god of annoying


not erasing trans guys who
•dont have a chiseled jawline/features
•arent skinny
•arent the typical “most acceptable” skinny white androgynous kid with cut features
•arent Conventionally Attractive™
•seriously god this is so annoying and makes many others and myself feel like shit

women don’t want to be cat called. women don’t want to be approached on the street. women don’t want to be whistled at. women don’t want your “compliments.” leave women alone. if you see a woman walking down the street, keep walking. women don’t want your attention. for gods sake, women only want to get home safe.

  • Family: Why are you in a bad mood?
  • Family: *acts like jerks for no reason*
  • Family: *gangs up on me*
  • Family: *lectures me for being upset because I should be happy at all times*
  • Family: I think you just have a bad attitude
british foxes au

hear me out, I am selfindulgent

  • kevin is northern irish okay
  • neil is welsh!!! he spent a lot of time up in north wales while on the run and he has an awful accent oh my god
  • dan, matt, allison, nicky and aaron are all from london
  • renee is from glasgow but went to live in london with stephanie walker
  • andrew was moved around a lot thanks to foster care but he spend almost all of his childhood in northern england and he also has a god-awful accent
  • they play exy in london and the ravens play in belfast
  • but anyway!! twinyards!!
  • Aaron is affronted by Andrews accent
  • how can someone look just like him and sound like that
  • he doesn’t pronounce anything right
  • andrew thinks aaron’s accent is worse, naturally
  • pre-uni nicky spends most of his time trying to get the twins to call a truce when they mimic everything the other says
  • aaron tells andrew daily that he can’t speak English
  • andrew tells aaron daily that he’s a chav
  • the one thing more annoying than andrew’s accent? kevin’s accent
  • just imagine; not only have they got someone screaming at them everyday that they’re not good enough, he screams in an irish accent
  • sometimes wymack wants to cry at this mess of a team
  • it gets worse when they recruit neil, oh god
  • he’s in a little village in west wales called aberporth when he’s recruited but he’s spent time in south and north wales too so his accent
  • it’s this awful mess of strong, heavy welsh mixed with a hard, common cardiff accent
  • wymack looks at him for twenty seconds the first time he talks, trying to translate in his head
  • andrew on drugs,, he doesn’t shut up about neil’s accent
  • neil.s accent gets stronger when he’s ranting and can you imagine him transitioning into welsh halfway through screaming at riko while watching a ravens game
  • andrew gets angry whenever neil speaks welsh because why is such an unattractive language so attractive when it comes out of his mouth because he already has english, german and french why does he need a language that 0 people speak
  • eden’s twilight is a nightclub in essex and instead of being all edgy and gothic it’s a gay bar lbr
  • aaron puts up with it because the drinks are cheaper and it was the only job that he was offered after leaving school with 0 qualifications and a report about all the fights he got into
  • aaron went to night school, turns out hes freaking intelligent and now hes in uni to become a doctor (he wont forget all the help from edens though)
  • neil is mr. unobservant despite being convinced that he is the master of being alert (unreliable narrator who) and doesn’t even realise it’s a gay bar until roland asks him about him and Andrew and he takes a second look around
  • there are drag queens there every night neil is2g
  • katelyn is from edinburgh purely because I love Scotland and katelyn is cute
  • aaron goes weak at her accent oh god
  • allison’s parents are actually royalty
  • like prince and princess or something, not the main family but still rich as hell
  • she’s been trying to escape their standards her whole life
  • can you imagine andrew and neil in their pro careers oh god
  • you’ve got this power couple, both sharp as anything, one on offense and one on defense and no one can fucking understand either of them

this is all I have for now but boy… i’ll probably add to this or write some specific scenes, i’m thinking of making ths a series

okay real talk. It genuinely breaks my heart when people think klance shippers are delusional and klance is not good representation. how is a relationship between two boys (one of whom is canonically a poc and the other is strongly headcanoned to be one) not good representation? how is a relationship between two boys who grow together and learn to mutually respect and support one another not good representation? do you have any idea how important this ship would’ve been to me if it’d been around a time when I was a kid? to see a healthy, supportive relationship in a kid’s cartoon? It would’ve made me coming to terms with my own sexuality that much easier. It would’ve meant, oh, ‘if those two boys can fall in love, then two girls can too. it’s normal. nothing unusual.’

but I didn’t get that. but kids today can. they can look at ships like klance and realize it’s alright to like whoever you want. it’s not bad to be gay. so please, do not say klance is not good representation. because an interracial mlm ship is definitely very good representation.