god my face is attractive


wow i feel like these are three different characters see,, you’ve got the naive pot smoking bassist, the flannel wearing art student who paints nudes, and the fucking annoying tumblr hipster who constantly reminds you to drink water

Supernatural S1 Ep 6 - Skin

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Word Count: 9,760 (it’s long but worth it)
Warnings: angsty shifter?

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You duck from the incoming jacket that Sam throws your way with a small laugh. He turns and picks up his phone shortly afterwards, as you pull his jacket into your lap. 

“Alright, I figure we’d hit Tucumcari by lunch, then head south, hit Bisbee by midnight,” Dean says, pulling over into a gas station and turning off the engine. 

“Yes, sir,” You joke, pretending to salute him. He smiles before looking over at Sam, who doesn’t respond.

“Sam wears women’s underwear,” Dean attempts to grab Sam’s attention.

I’ve been listenin’, I’m just busy,” He says quickly in a quiet voice.
“Busy doin’ what?” You ask.
“Reading e-mails,” He replies, as Dean gets out of the car, but then stops and leans into the open window. 

“E-mails from who?” Dean asks, walking around the car to start filling it with gas.
“From my friends at Stanford,” Sam replies, opening another email.

“Really?” You ask.
“You’re kidding. You still keep in touch with your college buddies?” Dean asks in disbelief.

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anonymous asked:

can u show pics of the stubble bc same

im on it! finally i have a purpose in life :’)

okay we will start off with this because it’s kinda eh and you can only really see where his stubble would be (you gotta tilt your screen a bit)(damn i’m a desperate jongin’s stubble fan)

moving on we got some snapback jongin

ahhh i feel refreshed, but don’t fret there is more!

if you squint you can see it on his chin ( i wonder what he’s thinking… “why god? why must my face be so attractive?”)

again you gotta squint for this one but no make up jongin ayeeee 

you know i love me some fresh faced jongin- 100% REAL MAN

and now…cue the music *hallelujah plays in bg* now we get to the real shit

i didn’t cut off his face in these they were like this btw

fuck fuck fuck fuck fcku jongin w/no make up & stubble in all black fuck 

overdose era :’(

hehe that tan tho

i’m like 99% sure this was an edit by someone i follow but i have no idea who and whoever it was bless you 

sleepy baby- MAN I MEaN MAN

wat r u so grumpy for?

what a day this was am i right? damn fine day indeed.

when you’re about to call jongin a sunshine baby and then you see his man stubble and remember he’s an adult 

This. This is my favorite. He looks like such bf material here with the warm smile and the beanie and the stubble and the jongin-ness and i just hafsdjkfa 

i hope this helped you anon friend…I feel better already :’)


i was tagged by @lightgetsout in the six favorite selfies of 2015 meme thing so here are a few of my faves i’ve taken this year on my quest to achieve trash queen/swamp witch aesthetic.

i tag @neversarcastic, @azuremosquito, @solcluster, @treeprince, @marictheirin, @muckkles, @brokenlyrium, @whalebonerunes, @garretthawke, @porcelain-infinity, @wonders-of-thedas

Can we talk about how pretty Ross’ eyes please?, like seriously Ross has really pretty eyes.

(images from Ross’ instagram lol)


there’ve been a couple of you asking what I look like recently and the answer is not-usually-like-this because I’ve been ill for four weeks x__x

on the upside I’m feeling better today

also I look even more androgynous than usual imho so that’s cool