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Best Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs

Mermaid Motel- Lana Del Ray (2010)

Disco (My Only God)- Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena (2007)

The Man I Love- unreleased (2012)

Kinda Outta Luck- unreleased (2010)

You Can Be the Boss- unreleased (2010)

Because of You- unreleased (2012)

Trash Magic (Miss America)- unreleased (2007)

Kill Kill- Lana Del Ray (2010)

Get Drunk- No Kung Fu (2007)

Try Tonight- May Jailer (2005)

Black Mirror

Sometimes I remember the only characters Charlie Brooker in Black Mirror let be happy, did not bury, kill, nor leave to an eternity of torture, were the lesbians. And that one fact makes me infinitely happy. 

They say they hate it, but I think they love it.
—  Robert Singer on fans not liking bad character decisions but watching still after the fact (via SDCC 2016: https://youtu.be/P4RV-CeBdUs)
Your Perfect Fit

Deadpool x Reader

Summary: A woman is cursed by the gods to kill any man she falls in love with. She falls in love with a man who is cursed by the gods with immortality.

Year 1025

You had witnessed the rise and falls of humanity over your many years of life. With your years of experience, man had managed to teach you many things.

1) They have a surprising lack to trust a woman, whether her opinion is right or wrong.

2) Anyone who does not look like them is not to be treated as an equal.

3) Love is either the greatest or worst thing to befall you.

Of course, number three is extremely relevant. When you were three years old, your father Hades had been too overprotective. Never one to let you explore, or seek the adventure you desperately sought your entire life. Naturally, as any father would do, he cursed you to kill any man you fell in love with.

Thanks, dad.

You had charmed and fallen for many men in your life, never able to learn from your mistakes. In a world so desperate to separate people to love, it always seemed to come at the wrong time. You fell for them always, hard and fast without you even realizing it was happening. Before you knew it, it was bloody floors, teary eyes and hushed ‘I’m sorry’s.’ Then it was on the run, trying to find a new beginning, a new meaning for a cursed life that would last an eternity. After your last failed love in the year 2015, you hauled ass to New York City, hoping to find solace in the bright lights and busy streets.

New York was strange, aliens falling from the sky was how you got introduced to the Avengers. A group of enhanced individuals attempting to save the earth. You would watch their notorious battles in pity, knowing that the abilities you were born with could end it all. But, the world wasn’t ready for you or worse your father and his brothers. They could hardly handle the mere mortals, to begin with.

There were no Avengers today, no hundred-year-old soldiers or flying tin suits. Just a relatively quiet day in the city. Well, it was a relatively quiet day.

You sat in your now destroyed car, staring flabbergasted at the red suit bounding toward a toppled down car. Wasting no time, motivated slightly by the rage of your smashed vehicle you made your way toward who you were assuming caused all of this. Another Captain America wanna be no doubt.

Attempting to calm down so no unseemly features would appear you stomped your way over to the car. Ignoring the various shouts from men behind you, mind narrowed and focused on one thing. That was until there was a gunshot. You felt it, of course, piercing right in your shoulder, causing you to turn your head down to the wound.

“That’s it!” You yelled, hands flying up in frustration. You shot a glare at the men behind you, all guns raised ready to fire. “I have suffered too many years for this bullshit!” As you ranted you strutted toward the men, flames and darkness erupting around you. You watched as eyes widened and screams rang in the distance, emotions you were far too used to.

“I’m just trying to have a normal day, and you assholes can’t keep your own damn business of the road! People have places to be dickwads!”  With one final scream darkness shot out of you, racing above the concrete and toward the men. The souls wrapped themselves around their necks, hoisting them into the air dangling them helplessly.

“Damn sweet buns! When is it my turn!” A high pitch voice rang from behind you. You whipped your head around glaring at the voice. It was the asshole in the red suit, leaning against the car watching amused.

“You have the earn that honour honey.” Your voice rang, the deeper tones of the souls summoned ringing in harmony with yours. As if someone had slapped you across the face you snapped out of the trance you always seemed to enter. Lowering your once raised hands, the flames dimmed and you felt your eyes return to a normal state. You hated when you got like that, you father leaking through every ounce of your skin. You heard yelling, it all seemed distant now, cops yelling for backup children and parents screaming. You froze, and stood, and took it all in. This is who you truly were and no one would ever be able to accept it, not on this earth.

Before the cops could get too close, you felt someone tugging on your arms. Turning, eyes hazed the red suit was there leading you away from your impending doom. “C’mon you beautiful demon we gotta go.”

You didn’t need to be told twice, turning and sprinting follow his lead. The only time you questioned was when he leads you to the edge of the freeway.

“You’re fucking joking.” You stated bluntly, eyes locked on the ground below.

“Don’t pussy out, it’s not like you can get hurt!” He yelled, not leaving you a choice as he lept into oblivion. Taking a deep breath and shrugging to yourself you followed pursuit, landing harshly in a pile of trash. A garbage truck, you were in a garbage truck.

“We’re in trash.” You sighed ashamed. Maybe saying it aloud would help you come to terms with it. “This is not how today was supposed to go.”

“This isn’t even the deepest shit I’ve been in.” The red suit added, flopping down onto his back in the garbage. You raised a brow, smirking slightly at his humour in such a shitty situation.

“Who are you?” You asked, shifting so you were leaning against the truck.

“Jolly Ol’ Mr.Pool of course.” He answered.

“Right, what’s your actual name smart ass.” You shot back.

“Deadpool, how about you hot buns? Quite the talent there.”

“Y/N.” You sighed, attempting to shift your attention to the moving traffic around you. If your dad was watching you now he was probably having a hissing fit. Getting hell nice and spiffy for when you reluctantly trudged back down there. ‘Wasn’t a walk in the park was it, sweetheart?’

“So are you like a mutant or just a really angry broad?” Deadpool asked, sitting up slightly adjusting his hands behind his head, one leg crossed in the air.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” You laughed, thinking of how stupid daughter of the king of hell sounded.

“Oh honey I’ve heard weird, you’re shit was the most normal I’ve seen in a long time.”  

You laughed, it seemed impossible for you to connect with someone like this. “I’m the daughter of Hades.” You said, shrugging at his shocked face, hands slapping his cheeks.

“Well no shit, I’m with royalty.”

“I’m far from royalty.” You chuckled, god meet Y/N princess of hell. It sounded so pathetic, but what was even more pathetic was that he was technically right.

“So how old are you?” He asked, sitting up crossed legged, chin perched on his hand.

“Seriously? You’re going to ask a classy lady how old she is?” You said, mocking shock. “I’m 1041.”

“Well, I have always liked older woman.”

Year 1026

“Wade you asshole come to bed.” You yelled from your warm position in your shared bed. A year ago you were dumpster diving with the Deadpool, now you were sharing a bed and living together. It seemed surreal, to have someone seem to be made for you. Your curse had managed to slip into the back of your mind when you two had first started working together. Granted, he was in love with Vanessa at the time so you didn’t think much of it. Things had changed though, Vanessa decided she didn’t love Wade anymore, his scarred skin proved too much. And, since you and Wade had been working together since the day you had met you were there to patch him up whenever he was down.

“Coming in hot!” He yelled, cannonballing into the bed beside you, quickly wrapping you up in his arms. You giggled as he laid you down on his chest, resting your head and smiling up at the face you loved.

“I’m like a Halloween mask Y/N, it’s not cute.” Wade warned, you two sitting across from each other.

“Wade fucking Wilson take that mask off I swear to god.” You teased, playfully punching his shoulder. “I lived in hell for god’s sake I’ve seen the worst monsters in the world.”

“Okay, okay.” Taking a deep breath, Wade pulled off his mask revealing the scarred tissue beneath.

“Wow, that was a letdown.” You sighed, pushing yourself off the floor toward the kitchen.

“What? That was the biggest cinematic reveal in history!” He yelled, hot on your heels bounding toward you.

“It’s not even that bad Wade you are the most dramatic human being on this planet. And I’ve been alive for 1025 years.”

“I love you” Wade smiled, which was met by your hard glare. He pinned you down, not allowing you to move as your body fought against you.

“I hate you I can’t believe you said that!” You laughed, knowing the full effect of his words.

“Remember the first time that happened and you stabbed me, good times.” Wade smiled, pretending to reminisce on the not so pleasant memory.

“I’m in love with you.” Wade whispered, letting out a shaky sigh.”

“Shit shit shit.” You cursed your body moving against your will toward the kitchen drawers.

“What’s going on hot buns?” Wade called after you “I was trying to have a moment there.”

“Wade don’t take this personally but I’m going to stab you.”

“Is this a kink or?”

After it the urge to murder Wade had worn off, you settled into bed. Resting your head on his chest you couldn’t help but smile, you had found your perfect fit.


The remaining shuffle units have been announced! 
Their names are QA, Warlock and Yaseiji

There will also be a shuffle unit mini album! It will contain 5 new songs by the shuffle units and cards illustrated by the shuffle unit leaders’ artists.

The songs are:
Victim Collection ~Gokujou no Ikenietachi he~ - Warlock
Setsuna no Ma Chérie - Grandmaster
Do!Do!Journey! - Yaseiji


This scene is so cute: we have Killian Jones “I spent 300 years persecuting an evil, powerful and inmortal man who killed my love”, “the god of the Underworld just tortured me and I’ll give him my best sass”,  “I don’t care if you have magic…”, “I’ll go to whatever and dangerous universe or timeline for my Swan”, “I’ll put my life in danger again and again for my loved ones”… was almost afraid and paralysed with the perspective of taking care of a little girl for 5 minutes.

And Ashley: she barely knows him; surely she know he is a former pirate, but she know also Emma (the woman who helped her in the past) loves him; and that Henry likes him; and this is enough for her to trust Killian with her daughter when she could have just sat Alexandra with her or asked another person.

(But as always Killian controlled the situation and showed how much of a natural he is with children; and maybe he thought “Swan is near, and maybe one day we will have our own little girl, so you get the chance to practice a little, pirate”)

You know what I love most about God Loves, Man Kills?

Yes, it’s a story about hatred and obsession and tragedy; people die, children die, just because of what they are. 

But that’s not all there is. Magneto and the X-Men cast aside their history to work together, to protect people. A human policeman saves Kitty’s life, and Erik saves his.

It’s a human man who shoots Stryker, in the end.

It demonstrates exactly what Erik fears most - the people who hate them gaining enough power to exterminate them. That too many people will agree, and not enough will care. It doesn’t justify all he does, but it shows exactly why he’s so determined to rule himself, to rule with other mutants, rather than see his people caged and used and slaughtered.

But it also shows what Charles sees - the potential for all people to work together, regardless of how they were born. The possibility to change peoples’ hearts and minds. To find commonality, solidarity.

And still, he was tempted by Erik’s offer. It’s easy to understand why. But Scott’s decline still rang true.

This speech only works because we’ve seen that it’s real. There will always be people who hate mutants - but there are also people who will fight for them. I think too many X-Men stories forget the second bit, and it makes Charles’ dream seem like a ridiculous fantasy. Meanwhile, Erik is ramped up to cackling supervillain mode, just so we don’t side with him.

God Loves, Man Kills strikes a perfect balance, allowing sympathy for both perspectives. Everyone involved is a human being, even Stryker; there are no caricatures, no pedestals, and no easy answers. 

To me, this is everything X-Men should be about. The way hatred can twist you, and love can elevate you. The struggle of choosing how and when to fight. The importance of family, especially in the face of horror and loss. The dangers of obsession and ignorance and apathy. 

And, more than anything, hope.


It’s been 3000 years since i didnt draw anything undertale related so ya here’s shitty ddl