god module

Turn On The Light

On What’s Come Before

Shine The Light On The Killing Floor

Excessive Opulence

To Signal Our Descent

Bleeding Out And Begging For More

 Can Anybody See What I Am Inside?

Does Anybody Know What We Really Are?

Tie A Ribbon Round My Heart With Your Left Hand

Together We’ll Give Birth To The End

Over An Unmarked Grave

I Repeat The Promise That I Made

I’ve Tried As Hard As I Can

All I Wanted Was To Understand You

Turn Off The Light

This Show Starts Itself

Kill The Lights As The Candles Melt

Sacred Geometry

The Truth Of Everything We See

Ashamed Of Feelings That We Never Felt

Went to see God Module last night. Amazing performance. The guys were sweethearts. We ended up helping them pack their shit up, haha.

My sympathies go out to Jon Siren though. He had some very unfortunate news before the show, but still managed to kick ass on drums. Hugs were in order. 

I currently have a terrible headbanging hangover throughout my neck. Signs of a good night. :)

Forget what you think you see
And what you think you know
They’re just memories now
You need to let them go
If you can’t forget
Who you used to be
Then your words are untrue
And the things they mean

Forget what you see
Forget what you know
Dissolve into me and let this all go
You live in a prison
That you built in your mind
A nightmare extension
With no concept of time

—  God Module