god max you were such a good kid

protectobotmedic asked:

my url 8D

  • Do I Follow Them?: YEET
  • Why Did I Follow Them?: because i love first aid and i saw this first aid and then realized that this is an amazing first aid. also i’m first aid/fort max trash
  • Do We Role Play?: [looks at our current thread]
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: [looks at all our past threads and memes]
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: what if they were gems tho. SU AU where they’re gems.
  • A Song For Our Muses: [x]
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: are you KIDDING
  • What I Think About The Mun: god toby is such a dork but also very cute and amazing
  • Overall Opinion: [will smith pose] this is a good dork
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