god max you were such a good kid

Fucktard || Max x Reader

Prompt: You’re a new camper at Camp Campbell, there for ‘detective camp’ and everyone’s on the fence about you, especially after the whole Jermy Fartz debacle. 

Words: 1499

Warnings: Swearing, it’s in the goddamn title too. Reader is a two-faced little shit, but in an okay-ish way. ‘suicidal jokes’ ie ‘i want to kill myself’ type jokes. It’s Camp Camp, there’s a whole bunch of ‘nasty jokes’, gender-neutral reader

Author’s Notes: You’re like 10. It’s Max from Camp Camp. You’re 10. 

You rolled your shoulders back as you hopped off the bus, thanking the Quartermaster for bringing you to the camp - to which he responded with ‘grumblegrumblejewsgrumble’.

You shrugged and adjusted your turtleneck, rolling up your sleeves higher as you carried about your folded up black trench coat to the site. Awaiting you had been whom you assumed was one or the only camp counselor and three kids beside him.

“Hello there! You must be [Name]!” The counselor said with a bright smile, obviously too cheery for his own good. You gave a simple smile and nodded.

“I’m David, one of the counselor’s here.”

“Nice to meet you.” You said politely, smiling reluctantly - though it came in smoothly, as if not forced.

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not a request but a concept i need someone to roll with: party!dad steve entering a new relation & the kids’ shenanigans trying to make it all happen


  • okay FIRSTLY the quickest way to get big ass heart eyes from steve is to be okay with the kids because yeah he calls em “dickheads” and “little shits” but he LOVES HIS KIDS
  • so when this new girl he’s lowkey rlly into not only likes the kids but is really really good with them he’s like OH MY GOD
  • i feel like it would involve a lot of drives from school to the arcade when he drops off the kids
    • and they kids are all piled in the backseat and dustin is complaining because “I CALLED SHOTGUN” but you were already sitting shotgun with steve with the windows down
    • and he’s playfully telling em all to “CUT THE SHIT OKAY” like he does but meanwhile you’re laughing along with the kids and talking about video games and ghostbusters and wants to do max’s hair sometime
    • and he just adores that someone else thinks these kids are as fuckin cool as he does
  • and the kids become obsessed with it, because it’s like some The Parent Trap shit where they know you belong together and THEY’RE GONNA MAKE IT HAPPEN
    • max probably spends a lot of time with you asking girl advice and lowkey prodding at things you likes and how much you likes steve so she can relay it to dustin, who will have her and lucas and mike set up some really damn cheesy picnic date for you because that’s what they’ve seen in movies so “it has to work”
    • and lets be honest, it probably took a LONG TIME to win over dustin
      • to dustin, steve is his, his friend, his brother. dustin is an only child with one parent in his life, and he’s grumpy and worried that steve getting another girlfriend will push him out of the picture, and that he won’t have steve anymore
      • so he probably spends a lot of time being jealous and evasive with you, which probably results in you trying even harder to win the kid over

        “i have some extra quarters if you want em for the arcade?”
        “are you trying to buy me off????”
        “is it working?”

      • but he’d give in because he wants his Big Brother to be happy
      • so when you and steve actually finally get together (and honestly, it erupts in a cheer from the entire party), dustin starts to jokingly call you “mom”
      • you don’t totally hate it :)


Favorite Things-chapter 5

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Max gets to play bodyguard and takes Avonlea out on a real date. All in all, a pretty good day for him. They are starting to feel more confident in each other’s company and get to know each other better.

Warnings- Pretty fluffy. Like really really fluffy. Prepare yourselves for charming Max.

Word Count-2.5kish

Author’s Note- So, instead of feeling guilty about the whole agent thing…Max, has rationalized that episode and now he’s basically going to get rewarded for it. No creeping in this one. Next chapter yes, there will be a whole lot of creepy Max…like really creepy… and smut. I’m tweaking Max’s backstory a little. I added to it. I want to thank @supererogatoryblog for introducing me to the song Crazy Love by Mindy Gledhill….it is such a Max song and it goes with this chapter soooooo well.  Her whole Anchor album is super cute. You are awesome. This chapter is not beta’d. None of them are.

I live for comments and feedback. Please share if you like it.

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Max waited in the hall for Avonlea. She returned a few minutes later. She wore jeans and t-shirt from a band he had never heard of. She had a purse and was pulling a rolling bag cart behind her. Her eyes were still red and puffy, her cheeks tear stained. It broke his heart knowing he was the cause of it, but if the results were her depending on him, then it was all worth it in the end.

They walked together in relative silence 2 blocks to the local grocery store. Avonlea looked around nervously down the street and over her shoulder watching and waiting for any sign of her possible stalker.

He reached out and put a hand on her shoulder. “Relax, its broad daylight. You’re walking with me. Nothing is going to happen.”

“Oh no…what if he comes after you next?” She looked at him with wide eyes. His heart fluttered at the genuine concern in her eyes.

“I promise you, I will be fine. C’mon. Let’s go get your food.” He held open the door to the store open for her and followed her in.

She stood over to the side of the entrance near community bulletin board with her little cart and pulled out her planner. She had a list written in order of isle and food type. She pursed her lips and tapped them with her fingers as she mentally made a plan for a path through the store. She set out to her first destination and Max shadowed her. He watched her as she consulted her list and scanned the shelves. She read labels, compared prices and ingredients. Occasionally, he would reach things on the higher shelves for her when her tippy toes failed her.

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The More Things Change

Haha, y’all remember when I said I had ANOTHER CC idea on top of that big one I was working on? This was that second idea. Also it’s a sequel/second chapter to Same Old, Same Old, so I suggest reading that first if you haven’t.

[Read on Ao3]

“I do not want to do this.”

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Family is a Choice - Chpt 4

Read the whole work on ao3

Summary: Of course this would happen. It’s just Max’s luck that he somehow manages to come down with the flu in the middle of the summer.

Word Count: 3918

The sun was bright that day, shining down relentlessly through the leaves in a dappled pattern and giving Max a splitting headache on top of his already upset stomach. As awful as these woods were on an ordinary day, today they were hell. All Max wanted to do was go back to his tent, curl up in bed, and cease to exist for a few days.

They were being taken on a hike today, some ridiculous idea of David’s. The campers were split into two groups, and would be hiking in opposite directions. David said the spots they were hiking to were directly across the lake from each other, so when they got there they’d be able to see the other group and wave at each other and feel some sort of dumb togetherness or something. Max rolled his eyes. What utter bullshit.

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Realize -- Chapter Twenty-Seven “Broken Hearts Club

Tom HiddlestonxReader

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain…Who needs boys??  here we go Chapter Twenty-Seven!


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When I first heard Yoosungs crying sound It just sounded weird to me, but so many people are saying it sounds like a moan and im so confused 😵

To be honest Nonny Chan when I first heard it I thought I was playing a much higher rated game than pg! All I ever hear is him sounding like he’s about to orgasm and I chuckle- god if he were real I’d be making him cry all the time and laughing him. (Please note: I have never said I was a good person).

Funny thing is there’s a chat on v’s route where I max sped through it all and I kid you not- he must have cried/moaned like five times in a row. The looks I got from my husband as I played- I was being judged so damn hard 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

your johnny-dialogue answer really helped! so thank you!! also: you can tell when i got really lazy. thank you for your help!! i hope this is tolerable. 🌺❤🌺


Everything in this town was weird. Puckett-level weird. And if anyone knew anything about weirdness, it was the guy Johnny used for a scale. Maxwell ‘Weird New Kid’ Puckett. Whether it was his friend shooting lightning bolts out of his feet like ninjas on steroids, or flying mid-air over the forest, that kid had an answer. And Johnny will dang well get it.

Johnny was reasonable. He was reasonable when he wanted to be, at least. He usually, however, did not want to be reasonable and instead wanted to punch people in their dumb faces. Somehow, wanting to punch people still worked out in his favor. But this time, for once, he really didn’t want to punch out information. Instead, he wanted to do this peacefully. Wait, maybe not peacefully. But kinda peacefully. Semi peaceful. Semi violent.

Either way, he hoped Puckett would know why he felt this crackling in the pit of his stomach. It’s like, a campfire, with burning wood logs and sparks that seem to spread over his body. Lately, he’s been feeling warm – warmer than usual. And his hands burn and light up when he’s feeling intense emotion. Something in his mind, something in his chest, rumbled with thunder and heat. And it sounded like an apology. Like the something in him was sorry, for what it’s doing to Johnny. He hated it. It wasn’t him. It was like a ghost, something unnatural. He wanted answers.

Puckett.” Johnny muttered under his breath, fist clenched.

“Wh’about him, Johnny? He’s been missin’ in action since his hitball stunt.” Ollie replied, mouth curling down in a worried way. His eyes were elsewhere–probably his locker. Ollie was the most worried about school, Johnny respected his determination and hard work.

RJ gave him a look that said I’d hit him if you asked me to. But he didn’t want no hitting. He wanted talking. The look he gave RJ in response said all he needed to say, and his hooded friend nodded understandingly.

“He has answers to my questions, Ollie. And I am going to get my answers if it’s the last thing I do.” Johnny said determinedly. Ollie nodded, understanding. He passed a good luck as he went to class. He’d let Johnny copy off of him after.

But for now, it’s catching Puckett. He was in the same classes as Puckett, he knew that, but he didn’t want to have to worry about a teacher or a student overhearing. Nor did he want to reject society’s labels of what class should be about, he was too worried about the fire in his gut to be an activist.

The fire grew louder in his abdomen, and something in his gut laughed. Actually laughed. He’s not sure how he knew about it, how he knew that it was something genuine – but he did. And that was the freakiest thing about this – he knew what this spirit was feeling. It was disorientating, he hated it.

Johnny didn’t realize he was moving until Puckett came into his vision, along with Guerra and O’Connor. O’Connor had a blue aura around him – faint, somewhat translucent, but he saw it. His heart sunk, and he felt ever so out of the ordinary. He wanted to get whatever infected him out.

“Guys,” Max had said, “can both of you please fight elsewhere? Listen, I know you got some alpha-dog shindig going on, but I really have to get to class. So, please, leave me out of your anime non— Johnny?”

Puckett.” Johnny’s mouth was practically giving off smoke, and he was exhaling it like he was holding a fire in his mouth. Which he wasn’t, that’d be impractical, even for Johnny. Realizing what he’d done, he immediately switched to a more affectionate approach. He didn’t want to scare off Max. “Mux, can I talk to ya?”

The cap-wearing boy cracked a nervous grin. “I dunno,” he squeaked out, “can you?” His shoes squeaked on the floor, as he looked ready to run if Johnny made any indication he was angry. He didn’t look that scared, however, with a broken arm and the hollow-threat-I-owe-you-one Johnny gave to him after the hitball fiasco. He’d hit a guy with glasses, but Johnny wouldn’t hit a kid that couldn’t fight back. Max knows that. “I mean – uh, sure, I guess. Isabel, Isaac, ‘scuse me.”

Johnny cracked a grin back, much more enthusiastic than the other three seemed. As the red-head took off with the brunette, Isabel looked a bit confused on where golden-boy-head had gone, but Johnny was already off. Didn’t want her to know he’d snatched her cousin question mark. (Were they even related?)

“Listen, Mux, I trust ya. You’re a good kid, real good, so I’m trustin’ ya. Trustin’ ya wid a secret that nobody else can know about.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Max hurried, and mouthed I’m bugged.

“Ye, Maxy, I’m bugged by this problem I’ve got too. Glad we’re on the same page!”

“No! Johnny – God – Look.” He pointed to the mic in the flower, squinting. He mouthed again, I’m bugged, but when Johnny didn’t respond accordingly he groaned. Do you have anything that muffles sound? He mouthed to Johnny, who nodded, and got tape from his back pocket. Why he had that, Max didn’t want to know. He taped the tape over the mic, hoping to muffle whatever the gremlin Suzy could hear, then began to speak again. “Okay – you got me, flower’s muffled, what’s so important?”

“Glad you ax’d! See, Mux, you’re the weirdest kid this school has ta offer. You’re a weirdo that attracts more weirdos, an’ what I need for this problem o’ mine is a weirdo like you. I know ya’ve seen weirder, so you can’t tell me I’m weird for seein’, feelin’, thinkin’ this kinda stuff.” Johnny was stalling, Max could tell that by the nervous fidget of his hands. The kid couldn’t stay still. “I’ve been seein’ a lotta weird stuff lately … Y’know, like .. auras, n’ stuff. It’s … It’s freaky. You an’ your pals level freaky, Mux.”

Max stared, eyeing him up and down. There’s no way

“Y’know .. the spiky hair boy y’hang with? He’s .. got this …” Johnny paused, even though Max internally urged him to continue. “He’s blue n’ … It’s this weird .. Guerra’s red n’ …”

“He has this, blue aura? That surrounds him? Like that? It’s a light, sky blue?” Max asked, urging him on and on. This can’t be. It can’t. Is Johnny a spectral?

“Yeah! Ya can see it too? You – you got the same problem? Mux – Max, it’s been scarin’ the bahoogles outta me. It’s been – it’s been happenin’ real recently. It’s – never happened before? Is it a sickness – is there something wrong with me? Is there? Max – Max there’s this a-rumblin’ in my gut and it’s, I’m gettin’ visions–am I dying?”

“No,” Max almost laughed, but he managed to suck it in. “No, Johnny, you aren’t dying. Listen. I know it’s scary – it’s gonna be for a while.” Johnny looked horrified by the prospect of him being scared of something, so Max changed directions. “It’s weird – I know it is. It’ll be weird, for a while, but you have to trust me. You have to trust your ‘Mux’, okay? I can help you – and I got some friends who can help you, too.” He grabbed Johnny’s hand, doing what he needed when he was at this stage, and squeezed. “Let me help you. You aren’t alone, m’kay? You’ll have your answers.” He didn’t notice the red that sprung on Johnny’s cheeks, but it wouldn’t matter. “Uh, thanks for telling me, too. I’ll .. make sure everything’s alright. No reason to er .. be scared?”

Even with Max’s horrible comforting words, Johnny passed him a smile that basically read as I believe you.

Let’s Watch the Tourists

Everyday is a gift if you know it’s the only one you’ll get. Max doesn’t know how long this will last but she’ll make damn sure to make the most of it. Pricefield. Oneshot.



Started writing this a few days after episode 4 and only now was I emotionally dead enough to finish it lmao. I also apologize for not being able to write fluff like a normal human.

ps thanks to surroundedbybluestars for helping me out

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