god never forgets

when you realize that one of the very first things the series establishes about adam is that he’s a very pragmatic and careful and responsible person, but also that he and ronan dragged each other behind a moving car for fun

when you realize that despite their bickering, adam actually relaxes completely around ronan and sometimes even lets himself forget his responsibilities for a little while when they’re together

when you realize that ronan actually brings out adam’s carefree side more frequently than any of the other characters

when you realize that adam’s pov chapters tend to be calmer and more focused on the present when ronan is there with him

when you realize that ronan was making adam quiet all along

And someone asked about you.

I told them I loved you.
But I didn’t tell them that you still had me even if I don’t have you.

Goodness, did I love you.

—  No One Told Me Remembering Is Worse Than Forgetting

Something happened 63 years ago that’s haunted me my entire life. I’ve never told anyone about it—until now

Story by reddit user  Sergeant_Darwin

It’s official: I’m an old man.

For the last couple years, I’ve comforted myself by saying I’m in my “early 70s,” but math is simple and unforgiving. Today is my 75th birthday, and God, the years do fly.

I’m not here for your well wishes; this is hardly a milestone I’m excited about. I’m glad to still be here, of course, but I find I have less and less to live for with every passing year. My bones ache, my kids live far away, and the other side of my bed has been empty for just over eight months now. In fact, once I cast my vote against that goddamned Trump this November, I may have nothing to live for at all.

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There was a older man with a woman at our bakery today and after I packed up some buns, pretzels etc for him he looked at the woman (his guest who also wanted some baked goods) and started speaking Spanish. I got the few things the woman wanted, turned around and just answered her in Spanish when she asked her friend how much it would cost; I swear to god I will never forget how happy she looked at me in this exact moment. My colleague and the woman both were like “wtf you speak Spanish” and I explained that I learned it in school. We chatted for a bit and the woman then said that now she doesn’t need her friend to come with her everytime she needs something. So if anyone ever asks me why languages are important - that’s why. You can help others, you can build bridges, but most importantly: you can make a person’s day by talking to them and trying your best.

The joys of playing support

This was the most marvelous game I ever played. Dorado Defense, one kid on my team had been going on about his “Noob team” (which was great btw) for a while now, spewing insults, you know acting like he came right from a call of duty session.

I suggested he chill. He suggested I drink bleach.

I could have muted him. I could have blocked him. I could have sent a report. But as the lone Mercy, there was only one thing that I would do.

Take him off heals of course.

I healed everyone else. Sometimes I’d stand next to him when he was at critical health and healed the person at full health by his side.

Halfway through the game he started begging.

I’ve gained twenty years to my life from the frantic “MERRCY PLZZZ” that I got.

I had half a mind to make him beg for my forgiveness, but I was busy keeping the rest of the team alive.

He forgot the one lesson of any multiplayer game.

Do not annoy the healer.

About a week ago I hit 1.5k followers for which I’m so, so grateful  ㅠㅠ. I figured I’d make another list of the wonderful people that grace my dash with their wonderful posts ♡

Extra special shoutout to my friends who I love with all my heart ♡♡:

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And now here are the amazing people that I wish were my friends lmao really love and admire:

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♡ hello my beautiful moon and sunbeams this is choco and christ on a bike i’m finally doing a follower forever! i’ve been dilly dicking around with choco-seventeen for awhile now n today i’m celebrating my blog’s second year anniversary!! i didn’t do anything last year, however, this year i felt like i should try a lil bit n since i’ve encountered so many gr8 ppl, i thought this would be nice!!

so whether or not we talk a lot, or talk a lil, or even once in a blue moon, you are all ppl i appreciate n i think deserve recognition. i can assure u at one point you’ve all made me smile n that is the gr8est gift of all!


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The day Marner/Matthews/Nylander is traded I will sue the leafs sorry but it’s only rational