god of the night

y’all know that this is like. social media right????? like if you wanna unfollow someone you can?????? and you don’t need to send in a resignation letter with your reasons and explanations or send anon hate to try to justify yourself????? like it’s okay. you can just. click the button. there’s a button. it’s right there. just click it. that’s all you gotta do.

the two (and a half) main genres of fiction podcasts

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Thor Ragnarok 4D

OMG THE GOOFS!!!! I can’t breathe!

the main point of night in the woods

sometimes i get the feeling people don’t really get the whole “just shapes” commentary by mae, so i’m gonna try to explain it!!

mae is mentally ill, she suffers from depression and she’s even seen dissociating occasionally. according to her story from the couch scene near the end of the game, mae was playing a game when suddenly, something about it was off. the characters that she’d interacted and bonded with no longer felt like people she’d met, but rather just empty figures on a screen. she’d lost her emotional connection to them.

this part specifically is a reference to night in the woods itself, as it’s a game that deals with a lot of heavy real-life issues, that make it easier for the player to connect to it. the game’s overall themes of existentialism and absurdism also ties into this.

this is the first know incident where mae lost her grasp on reality, which eventually lead to the incident at her old school, where she beat up that kid at a softball match. she claims she really had no reason to do it, she completely lost control of herself and acted on impulse.

mae also notes other things in her surroundings during her time at college, like a specific tree no longer feeling like something real and alive, but just a “thing” that was there, serving no purpose and existing for no reason. as mae’s mental health grows worse, she starts losing more and more of her identity as a living person. she can’t even question her own existence, but she can’t accept anything either. she just feels like her thoughts, her place in the world, anything and everything is meaningless and that there’s no reason to care.

the reason why mae dropped out and went back to possum springs, was because she thought it was the only place in the world where nothing ever changed. she thought she could feel safe there, but once she realizes things are a lot different from what she expected, she slowly starts falling into another depressive episode. but in the end, mae opens up about her issues for the first time, and can then start working on them with the help of her loved ones.

the main moral of this game seems kinda depressing at first glance, but in reality, it’s probably the closest you can get to the meaning of life. it’s a fact that your thoughts and actions, in the long run, won’t ever make much of a difference. everything and everyone is eventually forgotten by time. once you realize that, it all comes down to one choice: whether to try going against the absurdness of life and fall into despair, or to embrace it and create your own meaning.

at the end of everything, hold onto anything.