god raised him from the dead

I think some of the best advice I’ve learned to give myself spiritually is no matter how much I sin or fall, no matter how many times, no matter how guilty or ashamed I feel, never stop coming to Jesus. Never let it hold you back or keep you away from drawing close to Him and trying to grow. Never tire of repenting, even if it feels like you repeatedly repent for many of the same things. Sin is inward and it takes more than a one time conviction for the behaviors to fully follow and get out of habits or the depths of our depravity. Accept the truth you’re forgiven and free when you come to Christ and genuinely want Him to continue to change your heart to be more like His, and move forward. If I stop moving toward Him because I am letting my sin become greater than his grace and mercy, I am doubting the power of His redeeming work to the power of my flesh. Paul reassures us in Romans nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. If that is our reality, then we shouldn’t let anything, no matter how bad, how frequent, how difficult it is to overcome, how long it takes to get past- none of that should ever stop us from still coming to Him and seeking to become more like Him. Don’t give up because of your sin or fallings. Look to Christ. The whole point of the cross was not only that Christ paid the price to remove our condemnation, but He triumphed victoriously over all sin and death. The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us, and we can overcome. Believe that. Don’t let discouragement drag you down or get stuck at “I obviously can’t be holy.” Of course you can’t, we’re sinful by nature, which is why we desperately need Jesus- but there is bright hope in knowing we have Him, and He is able.

Then listen to this, you and all the people of Israel! You nailed Jesus Christ of Nazareth to the cross. But God raised him from the dead. It is through Jesus’ name that this man stands healed in front of you. You can’t be saved by believing in anyone else. God has given people no other name under heaven that will save them.
— Acts 4:10,12

Whipped (Hamilton x Reader...and Thomas)

Request: Could you write a Hamilton x female reader fic where Alex and Thomas get in a fight somewhere (I don’t really care where) and it starts to get physical. The reader steps in front of Alex and gets in a fighting stance to defend him. Thomas being the asshole he is says to her “Sorry but I don’t hit girls” as the reader proceeds to deck him in the face. Thank you😄

A/N: so we felt really bad because we made Thomas really sexist and a huge asshole but hey, do it for the plot. Hope you enjoy.

Warnings: Some cursing. **the reader is a fucking badass feminist so yeah if you’re offended by that then go home

Word count: 774 words

You were walking alone in town. It was Saturday and you decided to spend the day for yourself, running some errands. Usually you and your boyfriend, Alexander, went out but today he said he was going to hang out with his coworker, Thomas.

You were never quite sure if you liked Thomas. He seemed very–arrogant. He could never control his temper. Always starting trouble. But Alex seemed to like him, and as long as Alex was happy, so were you.

It was a fairly sunny and warm day. You were heading to your car when suddenly you hear yelling. “Don’t talk about her like that!” You heard a familiar voice yell. Alexander.

You walked faster, locating the sound of his voice. He was on the corner of the local park. With Thomas. They were in a heated argument. Alexander’s fists were clenched at his side, his face slowly turning pink with anger.

Thomas was stanced defensively, as if he didn’t know whether to strike yet or not. “Dude, you’re whipped,” Thomas exclaimed. “You do whatever she tells you! You’re basically her pet!”

Alexander fumed. “So, because I love her and care about her well-being and if she’s happy, I’m whipped?!” He shot back. “At least I have a girlfriend!” Thomas suddenly pushed Alex, making him stumble back a little.

You ran up to them, just as Alex shoved Thomas back. “Hey, hey, hey,” you began, trying to calm them down. “What’s going on here?” You asked, standing between them.

Alex pointed to Thomas. “This asshole says I’m whipped because I wanted to go home and spend time with you,” he began. “Because you are,” Thomas added, rolling his eyes. “You’re not a dog. She calls and you heel like a little puppy. Grow some balls–” he began.

Alex lunged at Thomas, his face bright red, but Thomas quickly overpowered him, tripping him. He knocked the breath from him with one swift kick in the side. “Don’t try me, Hamilton. I will end you,” he warned. You stepped in front of Alex.

“Get away from him, Thomas. Or I swear–,” you growled. Alex stumbled to his feet. “I’m fine,” he said, ready to strike at Thomas. Thomas snorted. “You need your girl to come save you?” He sneered. “God, you’re pathetic–” he began.

You shoved Thomas backwards. “Back up, jackass,” you warned, your eyes wild. Thomas crossed his arms. “Or what?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “What are you going to do? Tell me to heel? I’m not your bitch. Unlike Alexander here.”

You fumed. “I swear, the next thing you say about him, you’ll have me to deal with. I will knock you dead to the ground,” you said, dangerously soft. He rolled his eyes. “Sorry, but I don’t hit girls–” he began but you were already decking him in the jaw.

He stumbled back. His mouth was bloody. He rubbed his jaw. “You bitch,” he sneered. He spit blood onto the sidewalk. “Say something else,” you dared. “I dare you.” He backed up slightly. “I’m not afraid of you,” he said, shaking his head.

“You’re just a little girl,” he said. That was it. You hit him again, straight in his perfect nose. He exclaimed in pain. “I warned you,” you said. “This girl grew up a long time ago.” Alex smiled. “Gosh, I love you,” he said softly. Thomas held his nose, blood dripping in his hands.

“Bitch,” he mumbled, stumbling away. You watched as he crossed the street, holding the bridge of his nose back. People stared at him, mostly in disgust at the sexist pig walking amongst them. Suddenly, people around you began clapping. A few cheering. You blushed.

Alexander laughed, kissing your cheek. “I tried to tell him,” he shrugged. You grinned. “You’re a good boyfriend,” you said, kissing him lightly on the lips as you began walking to the car. “And you’re a fucking badass girlfriend,” he said.

Syd Tries FanFiction: The Blarke Reunion

So fair fucking warning I have never in my life written fic before, but I typed this out for @clxrkblake tonight so we could cry and she told me to post it so I’m gonna. Basically this was my ideal, dream reunion before I saw the finale. (I’ve changed my mind about a few things since we saw the new ship but whatever I’ll still dream of this reunion every night for the next 9 months.)

So anyway, I wrote this up in like 30 minutes and there’s probably lots of typos, but deal with it and then come cry with me. <3


Bellamy sits by the window like he does every year, looking at the planet he used to call home. The glass in his hand is almost empty by now. It almost makes up for the whole thats still in his heart. It almost, for a second makes him forget she isn’t there beside him, that they never got that drink. 

He starts the same as he does every year. “I miss you. It’s been 6 years and I still miss you every day. You’d be so proud of everyone. Even Murphy.” He wipes at the tears collecting in his eyes. It never gets easier.

“I just wish… I wish I’d have told you when we had the chance. Timing never really was our strong suit was it? We were too busy keeping 100 kids alive. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. Not a second of it.” He lifts the empty cup towards the planet thats now her grave. “I still love ya, Princess.”

He knows Raven’s behind him even before she comes to stand next to him. She’s always there for this. “It’s never gonna get easier is it?”

She shakes her head. “No. I still miss Finn every day. But you learn to deal with it. You never get over losing the one you love, their memory just becomes a part of who you are.”

He nods along. He asks her the same question every year. Every year, expecting to get a different answer. Maybe this time she’ll tell him ‘Yeah. The pain fades. One day you can breathe again. One day you’ll be able to look down at the earth below you and not feel that part of you that’s missing. But she never does.

“She’d be so proud of you Bellamy. You know that, right?”

“Yeah, I just-” The static of the radio on his hip interrupts his thoughts. “Shit I thought I turned that off.” He fumbles for it, hands made clumsy by the drinks he’s downed. He barely has it out of the holster when he stops himself. Was that? No… It couldn’t be… It was just the alcohol in his system. But then…

“Where - you?"A voice. A voice even after 6 years, after 100 years he would never let himself forget. Her voice.

"Oh my god…” Raven whispers from behind him. “It can’t…”

The radio depends back into static once more before going silent and Bellamy raises his own shocked eyes to meet Ravens. “Clarke?”


They don’t believe him. “You were just drunk Bellamy.” “It’s been six years Bellamy.” They think he’s holding on to a ghost, but he knows what he heard.

“We can’t risk it because you thought you heard a dead girl on the radio.” That’s Murphy.

“It could have been an old transmission… we can’t just go down without knowing anything-”

“I left her once. I am not doing it again. If there is even the slightest chance that she is alive down there, WE ARE GOING BACK FOR HER.”


Three weeks after the night by the window they make contact. He’s helping Monty check on the algae when he hears Raven screaming his name through the halls.

“I found it.” That’s all it takes for him to follow her to the control room, to the radio, to Clarke.

“This is the station it came through. But we don’t know for sure-”

“Have you tried to make contact yet?”

“No, we were waiting for you.”

“Ok…” He sighs and grabs the radio. This is it. He’s either about to finally find that missing piece of himself or lose it all over again. “This is Ark Ring to… the ground. Is anyone there? Clarke are you there?”

There’s nothing. It feels like hours floating through freezing water waiting to hear something, anything.


“I’m sorry Bell.” Monty puts a hand on his shoulder.

She’s gone. He pushes himself away from the table ready to yell, or cry, or hit something. 


“Holy shit.”

Bellamy could tell you he’s never moved that fast in his life, almost falling over himself to get to the radio. “Clarke?”

“Bell-my?” His legs give out, but Murphy leans in to ease his fall.

“Yeah. Yeah Clarke it’s me. Oh my- It’s you? It’s really you? How?”

“Yeah Bell, it’s me.” He can hear the tears in her voice, the same as his own. 

“I’m coming back for you. I’m coming back. I promise. I’m not leaving you again.”

“I miss you.” Its all she can say.


The day they land on Earth the second time, isn’t anything like the first. It’s raining for one.

Two, he knows what’s waiting for him when he opens the door. 

And she is. 

Standing at the tree line, looking as beautiful as the day he lost her, is Clarke. Her hair is shorter. And there’s one or two more wrinkles around her eyes when she smiles, but god is she beautiful. Its like they’re not frozen for a moment, both of them standing in shock and amazement that they finally get this. 

Then, it’s like time is moving in fast forward and he’s on his feet and hers are carrying her towards him and they crash together like suddenly all their forgotten broken pieces are fitting back together. He holds her so close he thinks he can feel her heartbeat in his chest and she tangles her small hands through his hair and they’re both crying. But for the first time in 6 years, they aren’t tears for grieving. He’s sobbing apologies against her hair and she’s whispering forgiveness against his shoulder and it’s almost like they didn’t lose those 6 years. Like they were kids again, stranded on a dying planet, leaning on each other for survival.

He pulls back first to look at her. He wants to take in every single inch of her face and memorize it because he never wants to have to forget that face again. 

“I never gave up.” She laughs. “Not on you.”

He stroked her cheek, through the rain and the tears. “I thought I lost you. For 6 years.”

“You didn’t.” She pulls him close against, resting her forehead against his, and they laugh. 

He spent the past 6 years wishing he hadn’t lost her, dreaming that she could come back to him, praying that he could just hold her one more time. And now he get’s all of it. Because she’s alive and in his arms and laughing with him in the rain and he’s never going to lose her again.

TAH DAH! I hope it wasn’t awful! I’m gonna tag a few mutuals so they can share my pain. Love you guys!

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Free to Be You and Me - Part 3

Word Count: 1700

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN typical violence

A/N: Unedited. Mistakes and fuckups are all mine. 

Constructive feedback welcome and very much appreciated.

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“God can’t die.” You sounded so sure of yourself it even surprised you. “That’s just stupid.”

“There’s no other explanation.” Raphael looked at you again, his eyes raking over you like you were some sort of grand prize. It was horribly uncomfortable but you stood your ground, unwavering. “He’s gone for good.”

“You’re lying.” Cas snapped. His voice broke a little, clearly trying not to believe Raphael but part of him did.

“Am I?” Raphael challenged. “Do you remember the twentieth century? Think the twenty-first is going any better? Do you think God would have let any of that happen if He were alive?” His point was a valid one. A lot of horrible things had happened that would prove there was no God, and if there was he didn’t give a damn.

“Oh yeah?” Dean laughed. “Well then who invented the Chinese basket trick?”

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Valhalla is where you are - Part 2

Imagine: You and Björn are childhood friend who have separated ways when Lagertha left Ragnar. Years later you and Björn reunite and your love for eachother as friends starts to take a turn.

Part 1 here

Words: 1908

Timeline: Situated around S02E05

Request by: Anonymous

The both of you arrived at the center of the village. At that moment there were already a lot of people there so your entrance wasn’t noticed much. The people were standing in a circle and Rollo was pacing back and forth in expectation of the offer. He was carrying a giant axe, the one that was always used for offers who weren’t from the same village. Actually it was an execution that was about to find place, but nobody called it that. The crowd became quiet when Rollo spoke out loud. “This day, we offer a sacrifice to Odin the mighty one. To thank him for the victory of Jarl Borg.” Immediately everyone started to cheer. Some Vikings smashed their axes against their shields, some women kissed their partner out of excitement. The yelling continued until Torstein entered the circle. In his hand he was holding a rope that was connected to the neck of the offer. “Release him from his bonds, I know he want to die well.” Rollo ordered. Torstein nodded and started to take the ropes of the prisoners neck and hands. In the meantime the crowd became quiet again, as if everyone was holding his breath. Björn was standing next to his mother and you were positioned right behind him. Because of the density of the people you were able to hold hands without anyone noticing. Björn knew you weren’t a fan of beheadings, so he pinched softly in your hand to made you know that he was there with you. “Kneel.” Again Rollo’s voice. The prisoner from Jarl Borg’s army walked forward and sunk down on his knees. But instead of looking down in fear, he raised his chin right up. Immediately when the man was down Rollo started to speak the words for making an offer. “In the presence of the gods and in their honour, I offer this sacrifice.” He raised the axe and aimed for the neck, but when he was about to slash through it, he was held up by Ragnar.
“Stop.” Everyone looked up to the earl who doomed out of the shadows. Ragnar jumped into the circle and walked upon Rollo. With his hands he gestured Rollo to hand over the axe. Rollo frowned his eyebrows, did what he was asked and took a step back. The atmosphere was obviously tense between them. Ragnar took grip on the axe and for a moment it looked like was going to make the offer himself. Until he turned to Björn and reached the axe out to him with a meaningful look in his eyes. You felt Björn clamp together, but he didn’t show any sign of weakness. “Father?” He asked Ragnar with a surprised glance on his face. But Ragnar kept quiet because he knew that Björn would realise what he was supposed to do. Just as Björn you were also shocked by this enormous twist in the offer. Just like he did with you a few moments earlier you pinched in his hand. After that Björn released your hand and walked into the circle with a little hesitation. He and his father exchanged a few glances before Björn took over the axe. It was heavy, heavier than any other axe he had worked of fought with. But that didn’t stop him from throwing it slightly up in the air and clamming his hand around a lower part of the wooden shaft. As he stood in the middle of the circle with all the eyes pointed on him, you saw him gaining confidence. A little brutal Björn turned to the man and took the axe in position. While he was looking at the man on his knees he spoke the same words as his uncle. “In the presence of the gods and in their honour.” For a moment he kept quiet and felt his heartbeat raise. “I offer this sacrifice.” Björn swung the axe in the air, only to chop it down with an enormous force, straight through the neck of the offer. Blood spatted in his face and he heard the cracking sound of the bones breaking. But the noise was overthrown by the cheering of the people around him. For a moment he stood there dead quiet, staring at the head from the offer that rolled away from the body. Björn didn’t realized what he had done until Rollo came up to him with a smile on his face. He had dipped his hand in the blood of the offer and smeared it on Björn’s face without saying a word. Björn nodded to him, still in shock from what he had done. But the feeling disappeared when he saw the proud look on his father’s face.
“Are you alright?” You made your way through the crowd and pulled Björn by his sleave. A little surprised he looked at you. “I think so. Are you?” His question made you smile. He was the one who decapitated a man, but still he was worried about you? “Of course I am, I’m not the one who swung the axe.” Björn smiled in relief and kneeled down by the bowl of blood. He went with his hands through the blood, only to sweep it over your face. “You are right.” You said while you felt the warm blood dripping over your face. “You are good with an axe.” Björn looked down in a timid way and raised his shoulders. He wiped his hands to his shirt to get rid of the remaining blood, but it was already starting to dry up which made it hard. “Maybe I should put on some other clothes and get myself cleaned up. We are about to eat.” You nodded in approval. “So must I.” Without any further word Björn grabbed your hand to prevent him losing you in the crowd. “The street on your left.” You said to him when you both left the crowd behind you. “Y/n, you really think I forgot where you live?” He looked over his shoulder and smirked at you. “I was hoping not.” You admitted and followed Björn to your place. He was still holding your hand although it wasn’t really necessary anymore. But you did not complain.
When the both of you arrived at your place, you were the one leading him into the house. Björn walked in behind you and searched through the room looking for some resembles from when you were younger. “It hasn’t changed much.” You answered the question he was asking with his eyes. “No it hasn’t.” - “But you have!” A deep, manly voice sounded and Björn turned his head towards the source of the sound. In the doorway there was standing a huge Viking with a little beard and braids in his hair. It took him a few seconds to realize who the slightly older guy was. “Vidar.” Björn said with an entertained undertone in his voice. The two walked upon each other and fell into a firm embrace. “By the gods you have grown big.” Vidar said to Björn. “You have doubled in size my friend. What do I say? Tripled.” Björn laughed softly, looked at you while he did that. “We all have grown.” He answered modest. You were standing on the side of the room, looking with joy to your brother talking with Björn. “Now you can protect my sister from trouble instead she has to protect you.” Vidar reminisced with an amused glance on his face. “If that is what you want to believe, brother.” You defended yourself with a smile on your face and pushed Vidar to the shoulder. Vidar chuckled as he made preparative to leave the house. “I see you at the feast, Björn.” Björn nodded with a smile. “And behave. The both of you.” You gasped with laughter and grabbed a blanket that was nearby to throw it at your brother. But he already left the house.
“Here.” You handed over a clean shirt from Vidar to Björn. “I guess you’re both the same size.” Björn took the shirt and placed it on your bed. After that he grabbed the edge of his shirt and started to undress himself. Björn’s back was pointing towards you, and you just couldn’t stop yourself from staring at his back muscles. After a while he noticed and looked over his shoulder towards you. “What is wrong?” Björn asked concerned and looked at you with big eyes. You felt caught by guard and immediately your cheeks started to turn red. “Nothing.” Björn frowned his eyebrows in confusion and turned towards you. Slowly he stepped closer. “Did I do something wrong?” He asked with an uncertain smile on his face and scratched the back of his head. You felt your eyes going downwards on his body. First you looked at the necklace he was wearing and after that you noticed the little hair growth on his muscular chest. “No. But I think I am feeling wrong?” You whispered and took a step back. Out of nowhere there had appeared an attraction towards him, and you didn’t knew how to feel about it. A sore look came on Björn’s face and he also took a step back. “I do not want to make you feel uncomfortable, y/n. If you want me to I can go clean myself up elsewhere.”
“Please no.” you answered quickly. Cautious you walked forward again, until you almost stood against him. Not only your breath and heartbeat raised, it was also happening with Björn. He leaned to the side, took the cloth you prepared for washing of the blood and reached it up to your face. “Stay still.” He whispered and brought it against your face while you closed your eyes. The warm water flooded over your face and neck until your clothes absorbed it. A few times he repeated the gesture, until there was no more blood on your face. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” Björn asked out of nowhere. He dropped the cloth and placed both his hands on each side of your face. His head was so close you could feel his breath on your wet skin. You shivered beneath his touch. “Are you uncomfortable?” he asked you whispering and stared you straight into the eyes. His blue eyes were breath taking. “No.” you answered softly and placed your hand behind his neck. Björn didn’t need more signals to understand where you wanted this to go. So without saying any further word he placed his lips on yours. You pressed forward kissing him a little rougher. Björn took his hands back from your head and placed them on your hips. He pulled your lower body against his and you could feel how much he wanted you. Without further hesitation you opened the buttons of your leather corset and took it off. Just like Björn you were standing half naked but you kept each other warm. Swiftly Björn grabbed you by your upper legs and lifted you on his middle and you reacted by clamping your legs around him. He walked towards your bed and placed you down on your back. “Tell me when you want me to stop.” He panted and brought his fingers up to open your breeching. “Don’t.” you answered and gasped when you felt his fingers on your bare skin. And so Björn didn’t stop, not until the both of you experienced your first time together.

Holy Saturday – 15 April – The Lord’s descent into hell 

 The Creed proclaims “He descended into Hell.”    This homily for Holy Saturday from the 4th Century treats of the “harrowing of hell” and the rescue of Adam and Eve.  Note the parallels between Adam and Eve’s sin, which lost paradise for us and the passion of Christ, which won for us not simply an earthly paradise, but eternal life.   It was to the Limbo of the Fathers that Christ descended, a place of the dead that was emptied through His Passion, Resurrection and Ascension and no longer exists.   By this “Harrowing of Hell,” as His Descent is sometimes called, the doors to Heaven were swung open so that those who die in a state of grace may enter in, alleluia!   Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, the good thief on the cross — all the righteous were illuminated by the Presence of Christ in the place of death, making Sheol itself a paradise.   They remained there with Him until His Bodily Resurrection when the the “bars of Hell” were broken down and they were later able to enter into Heaven itself with His glorious Ascension.

“What is happening? Today there is a great silence over the earth, a great silence, and stillness, a great silence because the King sleeps; the earth was in terror and was still, because God slept in the flesh and raised up those who were sleeping from the ages. God has died in the flesh, and the underworld has trembled.

Truly he goes to seek out our first parent like a lost sheep; he wishes to visit those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death. He goes to free the prisoner Adam and his fellow-prisoner Eve from their pains, he who is God, and Adam’s son.

The Lord goes in to them holding his victorious weapon, his cross. When Adam, the first created man, sees him, he strikes his breast in terror and calls out to all: ‘My Lord be with you all.’ And Christ in reply says to Adam: ‘And with your spirit.’ And grasping his hand he raises him up, saying: ‘Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light.

‘I am your God, who for your sake became your son, who for you and your descendants now speak and command with authority those in prison: Come forth, and those in darkness: Have light, and those who sleep: Rise.

‘I command you: Awake, sleeper, I have not made you to be held a prisoner in the underworld. Arise from the dead; I am the life of the dead. Arise, O man, work of my hands, arise, you who were fashioned in my image. Rise, let us go hence; for you in me and I in you, together we are one undivided person.

‘For you, I your God became your son; for you, I the Master took on your form; that of slave; for you, I who am above the heavens came on earth and under the earth; for you, man, I became as a man without help, free among the dead; for you, who left a garden, I was handed over to Jews from a garden and crucified in a garden.

‘Look at the spittle on my face, which I received because of you, in order to restore you to that first divine inbreathing at creation. See the blows on my cheeks, which I accepted in order to refashion your distorted form to my own image.

‘See the scourging of my back, which I accepted in order to disperse the load of your sins which was laid upon your back. See my hands nailed to the tree for a good purpose, for you, who stretched out your hand to the tree for an evil one.

`I slept on the cross and a sword pierced my side, for you, who slept in paradise and brought forth Eve from your side. My side healed the pain of your side; my sleep will release you from your sleep in Hades; my sword has checked the sword which was turned against you.

‘But arise, let us go hence. The enemy brought you out of the land of paradise; I will reinstate you, no longer in paradise, but on the throne of heaven. I denied you the tree of life, which was a figure, but now I myself am united to you, I who am life. I posted the cherubim to guard you as they would slaves; now I make the cherubim worship you as they would God.

“The cherubim throne has been prepared, the bearers are ready and waiting, the bridal chamber is in order, the food is provided, the everlasting houses and rooms are in readiness; the treasures of good things have been opened; the kingdom of heaven has been prepared before the ages.”

A reading from an ancient homily for Holy Saturday – prepared by Pontifical University Saint Thomas Aquinas, Rome.   While it appears that this comes from a Holy Saturday homily written in Greek dating back to the fourth century liturgy (PG 43, 439, 462f), the author of this text is unknown.


For our Edification – what does Hell mean?

Christ is in His tomb. Rather, His Body is in the tomb but when His Soul left His Body, He descended into Hell to “free the captives.”    “Hell” here refers to the place of the dead in general (“Sheol” in the Hebrew, or “Hades” in the Greek), not to the place of torment with which the word “Hell” is most usually associated with today.    The world “Hell” in the loosest, earliest sense includes:1.     the Limbo of the Fathers, the place for those who were righteous by charity and faith in the coming Messiah and who died before His Coming

2.     the Limbo of Infants, where, possibly, those who are sent who die without personal guilt but without Baptism after the time of Christ, or who died without charity and faith in the coming Messiah before the time of Christ.    This would be a place of beautiful, natural happiness, no punishment and no sensible suffering.

3.     Purgatory, where righteous people go to be cleansed of the temporal effects of their sins

4.     Gehenna, the “Hell of the Lost,” the eternal place of punishment for the damned, the place we usually refer to as simply “Hell” today

Just, Breathe - Part 2

Summary: Pasts do not define futures if you let them. You can only move forward and hope for the best.

Prompt:  “I just don’t think I can do this anymore”
“Who gave you the right?”
“You’re a coward you always have been” very angst Daveed x Reader or Lin x Reader, please! - Anon (the other prompts will be in the next parts I promise)

Warnings: swearing, Angst, implied smut, sexual Spanish references

words: 3,050 (non chill Gee is back at it again.

A/N: You guys asked me for some fuck me up real good angst soo I did this? This was actually really fun to write and Marti helped me a lot with the dialog because i fucking SUCK, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. There is 100% going to be another part if you guys want it that is. So if you enjoy this please let me know so I can start working on the second half asap. Thank you for reading this, this is the first time i’ve stepped back from something and thought i actually like this. Be safe and stay lovely. I love you. - A.Ham (Gee)

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Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 (coming soon)


- Flashbacks are in italics.

Your eye scanned over the pages and pages of notes whilst you picked out the harmonies of the different cast members in the room. Every note hit home, you had read and reread the sheet music a thousand times since you had agreed to take over from Alex, wanting to make a point that you deserved to be here as much as the next person, even if you didn’t feel like you did. As you listened to the voices glide through the verses your ears pricked on something different.

“guys, hang on” you sighed out fairly loud to be heard. The melody ceased as you made your way up the stairs to stand down stage. You slinked towards Lin chewing on your check as you did so. “you’re flat, its putting me off” you shot him a pointed look. There was a small part in your brain that thought he may be doing this on purpose. He knew exactly how much it bothered you when something didn’t sit right, it would play on your mind and completely drive you insane. God help if someone sang over a song out of time, they might as well be dead to you at that point.

“I think I got this [y/n], i’m far from flat” he brushed off taking a sip of water, his eyes skimming over your frame as if it was a challenge. You raised a brow.

“sorry, I forgot, refresh my memory, who did you hire to conduct this musical?” you enquired with the most sarcastic tone you would fathom.

“who wrote the god damn thing?” his attitude way too cocky for his own good. How fucking dare he, who does he think he is? Staring you down with a face like thunder. The eyes of every other cast member burned into you from all angles.

“you had no idea what you were doing back then either” you shook your head down to the floor. “If you have an issue with me doing my job just speak up would you, god knows it’s never stopped you before” you added leaving a wake of gasps and eye rolls.

“guys, lets call it a day get some rest before tonight, I think someone needs to cool off” Tommy released the tension in the air with a clap of his hands before the whole stage started to disburse off into the wings. You gathered your paperwork once you reached the piano, gently tapping the pages to line up with each other. Internally, you cursed yourself for letting him get to you. He had no right to make you feel unwelcome, between all the hard work you had put into In The Heights and any other god damn whim Lin wen’t off on, you deserved the right amount of respect to do your job properly.

“I’m sorry” you heard Lin say barely even a whisper. You were quite sure that your head had just made it up and you carried on filing the papers into their proper place.

“I knew I was flat, I was trying to mess with you and i’m sorry” he said louder this time, making sure that you definitely heard it. Your eyes grazed up at him a questioning tone hung in the air around the both of you. You couldn’t help but feel like he was still playing games. For the duration of your entire engagement it felt like a huge game of seeing how far he could push you before you would finally snap and called it off. You never did. You loved Lin with all of your heart and the thought of having to call of the wedding you planned for too long, saved too much money and spent hours picturing in your head made you feel sick to your stomach. It was something that you would never do because long story short all you really wanted was to marry him. He was your best friend and your partner in crime through everything, that was, until he wasn’t.


“we’re not the same people we were [y/n]” he ran a hand through his messy hair, the dark locks pointing in every which way they could find. “things have changed, we have changed”

You stared at him from your side of the room. Lin paced back and forth like there was an invisible  boundary that he knew not the cross.

“bullshit Lin, I haven’t changed one bit and you know that. I’m not as good of an actor as you, I can’t change my persona at the drop of a hat its not me, its you” you stepped closer. “you’ve changed, you want more out of this relationship then i can give you. You’re taking things from me that I can’t give you” a flash of recognition graced across his face but was quickly replaced by anger. You wanted nothing more then for this stupid fight to be over. When you announced the wedding everyone was over the moon and most of all you were happy. The thought you of spending your life with your best friend meant so much more to you then a dress and a cake. It meant that you would have a lifetime of growing and learning new and wonderful things about each other every day. you savoured that, every last drop that Lin would give you as a glimpse inside his mind you cherished with all your heart. Sure between the years you had fights like this, but they always blew over, nothing really came of them. You would throw something at him (granted it may have been a cushion or too you didn’t want to actually harm the poor guy), the both of you would shoot insults back and forth at each other for a while until you both ended up laughing at something stupid and putting the argument to rest. Thats how you worked. Two fiery personalities in one apartment could get intense sometimes but that was who you were as a couple.

“I think we need to cancel the wedding” he made the comment without even being able to look you in the eyes, like he was ashamed. Ashamed of the fact that he was breaking your heart, ashamed of the fact that he was admitting he was wrong for the first time in your relationship.

You looked him in the eyes for the first time in 6 years. All the love that was once shared between the two of you was certainly not lost. His hands ran through each other in a nervous fashion, in some attempt to keep his cool.

“you haven’t changed a bit Lin” you stuffed the now level papers into your bag before picking up your jacket and slipping it onto your torso. “you constantly think that you can say sorry and everything will be fixed” using every excuse to fiddle with things in your bag so you didn’t have to look up and see his pleading eyes boring into you again.

“are you going to throw the fact that i cancelled the wedding in my face after all these years?” he was angrier now. His hands braced themselves into fits at his sides, dark brow furrowed out of pure frustration.

“well you did so i’m going to go out on a limb and say, yes” you said swinging your bag over your shoulder. He stopped you. Dragging your shoulder back until you spun around to meet him face to face, you didn’t realise how close you actually were until both of your noses practically touched. His breath was warm against your lips as he towered over you. It may have been years yet he still had a strange intoxicating effect over the whole of you.

You sighed. “just let me do my job, and do yours properly. I don’t want to be a part of your games anymore Miranda” you shot turning away from him. You made a b-line back to your office locking the door behind you. There wasn’t a chance in hell you were going to let him throw you off your game tonight.


On a normal day, your earlier run in with Lin would have thrown you off your game. However, there was no time to be off your game on opening night. You pushed all notion of nerves and anger aside and focused on doing your job to the best of your ability and let me tell you something, you did. Your first night at Hamilton was the best show that you had ever done and you knew it. So when the cast let their open palms point towards you in the pit you were more the happy to stand and wave to the surrounding people cheering every single person who worked on the show that night. You spun around to greet the audience placing a hand over your heart in thanks, you were truly moved by the way that you had been welcomed into the Hamilton family, so it was no surprise when a stage hand handed Lin a mic and he coughed in order to command silence over the theatre.

“As many of you know, Mr Alex Lacamoire has left us in the very capable hands of Miss [y/n] [y/l/n]” he paused smiling up at the crowd from the crumbled piece of paper in his hands. There was a round of applause until he held up his hand to signal silence once again. “I am more then happy to welcome her back into not only mine but the rest of this cast’s lives, [y/n] is one of the greats and I very thankful to have her as a part of this family” you let yourself get a slight tear in your eye as you beamed up at him centre stage, no matter how mad you were with him he always had a way with words that penetrated every single fibre of your being. He looked down at you, his brown eye glinting with love before he lifted the mic to his mouth one last time.


After everything has settled down and each of the respective cast mates had filed into their dressing rooms to get changed for the night ahead you headed to your office sliding on the dress you had chosen for the afterparty. You had insisted that there was no need for a party but between everyone else they had decided that you needed one, apparently. Something about tradition and you were in no mood to argue with tradition at the prospect of cocktails.

The bar as full of people that you knew but you honestly felt like a stranger. The last time you were here you were with Lin. You were happy, new love was blossoming and you were basking in the entirety of its glory, at this point it felt like you couldn’t let the memories stop pouring back through your brain like polaroids in the dark room that was your brain, and boy did they come flooding back.


Your palm rested lightly on his bicep, as the atmosphere of the room swept you up, whipping all of the emotions that lingered around you into a frenzy. You looked up at the gentleman in front of you. You couldn’t help but tell yourself that he was quite handsome. Picking a patch of lint of hiss lapel you ignored everything he said focusing on the rise and fall of his chest as he laughed at his own joke.

You laughed back, a subconscious nod to the fact that you didn’t have a clue what he just said. Before you could gather anymore of your own thoughts a strong grasp made itself present on your own arm. The icy touch making you gasp slightly. You didn’t have to let your mind run wild or fast to figure our who the hand belonged to. Merely the feel of Lin’s hands on you made you extremely aware of his presence.

“Excuse me, [y/n] can I borrow you for a second?” He asked to no one in particular, almost as if he didn’t intend the statement to leave his mouth as a question. “press thing, excuse us” he turned to the man you had just been conversing with and pulled you away. Weaving in and out of the crowd you wondered how many people could actually see what was going on. You knew you were in trouble, and you knew it wasn’t going to end in your favour.

As the winter air hit your lungs you almost choked. “what do you think you’re going [y/n]?” Lin asked moving round to face you. In his normal disposition he would have added a cocked eyebrow to emphasise the fact that he wasn’t actually pissed at you. There was no cocking of any eyebrow at this point, his face was a pure picture of him waiting for an answer.

“I was talking with that man, you told me to socialise. I was doing as i was told for once” you shot back quicker then your mind could compute that you made a poor choice of words. “Do you think this is a game? Oh, my dear you are highly mistaken” he replied rocking back and forth on his heels. He was practically fizzing.

You let your hip slide to the side in a questioning manor, this drove him crazy. The fact that you could use your body to drive him insane and make him question his thought process was something that he was always in awe of. Tonight, not the case.

“This is not a game, if someone sees you flirting with other men that gives other men permission to flirt with you. Do you really think thats appropriate after the last few months? What do you think was about to happen?” he enquired crossing his arms across his broad chest.

“[Y/N]!” your head whipped from the intent stare you held with Lin to the voice of your friend drunkly running out of the event. “[y/n] you know me and free bars, who is this?” she slurred pointing towards the angry man who now made his way towards your side, letting a hand drift to rest in the open back of your dress. “Lin, i’m [y/n]’s boyfriend, nice to meet you” his attitude shifted. The smile playing on his lips reached each side of his face as he took your friend’s hand in his to shake. “It’s cold out here no, we should get going, I’ll get us a cab” if this man’s demenor changed anymore within a short space of time you were pretty sure you were going to end up with whiplash god damn it.

He placed a soft kiss behind your ear, to everyone on the outside, an innocent act. However it was only you that felt his finger tips press into the soft skin of your back. It was only you that heard the spat tone of “Make an excuse, get in the cab” and before you could find a sarcastic comment to respond with he left your skin lingering with feathered fingerprint bruises and he was at the edge of the curb hailing a car.

“Well” you sighed gathering the long pool of silk that was your dress up around your wrist. “Enjoy the free bar sweetie, we must get coffee soon!’ you called back flashing a reassuring smile behind you before sliding into the cab. Lord knows what would face you on the other end of short journey. You dreaded it, but you also couldn’t help but press your tights tightly against each other at the thought of it.

You slammed the door not bothering to let him finish the sentence that had bearly left his throat. A cold front came over your entire body, the random chit chat that Lin had engaged you in on the way home was not something you cared for. Apparently tonight he gave a damn what your cab driver over heard, it had never really stopped him before.

Letting the train of your dress glide over the dark wood floors of his apartment your eyes burned into the back of you.

"who gave you the right?” he asked into thin air tugging his tie loose.

You didn’t answer, you simply threw your handbag onto the couch before walking over to the large windows that framed the city skyline perfectly. Lights illuminating every single asset of the city. Your teeth tugged on your bottom lip subconsciously as he strode towards you reaching for your waist as he did.

“you should know by now i don’t like someone admiring whats mine” he breathed down your neck letting his teeth grazing over the soft skin at the nape.

“I’m yours Lin, you know that” you whispered not sure whether you were in the right place to talk back or not, however you were feeling extra brave with pushing your luck tonight. His fingers tugged at the zipper on your side, as he moved his free hand to fist the hair at the base of your neck tugging down slowly earning a low moan to escape your throat. You were clearly not in the right place to talk back to him at this moment. He let out a breathy chuckle.

“always an answer for everything mi amor” your breath hitched as he pressed himself around you. consuming every single part of your senses as he let his teeth trail across the top of your ear before he whispered. “enviar”


“hey lady of the hour, I lost you for a minute there” a slight look of concern crossed Lin’s face as he questioned you letting his hand rest comfortably on the small of your back like before. It was all too much. between every single moment that the both of you had shared and every single moment you still had to share you knew you wouldn’t be able to go another moment before doing this. For whatever reason every single ounce of feeling that you had every felt for this damn man came flooding back to you and for this reason and this reason alone.

You kissed him.

It’s You and Me Part 3 - Carl Grimes x Reader

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It’s You and Me Part 1 // It’s You and Me Part 2

Reader has to go back with Negan to the Sanctuary. She has to come up with a plan to escape him so that she can return to Alexandria.

Warnings: Swearing, Mention of Suicide?

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It was the worst feeling in the world having to let go of Carl when he held you.

“Please, Y/n.” He whispered as he held you tight.

“It’s the only way, Carl. He has to think I’m dead or he won’t let me go.”

“But I want you to stay here, with me.”

“I will, I’ll come back. I promise.”

You let go of his hands and stepped back, you could see Negan walking back towards the trucks, ready to go. Carl stared at you, his eyes full of longing. You kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, 

“I’ll come back for you Carl Grimes. If it’s the last thing I do on this earth. You mean everything to me and even though I tried to hate you for what you did. I never could. So stick around. I won’t be long.” 

And with that you stepped up into the truck, as Carl jogged away back into Alexandria, you slammed the door shut. Negan came round the side of the truck.

“That kid wasn’t giving you any trouble was he, Y/n? Because you know I don’t like troublemakers.”

You smiled at him, “Nope, everything’s fine. He was just talking about how unfair the trade is.” You lied, rolling your eyes. “I don’t understand how though? It seems perfectly clear to me.”

Negan chuckled and nodded his head as he revved the engine. “Let’s go boys!” He yelled out the window to the rest of them. He pulled away and you watched Alexandria get smaller and smaller in the mirror. It didn’t matter though, you were going to be back.

When you got back to the Sanctuary, you went straight to your room and slumped on your bed. The drive had been long and it had been a pretty big day. You got changed and climbed into bed, you wished Carl’s arms could hold you right now but you weren’t sad because you knew they would soon. Once you lied down, you realised how tired you were and within a few minutes you fell asleep.

The next morning you woke up, got dressed and went to eat breakfast. Negan was there, he flashed a smile which you returned awkwardly. After eating, you went back to your room. You had to decide how you were going to get out of here. It didn’t make sense, you actually felt bad for Negan. He was treating your friends like shit but he had taken you in and you felt like you were betraying him by doing this. 

“It’s easier this way.” You said to yourself as you finished loading more clothes into your backpack. You had decided on a plan and you were praying it would work because you didn’t have a plan B.

You walked out your room and down the hall. You knocked on the familiar wooden door. A few seconds later, Negan opened the door to his room.

“Y/n? What a nice surprise. Come on in.”

You obeyed, you walked in and sat down in the chair he was gesturing to.

“What can I help you with?” He asked, sitting in the chair opposite.

“Er…” You couldn’t help but notice Lucille propped up next to the chair, “I wanted to know if I could go out on a run by myself?” You asked, “I need to clear my head and just be away from people for a little bit. Yesterday was quite overwhelming.” You added, looking up at him.

“Hm.” He nodded, “I understand what you mean but I needed to take you along. You needed to see how much better we are than them, bigger, stronger, safer.” He said looking you right in the eye.

“I’m glad you took me,” That one wasn’t a lie, “It was sort of closure, I’ve been wanting to get rid of them from my head and by seeing what a dump their life is now, I have.” You lied, smiling at him. You hoped you were a good actress.

“Uhuh. So when do you want to go?”

You blinked, you didn’t think it would be this easy.

“Possibly later today?” You asked.

He raised his eyebrows, “Are you sure? I mean you only just got back, surely today is a bit soon.” He stated. “God, someone would think you’re trying to get away from me!” He smiled but his eyes were dead serious.

You laughed awkwardly. “No. I just really needs to be alone for a while. There’s a lot of things I need to do.”

“Okay. Well, I’ll see you soon then.”

“Err, there’s one other thing actually. Would I be able to have a car?”

He raised his eyebrows once again, “How far are you planning on going?” He chuckled.

You smiled back at him, “Not far, I just want it so I feel safer. Incase I end up in the dark or something…” You trailed off.

He stood up, “Sure thing. Just don’t stay out too late.” He winked at you as you stepped out of his room. “See ya soon.” He finished, shutting the door. 

You breathed deeply as you walked back to your room. 

You had the note ready but you didn’t know what to do with it, 

I’m not right for this world. I feel like I am a burden to you. Don’t come looking for me. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this note but by the time you have, I’ll be dead. It’s better off this way, I can’t live with the pain anymore

.Thank you for everything,


You didn’t even know if the note was believable but you sat it down on your bed as you grabbed your backpack and headed out the door. You looked back at your room one more time before walking down the corridor, never to return. 

When you got outside there was a car ready, the kitchen people had put a sandwich and a bottle of water on the passenger seat. You threw your back pack in and set off. Whilst driving back, the day before, you had tried to remember the route, there were a few junctions but most of it was just straight road. You hadn’t learnt how to drive before the outbreak but Rick and the others had taught you when they first found you. You smiled, remembering the memories of you stalling 24/7 and Rick just laughing at you. 

You had been driving for about an hour when you saw it. It was a trip wire, you stopped the car and got out. You went up to the wire and followed it into the trees. It was linked to sirens; when the wire was moved, the sirens would blare, letting every walker in the nearest 70 miles it was dinner time. 

You walked back to the road, wary of the wire. You couldn’t take the car any further, you’d have to go on foot. You got all your stuff from the car and walked up to the wire. Extremely carefully and extremely slowly you stepped over the wire, it was only about 60 cm off the floor, high enough to catch the front of a car. You got one foot down on the other side and the other followed swiftly after. 

You reckoned you were about 5 miles from Alexandria and you were determined to get there. The sun was hot above your head as you trudged along the road. You weren’t bothered by many walkers but the ones you were, you dealt with swiftly using your knife. 

After walking for what seemed like an eternity, finally you could see the last corner up ahead. A smile spread across your face and your eyes lit up with joy. You quickened your pace wanting to round that corner more than anything in the world. 

As you rounded the corner, you saw them. Your emotions had been flipped since the last time you stood in front of the gates. As you walked closer, you looked up at the person on the wall. It was Carl, once he saw it was you he turned around and disappeared from sight. 

A few seconds later the loud clanging of the gate echoed around as Carl pulled it open to let you in. Before you even had the chance to say hello, Carl had run to you and crashed his lips onto yours. You stood there for a few minutes, holding each other, until Rick emerged at the gate,

“Y/n?” he said, “We didn’t think you were gonna be back so soon!” He smiled lovingly as Carl stepped to the side and Rick embraced you in a huge bear hug. You had tears in your eyes. You were so relieved to be back where you belonged.

Rick walked back inside and Carl grabbed your hand and pulled you in. Everyone was happy about your return, they all smiled and waved as Carl led you along the street. You thought you were going to go into Carl’s house or your house but you walked past them both.

“Where are we going?”

He didn’t respond, he just looked at you and winked, or blinked, it was hard to tell. 

You were confused. He stopped and came closer to you,“Shut your eyes…” He whispered, you did. You put your hand over your eyes as he led you further along the street.

“Watch your step,” he said. 

“I can’t, Carl. My eyes are closed.” 

He chuckled, “Okay then.” 

Suddenly his hands grabbed your sides and he lifted you up, carrying you like a baby. You laughed and clung onto his neck as he carried you to wherever you were going. You heard the creak of a front door and Carl took one step before kissing your forehead and putting you down on your feet. He turned you around and replaced your hand with his, over your eyes.

“Okay, open in 3…2…1.” he took his hand away.

You were stood in one of the houses in Alexandria, one you had never been in before. It was beautiful. Blue curtains hung beside large windows that looked out to the street giving the room a sense of calm. There were white sofas with large cushions propped on them and a soft blue blanket lay neatly on the side. 

Carl grabbed your hand and pulled you in further. The kitchen was all white with a large sink and another window above it. Carl led you upstairs to in front of a shut door. He looked at you and smiled before placing his hand on the door knob and pushing it open. 

You gasped, there was a huge king size bed in the centre of the room. A large wardrobe stood in the corner, when you walked over to it, you saw that it had been filled with all of yours and Carl’s clothes. You looked back at him, he was blushing furiously and smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“Carl? What is this?” You asked smiling at him.

He walked over to you and pulled you into a tight hug, “This, Y/n, is our new home.”

“What?” You looked up at him.

“I didn’t want you to live in your house anymore, all the bad memories are there. And even though there were good memories as well, it doesn’t matter because we are gonna make even more. Right here, right now.” He finished as he placed his hand on your jaw and pulled you into a soft kiss. You could feel the tears returning and your breathing hitched. Carl pulled away and looked at you worriedly.

“Y/n? What is it? I thought this was perfect for us…” He trailed off, a look of sadness overcoming him. He took his hand away from your face. 

You laughed through the tears, bringing his hand back to where it was, “It is Carl, and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

His happiness returned as he pulled you into another bear hug. He wiped away your tears as he sat you down on the bed. You lay down and Carl lay next to you, holding you tight.

“I’m never gonna let go, Y/n.” He whispered into your ear. 

You snuggled in closer to him, everything was as it should be.

You didn’t want him to let you go, as he held you tight, you whispered softly, “It’s you and me, Carl. Forever.”

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How can we be saved? Or rather assured we are? I've been struggling lately against the enemy and a voice telling me I'm not Gods child and I'm not saved. I believe in Jesus, I'm just afraid he doesn't actually want me.

How can we be saved? Repent and believe the Gospel. Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your hear that God raised him from the dead. 

How can we be assured of our salvation? Well, it’s true that some people will falsely assume that they are true Christians. They can deceive themselves with false hopes and sinful assumptions of being in the favor of the Lord despite their lack of repentance, faith, holiness, etc. But the real test of your salvation lies in this hypothetical situation… When you stand before God, and he asks you, “In what are you justified? How do you merit acceptance into my kingdom?” If your response is to point away from yourself and back to him and his work… then you are truly saved. 

When we are saved, there is a definitive breach between us and sin. We have been crucified to sin and it no longer reigns in us. Now, the great deception is that if we continue to sin that we are no longer Christians and have cause to doubt our salvation. That is not true. The truth is that, because of our breach with sin, we can no longer rejoice in our sin. Though we will carry on sinning as we grow in sanctification, we will always have a sense of conviction. We can no longer sin, carefree of the implications and consequences. The problem with this is that we often translate that conviction into shame. And that shame gets translated into fear. Fear that we no longer belong to the Lord. The enemy knows that nothing can remove us from the hand of God. So he settles for the next best thing… convincing us that we don’t belong to God even though it is him who holds us.

So, be assured. Not only does Jesus want you… he already has you.

Deities, Death, and Devotion

So I have an American Gods fantheory about Laura Moon, and I will explicate it in convenient bulletpoint parlance. Potential Spoilers, as it works off somethings from the book.


  • Laura Moon is dead.
  • Because she’s dead, the world is dull -dim, muted, cold, and colorless- to her.
  • Except for anything doing with Shadow, and the color blue.
  • To her eyes, a weird golden aura pulses off of Shadow.
  •  This aura is the most significant source of color and light in her world. She directly correlates it to the sun, the source of all life, and can see it for miles, sense it(in the books) from nearly anywhere.
  • Undead Laura is drawn to Shadow, and her reference to this aura in talking about her new love of him with Audrey suggests this aura is its primary cause.
  • In American Gods, deities and other divine beings(daimon in ancient greek, from which we get demon) are sustained by faith; belief, memory, and devotion.
  • Shadow believes in, remembers with love, and is devoted to Laura.
  • In the series, Wednesday asks Shadow if he believes in love: he responds “I believe the Fuck out of Love.”
  • Hinzelmann’s story, the story of the sacrificial child, shows that the Dead can become deities through faith and devotion.


  • While Laura is raised by the Sun-Coin Shadow gave her, she is sustained by his belief, remembrance, and devotion.
  • Laura is a daimon: a divine being and potentially, to Shadow, something like a God.


  • Gods and daimons are defined and redefined by the belief people have in them.
  • It is possible that Laura’s newfound interest to Shadow is not just a “hunger” for his devotion and faith, but also partly a slight redefinition of her character to match what Shadow wants from her, though it’s impossible to say anything about this from just one episode.


  • Devotion and belief itself is not enough, the Gods need specific rituals and direct, explicit, belief in their existence and power; they need Worship. This is the point of the visit to Easter and one of the points of the story of Nunyunnini. It isn’t enough for Easter that people celebrate her feast day with her symbols and holy foods; they don’t believe in or worship her when they do it. It’s why Bilquis requires Worship from her sacrifices.


  • This raises a significant contradiction at the center of the book.
  • The New, American, Gods are not directly worshiped. No one worships Media or Technology or Science or Medicine or Globalism in the personal forms of Media/Fame, The Technical Boy, and Mr. World. No one makes icons and idols to these characters, or sacrifices to them. No one genuinely believes in the existence of, say, movie monsters, yet they appear, fighting on the side of the New Gods, at the climax of the story(iirc). They feed off of mortal participation in their portfolios.
  • The Intangibles(The Market/Invisible Hand) is debatable on this issue :|


  • The New Gods are, at essence, conceptual in a way the Old Gods are not, which explains why they would not need the specific worship the Old Gods did.


  • Odin’s whole plan is predicated on his ability to feed off of those partaking in his portfolio. If he could not gain power merely from other beings fighting and killing, then there would be no benefit for him in fomenting war between the Old and New deities, since none of them worship him.
  • Which, incidentally, undermines the whole story. If deities can be sustained by simple participation in their portfolios and representation, then they would be perfectly sustained by the modern world. Heck, Athena, goddess of Athens and Civilization, would be the most powerful deity on the planet and Odin -a God of War, Sacrifice, and Knowledge- would probably be the second or third most honored, and therefore powerful, deity in the US even without widespread popular devotion.


  • But they would have been fighting in his name: The battle between the Old and New Gods is set off directly by Odin’s “death”. The Old God Faction is fighting specifically to avenge him.


  • Grrrrrr >:(
If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
—  Romans 10:9

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Pt 2 I don't want others to make fun of me cuz I don't have enough support. I'm afraid. I'm insecure. There's so much I don't know yet. I feel intimidated by those smarter than me with different beliefs or a lack thereof

Well my friend, I have been in your exact situation. I actually got rid of all my theology books under the direction of the Holy Spirit. You know what i learned? Nobody came to know Christ by any logical argument, or fact. Ill quote Paul,

 “ My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, “ - Corinthians 2:4. Apologetics are technically bad, but apologetics do not walk people into the kingdom. Apologetics and polemics, are about why you’re right, and why they are wrong. Jesus never taught like that. He never spent time trying to prove the earth was made in 7 days, he never argued about the existence of aliens, or even politically who is right or wrong! You know what he did? He healed the sick, he raised the dead, and he cast out demons. He met with people that were considered lowly, and had dinner with sinners! He didn’t argue logical thinking and facts. He didn’t try to prove the scriptures really happened. 

I speak this way because ive been there. God doesn’t need us to defend him. He doesn’t need our help, and he doesn’t ask for it! He does ask us though to love people. I mean think about it. Say you are talking to someone who doesn’t believe in God, and then you pray for them and they get healed from a physical ailment. What could they say? What would they say? God isn’t real? They could, but whats more powerful a demonstration of God’s love, or a paper about how God loves people? People come to follow Jesus when they experience him. The greek word for know, is ginosko, which mean to experimentally know, as deep as sexual intimacy. People have a transformation when they experience Christ, not logical reasoning. Even people who believe in Jesus are encouraged when God’s love is demonstrated versus just talked about. True faith, leads to good works. We are saved by our faith, but our works will reflect what we believe. Your life, is the biggest testimony over any book or sound argument. When people look at you, or me, they should see love, they should see Jesus! We live what we believe. 

The gospel should be such goodness, we shouldn’t have to even argue with people, they’ll see the goodness of God on our life and want it! Not prosperity gospel, but just the Gospel! That God, the King has come! And his spirit is here and has set us free so we can live out our identity in Christ, exploring the world through the eyes of the kingdom of God. That sounds so amazing!

I want you to know, you are smart, you are talented, you are bold, and you are amazing. Live in that! Don’t worry what other people think, they didnt make you, they didnt breathe the stars into existence, They didnt form the mountains. But your heavenly father did, and he thought you were so valuable heaven went bankrupt for you! 

I hope this gave you some encouragement! Remember to love people, we will be known by our love..

Love and Peace, 


Outlaws of Love

Chapter 2

Prompt; Your Lucille’s younger sister that Negan promised to take care of after she died. Negan continues to “take care” (be over-protective) of you during the apocalypse even though you’re considered an adult now. You’re also still in the closet regarding your sexuality.

Pairing: Arat x Reader (Romantic), Negan x Reader (Platonic), Negan x You (Platonic)

Word Count: 5,701

Type: Multi-Chapter fic, Mini series

Warnings: Swearing, Homophobic Slur, Overprotective relationship, Anger from rejection, Closest sexuality, Smashing walker brains in, excessive drinking

Rating: NSFW

Notes: Long paragraphs in italics are memories

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You stare at Negan, attempting to con up a justification in your head. You considered telling him the truth, well part of it anyways. It wasn’t lying if you didn’t tell the entire story, right?

“Being completely straight forward here, yes, I did wake up early to avoid you. And I kind of hoped, maybe by the time I ran into you today you would have calmed down from your irrational outburst last night. Maybe you fucked it out, god knows that’s what you do with every other emotion you have.” You say, refusing to break eye contact with him.

“Well excuse the shit outta my goddamn French love, but were you born this fucking annoying and uncouth or is it something you just accustomed over time?” He replies, leaning back in his own Negan way and raising both his brows.

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Apollonius of Tyana, whose name means “Follower of Apollo”, was a wandering philosopher, ascetic, and miracle worker, often described as a prophet, religious reformer and teacher. He lived in the eastern part of the early Roman Empire in roughly 15-100 AD. He followed Pythagoreanism; and for this abstained from animal sacrifice, wine, women and stayed on a strictly vegetarian diet. He believed that the Gods were the most beautiful things, and could be reached by a spiritual procedure involving nous (intellect), and that the soul was immortal. Primary sources on Apollonius comes from his biography, “ Life of Apollonius of Tyana” by Philostratus, which itself takes from sources such as local knowledge from the towns Apollonius visited, memoirs written by the disciple of Apollonius named Damis, and a book on him written by Maximus of Aegae. There is also information on Apollonius written by the historian Cassius Dio. It is said that Apollonius was a devotee of Asclepius, the God of Healing.

He was known for traveling the Empire, and possibly even outside of it, seeking knowledge with his disciples and performing numerous miracles, such as raising a woman from the dead on her burial day, predicting a plague to strike the town of Ephesus and healing it when it arrived, the ability to remain youthful looking, accurately predicting the future, and being aware current events occurring on other parts of the world; such as the death of the tyrant Domitian.

It is said that he lost favour with Emperor Severus, who ordered his hair cut to part him from his magic powers. Shortly after Apollonius disappeared; merely vanishing from the courtroom never to be seen again. It is said by his followers that he had passed away and was taken up to the heavens.

The influence of Apollonius of Tyana on Hellenism was notable, having directly impacted the Emperor Aurelian and having influenced members of Diocletian’s administrationship. It is possible he had influenced philosophers Iamblichus and Porphyry who themselves influenced the Emperor Flavius Claudius Iulianus Augustus (Julian).

Even after his disappearance among men, his influence on the living did not end. In the late 3rd century, two centuries after Apollonius, Emperor Aurelian was dealing with a civil war. He was destroying every city that resisted him, but when confronting Apollonius’ hometown of Tyana the Emperor had a vision of Apollonius who implored him for mercy, stating, “Aurelian, if you desire to rule, abstain from the blood of the innocent! Aurelian, if you will conquer, be merciful.”. The words resonated, and following this Aurelian decided to spare Tyana. Following this many more cities submitted to him upon seeing that the Emperor would not exact revenge upon them.


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Jarilo & Morena

Here’s the story of Jarilo and Morena:

In Slovakian folklore, Jarilo is the god of war, vegetation, fertility, spring, and the harvest. Morena is the goddess of the harvest, witchcraft, winter, and death. Jarilo is associated with the moon and Morena is considered a daughter of the sun. Both of them are children of Perun (the god of thunder and lightning).

They are born on the night of the new year, but Jarilo is snatched from the cradle and taken to the underworld, where Veles (god of the underworld) raises him as his own. At the spring festival, Jarilo returns from the world of the dead, bringing springtime from the ever-green underworld into the realm of the living. He meets his sister Morena and courts her. At the beginning of summer, they are married. This sacred union between brother and sister (children of the supreme god) brings fertility and abundance to earth, ensuring a bountiful harvest. And, since Jarilo was raised by Veles and his wife is the daughter of Perun, their marriage brings peace between two great gods and ensures there will be no storms to damage the harvest.

After the harvest, however, Jarilo makes a bad choice. He is unfaithful to his wife, and Morena vengefully slays him. His death returns him to the underworld. Without her husband, Morena — and all of nature with her — withers and freezes in the upcoming winter. She turns into a terrible, old, and dangerous goddess of darkness and frost, and eventually dies by the end of the year.

The whole story repeats itself anew each year. There is always a fresh springtime, followed by summer, autumn, and winter.

anonymous asked:

I'm not an atheist or someone that thinks religion is stupid because it's illogical etc, but I keep wondering....why do bad things happen? Can't God will humans to be great or created them perfectly? Perhaps it's unreasonable for me to pin the blame on him, but I keep questioning why bad things happen. It's silly, I know. I'm too idealistic to think that the world can be a utopia and all. But I just want people to be happy. Ugh, excuse my Fe, that's overly dramatic of me.

This is an excellent question, and one that philosophers have been trying to answer for ages.

I think the only actual logical answer for this comes through the Bible. (Also, I’ve read the Bible all the way through eleven times and am working on reading it through the twelfth time, so, while I’m not a Bible scholar, I know more or less what’s actually there. Just so you know. I’m not just spouting off things here.)

So, first of all, when God created the first man, He did so so that man would be “in the image of God.” This doesn’t mean that man was another mini-god, it just means that God made man to be able to think and reason and have a will. God wanted someone with whom he could be friends, to put it simply.

Now, God is a fairly complex being, and I don’t think it’s fair to say that I, a mere human, can understand completely what’s in His mind. Even in the book of Jeremiah, God says that His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and His ways are higher than our ways, and because of this we can’t necessarily understand them. To make an analogy, a human is like a computer created by a person. We are intelligent and capable of great things, but we aren’t nearly as intelligent and capable of great things as the person who made us. It’s only a so-so analogy, but you get the point.

The thing is, God created man to be able to talk to and fellowship with, which means that man needed to be able to think independently of Him. God wanted man to depend on Him, but He also gave man his own will, so that each one of us would have to decide to be His friend.

And, in order to give man the chance to choose Him, God had to also provide the chance for man not to choose Him. It was the only fair thing, if you think about it. I mean, God could have said, “Oh, look at this man always choosing me and being my perfect friend!” But if there is no other option, is there really a choice going on?

So, in order for the relationship to be true, there had to be a way out of it. 

Yes, God could have made no way out, but then we would have been little better than robots. We would have loved Him because we HAD to love Him, and not because we wanted to.

God made the way out very simple, too. He put a tree in the middle of the garden He had made for the first couple to live in, and He told them they must never eat the fruit that grew on the tree. It was called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If they did eat from it, then God said they would die. He didn’t just mean physical death, either, although that was certainly a part of it. He meant that they would be living without their friendship with Him. 

Now, if you had created people specifically so that you could have friends, would you be wise enough to give them a way out? God is not interested in forcing people to do anything they don’t absolutely want to do. But if someone or something starts doing something they weren’t made to do, then the consequences are bad. We were made to be the friends of God. If we choose not to be, then the consequences are obviously going to be to our detriment.

And, for a little while, they didn’t eat the fruit that grew on that tree.

But God seems to be in the habit of giving His creations the choice of what they want to do, and an earlier creation of His, a cherub that He had made to cover His throne and reflect His glory (see Ezekiel 28:12-15), had rebelled against Him. That cherub’s name was Lucifer, also known as Satan. And Satan couldn’t stand the fact that God had made this perfect creation known as man, so he decided to come down and mar it.

Satan’s plan was simple. He tricked the first woman into eating the fruit that God had told them not to eat. And the first man, because he loved the first woman, decided to take his place with her. He also ate the fruit, although the Bible says that he wasn’t deceived. So, with his eyes wide open, the first man chose his path away from God.

Obviously, the consequences that God had promised would fall had to fall. The first man and the first woman had to die. They died physically many years later, but they also died inside; that is, they were no longer free to be friends with God. They had chosen a different way.

I think God’s heart must have broken. They didn’t trust Him enough to believe that the knowledge of Good and Evil was not better for them than God’s perfect friendship. When a person knows good and evil, then he is responsible to make a lot of other choices for himself, too. They had just chosen a life full of difficult choices.

The thing is, God always knew that if this possibility occurred, He could still rescue His creation. I don’t think God is ever surprised by what we do. And, just like the man had chosen, with eyes wide open, to fall from God’s friendship in order to be with the woman, God decided to become a man Himself.

You see, God allowed the possibility of pain, but it was man who chose the pain. Once man chose that knowledge, the world was forever flawed. Obviously, if the first man knew both good and evil, then all of his descendants would know it, too. And, the strange thing is, when man has a choice between good and evil, as often as not he’ll choose the evil.

The pain and suffering in the world today is directly the consequence of the first man’s choice to separate himself from God’s friendship.

However, because God created us specifically to be His friends, instead of simply destroying mankind, He decided to save them. And, I think that we sometimes brush over how important this fact is.

Yes, there’s suffering, but there could have been nothing. God could have just done away with everyone instead. No, He decided to become one of His own creations. He came down to Earth as a man. He learned what it was like to live here. Instead of just sitting up in Heaven, He came and He learned what it was like to be human through direct experience.

And then his own creations killed Him.

The thing is, this was part of God’s plan. God loved us enough that He was willing to experience the consequences of man’s choice so that all humans could have the possibility of choosing Him again. When God in human form (Jesus) died by crucifixion, He was literally taking all of man’s choice to reject Him and in effect saying, “This is the consequence of that choice.”

When Jesus rose from the grave three days later, then He was, in effect saying, “But I’ve broken the consequence. I’ve opened the choice back up.”

God didn’t write us off. He knew that we had chosen not to be His friends, but instead of just destroying us, He gave us another choice. 

Now we can choose to be His friends again. But, like that first choice, God’s not going to force us into it, and you can be sure that Satan isn’t going to try to trick you into making this choice.

Now, God has given all mankind the choice to accept the work that He did. If you accept the fact that God took the consequences of your sin, then you can tell Him so and become His child and His friend. You can literally begin to do what you as a human were created to do.

This doesn’t mean that you automatically stop having bad things happening to you. You still have that knowledge of good and evil, but now you have accepted the fact that it’s been paid for by God Himself, and, with His help, you can learn how to live in a way that brings Him happiness.

The Bible says in Romans 10:9 that “if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thy heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

This is the new choice God has given people. He gives them the choice to be saved from the consequences of their sins. And anyone can do this at anytime.

That is what I believe about evil, and I hope it helps!