he will soon destroy the first thing he will be facing: the castle. The place where exactly we are now and Loki.
I’m running as fast as possible, while Loki is exactly in front of me. Suddenly, I see cracks forming on the walls, growing more and more up to the ceiling. I block when I see part of the walls fall straight to me. I cover my head with my arms, but I feel my body move; when I open my eyes, I see Loki’s face a few inches from mine, he’s obviously worried.
“Are you okay?” he asks me as I swallow deeply; it’s the first time that he’s so close to me, and despite everything around us is falling, I can’t help but think of his lips so close to mine.
Unable to say a word, all I do is nod.
Loki helps me to get up, and immediately we start to run away. On the corner of my eye, I look behind what’s going on; the castle is on fire.
Suddenly, I snatch myself against Loki’s back; I turn to find out why he stopped, and my body freezes. The fire has now surrounded us.
“What are we going to do?” I scream to Loki. He approaches me, and he tightens my body to his; I blush, and not because of the fire.
“Close your eyes.”

At my awakening, everything is confused.
The first thing I remember is the conversation between myself and Loki; then I threw Surtur’s crown into the fire, and then his awakening.
The castle was beginning to fall one piece at a time, due to Surtur growing more and more. Loki and I started to run, and then I remember anything else. Maybe something hit me, maybe I fainted.
I look around: surely we are no longer on Asgard. The room I am in isn’t very big, there is only one bed, where I’m relaxed, a small furniture with a large mirror, and a window. I get up quickly, and approaching the window, I’m breathless. Outside there’s.. nothing. It’s all dark, here and there are some rocks, some smaller, some bigger. They are asteroids. We are in the space.
The door behind me opens, and Thor enters in the room. He looks at the bed, but when he sees that it’s empty, he glances through the room until his eyes stand on me.
He comes to me, and clutches me in his arms, whispering to be happy that finally I woke up.
“What happened?”
“I don’t know. Surtur was born, the castle was destroyed, and before I got on the ship, I saw you lying on the Bridge, helpless. I took you in my arms, and then we escaped.”
“Where’s Loki?”
Thor low the gaze to avoid mine; he sits on the bed, and I follow him. His silence makes me feel uncomfortable; I’m afraid of what he will say.
“I think.. I don’t know, maybe.. Loki isn’t there. I didn’t find him.”
I froze; Thor only found me on the Bridge. But maybe Loki escaped alone, maybe he didn’t want to come with us. The God of Mischief is always saved.. right?
“He’s alive, Thor. I feel it. Sooner or later we’ll see him.”
Thor looks at me, and nodding at my words of hope, he smiles. He still loves his brother after all. He also hopes that Loki is fine.
About twenty minutes later, I sit next to the window of my room, watching the infinite darkness of space; from Asgard I saw the sky in a completely different way. Only now I understand his true beauty. I think back to Loki, and because he didn’t want to come with us on the ship. Why did he want to leave us again? Why did he abandon me again?
“Are you sad for something?”
I jump, and in front of me, just a few feet away, there’s Loki, with a brilliant smile on his face. I smile, and I step forward toward him to embrace him, but immediately I stop. Loki seems confused; is he really that in front of me, or is it just an illusion?
“Why every time something horrible happens, you make everybody believe that you are dead, and in fact you are alive?”
“It must be my nature.” Loki says, smiling; I roll my eyes, but his laughter makes me smile too. If he’s here, illusion or not, at least means he’s alive.
"What happened in the castle?”
“The fire enveloped us; I hold you to me, and we’re gone because of my powers. But you’re faint; don’t worry. It happens when you’re too close to a beautiful God like me.”
I make a hysterical laugh when I hear his words; the funny thing is that he’s right. Well, probably I’m fainted because the fire, and the sudden ’teleporter’. But a bit is also his fault.
“I’m glad you’re alive Loki. Even if you’re not really here.”
Loki furrows, and slowly he takes a few steps toward me; my body freezes as he gets closer and closer. I’m afraid if I try to touch him, he can disappear, and this time forever.
“Y/n, I’m really here.” Loki says as if he had read my thoughts. His hand is approaching my face, and a shiver runs through my back when Loki’s soft hand touches my cheek. I look up, and my eyes meet his; Loki is getting closer to me, and I’m breathless. Is he really doing what he is doing? Loki, the God of Mischief, my friend that I love since I was a child, and I never said anything to him.. he’s kissing me. I don’t move, and I feel my face blush at the same time when Loki turns away from me, a grin appears on his face.
“W-why did you do it?” I ask Loki with the few words I can say.
“You thought I was just an illusion.”
“Well, you could shake my hand, or hug me, or give me a slap, or shake my hand..”
I close my mouth, no longer knowing what to say. Loki stares at me with a grin on his face as I feel more embarrassed.
“I missed you Y/n. I really missed you.”

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Coda - 13x01 Lost and Found


The word echoed in Dean’s head and made his chest ache even more that it already was. He didn’t even think that was possible, for the loss of Castiel to bring him more pain.

And yet.

He’d allowed himself to hope. For one split-second, he thought maybe this could all be undone and there would be a way to bring Cas back to life.

Back to him.

It was stupid, of course it was. And yet, Cas had brought Bobby back from the dead once before. Raised both him and Sam from the pit. If this kid was so powerful that the angels wanted him, then maybe it was possible.

The hope cut deeper than the loss, knowing that his prayers to Chuck had gone unanswered. That God had truly done his last favour for them. Brought Cas back for the last time.

He was gone.

It didn’t truly sink in until he drew the covers back and looked at Castiel’s face one last time. This wasn’t Cas. It was an empty shell. The best friend, the man, the angel, the everything he once knew was no longer contained in an empty vessel.

Dean didn’t let anyone else touch the body. He bound Castiel himself, built the funeral pyre from scratch while Sam and Jack watched, the tension in his body just daring them to offer to help. He built the whole thing alone, carried Cas to the top of the pyre and tried to ignore the coldness seeping through the sheets.

The fire blazed brilliant. Beautiful. Destructive.

Just like Castiel.

Dean couldn’t think of a more fitting goodbye.

The Bridge Between Us

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Pairing: Loki x Reader (ft. Thor)

Content/Warnings: Fluff

Words: 976

A/N: This is shorter than some of the other AUs, but it turned out just as well. It was a request for 44. You are deaf until you meet your soulmate, whose voice is the first thing you hear. Enjoy, my lovelies!

Like most everyone else, you had been deaf your whole life. The fact was, you would never hear a sound until you met your soulmate. It was the reason everyone, whether they knew their soulmate or not, knew how to sign. To you, hearing sounds and being able to communicate that way… it was like being in a private bubble. Not everyone was lucky enough to meet their soulmate. When you had join the Avengers in the wake of New York’s destruction, you had been relieved to discover that many of its members hadn’t met their soulmates either. Of course, that made communication a little difficult, but… you made it work.

You met Thor for the first time right before the Ultron chaos started. The two of you became fast friends. You told him about your life before the Avengers, and he told you all about his home on Asgard and his brother, Loki - the same one who had tried to take over the world just a couple years previous. Despite this, Thor still seemed to care for his brother, and you… well. You were fascinated by Loki. You couldn’t even put your finger on why. You simply found him interesting.

“How would you like to visit Asgard?” Thor signed to you one day. He had stopped by to visit Jane and see the team, and he wanted one of his closest friends to visit his home.

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13x05 Resurrection

“But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.” -  Acts 2:24

13x05 saw the return of one of my favorite visuals. The neon blue cross. The last time we saw this was in 11x06. This is the episode that Castiel is having a difficult time getting up out of bed and going about his usual business. We see him struggle with ptsd flashbacks and retreat back to the comfort of his bed. This is the episode where it becomes clear that even though Cas made improvements throughout the course of season 10, he is still battling depression in season 11. 

When Cas is able to get out of bed he finds Metatron picking on a dying man in an alleyway.  Cas heals the man and becomes the guy’s savior all while standing underneath this cross. 

Jesus’s death on the cross is referred to several times in the bible as a battle against sin, death, and darkness. Castiel is still battling his own darkness in 11x06. There is a fence preventing him from walking past the cross because at this time Cas is still on that cross battling darkness and depression. 

In 13x05 we see the Impala drive by this same cross and the is no fence to be seen.

That is because Castiel has triumphed in his battle over his depression and death. Castiel’s resurrection removed the fence. Castiel’s victory saves the Winchester's as well.  Billie in her new role sees the reasons why the Winchesters come back to life over and over again. Castiel’s resurrection means life for Sam and Dean too just like Jesus’s resurrection means for us.  

56 “The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the Law. 57 But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!”  -1Corinthians 15:56-57

10 ″And now He has revealed this grace through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has abolished death and illuminated the way to life and immortality through the gospel,” - 2 Timothy 1:10

Yu Barom • A lesson in Romantics

One where he accidentally confesses his love for you but isn’t smooth about it… like ‘I love this’ “& I love you” ‘wh-’ “oh shit no wait I don’t”
(Idk if you write for anyone other than Kiseok but if you do you can choose who it’s with)

Hey can you make a scenario where the reader is Jay’s little sister and she has this major crush on Christian but he doesn’t really see her that way cuz shes the cute type. until something happenes so Christian notices that he may have some feelings for her. Thank you ^-^ pls make a bit angst but happy ending if possible 

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Word count 3.3K
Special appearance Hong Dabin - AOMG - Kwon Minsik


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She Was My Mother Pt. 4

Summary: You recognize your father, Negan, in the lineup.

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Female!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of death,

Word Count: 1,205

A/N: Part four. Not that well written, so proceed with caution.

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Carl’s POV

I can hear my breath above the noise. Taking his hand was a sign of defeat. The last time nervousness like this resonated within me was when Y/N’s shirt fell to her feet and I didn’t know where to put my hands. I can feel my nose scrunch, whether it was from the image of her underneath me or the sound of her screaming in the bed of that truck, I’m not sure. Enid’s lips on mine was a reality I enjoyed, one I still think of, but the pain of knowing that the man that caused all the pain brought to us raised Y/N stings.

“Dwighty-Boy, why don’t you grab Daryl, take him to the kitchen, do a little grub prep. New plan boys. Let’s burn the dead, unload the truck later.” With the orders of Negan flowing from his mouth, I take the opportunity to reach down and grab my hat layered with a new coat of dirt.

“Damn, I am not gonna have time to fuck any of my wives today. I mean, maybe one.” Daryl’s a lamb, only now have I ever seen him genuinely frightened - torn in half by god knows. The thought of Y/N the same way, broken by the force of her father crosses my mind, and I don’t know whether to feel remorse for her or turn a blind eye and shake my head knowing that any daughter of a monster deserves this fate.

“What are you gonna do to me?” The question stands in the air as he turns around, the palm of his hand pressed against his forehead.

“Number one, do not shatter my image of you. You’re a fuckin’ badass. You’re not scared of shit - don’t be scared of me - it’s a disappointment. Number two, you really want me to ruin the surprise?”

He looks me in the eye, placing a hand on the back of my shoulder. He pushes me forward, up the stairs and through the industrial door, the light fading as it closed. Before me was a crowd of people, survivors, if you will. Negan just smirked and came close to my ear, whispering, “Check this out.” He proceeded to step forward up to the rails, everyone taking a knee for him.

“The Saviors have gone out into the world and fought the dead and come back with some really good stuff. Some of that stuff can be yours if you work hard and play by the rules. Today, everybody gets fresh vegetables at dinner. No points needed.” This seems to please everyone. Patrons applaud Negan as if he were doing them a favor, standing as he turns to face me. I glance once over the crowd, finding myself looking for her. I know in the back of my mind that she’d never kneel for him, but the sound of her repeating “dad” floats around in space, and I turn back to him and make eye contact again. “You see that?” He says in a smug voice, leaning with his back against the rails.

“Respect. Cool, huh? They still on their knees?” There’s something lingering in the air, a revolting feeling that everyone in the room appreciates him, the same man who pummeled the heads in of my friends - family - without hesitation, with pleasure.

“As you were!” I stand there for a moment, watching them move. Negan’s voice pipes up from the front of me, and I follow behind him like a dog, although I’d hate to admit it to anyone back at Alexandria. He walks me down a big hall, talking lightly and chuckling when I hear “wives” spat out from underneath his breath. We turn into a room, women in every nook. They all dress in black, eye contact avoided when we enter the room.

“I know,” Negan says, bumping me with his shoulder as if he could read my mind or were telling me a joke like old buddies at a bar. “Every woman where you’re from dresses like they do the books at an auto shop. You’re gonna wanna look at their titties.” A small scoff is hidden in the back of my throat, one which he can tell.

“It’s cool. I won’t mind, they won’t mind. Knock yourself out. Better than thinking of you fucking my daughter now, ain’t that right?” Feelings of nervousness and scorn rise within me as he pulls aside on of the girls from the couch. I can still see what her breasts look like cupped in the palm of my hands, and what it felt like when she squirmed and bucked against me. That night under the trees and caught in the headlights was the night the memory of her decayed. A beer bottle is given to me, clenched in my hand, and I think of where she would be. It concerned me that I could still feel the beating of her heart against my chest and smell the lavender in her air, even after it came to light the demon she had hid from me.

“Y/N betrayed us, Carl. She let them die.”


“How you holdin’ up kiddo?”

“Out of the way, I need to talk to him.” He taught me to put conviction behind my voice when I was seven and the kids at school called me names for sitting in the front of the class and staying in during recess instead of playing kickball in the yard.

“I’m not asking, Ry. Don’t make this hard.” Ry sighs, dropping his bloated pushed up chest, taking a step back. After arriving here, I soon realized that I would be held at high regards, same as my father, which meant that the Saviors would listen and do what I asked in fear of offended me or Negan, and the survivors would keep close eyes on me by instruction of my dad. Everyday feels like the first day of school and the last day on earth, uncomfortable and on edge constantly.

When the door opens, he’s sitting. That bat leaning against the cushion of the couch, the wires pressing against it as if it threatened to tear. He towers over someone, with a smirk tugging at the edges of his lips and a fire in his eyes that can only be associated with either anger or intrigue. His attention strays from the moment between the flanneled mystery to the sound of the door swinging open - me.

“This day just keeps getting better, don’t it?”

A puzzled expression forms on my face, and Carl. He stands there without the wrap on his eye, teeth gritted slightly. Negan’s smirk turns to a smile, and he stands back as Carl takes a step forward. I can’t tell if it’s anger or sadness on his face when he comes within inches of my face. The gouging hole where his eye should be never came unwrapped, all but one night that I remember. He cried that night, and we loved like adults who stay together. And now, looking at him and knowing how much he must hate me, and how he blames me could drive me to break bread with a monster and become one myself.


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Then listen to this, you and all the people of Israel! You nailed Jesus Christ of Nazareth to the cross. But God raised him from the dead. It is through Jesus’ name that this man stands healed in front of you. You can’t be saved by believing in anyone else. God has given people no other name under heaven that will save them.
— Acts 4:10,12

novakfandoms  asked:

What would happen if Sam and Dean found your sex toys in your duffle bag?


“What’s that noise?” Dean’s brows knitted together as he looked around. “Is your phone ringing?” He looked to Sam, who held up his phone, screen black and inactive. 

“Not mine.” He shook his head. “Is it Y/N’s? Sounds like it’s coming from her bag.” Sam scooted over to the end of the bed and unzipped your duffel. As his fingers separated the balled up clothes, he found the source of the low humming noise. “Uh, Dean?” Dean turned to Sam, eyebrows raised expectantly. “It’s not a phone.” Sam’s cheeks were flushed as he stared blankly into your bag. 

“What is it?” Dean came to Sam’s right side and peered down into the bag with him. “Oh my God.” He burst out laughing, unable to hold back. You heard Dean’s cackling as you drew back the shower curtain and stepped onto the scratchy rug just outside the tub. Walking from the bathroom, you stopped dead in your tracks as your eyes fell on the Winchesters. 

“No, no, no!” You shrieked and ran over, snatching up the bag’s handles in your hands, not realizing your towel had fallen in your commotion. Sam and Dean’s eyes raked over your body, droplets of water sticking to each curve and swell. Almost perfectly in sync, the brothers’ tongue flicked out over their pink lips as they took you in, then shared a knowing look. Sam gave Dean a quick nod, telling him to say out loud what they were both thinking. 

“I don’t think you’ll be needing your vibrator tonight.” Dean’s voice was a low growl as he and his brother took a step toward you, closing in as their eyes bore down into you. What they didn’t know what that the last time you’d used your vibrator, it was after a dream that began exactly like this.

What Would Happen… - CLOSED - [WWH Drabble Masterlist]

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can’t wait to hear you scream

in which nico and will watch a scary movie. kind of.

read on ao3


Nico had believed Will when he’d said that he’d hated horror movies.

The thing was, he apparently didn’t grasp how much Nico hated horror movies.

“Do you wanna turn it off?” Nico asks, cautiously, because they’re sitting in his home living room, and while Nico is sitting cross-legged on the floor, elbow deep in a bowl of salted popcorn, Will is currently lying on the sofa.

Not only lying on the sofa, but buried in blankets. Most of them have been removed from his actual body and instead are just covering his face.

“No,” Will says, voice muffled. “I’m good.”

Nico raises his eyebrow. On the screen, some horrible horror slasher move happens. Nico isn’t really paying attention, but he’s pretty sure that there is blood spraying everywhere. Some teenager screams.

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anonymous asked:

“killed him? wait, what, literally?” with yeol please for the drabble thing?

“killed him? wait, what, literally?” Roommate!AU// Park Chanyeol // Word Count: 850

Chanyeol was having a shit day. 
Like, monstrous levels of utter shit - he was late to work, he fought with his boss, he spilled coffee down the front of his white shirt and then, to top it all off, the sole of one of his work shoes decided to peel off in such a way that with every step he took, a resounding slapping noise followed him. Suffice to say, he was not in a great mood. 

And now he was at the train station, waiting on the 5:25 that was already ten minutes late, hoping his roommates had ordered takeout instead of trying to cook again - Baekhyun and (Y/N) were always trying new dishes, each one more wacky and disastrous than the last, and frankly, with the day he was having, he couldn’t stomach another one of (Y/N)’s chow-mein-with-a-thai-green-curry-twists. Honestly. The sky was grey, and he shuffled closer to the wall of the station, hoping to God that the skies wouldn’t open but alas, they did, and he was forced to stand with his bag over his head, a big pout covering his face. Ten minutes later, the train finally decided to arrive, and - great. He’d forgotten his all-day pass, meaning he had to pay another fee. Meaning he couldn’t buy a coffee on the way home. He took a deep breath as he found a seat (the only piece of luck he had obtained today) and just as he started to relax, his phone rang. 

Not that Chanyeol didn’t like talking on the phone, but today he just wanted peace - and he couldn’t even ignore it, because it was (Y/N), and he wasn’t about to even approach the feelings he had for her that made it impossible for him to deny her call. He groaned under his breath before answering, his head leaning on the train window. 
“What do you want, (Y/N)?” 
“I’ve - oh my God, Chanyeol, you have to help me,” She was hysterical, and that made him sit up straight. 
“What? Jesus, what’s wrong, why are you crying?” He tried to stay calm so as not to garner weird looks from strangers, but he felt his voice wobbling and raising a little. 
“It’s Baekhyun - I, I -” She was stammering, hiccupping from sobbing so hard. 
“What happened to Baekhyun?” He was on high alert now, because god, only those two could have had an accident in the half hour between them getting home from work and him getting home from his. 
“He’s, he’s - he’s dead, Yeol, I killed him-!” 
“Killed him?” He dropped his voice to a whisper as his blood ran cold, frantically looking out the train window to see how far he was from home. “Wait, what, literally?” 
“Yes, he’s just -” She wailed for a good five seconds, “He’s just staring blankly at the ceiling and he’s not breathing and I didn’t mean it-!” 
“Jesus fucking Christ, stay there!” Thankful that the train had reached his stop, Chanyeol let himself shove past other passengers to get off the platform and sprint through the rain towards home, dodging traffic and everything else that came his way. He could hardly process anything - Baekhyun was dead, and (Y/N) had killed him. How the hell had that even happened-? 

He reached the apartment block, and of course the fucking elevator was broken, so he had to take the stairs - three at a time - all the way up to the eighth floor. He was panting and dripping wet by the time he got inside, and there she was, sitting on the floor and bawling, tissues clutched in her fists. He practically skidded on his knees down onto the floor beside her, grabbing her shoulders. 
“(Y/N), tell me what happened, where’s Baekhyun?” She looked up at him, lips wobbling as she cried harder, extending the bundle of tissues out to him. 
It was only then, when he took them from her, that Chanyeol noticed it. The fish tank that regularly hosted three fish, was down to two. 
(Y/N) pointed to the tissues that Chanyeol was now unwrapping carefully, letting out a pitiful wail. 
“I was changing the tank and I dropped him, Yeol, and he just died-” A tiny gold head poked out from the tissue.

Baekhyun. Baekhyun the fucking goldfish that Baekhyun the fucking human had named after himself. 
She’d killed the goldfish. 

“You - you killed the fish.” He said, incredulously, and she nodded, whimpering, just as real human and alive Baekhyun emerged from the kitchen, sandwich in hand. 
“Sup, Yeol? She’s been crying about it for like, half an hour.” Chanyeol could hardly talk, simply taking the goldfish-filled tissue towards the bathroom and glaring at both of them. 
“I can’t talk to either of you just now. I’m flushing Baekhyun and then I’m going to sleep.” 
“Wait - did you think -” Alive human Baekhyun was laughing now. “Did you think she’d killed me?” 
“Shut up, asshole.” 
“(Y/N) he thought you’d killed me!” 
“I’ll kill you right now if you don’t shut the fuck up, Baekhyun.”

Important Daily Reminders:
  • If we follow Christ, we are commanded to love people - no matter who they are.
    “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:34-35)
  • None of us are perfect.
    “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)
  • Before you judge others, remember you’ve made mistakes too.
    “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3)
  • Despite our sins and mistakes, Jesus came to save each and every person.
    “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)
  • Forgiveness and new life is available if we ask.
    “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9)
  • Nothing can separate us from God’s love.
    “For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39)
  • God is with us in our trials.
    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)
Sun Boy (Solangelo fic)

I love solangelo so much I decided to write another fic because they deserve it
also this fic is a bit longer than the other one so just look out for that =)))


Will Solace fusses over anyone who is sick. However, that doesn’t excuse Nico from getting fluttery skeletal butterflies in his stomach every time Will does the same to Nico when he gets the occasional cough or fever. And it also doesn’t mean that Will pays any more attention just because it so happens to be Nico di Angelo.

But this time, Nico has had it up to Olympus with his goddamn coughing. His throat feels parched, and it feels as if there are a million tiny ass ants trying to crawl up his esophagus. Every time he coughs, phlegm piles up along with bile, and vomit itches at the back of his throat. He can’t even lie down to get a good night’s sleep without coughing his damn lungs out. But apparently the sight of a teary eyed Nico di Angelo hunching over the toilet bowl only cracks Will Solace up. You’d think Apollo’s son would be more helpful. Instead, Sun Boy laughs and pats Nico’s back gently saying; “It’ll be over soon.”

A week later, it isn’t. The presence of coughing seems to have incorporated itself into Nico’s daily routine, and Will’s furrowed brows that emerge every time Nico lets out a hacking cough indicates his growing worries.

Another week later, Will is constantly by Nico’s side. And at this point Nico is almost grateful for his coughing. Because although they may only be friends at this stage, Will not being grossed out by Nico should be taken as a good sign, right? And the lingering possibility that the reason why Will has stuck around so far is because he is a natural healer stays neatly tucked away from Nico’s mind for a sense of peace.

A month later, Nico’s cough has stopped and Will is still hanging around him. Apparently Nico didn’t get the memo that Sun Boy stays with the patient even after the patient is no longer said patient. 

But two months later, Nico hasn’t let out a single cough. And Will is still there. Sun Boy fusses over Nico’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anytime he has a snack; and it’s clear that it’s not because Nico’s “sick”. It’s been a solid month since Nico’s even cleared his throat a little before speaking. Everyday Nico is reminded to drink more than one liter of water, and soon Will becomes Nico’s own portable water bottle. He eats fruits and Will’s insistence even though he’d much rather eat Egg McMuffins from McDonald’s. Hell, he’d even eat vegetables. But no, Will is stubborn and even though Nico scrunches up his face every time he has to eat an apple (which is ironic, since apples should keep doctors - more specifically blonde freckled healers - away) but Will forces him to anyways. Honestly, fuck the bowls of mixed fruit. They will be the death of Nico.

In terms of Will, the boy could not have been anymore confused than him when he was with Nico. Although the pale and skinny boy looked like a polar opposite of Will (he was too freckled and lanky for his own good), they made a competent pair. No matter how many times Will nagged at Nico throughout the day, Nico seemed to enjoy it - Will never missed the tugging smile almost always daring to take over Nico’s face before being replaced with a scowl. Will had treated enough patients to be able to read the faces of many, but Nico’s expressions were a work in progress. 

And it seemed to go the same way for Nico too. Nico had encountered many demigods prior to Will, but still found that no one could persuade Nico as easily as Sun Boy. Fruits were one thing, but the way he could make Nico open up so easily scared and thrilled Nico at the same time. And even though Nico’s feelings are almost always muddled and hard to decipher; somehow with Will, Nico could place his finger on exactly what emotion he was feeling. 

So when it’s Will’s turn to be sick - he has a runny nose and a fever from overworking; which was no surprise - Nico (albeit warily) jumps at the opportunity to take care of Sun Boy. And it’s his first time seeing Will, the natural born healer of the camp, in such a state. There are tissues all over his cabin, and Will lies headfirst into his pillow, his body unmoving. There is something quite laughable about how the roles of the two boys have been reversed, and how Will refuses to shift even a bit to the left or right so that Nico can feed him some medicine. An ice-cold washcloth floats in a basin right on Will’s nightstand, as if he attempted to heal himself on his own first.

A lot of swearing and struggling from both parties is involved, with Nico saying, “I swear to the gods Sun Boy, if you don’t listen to me I will raise the dead to personally serve you for the rest of your goddamn life,” and muffled sounds from Will’s voice being muted by the pillow saying, “Fuck everything I just wanna get better” and “why should I be sick, I’m a goddamn healer this doesn’t make sense; my medical textbooks make more sense and that’s saying something”. But in the end after much wrestling - Nico demanding to take care of Will, and Will stubbornly refusing; the same ice-cold washcloth in the basin ends up on Will’s forehead, courtesy to Nico’s doing. 

And Nico decides to spend the night next to Will’s bed, much to cabin seven’s amusement; and partly because Nico really wanted to send a big ‘fuck you’ to the harpies. He uses the excuse of being Will’s temporary ‘healer’ (if he could even call himself one), and changes the washcloth every thirty minutes. This time, Nico would get the pleasure of nagging at Will to eat vegetables - Will surprisingly has had a very long history of disliking fruits - everyday as payback for the fruits.

But when dusk turns to night, and Will’s eyes droop and he falls asleep; Nico finds himself staring at Will’s blonde lashes and constellation of freckles. He is reminded of his no longer steady heartbeat, and he curses himself and all the gods for ever letting him meet Sun Boy. Because this time, Will means much more than Percy ever did, and Nico hates that. Nico should know better. Losing Bianca was enough, and liking Percy was already too much. The possibility of loving Sun Boy was too much for Nico to handle. Because Nico knows like the back of his hand that it is that much difficult to confess, but that much easy to get rejected. And Nico doesn’t think he can handle that this time around. So Nico swallow these feelings down just like he did for Percy, but this time it’s much more than that and that is specifically the reason why Nico must swallow them down. 

When morning arrives, Will wakes with a much clearer mind (and nose), and sees Nico asleep on the floor beside him. Will looks down from the bed at the makeshift mattress Nico lies on, and even with all the probable odds that Will knew were against him, he reaches down and clasps his hand with Nico’s. Too many feelings surge, and they kind of electrocute Will; but he keeps a steady grip on Nico’s hand. He doesn’t want to let go, so he decides not to for now. And perhaps it is because of chance, or most likely because of his clouded mind in the early morning; but when Nico stirs he still doesn’t let go.

Waking up and looking down at clasped hands with Nico’s crush doesn’t seem to be a possible situation until it actually happens. Nico’s never even dared to dream of this happening. And at first Nico thinks that this is a dream that should be over soon. But he feels his lashes flutter and then he things that he’s hallucinating. But then he hears Will chuckle softly, and squeezing Nico’s hand so he thinks that this is a friendly gesture. So he lets his face betray him, allowing his forehead to wrinkle up; and he looks at Will, confused and half hoping that this motion is not friendly and completely due to Will’s secret crush on Nico too.

Will doesn’t know why he says it. He thinks it’s best to blame it on his fever. But when blurts out “Dude I think I really like you and not in the friend way” it is all he can do to not curl up and hide under his blankets. He’s such a fucking softie, he feels like a moron. He lets go of Nico’s hand quickly and sits up, watching the washcloth on his forehead fall splat onto the ground.

Nico doesn’t know what to feel. He must really be dreaming. Because Sun Boy just said that he likes Nico not in a friend way, which must mean he likes Nico like a crush. And that shouldn’t be possible because they are technically polar opposites. But apparently Nico doesn’t realize what he’s doing too, because just as Will lets go of his hand, Nico grabs Will’s hand to stop it from moving away. He trembles a bit and whisper-mumbles “Me too.” It has been established. Nico’s a fucking moron for doing this and he knows it but does it anyways. 

But when confessions are done and they are clasping hands and hugging and smiling and feeling ecstatic, they are interrupted by Nico, who lets out a very large sneeze. And when the irony is drowned out by peals of laughter from Will, Nico, and the entirety of cabin seven; Nico decides he would very much like to take back all the insults he hurled at the gods the night before. Instead, Nico would like to thank them for letting him meet Sun Boy, who has brought with him a lot of sunlight Nico never thought he needed. And even though many doubts are still swirling in the air, Nico has a very strong (and hopeful) feeling that this time, Will won’t leave the same searing mark that Percy did. 


Also PSA/Update thingy!!!!
I now take fic requests for SoMa, Drarry, Percabeth, Solangelo, Jasper, Kaider, and Cresswell. If you have other requests just send them and I’ll take a look at it and maybe i’ll write it =)))

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

A flawless saying used against bullies to defend yourself from teasing… according to parents and teachers.

Her name was Bessie. Bessie moved here during fifth grade right before Christmas. By that time all of us had our groups set. Our own friends. We weren’t quite willing to move over to make room for someone new. Especially ‘Moo Cow Bessie’.

It wasn’t my idea to call her Moo Cow. She wasn’t even that fat, a little chunky sure, but no more than any other kid that age. That was Kyle’s idea. 

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AUTHOR : loricameback / loriwrites

GENRE : smut / oral, male / intercourse




My body felt fantastic. I stretched cat-like and slowly opened my eyes. I yawned as I began to focus. This was not my alarm clock…not my bed…not my house. I took a sharp breath in then remembered Bucky. A sigh of pleasure took over my body until I realized he wasn’t here.

Voices. I could hear people outside the door. Pulling the covers back and swinging my legs over the bed, I got up and searched for my panties. “Shit.” On my hands and knees I looked under the bed, in the covers. I didn’t even hear the door open.

“Nightstand kitten.” Bucky was right behind me, his metal fingers slowly caressing my cheek. I leaned into them and purred. He moaned, “I *do* love to hear kitty purr.” Still on my knees, I turned, licking my lips as I looked at the tent forming in his sweatpants. “Not yet doll. We need some nutrition.“ In his flesh hand, he offered me a plate with pineapple slices and put bottle of water on the nightstand.

“Thank you Bucky.” I kissed his lips softly and sat on the bed, eating the fruit. “You’re very sweet.” Trying to hold back a smile I said, “I *do* love the bad boy in you, but this is good too.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow and smirked. “You like the danger, huh?” I nodded emphatically. The ridges in his left arm opened and closed as he flexed. The piece of pineapple I was holding slipped out of my hand.

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Valhalla is where you are - Part 2

Imagine: You and Björn are childhood friend who have separated ways when Lagertha left Ragnar. Years later you and Björn reunite and your love for eachother as friends starts to take a turn.

Part 1 here

Words: 1908

Timeline: Situated around S02E05

Request by: Anonymous

The both of you arrived at the center of the village. At that moment there were already a lot of people there so your entrance wasn’t noticed much. The people were standing in a circle and Rollo was pacing back and forth in expectation of the offer. He was carrying a giant axe, the one that was always used for offers who weren’t from the same village. Actually it was an execution that was about to find place, but nobody called it that. The crowd became quiet when Rollo spoke out loud. “This day, we offer a sacrifice to Odin the mighty one. To thank him for the victory of Jarl Borg.” Immediately everyone started to cheer. Some Vikings smashed their axes against their shields, some women kissed their partner out of excitement. The yelling continued until Torstein entered the circle. In his hand he was holding a rope that was connected to the neck of the offer. “Release him from his bonds, I know he want to die well.” Rollo ordered. Torstein nodded and started to take the ropes of the prisoners neck and hands. In the meantime the crowd became quiet again, as if everyone was holding his breath. Björn was standing next to his mother and you were positioned right behind him. Because of the density of the people you were able to hold hands without anyone noticing. Björn knew you weren’t a fan of beheadings, so he pinched softly in your hand to made you know that he was there with you. “Kneel.” Again Rollo’s voice. The prisoner from Jarl Borg’s army walked forward and sunk down on his knees. But instead of looking down in fear, he raised his chin right up. Immediately when the man was down Rollo started to speak the words for making an offer. “In the presence of the gods and in their honour, I offer this sacrifice.” He raised the axe and aimed for the neck, but when he was about to slash through it, he was held up by Ragnar.
“Stop.” Everyone looked up to the earl who doomed out of the shadows. Ragnar jumped into the circle and walked upon Rollo. With his hands he gestured Rollo to hand over the axe. Rollo frowned his eyebrows, did what he was asked and took a step back. The atmosphere was obviously tense between them. Ragnar took grip on the axe and for a moment it looked like was going to make the offer himself. Until he turned to Björn and reached the axe out to him with a meaningful look in his eyes. You felt Björn clamp together, but he didn’t show any sign of weakness. “Father?” He asked Ragnar with a surprised glance on his face. But Ragnar kept quiet because he knew that Björn would realise what he was supposed to do. Just as Björn you were also shocked by this enormous twist in the offer. Just like he did with you a few moments earlier you pinched in his hand. After that Björn released your hand and walked into the circle with a little hesitation. He and his father exchanged a few glances before Björn took over the axe. It was heavy, heavier than any other axe he had worked of fought with. But that didn’t stop him from throwing it slightly up in the air and clamming his hand around a lower part of the wooden shaft. As he stood in the middle of the circle with all the eyes pointed on him, you saw him gaining confidence. A little brutal Björn turned to the man and took the axe in position. While he was looking at the man on his knees he spoke the same words as his uncle. “In the presence of the gods and in their honour.” For a moment he kept quiet and felt his heartbeat raise. “I offer this sacrifice.” Björn swung the axe in the air, only to chop it down with an enormous force, straight through the neck of the offer. Blood spatted in his face and he heard the cracking sound of the bones breaking. But the noise was overthrown by the cheering of the people around him. For a moment he stood there dead quiet, staring at the head from the offer that rolled away from the body. Björn didn’t realized what he had done until Rollo came up to him with a smile on his face. He had dipped his hand in the blood of the offer and smeared it on Björn’s face without saying a word. Björn nodded to him, still in shock from what he had done. But the feeling disappeared when he saw the proud look on his father’s face.
“Are you alright?” You made your way through the crowd and pulled Björn by his sleave. A little surprised he looked at you. “I think so. Are you?” His question made you smile. He was the one who decapitated a man, but still he was worried about you? “Of course I am, I’m not the one who swung the axe.” Björn smiled in relief and kneeled down by the bowl of blood. He went with his hands through the blood, only to sweep it over your face. “You are right.” You said while you felt the warm blood dripping over your face. “You are good with an axe.” Björn looked down in a timid way and raised his shoulders. He wiped his hands to his shirt to get rid of the remaining blood, but it was already starting to dry up which made it hard. “Maybe I should put on some other clothes and get myself cleaned up. We are about to eat.” You nodded in approval. “So must I.” Without any further word Björn grabbed your hand to prevent him losing you in the crowd. “The street on your left.” You said to him when you both left the crowd behind you. “Y/n, you really think I forgot where you live?” He looked over his shoulder and smirked at you. “I was hoping not.” You admitted and followed Björn to your place. He was still holding your hand although it wasn’t really necessary anymore. But you did not complain.
When the both of you arrived at your place, you were the one leading him into the house. Björn walked in behind you and searched through the room looking for some resembles from when you were younger. “It hasn’t changed much.” You answered the question he was asking with his eyes. “No it hasn’t.” - “But you have!” A deep, manly voice sounded and Björn turned his head towards the source of the sound. In the doorway there was standing a huge Viking with a little beard and braids in his hair. It took him a few seconds to realize who the slightly older guy was. “Vidar.” Björn said with an entertained undertone in his voice. The two walked upon each other and fell into a firm embrace. “By the gods you have grown big.” Vidar said to Björn. “You have doubled in size my friend. What do I say? Tripled.” Björn laughed softly, looked at you while he did that. “We all have grown.” He answered modest. You were standing on the side of the room, looking with joy to your brother talking with Björn. “Now you can protect my sister from trouble instead she has to protect you.” Vidar reminisced with an amused glance on his face. “If that is what you want to believe, brother.” You defended yourself with a smile on your face and pushed Vidar to the shoulder. Vidar chuckled as he made preparative to leave the house. “I see you at the feast, Björn.” Björn nodded with a smile. “And behave. The both of you.” You gasped with laughter and grabbed a blanket that was nearby to throw it at your brother. But he already left the house.
“Here.” You handed over a clean shirt from Vidar to Björn. “I guess you’re both the same size.” Björn took the shirt and placed it on your bed. After that he grabbed the edge of his shirt and started to undress himself. Björn’s back was pointing towards you, and you just couldn’t stop yourself from staring at his back muscles. After a while he noticed and looked over his shoulder towards you. “What is wrong?” Björn asked concerned and looked at you with big eyes. You felt caught by guard and immediately your cheeks started to turn red. “Nothing.” Björn frowned his eyebrows in confusion and turned towards you. Slowly he stepped closer. “Did I do something wrong?” He asked with an uncertain smile on his face and scratched the back of his head. You felt your eyes going downwards on his body. First you looked at the necklace he was wearing and after that you noticed the little hair growth on his muscular chest. “No. But I think I am feeling wrong?” You whispered and took a step back. Out of nowhere there had appeared an attraction towards him, and you didn’t knew how to feel about it. A sore look came on Björn’s face and he also took a step back. “I do not want to make you feel uncomfortable, y/n. If you want me to I can go clean myself up elsewhere.”
“Please no.” you answered quickly. Cautious you walked forward again, until you almost stood against him. Not only your breath and heartbeat raised, it was also happening with Björn. He leaned to the side, took the cloth you prepared for washing of the blood and reached it up to your face. “Stay still.” He whispered and brought it against your face while you closed your eyes. The warm water flooded over your face and neck until your clothes absorbed it. A few times he repeated the gesture, until there was no more blood on your face. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” Björn asked out of nowhere. He dropped the cloth and placed both his hands on each side of your face. His head was so close you could feel his breath on your wet skin. You shivered beneath his touch. “Are you uncomfortable?” he asked you whispering and stared you straight into the eyes. His blue eyes were breath taking. “No.” you answered softly and placed your hand behind his neck. Björn didn’t need more signals to understand where you wanted this to go. So without saying any further word he placed his lips on yours. You pressed forward kissing him a little rougher. Björn took his hands back from your head and placed them on your hips. He pulled your lower body against his and you could feel how much he wanted you. Without further hesitation you opened the buttons of your leather corset and took it off. Just like Björn you were standing half naked but you kept each other warm. Swiftly Björn grabbed you by your upper legs and lifted you on his middle and you reacted by clamping your legs around him. He walked towards your bed and placed you down on your back. “Tell me when you want me to stop.” He panted and brought his fingers up to open your breeching. “Don’t.” you answered and gasped when you felt his fingers on your bare skin. And so Björn didn’t stop, not until the both of you experienced your first time together.

Whipped (Hamilton x Reader...and Thomas)

Request: Could you write a Hamilton x female reader fic where Alex and Thomas get in a fight somewhere (I don’t really care where) and it starts to get physical. The reader steps in front of Alex and gets in a fighting stance to defend him. Thomas being the asshole he is says to her “Sorry but I don’t hit girls” as the reader proceeds to deck him in the face. Thank you😄

A/N: so we felt really bad because we made Thomas really sexist and a huge asshole but hey, do it for the plot. Hope you enjoy.

Warnings: Some cursing. Also some blood and violence but very little **the reader is a fucking badass feminist so yeah if you’re offended by that then go home

Word count: 774 words

You were walking alone in town. It was Saturday and you decided to spend the day for yourself, running some errands. Usually you and your boyfriend, Alexander, went out but today he said he was going to hang out with his coworker, Thomas.

You were never quite sure if you liked Thomas. He seemed very–arrogant. He could never control his temper. Always starting trouble. But Alex seemed to like him, and as long as Alex was happy, so were you.

It was a fairly sunny and warm day. You were heading to your car when suddenly you hear yelling. “Don’t talk about her like that!” You heard a familiar voice yell. Alexander.

You walked faster, locating the sound of his voice. He was on the corner of the local park. With Thomas. They were in a heated argument. Alexander’s fists were clenched at his side, his face slowly turning pink with anger.

Thomas was stanced defensively, as if he didn’t know whether to strike yet or not. “Dude, you’re whipped,” Thomas exclaimed. “You do whatever she tells you! You’re basically her pet!”

Alexander fumed. “So, because I love her and care about her well-being and if she’s happy, I’m whipped?!” He shot back. “At least I have a girlfriend!” Thomas suddenly pushed Alex, making him stumble back a little.

You ran up to them, just as Alex shoved Thomas back. “Hey, hey, hey,” you began, trying to calm them down. “What’s going on here?” You asked, standing between them.

Alex pointed to Thomas. “This asshole says I’m whipped because I wanted to go home and spend time with you,” he began. “Because you are,” Thomas added, rolling his eyes. “You’re not a dog. She calls and you heel like a little puppy. Grow some balls–” he began.

Alex lunged at Thomas, his face bright red, but Thomas quickly overpowered him, tripping him. He knocked the breath from him with one swift kick in the side. “Don’t try me, Hamilton. I will end you,” he warned. You stepped in front of Alex.

“Get away from him, Thomas. Or I swear–,” you growled. Alex stumbled to his feet. “I’m fine,” he said, ready to strike at Thomas. Thomas snorted. “You need your girl to come save you?” He sneered. “God, you’re pathetic–” he began.

You shoved Thomas backwards. “Back up, jackass,” you warned, your eyes wild. Thomas crossed his arms. “Or what?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “What are you going to do? Tell me to heel? I’m not your bitch. Unlike Alexander here.”

You fumed. “I swear, the next thing you say about him, you’ll have me to deal with. I will knock you dead to the ground,” you said, dangerously soft. He rolled his eyes. “Sorry, but I don’t hit girls–” he began but you were already decking him in the jaw.

He stumbled back. His mouth was bloody. He rubbed his jaw. “You bitch,” he sneered. He spit blood onto the sidewalk. “Say something else,” you dared. “I dare you.” He backed up slightly. “I’m not afraid of you,” he said, shaking his head.

“You’re just a little girl,” he said. That was it. You hit him again, straight in his perfect nose. He exclaimed in pain. “I warned you,” you said. “This girl grew up a long time ago.” Alex smiled. “Gosh, I love you,” he said softly. Thomas held his nose, blood dripping in his hands.

“Bitch,” he mumbled, stumbling away. You watched as he crossed the street, holding the bridge of his nose back. People stared at him, mostly in disgust at the sexist pig walking amongst them. Suddenly, people around you began clapping. A few cheering. You blushed.

Alexander laughed, kissing your cheek. “I tried to tell him,” he shrugged. You grinned. “You’re a good boyfriend,” you said, kissing him lightly on the lips as you began walking to the car. “And you’re a fucking badass girlfriend,” he said.