god mic

Inktober, Day 5: LONG.

“Just how long is this thing, Eraser!?”


smart and smooth way to avoid giving speech by choi seunghyun

Can you imagine the accidents that come from little kids learning their quirks? 

Kirishima canonically almost blinded himself when he hardened his skin and scratched his eye 

Present Mic made his parents’ ears bleed when he was born

Shouto could’ve frozen or burned whatever he touched

Ashido could’ve melted any hand she tried to hold

Tokoyami has a shadow monster that can tear apart buildings and you expect a toddler to control a monster during a tantrum?

Having a quirk develop when you’re a toddler and it has the potential to be so destructive… as a guardian that’s terrifying

Honestly all the BNHA parents just earned a hell of a lot more cool points