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( requested by @luci-is-a-devil- ) (also sorry this one is a rly short but i couldn’t rly think of anything ??)

  • he’s literally the only reason his coworkers don’t hate their jobs
  • like he doesn’t even care that he’s at work at 8am on a saturday he’s all smiles all the time
  • literally never gets tired even tho he’s on his feet 99% of his shift ??
  • tries to persuade customers to use paper bags instead of plastic because “well……the environment is our home!! we should take care of it!!” (he’s so cute i’m expired)
  • used to get rly worried about like breaking eggs but now he’s a Pro Bagboy™ (and he’s secretly rly proud of it)
  • on his like second day tho he accidentally broke a glass bottle and he was so embarraSED GOD 
  • he just like stood there with big eyes, staring at the shards of glass on the floor until he realized what he’d done and wouldn’t shut up for 5 minutes about how sorry he was and when the customer was like “oh it’s fine i’ll just go get another one!” he was like “waIT NO,,,,,,,i mean,,,,,,uh,,,,,,,it’s fine,,,i-i-i’ll go get one for you,,,,,,,,,,,,” 
  • he’s still traumatized from that…….
  • he always feels a lil guilty when customers help him bag groceries bc like…….this is my job……ur the customer………pls sit down……
  • loves helping lil old ladies carry the bags to their cars and load them in bc they’re always like “oh chan!! you’re so strong!! what a handsome young boy!!”
  • he practically lives off of their praise
  • dances if no one’s rly around
  • ppl always tell him he should go professional whenever they catch him dancing bc ????have u seen that kid???? pure talent.
  • like one time you caught him dancing to michael jackson in the breakroom and he hasn’t forgotten it (then again, neither have u)
  • speaking of which, you work at the same grocery store as chan and like you two aren’t super close or anything but like you joke around with each other during breaks and stuff like that
  • you both started working there at about the same time and did a lil training together so you’re obviously comfortable and familiar with each other (you even got to witness chan’s iconic Bottle Breaking Debacle) 
  • sometimes he brings you lil snacks throughout the day and you two have a tradition of drinking those lil banana milks during ur breaks
  • and you can legit have conversations with him about anything because he either 1) gets really excited about the topic and talks a lot or 2) listens to whatever you have to say because he finds the way other people think and enjoy things to be rly interesting,,,,,,,,,,,,or maybe it’s just bc he likes to listen to you talk,,,,,,,,,,,,hm,,,,
  • sometimes he gets a lil confused abt whatever you’re talking about so you have to stop every once in a while to explain
  • (chan can be kinda clueless)
  • anyways, today you and chan are on shelving duty and at first you were dreading it completely because like,,,,,,,ur arms get tired from all the lifting and moving back and forth,,,,,ugh,,,,,
  • bUt then u found out chan would be helping you and all was well bc that kid’s energy and happiness is,,,,,,,so contagious. working with him never gets boring
  • but also ur just happy ur not shelving in the frozens aisles bc hOly fuCk that place gets cold 
  • anywho y’all are just chilling, arranging cereal boxes on the shelves while some old song is crackling thru the loudspeaker when chan gaSps
  • (he actually gasped so loUd tho thank god you peed earlier)
  • “oH my god!! it’s michael jackson!! this is such a good song!!”
  • before you know it, ur coworker is busting out moves and singing into a box of cheerios and ur just kinda standing there like,,,,,,,,,,,,,what am i supposed to do,,,,,,,,,
  • and u should just keep shelving bc this is such a Chan Thing and it’s nothing rly surprising
  • but u just kinda stand there and watch bc you’ve never rly gotten to see and appreciate his dancing, but u gotta admit he’s rly friCkin goOd !!!!!!
  • midsong, chan finally notices u standing there and he turns Red™
  • but then you see the hesitation in his eyes as he sticks out his hand to you and mumbles “d-do you wanna dance with me? imeanitsfineifyoudontbutlike-”
  • freezes up when you take his hand,,,,,,,,like are you sure ur not in the frozens aisle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but then michael chanson starts dancing and you try to keep up but it’s a little much for u, Inexperienced Dancer Person Who Definitely Didn’t See This In The Job Description
  • and all of a sudden u hear ur manager yelling @ u two to “stop being buffoons and stock the damn shelves” and u quickly start like shoving things onto the shelves bc !!!!! oops !!!!! and it goes back to a radio silence between u and chan
  • however after a lil while chan looks over at u and says “you should let me give you a dance lesson or two…… then we can try this again….”
sentence prompts [100]

1. “did you really think they loved you?”

2. “do you have any idea how many packs of ramen i could have bought with that kind of money?”

3. “i can’t make it stop because i don’t even know what it is”

4. “your email password is ‘ibetyouwontguessmypassword’… you are literally the opposite of mysterious”

5. “shh.. hey shh, i’ve got you alright?”

6. “it’s not that i don’t like them.. its just that make me wants to slam my head against a wall”

7. “there’s so much to think about”

8. “i think you’re indirectly saying that you like me but i’m not really sure and i'm really bad at picking up on signals so please be straightforward before i embarrass myself any further”

9. “you deserve to hear those words but i can’t be the one to say them to you”

10. “i hate everyone, its just that i hate you slightly less”

11. “i mean it’s the only way… right?”

12. “when i said ‘break a leg’ this is not what i fucking meant”

13. “how do you know when?” 

14. “i’m so tired i’m starting to imagine things. like, i think your face in inching closer to me but that could totally just be the lack of sleep and-mmm”

15. “stop fucking crying” 

16. “when people talk about being awkward.. do they not realize that real awkwardness is throwing up on a casket at a funeral, not just pretending to be embarrassed when you ‘accidentally’ bump into a hot guy?”

17. “i can’t make this decision for you”

18. “would you stop looking at me like that?”

19. “no, like.. what do you really want?”

20. “remember that time you stepped in dog shit on our first day of school and you had white shoes on and- and why are you making threatening hand gestures at me?”

21. “i’m a fucking mess”

22. “oh my god i think i just peed”

23. “god! stop it! why do you always fucking do that?”

24. “dude, you remember that commercial with the lady that falls down the stairs and can’t get up? yeah.. that’s basically you right now”

25. “why didn’t you love them?”

26. “that is my muffin you fucking jerk face”

27. “I just don't get it, no matter how hard i try”

28. “did i mention how much i hate you? oh i have?… well just a reminder.”

29. “either shut up and take a nap with me or leave”

30. “you’re so far gone”

31. “you spent 20 minutes trying to teach a chair how to respond to it’s name… i think it’s safe to say that you were drunk as hell”

32. “everything just kind of.. hurts, i guess”

33. “hey have you seen my- are you crying over that damn disney movie again?”

34. “i’m not them”

35. “what the hell do you mean you’re not a dog person?”

36. “i can't”

37. “did you just.. did you just snort?”

38. “i don't want this”

39. “did you just give me the middle finger?” 

40. “you’re making this worse for yourself, you do realize that right?”

41. “rock, paper, sciss- fuck!”

42. “i know i don’t deserve it, but please?”

43. “are you sure you’re studying because this looks like the intro to a very poorly funded porno”

44. “want me. need me. crave me”

45. “i’m trying to write a poem but i can’t think of anything that rhymes with- what are you looking at?” 

46. “i should have noticed”

47. “listen as much as i love your hugs, i can’t really breathe at the moment”

48. “breathe with me. in. and out.”

49. “what do you mean you’ve never owned a rubber ducky?”

50. “you are so fucking beautiful and you can’t even see it”

51. “how does he expect me to run to class when i can barely walk up one flight of stairs without heaving afterwards for five minutes straight?”

52. “stop saying sorry”

53. “yeah, uh, what the fuck”

54. “i can’t remember a time when i didn’t feel this way”

55. “hi i’m- wow you are a beautiful and i just made this so uncomfortable by saying that out loud”

56. “i’m so sorry, oh my god, i’m so sorry”

57. “so you can punch someone in the face but you can’t kill a spider?

58. “i keep telling myself to ‘stop waiting’ but here i am.. still waiting”

59. “how is it 3:00a.m, i thought it was like 10:00p.m”

60. “i almost long for it now”

61. “they love me, they love me not, they love me, they love me n- wait fuck there’s only one petal left, i always knew this game was rigged”

62. “you’re scaring me”

63. “you literally roll your eyes every other minute, how are your eyes not stuck in the back of your head by now?”

64. “how can’t you see that you deserve so much better than me?”

65. “i am 99% sure that the world is out to get me, the other 1% is holding onto the hope that my 11:11 wishes are valid”

66. “wait, are you crying?”

67. “wow that dry drool on your chin really suits you”

68. “are you drunk?”

69. “don’t ask me about my feelings when you already know exactly what I'm feeling”

70. “i may or may not have possibly accidentally maybe stained your favorite sweatshirt?”

71. “is it not enough?”

72. “so, any questions, imbeciles?”

73. “they love me, you’re wrong”

74. “there is a very large chance that i like you back.. but like, who knows..”

75. “you’re not supposed to eat that part!”

76. “i was waiting for you and you knew it and still, you did nothing about it”

77. “please stop tickling my neck it’s not funn- oh my god!”

78. “i know that you never really listen to your voicemails but here i am anyways and i just wanted to say…”

79. “it’s not my fault i’m so devilishly handsome”

80. “i didn’t mean to, i don’t- I'm not, i-”

81. “me too. wait no i mean like- i love you too. not me. i don’t love me too. not that i’m insecure. i just meant like that i love you not me. does that make sense?

82. ”i didn’t mean to make them cry!”

83. “everyone is always saying that i don’t have to have a plan yet. but if that’s the case, then why does it seem like everyone else has a plan except for me?”

84. “i think i’m gonna throw up..”

85. “you’re always saying how tired you are. but what exactly is it that you’re tired of? because i know it’s not just the lack of sleep.”

86. “maybe it was the 7 doughnuts. but I mean, just a guess”

87. “stop yelling at me!”

88. “so a little birdy told me that you think i’m cute?”

89. “i was so in love with who i thought they were”

90. “did you really mean what you said back there?”

91. “i’m so tired of feeling unwanted”

92. “i wrote you just like i promised, like we promised. why didn’t you ever write back?”

93. “i didn’t know you could sing”

94. “why are you being so cold”

95. “you said i was the one you wanted”

96. “tell me what to do, please!”

97. “i’m so sleepy”

98. “can we stay home and watch documentaries on netflix?”

99. “i triple dog dare you”

100. “do you think you could teach me how to swim?”


Request: Hey can I request a scenario where jk has a crush on a girl who younger then him who like him but he also has be sleeping around with an older girl the girl find out what he does is stop liking him because she feels hurt by his actions :-

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Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1.786

A/N: sorry if there are any grammatical errors or sth like that it’s really late and just wrote this down really quick to get some writing done. I’ll reread it tomorrow so please excuse my messy me ^^ I HOPE YOU STILL LIKE IT

♛ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

“Jungkook oppa! Look what I found!”, you screamed out in excitement, running towards Jungkook who was leaning on the fence while you had been looking at the beautiful flowers growing everywhere. His heart started beating faster when you called out for him and his already existing grin turned into a huge smile. 

“What is it?”, he asked curiously and wiped his hands on his jeans, just in case he had to touch your hand. He didn’t want you to notice his sweaty and shaking hands. 

You stopped in front of him, a little out of breath and slowly opened your palms. Completely focused, yet happy you came closer to Jungkook to let him get a better look. His breathing quickened and for a second he thought, he might pass out from the happiness mixed with nervousness he was feeling.

“It’s a ladybug”, you whispered as if it would fly away if you talked to loudly. Even though you were holding it in front of Jungkook’s face, he was only looking at you. Your sparkling eyes, looking full of curiosity down onto the ladybug in your hands. Your tiny nose that started crinkling every time you smiled or laughed. Your hair that was blown in your face from the tiny breeze and making your eyes squeeze shut every time it hit you. 

“Jungkook, you’re not even looking!”, you laughed and slightly pushed him with your shoulder. 

“Yes I was! It’s a cute, little ladybug”, he answered in return with a grin spreading on his face, mocking your expression. 

“Look there’s something orange on your finger”, he motioned towards your index finger and you looked down. The ladybug flew away and left her mark on you.

“No oh my god, it peed on me!”, you screamed while making a grossed out expression, shoving your finger towards Jungkook. He laughed hysterically and backed away, not wanting to touch the ladybug’s pee. 

“Here take this tissue and wipe it off, the sun is about to set”, Jungkook said while grabbing a tissue out of his pocket and handing it to you.

You stuck your tongue out at him, grabbed the tissue and leaned onto the fence. 

“Aren’t you coming?”, you raised your eyebrow at him and he smiled, slowly walking towards you, stopping next to you.

The sky turned a shade of pink, making the clouds look like cotton candy. It was a magical moment and Jungkook couldn’t believe he had the chance to spend it with you.

“(Y/N)?”, he mumbled, looking at you. You tore your eyes away from the sunset and looked over at Jungkook.

“Mh?”, you asked innocently, eyes big and a small smile on your lips.

The sun was shining directly into his room, making his eyes squirm and a groan escape his lips. When he stretched his arms, he felt a body lying next to him and he quickly opened his eyes.

Her face was covered with her messy hair and she only had a thin sheet covering her naked body. He could still make out her womanly curves and memories from last night flew back into his mind. How she moaned his name, while he thrust into her repeatedly, making her boobs jerk upwards and downwards. 

His body already started to react to his forbidden thoughts, so he decided it was time for him to get up and make himself a cup of coffee and leave before she woke up. It may have been his apartment but he knew how embarrassed Eunji would always get whenever they saw each other right after having sex. So he made sure to leave before she woke up, that way she could get ready in peace and he could go for a run, clearing his messy thoughts.

He put his boxers on, ruffling one hand through his hair and a yawn escaped his lips. Damn, Eunji never fails to run me out, he thought to himself. Making his way over to the kitchen, he tripped over her heels and groaned, putting them back into his bedroom, so Eunji wouldn’t have to look for them later on and he wouldn’t trip over them again.

As he was about to make himself a cup of coffee, the doorbell rang. He looked up in confusion and grabbed and unlocking his phone, while walking towards the door.

“It’s 7 in the freaking morning on a Saturday. Who the hell has the nerve to stand in front of my apartment at this kind of hour?”, he mumbled, scratching his neck.

He unlocked the door and the first reflex he had was to close the door as fast as possible. His hand though, wouldn’t move, so he just stared at your happy smile which turned into an amused one when you saw him standing there only in his boxers.

“Did I wake you up, Jungkook?”, you asked playfully and pushed yourself past him into his apartment.

“(Y/N)”, he exclaimed nervously. “Wha-what are you doing here?”

You noticed how his hand wandered towards his neck, a nervous habit he had while he bit down on his bottom lip. You just shrugged it off and pecked his cheeks, feeling confident enough to do that. Even though he hadn’t asked you to be his girlfriend yet, Jungkook had showed you how he felt about you, asking you out on dates multiple times and letting you come over even more frequently. He had been your crush for a while now, so seeing him feeling the same for you was making you shine like the sun itself. Nothing could bring you down lately and you were always in an exciting mood.

“I forgot my notebook here yesterday and I need it this afternoon, so I decided to come over and pick it up myself”, you explained and started walking towards his bedroom where you had left it the day before. You wanted to become a songwriter, so Jungkook suggested you could come over after class and he’d go through some of your songs with you before he went out with his friends. You had gladly accepted but when his time was running out, he practically shoved you out of his apartment, making you forget about the notebook that was still lying on his desk.

“No wait!”, Jungkook screamed and his hand shot forward but you were faster and jumped away.

“What why?”, you laughed and kept walking. “It’s not like I haven’t been in your room before Jungkook. I don’t care if it’s messy, if that’s what you’re worrying about.”

I guess you could also call it like that, was all he thought before he heard your gasp and a muffled thud coming from his bedroom. The door flew back open and your outraged yet disappointed figure made her way back to Jungkook, followed by an irritated Eunji, who still seemed half asleep.

“Why is the Leaning Tower of Pisa so crooked?”, you dozily asked a sleepy Jungkook who was lying behind you, holding you close to his chest.

“And why don’t we all speak the same language? Wouldn’t that be so much easier for all of us to communicate?”, you added, making Jungkook chuckle behind you and softly kiss your neck. You closed your eyes, letting a soft hum escape your lips and started caressing his hands.

“I don’t know (Y/N).. don’t you learn that stuff at school?”, he breathed against your wet skin, making goosebumps appear all over your body.

“No we don’t or else I wouldn’t be asking you, genius”, you declared, making him laugh again and gently turn you around to face him. 

“You’re so beautiful”, Jungkook whispered as he softly stroke his thumb over your plump lips and tried to memorize all your facial features. You felt the heat rise into your cheeks and tried to hide behind your hair but Jungkook wouldn’t let you, only stroking the hair back out of your face.

“No I’m not…”, you shyly replied. His eyes went wide in response.

“Yes you are. And I’m not only talking about your outer appearance. You’re just as beautiful from the inside as well. I’ve never met someone like you (Y/N)”, he stated honestly and stared into your eyes, almost losing himself in them. He was about to say those three magical words but something inside of him stopped him. Your eyes were filled with hope and wonder, Jungkook knew all you wanted was to hear it but he couldn’t. 

Instead he kissed you deeply, making you sigh into the kiss and butterflies erupt in his stomach.

“You think just because you’re older than me, you can play me like that?”, you screamed at him and pushed him as hard as you could, letting all the anger out you were feeling inside. 

“Did you really think, I wouldn’t find out? Or did you think, I wouldn’t care because we’re not even dating?”, that’s when it hit you. You two weren’t dating. He never told you that he liked you. He had complimented you, tons of times. But he never said how he felt towards you. You felt like an idiot, putting so much hope into all this actions when in reality he was only taking advantage of you.

“(Y/N) listen, it’s not what it looks like”, Jungkook started rambling, earning himself a slap from you. His hand flew up to his red cheek and a hurt expression spread on his angelic face.

“Don’t you dare, Jungkook”, a single tear slipped down your cheeks and you bit your lip, trying to hold the rest in. He didn’t deserve to see you crying.

“Can someone please explain to me what’s going on?”, Eunji asked completely irritated, holding onto the sheet that was covering her still naked body.

Jungkook groaned and rolled his eyes at her. “Can you please shut up and put some clothes on? I need to fix this.”

Eunji gasped at his rudeness, yet turning away to change, leaving you two alone. Your grip around your notebook tightened and you started rushing past him, trying to get out of his apartment as fast as possible.

“You can’t fix this Jungkook”, you angrily shouted at him. “There is no such thing as this that would need to be fixed.”

He grabbed you by your wrist, stopping you from finally getting out of his apartment. 

“Don’t say that”, he hurtfully whispered. 

You didn’t dare to glance back at him, so you ripped your wrist out of his grasp and ran as fast as you could, slamming the door shut behind you. 

As you reached the next street corner, you finally let yourself fall onto your knees and let the tears stream down your face, sobs escaping your lips uncontrollably.

He never loved me.


SH27DC Day 18

Author Note: fher43 that headcanon needed to be written. I hope you like it.


December 18: Daycare Taka

“He’s a good boy,” Hinata poked the giggling child’s belly and handed him to Sasuke. “Just make s-sure to feed and change him on time. Oh, and make sure he gets lots of attention.”

Sasuke held his son close and glared at the three. “Do not hurt my child.”

Suigetsu grinned. “Wouldn’t dream of it! We’ll keep a close eye on it.”

“He. Daisuke,” Sasuke corrected.

Hinata smiled and handed Karin his blanket. “He can’t s-sleep without this. Please don’t lose it.”

Karin took the blue blanket in her hands. “What will happen?”

Sasuke shook his head and simply repeated. “Don’t lose it.”

Hinata clasped her hands. “We h-have to go now,” she kissed the boy’s cheek. “Love you, Pie.”

Sasuke turned away from everyone and whispered something to his son. Hinata nearly sweat-dropped at the lengths Sasuke would go through not to be perceived as ‘weak.’ He handed Daisuke to Juugo. The large man carefully took the boy. “We’ll take care of him, Sasuke.”

“I know you will. Watch these two.”

Hinata pulled her husband out the door. Taka all stared at the onyx eyed boy. He gnawed happily on Juugo’s shirt. “I imagine Sasuke looking like this,” Karin cooed. Daisuke looked at the woman and reached out for her face. “Awh-wait, hey!”

Daisuke stole her glasses and laughed at her face. His cheeks were so chunky along with the rest of his limbs. “If he’s going to be laughing all night then this is going to be a piece of Pie-kun!” Suigetsu tickled his belly. The boy squirmed with glee. “Stop being so cute.”

When he looked up at his teammates. Their faces held great judgement. Karin replaced her glasses and looked at the note that Hinata left. “They already have him a bath. All we have to do is feed him, burp him and put him to sleep.”

“Easy enough,” Suigetsu nodded. “I’ll take him. Juugo, my man, you fix the food.”

“Why do you get to hold him?” Juugo asked. “Sasuke left him in my arms.”

“That’s not fair. I want him. I’m his Uncle.”

“Me too.”

Karin threw her arms in the arm. “Give him to me. I have that Motherly Touch that he needs.”

“Then go get his foo-” Karin punched the man through the head. Daisuke squeaked and giggled at it. Suigetsu’s head formed back. “He is adorable.”

Karin crossed her arms. “Let’s all fix his food and put him on the floor.”

“Yeah, make him a pillow fort.”


After feeding Daisuke, which was the second hardest thing they had to do that night…the first was…

The child placed his foot in his mouth and curiously peered at Suigetsu as the white haired male tried changing his diaper. “Why do I have to do this!?”

Karin sat on the couch watching from a distance. “I don’t do diapers.”

Suigetsu grumbled. “You don’t do a lot.”

“What?!” She shouted.

Juugo coughed. “Focus-” both men freaked out as Daisuke started peeing. Suigetsu shouted when it got on his shirt.

“Oh god, oh god, he peed on me! He peed on me!”

“Stop crying. A infants pee isn’t like ours. He’s isn’t as toxic.”

“I don’t give a rats…behind what’s in it. He just peed on me!”

The whole time Daisuke smiled and continued gnawing on his feet. Karin burped him and freaked out about the sit-up. Finally bed time came…

“Alright,” he placed him in his crib. “Where’s his blanket?” Juugo asked Suigetsu. Suigetsu looked at Karin. Karin looked at her empty hands. “Karin…”

“It’s in the l-living room!” She ran out and started searching. “It was just…” Juugo and Suigetsu walked into the living room. Juugo held the child in his arms. “Da-arn it, just put him to sleep. The kid won’t notice.”

“Lady Uchiha said not to put him to sleep without it.” Juugo bounced the giggling child in his arms.

“He’s a baby! It’ll be fine.” They all looked at each other wearily. It was all fun and games until Daisuke got visibly tired and didn’t want to sleep. He started to frown. “No, no, you’ll be okay.” Karin whispered.

“Don’t cry-”

Daisuke whines turned to wailing. Team Taka was scared! This child was laughing the entire night. “Stop it!” Suigetsu closed his ears.

Daisuke wormed around in Juugo’s arms. His cries got progressively louder. “He’ll give up… Just let him cry it out.”

Three hours passed, two neighbors came with concerned. “W-we lost his blanket…” Karin was almost in tears.

“Oh dear…” The old woman whispered. “Good luck,” she hurried off.

“Don’t go!” She cried. “I’m s-so tired!”

Daisuke was still screaming. Juugo and Suigetsu were trying everything. No avail. Karin even transformed into Hinata. It made it twelve thousand times worst. “This is her fault! Hinata said not to lose it.” Suigetsu pointed at Karin.

“It was in my hands!” Karin looked at her shaky hands. “Then I threw my hands…up…” She started looking the couch and pulled out the blanket. “Bless his name.”

“What’s so great about this damn blanket?” Suigetsu snatched it her and sniffed it. “Cinnamon…and blueberries…”

Juugo took the blanket and gave it to the child. “It smells like Lady Uchiha.”

“Sasuke uses blueberry shampoo, right?” Suigetsu asked.

The three cooed at the happy child. He rubbed the blanket over his face. “He likes it because it reminds him of his paaaarents,” Suigetsu poked his belly. Daisuke yawned and curled into a ball. “I’m exhausted.”


Hinata and Sasuke came home to see a sleeping Karin and Suigetsu under either one of Juugo’s arms. Daisuke head lifted from Juugo’s chest with a happy squeal. “Awh, baby.” Hinata quietly picked him up.

Sasuke crossed his arms. “I should wake them up.”

Hinata shook her head and kissed Daisuke’s cheek. “Looks like they lost the blanket for a while. Let them sleep.”

An hour later all three woke up, “Daisuke!”

Sasuke was bouncing the boy on his lap. Hinata smiled at them. “Breakfast is ready.” They all but ran into the kitchen. “Had fun?”

Suigetsu yawned. “Easy as pie!”


My SFCon Photo Op Experience:

I’m going to do a very long post on my whole experience later today but I just wanted to get into the photo ops first because, well … they tend to be the focal point of everyone’s con anyway.  Honestly, I was nervous as all hell for my photo ops. The only other experience I’ve ever had with a celebrity (as in, being that close to them), I basically went mute and nodded a lot. I couldn’t be like that this time—I had too much riding on my op with Misha … and of course, my op with Misha was going to be the first one I did.

So, on Saturday, we had already seen panels with Rob, Gil, Osric, and Felicia. We also had already experienced karaoke night, where I got to touch and interact with a lot of them … so I felt like I handled that well, and it gave me some hope for Misha. When we got to the theater on Saturday, we had the intro with Rob and Richard—they are fucking hilarious, by the way. I mean, we all knew that, but watching them bicker like a married couple in person? Oh my god!  I almost peed myself. They are so, freaking adorable! Anyway, I digress. So, we had the intro, a couple more panels and then … photo ops began. I had op-numbers 108 and 124. I thankfully, could take them both back to back so I didn’t have to get back in line. So, when they called for that range, I started freaking out. I had props and my book (for those of you who don’t know, I am writing a novel for Misha and I had the first eight chapters bound for him and I wanted to give it to him at the con) I still wasn’t sure if I would have time to explain properly what all these things were—or if the photo would come out right, or if I would even be able to give him the book at some point. Six months of work was riding on so much uncertainty and it was terrifying.

So, there I am in line and we finally shuffle through the doors … and there in the back of the room, is Misha fucking Collins. If you think the man is good looking on screen, it pales in comparison to him in person. Everything in him exudes perfection. I … I could go on for days, but I will put that in the next post. As I inch closer to this man that has become the world to me, I start to prep everything in my hands and go over what I want to say a million times. When they finally get to me, I am just too determined to choke. I walked up to him and handed him the signs (signs thanking the girls who helped me edit and beta read my novel). He looked at me a little confused. I held up the book and (I don’t even know if I said Hi first … I think I did, I hope I did) I said, “These two girls have helped me edit a novel I am writing for you, so I wanted you to help me thank them.” He nodded and we turned and took the photo, then as I was saying I have a second photo—he reached over and literally ripped the book out of my hands. He started flipping through it and then said “Oh, I really like the title!”  (which is “Gi’s Wishes” inspired by GISHWHES, of course). The he laughed and smiled, shook his head and said “I can’t believe you’re writing me a novel.” Then he turned and wrapped me in the hardest, tightest most genuine hug you could ever imagine. I don’t think either of us were really thinking about the second photo … as you might be able to tell because we look all squished and he looks like he’s going “Oh yeah … the photo”.  Immediately after, one of the convention volunteers was trying to pull me away but I hugged him again and he thanked me. I know at some point, I started to try and say that I had a copy for him, but I don’t think the words ever really came out. Anyway, I left smiling, then I got out of the room and I was shaking, and then I completely broke down crying. I was crying so hard that another volunteer came over to check on me, thinking something horrible happened. I ended up explaining to her that I wasn’t sad … I was just amazed that Misha took the time to look through my book, comment on it and then hug me, like he was really, truly appreciative of my efforts. She then started asking me all sorts of questions about my novel and made me feel even happier that I muscled through and got it done in time to show Misha.  Having that moment with him, was honestly one of the most validating and special moments of my life.

Okay … my Jensen photo op was more silly than anything. I wasn’t as nervous. I didn’t have a huge speech for him or anything to tell him about. I just needed to take a picture. Mainly, I just didn’t want to drool all over myself because of his profound beauty. By the time my op came around, we had already had our morning panel with Jensen and Jared (video to come). So, I got to see Jensen and melt into his reality a little. Then, I went in line for the photo op. Jesus Christ, that man is perfection. And his voice in person … so many, dirty, inappropriate things come to mind. Oh my sweet, baby Jesus. Anyway, I decided that I was going to do the pose I had originally planned for my second photo with Misha (but I was so happy to take the genuine hug from him instead). So, I walked up to Jensen, said hi, he said hi back and looked me with those amazing, beautiful eyes … and I asked him if I could hold his hand. He said “Of course” and smiled in a way that nearly killed me. Then he grabbed my hand, cupping it like a five year old … I quickly adjusted so I could lace our fingers together … because there is no way in hell I was just going to cup Jensen Ackles’s hand. He kind of smirked at that but that’s okay haha. We turned to the side and I reached over and held his muscly arm, and I felt his head tilt down towards mine … and I melted. I am so, so glad the picture turned out well and didn’t look like I was thinking dirty, dirty thoughts … because I was. I turned and hugged him after the photo, taking a moment to feel how incredibly firm he is. Oh my god … it was amazing. I was shaking after that, just staring at my hand, going “It touched Jensen Ackles! It held his hand! AHHHHHH!” Honestly, I still can’t believe it.

Then, later came time for my Cockles photo op. I wasn’t nervous, just excited. I was hoping Misha would recognize me as the girl with the book, because at that point, I had already had his autograph and he had already taken a copy of the book (more on that later as well).  I got into line and started chatting with my new friend, Megan spncancercare (I hope I’m remembering your name correctly, my dear. I am so bad with names.) We bonded while in line and talked about the boys’ perfection … obviously, a lot to talk about with that subject. Anyway, as we got closer, I thought about the pose I wanted them to do. I wanted Jensen to fold his arms on top of my head, lean across and kiss Misha’s cheek. When I got up to them, Misha was talking to a volunteer while I was explaining the pose. Then he came back and was like “Wait, so what’s the plan?” and Jensen started to explain but he kind of got it wrong and in my diluted mental state of realizing; ‘I’m actually talking to both of them at the same time’ I was like “No, see Jensen, you’ll stand like this …” to where I reach across his body and turned him physically (which felt amazing at the time but I feel horrible about now, since it was probably so pushy and rude) and then I said again, how he would kiss Misha on the cheek. Suddenly, a volunteer was at my side saying “No, we can’t do any kisses. That’s not allowed.” I was a little surprised, to say the least, and then I think Jensen turned me around and I kicked off my heels to snap the photo … I didn’t even know what pose we ended up with until I saw the picture later. I was still fairly, obliviously happy at this point so I turned and hugged Misha. As I pulled away however, his face just looked like he was so, very done. I started to sink … I realized right then, as the volunteer was pulling me away—I was probably “that fan”. I was that pushy, demanding fan who treated them like puppets I paid for instead of people who are generous enough to give me this opportunity. That so wasn’t my intention but I just felt awful. I walked out and talked to Megan a bit more, but as the time passed and the more I thought about it, I just wanted to cry. I decided, during the rest of the panels, that during my autograph, I would apologize to Jensen and hope that he passed the message along to Misha. So that’s what I did. I handed him my thing to sign and said “I think I really annoyed you and Misha during my photo op, so I wanted to apologize.” He just smiled a little and shook his head, finally looking back up to hand back my book and said “No … you didn’t.” I just “Oh … okay. Thank you … bye” and walked away. I don’t know if the pause he had in the middle was to emphasize the “you”, as in “you weren’t the annoying one; or if it was just a moment to try and sound convincing. Either way … I think he was just very tired at that point, so everything was probably getting on his nerves. Overall, I ended the con at kind of a low point because the last thing I wanted to do was annoy two people that are such, huge role models to me. I hope I’m just over thinking it. I know I didn’t get as crazy as some people get. I just normally, wouldn’t act that way and I’m angry that I did. I just hope that Misha didn’t recognize me now, because I don’t want him to think “the annoying girl” wrote him a book. I doubt he would ever think that … he was probably just exhausted overall. I know, I worry too much, but I can’t help it.

Anyway , I should say though, I had an amazing time. I loved my experience and met so many, new, nice, amazing people. All my photos turned out pretty damn good, so I’m very happy with that. In spite of the little low point, I wouldn’t trade my time at the con for the world. It was so awesome and fun. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to get to do that. Thank you to everyone who was encouraging and helped me along the way! I love you guys so, very much!

Pregnancy Series: Part 1: Finding Out

You have been sick for a few days now, you get dizzy and you have been vomiting. You think it’s food poisoning from some restaurant you and your friends ate at just a few days ago. You were about to go to work, when your phone beeped.

Luke: hey babe, still sick?
Y/N: yeah, i really think it’s food poisoning :/
Luke: aw, get well soon baby, i hope i’m there taking care of you :-(
Y/N: i wish you were too, love you lu, i got to go to work tho, talk to you later bye x

Luke, your boyfriend of almost 3 years now is on tour with his band, yes, it’s long distance but you managed to make it work. You were now at work, almost lunch time when you started to feel nauseous again.

“Hey,” you called to your friend, “Um, you go have some lunch, I’ll catch up.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I feel like I’m gonna vomit. Again.”

“Awe, Y/N. What’s happening to you? You’ve been vomiting for days now.”

“I think it’s the restaurant we last ate at and I got food poisoning. Didn’t you get it too?”

“Um. No? Y/N, what are you talking about?”

“So not one of us have it?”

“No! La-” Then she immediately stopped talking.

“What?” You asked confused.

“What if… What if you’re pregnant?”

Your eyes widened. That can’t be….But what if she’s right?

After work, you stopped by a drugstore to buy a pregnancy test. You went home and saw lots of messages from Luke, but you want to make sure if you’re really pregnant before talking to him. After having dinner, you peed on the stick. After minutes of waiting. Positive. You are pregnant.


You 3 were having breakfast, Calum, you and your son, Lance. After eating, you gathered the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. After closing the dishwasher. It’s like everything blacked out and you passed out.

Calum’s POV
Your son screamed that startled you so you sprinted to the kitchen.

“What happened?!” You said panicking.

“I don’t know! She just went to put the dishes in the dishwasher and when I looked she just passed out.”

“Okay, you go to Mrs. Smith and tell her I’m bringing your mom to the hospital and ask them if you they can look after you while we’re out.”

“Is mom going to be okay?” Lance asked.

“Yes she is,” you assured your son. “Now go.” Your son ran to your neighbor’s house. You scooped up Y/N in your arms and lay her on the backseat of the car.

You were now at the hospital when Y/N woke up.

“What happened?” You asked.

“You passed out.”


“Mr. and Mrs. Hood? The doctor will see you now.”

After explaining what happend and running some tests. You were now facing the doctor again who has a smile on her face.

“So?” You asked.

“Well, Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hood, you’re pregnant!”


You were at work on your way home when a sign hanging on the elevator said that it was under maintenance. So you used the stairs. Out of habit, you placed your hands on your boobs so they won’t go places. But when you touched them, they were kind of sore. Maybe your period was coming. When you got home you checked your calendar and you were late. You should’ve had your period 17 days ago. This made you nervous but pulled out a pregnancy test from your kit. You waited 5 minutes before going back in the bathroom. You used 3 pregnancy tests just to make sure. And they all came back positive.


You were at a wedding dress shop with your mom, trying on different dresses to find the perfect one for your wedding. You were about to try on another dress when your body decided to pee again. You already went to the bathroom 5 times when you went to the shop. And that was just in the shop. After peeing, you feel like you were gonna vomit. And you did. You heard a knock on the door so you quickly flushed the toilet and grabbed tissues to wipe your face. You opened the door and it was just your mom.

“I was starting to get worried because you were taking so long. Are you okay?”

“Well, I just peed for god knows how many times I peed today and I just vomited so not so good.”

“When did you last get your period?” Your mom asked out of nowhere.

“Uh, I don’t know.”

“Okay, on the way home, we’re going to get some pregnancy test.”

“You think I’m pregnant?” You asked shocked.

“We’re about to find out.”

After looking at the dresses. You did stop at the drugstore to get some pregnancy tests. And your mom made you pee on it when you got home. And the thing was she was more excited than you. Heck, you aren’t even excited. You were nervous.

“Okay, it’s time.” Your mother announced.

You didn’t stand up. You just sat there.

“Um. Y/N? I said it’s time to look at the sticks.”

“I can’t. Can you check them?”

After a few seconds. Your mom came out of the bathroom and said, “I’m going to be a grandma.”

Picture Perfect

“Oh my god!” Sakura could barely breathe out as she stared in wide-eyed shock at the boy in front of her. He walked by with a smile and then disappeared as a crowd of girls pushed their way forward to move closer to the stage. 

“What?” Sasuke asked in annoyance as he elbowed a girl who was clawing at his shirt to get a better view of the stage. “Touch my shirt one more time,” he snapped at the girl as a low growl rumbled under his throat.

Sakura pushed up the rim of her glasses as she hooked her arm onto Sasuke’s. She pointed at the stage. “He’s going to be right there in a matter of seconds. Get a good shot, okay?”

Sasuke grumbled as he picked up the camera hanging from his neck. “I don’t know why we even have to be here. This is not even a news story,” he grumbled. But he pointed his camera in the direction Sakura pointed anyways.

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A Late Halloween Imagine - Lil Dyl

“Dylan no,” “Y/N yes,” “No,” “Yes,” “No,” “Please,” “Uh uh,” “Oh come on,” “I refuse,” “I’ll protect you,” “Ugh fine,”

And that’s how I ended up at Knott’s Scary farm. I don’t know how he does it but somehow those blue eyes and baby features make all the fears go away and- Who am I kidding? I’m scared as hell.

We walked in hand in hand and I immediately started shaking. The decor alone was enough to make me tremble. “Are you okay?” Dylan pulled me towards him and kissed my forehead. I just nodded but he shook his head. “No you’re not what’s wrong?” I looked at him incredulously. “I’m scared idiot! There’s a reason I didn’t want to come and it’s because I scare easily,”

Dylan’s eyes opened wide and he pouted. “I thought you just didn’t want to go out in public with me,” “That too. You look like a hobo,” his shirt had holes, his jeans were ripped and I swear he found the world’s oldest pair of shoes. “I try,” he squeeze my hand and led me to the various activities.

We started off at the haunted house. As we neared the entrance, the sounds of screaming and pure terror caused me to practically jump on top of Dyl. “Calm down baby. You’ll be okay,” I shook my head and kept my arms firmly around his torso. “My little princess is scared,” he pinched my cheek and I glared at him. “I know where you live bitch,” “You love me,” “Unfortunately,” he laughed and pried me off of him. “Let’s go then,” I muttered.

We walked into the darkness and the fog met us instantly, blocking our line of sight. Ominous noises surrounded us and the sounds of fellow scared-y cats further up had me on edge. “See this isn’t too-AGH?!” A demented clown jumped out at Dylan and he screamed, causing me to laugh. “Holy shit,” he muttered. “I fucking love this,” I grabbed his hand and ran forward.

“Slow down Y/N!” I stopped abruptly and he caught his breath. He lead me cautiously and a zombie-like person jumped out again, causing me to squeak and him to fall to the floor in fright. “Aw. Is little baby Dyl scared?” “Hell no I’m a manly man,” I raised my eyebrows and he got up.

“Whatever you s-” someone or something ran directly in front of us and we were doused simultaneously with a thin layer of goo. I screamed like a banshee and I swear to god I peed. Dylan grumbled and tried pulling the sticky substance off of himself. He held onto my hand and we continued going.

By the end of the night, I was in tears. Tears of joy that is. Dylan screamed, yelled, shouted, squeaked and everything in between while I laughed and screamed occasionally. “That was so much fun! Let’s go again!” “Hell no!” Dylan looked mortified. “I’m kidding,” “Kidding or not we weren’t going back,” “Is my little manly man scared?” He pouted as I pinched his cheeks, mocking his earlier actions. “Maybe,”

I laughed and kissed his nose, guiding him to one of the food stands.

(Not the best and I know Halloween passed but I’ve had some family drama but hey! I also have never been in a haunted house so I dunno. HAVE A GOOD DAY OR NIGHT DEPENDING ON WHEN YOU SEE THIS LOVE YOU)