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Fanart Monday!

My nex computer is all good and up to go, so I’ll regain the normal schedule again and I’ll start pages again this weekend~

For now, I’ll just thank you all guys for your patience, and let’s do fanart Monday :D

Fanart of the week by @thatcode​! (I had this on my askbox for some time, and I just have to say it’s fan-tastic. Amazing ♥)

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didsw’s reigisa fic recs!! :O

(haha, get it? rec it? whatever fuck this)

I’m not good at summaries or anything (in fact, these summaries are awful) but I’ve always wanted to do something like this so yeah! I’m sure many of you have read a lot of the fics on here but hopefully there are a few you have missed! I didn’t put all my favorite fics on this list, though–the ones with trillions of kudos I left out because I’m pretty sure most of us first filter by kudos on AO3 anyways, so it would be a boring list. 

They’re not in any order (I repeat: NO ORDER), and I will definitely undersell them because I’m trying to make this concise but I GUARANTEE each and every is a treasure! So please, everyone, find it in your heart to read! For reigisa! For fanfiction!

Not under a cut because I think it can be kind of difficult to read on my blog. Sorry for the (very long and unnecessary) post!

Ink on Paper by RicePilaf: Rei (away at uni) writes Nagisa a letter and for some reason the letter is like? the cutest thing I have ever read? It is so so lovely and sweet and short but worth the read! 

Three-Fourths Cotton, One-Fourth Polyester by brumalbreeze: I’m sure many of you have read this, but hits a few of my deep dark secret kinks. (Mouth-fucking, anyone? Goddamn) Rei’s lowkey a pervert but it’s okay! Because Nagisa is too! (Also I guess brumal heard that I was putting this on the list bc SOMEONE (see below) couldn’t keep a secret and did some mad editing so even if you’ve read it a billion times already give it another go)

Grand Pas de Deux by Shaples: Seriously, who hasn’t read this yet? Stripper!Nagisa and Bartender!Rei, except they’re not reduced to super shallow tropes. They’re multi-dimensional characters who have hopes! And dreams! And sex! And a lot of alcohol. (Ongoing)

Blast from the Past by jenatwork: “Oh, teacher-student relations? That’s gross,”–me, a fool, before this fic. It’s NOT teacher-student…..it’s teacher-FORMER student and it is hot af. (AND LEGAL!) Like, my god, take me now Ryuugazaki-sensei! 

When You Leave by letters_of_stars: Rei drowns during training camp and Nagisa casually falls apart because of it. To make matters worse–Rei’s ghost has come back but Nagisa is the only one who can see and hear him. Now, I know what you’re thinking: you fucking masochist! Why would you read this! How dare you rec this to me, a happy shipper? Um, maybe because its beautifully written? Seriously guys, this fic is so, so good–well thought out, humorous at times, and captivating even with it’s dark theme. I seriously teared up at parts while I was reading, but like, in the good, I-read-fanfiction-to-hurt-myself, kinda way. (Ongoing)

Will you love me tomorrow by hentaihorseface: “Ugh, not another mpreg fic,” I say as I click the link. “What is this, 2007?” As usual I’m completely wrong because this fic fucking. ruined. me. I’m not kidding. The emotions I feel when I read this fic are just so intense–I’ve really come close to crying from a) sadness b) happiness c) any other emotion because it would provide an outlet for my INCREDIBLY INTENSE feelings. Why is Rei as a baby daddy so appealing? Why Nagisa as a hormonal pregnant teenager is somehow heartwarming? This fic has it all: angst, sex, fluff, family drama, hurt/comfort, you name it. All those filters on ff.net? Yeah, they’re all here. No, I’m serious everyone–Rei and Nagisa as teen parents is such a gift. (Ongoing…so she says)

X and Y by emkayss: All you really need to know is: fem!Reigisa. But if that didn’t convince you, it’s got pining and seemingly unrequited love and a happy ending. And if that didn’t convince you, I don’t know if you can truly call yourself a reigisa shipper. As short and sweet as Nagisa herself!

Let Go of Time for You by walkalittleline: Remember that super angsty reigisa mook KyoAni threw at us a couple months ago? On one hand, it was like “Fuck this, why didn’t they make Rei bite Nagisa’s neck or rescue him with an underwater kiss?” but on the other hand it was kinda like “Oh god Rei’s so goddamn head over heels for Nagisa he fucking brought a photo of the two of them on the aircraft despite weight limit regulations.” (Seriously, do you know how anal space travel is? You can’t even have an extra screw lying around) Also, he built a fucking NagiDroid 2.0. (Which is creepy, but since it’s Rei I’m willing to interpret that as an act of love). But anyways–another plus was/is the influx of Reigisa mook stories, like this one. What I like about this fic is that it’s written from Nagisa’s point of view and shows his struggles of being left behind on Earth while Rei floats around in outer space. It’s sad and truly heartbreaking at times but the ending will make you squeal and giggle and clap your hands because you’re an idiot who lets fanfic dictate your life. Or maybe that’s just me.

Sandalwood by Deanon: General rule of thumb: Arabian AU always slays, always. My god, this fic is just so precious! Rei is such a sweetie and Nagisa is a temptress, but in the angelic sort of way. And Kou is a very good friend. 

chasing magic by Growlithe: How could I not include this fic? This work + au inspired me to write my own Reigisa au! So there was no fucking way I was going to leave this treasure out. Questionable Bartender!Nagisa and Magician!Rei. Rei’s a total dweeb in this, but then again, when is he not? And while this fic is entertaining and Nagisa’s internal monologue is downright hilarious, it also manages to portray Rei and Nagisa’s budding relationship as incredibly soft and sweet. You’ll get warm fuzzies reading it or your money back!

Grand Optimist by 3cars: A heartbreaking “25 Lives” trope. Reincarnation is always a bitch! This is one of those fics that leaves a sort of empty ache inside of you, even before you’ve finished reading. It’s not a sad ending but it’s somehow not particular happy, either. It’s so lovely and bittersweet, like the darkest chocolate or the oldest wine. (This is me trying to be fake deep.)

Thinking Out Loud by youcanbeking: A truly wonderful fic by one of my best friends! Do you daydream about Reigisa weddings like I do in class? Because in this fic, Nagisa sure does! A super cute story about Nagisa and Rei’s developing relationship that dives into deeper, more serious topics that arise when you’re dating someone. Or maybe Nagisa just over thinks things. 

helpful tips 4 u! by venusianeye: Honestly fuck this fic for making my heart explode into tiny little bubbles of joy every time I read it. It is just–okay, read it and you’ll understand, alright? Nothing I say will do it any form of justice. I just–oh my god I’m getting a lil emotional thinking about it–the way it’s written is just so amazing. And the way Nagisa talks about his Rei-chan is literally, LITERALLY going to send me to an early grave. There are some really fucking cute phrases he uses and his love for Rei really comes through. Enough gushing! Please read this! 

Late Night Call by ZWorld: Dweebs in love. Dweebs having…phone sex?! That’s sexy, but this fic is honestly just so sweet and innocent. I feel like a weird, perverted mom reading this because the whole time I’m like “omg babies you go! get the boy! have all the phone sex I’m so proud!” A very, very cute fic about Rei and Nagisa’s first time diving into that aspect of their relationship. 

like i’ve never seen the skies before by sylveonimbus (cloud_sakura): Another truly paintful Reigisa mook story. How the author was able to perfectly capture the voice of Nagisa the android is beyond me. This fic cut rights into the heart–but if you like angst, please read this. I don’t want to ruin the fic, but rest assured it is absolutely beautiful. 

cohabit and inhabit by magicianprince: Domestic Reigisa for the soul. Reading these two fics is the equivalent of drinking hot chicken soup on a wintery night, when you’re all bundled up in the covers and tired from a long day. They are perfect portrayals of Rei and Nagisa living together–I love these two fics with all of my heart. Reading this before bed is a surefire way to ensure sweet dreams. 

kiss him silly, kiss him sillier by suitablyskippy: Honestly, the writing and vocabulary and voice in this fic is just goals. Like, who did the author have to sell their soul to to so perfectly capture Nagisa, Nagisa’s thought process, and his interactions with Rei on top of incredible wording and vivid imagery? This fic transports you back to the sticky heat of summer, the excitement of having a crush, and the wholehearted fun of adolescence. 

So that’s the end of my rec list! Again, sorry it was so long, but I’m too fucking weak to my blog aesthetic to change it to make it a little bit easier to read. 

I hope there was at least one fic on here you haven’t heard about–and everyone, if you DO choose to read, leave kudos! Leave comments! Who fucking cares if it was written in the fandom Stone Age EVERYONE loves to have their ego stroked! I hope this was as fun for you guys to read as it was for me to write. And if you have some recommendations for ME, I…probably have already read it, to be honest. But send me the titles and authors anyways! Because I could spend my life reading about these two lovebirds falling in love and having sex and making out over and over and over again <3 

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that tree not far from your house-

what do you mean you didn’t realise that’s where I lived?

Don’t you notice ANYTHING??

God, I thought we were tumblr acquaintances and actual neighbours…

this has probably been said a million times but just think about it. wheres Lydia going to go after they bust her out of Eichen?

Is she going to go back to her moms? probably not since her mother is the one who thought Eichen was the best option and she would most likely send her back.

this leads me to think she’ll go and stay with one of her friends for a while at least. and whether its stiles or not (DEAR GOD PLEASE JESUS PLEASE) i’m excited because it’LL BE SO CUTE. like think about it

think about lydia and malia sharing clothes and lydia helping her with math (they’re both my style icons dear lord). 

or think about lydia and kira staying up late and talking about boys like scott and kiras relationship and kira recounting her favorite dates they’ve been on and lydia admitting that she is madly in love with stiles and kira tells her that stiles actually still likes her.

or think  bout lydia and scott and mama mccall all sitting around and eating dinner together.

or (!!!!!!) think about stiles and lydia sitting on stiles bed and coming up with new theories and connections about the beast and the Argents.

i can’t wait this give it all to me now.

oh my god aww

Jack is literally the cutest, sweetest, most patiet and a lot mor guy.

Look, I know that a lot of people don’t like Madison…pff..they hate her. And that’s the worst thing ever. Yeah, sure I am not a super fan of her but God, Jack is our idol, our cute boy, our fuckboy, our everything and we should love him and suppoert him no matter what. He deserve it. It isn’t like you know Madison is a whore. For me she’s a really cute girl and I don’t really think that she fucked half of the Magcon boys…please dont send me that “i’ll prove it to you” shit. I still dont believe it. Jack is grown. He knows what he doing. I think we all can agree that all of his ex girlfriends were amazing and cute so he sure knows how to pick good girl. I am not going to tell you to like her, because it’s a  liking thing. All I want is people to accept her. It’s really cute what he said and I am reappy proud and happy because seems like people starts to deal with her.

Keep it this way. Make Jack happy.

And He looks hella cute in that straw hat & overalls haha