god of hot dads

smoking,,,,,,, is not cute,,,,, it’s not an aesthetic,,,, it doesn’t make you hot,,, you all really need to stop romanticising something that is damaging, not only to yourself, but to everyone around you, and to an extent, also to the environment.

there is literally nothing nice about smoking, it’s an addiction, and it’s bad, end of story.

Jin and JK’s ‘Adult’ Poem

dsp fandom advertisement


Yeah you! Do you like witches? Angels and Demons? Small yellow cat things? Humanized animals?

Then Deep-Sea Prisoner is the fandom for you!

The DSP fandom constists of 3 games: Wadanohara and the Furries, The Gay Garden, and Mogekhoe Castle! There’s also a Poison Insects, Scream Cream, and Obsolete Meme, but since they’re not games, they’re not as popular.

The DSP fandom is filled with lovable characters such as Etihw the agender god, Sal the dickass, Yonaka the human, Cherryblod the hot dad, and Does Ivlis is Gay?

Joining the DSP fandom requires minor payment in the form of your soul, your tears, and your will to live, but it’s well worth it because once you’re in, you get to burn in agony with your fellow fandom members and NEVER LEAVE!

Join the fandom today!*

*Joining fandom may result in death

if mulder and scully got to raise their kids pt 2

“oh you think your parents making out is gross? well check this out-”

“guys please please please dont embarrass me at this dance! i said i was sorry for insulting your outfits” 

“say mulder, is that the macarena playing?”

 “mulder they just asked you to not be so loud with your cheering, they didn’t banish you from the grounds”

“you banish my cheering you banish me”

“mulder our son got one base”

*voice cracking* “thats my boy”

“mom dad look at the trick i just taught daggoo- wait what-AAAAAAAAA OH MYGOSH BUY A LOCK ALREADYAAAAAAAAAA”

“whats wrong with your dad?”

“i just said i didnt believe in aliens-”

“why is mom grinning like that?”

“i just said i didn’t believe in aliens-”

“what did you do to uncle john?”


“say it will, say it to our faces”


“c’mon. you’re embarrassed of us arent you”


“and thats why you wont introduce us to your girlfriend”

 “this was taken at an OFFICIAL FBI party? jeez, now i get why uncle skinner is so grumpy with you two”

“hey mulder remember when i was in labor for twenty seven hours with your  son and you bought me a used copy of superstars of the superbowl”

“uh because youre my superstar?”

“mom that was kind of sweet-”

“he’d given me that same copy three times before”

“oh my god are they making out in our DRIVEWAY AFTER CURFEW- EMILY SCULLY GET BACK HERE-”

“oh you want to wear that to the dance? how about i try it on and lets see if you still want to”


“i cannot believe she fell asleep after that scary story you read her”

“i think someone owes someone ten bucks”

“dad is it okay if i go hang out with my friends instead of the conspiracy theory lecture today, we could go to a diff- stop giving me that disappointed look”

“uh, mr. william’s dad, my mom said alien hunting isn’t a real job so why are you at career day?”

“uh, emily? is mom… cool?”

“well she just kicked dads ass in paintball…”

“ohmygod dont look Will theyre at it again”

“scully what would you think of a trip to Blue Falls, Minnesota?”

“we’re not going to the ufo conference-”

“they have the worlds biggest ball of yarn-”


“god isnt your mom hot?”


Dad 76 wearing an aloha shirt is my aesthetic tbh

Mama Raptor speaks truth

I know I’m not the first to say this, but for a God your dad is pretty hot.”
“Please stop. I don’t like to think about it.” “Think about it!”