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RULES: Answer the questions and tag whoever you would like to get to know better.

  • NAME:  Amber
  • NICKNAMES: None, really, unless you call me by one of my muses’ names.
  • BIRTHDAY: September 15th
  • GENDER: Female
  • ORIENTATION: Pansexual
  • AGE: 23-turning-24
  • HEIGHT: 5ft 6in
  • ETHNICITY: I have ancestors from North America, Germany, Ireland, and a few other places in Europe. I’m about 25% Native American, the rest is just… white, really.
  • FAVORITE FRUIT:  Green apples.
  • FAVORITE BOOK: Oh good gods, please don’t make me answer this.
  • FAVORITE FLOWER: I’m pretty simple. I really like roses.
  • FAVORITE SCENT: Vanilla mixed with mint.
  • AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS: 5-9 depending on class, work, obligations, ect.
  • CAT OR DOG PERSON: Cats. I’ve had both cats and dogs. I bond better with cats and they are way easier to take care of. I love dogs, but I’d rather be friends with someone who had a dog that I could spoil than own one of my own.
  • FAVORITE SODA: Diet Coke
  • FAVORITE CANDY: Kit-kat bars, Reese’s cups, buncha crunch, sour gummy worms, skittles…
  • FAVORITE PIZZA: Ummm…. I’m not a huge fan of pizza (I know, man, I know), so usually I will get an alfredo or bbq chicken pizza.
  • FAVORITE MEAL: Grilled lobster tail, shrimp scampi, baked/mashed potato, green beans, and maybe a few crab legs.
  • BEST MEMORY: My dad and I going to Orlando to visit Disney World and Universal Studios after I graduated high school, right before I moved to LA.
  • BEST FRIEND:  I have a few. @dominionovershadows is my roommate and I love her. @weightofmyshield is someone I hang out with and absolutely adore. @lokiodinsonblog is probably one of the people I’ve met through this sight that I’ve become very, very close to. I also still have two friends from elementary/middle school that I love very much, Heather and Devon.
  • BEST RELATIVE: My dad, hands down. He’s the only person I’m related to that I actually like, let alone love.
  • BEST PET: My current cat, Pooter. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every single pet I’ve ever owned. I wouldn’t have had them if I didn’t love them, but Pooter? Fuck, man, I’ve bonded with her so wholeheartedly that I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s so loving and affectionate and loyal. She’s always there when I need her.
  • FACT ABOUT YOU:  I used to play the flute when I was in middle school. I was really good at it but I hated it, so I stopped.
  • ONE RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOUR DAY: I got on Tumblr for the first time in almost a week…?
  • ONE RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOUR JOB/SCHOOL: I just started graduate school a few weeks ago and so far, it’s going amazingly.
  • ONE RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW: Drag queens are more fabulous than any other type of person.
  • FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Loki, probably. He’s the one that’s become my forever muse, so…
  • NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH: 1 or 2. I always have one that I bunch up beside me and use as an additional pillow. It’s like a security blanket, I guess. The second one only comes up if I get cold, which isn’t too often.
  • NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: 700-something? My original blog was far more popular but it was also really hard to keep up with, which is part of the reason I remade.

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Hiding every cloud under a smile pt. 2

Jungkook x Reader

Admin Abbie


This chapter can be a bit intense so read at your own risk <3

Please enjoy!!!

Part 1

A week has passed since your fated meeting with this man called Jungkook, and you haven’t stopped thinking about him since! It was like he put something in your brain that made you think about him constantly….it was starting to really bother you.

As morning shined through your curtains in your bedroom you decided it was time for you to stop becoming one with your bed and actually get up and live life a little.

You crawled out of bed and walked towards your bathroom and got ready for the day, You showered and washed off all your sleepiness and once you finished you dried your hair, brushed your teeth and applied a little make-up

You picked out some leggings and a burgundy sweater to match, once you finished you walked downstairs and saw your dad casually sitting on the couch.

“Morning, shouldn’t you be at work?” You said

“Oh! morning sunshine. And on a normal day, yes i should be at work but not today”

“Why? Whats special about today?”

Your dad smiled at you and walked to his room quickly and brought back a box with some ribbon tied on it. He handed it to you and told you to open it.

You gave him a curious look but soon sat the present down and began opening it, Once you removed the ribbon you opened the box to find a beautiful dress and some jewelry and shoes to match. You looked at your dad only to see a huge smile plastered on his face.

“What is this?” you asked

“Well tonight i have a dinner for work, and they want us to bring our families and well i thought its about time to show off my beautiful daughter.”

“Dad! You know I’m not good in those situations!”

“I understand but its about time you started getting out there and meeting new people! Don’t worry i will be by your side the whole night! okay?”


As much as you hated to admit it, your dad had a point. You cant live your life inside this house forever.

~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~

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