god of death

Every death is a lesson.

I want to push back against this perception that GRRM kills off characters in ASOIAF for shock value. Or that he’s killing off characters willy-nilly to fuck with his audience.

That’s…not accurate.

We may find many of these deaths shocking, but we tend to be shocked because we’re accustomed to seeing characters live or die based on a particular moral framework, and GRRM is using a different moral framework. His moral framework isn’t cynical, or nihilistic. It’s pragmatic.

In particular, GRRM has NOT established a pattern of killing off POV characters for no good reason. Of those POV characters who are significant enough to have a presence on the show, the only ones who’ve died in the books are Ned, Cat, and Jon. That’s it. And Jon hasn’t even stayed dead. (Cat, I’m calling a real death. Everything good about Cat died at the Red Wedding and stayed dead.) Robb Stark was never a POV character. Robert Baratheon, Viserys Targaryen, Jeor Mormont, Tywin Lannister, Rodrik Cassel, Oberyn Martell? Not POV characters. 

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YEAH so a couple of you actually wanted to see that god-awful ancient piece of fanart I did when I first watched death note and holy hell this single drawing has somehow survived in my archives since god knows when and it still haunts me. i was probably in my mid teens when I drew that atrocity.

there are so many things I hate about the old drawing. i want to set it on fire and never look back [there is a phsyical copy of the sketch somewhere, it was coloured digitally].

the context to the whole “teams” thing is when I first watched it, I immediately decided that matt was my favorite character. sure he didn’t make an appearance until later on, but something about his outfit was just so appealing. now unfortunately I could never remember his name [he appeared for like, five seconds and this was wayyy before I read the manga] so for an entire year I went around calling him “that guy”. also my gf [at the time] and her cousin decided that their teams were L and Light respectively and I wasn’t interested in being part of any of that.

SO, tl;dr: to all you young or otherwise inexperienced artists out there - take this as some form of inspiration. you will eventually get better. it’s gonna take a while, and you’re gonna hate your art, but you’ll get to where you want to be if you keep drawing.