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No Control | Chapter Twenty-Two


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

*This chapter marks the beginning of Part Two of the No Control series.*

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February 2016

The air is crisp as it blows through the open windows of the flat. Los Angeles is already warm in the spring time, but the mornings are still a bit chilly from the temperature drop overnight. The sun is beaming in as well, making the space cozy and absolutely perfect for my one day off this weekend. 

Trevor and I are sat side by side on the sofa, mindlessly watching episodes of Botched, a favourite of ours that runs marathons before new episodes every Sunday. Trev and I only ever have Sundays off together, so this is usually what we do all day, with the occasional pop down to the center of the city to do some sightseeing or messing about. We’ve only been in California for a little less than three months, having moved at the end of December when I finished my final semester at NYU. Trev made the decision to transfer after I got the job offer at the children’s hospital and started up at USC in the spring. 

“I’m hungry,” he announced one an advert starts. I look over at him, where he’s slouched in only a pair of trackies and his classes perched on his nose, hair a mess. I’m not much better in my knickers and a t-shirt with the NYU logo on it, and knee high black socks to keep my feet warm on the cool hardwood floors, hair up in a half-arsed bun.

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What Happens In Vegas: Part 4

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Here is part 4 guys! I love all of you so much for being so damn awesome about this series. It makes me want to write it more and more. Please let me know what you think of this part. It’s about to get craaaazy from here. Thank you to @marvel-ash and @bovaria for reading this over for me. ♥

Word Count: 1,178

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

You remembered the day you first laid eyes on Bucky Barnes. With Bucky being Steve’s roommate, you were bound to meet him at some point. He had told you that Bucky traveled a lot for work, but never actually told you what he did; as if it was some big secret. You didn’t pry, simply because you hadn’t known Steve for very long, and it wasn’t any of your business. You figured Bucky was probably a spy for the FBI or something.

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Two Stubborn People in Love

A/N: Nothing much…. unedited… that’s about it lol From the series ‘And Just When I Thought Things Were Going To Be Easy For Us’

 Pictures are not mine, found them on google so credit to them! 

Word Count: 1603
Dean x Reader
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“How was the drive?” Sam asked as he approached his older brother, pulling him in for a tight hug. He didn’t miss the slight blush that dusted Dean’s cheeks as he glanced back at your sleeping form that was sprawled on the passenger seat, a light snore escaping your lips.

“Good. Long.” Dean shrugged nonchalantly. Sam couldn’t help but roll his eyes at his stubborn brother. He had seen the picture Dean had posted on Instagram. He had been rooting for both Dean and you to get together ever since he was introduced to you. He noticed the sparkle in Dean’s eyes that had for so long disappeared – ever since the death of their parent’s. He saw the way Dean was with you, the way Dean talked about you whenever he called, the way Dean reacted whenever you went on a date and Sam wouldn’t hear the end of it. He had planned this trip and convinced you to come along in hopes that he could finally set his plan into motion: getting you and Dean together. Officially.

“Well I’m glad you made it. The beds are made and everything so you can grab the bags and I can grab Y/N…?” Sam couldn’t help but smirk as he saw his brother glance at him in annoyance. He innocently raised his hands in surrender before heading towards the trunk of the beloved Impala and grabbed some bags.

Dean made his way towards you, unsure as to how he was going to get you out without waking you up. You looked so peaceful and content that he dreaded having to move you. But he knew that if he didn’t, that you would bitch at him the next morning because of the pain in your back and neck. He could hear his brother snicker from behind him. Dean, without looking, flipped him off as he continued to ponder on what to do. Eventually he decided that he would slowly open the passenger door, gently cradling your head with one hand as he tried to swing the door open so he could cradle you in his arms. A groan of discomfort escaped your lips and he froze, waiting to see if you would open your eyes. He let out a soft sigh of relief when you didn’t. He quickly slipped his arms underneath your warm sun-kissed body and lifted you up off the seat. He couldn’t help but smile as you cuddled into his chest, your hand slightly resting where his heart beat thunderously. God, he was so fucking in love with you.

“You’re so done for, man,” Sam commented as he watched Dean walk you to your room. He didn’t notice the beach house, didn’t bother looking around. They could’ve rented a shack or a mansion of all things and he still would have only eyes for you. He would be just as content.

“Shut up,” Dean grumbled, though his small smile betrayed his words.


You heard the sound of seagulls before you noticed anything else. You felt the warm ocean breeze, next. And then came the warmth of the sun streaming through the large windows.

“You’re the laziest person in the world,” A familiar voice called out from the doorway. Immediately your eyes flashed open, a squeal of happiness escaped your lips as you sprang out of bed. Flying towards the large man you had missed terribly. Sam chuckled as you jumped into his arms, dwarfing you as he hugged you tightly. His dimples appeared as he smoothed out your messy hair. You clung to him as if you were impersonating a Koala and refused to let him go. “I missed you to, sleepyhead” If there was anyone you wanted in the world to be your brother, it would hands down, without a sliver of doubt, be Sam Winchester. The abnormally large Sasquatch was everything you wanted in a little brother.

“I’m not letting you go. Ever. During this whole break,” His shirt muffled your words but he somehow heard you. He chuckled at the thought, already picturing a pissed off Dean.

“As nice as that sounds, I would very much appreciate it if you take a shower,” As soon as the words left his mouth, you quickly let go and punched him in the arm, trying not to flinch at the hard muscle that hurt your knuckles.

“You suck,”

“Get dressed, breakfast is ready,” He called out with a smile before walking out the door and shutting it behind him. You couldn’t help but be giddy at the start of a new day. You walked over to the windows and saw the ocean and beach the stretched for miles and miles in each direction. The smile hadn’t left your face since the moment you woke up. Just the smell of the ocean made you giddy. You quickly took a shower and slipped on a pair of shorts and one of your many college’s sweatshirts. Quickly running down the stairs to find your favorite brothers sitting on the deck, a breakfast galore on the table that instantly made your mouth water.

“Good morning, to my favorite people ever,” Quickly planting a kiss on both of their cheeks before instantly digging into the food that sat before you, the warm breeze pleasant against your legs.

“Looks like you woke up in a good mood,” Dean teased as he sipped on his coffee. He couldn’t help but admire how at peace you looked as you watched the ocean waves crash onto shore. How your legs bounced as you itched to play in the water.

“Wow Dean, I almost didn’t recognize you. When was the last time you wore shorts?” You whistled jokingly, although the sight of him was surely pleasant as well. He was clearly ready for the day. In a dark t-shirt and light blue shorts, his sunglasses hanging from the neck of his shirt.

“Alright you two, I’m trying to eat here,” Sam commented in mock disgust, Dean winked at me before glancing at the drink Sam had. Both Dean and I gagged at the protein shake, remembering Sam’s obsession with healthy and clean eating, which was impressive since he was a college student.

“So what’s the plan for today?” You asked as you downed the orange juice, resting your feet on Dean’s lap casually. He glared at you playfully before massaging your calves.

“I was thinking we could walk around, get a feel of the area. You’ve never been here so I think it’d be awesome to get lunch in town and look at some shops and whatnot,” Sam piped as he read off something from his phone, probably notes. “There’s an outdoor shopping center that’s pretty cool,”

“Sounds good, Sammy. I’m happy with anything,” You smiled at the youngest Winchester, loving how serious he was in making sure you had a good time. “Thank you for letting me tag along. Dean says to not make it a big deal, but honestly Sam, it means the world to me,”

“You think I wouldn’t want my older sister to come along on this trip? Besides who is supposed to keep Dean in check cause I sure as hell won’t do it. But it’s no big deal, Y/N I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m sure Dean feels the same way. You’re family,”


Dean quickly ran down the sidewalk, gracefully dodging people as he waved his hands in victory a bright smile on his face as he reached the steps that lead to the mall. You and Sam trailed behind, out of breath and in disbelief that Dean out of the three of you had won the spontaneous race. You really needed to get back in shape once you returned to school.

“Aw are the babies tired?” Dean teased, quickly approaching you and letting you lean against his broad self.

Sam merely chuckled while you flipped off the eldest Winchester as he dragged you along, slipping his fingers between yours as you approached the array of shops and restaurants. It was a beautiful and warm day, Dean hiding his beautiful green eyes with some sunglasses. There was no place you’d rather be. Your boys were happy, you were over the moon, everything was just perfect.

The pictures were endless. You couldn’t stop. There was so much beauty and the guys were too handsome to not capture. But there was one picture that took your breath away.

“You should tell him,” You quickly flipped your phone over, letting out a sigh of relief once you realized it was just Sam. Somewhere along the way, Sam had found out about your feelings towards his brother and was insistent that you told him.

“One day, Sam,” You all but chuckled as you looked at the picture you had taken of Dean, once more. He was smiling at you, walking to grab a sample a little way down the sidewalk and you had told him to turn around quickly. It was the carefree expression that had taken your breath away. He had gotten a temporary tattoo just for the hell of it since you had made fun of him for never having his skin inked by anything. He had smugly come out of a tent a mere 30 minutes later with a design om his arm and you couldn’t help but laugh at how proud of himself he was. Dean did anything to make you laugh. 

 Sam let out a groan of frustration but let the conversation slide. He knew what your fear was. That Dean wouldn’t feel the same way and you would not only loose the close friendship you had with him but by default loose Sam as well. Them being the two most important people in your life, it scared you shitless and such a possibility. You were fine with silent admiration, as painful as it was since Dean Winchester was a flirt. But you knew that it was for the best. It had to be for the best.

“Don’t you love me anymore?! Is that it? Is that why…?!”

“I swear, it’s not like that!”

“And all those times you said you loved me, you were screwing her! How dare you!”


“Just as I thought. Nothing to say. I thought you would break my heart one day. Never knew it would be so soon.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not. You know what, you can get out of here.”


Dean was on the edge of the stool, poised in such a way he could take the heartbreak for the next line. Dr. Sexy was going to proclaim his love to Dr. Juliana this episode - he had to. It’d been going on forever!

But unfortunately Dean’s viewing time was cut short with the shriek of Charlie Bradbury’s voice. “Hey, Winchester! We’re open, so get your ass out here now!”

Sighing, Dean turned his phone off and took out his headphones. Tucking them into his pocket, he jumped down with a spring in his steps before making his way into the counter.

“What’s got you?” Charlie nudged him.

“Dr. Sexy. Last nights episode. He’s just so…perfect. I can’t believe Dr. Juliana thinks he’s cheating on her. After all these seasons!”

Charlie rolled her eyes dramatically. “It’s just a tv show, Dean.”

“How dare you?!”

“I’m joking. That would be very hypocritical of me. Yeah, I’m not over Gilda from Fantasy Of Nightingale,” she sighed, her eyes glazed and staring out of the window as if her celebrity crush would fly through it and rescue her.

“Right,” Dean eventually said.

He had work to do.

In and out came customers, most boring, some hot, some weird in a good way…others, well, it’s safe to say not in a good way.

It approached around midday, the sun was high, the colours of city life outside the café were vibrant and complimentary to the shops design. Dean grinned to himself, breathing in the fresh air every time the door opened.

It’s not that he hated this job that made him want to quit: he loved every aspect of it here. He just felt like his mind was better off working someplace else. The where was yet to be found.

While Dean was daydreaming, a man entered through and looked slightly out of place.

Dean waited behind the counter and watched closely to the man approaching.

He had hair with no style; it was simply a short raven mess. And his clothing style was like he was going for the ancient-languages-lecturer-at-college aesthetic. The dark blue skinny jeans that were very worn down; the dark off-brown jacket; thin rimmed glasses; his ‘I haven’t shaved in a week’ beard; simply everything about him was a disheveled mess of a professor.

“Excuse me, can I have a medium cappuccino, sir?” His voice was rough and deeper than Dean had ever heard someone near enough his age speak. But it was like a purring engine almost, very sensual too.

“Coming right up. What’s your name?”

“Excuse me?”

Dean paused his actions, holding the cup in one hand and a permanent marker in the other. “For the cup. Your name.”

“Oh, uh…Skywalker, Luke,” the man said with a curl to his full and chapped lips.

“Okay, Mr. Skywalker,” Dean grinned back. This seemed to make 'Luke’ more relaxed. He leaned up against the counter even, looking through his shoulder back and through files (definitely a teacher of some sort, Dean thought), then pulled out his wallet.

The weirdest thing was that he continued beaming and smiling fondly as Dean passed the cup to Charlie to finish up the drink. Dean felt a hint fondness towards this man well up in his chest.

When Charlie was done she called his name with a laugh in her tone.

Dean, by this time had moved onto another customer, but he didn’t stop watching over that man until they shared a glance and he went on his way about the world - never to see each other again.


“Who was that?” Charlie nudged Dean when they were hanging around at hers after their shift.

“Who was who?”

“That guy that you were giving heart eyes too earlier, Luke Skywalker, yeah, like you could forget him. Who was he?”

Dean would be lying if he said he hadn’t been thinking about bright blue eyes and red plaid shirts behind brown jackets all day. Who could blame him - really?

“I have no idea,” he sighed.

“Why didn’t you get his number!? He was totally into you.”

“No he wasn’t. You’re just wishing it was. And so am I. And it’s not like we’re going to find out if he was into me or not now.”

“Yep. Too late, you idiot.”


The next day, around lunch hour, the shift was busy. Dean had been rushing about all morning and he was glad he was only working half a day.

He checked the time. Soon, he thought.

In the midst of tidying up and getting down orders and names, one stood out for him.

“Cappuccino, please.” Dean looked up to see the same man from yesterday. Only today he’d shaved and was wearing a blue shirt with a few buttons undone. Fuck. He was gorgeous.

Dean stared at him for a moment before composing himself. “Same as yesterday?”

The man nodded. “Under the name 'Mulder’, thanks.”

“You got it.”


After that day, surely, surely, he wouldn’t come back for the same order 3 days in a row.

But he did.

“Can I have a-”

“Same as yesterday?” Dean asked, hopeful eyes staring softly at the gentleman in front of him. He felt like he was having a high school crush at this point despite seeing the man only a few times. But he was sweet. And beautiful. And nerdy - which is all Dean ever wanted in life.

“It’s Steve Rogers, the name for the cup,” the man squinted cutely at Dean’s name tag before looking at him back in the eyes, “thank you Dean.”

“You’re welcome.”


“Cappuccino, for Mr…?”

“Starlord.” The man looked smugly at Dean with his hands shoved in his pockets. Dean rolled his eyes at him, wrote down the name anyway. “Can you blame me?”

“No, I can’t. It’s funny, you know. Are you normally this sneaky?” Dean nodded at him. The man just chuckled to himself and looked down. “Okay, fine. Will I be seeing you tomorrow?”

'Starlord’ just winked before waiting for his drink over by Charlie.

For a cute guy he really left a lot of mystery and knowledge to be desired.


By the end of the first 5 days it had become their thing. Dean had the weekend off and just used the time thinking about his new crush. It probably wasn’t healthy but he couldn’t help it.

By the end of week two they had been edging near flirtatious territory. Dean was too scared to ask the guy out or even ask why he was coming to the same shop 5 days a week at near enough the same time. The other guy, well, Dean didn’t even know his real name. All he knew was the man was definitely not straight.

As week three came to a close they’d established this ritual: banter, light conversation, the name of the day before their shared small smiles or prolonged glances.

It was only when week 5 began things changed between them. Their hands lingered more when exchanging cash, or they itched nearer to each other with every moment they could afford.

Dean didn’t mind. It was just he didn’t want this all to be for nothing. A build up without a final hit, an almost something between him an a stranger once upon a time.

Dean waited. It was around this time of day that his 'friend’ entered. Charlie was ready with the cappuccino and Dean was ready with his most attractive smile he could pull of.

Then he came in. Dean sighed in relief.

But something was different about the man this time. Dean couldn’t quite figure it out. He seemed more nervous as he fingered his bag strap or held his own hands awkwardly.

“Are you alright?” Dean asked with some concern.

“I’m fine thank you, Dean.” Dean loved it when he said his name. And when he said he loved it, he means he had no way imagined 'I do, Dean’ in his dreams or anything like that…

“So…What’s it today?”

“Castiel,” he replied slowly.

Dean could pretend he understood what he meant but he didn’t. So with the cup in hand, he stood closer. “I don’t understand that reference?”

“I-It’s not a reference. It’s actually my name.”

“You’re joking- what sort of…” Dean’s almost laughter trailed off at Castiel’s stern look. “You’re not joking. Well, I- uh, well it’s very…” He was being eyed carefully. Dean took in a small breath and braced himself as he let the words flow. “Beautiful. It’s beautiful, Castiel. It’s breathtakingly angelic, l-like your eyes.”

“Way to make a guy feel special,” Castiel blushed.

“I have better ways, I swear.” Dean said it like a hopeful promise.

“I’m sure you do.”

Dean wrote down the name. But this time he added his number and a few kisses underneath before handing the cup over to Charlie. As per usual, Cas stood in the corner and waited for his order.

Smirking, Dean was half watching as to when Cas got his order. It was fairly soon after and Dean’s heart swelled with the look of surprise on Castiel’s face as he saw what Dean had written.

Then he looked back at Dean, biting his lip as if to stop his smile from spreading to wide.

Castiel left the shop with a spring in his step that day. When he got out of sight of Dean, he picked up his phone and called his brothers number.

“Have you done it?”

“I’ve got his number, Gabe! His number!” He practically jumped up and down on the side walk.

“Son of a bitch. Looks like you didn’t need your older brother intervening anyway. What are you going to do with it?” Gabriel said with pride.

“I’m going to ask him out for dinner tomorrow,” Cas nearly squeaked, “holy shit, Gabe. He’s so cute.”

“So you’ve been telling me for the last month,” he dryly said. “Stop wasting time talking about how much you think he’s a God and text him!”

“Okay, okay I’ll do that. What if he’s doesn’t like me? What if I’m too old or something? What if-”

“He wants to kiss you so hard bro, trust me! Now. Text. Him. And. Ask. Him. Out. Understand?”

Cas was too busy smiling to say anything else. He just hung up and wrote down Dean’s number into his contacts.

Something about this felt like it was going to be very special.

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"Is that my shirt?" For Lardo and Shitty (bonus: Shitty wearing Lardo's shirt).

also dedicated to the wonderful @sleepy-skittles because it’s her birthday today!! I’, struggling with TW fic lately but here’s some shitty/lardo!!

It sucks, trying to pretend like everything’s cool and nothing matters. Lardo isn’t sure how she came unto this reputation, but it’s certainly a lot of work maintaining it. Because she does care, deeply, she’s an artist after all. She hadn’t been able to hide it when Shitty announced at her art show that he’d gotten into Harvard. Suddenly shit got real, and it hit her like a ton of bricks that her best friend in the entire world is leaving. There will be no more getting high out on the reading room, no more late night talks and early morning breakfasts and falling asleep on his shoulder on roadies. Shitty is moving on, and Lardo is going to be stuck here, struggling to regain her footing. 

She avoids him for two days after the show. In short, it sucks, but she can’t go talk to him when just thinking about graduation makes her tear up. But by the end of day two her heart feels heavy and she’s gotten way too many concerned text messages and phone calls to let it go on any longer. 

The Haus smells like apple pie, and just one look at Bitty tells her that she’s not the only one struggling with the upcoming departure of the team’s senior members. 

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Missing [3/3]

<< Part 1 >> << Part 2 >> << Part 3 >>

It’s two in the morning before Arthur finally passes out from physical and mental exhaustion. Of course this is a minor victory for Alfred, who’s already managed to convince the guy to take a nice hot shower—as long as he needed—and gave him clothes for the night. Cleaned up and dressed in newer wear than he probably personally owns, Arthur looks almost like an entirely different person. That fact is a little alarming to Alfred, somehow, like he keeps forgetting that the tattered, well-worn hoodie and jeans aren’t just some kind of fashion statement.

Regardless, he takes that opportunity to wash everything, knowing that if Arthur were awake he’d likely protest. It’s four in the morning by the time it’s done drying, but it’s not as though he was going to be able to sleep tonight anyway. 

Not with Arthur in his bed and the half-starved kittens in a box in the corner.

No, attempting to sleep would be moot.

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amy rose please write the muffled against a wall library!sex! your tags put this pit in my stomach and i need it like air! more beautiful words, all the ust. when you have time, or at all of course :)

The night before classes start, Erica drags Derek to a house party and he finds himself making out with an extremely attractive guy called Stiles. Stiles of all the names in all the world. It could be a damn fugitive’s name, odd and vague and fitting for the man that leans against the kitchen counter as he talks to Derek, feet turned towards him and pink lips turned up in a smile as they wrap around a beer bottle. Stiles has big, earnest eyes and talks with his hands. He teases Derek about his awkward flirting, and his slightly too short haircut. Derek mocks Stiles’ own messy hair, even as he’s itching to run his fingers through it, and he could tell by the way Stiles’ gaze had dropped constantly to his mouth that he was thinking similar things to Derek. 

Dirty things. 

Things Derek shouldn’t be thinking about when he has class in nine hours. 

Derek’s out of his element as they stumble back to Stiles’ shared house, he’s never really had one night stands, taken his studies seriously, put books first, earned his place at college through hard work and a dusty social life. He’s remarkably okay with pretending to be someone who does this regularly if it means he gets one night of it with Stiles. Stiles rims him on the stairs and they fuck on Stiles’ too small bed. It’s wild and intense and Derek forgets his inhibitions, is loud and laughs when Stiles can’t get his shoes off, clutches the headboard as he rides Stiles, relishes the scrape and the burn and the fast, heady pleasure of it all. 

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#62: You Cuddle With Another Boy

Ashton: “Michael,” You drew out the letters of his name in an efforts to get his attention. He turned his head to you, his eyebrow raised. “Yes?” He said, as you sat on the couch, curled up. “When is Ash getting back?” You said laughing as he came to sit down beside you. “I think later on tonight, why?” He said, leaning his head against the cushions. You could tell he was tired, the bags under his eyes predominant, and his skin was even paler than normal. He was exhausted, this was the first break in touring that the band had had in months. “I miss him” You said sheepishly, looking down at your hands. You had been more than happy to see Ashton when he came home, as you launched yourself into his arms savouring every feeling of his being around you. But when he came home, he made an effort to see everyone he knew, missing his family, his old friends, even some co-workers. He was out with his friends, right now, promising to be home later. “He won’t be long (Y/N),” Michael said smiling. “Come here,” He said opening his arms in an efforts to give you a hug. You obliged, curling up in his arms. He wasn’t Ashton, but he was still someone to cuddle with. “You really like him don’t you?” He said, and you smiled. “I really do,” You replied simply, no other explanation necessary. “He really likes you (Y/N), we can see it. He just lights up when he talks about you, and he is always complaining about how much he misses you.” You snuggled further into Michaels chest, feeling fatigue take over you. You could feel your eyes drooping as you let yourself fall into his lap, not really minding that it was Michael. He didn’t try and move you, as you finally let your tiredness get the better of you, before falling into a restless slumber. 

You were still asleep when the door rattled, and Ashton stepped through. He was eager to see you, so when he kicked off his shoes and walked into the living room he couldn’t help but smile at the sight before him. You were curled up with your head on Michaels lap, and his hand resting on your arm, as his head was leaning back against the cushion. You both were fast asleep, obviously waiting up for him. He quickly grabbed his phone and snapped a picture, before posting it to twitter. “@/Ashton5SOS: Look what I came home to, they’re adorable! xx” He walked by you two, putting his jacket in your room and changing quickly to walk back out. He didn’t know if he should wake you both, but he knew if he didn’t you both would wake up with sore backs and necks. “Hey you two,” He said, his voice loud, but soft at the same time. Your eyes fluttered a little, and when they opened you sat up quickly, smiling sheepishly as you rubbed your eyes. Immediately Michael was roused from his sleep before itching the back of his neck. “How long were we out for?” He asked, looking for a clock. “I would say a good couple of hours.” You said yawning. “We fell asleep waiting for you. It was strictly cuddles.” You said, blushing. “I know I can trust you two, don’t worry. Why don’t we head to bed? You still look tired.” He said coming to stand in front of you and outstretching his hands. You took them gratefully and pulled yourself up, immediately to be wrapped up in his arms. “Night Mikey,” You said smiling at him, before following Ashton into the bedroom, where you instantly fell asleep in the arms of your boyfriend.

Calum: You were watching a movie, something to pass the time when Luke came by, seeing you sitting by yourself. “What are you watching?” He asked, staring at the screen. “P.S I love you,” You said, staring at the screen. It had only just started, and you were excited to see it, seeing as you had never seen it before. “I’ve never seen it before,” Luke said, “Mind if I watch it with you?” He asked sheepishly. You shook your head, patting the spot next to you. He came over to sit beside you, propping his feet on the table in front of you. You undid the blanket around your shoulders and offered him some, which he took gladly. You snuggled into the cushions, preparing for the movie. 

Needless to say, you were a sobbing mess. The movie was making you cry like a little girl, even Luke was sniffling a bit. It wasn’t even done yet, and you were clutching tissues, and trying to keep yours sobs and hiccups to a minimum. “C’mere.” Luke said, opening his arm. You immediately snuggled into his side, as his arm draped over your shoulder. You couldn’t stop crying, as the movie got progressively sadder. Luke would drag his hand up and down your shoulder in an efforts to calm you down but the movie was just too much. You heard Calum come in, and he smiled when he saw you but immediately saw that you were crying and dropped his bag to come over to you. “Whats wrong (Y/N)?” He said frantically, staring at Luke. “We’re watching P-P.S I love you, and its so sad.” You said between hiccups, causing Luke to chuckle, and Calum relax. “Well in that case.” He said sitting back beside you. “I see Luke’s taken my place?” He said pouting and crossing his arms. Luke laughed as you disentangled yourself from him to shift over to Calum. “Thanks for the cuddles Luke.” You said with a watery smile. “Anytime, you’re a cryer, thats for sure.” He said laughing as he stretched his arm. “Sorry for the tear stain.” You said nodding to his shirt. “Its fine, don’t worry about it.” He said with a flick of his hand. You leaned your head on Calum’s chest as the movie continued to play, his arm holding you tightly. After it was done, you wiped your eyes with a tissue, sniffling. “That was so sad, oh my God.” You sat up a bit, before wiping your eyes from any lingering tears. “You’re adorable.” Calum said pulling you into his chest. “I much prefer to be in your arms than Luke’s.” You whispered into his ear, and you could feel his grip tighten around you. “I’m glad.” He said kissing your temple, and burrowing his face into the crook of your neck.

Luke: You had decided to tag along with Luke to the studio, making him smile when you asked him. “You really want to come?” He said, staring at you incredulously. “Its really not that exciting. You’ll see me lay down some tracks, and some arguing from the boys, and then someone else will lay down some tracks…” He said. “I want to see you in action, you’ve seen me at work plenty of times.” You said grinning at him. He had agreed, as you smiled triumphantly. Upon arriving at the studio, you took in all the complicated sound boards, the rooms in which the actual singers recorded and the music booths in which the instruments were recorded in. “Well if it isn’t (Y/N)!” You heard Ashton say from his drum set. He got up, walking around the drums, only to embrace you in a tight hug, followed by Calum, and than Michael. “Its going to be a boring day, we’re just laying down tracks.” Calum said picking up his bass and running his fingers up and down the frets. “I don’t mind,” you said smiling. “I really wanted to see how you guys work. I always hear Luke talking about it, but I wanted to see for myself.” You said smiling at Luke. He blushed a little, before putting an arm around you shoulders and squeezing you into his side. “You can go sit down,” He said, motioning to a couch just outside the vocal room. You took a seat, getting comfortable before seeing Luke talk to the boys, and their producer. “Luke you’re up first, man.” Ashton said patting him on the back before coming to sit down beside you. “Calum and I are going to go grab Starbucks, you three want anything?” Michael said putting down his wallet. “No, I’m fine thanks!” You said holding up your cup of tea. “I’m fine, thanks though.” Ashton said. Luke declined as well, before stepping into the vocal box, and smiling at you through the glass. You waved at him, smiling lopsidedly, as he grabbed the headphones, putting them on. He turned a bit away, talking to the producer, who queued him to go. The music filled the room, as Luke began to sing the vocals for their next track. You watched in amazement how his eyes screwed shut, his hands clutching the earphones, as he nodded his head along with the beat. You were so proud of him, as he had come so far, smiling to yourself you put your tea on the table and wrapped your arms around your waist. “Its freezing in here,” You muttered shivering a little. It was boiling outside, a heat wave covering where you lived, and so everywhere had their air conditioning cranked, making this room feel like the Arctic. Ashton laughed a little, looking at you. “I have no idea where the thermostat is, if I did I would turn it down for you, but all you have is me!” He said opening his arms. You smiled a little at his joke, before scooting over to be grasped in his arms. You had to admit, he was warm, and at the moment it felt great. You continued to watch Luke sing, occasionally stopping and starting, until he turned to smile at you. When he saw you cuddling with Ashton he raised an eyebrow, and you wondered if he was jealous. After about an hour or so, Luke finished, pushing the door open and staring at you and Ashton. “Everything alright?” He asked, staring particularly at Ashton. “She was cold mate, nothing else.” He said removing his arm from you. Luke studied you both for a bit, before nodding his head and sitting next to you. “You’re up Ash,” He said nodding to the box. When Ashton stood up to go record his vocals, Luke instantly wrapped his arms around you. “I didn’t like seeing Ashton warming you up, thats my job.” He said into your shoulder. “Are you jealous, Luke?” You asked playfully. “Maybe.” He said, his voice still muffled by your shoulder. You couldn’t help but laugh as you snuggled farther into his chest, his arms tightening around you. “You’re the one for me Luke, never worry about that.” You said, grinning as he kissed your shoulder before raising his head to kiss your lips.

Michael: You were sick as a dog, and you felt like you were dying. You had some kind of demonic flu, something that was possessing your body and refusing to leave. You were curled up on the couch, about three blankets draped over you but it did nothing to ease the chills, a cup of soup on the table beside you that you had managed to hold down, and about a million tissues. For the past couple of days Michael had been helping you around the house, your weakness making tasks difficult like showering and walking. So, like the wonderful person he was, he had helped you into the bath, running it extra hot to try and ease your chills and clear your sinuses, helping you wash your hair, and body, before wrapping you up in some warm pyjamas, and tucking you in. You felt helpless, and quite childish but at the moment, you couldn’t focus on anything but the sickness plaguing your body. You were lying on the couch, Calum was over to visit Michael. Michael had left however, to grab some more tissue, some flu medication, and something light for you to eat to see if you could hold it down. “You’re sick as a dog (Y/N)!” Calum said shaking his head as you lay on the couch. You nodded your head, wincing. “You’re burning up babe,” He said feeling your forehead. “I’m so cold though.” You said as you tucked your chin under the blanket. “Here,” He said sitting down and patting his chest. “I don’t want to get you sick.” You said shaking your head. “Please, I already had this a few weeks ago, theres no way I’m getting this again. Besides you’re probably not contagious because Michael hasn’t gotten it.” He said still holding his arms open. You hesitantly pulled yourself up to lean into his chest. “You are so cold, holy.” Calum said trying to tuck the blankets around you. “Michaels been trying to warm me up for days.” You said, snuggling into his warmth. He wasn’t as warm as Michael was, but he did the job. “I can imagine.” He said rubbing you arm. No matter if you were healthy, or not, Calum gave incredible cuddles. 

About half an hour later Michael came home, bags in tow as he took your form in. You were passed out against Calum, him on his phone with his free hand. “She okay?” He asked, his voice low so he wouldn’t wake you. He knew you were exhausted. “Yeah, super cold, and super sick still.” He said, nodding towards you. “Its good she’s asleep, hasn’t slept that well in days.” He said unloading the bag. “Thanks for keeping her warm while I was gone.” He said laughing a little. “No problem,” He said. “How do I get out?” He said, staring at Michael with pleading eyes. “Here we’ll switch spots.” He said, as Calum picked you up a little sliding out as Michael replaced his body. Immediately, even in your unconscious state, you realized it was Michael as you nuzzled your way into his chest. He smiled, knowing your reaction. “She always does that,” He said stroking your hair. “I’m worried Cal, its been a while and she hasn’t gotten well.” He said frowning at your pale complexion, your drawn out features, and your shaky breaths. “If she doesn’t get better in a few days, take her to the doctors mate.” He said. “I’m sure she’ll pick up though.” He said sitting down on the armrest. “I hope so, it kills me to see her like this. I know she feels bad, but honestly I love helping her. I love her.” He said smiling down at you. “I know you do, everyone can see it. You’re happy.” Calum said smiling. “And she is too.” He said, making Michael smile.

anonymous asked:

can you please write a thing of clarke and lexa both working at a cafe or something, and lexa keeps getting hit on by customers, and clarke gets all jealous, and flirts with lexa while she's serving, which causes her to get all embarrassed (: cute, blushing lexa makes me swoon

“it’s friday again.”


“your face brightens mine.”

“that’s nice,” lexa intoned, and pushed the cup further over the counter. “your coffee, sir.”

he picked it up with a wink and sipped at it, tried to keep his smile in place when he burned his tongue. “sweet, just like you,” he continued, and lexa would applaud him for his tenacity if she cared at all. 

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Fic: Make Me Someone New - a Carmilla Webseries AU: Part 3.1

Soulmates AU

Pairing: Hollstein
Rating: T
Word Count: 9960

Trigger warnings for graphic depictions of violence and for emotional abuse/manipulation

Chapter Summary: Moving on is hard with an anchor around your neck. But you really are a glutton for punishment.

NOTE: It’s been a LONG while, so you might need a refresher…For that, I apologize. But without further ado, here it is! Part three! It’s a lot of character progression and plot, so I apologize for the lack of hollstein-y goodness, but I promise there is some good stuff lined up for the future!

In case you missed: Part 1.1, Part 1.2, Part 2.1, Part 2.2

Part 3.1: Split in Half


It takes you a long time to get over her.

For months, you considered searching for her. You planned all the places you would look, but when it came time to bring your plans to fruition, you could never follow through.

Everything was still too fresh. Too raw. Too confusing.

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