god of hot dads

I know I’m not the first to say this, but for a God your dad is pretty hot.”
“Please stop. I don’t like to think about it.” “Think about it!”

Jin and JK’s ‘Adult’ Poem

dsp fandom advertisement


Yeah you! Do you like witches? Angels and Demons? Small yellow cat things? Humanized animals?

Then Deep-Sea Prisoner is the fandom for you!

The DSP fandom constists of 3 games: Wadanohara and the Furries, The Gay Garden, and Mogekhoe Castle! There’s also a Poison Insects, Scream Cream, and Obsolete Meme, but since they’re not games, they’re not as popular.

The DSP fandom is filled with lovable characters such as Etihw the agender god, Sal the dickass, Yonaka the human, Cherryblod the hot dad, and Does Ivlis is Gay?

Joining the DSP fandom requires minor payment in the form of your soul, your tears, and your will to live, but it’s well worth it because once you’re in, you get to burn in agony with your fellow fandom members and NEVER LEAVE!

Join the fandom today!*

*Joining fandom may result in death

anonymous asked:

Snafu being the one that brings up the topic of children to sledge and sledge laughing it off with a "you're funny snaf" but then sledge looks back at snafu and sees his face completely serious. Snafu says "I'm serious gene id like to have some of em little runts running around here.weve got ourselves together now and besides I'd would love to fuck a hot dad every damn night"

This is too god damn cute. please stop


Summary: Every nice person has a dark side, but every monster has a good side.


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