god my friends are quality

best things abt writing with splickedy

-both like the same tropes

-”I have an idea, what if <thing happens>?  and then <character> is like <blah blah blah>” “HAHAHA YES and then <other character> could be like <blah blah blah>” “<blah blah blah>” “<blah blah blah>” *five minutes of out-loud roleplaying*

-similar writing styles mesh well

-talking through big changes, patiently hashing things out + not taking crit personally

-”oh! OOOHHHH” “what” “oh my god oh my god what IF <devastating emotional twist>” “YESSSSS”

-quality friend time with hot chocolate and good music

-”fourth song” / *furiously typing* “I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW”

-”I don’t know how to say this, write the sentence for me” (I think it’s usually me saying this lol)

-”okay if you’re taking over this section for me, here’s what I was thinking would happen”

-the satisfaction of closing a gap in the writing

-solid 50/50 effort

-hilarious typos

-scrolling through the doc and noticing there’s a chunk of writing you didn’t see before and it’s always quality as hell

-shameless behind the scenes OC/canon shipping

-every interaction with other people Red has in Live Free

-stories get so damn long, how did this happen, who authorized this