god of the day

I’m taking a lil hiatus to hopefully un-fuck my wrist, but have this old doodle because it’s the most effortlessly on point pre-bbq Josh I’ve ever or will ever draw

d-0 to seventeen’s anniversary

a love letter to seventeen:

thank you for always making me laugh and for being my healing when life gets difficult. with you fantastic 13 balls of sunshine, these past two years have been much more than just very nice. i’m so proud that i’ve been able to see all of you grow, and just thinking about it causes tears to well up. but, i’ll try to hold these tears in because i don’t wanna cry

seventeen, i’m glad we’ve made it this far, and i’ll continue to adore u for years to come. let’s keep on walking on this flower path.

happy 2nd year anniversary!

Things That Have Happened Today

  1. This is probably the warmest day I have experienced in Sheffield so far
  2. Studied for about 6 hours straight in the lab for the exam tomorrow
  3. Filled up an entire page of notes with drawings of foxes
  4. Went away to have lunch
  5. The stress came to a head and due to having a slab of energy/sugar from a friend resulted in a meltdown
  6. Meltdown resulted in crawling into cupboard in front of friends
  7. Got extracted from cupboard and escorted/shoved outside
  8. Spent a couple of hours in the dusk in the shade of the oldest university building
  9. Got surrounded by bats

anonymous asked:

I've been following you for about a year now and I never got the chance to say how great you're artwork is. Seriously, seeing your art makes me feel like doing sketches again. Keep up the awesome art! :D

Blushes furiously cause tbh I’m always worried my art looks too messy but oh my gosh I’m so glad you think it’s great ❤️ and my goodness thanks for sticking around for that long I’m happy I interest you, rather my art interests you 😂
But gosh, thank you for this and Ill be sure to keep it up!!!


honestly i dont even give a shit that blupjeans is straight, can you give me 5 other canon straight ships you know in which one or both of them is trans? trans people in love need more representation, period, and if youre a cis gay and youre all “ew yall are shipping a het ship?” like…just keep this in mind lmao


Lance pokes fun of Shiro being a merman (not an actual merman unfortunately), and pidge and hunk, defending their father’s honour, dares lance to take some of Shiro’s classes (he teaches people how to become merppl n all that w allura). 

Lance takes the dare and finds out this guy from one of his classes, whom he has a one-sided rivalry with, goes for mermaid lessons as well and *insert oh no he’s hot moment here*

anyway there’s lots of pining and swimming and mermaids and keith being obsessed with the mythical merpeople n lance finding it endearing as hell

[edit:] I’m not planning to write this however I will be building upon this au If you wanna write this or whatever could you link it to me? I wanna see it :D