god please send me a cute boy

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Mark + 11! Please 💓

Don’t send in anymore numbers please, thanks ^^

“Dear Diary, …”

“Dear Diary, Mark was so cute today! The cutest boy out of everyone in class-

“Donghyuck I swear to god if you don’t give that back-

“He was so cute I just wanted to kiss his super cute face! He was so adorable and when he sneezed I almost squealed at how cute he was-

“Donghyuck!” You chase after your best friend in your house, trying your best to catch him before he can read anymore of your diary. That was private, and he knew that. How could he just read that when Mark was coming over soon? What if he heard?

“I asked him to come over to my house today, and we played Mario Kart for three hours. I started losing because I felt bad about how bad he was. Even Donghyuck is better than him- oh my god, I’m totally going to use that against Mark-

“Donghyuck, I’m going to use my fist against your face if you don’t give me back my di-

Suddenly, the doorbell rings and you and Donghyuck both look at the front door. You quickly rush to the door before Donghyuck can even try, forgetting about the diary all together. Mark was here, and that was more important. You quickly fix your hair before opening the door for Mark, grinning at him.

“Hi, Mark.”

this has probably been said a million times but just think about it. wheres Lydia going to go after they bust her out of Eichen?

Is she going to go back to her moms? probably not since her mother is the one who thought Eichen was the best option and she would most likely send her back.

this leads me to think she’ll go and stay with one of her friends for a while at least. and whether its stiles or not (DEAR GOD PLEASE JESUS PLEASE) i’m excited because it’LL BE SO CUTE. like think about it

think about lydia and malia sharing clothes and lydia helping her with math (they’re both my style icons dear lord). 

or think about lydia and kira staying up late and talking about boys like scott and kiras relationship and kira recounting her favorite dates they’ve been on and lydia admitting that she is madly in love with stiles and kira tells her that stiles actually still likes her.

or think  bout lydia and scott and mama mccall all sitting around and eating dinner together.

or (!!!!!!) think about stiles and lydia sitting on stiles bed and coming up with new theories and connections about the beast and the Argents.

i can’t wait this give it all to me now.