god please just give me talent

I am actually getting so angry with The Flash & Arrow

Can we talk about this whole Iris pulling Barry through the mental attack because he hears Iris’ voice? *insert eye roll here* Just when I thought Westallen couldn’t possibly get anymore lame and predicable than it already is. Did the writers forget how to be original? God, if it continues like this much longer, you can count me out. 

And Felicity Smoak is becoming nothing but a love interest. Emily is a beyond fantastic actress with mountains of talent. Please give her a storyline that isn’t 1. Crying over Oliver 2. Being pissed off at Oliver. I love Olicity, don’t get me wrong! But can we PLEASE give her an interesting storyline. NOT that awesome thing we thought she was going to do that turned out to be a failed attempt at kidnapping Oliver and smuggling him back to Starling City. She’s fading into nothingness right now. Nothing irritates me more than a womans only purpose in a show is being there for the men. okay? Felicity (and Emily) deserve better.