god of hell fire

  • The Earl of Millennium: There are seven chairs and ten kids. What do you do?
  • Tyki: Have everyone stand.
  • Wisely: Bring three more chairs.
  • Jasdevi: The best seven of the lot can sit down.
  • Road: Kill three.
Religion has actually convinced people…that there’s an invisible man, living in the sky, who watches everything you do, every minute of every day.  And the invisibly man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things he has a special place full of fire, and smoke and burning and torture, and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and scream and cry forever and ever, til the end of time. But he loves you.
—  George Carlin

aztec goddesses → chantico “she who dwells in the house”

chantico was a goddess of fire and volcanoes. she was turned into a dog by tonacatecuhtli because she broke a fast by eating roasted fish with paprika. she is depicted wearing a crown of poisonous spikes, and takes the form of a red serpent.

“she has been through hell. so believe me when i say, fear her when she looks into fire and smiles”

Hi everyone. How are you today?
WhaT ThE fUUUCkkkkk

I’m going to buy a pair of ice skates and burn them in a hell fire in sacrifice to the iceskating gods

(Obviously I know the ring isint real I’m just talking about the scene in general)
  • Aries: God of Fire & the Seven Circles of Hell, punishing the sinners and heretics
  • Taurus: Goddess of the Home & Hearth, protecting our loved ones and our shelter
  • Gemini: God of Scholars & Education, watches over the spread of information and knowledge
  • Cancer: Goddess of Women, all things soft & feminine
  • Leo: God of Animals & Children, all things wild & free
  • Virgo: Goddess of Snow & Natural Phenomena, cruel yet natural and beautiful
  • Libra: God of Justice & Beauty, vain yet fair
  • Scorpio: Goddess of Death & Darkness, the dead and the afraid
  • Sagittarius: God of Travel & Adventure, new experiences and foreign affairs
  • Capricorn: Goddess of Success & Fame, fortune and notoriety. The She-wolf of Wall Street
  • Aquarius: God of Discovery & Technology, all things metal and shiny
  • Pisces: Goddess of the Ocean & Emotion, the seas are at the mercy of her moods

“You will never get away from me, Stanley Pines!”

Stan hit him good but not good enough. He’s still alive there somewhere inside his head ~<3

I betrayed Stan and drew this little shit!

But That’s not all!!! I have something special to you guys: Fire animation tutorial!!! Just keep reading and you can found it <3

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This is a translation of the Drama CD that came with the limited edition of SHOW MUST GO ON!! by Fourpe/UraShimaSakataSen

This took a long time because of the RPG terms, how long the audio track was and fastpacedspeakingwhydotheytalksofast but I’m finally done! Thank you for waiting! As usual, please message me any corrections you find!

U: The era of great adventures. It dates back 100 years.

Sa: At the sound of thunder, monsters appear, preying on those lost on their journeys from the continent

Shi: However, at the time there was a warrior going by the name of a hero. He slayed many monsters.

Sen: And so the hero said “I will defeat the Demon King who disturbs this land, and bring back the Demon King’s treasure, with heroes I have yet to find.”

U: 100 years later to this day, countless heroes roam the lands. This is the record of our great adventure. Hero, Urata.

Sa: Battle Master, Sakata.

Shi: Sorceror, Shima.

Sen: Fortune teller, Senra. The four of us join as a party, and go on this great adventure to find the Demon King’s treasure.

U: Even though this is our first go..

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But scripture burns holy
between our bodies and I know,
any hell would be heaven if I went for you.
—  I love you more than god and maybe that means you’re divine, maybe it means I’m not | p.d (via phi dean vulpe)
Starklings superhero headcanons
  • Robb’s powers manifest first, and dramatically - he has splitting headaches for a week and then suddenly, inexplicably turns into a direwolf at the dinner table
  • (Grey Wind is not impressed)
  • Jon is less than three months later, and with significantly less fanfare
  • He’s pyrokinetic and cyrokinetic
  • There’s a cyromage in every generation of Starks, and Catelyn is pissed, because it should be her trueborn Stark son spilling ice from his fingertips (Ned reminds her firmly that turning into a direwolf is a perfectly Stark-like power)
  • The pair of them and Theon (energy manipulator, with the easy arrogance that goes with that power set) run around Winterfell for a while stopping petty crimes and getting into a ton of trouble
  • “You can’t call yourself Kraken, Theon, that’s so lame” “You call yourself Direwolf” “I turn into a direwolf”
  • Jon goes by Elemental
  • They get caught eventually, because gods know none of them are masters of subtlety, and Ned wants to let them stew in jail for a while for being idiots but eventually bails them out
  • The Stark kids are firmly banned from any and all vigilante activity
  • Sansa’s an empath and she hates it - they hire a therapist specializing in mutants who calls her an empathic mirror. She mimics the emotions of the people around her and it’s hard as hell to control
  • She won’t learn for years that she can manipulate other people’s emotions as well
  • Arya’s a shapeshifter as well, but changes faces instead of forms
  • For a while she has to concentrate constantly just to keep her own shape, but she’ll be good at it eventually - years in the future she’ll entertain the next generation of Starklings with a new level of impersonations
  • Bran’s probably the most powerful, but the least in control. He’s precognitive and retrocognitive, but he can’t control what he sees (at least not yet)
  • They won’t learn it for a while, but he has the potential to be a reality warper as well, the most powerful since Brynden Rivers
  • It’s Rickon (super strength and invulnerability) who decides to follow in his big brothers’ footsteps and start superheroing around again
  • If Rickon is doing it, then Bran is doing it, and if Bran is doing it, then so is Arya (they go by Wildling, Greenseer, and Huntress, respectively)
  • They actually manage to be less subtle than their brothers, and have a tendency to spraypaint “THE NORTH REMEMBERS” on the nearest wall every time they stop a crime (Bran has a flair for the dramatic and Rickon has a flair for spraypaint)
  • They’re fooling nobody, especially Ned
  • Robb is a Responsible Adult, but Jon laughs and tells them all the best hideouts in Winterfell
  • Bran works comms most of the time (his powers aren’t great in a fight). Sansa will join him eventually, as Lark
  • Rickon and Arya are a hell of a team, and the local police want to hate them, but honestly it’s so much less paperwork when you don’t actually have to stop the robbery yourself so they don’t try all that hard to catch them
Let Me Touch Your Fire (5)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 957

Warnings: Aaaaaaaangst.

Summary: You’re a mutant who was experimented on by Stryker. He changed your mutation so instead of feeling others’ emotions and transferring emotions to them, you can now only transfer emotions and you feel nothing.

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The other man ~ Part five

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A/N ~ Just a quick one, this one picks up a couple of days after the alley way.

Theme ~ Cheating/Infidelity/Love triangle

Pairing ~ Kwon Jiyong X Reader X Choi Seung hyun

Rated ~ Smut/Angst/Fluff

Series Masterlist

“Ji, please” you begged trying to get free of his hold.

“No, you can’t leave” he answered with a pout as he wrapped you tighter in his arms, he wrapped his legs around yours for extra effect.

“Seriously, how am I not squashing you right now?” you asked looking up at him, he had you laying on top of him, a grin formed on his lips as he returned your gaze.

“Stop trying to distract me, you’re not going anywhere”

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Gunpowder - Alfie Solomons

Alfie’s new accountant is a cute as a button, curvaceous black lady that not only has a head for figures, but has a knack for knives and guns too. Alfie is quite taken with her but the lady doesn’t like mixing business with pleasure. Our Alfie is persistent though. @readsalot73

Gunpowder pt. 1 | Alfie Solomons

The hiring process had been the easiest of your life. Alfie was both desperate for a secretary and too lazy to interview anyone. Ollie, who was too busy picking up after Alfie, didn’t bother with interviews either so when you walked through the door, the first applicant of the day, he told you that you had the job and handed you a stack of papers. 

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