god of nostrils

The Waiter & Waitress

Pairing: Waitress/Y/N / Waiter!Calum

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 3.300+

Summary: In order to avoid the flirty conversations from the creepy bartender Derek, Calum pretents to be Y/N’s boyfriend to help her out. But his jealousy takes over him the second he sees Y/N hang out with another male 

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“Mr.Laufeyson” [Loki - One shot]

Inspired by: Imagine: Loki pretending to be a Midgardian and living in the same building as you.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Another extended imagine request that turns into a one shot. This one’s LONG. Andsomehowitfeelsliketherewillbemuchmorebutiaintpromisinganything.

Tagging @purelunacy25 because i owe her a Loki story and this could be it. (Remember “About a girl in Midgard” ?”  Well, Loki didn’t listen to Frigga and did things his way. He did keep something she suggested in mind though. ;)



For fuck’s sake.

My hand found its way out from underneath the blankets and hit the clock several times as I tried to turn the alarm off.

It was dark out.

I worked in a bar so my schedule was pretty weird, I basically slept all day. But somehow it was never enough, I always woke up feeling tired; maybe it was my crappy job.

I got in the shower and had a big glass of green juice as I got dressed; God knows I needed that.

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  • Marius: ... To make the French Empire the successor of Rome; to be the great nation that gave birth to the Grande Armée, sending its legions to the four corners of the world like a mountain sending forth its eagles; to be a nation ablaze with glory, sounding its titanic fanfare to echo down the corridors of history; to conquer the world twice over, by force of arms and by brilliance ─ all this is sublime! What can possibly be greater?
  • Combeferre: to be snee. (snail free)

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That perfume is so strong its hard to even inhale lmfao i dont know how he sniffs it whenever someones wearing it. May god help and heal his nostrils

@God heal his sense of smell


She gave anyone who saw her a sensation of April and of dawn. There was dew in her eyes. Cosette was a condensation of auroral light in womanly form.


“Kasamatsu-san, aren’t you going to drink that?” Iwaizumi asked as he jerked his chin at the half full tankard by the ex-Kaijo captain’s elbow.

Red faced, Kasamatsu managed a shake of his head before he mumbled a slurred response. “Nnnot really.”

Chuckling, Iwaizumi reached over to tilt his chin so he could look at his face better. “You’re all flushed. You can’t hold your drink, can you?”

“Stop making fun of me.” Kasamatsu huffed as he tried smacking Iwaizumi’s hand away.

His fingers nudged the beer off the table, and into his lap. The contents spread out immediately on the fabric of his jeans and the cushion he was sitting on. Beside him, Kise jerked back as he felt a small splash on his right arm. Iwaizumi stood and walked briskly over to the other side of the long table, nudging past drunken Seijou and Kaijo alumni who were mostly inebriated and hollering about match points and buzzer beaters.

“Here, a napkin.” Iwaizumi knelt on one knee, gently dabbing at Kasamatsu’s jeans. “You really spilled everything, didn’t you, you’re all soaked.”

Kise held up the beer tankard away from his ex-captain’s grabby hands. “Nope, no more beer for you, Kasamatsu-san!”

“I can *hic* hold my *hic* beer!” Kasamatsu declared through a couple of hiccups, and then wiped at his mouth with one sleeve.

“Stop that.” Iwaizumi moved the napkin up to his mouth. “Use this instead.”

“It’s no use, Iwa-chan.” Oikawa tittered from across the table where he was playfully stroking Kise’s hand. “You should just take him home.”

Kise blushed at the sudden close contact from Oikawa and quickly pulled his hand away. “Ah, oh no, I’m the one who should help Kasamatsu-san home, really!”

Pouting, Oikawa reached for the blond again, this time successfully grabbing both his pale, slender hands in his own. “Pay more attention to me, Ryouta.”

Flustered, the younger male turned a brilliant red.

With a sigh, Iwaizumi grasped Kasamatsu by the shoulders and practically hauled him to his feet. It wasn’t any good relying on the rest of his mates; Oikawa was distracted with Kise and would definitely complain the entire ride to Kasamatsu’s home - that is, if Iwaizumi could actually pry him away from the blond to actually be of help - and everyone else he knew in the vicinity were just flopping around and flailing in their drunken stupor. A quick glance at his watch told Iwaizumi that the time was three fifteen in the morning, and no way was Kasamatsu going to be able to handle the four hour ride home to Kanagawa in his barely conscious condition.

“Kasamatsu-san.” He leaned down to whisper into the shorter male’s ear. “We’re going back to my place. There’s no way in hell you’re gonna make it back in this state. Okay?”

Cheeks flushed, Kasamatsu eyed him blearily and fumbled at Iwaizumi’s shirt, probably looking for his collar to grab.

“Don’t leave me.” He huffed into Iwaizumi’s neck.

“I’m not going to.” Iwaizumi was certain his heart did a strange sort of twist as Kasamatsu inhaled the scent of his neck into his nostrils. “God, Kasamatsu-san…”

“Yukio.” The older male breathed, practically leaning all of his weight into Iwaizumi’s torso as he barely made any effort to stand on his own. “You can call me that, cause you’re … you’re H-Hajime.”

150815 music core pre-recording - 2min

Today Taemin wore red clothes from head to toe. He was talking to the members, when Minho suddenly went like, “Shut up gochujang-ah.“

Gochujang (고추장) is a korean hot pepper paste.

source: bambam0525, 20080525net

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Omg I love zayns nose o so much !!! And I'm like the pickiest person when it comes to noses .

ME TOO omg i love how perfect it is from the side, a perfect little slope

then from certain angles u can see the tiniest tiniest little speed bump on it GOD ITS SO CUTE

then when its like a front angle his nose is all broad gOD itS SO MANLY

hiS little nostrils are the cutest ever :/

then the spot beneath his nose where its like blank idk why its so adorable but it is!!!

when it looks this shARP 

and ofc my most favorite feature about his nose, the mole on the side!!